NCIS s19e21 Episode Script

Birds of a Feather

1 Previously on "NCIS" Pastry, anyone? I can find the best international pastry in any town.
You're a bird-watcher? Hidden talent.
Was this in his record? No.
But we only know his record from as far back as he was with the FBI.
We don't know what he was doing before then.
Just thinking if you didn't have anything to do tonight that maybe you wanted to go to a wedding with me as my plus-one.
I'd love to go, yeah.
These are from that, uh, wedding you went to last month.
It looks like you and Jimmy had a fun time.
Jess, I really like you.
So, there's this new coffee shop a couple of blocks from here.
You want to check it out? [CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKING.]
Hey there, gorgeous.
Where'd you go, you little pecker? Hey there, gorgeous.
Oh, shake those tail feathers.
WOMAN: Get, get off! [ENGINE STARTS.]
All I need is the incoming routing number.
See, I'm filling out disclosure forms for my job, and I need to explain a $10,000 deposit into my account.
No, it was actually a, uh, a gift from my former boss.
No, I do not want to b I'm on hold.
I swear, filling out these HR forms is a waste of time.
Tell me about it.
I have to disclose that my father is a foreign spy and that I can't find him.
MCGEE: Knight doesn't seem to be making much headway either.
She's been on the phone for 45 minutes.
Did you say my name? Oh, we're just saying that having to list all your potential conflicts of interest is just such a pain in the ass.
I didn't think it was too bad.
My dad works for the NCIS Far East office, so disclosing his current contact info was easy.
Then why are you still on the phone? - I like talking to my dad.
- Oh.
Morning, everyone.
I have those extra HR forms.
- For who? - For who? For Agent Parker.
He left a message this morning saying he needed extra space.
Six-page form wasn't enough? [SPEAKING MANDARIN.]
Love you.
Dude, this is, like, 60 more pages.
How many conflicts of interest could one man possibly have? Well, his friend in Philly is a known felon.
Maybe Parker has other questionable relationships he needs to disclose.
Either that or he's dating the entire NCIS accounting department.
Oh, come on, that's a rumor.
Right? Well, clearly there's a lot about Parker we don't know.
Well, I say we find out.
You can't read his HR forms.
Those are supposed to be private.
Well, then he shouldn't have left them in the public.
- Oh, whoa! Okay, I did not touch anything.
No, no.
A Bandium notification from Kasie.
Well, why so loud? Probably 'cause it says "emergency.
" Well, that can't be good.
MCGEE: Hey, Kase.
Got your message.
Yeah, your very loud message.
Emergency Bandiums override internal volume controls.
So, what's the emergency? Ah.
These photos were emailed to the NCIS tip line this morning.
Did these birds commit a crime? Uh, no, but someone did.
Well, that's creepy.
It gets even creepier.
Are these real? Uh, I already confirmed the image data integrity.
These photos have not been altered in any way.
MCGEE: So this kidnapping actually happened.
So, who's our victim? Yeah, and who sent these photos? Still tracing the anonymous email, and facial recognition hasn't come back on the jogger yet.
Anything on her license plate? I was only able to get a partial number.
I'm running against make and model now to get a Oh, there it is.
The vehicle is registered to a Vivian Kolchak.
- Same hair, same face.
- That's our jogger.
What's the emergency, Kasie? Whoa.
What's she doing up there? What, you-you know this woman? Does this have something to do with my disclosure forms? We didn't touch those.
Yeah? Then why is my ex-wife on the screen? [SIGHS.]
Thanks, Janet.
If you hear from her, let me know right away, okay? KNIGHT: Poor guy.
Watching his ex-wife get kidnapped - really messed him up.
- Well, ex or not, he obviously still cares about her.
KNIGHT: Well, here's what we know so far.
Vivian Kolchak, formerly a special agent at the FBI.
Just like Parker.
Maybe that's where they met.
File just says they married in '97, divorced in '05, citing irreconcilable differences.
Well, that could mean anything.
Well, after the divorce, Vivian left the FBI for a job at the Defense Department, where she is now the head of the Unidentified Aerial Phenomena Task Force.
