NCIS s17e14 Episode Script

On Fire

- Boss.
- Hey.
- Give me a sitrep.
- I-I-I just got here.
- You don't know anything? - No, I got the same text you did.
It sounds bad.
Come on.
- Hey, hey.
Are you okay? - Hey.
Uh, the vehicle was a gray Lamborghini with black exhaust tips and a rear carbon fiber spoiler wing.
- How's Torres? - I canvassed the area for cameras, but I didn't see any that had a view of the accident.
But what about, what about Nick? I was able to get a partial plate, so between that - and the vehicle type - Bishop! Bishop.
What about Torres? Um He shoved me out of the way.
I knew he was strong, but not, not that strong.
And then he-he, like, ran to the car, uh, like some kind of freaking action hero, like he was gonna I don't know, I don't know, like, leap over it as it passed by? And, um He almost made it.
Um It's bad.
Excuse me.
I need to take his vitals.
How is he? You family? - Close enough.
- Well, if you're not actually a blood relative, I'm afraid I'm gonna have to ask you to leave.
Special Agent Gibbs.
I heard this was a hit-and-run.
Well, your investigation is gonna have to wait.
As you can see, our patient is in no condition to answer any questions.
I don't care about the investigation.
So, family after all.
How is he? I mean, no broken bones, minimal abrasions.
Uh, but apparently he hit his head and hasn't regained consciousness.
You know, the doctor really needs to be the one to fill you in, but we have him listed in critical condition with an unspecified cardiac anomaly.
You hang in there, amigo.
Hey, don't worry.
He's in good hands.
We got the best neurosurgeon on the East Coast being choppered in from Baltimore as we speak.
And I hear she's a miracle worker.
- What's happening? - Uh, I don't know.
I think he's crashing.
Call a code! Call a code! Out.
Uh, stop the antibiotic, infuse normal saline.
- I got chest.
- Keep fighting, Nick.
Where's the damn attending?! You fight, Torres! Doctor, patient heart rate is 72.
Torres, you fight! You keep fighting! You hear me? You hear me?! Eat.
Uh No, uh I'm not hungry.
I didn't ask you if you were hungry.
He out of surgery yet? No.
Not yet.
Any word on the driver? Well, we got a ton of witnesses, but, uh, Bishop has more info than all of them put together.
You know, apparently this guy has been using that area as his own personal drag strip for the last week or so.
We got to find the guy before he kills somebody.
Well, unfortunately, there's more than 50 Lamborghinis registered in a 100-mile radius.
- And most of them are gray, - BISHOP: Excuse me.
believe it or not.
- Is there any more news? - So we don't have more to go on.
- Well, somebody must know something.
- We'll let you know as soon as we know.
Please have a seat.
Thank you.
Boss, she should go home.
I already tried.
Want to give it a shot? Go ahead.
Well, maybe we should call in Sloane? Agent Gibbs? Dr.
- Hi.
- Please tell us you got good news.
Actually, I do.
We tracked Agent Torres's cardiac dysfunction to a small puncture wound in his cervical spine.
From what? It appeared to be a sliver of carbon fiber from the vehicle that hit him.
The surgery to remove it was actually quite minor.
So he's gonna be okay? He's out of immediate danger, but the prognosis in these situations is difficult to predict.
Give it a try.
For now, Agent Torres is in a medically induced coma to keep the swelling down.
All we can do at this point is hope.
We can do better than that.
Carbon fiber.
Excuse me? The sliver? I want it.
So, this was inside Torres's skull, huh? Imagine the stories it could tell.
Actually, it was in his neck.
The doctor says it splintered off the car when Torres landed on it.
He's, um, gonna be okay, right? Any heads at the hospital need busting? 'Cause I know a guy.
I think Bishop's got it covered.
The entire nursing staff has a code word they use when they see her coming.
As in "run".
She's really taking it hard.
I mean, we all are.
But she's, you know, maybe taking it a little differently? I don't know what you're talking about.
Oh, come on.
Look, Kasie, Bishop is like a sister to me, okay? And Torres is like a brother.
You see where I'm going with this? Yes.
We are all going to need therapy if those two ever hook up.
Okay, moving on.
I think the best thing to do for the both of them is for us to find the driver of that car.
Besides, Bishop needs the distraction.
