NCIS s19e17 Episode Script

Starting Over

1 Hey 'Lectric Leo fans, it's Leo here, feeling angelish.
"Angelish"? Damn it.
All right.
All right, come on, nice and easy.
Take two.
Hey, it's 'Lectric Leo, with a little shameless self-promotion to offer you some heavenly discounts for all your home and commercial electrical needs.
So don't be a fallen angel, call the number on your screen and "Let 'Lectric Leo help you see the light.
" You would think, with all this modern technology, paperwork - would be a thing of the past.
- Right? What I'd give to never have to file another TPS report.
You do know it's a TBS report, right? Trans Bureau Synopsis? What'd I say? A "TPS" report.
Old habits.
- Hey, yo.
- Hey.
- Y'all been to Hawai'i? - Yeah, a couple times.
Can't wait to go.
Why? Is Oahu and the Big Island the same thing? Ooh, don't ask a Hawaiian that.
Yeah, but if you're planning a vacation, I hear Maui is amazing.
No, it's not a vacation.
I'm texting with Agent Tennant from, uh, the Honolulu office.
A missing witness from an old case of mine might have turned up in Oahu and she's checking it out for me.
This is Jane Tennant? From the, uh, conference in Orlando a few years ago? That's where we met, yeah.
But I don't recall you being there.
I wasn't, but, uh, I recall there being a little rumor about you two.
Rumor? No, no.
No rumor.
That's right.
Thought I recognized that name.
Something about T'N'T? Not to be confused with TPS.
What? T'N'T? What-what is that? What are you guys even talking about? I don't know.
I hear things.
No, you don't hear things.
There are no rumors.
And there's no T'N'T.
There is nothing.
What's up? Retired Navy officer.
Possible suicide.
On angel's wing.
Like he planned it this way.
Victim is retired Navy Lieutenant Commander Thomas Miller, 35 years old.
Tommy, yeah.
Poor guy.
- You knew him well? - Uh, well enough.
We worked a few of the same jobs.
He was installing a water tank on the roof while I was wiring security cams in the basement.
- Had you seen him today? - Just this morning when we got in.
He went his way, I went mine.
- How'd he seem? - Stressed, as usual.
He was always juggling too many jobs.
I called him to join me for lunch, but he said "No, thanks" and hung up pretty quick.
Course, now I wished I'd kept him talking.
Okay, thanks.
Help me turn him over.
That roof's at least a 60-foot drop.
Just high enough.
Hey, Jess? We know him? Oh, yeah, he does look a little familiar.
Oh, no.
So, you do know him? Yeah, this guy's in our in our, uh, class.
What class? It's not a class, exactly.
It's-it's more of a, uh It's Jimmy's grief counseling group.
I've been going for the past several weeks.
Oh, I think that's great.
You know, with what happened with the REACT team and your wife, that makes sense, yeah.
Any idea why our commander was going? - Didn't he lose a friend in combat? - Yeah, something like that.
You never think it would end up like this, though.
More often than it should.
Yeah, what's the national average up to? Among vets? Any number's too high.
Hold on.
What's this? Blunt force trauma here, on the forehead.
Not caused by the fall? Well, I'll have to run X-rays to be sure, but it sure looks inconsistent to me.
Race you to the roof, Torres? Hold on.
- What's this? - Again, Jimmy? What you got, the murder weapon there? No, it's his cell phone.
Five missed calls this morning.
It's Fornell.
We found six metal pipes and some plumbing tools on the roof.
Kasie has them now.
No sign of struggle up there.
And no security cameras.
Jimmy just confirmed that the blunt force was delivered before the commander was thrown from the roof.
- Anything else we should know? - Well, Miller was a decorated helicopter pilot with multiple tours in the Middle East and Africa.
Retired two years ago, after flying one last mission in South Sudan, which ended in a fatal crash.
Miller and two others were wounded, and one other young petty officer was killed.
And it haunted Tommy ever since.
I still can't believe this.
