NCIS s16e06 Episode Script

Beneath the Surface

1 One night as I was walking past the cemetery Hey, hi.
How are you? You gotta go, you gotta go.
(man yells) Oh you didn't make it? (chuckles) That Halloween gag y'all got in there nearly scared me half to death.
(chuckles) Gag? Wh-What gag? What did you do? My boss is gonna kill me.
Me? I just got here.
All right, pal, I'm working the graveyard shift on Halloween.
My life ain't exactly great to begin with.
Last thing I need is some practical joker I'm telling you, I didn't do this.
After you.
(gasps) Holy NCIS 16x06 Beneath the Surface JIMMY: Do you know that Halloween's origins come from the Celtic festival for the dead called Samhain? I'm not much of a Halloween guy.
Neither are the Celts.
They believed that ghosts roamed the earth on All Hallows' Eve, so they'd dress up in costumes, leave little treats along their doorsteps just to appease the evil spirits.
Yeah? Appease me.
What do you got? Petty Officer, uh, Tim Buckley.
Well, at least that's what his ID says.
- Yeah.
Poor fella didn't go easily or quietly.
- Who's he? - Still working on an ID.
But is it me, or does this guy look familiar? There's a lot of blood.
No footprints.
Oh, you noticed? Either the killer floated out or, uh, these two killed each other.
Before or after his slit throat? Let's not forget the broken neck.
So I'm going with floated out.
It is All Hallows' Eve, gentlemen.
Perhaps it was a Celtic evil spirit.
I was-I was joking.
(chuckles) I-I was just joking, that you I was just making mirth.
I don't even believe in evil spirits.
- Though, that being said - Okay, here it comes.
Okay, have you noticed anything strange going on at the office lately? Well, aside from McGee, uh, marching behind his desk during breaks? No, not really.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
I'm-I'm (whispers): I'm talking about, like, supernatural.
Things down in autopsy keep moving around when I'm not there.
Well, actually, now that you mention it, uh Yeah? - Boo! - (grunts) (clears throat) You got me.
You got me.
Do you, uh, recognize either of the victims? Never seen 'em before tonight.
Anyone suspicious come in or out? Uh, yeah.
Tons of suspicious people come in and out.
This is a truck stop.
MAN: Come on, man, bathroom! The next one's not for 20 miles.
Hey, hey, who the heck is she? MAN: What? I've been driving all night.
They are not happy.
Must be all the coffee.
We're not gonna see much from the security footage.
Wires were cut.
Well, I saw something: both those dead guys go into the bathroom.
Did you see anyone go in after? That's the thing.
Nobody went in after them.
Not until him.
And they were already dead.
Well, they didn't kill themselves.
Uh, Tim? I'm starting to worry about you.
Hey, laugh all you want, but people that sit all day are twice as likely to get heart disease than those that stand.
- All right, talk to me.
Uh, the first victim you know as Navy Petty Officer Third Class Tim Buckley.
Yeah, went on leave yesterday.
said he was driving home to visit his parents in Philadelphia.
Unfortunately, we're still trying to ID the second victim.
No, we're not.
According to his DNA, victim number two is Anderson Kohl.
Uh, yeah.
He's a former Marine.
Who failed out of a FLETC survival training class in 2006.
A friend of yours? Man, I knew this guy looked familiar.
I-I took the same class before I went undercover.
This guy was a rock star.
Yeah, but you said he failed out.
Yeah, he had an authority problem.
But he was good.
He was really good.
How'd he end up dead in a truck stop bathroom? I don't know.
We were close during training.
We were always trying to one-up each other.
Then we lost touch after he failed out.
Well, he's got no work record, no social media presence, but he lives here in D.
, rents a condo in Georgetown.
Go, Torres.
Take Bishop with you.
(door buzzes) WOMAN (on intercom): Be right with you.
Oh, okay, this is not how I pictured Anderson Kohl living.
Oh my God.
Check that out.
Yep, it's a car.
No, you don't understand.
This car is worth more than both of our salaries combined.
No way.
Really? (gasps) I still don't care.
Yo, NCIS should give us these cars.
Because the bad guys would never outrun us.
(scoffs) Hey, cool your jets, Will Smith.
This isn't Bad Boys.
- Good morning.
- Oh.
You must be the government people.
Uh, yep.
Agents Bishop and Torres.
Rachel Brentwood.
I'm the owner of the building.