And we'll never hear the end of it if Torres wakes up before that guy is behind bars.
So talk to me.
Well, so I started with a list of all the gray Lambos registered in the area.
50 and some change.
Unfortunately, Bishop's partial plate only narrowed the list down to 30.
Isn't this the part where you say "however"? Ooh.
It feels good to be known.
However, the doc was right.
I was able to trace the carbon fiber sliver to a specific aftermarket spoiler.
If you cross-reference the spoiler buyer list with the remaining vehicles, you get a winner.
Xavier Zolotov.
I hate him already.
Oh, you and everybody else.
Apparently, he's a spoiled brat trust fund baby famous for being, well, a spoiled brat trust fund baby.
Take a look.
Nice gold-plated AK-47, brah.
You know, they say money doesn't buy happiness, but looked pretty stoked eating caviar on his private jet.
- Barefoot, I might add.
- You got an address? I do, but first you have to do me two favors.
- What? - One, watch your back.
Apparently, this guy travels with his own private security force.
And number two? Show Gibbs these photos before he goes to arrest this tool.
- What's going on? - Back inside.
What? Promised you'd behave yourself.
Yeah, that was before I knew our suspect's wife kept a baby tiger as a pet.
- Think about armed bodyguards.
- I know.
This guy's not gonna go down without a fight.
NCIS! Open the door! We have a warrant for the arrest of Xavier Zolotov.
Don't mind him, he's just hungover.
So, what did Xavier do now? Where is he? More to the point, who am I writing a check to this time? Hey.
What are you crying for, huh? That's literally the worst massage I've ever had in my life! What has my wife done now? More to the point Who am I writing a check to, huh? Interesting man.
His social media profile alone is enough to warrant a diagnosis of histrionic and narcissistic personality disorder.
They all look that way to me.
Yeah, but he takes it to a whole new level.
- He's wildly irresponsible.
- Yeah, I noticed.
To the point where people around him get hurt.
You think? Okay, he's listed in multiple police reports.
Last year a 15-year-old girl died after she was drugged at a party of his.
And just last month he was accused of shooting a bouncer on his way out of a nightclub.
Left the guy partially paralyzed.
Somehow he always gets away with it.
Not this time.
Uh, are you sure that Bishop should be handling the interrogation? I've noticed she seems a little Seems a little what, Jack? Never mind.
I have a feeling that's exactly why you picked her.
Is this your vehicle? Look, I think you and I got off on the wrong foot.
I was just messing around.
Were you just messing around when you were driving 90 miles per hour down a residential street? That was a mistake.
One that I'm truly sorry for.
If I had known how hard it would be to find someone in the area that did good body work on exotic cars, I would have been much more careful.
Oh, boy.
You trying to piss me off? Is that how you get your kicks? No.
If I was trying to get my kicks off with you, I would be much more creative.
Well, you'd have to be, after what I saw under that towel.
Are you aware that fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime? I'm sorry for that, too.
You know, to be honest with you, I was so drunk I don't even know what way was up.
Yeah? You want to write it down? What is he doing? Burying himself.
Okay, I think we're done here, yeah? How about you go and call my lawyer so I can get out of here, huh? You're not going anywhere.
You just admitted to multiple felonies.
A lawyer can't help you now.
I don't need help.
What I need is a ride home.
Because I have flight, and I need to pack for it.
A flight? Wait, so he confessed to being the driver? - Yep.
- And fleeing the scene of an accident.
- Yep.
- I don't get it.
He must be covering for someone.
Kasie checked the car.
His fingerprints are all over the steering wheel, and his boot prints are all over the pedals.
He was driving.
Then, how does this guy think he's going anywhere other than a jail cell? Because we're letting him go.
Excuse me? No.
Agent Bishop, stand down.
No, there's no way you made bail, not this quickly and not with fleeing the scene.
You're going to jail.
Agent Bishop, I said stand down.
If you don't listen to your boss, I'm going to file assault charges.
And it will be you who goes to jail.
Director, what is going on? The Russians are claiming immunity.
That guy ain't no diplomat.
I didn't say diplomatic immunity.
It's something called sovereign immunity.
That's for royal families.
Yeah, well, apparently Xavier has some old-school royal blood in him.
Russia doesn't even have a monarchy anymore.
That's bull.
I couldn't agree more, Agent Bishop, but apparently the family has some friends in high places.
