NCIS s16e11 Episode Script

Toil and Trouble

1 (thunder rumbling) This is bad.
What are Torres and McGee supposed to do? - Tell the truth.
- Yeah, that's bad, right? Hartgrave, where is he? According to company security, he just clocked in.
- Okay, let's go.
- Okay.
Maybe it's not that bad.
(thunder rumbles) That's the United States Secretary of Defense.
- Let's go.
- He's making house calls now? Yeah, it's bad.
Gentlemen, give me a minute.
Director Vance.
Secretary Crawford.
I'd like to Not only did NCIS disobey a direct order, you hacked classified government records.
Are these the agents responsible? I mean, is it hacking if you had the password? (clears throat) Weapons and badges, now.
Director Vance, I'm shutting down your investigation.
And as for Special Agents McGee and Torres, you two are going to prison.
NCIS 16x11 Toil and Trouble Leon, did NCIS disobey my order? Mr.
Secretary, I'm playing catch-up myself.
- Did your agents commit a crime? - I agree it looks bad.
Doesn't always mean that there's a crime.
- I'm not here for sad stories.
- You're here for answers.
A federal agency breaking the law? I have to get ahead of this before it breaks to national media.
Then let's make sure we get it right.
We both want the truth.
Damn Skippy.
Are you suggesting there's a perfectly good reason for this? I'm not saying a damn word, but Agents McGee and Torres will be happy to explain, from the beginning, in great detail.
As if our necks depended on it? Oh, they do, son.
Nick, why don't you start? - What? - (quietly): Yeah.
- Why me? - You were the one at the seminar.
Only because you made me go in your place.
Yeah, I had seniority.
Gentlemen, what seminar? "Optics In Law Enforcement.
" Two days ago at the Freemont Inn.
(chuckles) So boring, am I right? That training was my idea.
Mm I mean, like, boring at first This footage was taken by a neighbor, and after being posted to social media, some are now calling FBI raid tactics into question.
Okay, before we discuss, I'd like to thank our media panelists for joining us on the first day of our three-day seminar.
(light applause) Now, after watching that news clip, can someone suggest what we, as federal agents, could do better? For starters, never call the FBI.
Anyone? (phone buzzing) This could relate to any aspect of our job.
- Huh.
That's, like, 40 texts in less than two hours.
You've been counting? There's nothing else to do 'cause I know all this.
What I don't know is his name.
Whose name? Oh, the guy you're going on a date tomorrow night.
All right, stop looking at my screen, and his name is Boyd.
- He's still around? - Yeah.
It's date number five.
You're counting now? - Are you okay? - I'm bored.
Plus, we're not even supposed to be here.
Something you'd like to add, Special Agent McGee? Nah, I'm good.
(cell phone buzzing) I asked for all cell phones to be turned off.
I am so sorry, it belongs to Agent McGee.
I keep telling him that good police work starts with being fully attentive.
Thank you, Agent Gibbs.
- You are very welcome.
Oh, no, it's my, it's my daughter's school.
There's been an accident.
I-I'm sorry, I have to go.
Oh, my word.
Will he be all right? You know what? I don't really know.
I'm gonna go check.
I'm so sorry.
Okay, back to the task at hand: optics in law enforcement.
Nice job, boss.
Yeah, you, too.
The daughter thing was a nice touch.
Hey, let me tell you something, Gibbs and McGee owe us big time.
Okay, that's not exactly how seniority works.
Yeah, I can't take two more days of this.
(crowd cheering) Ooh, sounds like a party.
Yeah, Mrs.
and Mr.
Ned and Charlene Clutterbuck.
I read it when we came in.
BISHOP: A love story for the ages.
Yeah, like Ellie and Boyd.
Well, I'm starving.
I wonder if the Clutterbucks have a buffet.
Let's find out.
You can be the, uh, the stylish distant cousin and I can be the bad-boy boyfriend.
(dishes clatter, woman screams) Hello? Everybody okay in here? Oh, my God, no! Whoo, looks like the bride and the groom are getting an early start.
Yeah, try the best man and the maid of honor.
It doesn't matter, Phil.
I think he's dead.
Wha-- Okay, slow down.
Who-Who's dead? Look, we didn't do anything wrong, okay? We just came in here to get some peace and quiet.
Your pants are on backwards.
