NCIS s15e10 Episode Script

Double Down

1 MAN: Tonight's show is coming to us from halfway around the world.
So, let's hear a big round of applause for Chet Goodman.
(cheering, applause) The Afghan desert.
I've been in a situation like this before.
Hot air blowing in my face all day, icy cold at night, never knowing when the enemy's gonna attack.
Finally, I had to divorce her.
(laughter) I mean, sure, I lost my apartment.
That's not funny.
I lost the car.
It's a joke, Senator.
I lost my last shred of dignity, Explain how a divorce but I didn't triple the national deficit is like a military drawdown in a hostile country with an unfamiliar culture.
No $2,000 government contract toilet seats Um in my house.
I think you just did.
CHET: And don't get me wrong.
I still drunk dial my ex.
But you all moved back in.
Damn right.
Oorah! SOLDIERS: Oorah! Who's that? Senator Phillips? I'm getting heckled by a Washington politician? And three-star Marine general.
SOLDIERS: Oorah! Generals.
Always sending someone else to fight your battles.
When I'm fighting, you'll know.
All due respect, this is a goodwill tour.
You take your security detail and go back to shaking hands.
Let me handle the jokes.
I would, except the Geneva Conventions make torture illegal.
(laughter) I can clearly see (phone ringing) there's some home-field advantage.
Excuse me.
I-I know when I'm losing a crowd.
Gibbs? Can you hear me? Yeah, barely.
The show's getting a bit rowdy, thanks to your buddy Phillips here.
It's taken a few days, but I totally get why your unit loved him in Desert Storm.
Hey, Sloane, I didn't call to chat.
(laughter) What's wrong? CHET: This place would even depress Charlie Brown.
(laughter) Senator Phillips' son, Chandler.
He's in ICU.
The ICU? What happened? GIBBS: I'm still trying to find out.
Doctors say it's bad.
He might not live.
(cheering, applause) Oh, my God.
NCIS 15x10 Double Down That's a hell of a gut punch, Gibbs.
Yes, sir.
What happened? Well, according to the Metro Police report, Chandler fell from a stairwell landing in his apartment building.
It was a 20-foot drop, and, in addition to breaking his foot, he also hit his head on the concrete steps.
Is that the whole story? They think he was drinking.
I'm getting home to see my boy.
Understood? Understood, sir.
Already trying to arrange an earlier flight, sir.
Don't sugarcoat it, Gunny.
Doctors put a clock on this thing? Clock's ticking, General.
I will be there.
I just spoke to the head of neurology.
Barring a Christmas miracle, Phillips won't make it back here in time.
Look, I know you and the senator go back a long way and that you wanted to be a part of his security detail.
What's done is done.
BISHOP: Hi, Detective.
So, what did the doctor have to say this time, Detective Mayer? Same as before, Agent Bishop.
Chandler Phillips' injuries are consistent with a drunken fall.
Got it.
Got it.
E-Except his blood alcohol came back, and it was under the legal limit.
So drinking, yes.
Drunk, no.
Did the neighbors see anything? Did you process the scene? Do you mind if I just, like, take a look? No.
And this isn't your case.
You can read my report after it's been filed and I've started my well-deserved holiday break, which I can't do until you go away.
Yeah, my, uh brothers and parents are coming in from Oklahoma.
Hey, that's an evidence file.
You're not authorized to handle it.
Don't worry.
I'll sign the log.
I guess that means you now have to add NCIS to the chain of evidence.
I Or I can just sign the whole damn case over to NCIS.
You want more work? Merry Christmas.
And a happy New Year.
It's starting to make sense.
What's up? (clears throat) Torres and Gibbs were supposed to be my security detail.
But I guess you've been here before? Yes, sir.
Almost ten years ago.
Army psyop.
Why did you want to come back? I spoke to base command.
The earliest flight out is in 42 hours.
That's too late.
Helmand province is heavy with Taliban, and this airfield is no longer secure, sir.
Which is exactly the reason the U.
Marines were sent back here.
Well, until they get the Afghan National Army and this base up to snuff, we need an air escort, and there's not one available until the day after next.
We'll switch airfields.
(insects trill, bird twitters) (rustling, zipper closes) This is a Marine-occupied base.
You sleep with a weapon under your pillow? It's the desert.
You know, scorpions.
Senator, it's the middle of the night.
Where are you going? Home.