You know for sure that he didn't jump? Right? I-I really thought we were making progress.
Hey, Fornell.
What do you mean "we"? I was Tommy's grief sponsor.
Someone to hold you accountable and to call for support.
It's good to see you here, Alden.
Yeah, it was, uh, you calling him, five times this morning.
I wish I'd called him ten times after this message that he sent me.
Hey, Tobias, it's Tommy.
Look, I'm in a really tough spot and, uh, I could sure use some advice.
Call me back when you can.
- Any idea what he was talking about? - None.
He was carrying around a lot of guilt, but I'd never think that someone was out to kill him.
So no enemies - spring to mind? - No.
I've heard nothing but raves about his family, his friends.
The guy had a-a great support system.
Well, speaking of family, his wife and brother-in-law - are in the lobby.
- Interview them together? Well, if it was suicide, sure, but in this case, let's split them up.
I'll take the wife.
What? I was Tommy's grief sponsor.
I should be part of this.
Uh, yeah, no, Tobias.
Not that we don't appreciate it, but Gibbs would let me help.
No, he wouldn't.
Besides, you've-you've already helped.
Yeah, why don't you guys go? I'll, uh I'll comb through Miller's calls.
Well, Tobias, I'd, uh, ask for your help, but, you know, it's, um, computer stuff.
Enjoy it.
I've got sadder things to do anyway.
You can't blame yourself, Tobias.
I don't, I'm just You ever stop to think just how much death you and I have experienced? Both personally and professionally? Constantly.
But as Dr.
Grace would say Death touches us all eventually, and with apologies to taxes, that is life's one true certainty.
- Thanks for coming, Doctor.
- Yeah, thanks for calling me, although I hate to break up this self-pity party.
Party's over.
Everybody okay? Better than him.
Oh, Tommy.
I'm so sorry.
You know, he didn't kill himself.
Yes, no matter.
I have my regrets.
That our group maybe never quite reached him or got him to forgive himself.
Forgive himself for what? Uh, Tommy never really shared all that much.
What exactly happened? Tommy may have been a war hero, but losing Sally just destroyed him.
That's, uh, Petty Officer Third Class Sally Jordan? She was a just a kid.
Entrusted to his command.
Until a storm hit and his helo stalled.
Tommy and the others were thrown clear but Sally wasn't so lucky.
You say it like you were there.
Felt like I was.
Tommy relived it every day and too many nights.
He just couldn't shake the loss.
When did you last see your husband? Two days ago.
Two whole days? The man buried himself in his work.
Gone for days at a time, traveling to wherever the jobs were.
How often did you see him? Mm, between that, his group counseling and his private sessions with Dr.
Grace three times a week, a lot less than I wanted.
I went along with it, thinking it would help, but Did Tommy have any enemies? No.
Why would you even ask that? Murdered? I thought he jumped.
So did we, at first.
But now Oh, my God.
I mean, who would kill Wait, is-is that why my sister's alone in the room? Like she isn't crushed enough, you're-you're gonna accuse her of killing her husband? Nobody is accusing anyone yet.
But immediate family, like yourself, that's usually where we start.
Well, you-you can check with my boss.
I've been at work all day.
And your sister? I was pulling a double at the supermarket.
The police called in the middle of my afternoon shift.
And your brother? Marty loved Tommy.
Like my own brother.
Before his last tour, with the accident and all, Tommy was a really fun guy.
So, as brothers, he never mentioned any enemies or conflicts to you? Not to me.
I mean, but he's-he's different now.
Or he was.
We didn't talk as much.
Your husband left a message with a friend a few hours before he died, saying he was in "a tough spot.
" He did? He sounded fine when I spoke to him, around 10:00.
Whoa, what about the old man? What old man? The-the dead girl on his team, her dad? Tommy had a restraining order.
A restraining order? Sally's father was devastated.
So he threatened to kill Tommy, but that was well over a year ago.
Tommy was blaming himself so bad, he could hardly fault the old man for hating his guts.
But I can't imagine that he would do something like this.
