NCIS s19e11 Episode Script

All Hands

1 (SHIP HORN BLOWS) LENNY: Routine scan.
Portside, no debris.
No obstruction.
0200 security check complete.
Horizon all clear.
Well? Call it in, Carl.
All clear.
We're in the middle of nowhere.
It's never not all clear.
We radio the bridge every hour regardless.
Read the company policy.
I did, right after they hired me for an "exciting career.
" Defending container ships around the horn, treasure-hunting expeditions in Gabon.
You know, high-risk, high-value targets.
Instead I'm here.
This ship is high-value.
Pirates don't come after nerds studying mud.
Try "environmental research scientists.
" And they're studying deep-ocean mineral deposits.
Like I said, mud.
Deep-sea mining could be the next global catastrophe if we don't carefully study its effects.
We? You've been eating lunch with the nerds again, haven't you? All I'm saying is that, in the eyes of science, this ship's work is priceless.
Well, until pirates start looting research papers, I think we're safe.
(BOAT APPROACHING) I wouldn't be so sure.
Who the hell are they? Call it in.
Security to bridge, we have an unidentified craft coming port side.
Suggest an immediate alert one protocol.
): Unidentified craft, cut your engines and do not approach or you will be fired upon.
Identify yourself! Chief Petty Officer Ian Maddux, United States Navy! We request immediate medical assistance under the peacetime protocols of the Geneva Convention! Call the damn Navy! We got a man down! (GROANS) What is she doing? Paper Pauline.
Paper who? It's a school project Knight's helping her niece with.
You take pictures of a paper doll in front of different locations that show kids new, uh, people and places.
But that's what the Internet is for.
Damn it.
- You okay? - No.
I'm trying to make a good impression.
I just end up looking like Mr.
Jess, you know the photo quality doesn't really matter, right? I've done plenty of Paper Paulines, and the kids all get the same grades.
I'm not trying to impress the teacher.
I am trying to impress my niece, Mika.
I don't get to see her a lot, and this is my chance to prove that I'm the cool aunt.
TORRES: Oh, that's sweet.
- How old is she? - Yeah, you know, she's about, uh that old.
You don't know her age? How do you handle birthday cards? I buy her the generic ones without the numbers on it.
Okay, look, I am I'm not really that great with kids, which is why it is important that I nail this project.
I got you.
What is happening? Helping you make a good impression.
Kids love the badge.
And the bulging bicep? That's extra credit.
Hmm, okay.
Actually, I was thinking about taking a whole team photo together.
Maybe at a crime scene.
Kids love dead bodies.
Have you not seen Stand By Me? I'm thinking that maybe Paper Pauline should stay in the squad room.
- I think it's for the best.
- Fine.
We will take a team photo here.
Has anyone seen Parker? Ooh.
German MandelhÃrnchen.
- Mmm.
- Baked by a neighbor who emigrated from East Berlin after the wall fell.
You know, I was beginning to think these Parker pastries were a myth.
Well, your assistant told me that you avoid processed sugar.
Well, she's on vacation this week, which means so am I.
I'm pretty sure you didn't call me up here for, uh, empty calories, Director.
Relax, Agent Parker.
This is not a formal meeting.
I just wanted to check in.
See how NCIS was treating you.
You've been at the desk for a little while.
Was it the right move? Your agency.
You tell me.
I want to hear what you think.
Well, this place has been amazing.
I take it you're happy with your team.
I'm happy with the team.
The team.
That's what I said.
So, not your team? Director, these people have been working together for years.
I've been here five minutes.
I'm not ready to call anything mine.
I'm sorry to hear that.
It's-it's like dating.
I met someone.
Someone great, but me and that someone still have to fall in love with each other before we start sharing bath towels.
(INTERCOM BEEPS) ASSISTANT: Sorry to interrupt, Director, but there's a secure call for you in MTAC from Special Operations Command.
Above my pay grade.
They're also requesting your senior agents be on the call.
WOMACK: We received a distress call on an emergency frequency early this morning from the North Atlantic.
- Navy ship? - The call came from a civilian research vessel currently studying mineral deposits.
The Stargazer.
These researchers sound like Trekkers.
Nice catch.
Something you'd like to add, Agents Parker and McGee? Uh, no, Commander.
I was just commenting that the, uh, the Stargazer was a starship on Star Trek.
