NCIS s14e16 Episode Script

A Many Splendored Thing

1 Operation Willoughby is a go.
McGEE: Our target is Kai Chen.
Wealthy businessman suspected of committing acts of terror to manipulate the stock market.
McGEE: Reeves was trained as a pilot to infiltrate Chen's operation.
Get him out of there now.
I volunteered for Willoughby.
I know what I signed up for.
Let me see this through to the end.
NSA has a new recording from last night, same two callers.
Get it to Qasim.
Qasim, these conversations you've been listening to, they're about a terrorist we've been tracking for months.
QUINN: Bishop, get your mind off revenge.
You need to stay out of it.
If Gibbs finds out you're working on this, and I'm helping you, he'll kill us both.
I'm willing to take that chance.
Life is just a beach, I'm playing in the sand Act like you know who's in the room (exhales) Spaceship fly going to the moon (sighs) Give me, give me all, you gotta not hold back Patty cake, patty cake, baker's mitt Killing competition like just like that I don't really care I just own what's mine DISTORTED VOICE: Commander Turner.
Aren't you going to say hello? Who is this? I think you know who it is.
You let us down, Commander Turner.
That has consequences.
(gasps) You should be very proud.
Oh, God.
She really is a beautiful child.
You didn't do what you were told, and now you have a choice to make.
Kill yourself or we kill your daughter.
(crying): No.
(crying) NCIS 14x16 A Many Splendored Thing - Whoa, where's the fire? - Oh.
Oh, sorry about that.
Sorry about that, McGee.
Well? Oh, there is a fire in my pocket.
Uh, $32.
We got a two-for-one coupon to the Golden Corral.
Ooh, I love those wings.
Hmm? And then we have a business card to a sword swallower? Hmm? That's weird.
Hey, how'd you get my wallet? Oh, um, the same way I got your watch again.
(whoops) Torres is giving us a lesson in the art of pickpocketing.
Thanks for being such a good sport.
Bishop? You're up-- Remember, bump, grab, slip.
(whispers): Bump, grab, slip.
Go, go, go, go, go, go.
Ah! Well, she's got the bump down.
Really? I am so sorry.
TORRES: It's okay, it's okay.
Small casualty.
It's all good.
Quinn? Hmm? Let's see what you got.
You mean, other than your badge? Ooh! Ooh.
The student becomes the master.
(chuckles) We need to talk.
I found a translator for the last message intercepted from Chen's people.
What's it say? You tell me.
Looks like it's just a bunch of song lyrics.
Must be another code.
Maybe operational info on Chen's next attack.
When's Interpol gonna make a move on the yacht he's staying on? They did.
This morning.
But he wasn't there.
Always one step ahead.
But they did get lucky reconstructing some shredded documents.
They picked up a trail on some low-level courier Chen's people's been using in D.
I'll grab my SIG.
Easy, Rambo.
Look, Gibbs doesn't want you anywhere near this case.
And MI6 doesn't want me sharing Intel with anybody who's not been read in.
Did you forget the part where Chen killed my boyfriend? That's why we're talking, but, still, I go alone.
If I need any backup, I'll let you know.
GIBBS: Grab your gear.
We got a body.
Sorry about that, Gibbs.
Just a second.
I'm still missing a 20.
Torres, cough it up.
Hey, just making sure you're paying attention.
Wait, who's got my Just making sure you're paying attention.
(laughs) (chuckles): Oh Our victim, Lieutenant Commander Renée Turner.
Uh, the neighbor heard a gunshot.
Called the cops.
The wound looks self-inflicted.
Well, if it is, it's interesting timing.
I just found plane tickets to Orlando, and a confirmation to a Disney World hotel.
Booked this morning.
And there's fresh groceries in the fridge and a couple of pies.
Looks like Dutch apple and pumpkin.
I skipped breakfast.
She leave a note? Actually, it's a popular misconception that most suicide victims leave notes.
In fact, only about a third leave them behind.
Sometimes the lack of a final message is for the best.
I once attended a crime scene where the note was so offensive, that the grieving wife, when she had finished reading it, began to mutilate her husband's body, starting with his Okay, Duck.
I got it.
We need to pick up the daughter.
Social Services are on their way to the school.
Bishop, find out where the husband's assigned.
And somebody turn that damn thing off.
Uh, actually, Gibbs, I just got a text from my landlord.
My water heater exploded.
Don't you mean burst? There's a difference? Yeah, a burst is a leak.
Exploded means casualties.
