NCIS s16e19 Episode Script


1 PIERCE: Well, you never can predict the hitch.
Bypasses go like a dream, and now this valve just doesn't want to be found.
The search continues.
PIERCE: When I was a kid, my dog Arthur got lost.
I searched for him for days.
(laughter) And I hoped and I prayed Did you find him, Doctor? No.
But he was imaginary, so I have to take some responsibility.
(chuckles) Hope is what you make of it.
- Am I right? - Mm-hmm.
(knocking on door) Dr.
Pierce, the admiral's family has been updated.
Nurse Tolliver, right on cue, with the steadiest hands in the land.
I'm attempting to hunt down a very shy mitral here.
Please tell me I didn't miss the story about Arthur.
(soft laughter) PIERCE: Look at that.
There it is, our missing mitral valve.
And it appears to be reparable.
Admiral, today is your lucky day.
(gunfire) Are those gunshots? That's right below us.
(alarm blares) WOMAN (over P.
): Code silver.
Active shooter, ground level, Entrance A.
This is not a drill.
Evacuate to a secure location.
But, Doctor Go.
Code silver.
Active shooter, ground level, Entrance A.
This is not a drill.
Okay, you need to go, too.
You can't do this on your own.
If he starts to bleed, you'll lose him.
Faith Dr.
I'm staying.
All right.
Hold steady.
Accessing the valve.
Hopes and prayers.
NCIS 16x19 Perennial   (elevator bell dings) (humming) Morning, friends.
- Morning.
- Hey, you need help with that? Nope, I got it.
You don't always have to be a hero, you know? People are not gonna think less of you if I hold the dumpster open while you throw that in the trash.
I'm not getting rid of it.
No, why should you? That shay/chic vibe is very hot right now.
Says Delilah.
Actually, I read that plants go into dormancy for long periods of time, and I was hoping that Kasie might know how to wake it up.
JIMMY: Beep, beep.
Coming through.
Renny down in purchasing got all of this paper on a fantastic sale.
Yeah, maybe because it's green.
Yeah, she didn't realize that when she bought it.
She also didn't realize it was nonreturnable.
I found her inconsolable in the copy room.
But I reassured her that I would save her job by distributing this as scratch paper.
Talk about heroes.
Look at this guy.
They can't fire her for accidentally ordering the wrong color paper.
You guys, let's not risk it, okay? (quietly): If the director asks, just say green scratch paper really helps you, I don't know, solve more crimes.
You want me to take that to the dumpster for you? - No, I do not.
She thinks it's sleeping.
Yeah, yeah.
No, there's not a lick of green in there, Bishop.
I'm sorry, but this is way dead.
Okay, I wouldn't call that an official test.
Hey, the guy knows dead, Bishop.
Since when do you care so much about plants anyway? GIBBS: Gear up.
- Let's go, right now.
- What's going on, Boss? Active shooter, Liberty Naval.
Wait, at the hospital? Oh, my God.
OFFICER (over loudspeaker): This is an active shooter Go, go, go, go! (frantic chatter, sirens) Move it! (helicopter whirring above) (over loudspeaker): Failure to comply is a criminal offense.
(indistinct chatter) OFFICER: Folks, we appreciate your patience.
I know you want to get home to your families, but it's crucial we get all of your statements as soon as possible.
Gibbs, this is Captain Crawford, commanding officer at the hospital.
- Captain, what do we got? Shooter fled the immediate scene on foot.
Where he went from there is unknown.
MPD was first on the scene.
They've already blocked off a one-mile radius with checkpoints.
- SWAT did a sweep.
Building is cleared.
Only people still inside are essential staff and those patients that couldn't be moved.
CRAWFORD: Wounded are being transferred to Washington General.
What about the shooter? Caucasian male wearing Marine utilities and carrying a black duffel bag.
No name tag on his uniform.
He grabbed an AR-15 from his bag and started shooting the lobby randomly.
BISHOP: He was wearing an eight-point hat pulled down low.