Would he? All right, let's check their alibis and get all we can on this angry father.
Grace, hey.
Oh, hi, Jess, Nick.
Hey, what brings you out here? She leads our grief group.
Uh, she also agreed to help us with the Miller case.
Yes, anything I can do.
And, um, as long as I'm here, consider this a friendly reminder that you still owe me a mandatory psych evaluation, post-Fight Club.
Oh, please.
I really don't need evaluating.
Just get it done, Torres.
Which would make you Agent Parker? The graceful Dr.
You two don't know each other? Crazy, right? Uh, how many months has it been since he joined NCIS, and Parker still owes me a prelim psych eval.
I've been a little busy.
Oh, just get it done, Parker.
I will.
I happen to love therapy.
Uh, not therapy.
Just an evaluation.
Then I love that, too, but first, anything yet on our petty officer? Quite a bit, actually.
Here's the crew from Commander Miller's last flight, originating out of Camp Lemonnier.
That is Petty Officer Jordan standing next to Miller.
- She really is just a kid.
- Yeah, their youngest member, which is why her loss was so hard on Tommy.
Yeah, enough to send him to therapy with you three days out of the week.
Three? That's what his wife said.
Tommy attended our weekly groups, but I had only two private sessions with him in the last four months.
Well, if he lied to his wife about that, what else was he lying about? Well, here's one possible answer.
Miller received eight calls from the same blocked number in the past two days.
- I trust you unblocked it.
- And I already traced it to an R.
Jordan of Falls Church, Virginia.
Father of our dead petty officer? I got him here.
He's listed as Richard Jordan, 62, widowed.
And according to his records, the restraining order Miller took out on him expired just last week.
So, who's up for a chat with Dad? Your turn to be the bad cop.
Yeah, I don't know.
This guy lost his daughter.
Maybe we're both good cops here.
Oh, nice.
Tennant might have found my missing witness.
Hey, so, are the rumors not true, then, about you guys jumping off a balcony into a hotel pool? It wasn't that high of a balcony.
Come on, man.
Well, we shared, uh We shared a few laughs.
All right? But the rumors have been, uh, completely exaggerated.
Jordan? Yeah? Who What do you want? Who are you? Special Agent Torres and McGee from NCIS.
We need to ask you a few questions about Thomas Miller.
It's about time.
I got a few questions for him, too.
Is that why you called him eight times in two days? He wouldn't call me back.
He won't be calling you back anymore.
He's dead.
What? Yeah, w What killed him? That's what we're here to find out.
It's not about what killed him, but who.
Well, if that's the case, I might have a pretty good idea.
You said you might know who killed Thomas Miller? "Might" means maybe.
Hold on, let me pull it up here.
Here you go.
Take a look at that.
"Your daughter is alive.
We have her.
For 50,000 American dollars, we will release her.
" It's crazy, right? They want it sent to an offshore account in the Seychelles.
Jordan, I'm afraid that sounds like a scam.
I know it's a scam.
I got my little girl's ashes right there in the box to prove it.
What I can't figure out is how these creeps got ahold of her phone to text me from.
Well, unfortunately, there's some creeps out there that are capable of cloning cell phones.
All to score a few bucks from grieving military families.
They did a hell of a job of cloning.
They were able to tag onto a thread that Sally and I had going just before she Yeah.
This is the last text she sent me from two years ago.
Wish me luck, Daddy, we got a big mission coming up.
Oh, hey.
Commander, you want to say hi to my dad? Did you get a call through? No, I'm just sending him a video.
Hey, call him Big Rick, okay? Everybody does.
You did a great job raising this one, Big Rick.
Your girl's in good hands.
We'll get her home safe.
See what I mean? Tough but cool.
Anyway, I got to go.
I'll send you another message tomorrow.
Love you, Daddy.
She was gone the same night.
He never should've been flying during that sandstorm.
He knew better.
Well, we-we understand why you were angry.
I wasn't angry.
He broke the biggest promise a man could ever make.
I wanted the son of a bitch dead.
