NCIS s16e08 Episode Script

Friendly Fire

1 (insects trilling) MAN: I'm not sure what smells worse, the water or the trash.
WOMAN: At this point, I'd say it's us.
(exhales) How did I let you talk me into this? Blame Yale.
They're the ones who find applicants with community service hours to be highly desirable.
I'm all-state in water polo and lacrosse, and my ancestors came over on the Mayflower.
It doesn't get more well-rounded than that.
(flies buzzing) WOMAN: What is that? - A boot? - How does somebody lose a boot? (grunting) (yells) That's gonna stain.
Oh, screw this.
Yale can wait-list me.
NCIS 16x08 Friendly Fire That's so cool.
Thank you.
McGEE: Ah, look who finally made it.
Where have the two of you been? Oh, another sunrise sketching session.
Have you guys ever taken in dawn at the, uh, Navy Yard? It is quite peaceful.
That's the fifth time this week.
Yeah, that street art case really inspired us to get back into drawing.
So while the two of you have been playing Picasso, McGee and I have been working our asses off.
Oh, really? Ha! Diligent research, I'm sure.
All right, well, let's see what you two drew.
We were rushed.
It's-it's not the best, but McGEE: Oh, wow.
What, are you kidding? These are amazing.
Jimmy, I had no idea you could draw like this, man.
TORRES: What? Want to see talent? Check this out.
JIMMY: Is that your painting from our guys' night out? - That's right.
It's amazing, isn't it? The, uh, police evidence bag really adds a level of realism to it.
- Texture.
Nothing more real than a dead sailor.
Grab your gear.
See you.
Hey, let me see.
Twins paint that, McGee? Not exactly, boss.
Gibbs cut me.
He cut me deep.
Everyone's a critic.
Come on.
Waterway Volunteers is a nonprofit that clears trash from rivers and oceans.
Saving sea turtles and dolphins from, you know, plastic straws and all that.
Straws are bad? Plastic straws are poison to sea life.
- Here, check out this video.
- No, not the video.
- I can't watch that thing again.
- You're not the one with a synthetic rod constricting your airway.
All right, Veronica, Archie, let's stay on track.
What time did you guys arrive on the scene? 6:00 a.
Did you guys see anything out of the ordinary? You mean other than the dead body? Actually, hold up.
Did you want us to see something? What? Maybe if we tell you what you want to hear, NCIS could write a couple of letters of commendation to the Yale Admissions Board on our behalf? (scoffs quietly) (chuckles) Okay.
Yale? Yeah.
Keep dreaming, buddy.
GIBBS: What do you got, Palmer? Well, other than the broken neck, there's no outward signs of trauma.
Agent Torres.
You have time of death? Condition of the body points to him being in the water for some time.
I'd say close to a week.
I wasn't able to confirm his identity using fingerprints.
Yeah, the guppies got to him first.
That is the circle of life, gentlemen.
(camera clicks) I mean that in the most respectful way possible, by the way.
We found his military I.
in his pocket, and according to the name tag on his uniform, our victim is Senior Chief Richard Granger, assigned to the Defense Logistics Agency.
Ah, Jethro, I gave the body a quick examination.
While there was no outward appearance of trauma Neck is broken.
Already got that, Duck.
BISHOP: Hey, Gibbs.
We have a big problem.
I just got off the phone with the Defense Logistics Agency, where Senior Chief Granger worked.
Any reason they didn't report him UA? That's the thing.
Uh, the person I spoke to was Senior Chief Granger.
He's alive.
Then who is this? BISHOP: Do you recognize him? My God.
Who is he? That's what we want to know.
How'd he get your military I.
and your uniform? My apartment was broken into last week, and some of my gear was stolen.
I filed a police report, but nothing came of it.
Any idea why someone would want to impersonate you, Chief Granger? Not a clue.
I'm a personnel clerk in a logistics depot.
Not exactly a sexy job, unless you're into color-coded organizational charts.
Hold on.
Do I need protection or something? A guy pretending to be me was killed.
Does that mean I'm being targeted? Who said he was killed? Not many people end up in the Potomac from natural causes.
