NCIS s17e02 Episode Script

Into The Light

1 Previously on "NCIS" (GUNFIRE) GIBBS: I want to know - who we're running from! - There is a woman.
Her name is Sahar.
She wants me dead, and now she's after you, too.
Why does Sahar want me dead? Because of your burden, because of your brother Ari.
And for what you've done.
As long as she is alive, she is a threat, and I will not have this threat follow me - back to my family.
- You do not want to go down this road.
The only way back to Tali, back home, is if Sahar is dead.
SAHAR: If you kill me, Miss David, a United States senator will be dead by morning.
That is tomorrow's concern.
- This is today.
- Ziva! MAN: Mm.
MAN 2: Well, one of us should stay awake.
I nominate you.
- It's your turn.
- Oh, I was awake yesterday.
- Oh, I have apnea.
I need to rest.
- Yeah? Well, I have bored-out-of-my-mind, - so until we see some action - (DOOR OPENING) Special Agent Gibbs, NCIS.
Where's your holding cell? - Oh, may I ask what this is about? - Get out of the way! Well, it's not a holding cell, per se.
It's just we just have this.
But, like, ain't nobody's escaped yet.
- She's bluffing.
- Am I? I say we put a bullet in your head and find out.
What if she's not bluffing? We try to avoid shooting people.
She's too dangerous to keep alive, Gibbs! Go ahead, do it! - Oh, don't push me! - We're not doing this again! You want to shoot her? Go ahead, shoot her! I don't care.
Have we learned which senator's the target? Not yet.
Of course, that's assuming the threat's even real.
Agent Gibbs believes it is.
Problem is, we get a dozen calls like this every week.
Get me actionable data, we'll go to the mattresses.
But we can't run scared every time somebody says "boo.
" That's exactly what they want.
Got Gibbs again.
Says Sahar's still playing games.
And Ziva's still trying to shoot her.
Talk to me.
Does Sahar have more people out there or not? Uh, working on it.
What can we do? Talk to Bishop's contact at NSA.
The POW camp where Sahar was held.
Find out if she made any friends.
- On it.
- On it.
Hold up.
Now that Gibbs mentions it, where is Agent Bishop? Haven't seen her.
I thought she was in here.
- You aren't lying again, are you? - MCGEE: No.
- No, sir.
- I hope not, because the three of you still aren't off the hook for the last time.
Yes, sir.
All right.
(QUIETLY): Please tell me we didn't just lie to the director again.
This is Ellie.
You know the deal.
(VOICE MAIL BEEPS) So, uh it like this all the time where you work? Anything we can do to help? It's been awful quiet in there.
You want us to take a crack at it? How can I have my life back?! You said you wanted me dead! Looks like that won't be happening now.
Which senator? I'd hate to ruin the surprise.
Oh, be careful.
You aren't going to hurt me.
You need me.
- What's that supposed to mean? - Relationships are hard.
Life is hard.
But when you were on the run, you got to avoid all of that.
You don't know anything about me.
I am you, Ziva.
We both lost the best years of our lives in prison.
The only difference is I had no choice.
But you You finish that sentence and you die.
You made your prison.
- Ziva - You chose to hide from the ones you love.
SAHAR: No! (EXHALES) And you think I'm the one bluffing? Get out of here.
I come at a bad time? I definitely think I came at a bad time.
My life is a series of bad times.
That's why I'm here.
I thought I could help.
To be honest, I'm not sure what I need right now.
If we're being honest, I'm really here because I thought this might be my only chance to meet you.
And you have questions? I have a lot of questions.
Let's move! - Hey, Gibbs.
I, um - Yeah, yeah.
I can guess.
Come on.
Our ride is here.
He did not know you were coming.
Well, I found Bishop.
Yeah, we heard.
She's choppering back with Gibbs.
Guess the mystique of Ziva David was too much to resist.
- Is this Sahar's old prison camp? - TORRES: Yeah.
Any leads on who else she may be working with? TORRES: No.