W-We bumped into a table and I swear to God a body fell off of it.
It's back there.
All right, look, why don't you guys just wait outside? - Yeah.
- I'll look for the lights.
- Okay.
- Should we find a bathroom? I'm not in the mood anymore.
It's freezing in here.
I got a body.
More like a graveyard.
Yeah, this is the wrong kind of buffet.
Yeah, I'm not so hungry anymore.
(clears throat) Don't wait for me.
Perhaps you'd like to me to put the room in SCIF mode, sir, so we won't be disturbed.
No need, Leon.
I was just telling my people outside I won't be much longer.
(cell phone buzzing) I have yet to hear anything that changes my mind.
This might help.
Sit down, please.
HARTGRAVE: Oh, no thanks, I'd rather stand.
It's better for circulation and breathing.
- Wasn't an option.
Sit down.
- What am I looking at? It's a closed-circuit feed from our interrogation room.
This suspect is the key to an investigation already in full swing.
- Who is he? The man who will help us prevent an act of terrorism.
Terrorism? You can prove that? Agents McGee, Torres.
The bodies at the hotel.
All right, keep clear.
You are all Federal agents.
You know how this works.
Everyone, please make your way back to the seminar.
Or stay and NCIS will show you how it's done, baby.
Clearly your daughter's feeling better.
Come on, people.
Making this a crime scene was very premature, Agent Gibbs.
Your agents created chaos for nothing.
- Doesn't look like nothing.
- This hotel operates with only the highest standards and class.
Richard! Um I asked for this nine minutes ago.
As you can see, there's a medical conference starting in here tomorrow morning.
Oh, surgical robots? The conference is sponsored by the company that makes them.
The attendees will be able to test the robots right here.
- On the bodies.
- Making them medical cadavers, not murder victims.
So can we wrap this up before the media gets wind and turns this into some kind of Jonestown sequel? Too late.
Guy Ross was already next door.
BISHOP: He's looking for an interview.
There's nothing illegal here.
These 20 medical cadavers are completely legal.
We actually counted 21.
- Excuse me? McGEE: Yeah.
Same here, 21 bodies.
Oh, no, no, that's ridiculous.
No, no, no.
I have the paperwork right here, Agent Gibbs.
Clearly your people miscounted.
Or one of these bodies doesn't belong.
We'll check.
Blackjack, also known as 21.
21-gun salute.
21 is the gambling age.
It's also the drinking age, and according to a study which is widely dismissed by the medical community, the human soul weighs 21 grams.
Jim, what do we know? 21 was a culturally significant number.
Significant for him.
You got an ID? I just sent the prints up to Kasie, but since this body was the only body without a toe tag or any proper paperwork for cadavers Not a cadaver.
Good thing NCIS was there to count.
This man did have an internal core temperature of 75 degrees.
- So his time of death was recent.
- Yeah, last night-ish.
There's no obvious signs of a cause of death, though there's some slight discoloration in his eyes, as well as his nose, throat.
Breathed something bad? Maybe.
He certainly didn't die of old age.
I'd put him in his late 20s.
Any scars, any markings? No, no, nothing outwardly identifying, which is why we must look inward.
Might want to step back.
That has to be wrong because there are no laws against bodies in ballrooms.
Apparently, it's a thing.
There are many laws about unregistered cadavers.
(buzzing) So where did this guy come from? I'm hopefully about to find out.
(bones snapping) Oh.
Oh, that's odd.
- What're we looking at? - A body without lungs.
They have completely disintegrated.
McGEE: Whoa, whoa.
Hold up.
So you did cancel Bishop's date without asking? No, I just, all I said was, uh, uh, "Sorry, work stuff," because, you know, she was too busy working to reply.
Sounds like you cancelled.
Maybe we're getting off topic? And you're running out of time.
My phone's gonna ring, telling me the press conference is about to start.
Press conference? Two NCIS agents are being arrested.
I have to get ahead of this.
So I suggest someone get to the damn point.
That'd be Tim.
I wasn't in autopsy, but I was in the bullpen later when our forensic scientist came in with news.
- Hey.
- Whoa.
- When did this get here? - Oh.
Uh, mail cart just came by.
What did you order this time? What, are you kidding? I can't afford anything from Splendifida.
But they do make nice stuff.