That sounds like UFOs.
It is UFOs.
They investigate reported sightings.
It's the real deal.
It's very X-Files.
You think Parker married the real-life Agent Mulder? Might explain why he needed those extra disclosure forms.
PARKER: I confirmed that Viv's cell phone is off and nobody's heard from her.
We need to find her, like, now! MCGEE: Well, we, uh we don't have a lot to go on so far.
According to Kasie, the kidnapping photos are a dead end.
MCGEE: Yeah, no identifiable landmarks, and the metadata has been erased.
So we don't know when or where the actual crime took place.
And the sender used a burner email address and a secure VPN, so no way to backtrace.
- So, what dowe know? - TORRES: Well, we know that whoever sent those photos wanted you to see them.
I mean, clearly they-they know you.
Bird-watching, ex-wife, NCIS.
Why send them at all? Obviously to taunt you.
Any enemies you'd like to disclose, Parker? It's a long list, so let's focus on finding the crime scene.
Maybe the kidnappers left something behind we can use to trace them with.
Do you know where Vivian likes to run? No, but knowing her, she probably told someone.
She may spend most of her time staring up at the sky looking for little green men, but she's also very practical.
Okay, the phone records just came through.
Vivian's last call was this morning to a Fairfax Senior Living Home.
You got to be kidding me.
Does Vivian have family there? Not exactly.
KNIGHT: So, your ex-wife still calls your dad? PARKER: Viv's a people person.
This place is nicer than mine.
Well, my brothers and sisters all have careers that take them around the world, so I offered to move Dad in here.
I'm sure he appreciates it.
He appreciates that I come over once a week for a game of Risk.
Is that the one where you conquer the world? Dad likes to go to war.
- Is there a problem? - Look, I love my dad, but just a heads-up, we don't always get along.
ROMAN: This is all your fault.
You never should've let Vivian get away.
What does our divorce have to do with her being kidnapped? I don't know, Detective.
You tell me.
Dad, we just need to know what Viv said when she called this morning.
She asked if she could drop off some fresh pecan bars.
I said hell yes.
You know that woman - can bake.
- PARKER: Yeah.
But I don't know why she still bakes for you.
Because she's a damn saint.
Parker - ROMAN: And divorcing her was an affront to God.
Parker, are you saying that Vivian was actually here this morning? Yeah, i-it's Roman.
And yeah.
She, uh, she dropped off the pecan bars right before I went to hot yoga at 8:00.
Well, did she say anything? Was she acting strangely? Pecan bar, hon? KNIGHT: Uh I suggest, uh, one of the chewy edge pieces.
Uh, thank you.
ROMAN: Yeah.
Uh, by the way, did you know my son - is an ex-con? - Dad.
You know, he may have mentioned that he went to juvie once, but that was a long time ago.
I'll never forget it.
And I think that's all in his past, because look at your son now.
He is a NCIS agent.
: Oh, NCIS.
He could've joined the real Navy if it wasn't for that criminal record.
The only Parker who never wore the uniform.
- So, you're Navy? - I was.
Three tours on the USS Garrett County.
A whole military family.
No wonder you need extra disclosure forms.
- ROMAN: Oh.
Guess he didn't tell you.
Coming here was a mistake.
What are you What did I say? It's what you're not saying, Dad.
We just need to know if Viv said anything about where she was going or what she was doing.
Well, why didn't you ask? I've been trying to! Not hard enough.
Because I would've told you that Viv said she was going for her usual run near Wyatt Lake.
Um, thank you.
See you on Sunday for Risk! We got tire tracks.
We got a water bottle and a towel, but nothing to tell us - who took your ex-wife.
- Or where they took her.
Any luck in your neck of the woods? No sign of our bird-watcher or where he took the photos from.
Keep looking.
MCGEE: Based on the angle of the camera, definitely say we're getting close.
Your dad was Navy, right? Oh, loud and proud.
Sometimes very loud.
So, did he get angry when you didn't join? You still thinking about what Parker's dad said? [INHALES.]
You know, he eventually got over it.