But now we know why she's really pissed.
We originally assumed that Sahar was Hamas.
But we spoke with a former guard, and it turns out that she was leading a splinter group.
A woman, in that part of the world? She actually got pretty close to taking over the whole enchilada.
- Let me guess, glass ceiling.
- MCGEE: We don't know.
But things went sideways, and the group fell apart.
And then Treasury froze the assets.
And Sahar ended up in a POW camp.
TORRES: Very pissed in a POW camp.
What we're not really sure about is why she wants to take it out on a senator.
SLOANE: Mm-mm.
You're not asking the right question.
We need to find out why Sahar was after Gibbs to begin with.
Answer that question and, uh, you'll figure out what she's up to.
MCGEE: Well, we've been trying to figure that out for two days already.
Well, we know one thing: she wasn't bluffing.
NEWS ANNOUNCER: This is ZNN with breaking news.
Washington is on high alert after an attempted suicide bomber was killed by Capitol police this evening at a hotel outside Georgetown.
Over 30 senators were in attendance at the gathering.
OFFICER (OVER RADIO): Bomb secure.
All clear.
Repeat, all clear.
Okay, boys, do your thing.
I was double-checking our security arrangements when I noticed the waiter was acting strange, so I shadowed him.
Second I saw him go for the trigger, I took the shot.
TORRES: You're lucky it wasn't a dead man's switch.
FREYDANO: I was out of options at that point.
- Just the one? - FREYDANO: One's enough.
And I owe your director an apology.
MCGEE: Did the attacker seem focused on any - particular senator? - Not that I could tell.
Was he after anyone specific? Well, the size of the bomb suggests a single target.
Well, we, we may not agree on much, but there is one thing SENATOR ORTEGA: An attack against one of us is an attack against all of us.
BISHOP: How'd the bomber get that past security? Should've been impossible.
Until we know who the target is Every senator that was here needs to get into witness protection.
We need to get this Sahar to talk.
- (WHISPERS): Torres.
- Mm? - (WHISPERS): Bishop.
- Mm? MCGEE: So, where's Ziva? I don't know.
She took off as soon as we landed.
What the hell were you thinking? - What, do we have to put a bell on you? - What? No I thought Gibbs could use the backup.
(EXHALING): Did she say anything? - About what? - About anything.
She thanked me for rescuing Morgan Burke.
Did she say anything else? Look, McGee, you need to prepare yourself.
I don't think she's the same person that you remember.
- (GUNSHOT) - (GRUNTS) (INHALES) (EXHALES) (EXHALES, SNIFFLES) Identify yourself or I shoot.
Donald Mallard.
Is that sufficient not to be shot? - Ducky.
- When I heard that Gibbs didn't take you to the crime scene, I figured I might find you here.
He said he would meet me here after.
He didn't.
How long have you been waiting? Four hours.
Good to see you.
You, too.
Though, clearly, things are not so good.
Do they help? Sometimes, yeah.
It's hard to imagine what you must've been going through these last years.
And alone.
I was not alone.
I had my daughter.
DUCKY: I I don't see She's in the background.
That's, uh, as close as I dared to get.
I think this was ice cream day.
(BOTH CHUCKLE) I like to think that she was quite excited that day.
Does Tony know? It's complicated.
The less Tony knows, the better.
The less you all know, the better.
I have known you for a very long time, Ziva David.
It is hard to think of you going on that journey without knowing that Gibbs had your back.
(SCOFFS) He thought you were dead.
We all did.
He should've known better, Ducky.
I left him a trail that only he could see.
But he didn't come looking.
And now you believe that none of this will end until you have killed the person who is after you.
And make no mistake, I will do whatever it takes to get back to my daughter.
Whatever it takes.
And nobody, nobody's gonna stand in my way.
(SIGHS) (DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) Did you find out who the target is yet? Waiting for you.
Since when do you need an audience? You're not the audience, Jack, I am.
Really? I-I thought you would want to Wasting time.