To see my son.
There's a plane leaving in the morning from Lashkargah airport.
A few hours away.
You up for that? Die Hard is my favorite Christmas movie.
I don't know what that means.
I'm here on a holiday adventure.
Gentlemen, buckle up.
I got us a ride.
I had to make a small compromise, but there was already a Humvee going to that airport.
One Humvee for all that desert? It's not ideal, but it's out best shot of getting you home.
Too risky.
I can go alone.
We go where you go.
Why was there a transport already on the way to the airport? Well, um about that compromise CHET: Knock, knock.
Hey, Senator.
Looks like we're pulling out together.
Oorah! I see you, McGee.
Everything okay? No.
No, it's not.
Because you decided to take over a Metro case on December 22.
That is-- let's see-- one, two, three days before Christmas.
I have plans, too.
With twin newborn cherubs? I'm sorry.
I-I thought this was an important thing to see through.
Look, our job was to update the senator on the case, not take it over.
His son fell down the stairs.
I-I felt like Metro was rushing to call this an accident, and they've overlooked several factors that would suggest foul play.
Such as? Such as Chandler Phillips has a criminal record.
Well, he didn't live up to his war hero dad.
Doesn't prove anything.
Well, the accident could be connected to his criminal activity.
Chandler was arrested last year for possession of illegal prescription drugs.
And it made the news because the senator had just sponsored an anti-drug bill.
Well, looks bad if your kid's a user.
And then to save face, the senator paid for Chandler's bail and then publicly disowned him.
His only child.
And that was a week after the senator's wife died of cancer.
Stressful time.
Chandler fell off the radar, and they haven't spoken since.
Well, given the senator's determination to get home, I'd say he's willing to forgive and forget.
He's a dad.
All parents love their kids no matter what.
You think the same thing works in reverse, boss? You know, if a parent misses their kid's first Christmas? The twins are four weeks old.
They'll never remember.
Um, photos.
Uh, Photoshop.
Almost dawn in Afghanistan.
Yeah, I just heard from Sloane and Torres.
They're transporting the senator to a civilian airport.
If there's more to this case, I want to know about it before wheels up.
You, too, Father Christmas.
CHET: I got shotgun.
I can't wait to get out of here.
This is your bag, Chet? Years on the road have taught me drink heavy and travel light.
That bag has been to dives all over the world.
Now it's been to this one.
But six porta-potties for 300 Marines is not what I signed up for.
Luckily I just got word that I'm up for a lead role in a comedy pilot.
Writer wants to meet this week.
Oh, so you got a Marine transport to be your own personal Uber.
My agent also reps Colin Powell.
Cut the chatter.
That flight's not gonna wait for us.
What are the seating arrangements? Knock, knock.
Uh, who's there? Chumps ride the hump.
(sighs) That's not even a joke.
Well, the stairs match Metro's reports.
Nothing new there.
This place is not so sexy.
I don't know.
The roaches downstairs didn't seem to mind.
I pulled up Chandler's social media posts, and they all show expensive hotels, wild parties, and an overall “sexy” lifestyle.
Where does he get the money? The senator? I doubt it.
Chandler's bank account has been dormant for over a year.
He must be using cash.
Did Metro follow up on that? No, but they did talk to the roommate.
(rap music playing loudly) Seth Hendrix.
Federal agents.
(knocks on door) Seth Hendrix? A Ocean's Eleven-themed porno movie? Or an illegal casino.
(music shuts off) It's all legit, okay? Sorry, I-I didn't hear you guys knock.
I'm still in mourning.
NCIS Special Agents Bishop and McGee.
And you do know that Chandler's not dead? Did his dad, Senator Smug, send you? I already talked to the cops.
Uh, we'd like to confirm what happened.
(sighs) Chandler and I were playing video games and drinking, when he decided to run out for coffee.
Our vision was getting a little blurry, and we were having a hard time discerning between the Darkin and the Iceborn.
Video game creatures.
Next thing I know, Metro Police are at the door saying Chandler fell.
I was inside the whole time.
And the backroom Bellagio? The table's just for practice.
We were professional gamblers.
And best friends.
Again, Chandler's not dead.
We're gonna look around a little bit.
SLOANE: Things are going smoothly here, Gibbs.
Any updates on Chandler? What do you know, Gunny? Swelling hasn't gone down.
But Chandler, he's hanging on.
Good to hear.