Eh, well, the “burst” sounds pretty bad.
Do you mind if I, you know Thanks.
Um, do you mind? Boss, I don't know what's going on here, the TV won't turn off.
I don't know what the deal is.
Maybe it's got a short in it, or maybe there's a broken fuse It's off.
(indistinct chatter) (trumpets playing) (sighs) Subtle.
I was trying to flash the lights.
You mean get me canned? What's with the 911 text? I found Chen's courier.
And so you jumped in your Winnebago to come to tell me? No I jumped in his.
(grunting) McGEE: Lieutenant Commander Renée Turner was assigned to the Defense Logistics Agency.
Her husband is stationed at our naval base in Yokosuka, Japan.
Has he been notified? TORRES: Quinn's on it.
In the meantime, the daughter's gonna stay with her grandma.
You check Turner's psych evals? Yes.
No history of depression, or anything that might indicate she's a suicide risk.
TORRES: He said Commander Turner was stable, well-liked.
The only blip on her record is this Turner recently made several large computer purchases on behalf of the DLA, then cancelled the orders at the last minute.
How's that blippy? Well, she should've never placed the orders in the first place.
DLA was already overstocked on that model.
Yeah, but what does that mean? It means something.
Find out what.
Okay, he definitely means you, because, uh, computers are not my thing.
I'll run it down with Bishop.
Whenever she gets back.
MAN: I told you I have no idea.
I don't have a clue what Chen is up to.
I make deliveries, that's it.
If that were true, Dabney, do you really think I would've gone through all this trouble of tracking you down? Well, I don't really know you.
I'm a very efficient person.
And a terrible driver.
You were riding my brakes the entire time.
Well, maybe if you didn't drive around in Walter White's lab.
This is my house, buddy.
And you know what? I've already told you twice shoes off.
Okay, guys, let's focus.
We know Chen is planning an attack on the financial district.
Well, then you know more than me.
Talk! I can't help you.
Hey! How about now? Oh, come on, man! That's grape juice.
That's gonna stain.
That's a nice rug.
Bed, Bath & Beyond? That was my Nana's.
I might've overheard some of his guys talking about some sort of attack, maybe.
On something electrical, I think.
The electrical grid? Could've been.
Where's Chen? (gasps) Hey.
Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Look, I don't have a clue where Chen is.
I've never even met the guy.
I mean, his people call me, I do what they say, that's it.
There's nothing else I can tell you.
What do you think? I believe him.
Good, because we're out of juice.
I looked at his navigation system.
There's a record of all the places he's been to in the last week.
Something might connect to Chen.
I'll check it out.
- You should head back to NCIS.
- No way.
- I'm coming with you.
- Gibbs ordered you to stand down.
I'm not afraid of Gibbs.
Well, actually, I'm a little bit afraid of him.
And Qasim wouldn't want you putting yourself at risk like this.
Well, Qasim wasn't exactly someone I would go to for tactical advice.
QASIM: So plan is you hang out by the bar.
And then when they start dividing up the teams, we'll accidentally bump into each other.
Act surprised, and then I'll add you as my fourth.
Just don't mention that you were all-state six years in a row.
Just one problem.
The NCIS Bowl-Off ended an hour ago.
Hi, I'm Hi.
I'm not.
It was nice meeting you, whoever you are.
(chuckles) So.
Do you bowl? (laughs) (they both laugh) That was quick.
Did they have Orange Julius, Dr.
Palmer? Not Palmer.
So my wait continues.
What do you got? Well, so far, only this toxicology report.
Everything clear, except for one anomaly.
Commander Turner had unusually high levels of oxytocin in her bloodstream.
Has more in common with a lactating mother or a love-sick teen.
Not really seeing a connection there, Duck.
Oxytocin is often referred to as “the cuddle hormone” because it's largely responsible for our feelings of affection.
For someone in the midst of a suicide to experience, well, emotions that would cause that hormone to spike, Well, it's very odd.
Add it to the list.
Well, unfortunately, we'll never know what she was really thinking.
Actually, I think we might.
Abby ran a diagnostic on Commander Turner's smart TV.
Reason it wouldn't power off is 'cause it was just hacked.
It was hacked? How? Someone with an external I.
address ran a video stream directly into the house.
This is what we were able to retrieve from the TV's cache.
DISTORTED VOICE: You didn't do what you were told.
And now have a choice to make.
Kill yourself or we kill your daughter.
Well that would explain the spike in Turner's oxytocin level.
Her suicide was not the act of a depressive individual.