You're sure you didn't gadget splurge? Maybe in your sleep? No, Delilah blocked all credit card access after 11:30 p.
It is addressed to me.
Stop the presses.
Hold the phone.
And the horses.
I just got the results back from our body in autopsy, and we have traveled back in time.
- Is that good or bad? - Bad.
Have you ever watched a science-fiction movie? The space-time continuum should never be disrupted.
You got a cause of death.
Set the wayback machine for World War I.
The lungs in our mystery body have disintegrated from exposure to toxic chlorine gas.
The kind banned by the Geneva Convention as a war crime.
McGEE: Victim was killed by a chemical weapon.
Time travel is always bad.
- Heads up.
- Oh.
Chlorine gas.
That's bad.
But I already knew about this one victim.
And, so far, I haven't seen any evidence to suggest a greater threat of terrorism.
GIBBS: We know about the missing gas.
I'm sorry? The missing batch of chemical weapons? Enough to poison an entire city block.
What are they talking about? "A greater threat of terrorism.
" McGEE: We had a mystery dead body killed by chlorine gas.
That's bad.
But we didn't know how bad until Kasie came in and, well, gave a very moving presentation.
I, uh, I'm gonna need a minute before my presentation.
(sniffles) You okay? Totally.
Just, uh, need a beat.
- Hmm.
- Yeah, dude.
What is all this stuff? Drones, VR goggles, oh, check this out.
This is from their winter style catalogue.
It's a wristwatch.
It's got a hidden camera and a hidden knife.
- A hidden knife? - Yeah.
- I like hidden knives.
- Yeah.
Was all this stuff free? You know, I e-mailed the company last month.
It must be because I pointed some, uh, U.
glitches and software bugs on my new robotic dog.
It's a Christmas gift for the twins.
Yeah, of course.
Okay, I'm ready.
Chlorine gas was developed in 1915 by Fritz Haber.
It was mainly to get around a treaty prohibiting the use of projectiles.
Chlorine hovers at ground level in yellow-green clouds that smell like pineapple and pepper.
And melt lungs.
Pure evil, really.
So, of course, the U.
and Russia developed tons of it during the Cold War.
You know, humans can really suck sometimes.
Which is why we have diplomacy.
Chemical weapons have since been banned.
Peace on Earth.
So if chemicals have been banned, how did our dead guy get dead? Because they haven't all been destroyed yet.
Destruction is expensive and slow.
The U.
stockpile won't be eliminated until 2023, at a cost of around $50 billion.
- But that's not the depressing part.
- It's not? Chemical weapons are still in use.
A U.
report condemned the Syrian government for dropping chlorine bombs on its own people last year, including civilians and children.
I can't imagine.
Can we talk about something happier? (beeping) Oh.
Oh, yay.
Fingerprints came back on our grossly disfigured mystery body.
So much for happier.
MACY: I can't believe Keenan's dead.
BISHOP: Miss Grant, uh, when was the last time you spoke to your brother? Last week.
Keenan was the only one in our family who was actually on his way to making good, and now he got his stupid ass killed.
- You blame your brother.
- You're damn right I do.
After Mom died, he promised me he wouldn't leave me alone.
We'd like to ask you a few questions about his job at, uh He worked two jobs.
He was a busboy at the hellhole I cook at, but the other one was a good job at a nice company.
Trine Chemical Agent Destruction Plant.
MACY: Keenan was the only one in our family who could actually pass the required background check.
He never had a criminal record.
We think that his job might have something to do with his death.
- He was driving trucks for them.
- He ever mention chlorine? Did his job include handling anything dangerous? If you want to know about chemicals, talk to the company.
We are.
But Keenan didn't screw up.
I get to blame my baby brother.
You don't.
TORRES: This place is like Fort Knox.
Well, chemicals can be just as valuable as gold.
Certainly more dangerous.
I wonder who's watching.
See there? MAN: Hi.
Excuse me.
You must be NCIS.
My apologies for being so late.
I was all the way across campus.
And, uh, they give us these golf carts, but why waste the energy, right? Dr.
Patton Hartgrave.
Trine's lead chemical engineer.
So (coughs) Excuse me.
If you, uh, aren't afraid to look too dorky, I could show you around.
It's impossible for me to look dorky.
HARTGRAVE: So this is where the magic happens.