I am so sorry, Doctor.
I I meant to clear all my stuff out of here now that you're back here at NCIS full-time.
I know, I know.
An organized workspace is an efficient workspace.
Yes, it is, but I was about to commend you on this drawing.
- Oh, really? - Yes, amazing detail.
I particularly like the way you've drawn the superior and inferior vena cava.
(chuckles) It seems you are as skillful with a pencil as you are with a scalpel.
Hopefully, I don't get the two confused.
That could get messy.
(speaking French) Right.
(stammers) It's good to have you back here, Doctor.
Things weren't the same around here without you.
Yeah, it's a welcome change from my book tour.
Hey, Ducky.
You rang? Yeah, our examination was correct-- the cause of death was a fracture to the C3 vertebra.
But it wasn't from the fall into the water.
The victim was dead beforehand.
So not a suicide? Not unless he broke his own neck and then somehow managed to roll himself into the water.
Broke his own neck and rolled himself into the water? (chuckling): You know, I don't have a story for that one.
Oh, that's never happened before.
I'm very uncomfortable right now.
Oh, so am I.
(laughs) Permission to proceed? Granted.
All right, during our examination, we found a metal rod in the victim's leg from a previous surgery.
I ran the serial number in the system, came up with a hit.
- So who's our victim? TORRES: Meet our victim and Navy impersonator, Wesley Moore.
He's 31.
He's a freelance cyber systems engineer.
Unmarried, no kids, no next of kin, which explains why he was missing for a week and no one reported it.
- Criminal record? Other than a few late student loan payments, this guy's clean.
Yeah, Moore had a brief stint in the military eight years ago before washing out of Marine Officer Candidate School after a leg injury.
What about his movements the night he was killed? We tracked Moore's steps with the I.
he stole from Senior Chief Granger.
He used it to gain access to the Defense Logistics Agency.
And security cameras at the gate captured his vehicle entering the premises at 2100 hours last Wednesday.
Yeah, he exited two hours later.
After that, Moore fell off the grid.
BOLO's already out on the car.
Why'd he sneak into the DLA? To hack into the DoD's classified message traffic.
I'm working on what he accessed, but sensitive data on troops' movements overseas might have been compromised.
And we got a serious security breach on our hands.
(cell phone rings) Yeah, it's Gibbs.
KASIE: Hi, Gibbs.
Do you have a minute? Yeah, be right down.
Find out what Moore was after.
Water currents? Yeah, you'd think a person who builds boats would find tide shifts more fascinating.
A lead would be fascinating.
KASIE: This is the lead.
What, did you think I invited you down here for some riveting nonverbal conversation? (laughs) Okay, uh, moving on.
So, I have been analyzing the coastal tide patterns for the past six days, working backwards from where Wesley Moore's body washed up to determine where his body first entered the water.
- Narrowed down the search grid.
- Hey! Now we're on the same wavelength.
(laughs) Okay.
And not a fan of puns.
Okay, um, good to know.
Okay, if my calculations are correct, Moore's body was dumped somewhere within a two-mile stretch of shoreline near North Old Town.
Uh, Gibbs, I've got something.
Wesley Moore's e-mail and phone records indicate he received several messages from Captain Alicia Voit, a Marine stationed in Kabul, Afghanistan.
And in their last correspondence, two weeks ago, Voit e-mailed Moore the names of 12 dead Marines.
Please tell me this is not another hit list.
Not so much.
All of those Marines died prior to Voit's message being sent.
Why would she message a list of deceased Marines' names to Moore? Contact the base in Kabul.
- Get Voit on MTAC.
- Uh, Gibbs, that's impossible.
Captain Alicia Voit was killed in action six days ago, same day as our victim, Wesley Moore.
BISHOP: Captain Alicia Voit, 30, a highly decorated Marine who was serving her third tour in Afghanistan.
TORRES: She was killed six days ago after her convoy was ambushed by Taliban insurgents just outside of Kabul.
McGEE: The attack was led by Aazar Atwa, an extremist responsible for multiple U.
casualties over the past year.