We'll check in once we get to the airport.
Be safe.
Corporal, this isn't the route we discussed.
How can you tell? Everything looks the same.
The senator and I talked before we left, ma'am.
This way's faster.
Every second counts.
And Corporal Girard knows every curve, canyon, and crack of this desert.
JIMMY: I knew this would come back to bite me.
The first year I invite Breena's parents over for Themed Christmas and we get a last-minute case.
Isn't Christmas the theme of Christmas? God, Breena's dad is gonna roast me like the prize goose the butcher just delivered.
I was gonna wear a waistcoat, Abbs, make figgy pudding.
Did you even look at the 3-D model that I sent you, Charles Dickens? Hey, that's the theme we were going for.
Yes, I did.
But based on the medical records from the hospital, your animation is incorrect.
See, it shows that Chandler fell forward with his face hitting first.
It was based on momentum and him walking forward, you know, like a human.
Yeah, but the severity of his cranial wound means that the back of his head hit first.
(sighs) I thought you were gonna say that.
So I made a second model.
In order for Chandler to hit the back of his head first, he would have to have fallen backwards and at a very high velocity.
So why did you show me the first model? Because, Bob Cratchit, you're not the only one with Christmas plans.
I was hoping you would say I was wrong.
Well, you're not.
Chandler Phillips fell straight backwards.
Which, even if he was buzzed, is really hard to do at that speed.
Unless he was pushed.
CHET: I'm just saying, I get it.
My old man disowned me for wanting to be a comic.
I was nine.
I didn't say “disown.
” I turned my back on Chandler because he lacked purpose and only thought of himself.
Sound familiar? Yeah.
You even have my dad's righteous indignation.
The only difference between you and Chandler is that he still has a chance to be a decent human being.
Hey, hey, hey, you two.
I will turn this car around.
We may have to.
Everybody hold on.
It's old.
But it means the Taliban's back to playing their greatest hits.
Uh, is it safe to be out here? Senator, if this crater's an indication of what's ahead, we have to turn back.
I got to call this in.
What about taking the longer route? It's too late.
What? That's it? Well, that's just great.
Merry flippin' Christmas.
Radio's gone, too.
Sat phone? Left it in the backseat when we got out.
So nobody knows we're here.
What the hell just happened? Was that crater some kind of trap? Crater had nothing to do with it.
There was a live IED buried in the road.
Well, why didn't it go off immediately? We-we should be dead.
Are we dead? The explosive had a delay so it doesn't just hit the lead vehicle in a convoy, okay? This is not what I signed up for.
It's too dangerous to stay out in the open.
Whoever planted the bomb has likely heard their handiwork.
We have to find shelter.
Yeah, I think we passed a Starbucks.
The mountains? Isn't that where the Taliban live? Move.
Sir, we got to go.
It's late, Abby.
What do you got? Well, hopefully more answers for Senator Phillips.
I haven't found anything to suggest who tried to murder Chandler.
But you were right-- something is hinky.
He was running an illegal casino.
Casino, no.
Illegal, yes.
How much you want to bet I can roll a two? Well, odds are 36 to one.
These are casino-grade dice made from a cellulose acetate.
The dots are called pips.
They're drilled, and then they're filled with a white plastic with the same density as the dice.
So that they weigh the same on each side.
And so that they roll evenly.
But these didn't.
Because these dice are loaded.
The pips on one side have been filled with something that's ten times heavier than the plastic.
I don't see anything wrong.
Loaded dice are usually terrible.
Like, a casino can identify them immediately.
But these are perfect.
Whoever made these is really smart and really skilled.
Probably with, like, a chemical engineering degree.
Chandler Phillips dropped out of college, but Seth Hendrix did not.
The drunken roommate? McGEE: Yeah, apparently, this guy graduated from MIT with a GPA two-tenths higher than mine.
(exhales) Clear.
Come on in, folks.
I suppose you're gonna complain.
You kidding? This is better than most of the motels I stay in.
Cleaner, anyways.
Everything's gonna be fine.
As soon as we don't check in, camp command will send out an alert.
We'll be able to hear a search team from in here.
Yeah, I'm thinking, what, a few hours.
Might be longer.
Why's that, Senator? The route change through the hills-- I planned and cleared it with our driver.
But, uh I knew once camp command found out, they'd change our quick hop into a time-wasting convoy.
So? They think we took the long way.