Nice to meet you.
Uh, a building that has some tenants with some serious bank.
Now that Mr.
Kohl has died, I'm gonna have to find someone to replace him.
Wait, Kohl was the only one who lived here? Oh, there are actually two units.
I live in the second.
Oh, okay, so these are your cars.
Of course not.
I have my own garage.
No, these all belong to Mr.
Hold on.
Are we talking about the same Anderson Kohl that we're talking about? Wait until you see his condo.
- Whoa.
- Hmm.
Are those heated tiles in the bathroom? Along with gold-threaded shower curtains and a self-cleaning toilet.
Wow, I am never using my bathroom again.
Oh, wow, really? You don't care about cars, but that toilet-- wow, that just puts you over the edge? Okay.
Can you focus? So, Kohl-- what'd he do for money? And by that, I mean how much does a place like this cost? Well, you know the old saying: if you have to ask I got girls, I got girls - Oh, sorry.
I got girls - Sorry.
I got (music stops) Oh, wow.
Look at that.
- Mm-hmm.
- (gasps) - How nice for him.
Friends, girlfriends? And please don't tell me he dated a supermodel, 'cause I'll be jumping out a window.
Yeah, we've been having trouble tracking down anyone who knew him.
Kohl was a model tenant.
Quiet, private.
I rarely saw him.
(air hisses) And I have never seen that before.
You're sure that doesn't come standard? I have no idea what this is.
Oh what? Well, fake passports.
Who was this guy? TORRES: Zurich, Tokyo.
Who goes to Guam? Where is Barotseland? Africa.
What's it got to do with Kohl? Well, we're going through all the identities that Torres and Bishop found in Kohl's apartment.
We found over 20 aliases.
They're popping up all over the world.
He boarded a plane to Kiev with a Russian passport three months ago.
And Colombian customs has him entering as Juan Perales after that.
How long was he there? He never stays longer than two days.
Maybe he's working for somebody.
Well, we called CIA, Homeland, FBI.
He's not any of theirs.
You know, when I was undercover, I had a few aliases, but nothing like this.
I knew a lot of smugglers who did.
What's he smuggling? Drugs, guns.
People? You asking me or you telling me? I don't know, is there another option? Sure.
Go find it.
(sighs) Hey, Kasie.
What are you doing here? Uh, I was just checking in for an update.
Who told you there was an update? Was it Jimmy? Hmm? Whoa.
Uh, you know what? I'm gonna come back later.
No, stop.
(sighs) I'm sorry.
You have no reason to apologize.
Did I apologize, or? This isn't your fault.
You're not the one who refused to clean your bathroom ever.
No, that would be Torres.
There is just so much contamination.
I mean, when Gibbs first said "truck stop bathroom," I thought, "Oh, oh, sure, this might be a bit rough.
" But there's too much.
I mean, look at all this.
Yeah, it's gross.
Have you ever swabbed a urinal cake? Uh, is that a trick question? Because I just added that to my résumé.
I mean, do you have any idea how much DNA men just leave around a bathroom? And I don't even want to say what else.
Uh, I don't want you to, either.
The entire crime scene is unusable.
(chuckles) I will never find the killer's DNA in that cesspool.
- Okay.
Have we had a chance to look at any of the other evidence? Oh, you mean the victim's cell phone that I still need to finish cracking and do a full data search on? Okay.
I'm just gonna go.
Or were you referring to the entire evidence garage of personal belongings that I still need to sort, categorize JIMMY: Okay, here I am.
Just going home for the night.
And now we're gonna see who's coming in and messing with my stuff.
Oh, Th that's just me, again.
You all right, Palmer? Oh, j I Yes.
(stammers) No.
I mean (stammers) Never mind.
It's just that (quietly): one of the bodies switched coolers last night.
All by itself.
Which is ludicrous, right? I know.
So I was just checking the security footage to see if If it could tell me what you found on our victims.
I think I know where you're going with this.
Uh, let's start with our mystery man here, Anderson Kohl.
Cause of death: not a mystery.
- Killer slit his throat.
- Yeah.
Severed right carotid artery.
And based on the upward pulling of the laceration He was attacked from behind.
Probably never saw it coming.
- Unlike Petty Officer Buckley - Who was beat to hell.
JIMMY: Yeah, you can see there's multiple defensive wounds here.
If I had to guess, I would say the killer's target was Kohl, and this poor guy was just In the wrong place at the wrong time.