Captain Voit's body was sent to Dover Air Force Base.
Her remains are set to be released tomorrow.
What's her connection to Wesley Moore? They met at Marine Officer Candidate School eight years ago.
Moore washed out of the program, but the two remained close.
They were definitely more than that.
I mean, by their e-mails and social media posts, yeah, they were definitely involved.
Um, I read those letters.
There was nothing romantic in them.
Single guy, single girl.
Do the math.
News flash, Torres.
Uh, men and women can have platonic relationships.
Why? McGee, what about the Intel Moore hacked from the DLA? He accessed the non-redacted after-action reports on the 12 K.
Marines Captain Voit listed in her last e-mail to him.
All were victims of Aazar Atwa's previous attacks.
GIBBS: Torres, focus on Kasie's search grid.
Find out where Moore's body was dumped.
McGee, Bishop, get your go-bags.
- Go-bags? - Oh, where are we going? Afghanistan.
MAN: Present arms! Order arms! Right or left, face! Forward march! You must be Agent Gibbs.
HQ said to expect you.
Colonel Park.
You're the Marine escort assigned to Captain Voit? Affirmative.
I am tasked with her final transit home.
The captain's remains should be released within the hour.
Something wrong? Colonels aren't usually assigned these details.
A Marine goes where he's needed, Agent Gibbs.
What's your destination? Strathmere, New Jersey.
Captain Voit's hometown.
Our transport will be departing at 1000 hours.
Colonel, I'm afraid there's going to be a delay.
- Excuse me? - Captain Voit is now part of an active murder investigation.
Murder investigation? I wasn't informed of that.
Her remains are to be brought to NCIS until we have more answers.
I understand your your situation, Agent Gibbs, but I cannot allow that.
It's not a request, Colonel.
It's my duty to get the captain home to be laid to rest in two days.
And I'll do everything I can to ensure that happens.
With all due respect, that's not good enough for me.
Colonel, there's a possibility that Captain Voit's death is connected to another murder case.
We owe it to both victims to find out the truth.
That is something we do agree on.
All right.
But I'm going with you.
Don't expect me to leave the captain's side.
KASIE: What kind of mud is this? It feels like quicksand.
Are you sure this is the right search grid? Oh, yeah, positive.
Moore's body had to have entered the water, like, around here.
(flies buzzing) Oh, my oh, my oh, my God! Oh, my God! Oh, my God, did you see the size of that fly? It was, like, prehistoric.
(whimpers) Uh, consider this your crash course on field agent work.
Yeah, okay, well, getting covered in grime and, like, eaten by flies isn't exactly the high-octane experience you promised.
- The day's young, sister.
Fine, but if I see one snake, I am (clicks tongue) I'm out of here.
Wait, snake? What are you Wait, what do you mean, snake? What are you talking about, snakes? Oh, yeah.
They thrive in swampy ecosystems.
(groans) All right, okay.
Well, uh stay on it.
Get 'er done.
I'm gonna I'll be right back.
Yeah, that's usually what someone says right before they're killed in a horror movie, but yeah, I'm sure this is totally different.
(sighs) I love my job, I love my job, I love my job, I love my job.
Oof! Hey, man.
Can I have a word? Hey, it's about time.
Been out here on my own all morning.
What, are you waiting for an invitation? Start pulling your weight.
Okay, take it down a notch, buddy.
(chuckles) Sorry about that.
I, uh I thought you were one of our volunteers.
He's over an hour and a half late.
Are you with, uh, Waterway Volunteers? Uh, yeah.
That's right.
I spent my morning covering a half-mile stretch that way.
Why? What's NCIS doing out here? KASIE: Nick! Got something! What kind of car did you say Wesley Moore had? It's a silver Ford Focus.
Not bad, Kasie.
(fly buzzing) Why would a decorated Marine like Captain Voit get mixed up with somebody like Wesley Moore? Well, they're not that different, Leon.
Both were orphaned as teenagers, were children of public servants and shared this pure desire to serve their country.