Well, they'll send a search team.
But they'll be looking in the wrong place.
(rap remix playing loudly) Nothing like a little holiday spirit at the crack of dawn.
(pounding on door) MAN: Hey! You in there? The neighbors seem to think so.
(loud pounding) Hey! (scoffs) Poor guy.
Well, let's help him out.
We go ho, ho, ho (remix of “Jingle Bells” continues playing) We go ho, ho, ho (music shuts off) Must be ten grand cash there.
And a nice bottle of champagne.
All right, you ready? Federal agents! NCIS! Get up! (screams) All right.
Gibbs, I just got your message.
Everything okay? He's awake.
Thank God.
Well, you should call the senator.
I think we just got that Christmas miracle.
(chuckles) (phone beeping) When's the last time you heard from Agent Sloane? Excuse me, sir.
I don't mean to interrupt.
Gunny, NCIS Director Vance.
How can I help you? I just read in the paper this morning that Chandler Phillips had been hospitalized.
Last night.
But he seems to be putting up a fight.
Glad to hear it.
Just wanted to come and offer my support.
You know his father? No, sir.
Chandler came into my recruitment office yesterday.
Chandler Phillips? I didn't know who he was at first, until he told me his story.
Chandler wanted to turn over a new leaf.
His criminal record would require a waiver, but he said that life was all behind him.
Chandler Phillips just enlisted in the Marines.
SLOANE: One first aid kit.
Six pieces of foil-wrapped chewing gum.
Four protein bars.
And two flashlights.
Which might come in handy soon.
And so will this map.
It belonged to the corporal.
Hey, I appreciate you making the grocery list, but how much longer you plan on being in here? We've been here for hours.
How 'bout actually doing something to help us get the hell out? There is nothing to do but wait.
And listen.
So shut up and man up.
Like you? So noble.
So righteous.
No wonder your son couldn't live up to your expectations.
They were too high.
I said I got it.
Son didn't go into the family business, so Dad thinks he's worthless, and is forced to turn his back.
You don't take responsibility for any of it, do you? Whatever issues you may have, I am not your father.
My dad never got an innocent Marine killed.
Hey, hey.
Hey, hey.
- Enough.
Come on.
- Break it up.
- Enough, children.
Feel better now? Get down! (grunts) (distant chatter) (quietly): Come on.
Come on.
(groans) Senator? Everybody okay back there? No! He's been shot! (Phillips groans) MARINE HELO PILOT (over radio): Negative visual.
We have a few more minutes in this search grid, and then we'll have to head back for refuel.
Anything from our casino grifters? - They're on their way in.
- Good.
Doctors removed Chandler's breathing tube.
While there doesn't seem to be any long-term brain damage, he can't remember what happened.
- That why you called me up here? - No.
I've been on the horn with central command.
Transport never made it to the airport.
Search team.
Ground and air.
So far, no sign.
You want something from me, Leon, just ask.
I wanted you to be on that detail.
When Phillips requested an NCIS security escort, Agent Sloane begged me to go.
I said “no.
” Yeah.
Then why the hell did you give up your spot and tell her that it was on my orders? It seemed important to her.
Question is why did you say “no”? Because of your relationship with the senator.
I was doing you a favor.
Since when? You trying to protect Sloane? I'm trying to prevent history from repeating itself.
She can handle it.
SLOANE: The bullet just missed your armor.
There wasn't much to work with, but, uh, I think it will hold.
My guts are still on the inside? Yeah, they are.
(grunts) So is the bullet deep.
So no more fistfights, kid.
(chuckles) He did save my life.
I suppose I owe him something.
How about silence? (sighs) Why do you have your agents taking apart my craps table? It's custom-made.
Cheating the casinos means serious prison time.
They don't always roll a two.
Oh, so you admit to loading the dice? Well, that was fast.
How about attacking Chandler? Did you do that, too? Because that wasn't an accident.
I'm willing to come clean on the dice, if that proves I didn't commit attempted murder.
It doesn't.
I never admitted to using the dice.
Expensive hotel rooms, the wad of cash we found in your apartment-- that's all, what? Pure luck? That's about to run out.
McGEE: You and Chandler were partners in your little casino con, till two days ago when he wanted out.
He joined the Marines.
(scoffs) The Marines? (laughing): Okay, come on.
Th-that's a joke.
(laughs) Look, Chandler never wanted to be like his dad.