Is this a new thing, where you're gonna start finishing all of my sentences? Got a problem with that? I'm a fan.
It's like it's like we're bonding.
Over a slit throat and a broken neck, but I'll take it.
It's not easy to break somebody's neck.
You know, and it's doubly hard the way that the killer did it.
I mean, his technique was so good, he completely split the spinal cord in half.
Now, that's rare.
This killer is well-practiced, Gibbs.
He's done this before.
Hell of a car, isn't she? She ain't a car.
She's magic.
Kohl was definitely good at spending money.
He was good at making it, too.
Do I detect a note of jealousy? Jack-- I knew the guy, okay? We were equals once.
I mean, friends, even.
But the guy wasn't smarter than me or better than me.
Do you think that he's better than you now? Oh, I never said that.
- (chuckles) - The guy was a millionaire, though.
I mean, he's got a dinosaur head.
I guess we all take different doors that lead us to different paths.
- But what door did Kohl take that led him to have all this? The same one that led him to be laying in autopsy while you're searching through his personal belongings.
Speaking of which, did you find anything interesting? Um yeah.
This lockbox is interesting.
- What's inside? - We couldn't get it open, but we're hoping Kasie has better luck.
Kohl had a lot of toys, but, um, he virtually had no personal belongings in his condo.
I mean, toothbrush, deodorant.
He learned how to live without sentimental attachments.
Why would he or anyone like him do that? I don't know.
Do you? Hey, Kase.
- Hey, how you doing? - Oh, Gibbs.
Listen, I'm sure Bishop told you about my little toilet tantrum earlier, but I just want to say that I've calmed down now, and all is right on planet Kasie.
Toilet tantrum? She didn't tell you? No.
I was asking about the case.
Yeah, but you said, "How you doing?" When you ask about the case, you say, "What do you got?" I'm just saying, you know, consistency helps.
All right, fine.
What do you got? (gasps) The secret to our killer's disappearing act.
So, unlike our slowly unraveling medical examiner, I refuse to believe in floating spirits.
So I got the truck stop's architectural blueprints and found an old, out-of-use ventilation shaft above the ceiling tiles in the bathroom.
Large enough for a person to crawl through.
That must be how our killer got in and out without being seen.
I was also able to break into Kohl's cell phone.
He only used a four-digit password, which most people don't realize isn't that secure.
Though you seem like a six-digit guy, at least.
I don't have a password.
I'm gonna try to not judge you now, but I may fail.
Okay, so, moving on, or back to the cell phone.
What's so interesting about it is that Kohl barely used it.
Never texted a single person, never called anyone.
And no Candy Crush, if you can believe that.
So what'd he use it for? Well, the only thing he used it for was to keep track of birthdays.
So, what, we got a list of Kohl's friends? Well, not exactly.
In fact, I highly doubt it.
I took the liberty of tracking down all the names on that list.
Every single person on that list is dead.
Dead how? Murdered.
Kohl had a list of names of unsolved murders from all over the world.
We got victims in Guam, Tokyo Barotseland.
I don't even wanna know how you knew that.
How'd you know that? Pull up those trips that Kohl's been taking.
Now bring up the birth dates.
Well, stiffen the wombats.
Kohl was there in every city when someone on his birthday list was murdered.
GIBBS: Those aren't birth dates.
Those are death dates.
It's a hit list.
- So what does that make Kohl? - A hit man.
So Kohl was a hit man.
Who kills a killer? BISHOP: Maybe it was a hit gone wrong? Maybe Kohl was trying to take out Petty Officer Buckley, and things went sideways? Kohl was the target.
Buckley just walked in on the hit.
Maybe it was revenge.
Kohl had a lot of victims.
That's a lot of angry friends and relatives.
Yeah, and these are not the kind of victims whose buddies will call the cops.
- Who are they? McGEE: Well, we've got drug lords, mafia, money launderers.
Which one's she? That is Jenny Wayfair.
This one's actually local.
She worked at a pawn shop her boyfriend owned in Fairfax.
Pawning can be a dangerous game.
I see you figured out Kohl was a hit man.
Good for you.
Uh who's that? (knocking) Director Vance.
Officer Clark.
Call me Westley.
It's nice to finally meet you, Director.
But have we Have we met before? I don't think so.
But I did attend a briefing you gave at Langley last summer.