It was an act of love.
A Sophie's Choice.
DISTORTED VOICE: You didn't do what you were told.
Wonder what she was told to do.
And by whom? Good question.
I can't wait for you to figure it out and tell me.
What do you got, Abbs? Uh, sorry, Boss.
Well, I was trying to backtrace the hacker's I.
address, uh, but it was offline.
Until two minutes ago.
It just went live.
You got a location? You got a doubt? McGee says the I.
address is still active.
Someone's in there.
I can't get decent Internet in my apartment, and this guy's online? Quinn.
Looks like someone just logged off.
We missed him.
(nearby blipping) Or not.
Freeze! NCIS! Hi, Gibbs.
How's that water leak coming? Agent Bishop, you were specifically told to stay away from the Chen case.
- Yes, but - And you, Officer Reeves, I don't know where to start, but it'll probably be with us reevaluating your relationship here.
I take full responsibility, Director, but please know this wasn't Agent Bishop's fault Save it! Gibbs can handle her.
Right now, cards on the table.
I need to know what you know, and I mean everything.
We translated the last message that NSA intercepted from Chen's people.
REEVES: Well, it's just a bunch of random song lyrics.
Some kind of code? The kind we can't crack.
And the courier you picked up? He told us he made a delivery on Chen's behalf to that radio tower.
That's the same place where that video to Commander Turner was from.
Well, it can't be a coincidence.
Chen must be involved in Turner's death.
The attack on the electrical grid, how confident was the courier? Well, he just heard whispers.
Chen keeps his people highly compartmentalized.
And that kid was a few fries short of a Happy Meal anyway.
Well, he doesn't think much of you, either.
What's this? That's the bill for shampooing his carpeting.
VANCE: How'd the interrogation go? Page two.
He gave up the name of the guy who owns the radio tower.
Well, we need to pick him up.
He might know what Chen's up to.
Yes, we do, Agent Bishop, but we're not done here.
I still need to have that chat with Officer Reeves.
Actually, we can do it on the way to my 2:30.
Why don't you grab these boxes, follow me out to my car.
I have absolutely no idea what you could have been thinking.
I can't stand the sidelines, Gibbs.
You can't, or you won't? Does it make a difference? I need people I can trust to follow orders.
No, you need people who care.
And right now I care more than anyone else in this building.
Bishop, taking down Chen it's not gonna bring your boyfriend back.
Qasim wasn't just my boyfriend, Gibbs.
(groans softly) (sighs) I don't know why I came Guess I'm searching for something And when your eyes caught mine Mm, yuck! Hey.
Away from all these feelings Emotions got me stumbling (doorbell rings) 'Cause I think we started something.
Am I late? Early.
- Again? - Mm-hmm.
But it's your birthday, so you can do whatever you want.
My God.
Except that.
I'm so sorry.
Ah (chuckles) Forget about it.
I'm sure I'll make it back to that village in Djibouti again one day.
(sneezes) Oh.
You feeling okay? Yeah.
My allergies just kicked in for some reason.
I got a new perfume.
(sneezes) I'm gonna wash it off.
(sneezes) I like it.
It (sneezes) You want me to get Nasonex? (exhales) This isn't how I imagined this.
Imagined what? (sneezes) His name is Kevin Lane.
He purchased the abandoned radio tower last year on eBay.
Oh, I actually think I bid on that.
What really impresses me is I have no idea if you're joking or not.
LANE: Sorry, boys, I don't know who that is.
She killed herself, after receiving a threatening message.
From your compound.
I don't have a clue what you're talking about.
So you're clueless.
No, I'm a carpet salesman.
With enough emergency supplies for World War III.
No, just enough to survive.
What, a zombie apocalypse? (chuckles): The end of the world, man.
It's coming sooner than you think.
Oh, you're one of those.
If you mean one of the smart ones, yeah.
Between top soil depletion, the fish hatcheries collapsing Okay, we get it, man.
rogue nukes, rogue comets, antibiotic-resistant infections Oh, wait, I've heard of that one.
Kai Chen.
Why is he getting deliveries to your compound? (scoffs) Name doesn't ring a bell.
Oh, you mean Bobby.
Probably because he's one of my business partners.
A silent one.
I'm guessing his real name isn't Bobby? Keep talking.
Look, about a year ago, some people in the Yahoo Preppers Forum that I moderate pooled our resources and bought a piece of land that we could hole up in.
Then we were outbid on an old missile silo, but we got the radio tower for $20,000.