Uh, our witnesses can't seem to agree on a description of his face.
But there is still a good amount of people yet to be interviewed.
Talk to everybody who was inside.
I want all accounts logged through us.
- On it.
- Captain.
Anything I can do to help you find the son of a bitch who did this, you say the word.
Excuse me.
Do you have a list of victims? I need one.
- Jack.
- Oh, Gibbs.
There you are.
Do you have the list of, uh One dead, 12 wounded.
Are you sure? One of the wounded is an off-duty cop.
Witnesses said he returned fire.
That's him.
Shot the shooter once in the shoulder.
He sent him running.
Are you sure this list is complete? Unless someone tells me otherwise.
Look, MPD is stretched thin.
Gonna jump in and help me with some of these witness statements? Jack.
Did you hear me? All hands are on deck.
What? I'm sorry, Gibbs, I can't help you.
I'm recusing myself from this investigation.
Want to tell me why? Jack! McGee, give me a sitrep.
Well, no activity at our checkpoints.
BOLO's out wide on our shooter, but we still have no viable description of his face.
We have a hospital full of witnesses, and you're telling me we got nothing? Well, I wouldn't say "nothing.
" What? An attack like this happens in a first-floor lobby, common sense says the shooter came through the front entrance, but he didn't.
He came off an elevator.
- He was on another floor? - Yep.
We just don't know which one or why.
All right.
Security footage? - On my way to get it now.
- Yeah.
TORRES: Gibbs.
- Hey.
Want to take a look at this? I got the shooter's blood on the road and on the barricade.
He bypassed the security gate on foot.
He left a trail of blood along the way.
Where does the trail end? Down the street.
It looks like he got into a car and drove off.
Means he's already outside the checkpoints.
Come on, damn it.
There a problem? (groans) I need to take a swab, and I can't find my gloves.
You know, man, uh, other kinds of crimes, I've learned to process.
But when a guy shoots random, innocent people, it just it makes my inner swan come out.
What? Okay, so swans, they-they look like they're really nice, but you push their buttons, you know, those birds can go dark real quick.
Mass shootings just, uh, make me want to go swan.
Our priority is the shooter.
All right? Let's get this guy.
- Yeah.
- All right.
Hey, Gibbs.
Can you please not make me talk to Sloane again? I'm past my quota for the month.
Agent Gibbs.
I have the civilian employee list you requested.
Yeah, thanks.
Something in particular you're looking for? JIMMY: Chief Petty Officer Diana Sanchez.
There you are.
Nice to meet you.
BISHOP: List of victims is confirmed.
12 wounded, nine of them still critical.
So far, she's our only fatality.
JIMMY: She took two shots to the chest, one to the leg.
Kasie has the slugs now.
I was just looking up more about her so she wouldn't be just another body on the table, you know? She was from Austin.
She oversaw hospital admissions.
Mother of two boys, five and three.
Her favorite movie was The Wizard of Oz.
I spoke to her husband.
Feels like you wanted to get to know her, too, huh? Awful as this is, we could be looking at dozens of bodies.
That off-duty cop, he was he was thinking on his feet, firing back like that.
I'm assuming he was hit, too, he's one of the criticals? - Officer - Moseby.
- Moseby.
- Yeah, he's still in surgery.
Hopefully, we, uh we won't have to be back here again.
- I have the shooter's blood.
- Oh, great.
Mass Spec is rebooting.
I'll get started in a minute.
By the way, the dumpster out back is full.
Hey, what? I'm not throwing this away.
I need your help waking it up.
Yeah, okay.
(laughs) Okay, listen, look at me.
Mass shootings make me want to go swan.
I was gonna punch something, but then I walked by Bishop's desk and I saw this thing, so I'm gonna do this instead of punching.
- That was a lot of information, most of which I am not entirely clear on.
But I am getting that you want to repurpose your negative energy in a positive way? Yeah, that, so what do we do? Do we, uh, throw some water on it? - Nick, this thing is dead.
- Damn it.