Ah, that must be it.
Speaking of which, I hear you had quite a summer this year.
Well, that's an understatement.
I did some recon on Nigel Hakim's inner circle a while back.
I know just how terrible they can be.
How they break people.
You said on the phone that you wanted to talk about Anderson Kohl.
And CIA appreciates your cooperation.
We gonna get the same from you? VANCE: Special Agent Gibbs.
You'll excuse him.
We haven't had much luck interfacing with CIA in the past.
What do you know about Kohl? We've been tracking his movements for a while now, But we've always been one step behind.
Well, he's downstairs in autopsy.
Go say hello.
To be honest, we're more interested in his handler.
The guy who gets him the jobs-- that's who we want to take out.
- Cut off the head, kill the snake.
- Mm.
Who's his handler? We don't have a clue.
That's why I'm here.
I was hoping you could help us find him.
We're trying to solve a murder.
And you don't think that if you find Kohl's handler he might be able to shed some light on that? Okay, so how about I scratch your back, you scratch mine? Go on.
Do you have any leads on who took Kohl out, theories on motive? Going with revenge.
Dive into the murder cases.
See if maybe a survivor got payback.
But Kohl killed a lot of people.
You run down all those suspects, that's a lot of shoe leather.
Well, perhaps CIA can help with the international cases.
And if you find any information that could lead us to Kohl's handler Gibbs, does that work for you? Have I got a choice? No.
But let me be clear.
NCIS has a case to solve.
We are not here to be CIA's lapdog.
We all want the same thing, Director: to save lives.
All right.
BISHOP: All right, I'll tell him.
Yeah, thanks.
That was Torres and McGee.
No luck finding any leads so far.
So, next on the list is Jenny Wayfair.
Killed by Kohl three months ago.
Police investigated.
All they got was a witness who saw her in an altercation with an unidentified male the week before she died.
This is her boyfriend's place-- Bill Zaprowski.
Zaprowski the kind of guy to go after a hit man? Well, he was investigated for laundering and racketeering but the feds could never make any of the charges stick.
You Bill? Pope wear a funny hat? Special Agent Gibbs and Bishop, NCIS.
You looking to buy, sell? - Trade.
- We have a couple questions about your girlfriend.
That's, uh.
that's not my favorite subject these days.
Jenny died months ago, which I'm guessing you already know.
We know she was murdered months ago.
Yeah, and her killer's still out there.
That son of a bitch better hope I never find him.
Ah, funny you say that.
Anderson Kohl.
You know him? - No.
- You sure? My dad just said he didn't know him.
Why are you pushing? Well, maybe your dad did find Jenny's killer.
Kohl was murdered, along with a petty officer.
If you think my dad could take out two guys at once, you're nuts.
Well, he did manage to racketeer and launder money at the same time.
Okay, how did I do this? Machine gun? - (chuckles) - Knife.
(laughs) Hand-to-hand combat.
Two against one.
Just a small problem with that.
Double bypass.
Three weeks ago.
BILL: Listen, I wish it was me that killed this guy.
Oh, I truly do, trust me.
But I'm not your man.
Though I sure as shinola ain't gonna lose any sleep over him being murdered.
McGEE: I don't see what the problem is.
Anderson Kohl's a hit man.
You're not.
- I've killed people, too.
- Yeah, but not for money.
I don't get paid to work at NCIS? - It's totally different.
- How is it different? Name one difference between Anderson Kohl and me.
He's dead.
I'm serious, man.
The dude and I had so much in common in training.
Yeah, sure, he chose to zig when I zag, but how many choices am I from going down the same road? KASIE: I don't know, but the anticipation is killing me.
How many? Maybe we should just jump into what I found? Yes, please.
I wasn't able to figure out the combination to Kohl's electronic lockbox, so I did it the old-fashioned way.
(drill whirs) Ooh, destroying sometimes feels good.
What was inside? Oh, the reason that we were having trouble tracking Kohl's assets: a cryptocurrency wallet.
Were you able to access the blockchain ledger of his purchases? I was.
Torres, you still with us? Yeah, I got it.
Kohl paid for stuff with that thing, and you, uh were able to do something with it.
Trace it.
Yeah, that-that's close enough.
So what'd Kohl buy? Guns, ammunition, weapons.
Hit man stuff, basically.
See, man, I-I would have bought all that stuff.
- You would not have bought a haladie knife.
I got two.