Think, uh, joining NCIS actually helped.
Well, I don't think that's the case with Papa Parker.
I think his son joining NCIS actually made things worse.
Well, I can definitely understand Parker not saying anything.
You know, I think we may have something here.
Someone made a shooter's nest.
MCGEE: Oh, this is definitely where the photos were taken from.
Looks like our bird-watcher had a seed habit.
Found our photo spot.
Got some chewed-up sunflower seeds, too.
The seeds.
Salted or unsalted? I did not taste them.
Why? - Bag and tag everything.
Torres, take the lead here.
- Hey, you all right? - PARKER: No.
I won't be until we find Viv.
KASIE: I just want to know how many dates constitutes a relationship.
One? Two? 20? Filling out your disclosure forms? No.
Not me.
I am - asking for a friend.
- Right.
Well, in that case, tell your friend I think it's more about the quality of dates than the quantity.
Talking about your coffee dates with Jimmy? No, we're talking about Wait.
How do you know about our coffee dates? Hmm? Little birdie told me.
A little birdie of the genus Palmer? [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
- Ooh.
What do you got, Kase? A DNA match to the sunflower shells - you guys found yesterday.
- Well, that was fast.
Because our bird-watcher was in the system as a government employee.
Meet former FBI Special Agent Frank Ressler.
According to his file, he was fired last year for taking bribes.
Well, looks like he graduated from fraud to kidnapping.
Former FBI.
Maybe he has history with Parker.
Says here they used to be partners.
Why would his former partner kidnap his ex-wife? Yeah, that's a good question.
I'll send the address.
Take the back.
We'll go through the front.
So, how long were you partners with this guy? Too long.
Let's move.
Vintage Mercedes.
Vivian's car.
House is clear.
The trunk.
We've got blood.
That your former partner? Yep.
What's left of him.
High-end camera equipment, sunflower seeds.
Looks like Frank Ressler is our bird-watcher.
Which also makes him one of our kidnappers.
So where's our missing ex-wife? Parker's still processing the house.
There's no sign of Vivian or the second kidnapper.
- Ski Mask Man.
- Yeah.
Bullet to the back.
I'm thinking Ski Mask double-crossed his partner in crime.
Speaking of bad partners, I heard that our victim here used to work with Parker at the FBI.
That's what Parker said.
He hasn't said much else.
Not since he left the park in a hurry yesterday.
What, you think he knew Ressler chewed sunflower seeds? Unsalted sunflower seeds.
Are we thinking that Parker came here to confront his ex-partner? You thought right.
I did come here last night.
So what exactly happened after you came here last night? Nothing, because he wasn't home.
And Vivian's car sure as hell wasn't in the driveway, so I left.
And what time was that? I don't know, Jimmy.
Why? Because body temperature tells me he died about 10:00 p.
last night, which is, obviously, after you left, right? Obviously.
All right, yes, I had a hunch about the sunflower seeds, but it was a long shot, so I wanted to check it out before dragging all of you into yet another chapter of my sordid history.
Well, Parker, we're reading that chapter now.
Yeah, why would your former partner want to kidnap your ex-wife? Let's just say after he was fired, we had a falling out.
Over what? Over me getting him fired.
The FBI was shocked to learn of Vivian's abduction.
How can we help NCIS find her? Appreciate the offer, Deputy Director Sweeney, but right now we're just asking that all local and federal agencies keep an open line of communication.
And in that spirit, please, pass along my sympathy to Agent Parker.
I know he and Vivian were close.
We still are, Chief, because she's still alive.
Agent Parker, my apologies.
I misspoke.
Yeah, not the first time.
As I recall, you accidentally fired me for doing my job.
Oh, that was no accident.
Your job was to bring Agent Gibbs to Justice, not let him disappear in Alaska.
Gentlemen, perhaps we should discuss the firing of our murder victim.
Agent Ressler? I'd be happy to, Director.
The FBI takes pride in ridding itself of corrupt agents.
The last case Special Agents Parker and Ressler worked together was a fraud investigation.
A U.
senator was using his security briefings as insider information to buy stocks.