State Department doesn't want to contest the immunity claim.
God forbid we upset the Russians.
So that's it, he just walks? Flies, actually.
I'm told he's gonna be leaving the country tomorrow.
- Leon - No, Torres is lying in a hospital bed and may never get out.
I'm very aware of Agent Torres's condition.
Okay, what if that was your kid lying in the ICU, Director? Give us a minute.
You need to get control of your agent.
I think you need to answer her question.
I don't appreciate the insinuation that I don't look out for my people.
That what you're doing here? So what if Agent Torres isn't my kid? Hell, he's not yours either.
These are the only kids I have left! Come on, Leon.
Have you read Interpol's report on that guy? Of course I did.
Agent Torres is hardly his first victim.
He's left broken bodies or worse on five continents.
And Torres won't be his last.
I'm surprised.
Not like you to roll over.
Who said I rolled over? You and Bishop just wouldn't give me a chance to get a word in edgewise.
Gibbs, I told my superiors that they don't get to decide who NCIS investigates.
The director of NCIS does, and last I checked, that's me.
So if they don't like my choices, - they can ask me to resign.
- And? They asked me to resign.
I was halfway through a rather spirited letter of resignation when I realized something.
What? I have friends in high places, too.
I just need you to buy me some time.
I cannot believe that Vance was ordered to let this guy walk.
And for the Russians? Yeah, well, State wants the story to go away as quietly as possible.
I have a feeling we're gonna make some noise.
- Not us.
- Is he gonna push back? He'd better do it quickly.
Xavier leaves the country tomorrow.
Yeah, once he's out of our jurisdiction, we've lost him for good.
That's why we need to keep him here.
Buy Vance some time.
Okay, well, how are we supposed to keep Xavier here when we aren't even allowed to detain him? Find a way to trick him into staying here on his own.
All right, well, what do you get the guy that's got everything? Maybe we get the Kardashians to invite him over for dinner.
Who? Look, let's dig deeper into Xavier's Instagram feed.
There's got to be something there.
Yeah, go.
Do it.
Yeah, it's Gibbs.
When? Oh, wow.
It's been staring at us right in the face.
How bad? Right.
All right.
Thank you.
Is it Nick? Uh, yeah.
Doctor said Torres is going back into surgery.
Bishop, go.
Go, he should have someone with him.
Yeah, we can handle things here.
Besides, uh, I think I may have a lead to go on, so You think he's gonna be all right? Yeah, he's a fighter.
So is Bishop.
The lead what do we got? Well, nothing on Xavier, but I think this is exactly what we're looking for.
Seriously? Don't you people have, like, day jobs? Really? It's 11:00 a.
, you're carrying a yoga mat and a latte.
NCIS! Open up! Step aside.
We've got a warrant.
Sovereign immunity.
Got a license for that? Virginia, don't need, but you knew that.
Who is it? Ah, hello again, Agent Puckerface.
Let them in.
They look so sad in the hall.
Sorry, Xavitchka isn't here.
Remember, fold the sleeves first.
He wanted to catch one last game before we left.
- You're not going anywhere.
- Oh? I think we are.
Your government has been very accommodating.
Yeah, to Xavier, sure.
Yeah, he's more than free to go.
Sovereign immunity and all.
Unfortunately, that does not apply to you.
You're not going anywhere.
No, you don't need a license for a handgun in the state of Virginia.
But you do need one for a tiger.
Hands behind your back.
Ball in, boys.
That's a charge, bud.
He didn't call it, bud.
Yeah, I'm sure your, uh, two very large, very armed friends over here had nothing to do with that.
So, you guys here for a reason? Or, uh, did you come here to play referee? Hmm? We're here to tell you your flight home has been delayed.
- We're flying private.
- Then you're flying alone.
We just arrested your wife.
What for? Possession of an exotic animal.
Violation of the Endangered Species Act.
Not to mention a few animal cruelty statutes.
- You have got to be kidding me.
- No.
She's looking at seven years.
And since she's an obvious flight risk, you can all but guarantee the judge is gonna deny her bail.
That is a real problem for her.
Okay, is that all you guys need? Because I'm going to try to squeeze in another game.
- And then I'm going to do the clubbing.
- Xavier! And then I'm going to tell my pilots to fire up the PJ.