Well, they're collector's items, so Wait, what is this huge spike in purchases over the past month? Even more guns and ammo.
Kohl bought enough to outfit a small army.
Why? Oh, I don't know.
But why don't you ask the guy who sold it to him? - You got a name? - Oh, well, when you're good, you're good.
What I do is completely legal.
I sell guns.
Well, you sold guns to a known killer.
Kohl killed 20 people.
Trust me, if you ever got to meet him, I bet you'd be surprised.
All things considered, Kohl's a pretty good dude.
Oh, so you think of him as a friend? Absolutely.
Well, your friend is dead, Rod.
They got him.
I can't believe it.
Who got him? You think they know who I am? Was it revenge? Do you think they know who I am? Was Kohl murdered because of someone he killed? I can't talk to you.
The people he worked for are monsters.
Telling us what you know is the only way we can protect you.
Or you can just walk right out that door.
I'll talk.
But, for the record, you guys got it all wrong.
Kohl wasn't taken out because of someone he killed but because he refused to kill.
So what kind of hit man refuses to kill? It's not the kind of business you just quit.
Not without some serious blowback.
I'm guessing that's why Kohl armed up and went on the run, not that he got very far.
So who got to him? Well, the arms dealer thinks it was Kohl's mystery handler.
Well, it makes sense.
Handler's the one that gets the jobs.
If Kohl ever flipped, handler goes down.
Now we have NCIS and CIA looking for the same person.
Yeah, how we supposed to track someone who's been hunted by the CIA for months? Kohl's hit list.
BISHOP: What I mean, it's a list of dead people.
- Yeah.
Someone hired Kohl for every victim on that list.
Yeah, if we find whoever ordered the hit, they can lead us to the handler.
All we have to do is solve one of these murders.
Okay, so, I mean, which victim do we start with? We've got a lot to choose from.
- Her.
- Pippi Longstockings? We've already got a lead.
The pawn shop owner's girlfriend.
Yeah, there was a witness who saw Jenny fighting with someone the day before she was killed.
That someone could be the person that hired that hit man.
Come on, get that witness in here, let's go.
- Knock, knock.
Agent Sloane? - Yeah? Officer Clark from, uh CIA.
- CIA.
Word gets around.
- Yeah, I'm sorry.
- It's okay.
Mm, so I hear that our brain trust is making some progress finding your handler.
Yeah, they've, uh, they've gotten more done in two days than we've done in two months.
Yeah, they're good like that.
I took notice when I read the after action report on Nigel Hakim.
You and Director Vance had one hell of a summer.
It was fine.
(both chuckle) Well, if fine is being captured by Hakim's people, I would hate to hear about one of your bad days.
What can I help you with, Officer Clark? Yeah, uh, can I sit? - Please.
- I heard, uh, that you are quite the profiler, and I am handling Kohl's international cases, and I was hoping that maybe you could profile some of the victims? Uh, to what end, exactly? In the hopes of establishing a pattern.
Uh, I I could do that, but I don't know how useful it would be.
Kohl doesn't choose his victims, they're chosen for him.
Yeah, by the handler.
- Mm.
- And in establishing a pattern in those choices, that could help us find him.
You've been chasing the handler for months.
Hasn't the CIA already run all of these profiles? Yeah, we have.
But I also wanted a-a fresh set of eyes.
I see.
So we have a plan? Well I do have one profile for you already.
Well, that was fast.
CIA Officer.
About 45? Good-looking, skilled at asking roundabout questions in order to dig up unrelated information.
And what information am I trying to dig up, Agent Sloane? I have no idea.
I just know that you're not getting it from me.
A hit man? Are you sure? Police reports said you witnessed her fighting with someone the day before she was killed.
I did? Who can remember? Does that mean you don't remember? Remember what? Nice place.
Do you rent or own? (chuckles) It's a it's a federal building.
Well, the orange is a bit much.
So we spoke to the detective in charge of the case and he said that you knew who killed Jenny.
Yeah, then you changed your story.
I did? Who can remember? I think you can.
You run a, uh a six-figure sweater knitting business out of your home.
You've got two employees.
I bet your memory works just fine.
Look, sonny, I can't talk to you, all right? Why is that? Because these people are killers.
Is that why you changed your story? Well, hell yeah, that's why I changed my story.
I didn't work my butt off all these years just to be 86'd two weeks before retirement.
I got trips planned.