But I will I will call my botanist friend and ask for a second opinion, okay, Nick? Okay, buddy? Oh, got something.
We've been combing through hospital security footage.
The stuff of the actual shooting was awful to watch.
Couldn't get a good angle of the shooter's face.
But you were able to figure out where he was beforehand? Yeah.
Before he took the elevator down to the ground floor and started shooting, he was on the third floor.
TORRES: That's got to be him.
Marine utilities, black bag.
That nurse is talking to him.
Seems like she might've gotten a good look at his face.
TORRES: Who is she? I'll see how close I can zoom in without distortion.
We get a good look at her badge here.
Operating room RN, Faith Tolliver.
All right, Faith Tolliver.
Checking the log.
Why didn't she say something when we interviewed her? She hasn't been interviewed yet.
- Why not? - 'Cause she didn't evacuate.
She probably doesn't even know yet that she saw the shooter's face.
Says here that she stayed inside the hospital to assist in an open-heart surgery.
Brave woman.
Civilian O.
nurse, Faith Tolliver.
What do you want me to say? Back at the hospital, Jack, I asked you a question, and you walked away.
I did not think you were the type.
Hey, listen, Gibbs, I am not some underling that you can manipulate with a look, if you forgot.
- No, you can't put this on me.
- Why not? World-class investigator Leroy Jethro Gibbs.
That's some fancy research you did behind my back.
I had enough to go on.
Yeah, well, next time we have a drink, remind me to keep my mouth shut, or better yet, remind me to stay home! Hey! I should be out there investigating, not wasting my time on something that you can tell me.
Yes, okay? Yes.
She is my biological daughter.
Okay? Can we get on with our lives now? No, we can't, because your daughter is the only witness we have who may have seen our shooter's face, and she's on the way in.
What? Now.
Gibbs, I haven't been in the same room with her since the day she was born.
Jack, my priority is the shooter.
Apart from that, I'm on your side.
She doesn't know me.
Gibbs, Faith doesn't know who I am.
And I want to keep it that way.
Yes, Madam Secretary, we will turn over every rock on the Eastern seaboard until we find this guy.
(knocking on door) That and then some.
Uh, copy that, ma'am.
Yes, I-I'll keep you apprised.
Shooter's blood was not in the DoD's database.
- Not a Marine.
- I heard.
Any theories as to why a civilian would dress up like a Marine and shoot up a Navy hospital? Do you want me to stand here guessing or go out and find the guy? I'll see you later.
You've spoken to Agent Sloane? She recused herself from this investigation.
You know why? Do you? I don't feel comfortable talking about her personal Makes two of us.
Okay, hi.
I'm standing right out here, and this conversation is excruciating.
You both know everything, so get over it.
- All right, good talk, Gibbs.
Faith is waiting for you in the conference room.
Okay? W-Wait.
Just make sure you let her talk.
She's likely traumatized, so you need to be sensitive to that, and-and look out for her nonverbal cues.
Are you gonna take notes? - (chuckles) What? - What? What? Agent Sloane, would you like to be in that room? What? No.
Oh Gibbs will do fine.
Yeah, he will, but what about you? Right.
No, right, I can, uh I can handle that.
I-I would just be an extra set of eyes and ears, and she doesn't even know who I am, so Great.
The hell is this for? Ms.
I'm Special Agent Gibbs.
Call me Faith.
This is Special Agent Sloane.
How are you? Fine.
Nice to meet you.
Would it be okay if we just get started? I'd like to get back to work as soon as possible.
- Sure.
We're listening, whenever you're ready.
SLOANE: Start whenever you're comfortable.
I didn't even know that I had spoken to him.
I mean I didn't know that he was the one who um Uh, Faith, take your time.
It's okay.
I was updating a patient's family on his surgery when I saw a man in uniform walk out of the break room.
- Any idea what he was doing there? - No.
I didn't recognize him, but that's not unusual.
Sometimes, family or friends will visit staff in the break room for a lunch or coffee.
- You talked to him? Yes, because he looked like he might have been lost, so I asked him if he needed any help.