We dispose of harmful chemicals two ways: incineration and neutralization, mixing in other agents to eliminate toxicity.
It's all very effective, very safe.
Which means it's very expensive.
(scoffs) Well, I can assure you it's worth every penny.
Where did Keenan Grant work? Right.
This is, uh this is Mr.
Grant's locker.
I didn't know him personally, but of course, we're all very shocked to hear what happened.
Was he working two nights ago? Uh, let's see.
Actually, I have access to those records.
Mm Uh, yes.
It looks like he was working that night.
It was a single pickup at the Freemont Inn in D.
That's where his body was found.
What was he picking up? Some industrial plastic for recycling.
It's nothing too dangerous.
It's hotel waste, not Chernobyl, which was an ecological warning sign nobody took seriously enough.
You seem very, uh, Earth-friendly for a chemical guy.
Hey, I'm just correcting some of mankind's worst mistakes.
Like destroying chlorine gas.
That's impossible.
Oh, uh, Agents McGee and Torres, this is George Ashley Green, our fearless leader.
(chuckles): Well, CEO of Trine Chemical, anyway.
I happened to see you two come in.
I knew somebody was watching.
McGEE: Why is destroying chlorine gas impossible? Because we haven't had any for years.
It was all destroyed per previous military contracts.
What about current contracts? None, for chlorine.
But that's all I can really say without clearance.
National security concerns.
You understand.
I need permission from the Pentagon.
(helicopter whirring) (phone ringing) Hey, Bishop.
BISHOP (over phone): The DoD is pushing your meeting time, again.
Actually, they cancelled and suggested you come back tomorrow.
Oh, no.
No, no, no.
I'm not going anywhere until I get some answers.
That's what I told them, but they kept citing "national security concerns" without any details.
Uh, Bishop? I'll call you back.
Good afternoon.
Special Agent Gibbs, right? Wynn Crawford.
- Yes, sir.
- I just got done talking about your team with SECNAV.
She had quite a few stories about you, all good.
- I'll bet.
- About your meeting - Uh, it was cancelled.
- By me.
But since you're here, I figured I'd give you the bad news in person.
Pentagon records have been temporarily locked.
- By you.
- No, by State.
They're currently working with the U.
on a cease-fire agreement in Syria.
Your requests sent up red flags.
Chemical weapons investigations make people nervous.
So do chemical attacks.
Yeah, see, that's exactly the kind of reckless talk that we can't afford.
Now, do you have proof of intended terrorism? Or missing weapons? You're making it hard to find proof.
Well, find a different way, and I'll be happy to help.
I want justice for your victim.
But Marine to Marine? There are a lot bigger things at play here on the world stage.
We can do both, Mr.
This was a courtesy, not a negotiation.
Now, unless NCIS has concrete evidence of missing weapons-- actual weapons-- you will stand down.
That's an order.
So, Gibbs told you about my order to stand down, and you still failed to follow it.
I don't always agree with Gibbs myself, sir, but I do trust his judgment, and the judgment of my people here at NCIS.
If they didn't follow your order, it's because there are missing weapons.
And the chemical engineer sitting in interrogation - Can tell us everything? - Keep watching.
My people know how to break this guy.
(over speaker): I'm not saying a word, so just arrest me or be done.
SLOANE: I'm sorry, are we keeping you from something? Hot date, maybe? (chuckles) (coughing) Oh, God! Cat's out of the bag.
Guess you could say my hot date's with Mother Earth.
Six feet under.
You were exposed to the gas.
Not much, but enough.
I'll be dead before you can get me to talk.
I'll get the kit.
Well, I guess NCIS is done here.
SLOANE: You need medical attention.
We're calling the paramedics.
HARTGRAVE: No, no, no, it's too late for that.
I told you I don't want that.
The fact that this man is coughing up blood means that we are right.
Sir, there is missing chlorine gas, and this man knows where it is.
And you found this out how? You seem to have forgotten the part of the story where you two committed a federal offense.
In fact, if I didn't know any better, I'd say you're deliberately stalling.
- Not at all.
- No way.
Dating habits, text messages, free gadgets.
These are all essential to your work here at NCIS? Actually, yeah.
- Hey, Nick.
- What up? Did you cancel my date last night? Good morning.
I was supposed to have a date last night, but according to Boyd, I cancelled it.