Specifically, The Next Generation.
Yeah, I'm more of an Original Series man, myself.
Well, the Stargazer that's on Earth picked up two members of a black ops team along with the dead body of a sailor.
What happened? That's what NCIS needs to find out.
There's a helo waiting for you at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling to take you to the Stargazer.
Commander, what was a black ops team doing in the middle of the Atlantic? Information related to any ongoing operations is need-to-know.
And we do.
It could be relative to our investigation.
Your investigation is limited to the body, until SOCOM can confirm the nature of this operation and any national security implications.
Is that understood, Director? Of course, Commander.
We'll be in touch.
Nature of the operation? What does that mean? It means the commander has absolutely no idea what that team was doing out there.
Even she hasn't been told.
Whatever the mission, somebody's working real hard to keep it a secret.
Thank you so much.
All right, Parker and the rest of the team just took off from Anacostia.
Helo should reach the Stargazer by this afternoon.
- Good.
- I have a feeling that whatever the black ops team was doing in the middle of the ocean was pretty important.
Which is why I want to find out what it is by the time our team lands.
I've been digging through every military database that I have access to.
I can't find anything.
Keep digging.
- Um, wait, Director.
- Yeah? Um I'm not so sure that we're gonna be able to find info on this particular classified op.
At least not by knocking on the front door.
Walk with me, Agent McGee.
I think Gibbs would prefer if you do the honors.
Director, if we're gonna find anything on this mission, we need root access to DoD files.
And you're asking permission to sneak in the back door.
I'm sorry, the answer's no.
The last thing we need is to trigger an IG investigation.
Anything off the books is off the table.
However, there might be another option.
One that involves a favor from the NCIS cyber team.
The Tech Trolls? Well, I'm a charter member.
I'm allowed to call them that.
They just finished a joint operation with NSA.
Made some high-level contacts over there.
Contacts that may be willing to share security intel.
You up for a trip to the subbasement? Of course.
The Tech Trolls and I are practically our own Borg collective.
Sorry, it's, uh - another Star Trek reference.
- Ah.
I was always partial to DS9.
Director, are you a Trekker? (KNIGHT LAUGHS) Thanks for being such a good sport, Lieutenant.
Any time, Agent Knight.
You know, I did a Paper Pauline project for my daughter last year.
The pics I took of the helo were voted class favorites.
Kind of hard to compete with a $40-million piece of machinery, huh? (CHUCKLES) Can we say coolest aunt ever? (KNIGHT GASPS) Oh.
Sorry about the crosswinds, guys.
Thank you, Nick.
You just saved me a really awkward funeral.
Paper Pauline.
Buried at sea.
I was talking about my funeral.
If anything happens to that thing, I'm dead.
VELA: If anybody starts to feel queasy, I keep motion-sickness bags in the rear storage compartment.
Or if you want some music to zone out to, I got anything from Snoop Dogg to soundtracks.
You let me know.
That's a hard pass, Lieutenant.
VELA: Copy that.
Sure you don't want an emesis bag, Parker? I know, you get motion sickness.
On a boat.
And it's not the motion I got a problem with, Doc.
It's the memories.
Hey, Sid, Piper.
What's up, guys? I see it's, uh, just you two this morning.
Hey, listen, um Director Vance had mentioned that you guys had recently made some high-level contacts at the NSA.
Well, we need to, uh, figure out any security threats that might warrant classified Navy operations in the North Atlantic.
Um Guys? Hello? Is Super Special Agent McGee talking to us? Affirmative.
Um, am I missing something here? Because, you know, I-I - I just came down here to - Yeah, Director Vance.
North Atlantic.
We got it.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I mean, if you don't want the assignment Oh, no, we'll take the assignment.
Yeah, we'd love to help.
Then-then what's the problem? Apparently, nothing.
Did I do something wrong? We'll let you know when we find something.
Chief Petty Officer Maddux.
Special Agent Parker, NCIS.
Welcome aboard, sir.
Appreciate you flying on short notice.
Not sure what the Navy told you, but time is a factor here.
Well, let's just say they didn't tell us much.
Then I suggest you and your team follow me below deck to get started.
Lead the way.
For a research ship, there aren't any researchers.
Where is everyone? On the mess deck, ma'am.
The one thing military and civilian ships have in common: the crew never misses chow time.