Until he filed a restraining order against you.
Yeah, yeah, and I'm glad he did.
It helped me get my head on straight.
Until these scumbags came and tore the scab off the wound.
Well, it still doesn't explain all the calls to Miller after the order was lifted.
I needed his help.
I didn't know what to do.
I figured if there's anybody that owed me, it was him.
Where were you at 10:00 a.
this morning? I was right here.
Yeah, thing about these scammers, if they could get to me how much worse it would be for Miller.
It sounds to me like maybe they did.
You know what, I think I think "maybe" is right.
Why don't you let me clone your SIM card onto my laptop? I'll see what I can find, okay? I don't know, this stuff sure reads like one of those Nigerian prince scams.
Or some creep in a basement who gets off on rubbing salt into other people's wounds.
That's what I was thinking.
I don't know, records show that Petty Officer Jordan's remains were recovered at the crash, but not her cell phone.
Scammers could've found it.
- So you think you can track it? - I would like to at least try, yeah; and who knows, you know, maybe we find these scammers, that could be our connection.
All right, you do that, the rest of us will focus on gathering suspects.
Oh, it's Hawai'i.
Might be time to, uh, have a phone call with Tennant.
She beat you do it, Agent Torres.
You, too, Agent Parker.
Don't forget your T'N'T.
Oh, God.
Well, is it just me, Nick, or have those D.
winters - been rough on you? - No, Jane, it's just you.
But all that surfing and sunshine looks pretty good on you.
Well, so much for that intro, Special Agent Tennant, but I don't think you know Special Agent Parker.
No, but I hear great things.
And I hear you run a tight ship.
We do what we can.
So, if memory serves, this is about a munitions explosion in Afghanistan? Yes, sir, five years ago, and that case has been eating at me ever since.
The explosion was ruled an accident, with a private contractor taking the blame, only to then die in a car crash weeks later.
Which seemed way too convenient, but I could never prove any foul play.
Until I got some fresh intel about a missing witness.
Kyle Jennings.
Whom I've just now located in Oahu.
I'd be happy to scoop him up on your say-so.
Actually, Director, since it's still my case I'd like to, uh, put this one to bed myself.
I'm sure.
In Hawai'i.
Got to admire your dedication.
For what it's worth, Director, we don't know this witness, and Torres does.
Wouldn't hurt to have him.
How about it, Parker? Can you spare him? Well, far be it for me to deny anyone a trip to the Aloha State.
Give our regards to Diamond Head.
Will do.
Can't believe Torres gets to hit the beach in Hawai'i before I do.
Mm, I'm not so sure the beach offers enough adrenaline for him.
My guess is Nick's probably climbing the side of a volcano.
If that volcano is near a bakery, he can bring back some malasadas.
Ooh, is that like a Hawaiian beignet? By way of Portugal.
Mmm, pure heaven.
Plus, being down an agent is pure something else.
Come on, Knight, no sour grapes.
You know it's nothing we can't handle.
Especially since you've got me.
- Did you sleep here? - Yeah, right? No.
Torres called me from the airport.
Said that you guys would be needing an extra hand.
I guess that's what we get for teasing him about Orlando.
Look, I know I can't work the case officially, but as Tommy's sponsor, I owe the guy a certain level of involvement.
Well, I do have a lot of job sites to call.
Miller had gigs from North Carolina to South Jersey.
And there is a grieving dad who I'm sure could use someone to talk to.
A grieving dad who's still a suspect, so he's off-limits.
For you, not for me.
If he killed Tommy, I'd have his confession right away.
Listen, Tobias, I, uh, I appreciate - what you're trying - This is weird.
Someone just filed a missing persons report with Baltimore PD for a Thomas A.
Our guy is Thomas P.
Wait, wait, wait, wait.
Two missing Thomas Millers 50 miles apart? I guess "weird" is the word.
- Or one hell of a coincidence.
- No such thing, as Gibbs would say.
Well, then again, maybe it was some kind of a Terminator copycat.