You sent a message without telling me.
Gibbs was standing right there.
What do you want me to do, let you get in trouble? For getting a text message? That doesn't make any sense.
He didn't even know who it was from.
Yeah, he didn't care, either.
Pentagon records.
Well, we still don't have permission to access files.
In order to find missing chemical weapons, we're gonna have to hack into the Pentagon, which is a little risky.
And a lot illegal.
- Find a different way.
- We may already have.
Torres and I are able to access the next best thing.
Records to Trine Chemical itself.
Uh, I'm sorry.
Nick is helping you hack? Hell yeah.
- Hmm.
- Well, in my own way.
There was a hidden camera, and it was recording the entire time while we were at the company.
McGEE: Including when Hartgrave entered his admin password.
- It was by accident.
McGEE: Virginia is a one-party consent state for recording.
BISHOP: You tracked his keystrokes? We do have a warrant for security records pertaining to our victim, Keenan Grant.
Which doesn't cover records of chemical weapons.
- So we don't download those.
-On purpose.
What about SecDef's order to stand down? Boss? Do it, McGee.
All right, well, I suggest you download as much as you can as fast as you can.
Why? A company this big has security protocols tracing outside IPs.
Which is why I created a program that'll alert me if I (alarm blaring) McGEE and BISHOP: Ooh.
Alert me if I'm being traced.
- Did they find you? - Wrong question.
Did you get the file? Well, luckily, I was able to directly download to a secure backup.
Just need someone's computer to open it.
There's our victim the night of his death.
He was working that night.
TORRES: Hold up.
So was our scientist.
McGEE: He lied to us.
Why would the lead engineer go on a random pickup? Unless there was something very valuable on that truck.
- Like chlorine? - Is Hartgrave our killer? It's time to ask.
I'll get Gibbs.
VANCE: No need.
I just received a call from Trine Chemical.
Their cyber security department, actually.
Did NCIS just participate in a felony by hacking? It's, uh, it's more of a gray area, sir.
(elevator bell dings) This is bad.
What are Torres and McGee supposed to do? Tell the truth.
Yeah, that's bad, right? Hartgrave.
Where is he? According to company security, he just clocked in.
Okay, let's go.
Maybe it's not that bad.
(thunder crashes) That's the United States Secretary of Defense.
- Let's go.
- He's making house calls now? Yeah.
It's bad.
Which brings us to now.
TORRES: So, as you can see, our scientist lied about being there and the gas.
Yes, I do see.
I also see the need to ask for Agent Gibbs' badge for allowing his agents to break so many laws.
NCIS had a warrant, sir.
And a reasonable fear that Hartgrave could alter records if traditionally approached.
Hence the shrewd computer tactics.
Yeah, what he said.
You stole government records.
We proved that Hartgrave was there.
At ground zero, with the missing chlorine.
We have to assume it's going to be used for an attack.
Sir, this guy knows all the details.
McGEE: NCIS is going to break him.
We just need more time.
Damn Skippy.
(thunder rumbles) GIBBS (over speaker): Medical's on the way.
I won't accept their help.
Why not, Patton? Is it shame? Guilt? (coughs) A man's dead.
And you were there.
(clears throat) We have you with the victim the night of his death and at the hotel where his body was found.
He found out you stole the chlorine, right? - You killed him.
- No.
I "I" Come on, finish the sentence.
"I am a murderer.
" (sighs) Aw, come on, man.
Own it.
Keenan's death was an accident.
I tried to save him.
- That's when you were exposed? - Yes.
I was going to unload the chlorine safely From the truck? It's not like I could back my car up to the loading dock.
(clears throat) But, uh (coughs) when we got to the hotel, Keenan, he found the crate and opened it before I could stop him.
His crowbar must have slipped, or-- He was dead by the time I closed the valve.
You saw the medical cadavers and hid the body.
GIBBS: Wait, a good man was doing his job, and you don't feel guilt? I do, about that.
Oh, but stealing barbaric chemical weapons that could kill hundreds, you're cool with that? Steal.
How can you steal something that wasn't even in our records? I found the canisters in the vault.
And took them.
They weren't gonna miss it.
Where's the gas? You know, I wanted to believe that I was doing my part to peacefully right a few wrongs in this world.
(clears throat) It wasn't enough.
Evil plays offense.