He said no, he got in the elevator, I went back to the O.
, and then we heard the the shots.
Chief Sanchez, the woman who was was killed, sh (crying): sh-she was a friend.
Um, Faith, do you think you could describe this man for us? Uh, yes, he was young, dark hair I'd like you to sit with our forensic scientist, come up with a composite.
I don't know if I can remember him clearly enough for that.
I'm sorry.
Oh, not to worry, you've done a great deal already just by being here.
Thank you.
I'd like you to try the composite.
Sometimes, we remember more than we think.
It is something you could do for Chief Sanchez.
You're right.
Of course.
I-I'll try.
BISHOP: So that's our guy, huh? - Looks like a kid.
KASIE: Ooh! I'll tell you what, doing a composite after a traumatic event is no joke.
Faith Tolliver sat in here for two hours on eye shapes alone.
- What are you doing with my plant? - Giving it back to Nick.
Hey, what are you doing with my plant? Repurposing negative energy.
Oh, that's the thing where mass shootings make you want to go swan? (computer beeps) Kasie, wait, you said you were gonna help me.
This thing still looks like a tumbleweed.
Yeah, I video-chatted with my friend, Bob the botanist.
He said that thing's been dead for years.
No plant can survive dormancy for that long.
BOTH: Are you sure? Yeah.
Also, Bishop, what were you doing with a dead plant in your house for years? Did we walk over here 'cause there was a ding or not? Oh, yes.
Faith Tolliver said she saw the shooter coming out of the break room on the third floor.
- What was he doing there? - That is the question.
There's no security cameras in the break room, but I asked the agent assigned to the hospital to send over some photos.
Hence the ding.
And we have several views here BISHOP: Hold on.
What's that on the floor? Looks like an outline.
Yeah, like something big was sitting there and left some kind of mark.
BISHOP: What was it? McGEE: An industrial-size cooler.
I just confirmed with Captain Crawford.
Two months ago, the hospital did some rearranging as part of a renovation.
Break room used to be something else.
Yeah, a med room, and the cooler that was there was used to store medications.
Possible the shooter didn't know about the renovation.
Which also means it's possible he was in the break room looking for drugs.
Look alive, Team Gibbs.
We got a hit from Kasie's composite.
McGEE: We gearing up? Like a clock, baby.
Multiple members of the public called in I.
'ing him as 18-year-old Evan Sykes.
Lives with his father in Laurel, Maryland.
Boss, looks like he dug the bullet out of his shoulder.
GIBBS: Patched himself up best he could.
Place is clear.
Looks like he bolted.
MAN: Evan! I called you ten times.
Oh, my God.
Evan! - NCIS.
- Freeze.
- Where is he? - Where's my son? - Hold on.
Get off of me! Evan! Get off me! Evan! Hey, the cuffs stay on until you settle down.
What happened to my son? Evan! BISHOP: Gibbs.
He did something on his laptop before he left.
There's blood on the keyboard.
What are these papers? Bishop.
He stood right here.
More blood over there? Ammo box.
(sighs) Good for an AR-15.
He's restocked.
He's planning something else.
JIMMY: I heard you guys are using Renny's scrap paper to help crack the case.
What is going on? Oh, I see why you needed the recycling bin.
Oh, is that, uh KASIE: That is Evan Sykes.
Blood analysis confirmed he's our shooter.
Ugh, laptop's a bust.
Hard drive's wiped clean.
Nothing's recoverable.
KASIE: But before it was wiped, his computer as infected with a virus that sends a file to the printer queue.
Like, a file from his computer? No, like, thousands of pages of gibberish.
Well, I guess, uh, even bad guys get computer viruses just like the rest of us, huh? Yeah, Evan tried to print something before he left his house.
Once he realized that it was in line behind all this craziness, he canceled the print job.
His document only got about ten-percent spooled.
When it finally does print, hopefully it'll be enough to give us something.
You really have to look at every page? I mean, can't you just wait until the printer stops? KASIE: Will you people let me be? It feels right to look at every page, so I'm-a look at every page.