Cyborg assassin.
Keep talking.
You remember, three other Sarah Connors were killed before Arnold found Linda Hamilton.
You mean, someone's out there killing people who are named Thomas Miller? Well, there's only one way to find out.
McGee? Uh, I'd love to, but my guy at the State Department has a lead on our scammers, so I'm gonna - Then it's you and me, Knight.
- And me.
All right.
I get it.
I'll just go and check on Jimmy again.
You're okay? I'm great.
And I understand.
So, go get your Terminator.
Hey, Tobias? You want to say it? We'll be back.
I hate seeing Fornell so adrift.
Just like I hate telling him no.
In our group, he's Papa Bear.
Taking care of all the other cubs.
Uh, he had the same rep at the Bureau.
Bender of rules, but he'd give you the shirt off his back.
Tommy's death had to renew emotions about his daughter, his wife.
Talk about cumulative grief.
No kidding.
One loss on top of another.
You've heard of it? We've all had our share.
Have you? Well, if you ever want to talk Uh, what Are you sure that it's Dr.
Grace who leads this group of yours? Have you booked your eval yet? I'm getting to it.
Sounds a little like avoidance.
Saved by the doorbell.
Make that "definite avoidance.
" Nina Miller? NCIS.
Did you find my husband? We are investigating a Thomas Miller - who is missing.
- Can we come in? Thank you.
Took forever to get the baby down, - so if you don't mind? - Ah.
When did you last see your husband? Yesterday morning.
Tommy calls me a worrywart since the baby, but he's away so much, I can't help it.
And why is he away so much? He's got job sites all over the place.
I've been calling nonstop, but he hasn't called back.
Are you okay? Yeah.
No, I'm fine.
Um, Mrs.
Miller, could I trouble you for some water? Sure.
Apparently, our Tommy and her Tommy is the same Tommy.
Double life, double wife.
I just can't believe he's dead.
When did you and your husband meet? Just over a year ago.
Tommy was working a plumbing job at my office.
I was working late, he was so sweet.
We struck up a conversation that never ended.
And the baby? When we found out I was pregnant, Tommy proposed on the spot.
We got married at city hall and the baby was born six months later.
Did Tommy ever talk about his time in the military? Not much.
I knew he'd served, but he'd change the subject whenever I brought it up.
And you didn't find that odd? Why would I? Whatever he went through over there he had no interest in reliving.
Tommy was focused on the future.
With us.
Even though he was away so often? What are you trying to say? I'm just wondering if maybe it ever led to any fights or arguments.
If anything, it made his coming home that much more special.
So no strange behavior at all? I didn't say that.
He could be moody sometimes, but who isn't? His sweetness outweighed the - What? - Something did happen yesterday.
Outside the café after breakfast, Tommy was walking the baby and me to my car, gave me a hug and then, suddenly, turned on his heels and drove off in his truck.
Without saying a word? Said something about being late to a job, but the look on his face, it was like he'd seen a ghost or something.
We'll need the name of that café.
Did you talk to Tommy after that? I called a bunch of times, like I said, but that was the last time I saw him.
The last time the baby and I What are we gonna do? How could things possibly get worse? Actually, I'm afraid that there is one more thing that we need to tell you.
Okay, hold still.
So she took it well? About as well as you'd expect bigamy to go over.
I've been treating quite a few head wounds down here over the last couple months.
This is the first one caused by a family photo.
In a very heavy frame, thrown hard and fast.
Violent reaction to marital betrayal, pretty textbook stuff.
Aka shooting the messenger.
She accused us of fabricating the whole story to bait her into some kind of false murder confession.
And when she realized that you weren't lying about Tommy's other wife? Glad she wasn't holding a hammer.
Yeah, I can't imagine how someone could juggle two spouses.
Starts with two cell phones.
Knight found a burner in a panel under Tommy's driver's seat.
She's running it down to Kasie now.
How could I have missed it? Tommy and I had coffee a bunch of times, and some great conversations, and not once would I have guessed He managed to deceive two women, but you think you're special? Well, I was a federal agent.