So if he was going straight, this is the first we've heard about it.
Who's we? BISHOP: So there's actually three of you involved in the casino con.
Misty Boxlarter.
You also went to MIT.
But, unlike Seth, you dropped out.
It's a tough school.
Not for him.
Seth's a genius.
Uh, you and Seth are together? We met at school.
And Chandler? Did you try to kill him? I wasn't even there that night.
The guys would rather spend their money on a party than a nice apartment, so I have my own place.
Can anybody verify you were there? No.
But I would never hurt Chandler, and neither would Seth.
Why? (sighs) I'll have to show you.
Do you play craps? I bet you're sorry you came here now.
We both had our reasons for coming, sir.
You find what you were looking for? Have you? (laughs) Of course.
I travel to battle zones every Christmas to show support.
For the troops.
(grunts) Now you're analyzing me.
What do you say? I'm, uh, running away from spending the holidays at home? With family? I'm just talking in a cave.
(grunts) What do you want me to say, huh? That Chet's right? SLOANE: (clears throat) I don't know.
Was he? (sighs) (laughs) (exhales) Yes.
Okay? When your wife passed away, it was just you and Chandler.
That must have been really hard.
I'd been hurt in battle before.
(sighs) Her death was a new kind of pain.
I coped how I knew best.
Faced with loss, we all do, sir.
PHILLIPS: I played a stoic Marine.
Emotions in check.
But Chandler took it as a sign of not caring.
Like he did when I pushed him to be better.
I pushed so hard, I pushed him away.
I never saw the part I played in that (laughs) (laughing): until until it punched me in the face.
I gotta tell my boy I was wrong.
(engine approaching) TORRES: Coming in! Hey.
Here's the good news.
Our Taliban Twins were bikers.
So they were alone.
They were probably out on a scout.
Which means they'll be missed.
We're gonna have company.
Do you have enough gas in there to get back to camp? Well, here's here's the bad news.
Seven out.
Next shooter coming out.
Okay, so now the roll passes to the next player.
We'll pretend Agent McGee is Chandler.
And I am using the loaded dice.
Right, which is when the random girl drinking champagne at the end of the table decides to put a hundred on the deuce.
ABBY: Two.
Pays out 30 to one.
Jimmy, give the lucky lady $3,000.
Three grand only goes so far.
Ever heard of “letting it ride”? Misty is now gonna place all three grand on the same bet.
Two craps two.
That's snake eyes.
It's also $90,000.
And Misty's cue to generously tip the dealer and walk away.
Chandler switches back the dice before anyone asks questions, and we party for the next few months.
Wait a minute.
You've got three dealers watching the game at all times.
How do you get the dice on and off the table? That's the trick.
Sleight of hand.
It's incredibly difficult.
Even with the help of cameras, it took Chandler over a year to learn.
Neither of us know how to do it.
So without him, the scam ends.
Yeah, we'd never hurt the golden goose.
And we have no idea who did.
Right, babe? Misty, anything you give us will help you with the DA.
Well While we play, Seth watches to make sure security isn't getting too curious.
A few days ago, he thought one did.
It was nothing.
Just a false alarm.
The pit boss in Atlantic City who followed Chandler? Chandler never said anything about it.
Besides, I don't even remember what the guy looked like.
Oh, I do.
Tall, thin, with a dark mustache.
Kind of, like, hipster-looking.
I think that was the guy outside their door this morning.
SLOANE: This way back to camp isn't the way we came.
A lone rider going off-road can save time.
And gas.
SLOANE: Here, I got it.
You take this dry riverbed.
It's smooth, and it'll lead you right back to camp I hope.
TORRES: I thought you'd been here before.
It's a big area; it was a long time ago.
TORRES: Do not put doubts in my head.
Uh, we have enough of those.
I-I think he passed out.
- Senator, can you hear me? - Senator! General? Senator.
Senator, sir.
The bleeding didn't stop.
Here, put your hand underneath his bandage and keep pressure on the wound.
Directly? Yes, directly.
You want to save his life? There.
Got it? Nick.
You got to get out of here now.
Yippee ki-yay.
(engine revs) Hey, update on Sloane and Torres? Search team is still on the hunt.
Anything on the casino employment records? Oh, just downloaded.
You really think mustache man is a casino enforcer? McGEE: I just want to find this guy.
I promised the twins that I would close this case.