Are we talking about the same Moore? The one who impersonated a Navy sailor, who broke onto a secure military facility and hacked into a confidential DoD server, putting thousands of U.
troops at risk? Hey, I didn't say he was perfect.
Well, there's an understatement.
But I don't believe that Moore accessed those files for nefarious reasons.
He-he did it to help Voit.
Help how? Voit was looking for answers.
SLOANE: Right.
On the 12 dead Marines.
She knew that Moore could hack into DoD's system and cut through the governmental red tape.
Yeah, in a highly illegal way.
Which suggests a sense of urgency.
Now, Captain Voit reached out to Moore instead of going through her chain of command.
Why? 'Cause Voit didn't know who to trust.
You think their deaths are connected? 100%.
They both died the same day-- one in D.
, one in Afghanistan.
Coordinated attacks, yeah? And the key to why has to do with Afghanistan.
And this is usually the time you tell me that you've already sent a team en route.
Sent McGee and Bishop this morning.
They should be at Camp Russell any minute.
Don't ask me.
I-I don't know how he does it, either.
(indistinct announcement over speaker) The CG's been briefed on the situation.
He said to assist in any way possible.
When can we speak with him? Well, he's finishing up with a new Marine detachment that arrived today.
Thought, uh, U.
forces were supposed to be withdrawing from Afghanistan.
- That was the plan.
But with the Taliban's attacks increasing and their grip on Kabul strengthening, the withdrawal's been put on hold.
So you're familiar with Aazar Atwa? Yes, ma'am.
You'd be hard-pressed to find a Marine here who isn't.
We've lost a lot of good people because of him.
Captain Voit was just the most recent casualty.
You could say Atwa is public enemy number one around here.
Agents Bishop and McGee.
I'm General Braxton, CG of Camp Russell.
- Appreciate the assistance, General.
- Of course.
Captain Voit was one of our own.
We want her to have justice.
And it looks like you both have arrived just in time to see it.
How's that? I received word from our patrol in the northeast sector who were conducting a raid of a suspected Taliban safe house.
- Did they find the weapons cache? - Better.
They found Aazar Atwa.
Wh-Where's Atwa now? En route back to our base, under heavy guard.
You have questions about Captain Voit's death? You'll soon get the chance to question her killer face-to-face.
Are you sure there's nothing I can get for you, Colonel? No.
Thank you.
I'm fine.
Do you mind me asking what's, uh what's in the bag? Contains Captain Voit's personal effects.
Yeah, I couldn't help but notice that you won't let it out of your sight, even for a second.
Per DoD regulations, a fallen service member's personal effects shall remain in the escort's possession at all times until directly delivered to the next of kin.
JIMMY: Mm-hmm.
You know, I can't imagine a more difficult detail for a Marine to be assigned than escorting a fallen brother or sister home.
I suspect your job is not much different, Doctor.
It's a, uh it's a struggle at times.
But I take comfort in knowing that we're helping to provide with some closure.
My comfort is inconsequential.
Those that make the ultimate sacrifice for this country deserve to be brought home with honor.
(door opens) Duck, what do we know? DUCKY: An examination of Captain Voit could not be performed since she has already been processed for burial.
But the records from Kabul and Dover are very thorough.
The captain was first struck with two bullets to the chest.
Uh, despite her grave condition, she managed to take out four insurgents before the third and fatal blow to the head.
She never gave up.
That's a Marine.
We are done here.
- Colonel? - I complied with your request, Agent Gibbs.
I allowed you to bring Captain Voit here, against my better judgment.
As your doctors have just pointed out, she is of no further use to you.
Release her remains, and allow me to finish my mission.
Evidence is still being processed.
Our investigation isn't over.
But my cooperation is.
W-We'll give you two a moment.
- What's this? - A memo, from the Secretary of Defense, ensuring your full cooperation.
Explain to me how the captain can be involved in a murder in the States when she was in Afghanistan.
This makes no sense.
I'm doing my job! I thought you were a Marine, Gibbs.
If you were, you'd have her back.
Her burial is in 36 hours.
I will get her there.
(elevator bell dings) Hey, Kasie.