Yeah, r-right, yeah.
(stammers) When I look at this green paper, it makes me think of, uh, the knights of the Middle Ages, you know? They used to put green in their coats of arms to signify hope and loyalty of love.
Which actually reminds me of an epic tale of hope.
First, I've got Torres going swan.
Now I got you going Mallard.
Hmm, thank you.
Oh, it's processing Evan's print job.
Well, that ten percent did not give us much.
KASIE: It's the top of a spreadsheet.
Look at the column headings.
McGEE: Liberty, Ice Station, Willow Den.
Liberty must mean the hospital.
And isn't the Ice Station a skating rink? This could be a list of targets.
This spreadsheet could be where he saved his research.
Okay, uh, then, what's Willow Den? KASIE: Oh, my God.
It's an elementary school near the hospital.
We got to find this guy now.
NOAH: He's my son.
He's not what you think he is.
Oh, yeah, we got that part.
You're talking in circles.
I didn't know he was planning this.
I didn't even know he had a gun.
Up until six years ago, he was good.
- What happened six years ago? Evan's brother Christopher went to prison.
- He's still there.
- For what? Drunk driving.
Uh, a family of four was killed.
When Christopher went to prison, Evan just started to spiral.
He just wasn't himself.
He was so angry.
Why'd he target Liberty Naval? His brother was a Marine.
In his mind, the military could have pushed for a lighter sentence.
- So Evan was angry that his guilty brother was put away, so he decided to gun down a whole lobby full of innocent people? I really don't see the logic in that.
Evan have a history of drug use? He stayed away from all that because of what happened to his brother.
Oh, it didn't happen to him.
He got wasted, got behind the wheel and took out an entire family.
- And then there's Evan - Hey, Nick.
He's right.
(exhales) Tell me how to help you.
Ice Station skating rink.
Willow Den School.
What is he gonna hit next? I don't know why he'd attack either.
They got to have something to do with his brother.
And I'm telling you that they don't.
Well, where would Evan go? Where is he hiding out? Hey, look at me.
Where is he? (voice breaking): I don't know.
When you find him please don't hurt him.
I'm begging you.
It's hard to watch.
From what he's saying, Evan Sykes is unhinged.
Willow Den School is closed for a staff retreat.
Skating rink ignored our advice to shut down, so we bolstered their security.
What about Faith? She saw his face.
Hospital full of witnesses, Jack.
Unlikely Faith would be targeted.
- Leon - The agent assigned to the hospital will look out for her there.
Gibbs offered to post someone outside her residence, but she declined.
Said she wanted to put this all behind her.
Faith is a pretty strong young lady.
Interesting, her location, though.
What do you mean? That the two of you ended up in the same city.
Jack, you okay? Hey.
Officer Moseby pulled through his surgery.
I'm gonna head over and talk to him.
Gibbs will want to join you.
This interrogation is pretty much over.
Wouldn't you say? (elevator bell dings) GIBBS: Doctor.
Doctor, hold up, please.
We're looking to see Officer Moseby as soon as possible.
I need to check his vitals first.
It shouldn't take long.
(sharp exhale) I am never gonna look at hospitals the same way again.
Um I don't know if you heard about me bringing in this plant.
Had a few other things going on, Bishop.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
No, I know.
It's just, the plant, it's from Ziva's office.
You said you were clearing out.
I am.
I just I thought you might have an opinion about me trying to save it.
A plant? Yeah.
You see this? You get personally involved, you can't move on.
Gibbs if you know, I need you to say it.
I know what? Nothing.
He's ready for you now.
MOSEBY: Took one in the stomach.
Ripped apart my intestines.
The other one missed my heart by a half an inch.
I won't be running a marathon anytime soon.
(chuckles, coughs) But, you know I'm lucky.
Everyone in the hospital was lucky you were there.
I know I hit him once, but I didn't really even see his face.
I didn't see where he came from, nothing.
(phone vibrating) Excuse me.