With a working generator.
(chuckles) Bobby threw in ten.
Am I the only one uncomfortable with Chen investing in a, uh, doomsday compound? Maybe the attack he's planning on the electrical grid is bigger than we thought.
Hey, does Gibbs know you're in here? He knows.
We worked it out.
GIBBS: How do you contact him? I don't.
I mean, if you think I'm paranoid, you should see this guy.
I've only seen him once, and that's when he came to inspect the land.
He works mostly through encrypted chats, third-party middlemen.
Any names? No.
You know, but about a month ago I was working down in the bomb shelter, and some of his delivery guys showed up.
They had no idea I was there.
Overheard them say something about, um flying back into town this weekend.
WOMAN: My REACT teams are in position at every airport that fits your source's description.
Chen is the target.
All other considerations extraneous.
And when we get eyes on him? Arrest him.
Belay that order.
Says who? Says the ranking member of the House Subcommittee on Counterterrorism.
I want to talk to him.
She's standing right in front of you.
TORRES (clears throat): The-the the time, this thing I have Since when? Since yesterday.
I was gonna tell you tonight.
Tonight? But when I heard about your op, I came right over.
I've been tasked with supervising any activities involving Chen.
Supervising or sabotaging? Agent Gibbs, I agree, we need to find Chen and put the screws to him.
That's exactly what we're doing.
But our lawyers insist we don't have enough evidence to arrest him, Lee.
The body in our autopsy would say otherwise Lee.
I have read your report on Commander Turner, and any evidence connecting Chen to her death is circumstantial at best.
We have reason to believe that Chen is planning a terrorist attack.
We've suspected that for months.
But if you arrest him now, without sufficient evidence, he'll be back on the street in two hours.
And make sure we can never find him again.
Agent Andrews, your order is to surveil Chen, but do not engage.
Agent Gibbs, understand? Hard not to, with you two finishing each other's sentences.
(door opens) (door closes) (door slams) Hey.
What's going on, Gibbs? No compression.
I mean with Chen.
McGee just briefed me on the congresswoman's stand-down order? No.
Not standing down.
Well, the REACT teams aren't allowed to arrest him, so what are they gonna do, throw him a tea party? Get close enough to access his laptop remotely.
That plan didn't work out so well last time, and it almost got Reeves killed.
Well, we're just gonna have to be a little more careful.
I don't understand this.
After everything Chen has done, after everything we think he might do, how can you just stand there? You aren't just standing there.
- You know something's off.
- Yes.
And you've got a plan.
Working on it.
(chuckles) I'm glad you came by.
I kind of hit a wall.
All right, well, what do you got so far? I'm thinking that we arrest Chen anyway.
Better to ask forgiveness than permission.
That works for me.
But I'm not holding my breath.
We still have to find Chen.
And when it comes to airports, he's always been one step ahead.
(door creaks open) You come alone? Yeah.
Chen? Hello, Agent Bishop.
Agent Gibbs.
I heard you wanted to see me.
Are you going to put those down so we can talk? Bishop.
Hands on the table.
Legs apart.
I assure you I am not armed.
(grunts, chuckles) Did Qasim like it rough, too? (grunts) (laughs) Talk.
I told you.
I heard you wanted to see me.
You heard from who? Little birdie who works at an airport.
That apparently is crawling with NCIS agents.
Well, that's what happens when you kill one of us.
(chuckles) I have not killed anyone.
Commander Turner would disagree with that.
We know about your attack on the electrical grid.
Sounds scary.
Have any suspects? Why are you in my house? Why do you think? You want us to arrest you? You cannot arrest me.
Yeah? You know, I keep hearing that.
Why don't we see what happens.
(grunts) Better to ask forgiveness than permission.
You will get neither, Agent Bishop.
I am not the enemy.
Well, that is news to me.
Then apparently you have not heard.
Heard what? We are on the same team now.
When were you gonna tell me?! Tell you what? Chen.
How long have you known that Chen was working with the CIA? He didn't.
I found a corkscrew down in the break room.
The Pinot can wait.
What the hell is my agent talking about, Jenna? Good question.
What are you talking about, Agent Gibbs? Chen.
He came to my house.
He told me that he's working with the CIA now.
Even has you and SecDef on his direct dial.
You heard what the man said.
Start talking.
You're not authorized.
Would you like to take that steak Au poivre to go? Chen came to us with an offer.
We finalized the deal today.
There is a Syrian warlord we've been trying to locate, one that Chen has done business with in the past.