Ball in.
Oh, let's go! Come on! How is he? Your friend has fluid on his lungs.
And as a result, his breathing is severely strained.
But you can fix it? We can drain the fluid, yes.
But if this happens again, we're gonna have a problem.
Oh, what kind of problem? Let's only cross that bridge if we have to, Agent Bishop.
That didn't sound so good.
Please tell me Xavier cried when you told him you arrested his wife.
Actually, not even close.
The guy almost seemed happy about it.
- He's still leaving? - Yeah.
- Do you think he's bluffing? - No.
Neither does Gibbs.
I mean, we've been racking our brains, but we're pretty much out of options at this point.
I hate to say it, but I think this guy's gonna get away.
All right, I'm gonna call Gibbs, update him on our boy.
Yeah, you do that.
You going back to the office? Nope.
Well, where are you going? I'm going to find Xavier.
Bishop, we've already been through this.
We can't arrest him.
I don't plan on arresting him.
Well, then what's the plan? I'm gonna kill him.
Hey, you can't be serious.
Oh, yeah, why's that? Because assassinating the bad guy is sort of a no-no.
So is letting him walk away and live his life happily ever after.
Bishop, you were in a car accident, okay? You're not thinking straight.
Now, listen, I want to get this guy - as much as you do.
- Then move.
But I don't want to spend the next 40 years of my life in Leavenworth.
Why are you assuming I would get caught? Why are we even having this conversation? Look I just can't let Xavier leave this country, Tim.
I just can't.
I understand that.
We will find a way to keep him here.
Vance just needs No, we are all out of options.
You just said it yourself two minutes ago.
That was before you flipped out and said you were gonna kill a guy.
Could you say it a little louder? You think Torres would be happy with you doing this? I don't think Torres gets a vote.
Well, what about when he wakes up? You mean if he wakes up? Okay, Xavier's jet isn't scheduled to leave until tomorrow.
Now, that gives us some time to figure out how to stall him before you commit premeditated murder.
Now, Ellie, you need a break.
Go home.
I will call Sloane, and we'll get started on Xavier.
I-I'm not going home.
- Bishop! - I am going to the office.
Okay? If there's something we haven't thought of, I will find it there.
Need a ride? No, I can manage.
Just need you to stay here until Torres gets out of surgery.
Call me the second he does, okay? Okay.
Oh! Not bad.
Helps to clear my mind.
Kind of like my version of building a boat, but not in a basement.
I heard you got something on Xavier.
What's the word on Torres? Surgery went well.
Doctors say he's stable, still not awake.
And Bishop? What about her? Well, McGee called me last night.
He didn't go into detail, but something she said had him rattled.
He called you? Uh, yeah.
He was concerned about his friend's mental well-being, so he called a psychologist is that a problem? No.
He didn't tell me anything I hadn't already suspected.
- Mm-hmm.
- Listen, traumatic events can often trigger periods of mental instability.
It sounds like Bishop is suffering from some form of PTSD, and from the little McGee told me, it sounds like she's having trouble regulating her emotional responses.
Yeah, well, she'll pull out of it.
She always does.
I don't think so.
I think it's different this time.
Maybe you should consider taking her off duty for a while.
Well, maybe, Jack, you should let me handle my own team.
You know what? Bishop is spiraling.
And you're not far behind.
Me?! Yeah, you.
Sure, you've had your share of tragedy, and it's given you some really thick skin.
But what always gets you through the day is that someone always pays.
But now the bad guy's gonna get away.
And that must be unbearable for you You got something on Xavier or not? Really? Yes.
I have had the displeasure of digging through all of his social media accounts.
This guy is your typical chauvinistic - jackass.
- Tell me something I don't know.
I'll tell you how you can stop him from leaving the country.
How about that? A man like that has an excessive need for admiration and praise, right? - Mm-hmm.
- So, he requires a partner who will constantly feed his narcissistic ego and sexual appetite.
And since his wife is clearly not doing any of that, I would bet Oh, he's got a girlfriend.
Reel her in, you get your man.
That's really good.
Thank you.
Come on, Bishop, pick up.
Hey, this is Ellie.
Leave a message.
Where's Bishop? Well, I was hoping she was with you.
Call her.
I did I, uh, I only got voice mail.
There a problem? Yeah.