So now you are, too.
Not me.
No, the citizens being gassed by their own government.
They need a weapon just as strong.
We armed the Afghans against the Russians, right? Or what about the Contras in the '80s? Where is the gas?! On its way to freedom fighters.
They understand what I'm trying to accomplish.
Have you seen the videos of those kids dying? Please listen to me.
Your supposed nobility is gonna get a lot more people killed.
- No.
No, the gas will be in good hands (coughs) once it gets to Syria.
Members of terrorist organizations have been known to join your freedom fighters to gain Intel or to steal weapons.
You don't know where the gas will end up, do you? SLOANE: Word about these kind of things gets around.
Bad guys come out of the woodwork.
What's done is done.
I hope you have some ideas, Ellie.
I don't know how to reach this guy.
Well, he'll admit to everything, but won't give up the gas.
You can't argue with crazy.
Oh, he's not crazy.
He's principled.
That's how he sees it.
His last act on earth is totally righteous.
Until it's not, but by then, he'll be dead.
We need more time.
No, no more time, Director.
There's missing gas out there.
Sir, that's what we've been saying.
All the more reason to turn it over to Homeland and the FBI as soon as possible.
(cell phone ringing) As far as Agent Gibbs and his team are concerned, they'll get their day in court.
- We'll be discreet.
VANCE: I don't give a damn about appearances, sir.
There are chemical weapons out there.
And you want to waste time transferring the case when the lead suspect is-- is right in front of us.
CRAWFORD: That press conference is ready to begin.
- I have an idea.
- Me, too.
What's yours? CRAWFORD: Anything else? VANCE: Secretary Crawford, you are making a big mistake.
That's what I was thinking.
You're right, but the mistake is wasting time in here.
(beeps) (window shutters humming, door locks) (thunder rumbles) Agent Torres, what the hell are you doing? Yeah, what are you doing? Wait, this wasn't your idea? No, SCIF mode was my idea.
Then why did you look at my gun on the table? I wasn't looking at your gun.
Director Vance, are your agents threatening the United States Secretary of Defense? (thunder rumbling) I certainly hope not.
I figure every 20 minutes you hold me hostage, there's another year on your sentence.
Huh? Wait, what? Hostage? Well, that's what you're doing, isn't it? No.
No, no, no.
Not at all.
Well, SCIF mode cuts cell service and you're armed.
Oh-- Oh, this? Oh, no, this is, uh, it's still holstered.
Yeah, we-we're merely asking for more time, sir.
Your suspect isn't gonna talk.
He's made that quite clear.
I told you, I don't want any medical help.
(wheezing) Hey! I want my phone call! (coughs) I I-- geez, I want to talk to my mom.
Security lockdown on Going on lockdown.
MAN: We got first responders on the ground (indistinct chatter) GIBBS: No.
Bishop, no.
Stop, stop.
You stay there.
No! Y-You keep me informed.
What's-what's going on? Is something wrong? Authorities are just arriving on the scene.
Metro bomb squad and Hazmat teams have entered the building.
While federal authorities have yet to issue a formal statement, police are asking everyone in the greater D.
area to remain in their homes.
Your gas was used in an attack.
Again, here is the footage WJGZ received earlier, taken with a cell phone.
This video may not be suitable for younger viewers.
(people screaming) (coughing) (people shouting) MAN: Go, go, go! No.
This doesn't make any sense.
- Of course it doesn't.
- It's terrorism! Which means your last act on Earth will be the killing of innocent people.
Think that'll fit on your headstone? - I'll make sure it does.
- No, no.
That's not That's-that's not what I Well, then, you give me someone else to blame! Uh, okay, uh, I-I gave the crate to a customs agent.
Uh, he didn't know what was inside.
He must have opened it.
Leon, is this what I think it is? (whirring) (phones ringing, vibrating) I'll be damned.
(thunder rumbles) I'm now being told Closed circuit, channel five.
the hotel has been evacuated, and that emergency services are continuing to fan out throughout the area Hey, uh, thank you.
Thank you, Mr.
Ross, but you can stop reading now.
(door opens) The, uh, script ended, so I improvised that last part.
- I hope that was okay.
- Agent Bishop texted me.
You were perfect.
Secretary, Mr.
Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your operations drill.
I, uh, have to say, this was a new one for me.