(DOOR OPENS, CLOSES) So (CLEARS THROAT) You are Mira Sahar Azam.
You sound disappointed.
To be honest, you don't really strike me as the leader of a terrorist splinter group.
- I'm a work in progress.
- Right.
Must be hard living in a man's world.
I bet you kill twice as many heretics for only half the martyrdom.
Am I right, girlfriend? Is this an interrogation or an audition for The View? - Why were you after Gibbs? - Pass.
- What do you want with Ziva David? - Yawn.
Who's your target? Target? Which senator are you after? Senator? Did I say senator? Now that I think about it, I may have meant congressman.
- Get me Capitol Police.
- Already got 'em.
There's been another attack.
Sahar's playing us, isn't she? D.
was thrown into chaos today when a second suicide bomber in as many days was killed by Capitol Police.
William Calbert is standing by with his report.
It was a commemoration for a retiring congresswoman.
Thankfully, nobody was hurt.
Not gonna last.
All 538 members of Congress have been placed in protective custody.
But Capitol Police have been pushed to the breaking point.
You gotta get Sahar to talk.
- All she's doing right now is smirking.
- And Ziva? She's checking with some of her brother's old contacts.
See if they heard anything.
Not what I was asking.
Where is her head at? I had a chat with Dr.
Didn't exactly fill me with rainbows.
Um, I-I can - Leave.
- I can leave.
- Ziva.
- She's gonna be okay, Leon.
And you? What's that supposed to mean? I had a chat with Sloane, too.
It's not like you to punt on an interrogation.
I didn't punt.
I don't punt.
Gibbs, Capitol Police has activated the Patriot Act's "Iron Citadel" provision.
It grants my office additional powers.
So whatever you need, you got it.
But I need to make sure that your head is in the game.
What you need, Leon, is for me to find out where those bombers are coming from.
You got a second body.
Yeah, he just arrived.
Talk to me.
Gibbs, wait, so you're you're alone, then, or? - That a problem? - Yeah.
I mean I mean no, no.
I just, uh, I was hoping that Ziva would be with you.
I have a ton of questions for her, starting with what the heck am I supposed to say to Tony when he calls me for our monthly Fortnite session? Yeah, well, I'm hoping for something, too, Palmer.
What? Oh, oh, right, yes.
The "talk to me.
" Uh, this is our most recent would-be suicide bomber.
He was killed right before he detonated, just like the first.
- Got an ID? - Uh, no hits on prints or DNA.
But I did find this.
They both have matching arm tattoos.
Eh? Looks, uh, pretty patriotic at first, right? - It's not.
- Yeah.
JIMMY: Not according to this FBI bulletin.
- 100% actually stands for - 100% white.
JIMMY: Apparently quite popular with extremist militias these days.
Aren't these guys supposed to be working with Sahar? Yeah.
Hard to imagine a bunch of white supremacists hanging out with someone, you know, from her neck of the woods, if you catch my drift.
Yeah, I get it.
Maybe they were able to bridge their differences long enough to commit mass murder together.
Who knows? Almost gives you hope.
Send their photos to Kasie.
She's running facial-recognition software right now on every cross-burning, tiki torch rally she can find.
Oh, and I was thinking that, uh, Ziva should have a look at these guys.
See if she recognizes anyone.
- Good idea.
- Of course, I should be the one to show her the bad guys' photos, - because - That's a bad idea.
That was hurtful.
McGee, I'm so sorry.
- It's okay.
It's all-all good.
- (SIGHS) Just a misunderstanding, everyone.
I was expecting Gibbs, and not for another half hour.
- Well, he sent me.
- Did he, now? Yeah.
Saved me from having to beg.
Can I have that hug now? It's good to see you.
It's a miracle to see you.
So tell me why? You know why.
I had to disappear.
Someone was trying to kill me, and I had to No, no.
Why Bishop? Why not me? She found me, McGee.
Or was going to.
So, what about Tony? And Tali.
When was the last time you saw her? We must all make sacrifices for our children.