How you doing? On a scale of one to ten? We're in the negatives.
- Whoa.
- Yeah, tell me about it.
I tried being a field agent, and it bit me.
Look at me.
It's like a connect-the-dots sheet.
(laughs) I'm not really laughing.
Okay, well, since work is one of the only things distracting me from the urge to itch, I'm just gonna jump right in.
I didn't find any usable prints in Wesley Moore's car, but I hit the jackpot with the rear body damage.
Check this out.
(typing) This is a surveillance image of Moore leaving the DLA on the night that he was killed.
You notice anything? - Taillight and fender are intact.
- Yeah.
Meaning this vehicle was damaged later that night, before he was killed.
So, if he was being tailed, the killer must have, uh, caused a fender bender to get Moore out of the car.
So I pulled a second paint profile of the killer's car in question.
Whoo! Try saying that five times fast.
(laughs) And it is a lacquer-based red with a metallic base coat.
Okay, hundreds of cars match that.
Actually, since it's one of the most used paint types in production, the number's more in the thousands.
How do you suggest we narrow down our suspects? Well, with, uh, persistence, diligence, and our combined computer skills.
Combined? (laughs) What am I, Bishop or McGee? No, I'm more of, like, a physical specimen, man, you know? You know, punching, intimidating, that's more my thing.
- Mm, okay.
I trekked through a swamp for you, Nicholas.
So, if you bail on me now, you're just gonna find a slithering copperhead snake in your desk drawer.
Ooh, or in your bed.
(gasps) Or worse.
(sighs) Is it just me, or does this feel Too easy? No, it's not just you.
He looks pretty carefree for a captured terrorist.
You gonna translate? No.
I don't need to, 'cause he can understand us just fine.
Isn't that right? Yes, I can.
Sorry, does something amuse you? This.
All of it.
Well, let me show you what I don't find funny.
Alicia Voit, Max Wiezman, Anna Gutierrez, Tyson Eccles, Nolan Takahamo.
Should I continue? - Those names mean nothing to me.
- Well, they should.
They're the names of some of the Marines you killed.
Again they mean nothing to me.
So you don't deny it? Why deny what I'm proud of? Well, if you're so proud, tell us about her.
She was part of the convoy you hit last week.
I remember.
The sky was so clear that day.
We could see their vehicle from miles away, unfortunately for her.
Wasn't that easy.
Captain Voit killed four of your men before you could finish her off.
Guess you underestimated her.
Are we going to continue this game, or do you want to know the truth about my attacks? Tell us.
Only if I get something in return.
My freedom.
How original.
You're a terrorist who killed 13 U.
Hope you enjoy those shackles, 'cause you're gonna be living in a cell for the rest of your life.
Let's go.
I had help, from an American.
Now do I have your attention? You were working with an American? Prove it.
My freedom for a traitor who's been betraying your country.
Fair trade, don't you think? Atwa's out of his damn mind.
The U.
government will not d a deal with a known terrorist.
I understand, Director, but Atwa claims he's been working with an American on the inside.
Atwa's smart.
He'll say whatever we want to hear if it means securing his release.
We have no guarantee what he gives us is the truth.
Yes, and normally, Sloane, I would agree with you, but not this time.
I-I really don't think he's bluffing.
Bishop, what do you know? Look, I-I've dealt with insurgents like Atwa before.
He-he's not agitated, nervous or volatile.
He is, in fact, assured, like someone who knows that they have the advantage.
12 dead Marines.
What about them? Transports were hit by the Taliban.
Convoy routes are changed at the last minute.
Someone had to be directly relaying their movements to Atwa.
Well, even if that's true, it doesn't erase the fact that Atwa's caused the deaths of multiple troops.
He wants to talk, Leon.
Well, then get him to talk, but he's not getting a deal.
Is that clear? Uh, yes, yes, Director.
Gibbs? His friends don't need to know that.
Colonel, it's late.
Got a room waiting for you at the BOQ.
That won't be necessary.
I'm doing fine.
DoD escorts are permitted to leave service members' remains at a secure location.
I know what the regulations say.