Chen has agreed to help us find him.
All of a sudden he's our best bud? Sometimes the enemy of my enemy is my friend, Agent Gibbs.
Jenna, Chen is a suspected terrorist.
He tried to kill two of our people.
He succeeded once.
And he killed Commander Turner.
And the warlord that Chen is helping us find has been financing ISIS cells.
They're attacking NATO troops.
Soldiers are dying, Lee.
We need his help.
And before either of you ruin what's left of our dinner, I get it.
We're not gonna let Chen walk.
But we're gonna hit the pause button on the investigation.
Until you get what you what.
What we all want, Agent Gibbs.
Until we have actionable intelligence Yeah.
Pause button.
Got it.
I'm not hungry.
(whirring) Uh you got my message.
All ten of them.
I see you're taking it out on the dust mites.
What are we gonna do? We can't just let Chen get away.
That's exactly what we've been ordered to do.
Yeah, well, that congresswoman can take her pause button and shove it up her ass.
Gibbs has just let you back in.
You fall out of line now and you're done.
Besides What? I think that congresswoman has made the right call.
That Syrian warlord is destabilizing an entire region.
That warlord's name is Asu Harari, and he's a two-bit player in Aleppo.
I monitored his communications when I was at the NSA.
I-I know his entire network.
This is a bad call.
We have a coded message from Chen on a suspected terrorist attack.
And we can't arrest him because he's the CIA's lapdog? That-that is nuts.
Okay, well, you say you know this Harari guy.
Why don't we find him ourselves.
Then the CIA won't need Chen.
That could take months.
So? I spent months taking pilot lessons just to take Chen down.
Clay, I-I can't eat, I can't sleep, and I sure as hell am not slowing down until Chen is off the street.
Look, I hear you.
I do.
But this is a marathon, Ellie-- it's not a sprint.
If you aren't willing to make the sacrifices and commit to the long haul, maybe you shouldn't be running this race.
You really caught me off guard tonight.
Especially with the bowling alley.
This is where we had our first date.
I wanted to bring you here to celebrate.
(sighs) What's the problem, Ellie? What do you want from me? I want you to stop being afraid.
I want you to admit that you can't breathe when you're not with me.
And most of all I want you.
You have me, Qasim.
I-I spend 65% of my free time with you.
We have gone on 104 dates.
We've You're proving my point.
This is what you do, Ellie.
You hide your feelings behind that brain of yours.
Behind statistics, metrics Well, all of those things are true.
But not relevant.
The world isn't all zeros and ones.
You can't reduce love to a binary code.
That's it.
What's it? Qasim was trying to tell me that the world isn't reducible to zeros and ones.
But I got bratty and I argued with him.
I pointed out that the crappy music playing at the bowling alley was all zeros and ones.
I'm sorry, I flunked nerd in school.
Chen's code.
I think I know how to crack it.
There are two general ways to hide information.
One is security through math.
Which is just your basic, everyday encryption.
BISHOP: The second is security through obscurity.
Which is where the data is not encrypted-- it's just hidden.
Like if you secretly put a key underneath your doormat.
Once you know the secret, then it's easy to unlock the door.
You figured out Chen's secret? Abby.
Chen's message appeared to be random snippets of song lyrics.
But when you convert those snippets to binary, aka zeros and ones, the result is an executable file.
A what? Oh, you're cute.
A computer program, Gibbs.
The song lyrics were a computer program.
Actually, it's a computer virus.
That does what? Exploits the vulnerability of diesel generators in older electrical plants.
Look at this.
Now, DoD tested its weakness a couple years ago.
Congresswoman sent over a tape of this.
She's on her way over now with the full file.
“Aurora Vulnerability”" That's a pretty name.
Once infected, the virus turns the generators on and off so quickly they basically Whoa, okay, that was not pretty.
This must be how Chen is planning on taking out the electrical grid.
Let's go.
Thanks, Abbs.
Bishop? What are you doing? The cavalry went that way.
Uh, I was just gonna take the stairs.
I forgot something in my car.
No, any power plant with a pre-2K diesel generator is at risk.
Do we know how Chen's planning to disseminate the virus? Originally, Commander Turner.
Well, Chen was blackmailing her into buying these infected computers for the DLA.
Once they rotated into the DoD's system, the virus would be in the wild.
But she wouldn't play ball.
She died for it.
So what's Chen's Plan B? Working on it.
So right now, we're just sitting ducks.
Not necessarily.
We've got the virus's source code.
I could always make an anti-virus out of it.