Axel McKenzie III.
He's worked security at the Atlantic Diamond Casino for the last two years.
All right, send me that contact info.
No need.
Boss? You found him.
Actually, uh, I called.
I'm not in town to kill Chandler.
I came to hire him.
BISHOP: Hire him? - After catching him cheat? - Yeah.
His sleight-of-hand was flawless, and I've seen a lot.
So I cornered him, alone, in the hotel bar.
He denied it.
No, that was the craziest thing.
He just admitted to the whole scam right then and there, begged me not to press charges.
He promised that he would get help.
You know, change his life around.
He went to a Marine recruiting office the next day.
So much for hiring him.
Casino thinks we can use his skills to spot other cheaters.
Look, I tried calling before I ever showed up, but Chandler never answered the phone.
I saw why on the news this morning, which is right when I called you guys.
Hell of an accident, huh? It wasn't.
What about the money? Decent guy or not, a casino is gonna miss 90 grand.
Oh, yeah, Chandler gave it back.
You mean his cut-- 30,000.
No, he gave back his partners' cut too.
That was part of the deal.
Is that important? Yeah.
(sighs) CHET: Damn it, Senator, you got me feeling guilty about my dad.
I'm gonna have to call the bastard.
The name on the wall.
You part of that? Op was classified, sir.
Not everyone made it.
That must have been hard.
I coped the best I knew how.
Senator? What do we do? Have faith.
McGEE: Chandler told you he got caught.
And that he gave away all your secrets and all your money.
You got angry, and Chandler stormed out of the apartment, into the stairwell, and you followed.
You-you can't prove anything.
How could he give away your secret dice recipe? I mean, that's your life's work.
It's pretty convincing to a jury.
It just depends on how we charge you.
Yeah, I don't think it was attempted murder.
Heat of the moment.
Which means aggravated assault, if you confess.
We were both angry when Chandler told us.
But she-she didn't meant to do it.
You saying Misty was there? She-she pushed him, and-and came back in and told me everything.
I-I love Misty.
I do.
But it was her.
Oh, screw this.
He's lying.
Are you sure about that? Everything he said did happen, but it was the other way around.
Yes, I lied.
I was at the apartment.
And after Chandler told us what happened, we were mad.
But while Seth went after Chandler, I went to the table and got started practicing.
Practicing sleight of hand? I wasn't gonna let Chandler ruin a good thing.
And while I was practicing, Seth's the one who came running in and told me what he did.
Well, it's your word against your boyfriend's.
He just accused me of murder.
We're no longer dating.
Which sucks for Seth, because he doesn't know I've been protecting him.
Protecting him from what? In order to practice sleight of hand, Chandler used video cameras, so I was doing the same thing.
They were recording when Seth confessed.
I hid the tape.
Mis Misty.
You have to help me.
MISTY: What? What happened? I-I pushed him.
I pushed him, and then-then then he fell on-on the stairs.
What? Gibbs showed that to Seth, who decided that assault didn't sound so bad.
Case closed.
And just in time for Christmas.
(soft chuckle) So why doesn't this feel so good? 'Cause the rest of the family's not home yet.
CHANDLER: How can they still be missing? I want to see my dad.
You have a lot to tell him.
I want to look him in the eyes and I want to tell my father that he was right.
Last time we spoke there there wasn't much love.
I need to change that.
Parents always love their kids.
No matter what happens.
CHET: Come on.
Don't stop fighting now.
(bird squawking) What is it? Vehicles approaching.
Good or bad? No matter what, keep quiet.
Come, they told me Pa-rum pum pum pum Our newborn king to see Pa-rum pum pum pum Our finest gifts we bring Pa-rum pum pum pum MAN (over P.
): Stand by for orders.
To lay before the king Pa-rum pum pum pum They recover the corporal's body? No man left behind.
So to honor him Pa-rum pum pum pum When we come (digging softly) (exhales) (exhales) (sighs) I can go alone.
We go where you go.
Gibbs, good to see you.
It's been a long flight.
Only because I no longer need the security detail.
Or this chair.
And I-I don't know why we're here.
I told you I want to see my I am a poor boy, too Welcome back, sir.
I have no gift to bring Pa-rum pum pum pum That's fit to give Dad, I am so s I love you, son.
Rum pum pum pum I love you, too.
Then he smiled at me Pa-rum pum pum pum Me and my drum.