What about that guy? - You expecting trouble, chief? - Oh, don't mind Petty Officer Dutch.
He's just on watch.
Body's down here.
Hold up, Doc.
Is there a problem, Agent Parker? PARKER: Yeah.
Whose blood is this? Okay.
All right.
Easy, chief.
(CHUCKLES) - You called us out here, remember? - That's right.
And if you and your agents want to ever leave here, you'll do exactly as I say.
Now, weapons on the ground.
All right.
You win.
(GUNFIRE) Knight! Palmer! Get back! (GUNFIRE CONTINUES) Remind me why we're being shot at by the Navy? I don't think they're Navy.
- How many shooters? - I count three.
I thought one of them was dead.
I guess he got better.
This whole thing was a setup.
Whoa, whoa.
Don't shoot, don't shoot.
KNIGHT: It's our pilots.
We need to get back to the helo.
I got him.
All right.
We'll cover you.
Ready? - Yeah.
- Go! He's dead.
I can't feel my arm.
All right.
Just breathe, just breathe.
It's gonna be okay.
I've only got two shots left.
You? I'm out.
Where the hell did they go? Find them.
Hey, Kase.
Have you, uh, heard from the Tech Trolls? Oh, last I checked they were still combing through NSA reports.
Still nothing on our secret Navy op.
They seem weird to you? They work in a windowless room riddled with RF radiation.
- Weird happens.
- No, this-this This was different.
They-they kicked me out for no reason.
Uh I-I don't know anything about that.
Kase, you're a horrible liar.
Yes, but they made me promise not to tell you.
What? Why? Because they want you to figure out what you did.
Except I have no idea what I did.
When is the last time you visited the subbasement? I don't know, uh, I mean, it hasn't been that long.
You sure about that? Well, I haven't been down there since Gibbs left.
Or since I was, you know, leading the team for a little while.
Then I got shot and was in the hospital.
You know what? I haven't seen the Tech Trolls in over a year.
And what were the three of you planning to do together last year? The DARPA robotics challenge.
Oh, my God.
I promised them I would be on their team, and I totally forgot.
Ugh, no wonder they kicked me out.
It's from Piper and Sid.
They sent a classified NSA report.
Intercepted radio transmissions from the North Atlantic.
Talking about a Russian arms dealer targeting U.
This is what the Navy wanted to keep quiet? Why didn't they just tell us? Oh.
Director Vance.
On my way.
Navy calling in MTAC.
Jimmy, over here.
JIMMY: All right, hang on, Lieutenant.
Hang on, hang on.
(GRUNTING) PARKER: How is he, Doc? Bleeding bad.
- (GROANING) - Upper chest.
TORRES: What do we do? - Put pressure right there.
- All right.
- Don't let up.
- I got it.
I got it.
- Anything? - Nothing.
No signal.
These guys must be using a jammer of some kind.
Well, these guys came prepared.
But for what exactly? - Agent Parker.
- No, Lieutenant.
Try not to talk.
Okay? (GRUNTING) These unlock the ignition circuit on the helo.
Take them.
Leave me here.
Nobody's getting left behind today.
(GRUNTS) Sidebar.
If anyone has any ideas how to improve our situation, now would be the time to share.
The way I see it, we need weapons or reinforcements.
I say we need both.
Maybe one leads us to the other.
What are you thinking? I'm thinking they must be keeping the crew around here somewhere.
- Might be strength in numbers.
- Yeah.
- If they're still alive.
- Only one way to find out.
Unless anyone else has any better ideas.
I was gonna suggest finding a way to amplify antenna gain on my sat phone to bypass the signal jammer.
But that's clearly a me project.
Maybe you do your thing, and we'll do ours? Copy that.
But, hey Be careful out there.
Commander Womack, I'm glad to get your call.
Especially since I've just been made aware of a troubling national security report.
I'm sorry? NSA has intercepted radio frequencies from a Russian arms dealer operating out of the North Atlantic.
NCIS should have been read in on any potential threats.
I would agree.
However, we just received that intel.
So this report is unrelated to your classified mission? There was no mission, Director.
That's why I'm calling.
Commander, I'm sorry.
We don't understand.
SOCOM has since confirmed that the men that boarded the Stargazer weren't part of any Navy operation.
Are you saying this team was engaging - in unauthorized action? - No, Director.
I'm saying that this is a false flag operation.
Those men aren't Navy at all.