Special Agent Bishop.
The doctor says I'm supposed to be sleeping, but I can't.
You think we're gonna get this guy? Yeah, we I.
'd him.
18-year-old kid.
Evan Sykes.
We're gonna get him.
The minute I woke up I had to laugh, you know what I mean? (coughs weakly) It's like some bad joke.
I'm out there putting my ass on the line every day, and then this happens when I'm bringing my wife pancakes on my day off.
(chuckles) But damn you got to laugh, because otherwise Your wife a patient? No, she works at the hospital.
- Yeah? What floor? - The third.
Security at the skating rink spotted a man in Marine utilities.
He's loitering in the parking lot carrying a black bag.
Hey, back in the car, back in the car.
(frantic chatter) We got him.
NCIS! Drop the bag! (grunts) Okay, okay, okay.
Don't shoot.
I didn't do anything.
GIBBS: Lose the cover.
Damn it, let me see your eyes.
It's not him.
He's not even a Marine.
Bag is clear.
I was just waiting for my buddy to get out of hockey so we could go to the gym.
Get out of here.
Go on.
He keeps dressing like a Marine, Evan Sykes could be anyone in this town.
Father have any idea where he might be? None.
So we've got nothing.
GIBBS: I got something.
What are you doing here? Faith, listen, I know that you declined protection, but after learning more about the shooter, I strongly advise you to err on the side of caution.
(chuckles): Unbelievable.
Uh, I'm sorry.
I'm just giving you my honest professional opinion.
Oh, oh, really, is that what you're doing? How do you think I felt when I saw you walk in that room today? What? What are you You think I don't know who you are? I know.
Okay? I've known for years.
You're not that hard to find online.
You know, you're the one that said you didn't want to know.
But I guess you looked me up, too, didn't you? - Yes, I did.
- Why? The day I was born, you handed me to my mom, and you told her that you never wanted to have anything to do with me again.
It wasn't as simple as that.
Oh, no, no, right.
I forgot the part where you went on with your life and made something great of yourself.
You know what? You made your choice.
You don't get to show up at my door now and pretend that you care.
You don't get to change your mind.
- Faith, please don't do this.
- No.
This is the one thing you taught me: how to walk away without looking back.
Rumor has it that we're pumping all our resources into a hunch of yours regarding pancakes? McGEE: Well, when Gibbs' gut gets to churnin', the perps will be burnin'.
Sorry, I usually just say that in my head.
GIBBS: The morning of the shooting, Officer Moseby was at the hospital bringing pancakes to his wife.
McGEE: She works on the third floor.
They ate together in the same break room that Evan Sykes was seen exiting.
BISHOP: Officer Moseby also plays on a rec hockey team at the Ice Station, and he drops his kids off at Willow Den three days a week.
Evan Sykes wasn't looking for drugs in that break room.
He was looking for Moseby.
This was a targeted hit disguised as a mass shooting.
What better way to hide your motive than to make the target appear to be random.
All right.
Officer Moseby is safe.
We have three agents outside his hospital room.
- Do we have a motive? - Working on it.
I did some digging into Evan's brother Christopher.
It turns out he's up for parole next month, and guess who always does a victims impact statement at his hearings.
Why would he do that? McGEE: Because he was the first responder at Christopher's drunk driving accident.
Moseby speaks for the family that died because they're not here to speak for themselves.
And by killing that voice, Evan thought his brother might stand a better chance of being released.
(phone rings) Yeah.
Wait, if Moseby knew all of this, wouldn't he think something was up when he heard the name Sykes? No, because Christopher goes by a different last name, Thompson.
McGEE: But last names aside, Evan Sykes is still out there.
Boss? Directive hasn't changed.
Get me a location on Evan Sykes.
- Jack.
SLOANE: Gibbs, good timing.
Want you to take a look at some stuff.
Faith Tolliver just called.
She changed her mind about having an agent outside her place.
She did? That-that's great.
She requested that this time, it not be you.
I'm starting to think you had the right idea, recusing yourself.