Turns out he was buying my partner, so I blew the whistle.
Agent Ressler was caught destroying evidence in exchange for hush money, which was never found.
So he avoided prison, but after Ressler was fired, his life quickly fell apart.
Messy divorce.
Oh, bankruptcy.
He blamed it all on me.
He wrote threatening letters, left constant messages.
He also filed a costly defamation suit against you.
Now that he's dead, it all conveniently goes away.
Deputy Director, are you accusing one of my agents of murder? Oh, I misspoke again.
I'm simply saying that, given Agent Parker's history with the victim, he should be on the list of suspects.
At the top, I'm sure.
If NCIS can't see this, perhaps the FBI should take over this investigation.
I assure you, NCIS will pursue all leads.
We'll be in touch.
I should have warned you he has trust issues.
He's also got a point.
Director, if you think for one second that I killed No, Parker, I don't.
But I do think you're too close to the case.
Ex-wives, ex-partners.
Parker, I have no choice.
I have to send you home.
I know.
But I'm not gonna stop looking for Vivian.
I know.
JIMMY: I can't believe that Parker never told us that his ex-wife is a paranormal investigator.
And apparently, his whole family is in the Navy.
I mean, these are the sort of things we should know about a teammate.
We can't all be open books, Dr.
Perhaps keeping secrets is another of his hobbies, like bird watching or pastry buying.
JIMMY: I heard that he also gardens.
Apparently, he's been trying to clone Kasie's pomato plant for the last month in his rooftop greenhouse.
That does not sound real.
We don't know enough about him.
Well, I just learned today that Dr.
Mallard moonlights as a refrigerator repairman.
It's one of my many skills.
Yeah, the compressor went out on 106.
He's the only one that knows how to fix it.
Despite my leaving specific instructions.
This time, I was in the middle of an autopsy.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
An autopsy I'm about to get an update on? Right.
Frank Ressler.
He was killed with a single nine-millimeter slug that punctured his lung and his pulmonary artery.
Kasie has the bullet? Yeah, along with the tissue I pulled from underneath his fingernails.
Here, look at this.
These bruises on his forearm appear to be defensive wounds.
So he fought with his killer.
Hopefully we can get a hit on that DNA.
Well, that is very good work.
Ah, I see you are, uh, starting on your HR forms already.
Uh, yeah, yeah.
Hey, funny - you should mention that.
Um - Uh Why is Jessica Knight listed as a workplace relationship? I was gonna talk to you about that before I submitted those forms.
When? How about now? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Director Vance.
Yes, yes, I heard that.
: To be continued.
Well, that's one of your problems fixed.
Anything else? I'm telling you, Vivian's car is a dead end.
No DNA, no fingerprints.
Certainly not a GPS tracker.
Not even an after-market one? - [KASIE LAUGHS.]
Vivian still uses a cassette player.
Oh, we got Aretha and Bowie and Frank.
Zappa, not Sinatra.
Kase, you gotta give me something.
It's about 24 hours since Vivian was taken, and we got nothing.
Oh, not true.
We have these.
Wood shavings? I found them in the driver's-side footwell.
Okay, maybe Parker's not the only one with hobbies.
Maybe Vivian could be into woodworking.
Oh, no, I doubt these came from Vivian.
The rest of the car is meticulously detailed.
Not so much as a crumb between the seats.
Okay, so they were left by a kidnapper.
Can you trace the wood? Mass spec is still analyzing, but it looks pretty common to me.
No tracing, no help.
Could that be some help? Uh, maybe.
It's a DNA match to the tissue Jimmy found on the body.
That seems kind of fast, again.
Uh, because again, the match is to a government employee.
More dirty FBI agents? Uh, not FBI.
Parker? It's gotta be a mistake.
Uh, yeah.
I'll-I'll double-check the report.
It's not a mistake.
The DNA found under the murder victim's fingernails belongs to Agent Parker.
So what now? Now we call Vance, and bring in Parker for questioning.
Oh, it's a nice neighborhood.
Given Parker's hobby habit, I would have thought he'd live in a place with a garage.
Or a basement.