We can protect you.
Mm-hmm, until you can't.
Miss Brown, if you don't help us, more people could die.
And this is my problem how? Because one of them might be you.
You said they're killers.
Either work with us or you're taking your chances.
All right.
What do you want to know? Who was Jenny fighting with? His son, John.
That's who hired your hit man.
You sure? After I called the cops, he came to my house and he said, "If you talk, I'm gonna have you killed, too.
" So, yeah I'm sure.
MCGEE: So Johnny boy put out a hit on his dad's girlfriend? Then threatened to kill a sweet little old lady ish.
Wow, and I thought my family had issues.
Should we bring him in? Not unless we want him to walk.
Well, everything we have is circumstantial.
Actually, I found something that might stick.
I was going through the son's financial records JIMMY: It's, uh, this way, guys.
Uh, follow me.
I promise it'll only take, like, two minutes of your time.
Thank you so You guys want to go down to autopsy? I will meet you there.
(clears throat) And, uh, there's-there's candy corn for the first one there.
(chuckles) I don't even want to ask.
I really don't want to answer.
But if you make me, I will tell you that there's absolutely no way that I heard something whispering my name from an autopsy closet, because that is not possible, Gibbs, and those two gentlemen with guns are gonna look inside just to prove that.
Well, anyway, I was going through the son's financial records and found an overseas account.
Every week, over the past three years, he wires a cash deposit for $9,500.
Mm, just under the IRS reporting requirements.
- Where's the money coming from? - Well, it looks like the pawn shop.
Every week, there's a withdrawal for that same amount.
So what kind of pawn shop generates that much business? One that's laundering money.
Laundering money? Are you kidding? Does this look like my kidding face? No, it looks like your "I'm totally wrong" face.
All right, so what happened? You and Jenny had a fight over money? NCIS really likes wasting people's time.
- She confronted you - This is ridiculous.
so you had her killed.
- (scoffs) This is a joke, right? - (door opens) How's he doing? Well, we've got him dead on the money laundering.
Torres just needs to get him to admit to hiring Kohl.
I have to say, Director Vance, I'm very impressed with your team.
This is exceptional work.
We still don't have the handler.
Jack, have you met CIA Officer Westley Clark? He's assisting NCIS with the case.
We met.
ZAPROWSKI: You know what? I'm done here.
I want my lawyer.
Have a seat.
Sit down! Getting that lawyer might be a good idea.
Should get one for your old man, too.
For what? He didn't do anything.
He owns the pawn shop.
This has nothing to do with him.
See you.
Ju Wait! Just wait.
Okay? You got to leave my dad out of this.
He doesn't know about any of it.
Define "any.
" He didn't know what I was doing.
But Jenny found out.
I tried talking with her at first, but she wouldn't listen.
Threatened to go to the police.
So I called a number I'd been given.
I was told it'd be taken care of.
I had no idea they were gonna kill her.
Don't need a number.
I need a name.
McGEE: Ms.
Hands where we can see them.
I didn't survive the streets of Hell's Kitchen just to let a couple of feds get the drop on me.
If I were gonna shoot you, it would've happened already.
Put the cup down.
Put your hands in the air.
You should know I didn't want to terminate Kohl.
I quite liked the man.
You sort of remind me of him, actually.
But he refused a hit, said he wouldn't kill military, and I couldn't have that, so - Kohl had to go.
- I said put your hands in the air.
Or what? You'll kill me? One of my hit lists is in the hands of a federal agency.
I'm already dead.
Who did Kohl refuse to kill? - Who's the target? - You'll know soon enough.
A deal is a deal, even if I'm not around to receive my payment.
GIBBS: Give me a sitrep.
Jimmy's bringing in the body and McGee's downstairs with Kasie trying to crack Brentwood's cell phone.
Got any leads on the target? We turned her place upside down-- nothing.
(computer dings) Uh, well, Kasie just sent something up.
She must've gotten into the cell.
It's another list of names.
Could it be another hit list? For who? Another hit man.
Wait, Gibbs, check out the date on the top of the list.
If that's a hit order, it just went out today.
Navy Lieutenant Connor Reese.
- Where is he? - Um He owns a house in Alexandria.
I'm calling now.
No, Bishop, go.
I got it.
The hit order-- who did Brentwood send it to? A burner cell.
And whoever owns it disabled the GPS.
Or they thought they did.