Us, too.
Miss Hines, this broadcast was only sent via closed circuit, right? - Yes.
Our building only, Director.
CRAWFORD: The footage, the running people.
- Uh, the agents at the seminar, they were happy to help.
We told them it was an exercise in "Optics In Law Enforcement.
" And the bodies were the cadavers.
Not exactly, sir, but I like where your head is at.
(laughs) I'm so sorry, uh, Mr.
Where the hell is Gibbs? (seabirds squawking) (indistinct radio chatter) Federal agents.
Hey, put your hands in the air.
Back away from the container.
(sirens approaching) (filtered breathing) Oh, looks good.
All clear, six-eight.
These are old, huh? Why weren't they destroyed? Recovering that gas does not absolve NCIS.
In addition to disobeying orders, illegal hacking and-and threatening a government official, you can add well, hell, I don't even know what to call this charade.
It's not coercion and it's not entrapment.
- Not helping, Agent McGee.
- And I blame you, Leon.
Is this how you run your house? And where the hell is Gibbs? Right here.
Gibbs, you can add your badge to the growing pile.
You should have this, too.
And what's that? Trine Chemical said they destroyed all their chlorine, per military contracts.
Well, that's total BS.
Yeah, they lied to save a buck.
Millions, actually.
We went through their records.
Illegally obtained.
No, pretty sure we had a warrant.
BISHOP: When this is all over, company stock will crash.
- Let it.
They defrauded the United States government.
Your point? My point, sir, is that you are a major shareholder, and you stand to lose a lot of money.
You think I stepped in because of money? Or your friendship with the CEO.
I-It never occurred to me that I had no idea Trine was involved when State asked me to step in.
We know.
And I haven't talked to George Green in months.
Certainly not in the last few days.
We checked.
(sighs) Geez, this looks bad.
Doesn't always mean there was a crime.
Right, Director? I guess NCIS weren't the only ones who jumped the gun a little.
Outside of briefings, and the occasional social gathering, you and I don't know each other, Leon.
I assumed the worst.
Well, we all make mistakes.
Yes, as Agent Gibbs and his team have just reminded me.
Well, if that's it, Director, I got a press conference to attend.
Sir? I have to get in front of this.
Take responsibility for my part, and congratulate NCIS on theirs.
Maybe next time, we could both be a little more careful.
Yeah? TORRES: Nope.
Well done.
- This is yours.
- Oh.
Thank you.
In a news conference addressing this discovery, United States Secretary of Defense Wynn Crawford noted that the allegations against Trine Chemical are an isolated event.
Wow, a politician willing to admit that he was wrong.
- It's refreshing.
TORRES: I knew everything was gonna be fine.
I never doubted Gibbs one second.
I did.
But I'm learning.
Hey, Ellie? Hmm? You have a sec? Yeah.
What's up? I just wanted to apologize about your date.
Next time that Boyd and you go out to dinner, uh, it'll be on me.
Thanks, but it's not about that.
We have to trust each other, Nick, for the big things and the small things.
It matters.
It was a mistake.
I shouldn't have sent that text.
So why did you? Okay.
Good night, Nick.
Ellie, wait.
Good night.
Kasie, hey.
Did you, uh, get anything you wanted from here? 'Cause I don't need all this stuff.
Oh, I'm good.
What I really want is one of their Nixie tube clocks.
- Oh, those are cool.
- I know, right? I even called the company to see what it would take to send me one for free, like you.
Really? Yeah, I offered to test all their products and point out bugs and stuff, but they said they don't send free gift boxes, ever.
They said they only send goodies to, like, prospective employees.
I'm being headhunted.
Yeah, you are.
(laughs) And? And it feels pretty good.
I knew it.
You're gonna leave NCIS for a sexy, multimillion dollar job at one of the coolest tech companies in the world.
No, no, no.
I mean, I am-- well, I'm being offered a lot of money, but, uh, you know, really, it's Please don't tell anyone.
I would never tell anyone, McGee.
But they are detectives.
How y'all doing? Don't let that stuff go to your head now.
Sorry I'm late.
Someone in your position is never late.
CIA was surprised to get your call, sir.
I understand you've been tracking Leon Vance.
No idea what you're talking about.
I want everything you have.
Is this business or pleasure? (scoffs) Now, how's the salmon here?