When Bishop left the hospital last night, she said she was coming back to the office.
Well, her name is not on the night logs downstairs.
Well, where is she now? Boss, that's what I'm saying.
Look, we all want to get this guy Bishop more than any of us.
So, why isn't she here, helping us find him? I'm here now.
Where were you? I was at the gym, Dad.
Last night.
I worked from home.
What'd I miss? Xavier has a girlfriend.
- Of course he does.
- The kind that Sloane said he would not leave behind.
We have a name? - Not yet.
- Well, we need to run facial recognition on his social media accounts.
I bet you she's there.
McGee can handle it.
With me.
Is there a problem? You tell me.
You're worrying people.
- McGee? - And Sloane.
- What did he tell her? - What'd you tell him? I thought so.
I didn't answer your question.
Sure, you did.
Did you do it? Take him out? Really? McGee thought I was being serious? - Were you? - I I was venting, Gibbs.
- Mm-hmm.
- You really think that I would? Stop.
I can't let you do something stupid, Bishop.
And since when have you become the arbiter on doing something stupid? Seriously? A-After all the bad guys you've handled off the books you're gonna protect Xavier Zolotov? - I'm not protecting him.
- Then what are you doing? - Protecting you.
- From what? Getting caught? This is the kind of thing you never recover from.
You manage.
Do I look happy to you, Bishop? You do the kind of things I've done, you get the kind of things I've got.
Bourbon and a boat in the basement.
You don't want to become me.
Too late.
All right, Kasie, time to fire up that facial recognition software.
What's up? Well, we think that Xavier's mystery girlfriend is one of the girls on his social media site.
That's amazing.
Well, not really.
I mean, we've got hundreds of photos of women here, and we need to put names to the faces.
Oh, that's great news.
What are you talking about? The clock's ticking.
We got to do this.
I could kiss you right now.
That was Gibbs.
Torres is awake.
That's great! He's on his way there right now.
Oh, he wants to know if you found the mystery girlfriend yet? Clock's ticking, McGee.
Yeah, I've heard.
Look, we need to run facial recognition on all of these photos.
Wow, that's a lot of photos.
That's gonna take a lot of time.
Well, it's the only lead we have on the girlfriend.
Or is it? Hey, you like it when I do the cryptic thing? Okay, so, as it turns out, this morning I went back to the scene of the crime, hoping to find a little forensical inspiration.
Instead, I found Brandon Baldwin.
- Who's Brandon Baldwin? - Brandon Baldwin was riding a Ducati in a polo and khakis.
You know, I said to myself, only a commuter rides a Ducati in a polo and khakis.
He also drives past the spot where Torres was hit every single day.
Did he see anything? Not the actual accident itself, but he did recall Xavier's car, like, blowing past him.
And was more than happy to share his helmet-cam footage with me.
Hence, the e-mail I just received.
Okay, this is where the cryptic thing starts to get a little annoying.
- Oh, yeah, no.
I-I'm-I'm getting there.
- Thanks.
Ooh! There's Xavier.
Okay, first a little "backy-uppy", then a little "freezy-wheezy".
His wife's not blonde.
That's got to be the girlfriend, Then a little "framey-forwardy".
Yeah, I think that's more than enough for facial recognition.
Don't bother.
The rental agreement lists her as Colleen Kennedy.
Overdue on her rent and now looking at up to five years for leaving the scene of an accident.
Now, if Sloane's right, there is no way Xavier is gonna get on that plane with her locked up.
You okay? I was, until about the sixth time you asked me that.
Are we ready? I thought you were at the hospital.
Thought you could use the backup.
Okay I didn't even need McGee.
What is she gonna do? Beat me with her yoga mat? - How's Torres? - Hungry.
That's a good sign, right? - Is he talking? - Too much.
Keeps asking if you're okay.
Are you okay? Well, that's an impressive lack of shame.
She and Xavier are the perfect match.
Spread out.
Watch your back.
Kitchen's clear.
Bedroom's clear! Bathroom, not clear! Got a body here.
It's not her.
I have to get him back to autopsy for a full analysis, but I'd say that the cause of death is rather obvious.
I'm gonna say it was the single bullet that went straight through his head.
While he was in a bathtub.
I mean, someone couldn't wait to kill this guy.
I'm sure that's a pretty long list.
I know you won't be shedding any tears over him.