How long? A few hours.
Too long.
Go, get it done.
So much for your pause button.
We made a calculated bet.
Yeah? Well, you bet wrong.
And your Agent Bishop was right.
I have arranged a video conference with the Joint Chiefs in MTAC.
I'd like her to brief them.
When's she back? Where did she go? I just bumped into her in the parking lot.
Calling her now.
(phone ringing) This is Flemming.
Um this is Torres? Why do you have Agent Bishop's cell phone? And where the hell is mine? VANCE: McGee, put up the parking lot surveillance.
(phone ringing) She's not answering.
McGee, locate that phone.
There it is.
The bump, grab and slip.
She must've been waiting for me.
I I didn't even feel a thing.
Yeah, she's either a fast learner, or she's playing us.
All right, got a location.
Bishop shut the cell off, but I was able to ping the last tower she was connected to.
Where? North of DC, Highway 19.
Where's she going? I don't know, but she sent a text before she went dark.
That's the number the CIA uses to contact Chen.
She knew I had the number.
She's going after Chen.
We don't have time for this.
McGee, finish that anti-virus.
Torres, MTAC.
Quinn, let's go.
(brakes squeal) (electricity buzzes) All right, this is where Bishop shut off the cell.
What's her plan? To be honest, Agent Gibbs, she may not have one.
She always has a plan.
I hope so, but when it comes to Chen, she hasn't exactly been thinking clearly.
That makes two of you! All right, I got something.
Radio tower.
It's about 20 miles away.
Agent Bishop.
I was expecting the congresswoman.
Well, something came up.
She sends her regards.
I see.
How did you know I would be alone? Because you're a rat.
And if your people found out you were doing business with the CIA, you'd be a dead rat.
You did not come here to talk business.
This is personal.
No, this is pleasure.
I am not responsible for what happened to your boyfriend.
He is.
Qasim made his own choices in life.
QASIM: I'm really sorry, Ellie.
I shouldn't have pressured you or said those things.
No, you're right about everything.
I I know I overanalyze things.
My mom says it's because I prefer to think rather than feel.
Yes, I use my brain to push people away.
I don't want to push you away.
But? But I'm just not ready.
I'm not saying I won't be one day.
Well, I choose to wait.
So take all the time you need.
I'm not going anywhere.
You're right.
Life is about choices, Chen.
And I've made mine.
I got him.
In there.
Move! You have nothing on me.
Put those handcuffs on.
We know about your plan to attack the electrical grid.
Knowing and proving are two entirely different beasts.
My lawyer will have me free in two hours.
NCIS is wasting its time.
I didn't call NCIS.
I called the Syrians.
Apparently, Asu Harari heard that you sold him out to the CIA.
He's been looking for you.
A few of his American contacts are on their way.
(grunting) Have fun with that.
Wait! Make it quick.
I've got a 3:00.
You cannot do this.
They're going to kill me.
Only if you're lucky.
I have money.
Just name your price.
You know what? I have a better idea.
What is that? The code you created to blow up all those generators.
Just like the one you're cuffed to.
(panting) You set me up.
I'm not responsible for what happens to you, Chen.
You've made your choices in life just like Qasim.
And now you have one more to make.
(grunts) Bishop! Bishop! Bishop? You all right? (explosion) What happened? Chen forced Commander Turner to make a Sophie's Choice.
He just made his.
Boat-building and booze? Sounds like a dangerous combination.
Hasn't failed me yet.
I have to admit, your team impressed the hell out of me, Gibbs.
I think it's time you climbed out of the NCIS trenches.
You've earned a seat in the big chair.
Director? Old Lee.
That seat's taken.
And if there's a vacancy? (door closes, footsteps approaching) Sounds like you have company.
Thank you for the time, Agent Gibbs.
I appreciate the consideration.
And the discretion about other things.
Agent Bishop.
Just checking.
Did I, uh, interrupt something? No.
Just talking about you.
How much trouble am I in? With her? None.
And you? Gibbs, uh I don't blame you if you want me gone.
I broke your trust, I went rogue, and I did exactly what you were worried I would do.
But I also did exactly what you would've done if you were me.
And if I had to do it over, I'd do the exact same thing again.
Well, then we got a problem.
Each time you go rogue, there's a price to pay.
And it's not cheap.
I understand.
You don't.
But you will soon.
I got this for Qasim.
I had it with me the night he was shot.
I never had the chance to give it to him.
I can't stop looking at it.
(paper rustling) But I need to.