Then who the hell is on that ship with my agents? I don't know.
Whatever happened to this research crew, looks like it happened fast.
And it wasn't pretty.
What were they researching again? Deep-sea mineral deposits.
Whatever the hell that means.
(THUDDING NEARBY) Three, two, go.
- Stop, let me go, let me go! - (SHUSHING) - Not until you shut up.
- Who are you? Carl Hammond, Sea Defenders Protection Services.
- Whisper.
- I'm a security guard.
Who are you? NCIS.
We're here to help.
Why should I believe you? The last guys said they were Navy.
They took over the whole damn ship.
How'd you get away? I saw an opportunity and ran.
Where's the rest of the crew? The terrorists locked them in a forward cargo bay.
- Terrorists? - The three guys with guns.
I heard them talking through the vent.
They said something about a high-value target and delivering a payload.
Are we gonna go stop them? No.
We are gonna find the rest of the crew.
- I can show you.
Follow me.
- Wait, wait, wait.
Why? I-I know this place like the back of my hand.
This is my spot Ah.
You move, he dies.
- (COUGHS) - Hang in there, Lieutenant.
Don't you die on me.
Nice harpoon.
Thank you.
How is he? JIMMY: He's not good.
I managed to slow the bleeding a bit, as long as that bullet is still inside of him Don't you have any tricks in that medical bag of yours? I came here expecting to find a dead body.
I'm not equipped to save a live one.
Lieutenant Vela here needs proper medical attention, fast.
- Then we better get off this ship.
- Really think that's gonna work? It should.
If we can get this phone antenna far enough away from whatever cell jammer they're using, we might be able to get a signal.
Then maybe we can call for help? Well, it's probably not strong enough for that, but we might be able to send a few text characters to NCIS.
Open the porthole.
All right.
Bon voyage.
JIMMY: Okay.
- A few text characters, huh? - Yeah.
How's that gonna help NCIS find us? Don't know.
Haven't got that far.
Baby steps, Jimmy.
Baby steps.
I really hope that Nick and Jess come back with reinforcements.
Oh, finally.
I'm starving.
I'll take two eggs, over-easy.
Hash browns on the side.
I appreciate a sense of humor.
Although, Arius here isn't much for jokes.
He prefers a more direct approach.
You know, you should tell Arius to kind of lighten up.
Where are your friends hiding? (GRUNTS) (GROANS) Where are they? You got something on your shoes.
He's not gonna stop until you answer me.
Well, then I hope you have no plans, 'cause we're gonna be here awhile.
(GRUNTS) Nick? Nick.
Nick! Come on.
Get in.
(GRUNTS) Excuse the blood.
Your friend wasn't very cooperative.
That's Nick for you.
Strong, silent type.
Me? I'm I'm a blabbermouth.
(CHUCKLES): So What do you want to know? Where are the others? They're dead.
Dead? You shot at us.
They got hit, they died.
That's how it works.
You're lying.
You-you think I'm You think I want to get smacked around? I am telling you the truth.
You took out my team leader and my medical examiner.
And the other one? What other one? NCIS only sent four.
He means the pilot.
That guy? He doesn't know anything.
It's what he has that's important.
You want to get off the ship, so you need the keys to the helo.
Good to know.
(CLICKS TONGUE) Clever girl.
(CHUCKLES) Kind of makes you wonder.
Who's interrogating who? (BOTH CHUCKLE) (GRUNTS) Cute doll.
A gift from your daughter? A loved one? Now let's try this again, shall we? This time without the games.
MCGEE: Okay, all right.
Let me know if anything changes.
- Ooh, that didn't sound good.
- Joint Base Anacostia's been trying to reach the helo on the Stargazer.
Let me guess.
And the ship's comms are down.
Something is wrong.
It could just be interference.
Did Anacostia try accessing the GPS transponder on the helo? Yeah.
It's disabled.
Okay, yeah.
We can go with "something's wrong.
" If we can't contact anyone, we got to get backup on that ship ASAP.
That might be a problem.
Here, take a look.
There's nothing there.
That nothing is the Stargazer's last reported location.
- Well, where is it now? - No clue.
And I don't know how we get one.
Without at least a hint of which direction they're going, we're gonna be looking for a long time.
I just got a Bandium notification from Parker.
Sun, wine, ship? - What does that mean? - I-I got to say, first blush, it sounds like Parker's having a good time.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, no.