You understand this? I hear you're a father now? Yeah.
Look at this.
Oh (LAUGHS) I want to hear all about it, really, I do, - but now's not the time.
- No.
Do you have the photos that Gibbs wanted me to see? Yeah.
I do not recognize either of these men.
- Any luck with Ari's old contacts? - Yes.
Turns out my brother was not only just a part of Hamas, he was also part of Sahar's splinter group.
A crucial part.
- Until you killed him.
- Yes.
After Ari died, things fell apart.
Sahar's people were hunted down, their assets were frozen.
And Sahar ended up in prison.
All of which she blames me for, and now she's out for revenge.
Plain and simple.
Well, it's not that simple.
I mean, these suicide bombers, what do they have to do with you and Gibbs? I do not have all the answers, McGee.
So come with me to NCIS, and we can answer them together.
I'm not so sure I'm ready - to take that step, but - Sure you are.
Come on.
- No.
You don't understand, it's not - Okay, I don't understand.
But whatever you think of us, we still think of you as family.
Ziva, come home.
Come home.
I, uh, didn't expect to see you here.
- I'm sorry, I was just, uh - No, you're fine.
I, uh, pretty much read your entire diary, so we're even.
I was just in MTAC with Torres.
Uh, we were gonna head down to Kasie.
- I don't think you know her.
- TORRES: Yikes.
Kasie won't stop texting me.
She must have found something pretty, uh important.
- That her? - Mm-hmm.
Are you gonna say hello? I'm sizing her up.
(STIFLED LAUGH) You must be Special Agent Torres? Oh, I see my reputation has preceded me.
Uh, it's really nice to finally meet you.
And from one ass-kicking demon to another, let me just say that I really appreciate your work.
Oh, my gosh, did you really just say that? Why are you getting so judgy? Just, like, "ass-kicking demon"? Really? Well, I hope we can pick up a few pointers from each other.
BISHOP: Or maybe we could just head down to Kasie's lab, see what she wants.
Ziva, you're more than welcome to join us.
Perhaps, but, uh, I think I'd like to stay here a while longer, if I may.
Yeah, of course.
Of course I would win in a fight.
Mm, I wouldn't be so sure.
Please, she's a girl.
- Woman.
- Woman.
- Who are we talking about again? - Ziva.
In the flesh.
- She's sitting upstairs as we speak.
- Oh.
I will call ZNN.
Ziva, as in David.
Yeah, I heard you.
Ziva David, big bad Mossad assassin, is sitting upstairs.
Ooh! Possibly in a chair.
Ah! Aren't you a little curious to meet her? You know, to be honest, I have had enough of the hush-hush and the secretiveness, and I'm sure she's a very nice person and I'll meet her when I meet her, or not.
In the meantime, do you want to be educated - or do you want to keep drooling? - I don't drool.
Mm, maybe not, but you do have some egg on your face.
Your report on the Senate suicide bomb said this wasn't a dead man's switch, except it was.
Doesn't look like one.
Because it's not a spring-trigger, it's touch-activated.
Wait, so why didn't the bomb go off when the bomber dropped it? - Was it a decoy? - Oh, no.
No, these bombs are the real deal, made of high-end C-4, but according to the logs on the detonation processor, the trigger was disabled just prior to the attack.
TORRES: Disabled? Like, somebody screwed up? No, this was deliberate.
These bombs were never gonna go off.
The attack was fake.
- So the attacks were fake? - Yeah! But why bother making a real bomb if you're just gonna disable it? - 'Cause needed to look real.
- But real for what? Hey, Jack, it's not some Q&A.
I asked you down here for help.
Listen, if you want answers, you need to find the people who made those vests, which means - Means we need to talk to Sahar again.
- Right.
She should be done with her arraignment soon.
Hey, but by "we" did you mean me, since you seem to be avoiding the task? - You're afraid.
- No, I'm not.
You're afraid to fail Ziva again.
And if you deny it, I'm just gonna say it louder.