Time of death, Palmer.
Stand by while Mr.
Liver Probe does his thing.
Come on, you really think that I would? Bishop, I'd rather not.
- You'd rather not what? - I would rather not have this discussion.
Because whatever you're about to say, you're gonna say it regardless of what happened.
Got a time of death.
Bathwater made it difficult to be precise, but it's sometime in the last five hours.
You know, there are no gunpowder burns on the back of his head.
And that shot is dead center.
The killer must have had some weapons experience.
Just a guess.
Jimmy, any idea who that killer might be? - OKAY.
- Yeah, Jimmy.
Any idea? Well, there's no casings around, which means either it was a revolver or the killer policed his brass.
I mean, they even took the bullet home with them.
I Whoever did this is gonna be incredibly hard to find.
E Except Hold on.
Something here.
That is a hair.
That is long and that is blonde.
And not Xavier's.
Might be the killer's.
Well, I know who my number one suspect would be.
The body was in her bathtub, after all.
And Kasie said it is her hair, but it doesn't prove anything.
I mean, my hair is everywhere in my apartment.
We need a motive.
Unfortunately, the only one to have one right now is you.
I know you didn't do it.
How do you know that? Okay.
Did you? In my head, a hundred times.
I planned it down to the last detail.
The only problem was, besides getting caught, like you said, I am the only one with motive.
Actually, not really.
We did some digging into Colleen's background.
Turns out, a few years ago, her parents died.
Left her and her baby sister a boatload of cash.
Except her sister never got it.
She OD'd on heroin before they had a chance to settle the estate.
Sounds like Colleen had the worst luck in the world, right? Wrong.
Local law enforcement suspected foul play.
They think that Colleen killed her sister so she wouldn't have to share the inheritance.
NCIS Great Lakes sent an agent undercover to make a case.
He didn't think it was an overdose either.
The report says Colleen injected her sister with dirty heroin while she was sleeping.
Except Great Lakes couldn't prove it, and the case ended there.
Except it didn't end, did it? Nope.
I just got off the phone with the JAG lawyer who's handling the prosecution.
New evidence has come to light, and they're reopening the case.
And guess who their star witness is gonna be.
Our accident wasn't an accident.
It was a hit.
Now, Colleen was trying to stop Torres from testifying.
Hey! He's still a target.
Don't move.
That's not very creative.
You kill all your victims with bad heroin? I Wait, I Th-thought you said that she had, uh, shot her new boyfriend in the head.
Hey, Colleen.
It's been a while, girl.
This is a setup.
You guys are setting me up.
You're literally holding the murder weapon in your hand.
You were the worst boyfriend I've ever had.
No, I was not.
See you in court, Collie.
You are also the worst pretend sleeper I've ever seen.
Bishop, please.
You know, I'm so badass, I can catch bad guys from a hospital bed.
Okay, Mr.
How about jumping out of the way of the car the next time it comes at you? Like I did.
Don't even.
'Cause you know I risked my life to save yours.
I know.
Colleen must have gotten wind that her case was heating up again.
Yeah, but she knew it was dead in the water without Torres.
So she talked her boyfriend into mowing him down with his car.
Young love.
- Kind of sweet.
- But she must have gotten nervous when she found out Xavier got caught and decided to take him out.
Maybe not so sweet.
Yeah, she denies killing Xavier, still claims that she was set up, but we've got her red-handed on the attempt with Torres.
So I think she's going away for a long time.
Works for me.
- All right.
Have a good one.
- Uh, excuse me, Director.
- Yeah.
- I just I, um About what I said before, I just wanted to I know.
Hey, boss, is it true you ordered Torres to sleep on your couch when he gets out of the hospital? He has to stay someplace.
Uh, yeah, but hasn't he been through enough already? Yeah, I mean, he just got out of a coma.
Now he's got to eat from your fireplace? Well, he He likes my fireplace.
What? You know, Colleen was really adamant about not killing Xavier.
I heard.
And, uh, the evidence we have against her is all circumstantial.
All of it.
What's your point? Where'd you go when you left the hospital? It wasn't me, McGee.
Bishop, I know it wasn't you.
Look, I just, I, um I have this feeling.
I can't quite put my finger on it.
Look, if you didn't kill Xavier, Colleen says she didn't kill him, who did?
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