According to this, his apartment's - on the top floor.
- So just to be clear, we don't think he actually did this, right? Kill someone in cold blood? Absolutely not.
Well, he did admit to going to the house last night.
That's true.
And, uh, his DNA was underneath the victim's fingernails.
Also true.
So maybe the ex-partner was home, and they fought.
Could have been self-defense.
But Parker wouldn't lie to us about that.
Right? I hope not.
Hey, the gang's all here.
We need to talk.
I was just thinking the same thing.
Park who is it? Is that Everybody, this is my ex-wife Vivian.
We can talk in here.
KNIGHT: So you do have a greenhouse.
My little oasis.
I'd ask you to sit and relax, but, uh When did you find Vivian? And when were you gonna tell us? I can help explain that after I make myself a drink.
- Ginkgo and mint, please.
- Over here.
Given that I was drugged and held prisoner for the last day, I need something to clear my head.
So if you were held prisoner, how'd you end up here? I was able to escape this morning.
Whatever it was they injected me with started to wear off.
Must have been some kind of benzos.
Should you be drinking? Alcohol? No.
A mix of hot water and GABA inhibitors? - Yes.
- TORRES: Okay How did you get away? Well, in my drug-induced haze, all I can remember are blurry flashes.
I'm sawing of my bindings on a broken sink.
Kicking out a vent, and then, uh, making a run for it through a patch of trees until I was finally able to make it to a road.
She flagged down a passing driver, and then used their phone to call me.
Yeah, Parker's the only person I knew I could trust.
We've been through a lot together.
For better or worse.
Parker, why didn't you call us about any of this? Things happened fast.
We just got here when you showed up.
Why, is there some kind of problem? Yeah, there is.
We need you to come with us back to NCIS.
Vance took me off the case.
Not coming in as an agent.
Coming in as a murder suspect.
Park? This is a joke, right? Wish it was.
We couldn't do this in the conference room? This chair is uncomfortable.
Same chair as over here.
No, it isn't.
Your DNA was found under the victim's fingernails.
Would you care to explain that? Wish I could.
What happened when you went to Frank Ressler's house? I knocked on the door.
He wasn't home.
I left.
My story isn't changing, fellas.
It's the truth.
And the DNA? We all know how easy it is to get this.
All somebody had to do is go through my trash.
I'm being framed.
That explains why the kidnapping photos were sent to NCIS in the first place.
To taunt me and to create a motive for murder.
Well, I'd say it worked, then.
Well, that part maybe, but not cleaning the victim's fingernails? Do you really think I'm that stupid? No, we don't.
MCGEE: But a jury might.
That's why we need to find the evidence to prove you're innocent.
Parker, you have any idea who might be doing this? No, but I have an idea why they might be doing this.
- May I? - Yeah.
Everybody involved in this case has one thing in common, right? All are former FBI.
They took Viv, killed Frank and framed me.
It's gotta be connected to our time in the Bureau.
Okay, how do we find out? We pull my old case files and we look for a connection.
And how do you plan to get those files? If I ask the FBI for help, they'll want to know why.
And then you'd have to say that I'm officially a murder suspect, and NCIS would have to turn over this case.
As it is, I should have called Justice the minute your DNA showed up on the victim.
And why didn't you, Director? Seems I've lost their number for now.
And how much time might we have until you find it? Forty-eight hours.
So I suggest you find another way to access those files.
Quickly and quietly.
You know what? We might have someone who can access that FBI database.
KNIGHT: After you escaped, you called Parker from here.
The question is where did you escape from? Vivian.
I'm sorry, my brain is still a little scrambled.
My ex-husband is being interrogated for murder.
I-I should be in there.
I am a federal agent.
Yeah, well, you investigate UFOs, not murders.
I investigate the unexplained, and this counts.
Look, I just want to help Park.
You know, for a divorced couple, you're still pretty close.
Why did you break up? He left his dirty socks on the floor.
Listen, there are some things that even a happy marriage can't survive, and I would really rather not get into it.
Right now, Vivian, the best way for you to help Parker is by helping us.
Starting with finding out where you were being held.