Yellow, Merlot, boat? Uh, no, no, no.
It's-it's not Merlot.
Looks more like a Port or maybe a Ruby.
You can tell by the bright red Wait, no, that's it.
- What's it? - Port.
Port, as in port side of the ship.
Sun, port, ship.
The sun is on the port side of the ship.
He's telling us which way they're headed.
We can use this info to help track where they are.
Next office game night, you are totally my new Pictionary partner.
Tell us where your friends are hiding or say your goodbyes.
(GRUNTS) If one of you doesn't start talking in the next three minutes, my buddy Maddux is gonna come in here and put a bullet in both of your heads.
Don't put him to the test.
(LOCK CLICKS) Hey, you okay? I'm fine.
You? I'm-I'm good.
(BOTH LAUGH) PARKER: What's so funny? Parker? Oh.
(BOTH GRUNT) How'd you find us? Not my first time crawling through a ship's vent.
I'm sorry I didn't get here sooner.
All right, what do these, um, military posers want? To get off the ship in our helicopter.
They're looking for the keys.
- To go and do what? - I don't know.
But they're terrorists who picked this ship for a reason, so I don't think they went through all this trouble for a peaceful joyride.
Where are they now? Counting the seconds before they kill us.
That Maddux guy seems really excited about that.
Yeah, well, he's gonna be disappointed 'cause he's gonna have to go through me first.
Yo, wait, wait.
Where are you going? To say hi to our phony frogmen.
There are three of them, Parker.
- All have M4s.
You're unarmed.
- I'm aware.
- You can't do this.
- Hey.
They can't do this to you.
Got it? (TAKES DEEP BREATH) So, what's your plan, then? - Haven't got that far.
- Hmm.
Baby steps.
Wait a minute.
(GRUNTING) Maybe Pauline will be useful.
Time's up.
Open the door.
PARKER: Hey, fellas.
A little birdie told me you're looking for these.
I swear he came in here.
He did.
What the hell? Where is he? Don't care.
It's time to go.
Pauline can have her little leg back.
- We got to go.
How did they get the keys to the helo? We got to find Parker.
- I'll go below.
- All right.
We were able to narrow the search grid using Parker's Bandium message.
- And you found the Stargazer? - Courtesy of the KZ-Epic hi-res weather satellite.
This was taken a few minutes ago.
The helo just left the ship.
- Do we know who's on it? - Uh, no, but I can try to get the satellite's thermal feed.
That may give us more details.
Yes, do it, and-and get the coordinates of that ship - to Naval Operations.
- (PHONE RINGS) Sat phone.
Parker? - You okay? - It's Knight.
And we're just peachy.
VANCE: Knight, watch your six.
We have reason to believe that the men who boarded that ship are not who they say they are.
Yeah, figured that when they tried to kill us.
They're gone now.
The three of them just took off in the helo with their cell jammer.
Although, we've got a wounded pilot - who needs immediate medevac.
- And the rest of you? Jimmy is with me.
Torres is with the crew.
Okay, where's Parker? We can't find him.
What do you mean? I mean, we have looked everywhere.
Wha Look again.
I found him.
Where? There.
This is the thermal feed from the weather satellite.
You said there were three gunmen, right? That's right.
Then why are there four heat signatures on this helicopter? That's the rear storage compartment.
What the hell is Parker doing? MAN (OVER P.
): Crew muster, cargo bay 2.
KNIGHT: Got it.
Thanks, McGee.
How's Lieutenant Vela? - Our pilot? - The ship's medic and I were able to stabilize him in preparation for medevac.
Which should be landing soon.
- Any word on Parker? - No.
And McGee said the helo's transponder is still disabled.
Well, then how are we gonna find him? He's got a plan.
Is that a question? More like positive thinking.
I mean, he's hiding out on a helicopter - with three terrorists all alone.
- While unarmed.
We don't know who these guys are, or-or what they're planning to do with that helicopter.
Well, we do know something.
Our bad guys left this behind.
Read the logo.
KNIGHT: "Property of Crasis Group.
" The private military contractor? Yeah, our terrorists have a day job.
MCGEE: Meet Ian Maddux, Dutch Naga and Gabriel Arius.
They worked together at Crasis Group until two years ago when they were fired for stealing company property.
Well, didn't stop them.