Got a lead on the vests.
What do we got? The bomb detonators are actually mini programmable computers.
By analyzing the data caches, we were able to pull the IP address from the PC that programmed them.
- Were you able to trace it? - Kasie was.
The IP address belongs to Weird.
There's some kind of RF interference.
Oh, no, please, boss, don't do that.
BISHOP: There you go.
The bomb maker's name is Dwight Colton, and he is already on the FBI watch list for running an extremist anti-government militia.
We've traced several overseas deposits to Sahar's bank account, so Sahar must be working with him.
Pick him up before Ziva gets there.
- That's a bug.
- Yeah.
Wait Did Ziva bug the bullpen? Yeah.
TORRES: I have some movement.
Well, that's not our bomb maker, but they're definitely buddies.
Same tattoo.
Well, that makes three inside.
Actually, four.
Heavily armed.
Dwight is with them.
I assume you have a warrant for his arrest? We do, and if you had just stayed with us at NCIS instead of bugging us, we could've just told you that.
Just ignore her.
You're paranoid.
I get it.
I'm not the only one paranoid.
I do not recommend entering that building to serve your warrant.
There will be a standoff.
We don't have time to wait for them to come out.
You don't have to wait.
Nicholas, you're coming with me.
Eleanor, you're staying in the car.
You'll know what to do.
Come on.
Follow me.
You're the one who said, "When Ziva asks you to do something" All right, what's the play? I'm gonna hit you.
You're gonna hit me back.
They're gonna come out and watch the fight.
Just, please, make it look real.
Okay, I'm not gonna hit you.
Come on, you're not gonna hurt me.
O-Okay, I know you're supposed to be this major badass, but this guy is not gonna hit you.
(GRUNTS) Hit me.
I'm not gonna hit you.
Okay, stop that.
All right.
Game on, mujer.
Is that all you got? (LAUGHS) (CHUCKLING) Don't be a wuss.
Tell her how you feel.
- What? - Freeze.
Hands up! Thoughtful design.
Your men are dead.
Martyrs for the cause.
Yeah? What cause is that? I don't recognize your authority to ask me questions.
But you do recognize hers.
Right? You're working with her, right? We know she planned the attack.
Her kind is gonna burn, just like the rest of you government thugs.
But for now, the enemy of my enemy is my friend.
Well, your friend played your ass.
Those vests you made, she had them disabled prior to the attack.
- (CHUCKLES) Did she now? - Yeah.
The-the dead man's switches were reprogrammed.
Your bombs were never gonna explode.
(LAUGHS) Man, she used you.
Who helped you get those vests through security? I knew he couldn't be trusted.
- I want a name.
- They were working perfectly when I gave 'em to that stupid cop.
But the revolution is still coming.
And the true patriot understands that the real enemy isn't plastic straws.
It's an oppressive, fascist government that cares more about clean air than freedom.
You mean like this guy? (KNOCKING ON DOOR) MCGEE: Chief Freydano, NCIS.
Open up.
- He's not here.
- You were supposed to wait for my signal before you went in.
You took too long.
House is empty.
Suitcase is missing.
(SIGHS) He must've figured out we connected him to Sahar.
Perhaps we can find something that'll tell us where he's going.
I miss doing this with you, Ziva.
Though what I really miss is that I didn't get to see - you and Torres fight.
- (CHUCKLES) What I wouldn't give to see him get his a - McGee.
- Hey, boss.
Freydano was already gone.
Thought you were headed down to Capitol Police.
Uh, no, Bishop's on that.
She tell you about the bank transfer we found? Turns out that Freydano, he's a gun for hire - Hey, Tim? - Yeah.
Go check out the house, okay? Okay.
Check the house.
Left something.
Do you think you would've found that - if I didn't want you to? - I don't know.
I miss things sometimes.
So I hear.
I see you've been talking to Ducky.
Ziva, I didn't come looking for you because you died.
Did they ever find a body? You asked me where I got this scar.
I got it in Paraguay.