And a damn good one.
Tommy was just a two-timer.
But everything about him was rooted in trauma.
Tommy's second life likely provided an escape from the burden of Sally's death.
Without his first wife ever finding out? - That's what I wondered.
- Us, too.
But before I end up a human punching bag twice in one day, we're waiting to check the security footage from the café.
Unless you would like to tell the first wife.
You've been offering to help.
That offer just expired.
This game is so cringe, it's good.
Yeah, that's why we love it.
Hope I'm not interrupting.
Oh, Jess, uh, hang on.
Uh, pause.
No cheating while I'm gone.
All right, you're going down, Fintress, you're going down.
Just, uh, just killing time, waiting on DNA from the pipes and the plumbing tools.
Yeah, speaking of pipes, killing time with Piper? Hey, hey.
- It's early.
- Mm-hmm.
Man, I can barely juggle one person, but two? How's that even possible? It's not, apparently.
Here's the burner with any and all deep, dark secrets that you might find.
Hmm, like a third wife? - Wouldn't that be fun? - My sister used to say if you juggle too many relationships, you end up with no relationships.
Or in this case, you end up dead.
Speaking of which, is Parker okay? Okay, you should've seen his face when she threw that frame at him.
- Oh.
- Oh, busted.
- Yeah, his ears must be burning.
- - Got to go.
- Mm-hmm.
Hey, I will work on this, but this isn't over yet.
I want to hear all the exciting details.
I'm out of rainbow grenades.
So do I.
Kasie is working on the phone.
- Among other things.
- Sorry I missed the fireworks, but I must say, it was worth it.
Good time at the State Department? Eh, a good start.
Using the SIM card I copied off of Jordan's cell phone, we were able to triangulate the scammers' location to South Sudan.
And there is a special ops unit being deployed as we speak.
- Well, that's amazing.
- Amazing as it is, I want to hear all about this second wife still.
Yes, Parker could have used his own special ops unit.
You won't have to hear about the second wife, McGee, - you're about to see her.
- You got the café video? Yeah, the parking lot.
This is right after breakfast, so There they are.
The happy couple.
You know, it's one thing to read it in the tabloids, another to see it up close.
A lot less fun than you'd think.
Well, there's the hug-and-run, like Nina said.
And Tommy's clearly spooked by something, but what exactly? Or who? Wait, stop it there? - You see our ghost? - I think that may be Jordan.
Our grieving dad.
Can you punch in right there? Are you sure? What's he doing there? You lied to us, Big Rick.
No, I didn't.
You're the one that lied to me.
You told me that you had a lead on my scammers just to get me down here, and now I'm getting this questions? Is this you, Mr.
Jordan? I don't know, is it? Don't play cute, okay? I'm not in the mood.
Oh, I'm not in the mood, either.
Why the hell - are you tracking me? - Tough old bird.
No, he's just sad.
Where did you get these pictures anyway? From a café parking lot in Pikesville.
You were a long way from home.
Which is something you neglected to tell Agent Torres or myself.
So I was there.
So? So do we charge with stalking or do we charge you with murder? Look, I saw his truck drive by.
He hadn't been answering any of my phone calls, so yeah, I followed him.
But I certainly didn't kill him.
That video basically shows Commander Miller running away from you.
Not me.
He didn't even see me.
I was waiting for his lady friend to leave to go up and talk to him.
But I didn't have a chance to because he hightailed it the hell out of there.
I didn't get to say a word to him.
- Then who was he running from? - I don't know.
Some guy in a silver SUV.
No pictures of that, huh? It pulled into the parking lot and Tommy stopped dead in his tracks.
Then he hopped in his truck and he hightailed it the hell out of there.
- And this silver SUV? - Well, it followed him.
I didn't think anything of it, or else I'd have mentioned it to you.
But now, you got to work to do.
But now that we're accusing him, he points to some silver SUV.
Is that vague enough for you? I believe him.