They've since been suspected in numerous military thefts.
And each bigger than the last.
Entire shipments of ammo, weapons, even vehicles.
We're talking millions of dollars of property, too.
They're not terrorists.
They're professional thieves.
What if this was their latest heist? They pretended to be Navy because they knew that NCIS would show up with a $40-million helo.
They didn't take the helicopter as part of the plan.
That was their plan.
Thieves only steal what they know that they can sell.
Who's in the market - for a ten-ton military aircraft? - Pretty short list.
All right, if we find the buyer, maybe we find our thieves, and Agent Parker along with them.
The NSA report mentioned a Russian arms dealer that operates out of the North Atlantic.
That could be our buyer.
Except that report didn't give any specifics.
Not even a name.
No, but it gave us the radio frequencies that the dealer was using to communicate with.
So maybe if we continue to monitor those We might pick up more chatter.
Right, we just need access to NSA surveillance buoys.
How do you feel about asking the cyber team for another favor? (CRICKETS CHIRPING) MADDUX: What's taking so damn long? I didn't risk my neck for your comrade to suddenly get cold feet.
We had a deal.
DUTCH: Getting off that ship took longer than your estimate.
He just wants to make sure we haven't been compromised.
We made it this far, didn't we? DUTCH: Be patient.
He'll call back.
Well, until he does, you and me are staying right here.
And, this time, I'm doing the talking.
Make yourself comfortable.
0 to 156.
6 megahertz clear, nothing but radio static.
- Same here.
- I got something.
Yeah? What do you got? Fishing trawlers.
Apparently, Atlantic cod's in season.
Kasie, you and Piper move up one channel.
Sid, move up two.
Whatever you say boss.
Listen, uh I really want to apologize for not showing up to the robotics competition.
It was a three-person team event.
We looked like fools up there.
You know, it's been one hell of year.
- I-I had just taken over - Wait, McGee, stop.
No, no.
You're right.
- I should not be making - No, no, no.
I think I found something.
Somebody's broadcasting on 156.
8 megahertz.
That's channel 16, the international distress frequency.
What's it saying? Nothing.
It's just music.
(STAR TREK THEME PLAYING) The theme to Star Trek? Yeah, and it's playing on repeat.
Is that supposed to mean something? Parker.
It's the theme song to The Original Series.
Parker's favorite.
He's giving us a way to help find him.
You mind if I jump in? All right.
Let's use some radio towers and triangulate this signal.
(STAR TREK THEME PLAYING QUIETLY) I'm gonna get some air.
Leave the phone.
And get me another diet soda.
Get it yourself.
(DOOR OPENS) (DOOR CLOSES) (SIGHS) The hell? Two ways this can go You surrender, or we all go up.
Go to hell.
You don't have to answer right away.
Take your time.
I don't see any backup.
Are you here alone, Agent Parker? (SIGHS) I got a thing about letting bad guys get away.
And this was your plan? How do you expect this to end? To be honest, I haven't got that far.
(CHUCKLES) Baby steps.
AGENT: Federal agents! Put your hands in the air! Put your hands in the air! Do it now! Put your weapon on the ground and back away.
All right.
Boy, am I glad to see you guys.
I will not tolerate any Voyager bashing.
Okay, Kate Mulgrew deserves a national holiday for putting up with whiny fanboys like you.
Hey, my resistance has been futile ever since they brought on Jeri Ryan as Seven of Nine.
- Uh-huh.
- Okay? Whoa, whoa, whoa.
What's this? I have no idea.
"Let's try again.
" It's the entry form to this year's DARPA challenge.
I hope this doesn't become a habit, Agent Parker.
Catching the bad guys? Taking unnecessary risks.
It was a calculated risk, Director.
Then your calculator is broken, because what you did was a death wish.
But, one way or the other, I was getting my team off that ship.
Your team? - Scissors.
- Scissors.
(SIGHS) What do you think, Doc? Is she gonna live? KNIGHT: Prognosis is good.
(LAUGHTER) Hey, that's what's up.
Now, I just need to explain all these battle scars to Mika.
No, that is the best part.
She's finally gonna get to see how cool her aunt really is.
Pauline has been through a lot.
I think we all have.
You two doing okay? We're good.
How about you? Me? Couldn't be better.
Because we still need a team photo with Pauline.
Okay, everybody gather around.
You too, Director.

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