The second I heard you and McGee had been kidnapped, I flew down to South America.
My contacts said you were dead.
But still, I spent months turning over every rock in every hellhole looking for you.
The rescue helicopter only beat me by an hour.
And after they pulled you out, did it never occur to you to wonder why no one came looking for revenge? I got this scar making sure no one could.
That is what you do for the people you love.
That is what you do for your family.
What did you do for me? Nothing! You couldn't even hope I was still alive.
Sorry, boss, I was, uh, waiting for a pause in the conversation.
- Okay.
- Found something in the house.
You know, I'm thinking I shouldn't have left you two alone.
- What'd you find? - Freydano had a burn phone.
Maybe it'll help us find out where he's running to.
Did I hear someone mention Paraguay? DUCKY: You rang? Ah, you are just the Duckster I wanted to see.
I found something on that cop's phone that I wanted to run by you.
Oh, of course.
Was it useful in finding Chief Freydano's whereabouts? Uh, not yet, but I did manage to partially reconstruct a video chat between him and Sahar.
- So they are working together.
- Yeah.
And, naturally, you'd like my opinion as to why a decorated police officer would We already know.
- Oh.
- And we were right.
According to their texts, the suicide attacks were just a distraction.
And you would like me to determine why Sahar needed a distraction? Oh, I already know that, too.
Apparently, the entire point was to trick the Capitol Police into activating something called the Iron Citadel protocol, whatever that is.
Oh, it's an obscure provision of the Patriot Act.
But what has all this to do with Sahar's vendetta against Ziva? Oh, that's why you invited me down here.
You want me to postulate theories as to Sorry, no.
May I have a lifeline? I called you down here because I also traced several phone calls between Chief Freydano and you.
Me? Which makes it seem like you're secretly working with Sahar.
(CHUCKLES): But that obviously can't be true.
- Right? - Well, of course not.
I mean, I don't even have my phone.
I lent it to Z Oh.
Yeah, see, it looked like your lips were just about to make a "Z" sound.
- (GRUNTS SOFTLY) - As in, you know The last time I saw her, Ziva asked to borrow it.
Oh, well, she just got a lot more interesting.
Well, this cannot be what it looks like.
Because what it looks like is that Ziva is secretly working with Sahar.
The terrorist lady.
Ziva's not answering her phone.
- Ping it.
- BISHOP: I'm trying, but she must have disabled the battery.
When was the last time you saw her? At Chief Freydano's house.
Ziva knew his burn phone would lead us back to her.
- That's why she split.
This cannot be what it looks like.
Ziva is not helping Sahar.
Gibbs, can this be what it looks like? Either way, we played right into Sahar's hands.
She wanted us to invoke the IC protocol.
- Why? - I can't even begin to imagine what she would gain by it.
If anything, the authority that it grants us makes it easier to round her people up.
And we're gonna need that authority.
Sahar's escaped.
What? How? She was on her way to a federal holding facility.
Someone rammed her transport.
TORRES: "Someone," huh? Sounds like a "Z" coming.
Sahar wants Ziva dead.
Remember? So, it could easily have been Chief Freydano that busted her out.
Nope, couldn't be, 'cause Freydano was picked up by airport police trying to leave the country.
- Which brings us back to Z - We're not going there.
- Uh - No, no.
Leon, not yet.
Bring him in.
- I want a deal.
- I don't care what you want.
You have no idea what's happening.
We know you and Sahar are working together.
- What's that called, again? - Treason.
You're gonna hang.
GIBBS: You want a deal? You get to live.
That's it.
TORRES: Why is Sahar so interested in that Iron Citadel thing? What's this got to do with Ziva David? You have it all wrong.
Sahar doesn't want Ziva dead.
Ziva's helping Sahar rebuild her organization.
- Bull.
- I didn't say willingly.
In fact, Sahar's original plan was to kidnap you and force Ziva to help her.
Keep talking.
But Ziva was able to warn you, so Sahar had to improvise a plan B.