Close your eyes and try to picture where you were.
I know how this works.
Anything can help.
Colors, shapes, feelings.
I, um I remember feeling trapped, like-like an animal.
Maybe because it smelled like a dirty animal cage.
What kind of cage? Dog cage? Um, no.
Like a, a hamster, because [STAMMERS.]
The kind that have, like, those little wood shavings.
We found wood shavings in your car.
We're not looking for a wood shop.
We're looking for a pet shop.
- Anything? - Yeah.
There's an abandoned strip mall that used to have an old pet store.
That could be where they were holding me.
Only one way to find out.
Thank you.
This reminds me of the botanic gardens in Glasgow.
Well, the director asked us to keep a low profile, so Yeah.
Yeah, a very wise decision.
Especially given this.
Every FBI file that mentions Special Agent Alden Parker.
Nice work, Duck.
As NCIS historian, I couldn't access data from outside agencies, but my counterpart at the FBI was most helpful.
All it took was a glass of Montrachet and a little persuasion.
He owed you one? She did.
Dating within one's professional circles has its perks.
Duck, you got a girlfriend? At my age, who needs labels? HR, apparently.
I'll get started on these files.
Federal agents! - Clear.
- Clear.
Well, this is definitely where Vivian escaped from.
Unfortunately, no sign of our kidnapper/killer.
Yes, there is.
You gotta be kidding me.
PARKER: Whoever wrote this garbage signed it appropriately.
- MCGEE: "Quoth the raven.
" - PARKER: Get Kasie on the phone.
- PARKER: The flask, Jimmy.
- Don't open it.
- COMPUTER: Code 2 alert.
Biotoxin detected.
VANCE: This came in the mail today.
It was addressed to Special Agent Alden Parker and his team.
- What's it say? - One word.
The Raven.
He's back.
PARKER: "Nevermore," quoth the raven.
TORRES: Same calling card.
Same block letters.
Thankfully, no sign of the same deadly toxin he tried releasing a few months ago.
But our bird is back with a vengeance.
We're not dealing with a sane individual.
He went to great lengths to poison half the city.
And now it appears he blames you for stopping the attack.
He blames me for something.
Kidnapping my ex-wife, killing my ex-partner and framing me for the murder.
If he hates you so much, why not just, you know, kill you and be done with it? I'll let the, uh, forensic psychologist answer that one.
Well, I'd need to perform a detailed study to get a proper assessment, but it appears this Raven takes pleasure in prolonging things.
Why bite the lollipop when you can savor it over time? Well, if I'm the sucker, consider me licked.
I'm done.
You're not gonna like this.
Skimming through old FBI files, I found an investigation that's still active.
Why? Who's being investigated? You are.
How? They don't know about my DNA.
Not a murder investigation.
It's fraud.
Looks like the FBI found the hush money that your former partner took off with.
Money is in an offshore account in the Caymans that they think belongs to you.
Believe me, If I had an account in the Caymans, I'd be using it in the Caymans.
I don't know anything about this.
This doesn't make sense.
You're already being framed for murder.
Why add on a lesser charge of fraud? I think that was the doctor's point.
Clearly, the Raven hasn't finished savoring.
Unless we're missing something.
Why are we still talking about him? We got work to do.
In 36 hours, Vance hands the case over to DOJ.
- Let's do it.
- Stop! Okay, we're handing over this case right now.
What? Why? Director said that And I'm saying that this has gone far enough.
We all know what the Raven is capable of, and you heard the doc.
This guy is not done.
That's exactly why we need to stop him.
He got away the first time and look what happened.
Yeah, what happened was Jimmy and Kasie nearly died, and I'm not gonna let that happen again to any of you.
Parker, we can do our job.
Doing your job doesn't include taking unnecessary risks for me.
I'm not Gibbs.
Okay? You don't owe me anything.
I appreciate all of you more than you know.
But it's over.
Hey, what are you doing with Polly the pomato plant? Parker said to give her back.
So it's true? He's really turning himself in? It looks that way.
Meeting with Vance this morning.
- Hey, did we miss the meeting? - What meeting? The meeting to help Parker.