All due respect, Tobias, I appreciate your soft spot for this guy, but obviously Crime scene DNA came back.
He's not our guy.
Obviously, your instincts are good.
Do we know who is our guy? Got a pretty good idea.
If I'm your best suspect, you guys got a lot more work to do.
One careless move, Marty.
That's all it takes to get caught.
And how was I careless? Actually, you were careless twice.
Once with the silver SUV.
See, the DMV confirmed that you drive that.
Look, I see a silver SUV.
I-I can't say that it's mine.
Uh, a lot of people drive them, so All the way to a Pikesville café where Tommy was having breakfast the morning before he was killed? Like I told the other agent, I was at work.
- You can call my boss.
- We did.
Yeah, he covered for you.
Except, uh, we checked your time card.
You didn't clock in until after lunch.
It was a fluke, okay? If I hadn't have stopped for gas across the street, I would've never even seen Tommy.
But you did see him.
With another woman and their baby.
Yeah, you know, I couldn't believe it.
Just-just walking in broad daylight with - And Tommy saw you? - Almost right away.
He looked right at me and then drove off fast.
At which point you followed him to his construction site to make him pay for betraying your sister.
I mean, yeah.
I-I I followed him, but I-I I got him to pull over and then, you know, he just gave it up right away.
It was a full mea culpa.
About how he, like, fell for this chick, got her knocked her up, you know? And I wanted to kill him, I did.
Yeah, but, you know, he swore that he was gonna come clean and he begged me to let him be the one to tell Olive.
That's a big secret to keep.
I mean, think I wanted to break my baby sister's heart? But you told her anyways? No, I never said a word.
Well, if Olive didn't know, then you are our only suspect.
All because of my car? Earlier we said you were careless twice.
First with the SUV And second with your DNA, which we found on a plumbing pipe that was used to kill Tommy.
Uh I-I'd like to I'd like to talk to a lawyer.
Well, I'd say he's your man, but he's clearly hiding something.
Not hiding.
Thanks for coming back, Mrs.
I'm Special Agent Parker.
Did you find who killed Tommy? Uh, we have a suspect in custody.
Um, have you met Dr.
Grace Confalone? I'm so sorry for your loss, Olive.
May I call you Olive? - Dr.
- Hmm.
Tommy always spoke about how helpful your sessions were.
He sang your praises as well.
I only wish I could have done more.
You and me both.
Uh, in fairness, I don't see how either of you could have helped him if you didn't know about his other family.
I was stunned.
He hid it so well from all of us.
What are you talking about? What other family? Your brother really didn't tell you? There's no easy way to say this, Olive.
As I now know from experience.
Her name is Nina.
The baby is four months old, and obviously, that's Tommy.
What is this? Some sick kind of Photoshop? 'Cause Tommy would never, ever And what does Marty have to do with this? Well, this is not easy to say, either, um Your brother's downstairs being charged with murder.
Apparently, he stumbled onto Tommy's second family in Baltimore and took matters into his own hands.
This is a mistake.
Uh, afraid not.
A pipe at the crime scene had DNA that matched Marty's.
A partial match, at least.
The 23 chromosome was corrupted, so it could also be a sibling.
Like you.
But Marty says he never told you anything, so you're in the clear.
Unless there's something that you know that we don't.
Marty didn't tell me.
He didn't have to.
And he didn't kill Tommy.
Oh That's so much loss, Olive.
It's too much.
Just tell us what happened.
Marty stopped by the market on his way to work.
I could tell something was up, just by looking at his face.
He's never been a good liar.
He's doing a pretty convincing job not throwing you under the bus.
All he said was "Go see your husband and talk to him.
" So I took my break and I went to the job site.
And one look at me, and it all came spilling out.
All Tommy's guilt, all his regret.
Like he seemed almost relieved.
Relieved of the secret.
He tried to explain to me how it happened, begged me to forgive him.
- And I almost did.
- Almost.
Until he was too honest.
He tells me how she set him free.
How Nina she made him forget everything that had happened, and who he'd been.