She made an offer to Ziva when they were alone together in the police station.
You owe these people nothing.
They abandoned you.
I owe you even less.
But if you help us, you can have your life back.
This was never about you.
All we want is liberty for our people.
And no one else needs to die.
It wasn't even that hard a sell.
When Ziva got back to D.
, she contacted me.
I arranged for a special drive to be delivered to her with a list of accounts.
Once she was inside NCIS, which only Ziva David could do, she gained access to your director's office and used the emergency powers granted to your agency to access over $50 million in frozen assets belonging to Sahar's group.
The group that fell apart after Ari was killed.
Sahar's trying to rebuild it.
What better way to show her worth to her people than to use the very person that took it down? You check cameras? Disabled.
And it looks like Sahar's assets were transferred to over a dozen overseas banks.
- Where? - Routing numbers are masked.
But boss, this doesn't mean that we know that Ziva - Got a match.
- Her prints are all over the room.
VANCE: Well, that settles that.
Gibbs, this isn't Ziva's fault.
I mean, if she thought this was the only way to get her life back, to see her daughter? - She'd do anything.
- TORRES: The question is, what is she doing now? McGee, get Treasury over here.
- On it.
- Torres, airport checkpoints.
- On it.
- Bishop, BOLO on Ziva.
To be arrested on sight.
You may not need that BOLO.
Ducky's cell just came back on line.
I think Ziva made a call.
And I got a location.
Wow, I'm starting to think we need to up our security - around here.
- I'm starting to think I shouldn't have had that Big Gulp.
It will not be for much longer, gentlemen.
ANDREWS: Ma'am, this is a felony.
Now, it's not too late to put the toothpaste back in the tube.
This is for your protection.
Enough people have been hurt.
(DOOR OPENS) - Uh - (SHUSHES) Is it done? I transferred your assets.
All bank information is here.
Verify it, then upload the data.
I did what you asked of me.
I freed your money.
Now I want your word it ends here.
Yes, I did give you my word.
It's not really an even trade, is it? It took over a decade to climb out from the rubble you made of all of our lives.
We were tortured for years in that POW camp.
We barely survived.
But you did stick to your end of the bargain.
And I would like to uphold mine.
Unfortunately, it's not up to me.
I'm sorry.
Kill her.
Nobody move.
You're under arrest.
You're all under arrest.
You're too late.
Am I? Actually, you're right on time.
I transferred your assets, yes.
But I also alerted Interpol.
So, when your people go to retrieve their money, they'll be arrested.
It's over.
Seems that it is.
And that I underestimated you all.
Or did I? Tell me.
When I made the offer to you back there, were you playing me from the beginning? Or did you actually consider it? I don't kiss and show.
(WHISPERS): "Tell.
" - Either way, so much for plan B.
- SAHAR: Yes.
But I will not be going back to prison.
Time for plan C.
How'd you know? I didn't.
And you're not that sloppy.
Tracked you when you turned Ducky's GPS back on.
(INSECTS TRILLING) You're gonna leave without saying goodbye? I heard Interpol arrested the last of Sahar's splinter group.
Her organization is destroyed.
That's good.
You lied to me.
I know.
And for that, I'm sorry.
But it was the only way my plan would work.
Do you really think Vance would have allowed me to transfer the assets? - But I'm not, I'm not Vance.
- I know.
I'm sorry, but I have to get going.
I didn't go looking for you after you blew up - (SIGHS) Gibbs.
- because I had lost you once before.
And I get it in my head that you're alive and I'm out there looking and it turns out you're not I would've, uh I would've I would have lost you a thousand times, if that's what it took.
I waited for you, Gibbs.
I waited and I waited and I waited.
And you never came.
I made a mistake.
(SIGHS) Where to now, Ziva? There's one more thing I have to do before I can put this all behind me.
And this time, I have to do it alone.
(PHONE RINGING) I called him after you went missing, and I left a message.
- What did you say? - Nothing.
He should hear it from you.
And he will.