Oh, I'm not recusing myself, Gibbs.
I can't.
I'm in this.
Take a look at this.
Evan Sykes.
He is a scared, lost kid.
He likely has no idea what to do next.
Read this at your leisure, because this is the profile that's really gonna help you.
Noah Sykes.
He worked three jobs to get his son the best lawyer he could for that drunk driving trial.
And after one son went to prison, Noah did everything in his power to help the other one move on.
Evan was taunted in school, so he moved him to the next town over.
He even changed their last name.
What does that mean, Jack? It means he's the kind of parent that loves and protects to the end, no matter what.
He knows where Evan is.
I would bet my life on it.
But you need to tell him something, Gibbs.
You need to tell him that in this situation, there is only one way to truly protect his son.
Room 124.
Room 124.
He's alone.
- I'll get the father out of here.
- Yeah.
We can't let this kid off easy.
Easy for him is dead.
Yeah? Good? Go.
All right, on your go, boss.
Torres goes in alone.
Gibbs? You got this? - Yeah.
- Go.
NCIS! All right, kid, I'll make you a deal.
You reach, and I shoot.
I just wanted my brother back.
Yeah, well, Officer Moseby survived.
But what about Diana Sanchez? Who? She is the woman you killed, Evan.
Hey, tell me something.
Was shooting all those people just a cover-up for your motive? Or was it your cry for help? Or was it just a bonus? 'Cause, see, what gets under my skin is that there was no reason, but there was a reason.
You had a reason, didn't you? You didn't have the power to save your brother so in the hospital, you took the power over everything.
But, man I don't accept that reason.
Pick it up, Evan.
- Pick up the gun! - I'm sorry! Don't shoot! (crying): Don't shoot.
Please don't shoot.
I'm sorry.
That's not enough.
Gibbs! (door opens) All right, get your hands behind your back.
(handcuffs clicking) (Evan crying) EVAN: I'm sorry.
(exhales) Faith.
Look, I know Evan Sykes is in custody.
They-they already told me.
(sighs) Okay.
What is it you want to say, Agent Sloane? I need you to know, the day you were born, I did give you to your mother and told her that I had to cut all ties.
But it wasn't because I didn't love you.
I, um I just knew that, if I saw you again, I wouldn't be able to let you go.
But I had to.
I had to let you go, because I was, uh I'm sorry I can't explain it right now, but I will, one day.
There is no "one day.
" Not for us.
If you didn't want to see me, why did you risk it? What? You were in California.
You knew that moving here meant you might walk into a room one day and I would be sitting there.
Why didn't you just stay where you were? (sobbing): Because I failed.
I tried every which way to let you go, but I can't, so (engine starts) Boss, you knew how on edge Torres was about this mass shooting.
But you sent him in there alone.
Guess you knew that raw kind of anger would scare Evan into giving himself up.
You knew Torres wasn't gonna pull that trigger, right? There are no absolutes, Tim.
Boss, you okay? I got one with a swan.
I got one with a kid.
I got one with a plant.
"One with a kid.
" You talking about Jimmy? I wanted to shake 'em all.
I wanted to say, "Rule 10.
" Yeah, but you didn't.
I couldn't.
I burned Rule 10.
No going back.
Worked out okay today, but What, you burned "never get personally involved on a case"? Hey, Tim, you've always had your head on straight.
You always have.
Make sure to keep it that way.
I don't understand.
You-you've never gotten rid of any of the rules.
I didn't do it for me.
I'm not sure if it's right.
Wow, you've lived with that rule a long time.
And I don't know where I'm gonna end up without it.
(scraping) Nice to see some life in here.
(chuckles) I thought you were clearing the place out.
Changed my mind.
Well, like I said, Ziva made one last payment before her death, so we're good through the end of next year.
But I do like to know who I'll see coming and going.
You'll be working in here from time to time? Maybe.
I hope so.
Funny thing about hope-- once she gets into your blood, she never leaves you.
Does she? I'll be seeing you, then.
(grunts) (exhales)