He'd been your husband.
And I'd waited years.
To have a family of my own.
And he just kept talking.
He even tried to hold me.
I just but I grabbed the pipe and I swung.
And Tommy, he stumbled over the edge.
I I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
A sad ending to one surreal case.
Had Tommy been honest with both women, - he'd still be alive.
- I don't know.
Honesty about something like that would not go down much better with me.
Which I imagine is why he got comfortable avoiding the issue rather than facing it.
Like you avoiding that psych eval? Nice segue.
Well, you teed it up, I had to hit it.
I'm not avoiding anything.
We've just all been a little preoccupied.
Well, then, let's get something in the books, shall we? Fine.
What do you got? - Tomorrow, 2:00? - Done.
It's a date.
No, it's an appointment.
That's what I meant.
Of course.
Okay, I'll see I'll see you then.
You guys are not gonna believe this one.
After today, I think I'm gonna believe anything.
So that special ops team, right? They found our scammers exactly where we said they'd be.
Right? Took down the whole operation.
- Some much-needed good news.
- Yeah, it gets better, though.
Turns out, these guys weren't just scamming military families.
They were traffickers, moving all kinds of stuff.
Until they texted one grieving father, and then you took care of the rest.
Well, not just me.
Credit where it's due, McGee.
Oh, that's Fornell.
I told him to meet me at Jordan's place to give him the good news.
Figured he could use it.
Yeah, well, I would love to join you, but once again, paperwork.
TBS reports and all.
Hey, uh, give Jordan our best.
And seriously, Tim? Way to go.
And thank you for reminding Grace.
Happy to help.
So that's it? These scammers, you got 'em.
We got them.
We all got them.
You know, Big Rick, if it wasn't for you pointing us in the right direction, there would still be a lot more creeps out there hurting people that we don't even know about.
Not a bad silver lining.
What about Miller? - Did you get the guys that killed him? - Yeah.
We're, uh, not at liberty to discuss that yet, but, um, we're just glad it's not you.
So, no hard feelings? No.
You okay? I'm okay enough.
Why? Well, I just thought you'd maybe be happier.
Yeah, I thought I would, too, but I You still had hope.
That we were wrong, they were right.
And your daughter was alive.
You get a text like that, you you can't help but think that maybe they made a mistake.
Maybe they sent the wrong ashes.
That she's still out there by herself, my little girl.
It's like losing her all over again.
Welcome to the club that no one wants to join.
What did You lost a daughter? Emily.
How? That's for another day.
Tell me about Sally.
Oh, Sally, she was She was everything.
She was she was a sailor, she was a soccer player.
She loved the ocean.
- She was quite an artist, too.
- She was my everything.
I got a lot of questions for you, Jennings.
First you can answer mine.
How'd you find me? He didn't.
I did.
Yeah, that's true.
She's very good.
You don't get it.
If you guys found me, that means they found me, too.
Who is "they"? Who have you been running away from all these years, huh? - Oh, you don't want to know.
- Oh, but I do want to know.
Look, I did what I had to, all right? To survive.
Survive what? You'd better start answering or I'm gonna rip Patience, Torres.
We'll get the story out of him - when we get to Pearl.
- You talk about patience? I've been waiting five long years to find out what really happened.
All right, well, then, another 15 minutes won't kill you.
No, but I could kill him.
No, you won't.
He won't.
Look, technically, I found you, so you're in my custody.
What? Your custody? What are you talking about? You wouldn't even be here if I didn't invite you.
You didn't invite me here, you asked for my help on my island.
And again, I came to your rescue.
Oh, okay, all right.
I see.
See, I thought we settled the score back in Orlando.
Huh? Put the competition behind us? There's no competition, okay? Since clearly I won years ago.
- Oh - What are you guys doing? We're clarifying something, all right? My friend here has decided to rewrite history.
I didn't rewrite history.
My friend here forgot that I speak truth to power.
- And the truth is - All right, look, I'll tell you everything you want, all right? They're all around us.

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