I just don't feel right leaving the captain alone.
Yeah, figured you were gonna say something like that.
What are you doing? I'm getting you a cot.
- I told you, I'm fine.
- Yeah, yeah, I know, you're fine.
I got it, okay.
Got to sleep somewhere.
Hey, take it or leave it.
Your call.
I owe you an apology for what I said earlier, Gibbs.
It was wrong to question your service.
I've been there, Colonel.
It is not easy getting assigned an escort detail.
No, it's not.
It's even harder if you volunteered for it.
Was it that obvious? (chuckles) How'd you know Captain Voit? I was the one who recruited her.
Met Voit ten years ago.
She had just lost both of her parents the winter before.
She was putting herself through college.
She was a real hard worker, and good head on her shoulders.
Marine material.
I can always tell within a within a minute of meeting somebody whether they have what it takes.
Voit did.
I was the one who swore her in, so I should be the one to bring her home, just like I did for all the other fallen Marines that I've recruited.
How many? One is too many.
You're not responsible for their deaths, Colonel.
You've lost people, right? As a Marine, as an agent? Did you not feel responsible? They were just just kids who joined the military under my guidance.
I'll carry their deaths with me every day.
I owe them that much.
- Where are we going? - Transferring you.
To Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.
Hope you like humidity and solitary.
Is that supposed to frighten me? No, but putting you in a cell with Gibbs may.
BISHOP: Last chance, Atwa.
Tell us the American you're working with.
Not until I'm released.
May want to rethink that.
I can't imagine your fellow insurgents would look favorably on you working with us.
The fate of an American isn't their concern.
They know I would never betray them.
Well, unless we spread word around town that you gave them up for your freedom.
We can be very convincing.
They'll see you as a traitor and a liability.
You won't last one minute outside those gates, not without our protection.
So, if you enjoy breathing, I suggest you start talking and tell us who your American contact is.
Very well.
12 months ago, I began receiving intelligence from a source.
(gunshot, bullet whizzing) (Atwa groans) (soldiers shouting) What the hell happened, McGee? Sniper fire from the mountains.
No one had eyes on the shooter.
Did Atwa give you anything? He was about to when the gunfire started.
Well, someone wanted to shut him up.
Which means we got a mole on our hands with advanced sniper training.
That's perfect.
The details of Atwa's transfer never left Camp Russell.
So it had to be someone in-house.
Bishop's going through all the personnel files now.
Listen to me, McGee, you find him! I'm not sure I can stare at this screen much longer.
This glare is making me squint, and this face doesn't do wrinkles.
Come on, team.
Sure, we pulled an all-nighter combing traffic-cam footage, and we're no closer to finding our suspect, but we're in this together, right? Friends helping friends.
Jimmy, stop talking.
Hey, Jimmy.
When'd you get here? Oh, boy.
The top o' the morning to you.
I bring much-needed sustenance.
Two black coffees.
There we are.
And, uh, one large double mocha frozen blend with whipping cream and chocolate chips, and a drizzle of caramel.
(chuckles) Mm.
Now, that hits the spot.
You can eat that and still look like that? Man, life's not fair.
Jimmy, uh, you disgust me.
(computer beeps) Hey got something.
Red truck matching our description.
Ooh, complete with front bumper damage.
Where was this picture taken? Traffic cam, ten miles from where Moore's car was found on the night he was killed.
Who's the truck registered to? KASIE: Xavier Blackburn.
Civilian from Falls Church.
Hey, I ran into this guy at the marsh.
He said he was with Waterway Volunteers.
Uh, there's no Xavier Blackburn listed on their crew roster.
Then what was he doing at the marsh? Doing what all guilty people do.
Covering his tracks.
So, let me see if I got this right.
Volunteering my time makes me a murder suspect? Talk about "no good deed.
" Okay, so no one at Waterway Volunteers has ever heard of you.
I'm new.
They must have lost my paperwork.
We didn't.
"Xavier Blackburn, 33.
" Spent six years as a contractor for a private military firm in Arlington.
Until you were fired because of behavioral issues.