These days, privacy has gone the way of the dodo.
Turns out, he visited a website that installed a cookie which uploads his location every - Yeah, I got it.
Where? Well, the cell signal bounces around the D.
area during the day, but at night, comes back to the same place.
A rental property in Georgetown.
Care to guess the owner? - Rachel Brentwood.
- She leased it to a guy named wait for it, wait for it.
Got it.
Adam Neil, 38.
Boss, he was at the crime scene.
He was asking a ton of questions.
Probably trying to gauge his exposure.
Where's the phone now? Uh, it's a parking garage in Alexandria.
I still don't understand how you do that.
Daily observation 15: I really do love this new job.
Lieutenant Reese.
It's unlocked.
Was Gibbs not clear enough that there was a hit man trying to kill this dude? Crystal.
(thump) - Gonna open? - Uh-huh.
Don't kill me! Didn't you hear us say NCIS? Yeah.
But I didn't believe it.
Adam Neil! Get out of the car.
He left his phone.
Got the trunk.
Took his weapon.
Call Bishop and Torres.
Where are we going? Back to NCIS.
I can't believe someone wants to kill me.
(phone rings) Hold on, hold on.
Get down! Ellie! Basement.
What? Nick, I'm not leaving you.
I'm hit, bad.
Take him.
Take Reese.
(grunting) Freeze! I actually didn't get hit.
And I didn't actually go to the basement.
You know, it's this code that we worked out.
If, uh, one of us uses first names, the other one fakes a retreat, and then doubles back.
(chuckles) That was a good job, babe.
Don't call me babe.
- Babe? - Mm.
Agent Gibbs is interrogating the suspect now, but we believe he's responsible for the deaths of Petty Officer Buckley and Anderson Kohl.
Do we know why Lieutenant Reese had a hit put out on him? Well, he was serving on the jury in a drug trafficking case.
Which has now turned into an attempted murder case.
Well, excellent work, everyone, all around.
VANCE: Well, then I guess this is bon voyage, Officer Clark.
I guess it is.
It's been a real pleasure.
I can't thank NCIS enough.
And when I get promoted for this, drinks are on me.
(short chuckle) - - All right, we're gonna hold you to that.
- Here, I'll walk you out.
- Bye-bye.
Hmm? Be careful with this guy, okay? Well, you don't have to tell me that.
He's been so far up my butt this week I almost started charging him rent.
(laughing quietly) SLOANE: Hey.
Whoa, Jimmy, you okay? No.
I, um, I just requested a temporary leave.
- What? - It's just everything down in autopsy.
I mean, the bodies moving around, the voices.
I can't do it anymore, you guys.
Hey, Jimmy, just-just calm down.
There's only one explanation for this.
I am losing my mind.
It is classic schizophrenia.
The symptoms are dead-on.
Okay, McGee, you have to tell him.
Tell him what, McGee? You're not crazy.
It it was me.
You're just saying that, pal.
I-I looked through all of the security footage.
All right? And no one set foot inside.
Come here, take a look at this.
After I moved the body, I doctored the security tapes.
Why would you do that? Well, it was Ducky's idea.
He suggested I do, like, a holiday surprise for you while he's gone.
He was probably thinking, like, orange cupcakes or pumpkins.
Everyone loves pumpkins, McGee! Look, I'm sorry.
I didn't know you'd react like this.
I apologize.
Let me make it up to you, all right? I'll buy you a beer or something.
(cackling on recording) (exclaiming) No, I think we're even.
(both laugh) On second thought almost even, Agent McGee.
TORRES: Hey, yo.
I got your voice mail.
What up? You feeling okay? Well been a while since I've taken a dive like that.
My back is a little sore.
Nothing a little gin and ibuprofen couldn't fix.
Wasn't talking about the pain.
Oh, wow.
McGee? Yeah.
And Bishop and Jack.
It's just because they care.
Look, no disrespect I'm just not sure you know what it's like to look in the mirror and, uh and see a killer.
Actually maybe you do.
There's an ocean between you and Kohl.
I'd say more like a creek.
Had the same training, the same hobbies, same tastes.
What if I slip up? It's about choices, Torres.
You've made yours.
And what choice is that? You chose the life where you catch the bad guys.
He picked the one where you kill them.
For money.
Then why doesn't that make me feel better? Because you're a good guy, and this is a dirty business.
And if you didn't feel that way, then I'd start to worry about you.