"Increasingly violent outbursts and blatant disregard for protocol.
" I had an occasional disagreement with a few short-sighted superiors.
I'm sure you can relate.
Nice truck.
At least it was.
We we tracked it down to a body shop near your house.
And guess what.
The paint on your bumper was a match to Wesley Moore's car.
Moore stole U.
Did you know that? He was a risk to national security and needed to be stopped.
Moore was investigating an American who was aiding the Taliban.
He wasn't the traitor, genius.
No, you're wrong.
He told me Moore was dangerous.
He? He said that if I neutralized the threat, he would reinstate me, and I would get my job back.
Who gave you the order? The patrol will leave at 0500 hours.
Jennings, you're driving lead.
Dunne and Falconio, you're on the flank.
- Kinneman.
- Yeah.
Keep your eyes peeled for insurgent activity.
Rumors of Atwa's death are no doubt circulating throughout the city, so retribution is expected.
BISHOP: You're right about that.
I'm sorry, Agents, but this is a secure briefing.
It's too late for that, General.
Your patrol route's already been compromised, and not by us.
What are you talking about? Go ahead, tell 'em.
I don't know what you mean.
All right, I'll give you a hint.
One word, begins with the letter "T.
" Rhymes with "reason.
" Well, someone better start making sense real soon.
Kinneman here was leaking your transport routes to Aazar Atwa.
That's a lie.
BISHOP: Really? All right.
Does this guy look familiar? Your former coworker and accomplice, Xavier Blackburn? He's in NCIS custody.
Gave you up in record time.
Do do not listen to them.
This is a setup.
Kinneman's a military contractor.
Why would he be helping the Taliban? BISHOP: Simple economics.
forces pull out of Kabul, his lucrative defense contracts disappear.
If enemy attacks increase in the area, U.
military strengthens their presence, securing your funding.
So you started passing Intel to Atwa on certain convoys to attack.
McGEE: But Captain Voit started digging around, and you had to put an end to it.
Then you had Atwa strike Voit's convoy.
Then you shot Atwa before he could give you up.
McGEE: Easy target for someone with advanced sniper training, such as yourself.
BISHOP: Come on, Kinneman, these guys deserve to know.
How much were those Marines' lives worth, huh? Five million? Ten? (stammers) It wasn't about money.
Are you kidding me?! If the military withdraws and the Taliban takes control of this area again, then what were the last 15 years of fighting even for? McGEE: Hey, 14 people are dead because of you.
You're as much a terrorist as anyone like Atwa.
Put your hands behind your back.
(elevator bell dings) Hey, Doctor, I need your signature on this body transfer.
- What's going on? - I am properly displaying your artwork.
All these should be shown and admired.
I can't believe that you did this.
I am touched.
Oh, consider it a parting gift.
Parting gift? You going somewhere? Indeed I am.
You can call it a globetrotting adventure.
But you just got back.
(chuckles) You have proven yourself more than capable in the last year, Dr.
I have no doubt that you'll continue to hold the fort while I'm gone.
Sure, but you will be back, right? Of course.
And when I return in the new year, I shall have many more stories to relate.
Well, that's great.
What's the first stop on your vacation gonna be? Something, uh, exotic? Maybe the pyramids, Great Wall of China? The Serengeti? Mount Rushmore.
South Dakota.
In the middle of winter.
(chuckles) You are one in a million, Doctor.
(both chuckle) Thank you for your cooperation, Colonel.
You know, this escort mission has top priority.
I should be the one thanking you, Gibbs.
Those responsible for Captain Voit's death have been brought to justice.
I only wish that could happen for every fallen service member.
What time is the captain's funeral? 0900 hours tomorrow.
Strathmere, New Jersey.
That's about a five-hour drive.
Looking for a navigator? You have your go-bag, Gunny? Already packed.
It's in the car.
Company would be nice.
I know Voit would appreciate having another Marine there to see her off.
My honor.
You would have really liked her, Gibbs.
She was as determined as they come.
Never backed down from a fight.
Shall we? Yeah.
Rest easy, Marine.
We got the watch.
(engines start)