I mean, if the Raven is back, he's gonna need our help, believe me.
I've been thinking about what Parker said, and I think maybe he's right.
Maybe we've done everything that we can do, and we just need to walk away.
I mean, it's not like it's Gibbs, you know.
We don't know him all that well.
So why does this feel wrong? He had our backs when the Raven came back last time.
Jimmy and I know that up close and personal.
He had your backs, too.
He risked his life to save ours when we were held hostage on that ship.
And Parker risked everything for Gibbs, too, up in Alaska.
You know everything you need to know about the man.
It's him that doesn't know us.
Yeah, thinking that we'd turn our backs on him at a time like this.
- Well, then, I say we get back to work.
- Yeah.
All right, let's go update those BOLOs on the Raven.
I'll keep processing everything we have.
Hey, Jess, Jess.
- Uh, you have one second? Yeah.
- Yeah.
- What's up? - Uh, hey, I just I wanted to apologize for listing you on my HR forms.
You're thinking about your HR forms? Now? [CHUCKLES.]
I-I feel like I overstepped.
You know, it was It was just a couple coffee dates, right? I don't know.
You see, 'cause-'cause I don't know, either.
I mean, with all the bad that's happened this year, why deny the good? And we have something good.
Don't we? Yeah.
But are you saying that that something good should be disclosed? Do you think we should find out? That is definitely worth disclosing.
I think that we should do that again.
- You know, just-just to make sure.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Ooh! KNIGHT: Uh - [GASPS.]
KASIE: You guys! What happened to Polly the pomato plant? It was an accident.
What had happened was JIMMY: I-I sneezed.
Wait, hold up.
We've got a problem.
There is more in here than just potatoes and tomatoes.
Is that what I think it is? Parker's place is bugged.
We found this hidden inside the pomato plant.
Safe bet is they're all over your apartment.
Who's bugging me? The FBI.
We did a backdoor search into DOJ records.
Found the warrant.
So the listening devices are legal.
Well, the justification's pretty thin.
Obviously, they pulled some strings to get a judge to sign off.
The FBI wants Parker's head.
And the Raven is handing it to them on a silver platter.
Are you saying that the Raven is connected to the FBI? What we're saying is that if we turn Parker over now, we're not gonna find out what's really going on.
VANCE: All right, I agree.
This is bad.
But I'm afraid it's too little, too late.
- We just need more time, Director.
- VANCE: And I can't give it to you, Agent McGee.
I called Justice this morning.
Call them back.
They've already sent the FBI to take over this case.
Deputy Director Sweeney - just signed in downstairs.
- Look, I told you this was happening.
Why are you still trying to help me? Because you forgot rules five, eight and 15.
We'll send you a list.
We got to do something before the FBI walks through that door.
You two, stay here.
- You see Parker, cuff him.
- Yes, sir.
Deputy Director Sweeney, FBI.
I'm here to see the director.
Is he expecting you? - [DOOR OPENS.]
Deputy Director.
Come on in.
Can I get you something? Coffee, water? The Department of Justice said you agreed to hand over this case.
Along with Agent Parker.
And we plan to cooperate fully.
Well? I'm waiting.
The file boxes are already packed downstairs.
But as for Agent Parker, your guess is as good as mine.
KNIGHT: An extra go bag with a change of clothes in case the FBI has your apartment staked out.
And a burner phone.
Look, I appreciate what you all are doing, but, uh, I've never been a fan of running away from my problems.
You're not running.
You're just doing your job.
We all are.
Starting with that account in the Caymans.
What, the account the FBI thinks belongs to me? Only because they stopped digging.
I kept looking.
Were you able to trace the money? Uh, it bounced around through various accounting firms on the eastern seaboard.
Got a list? Sorry I couldn't narrow it down more.
Leave that to me.
I'll keep digging on my end, too.
Morning, Chief.
Where the hell are you? PARKER: Well, I had a little car trouble, but, uh, don't worry.
I'm just about to jump into an Uber.
I hope you're on your way to NCIS.
Well, I got to be honest.
Wasn't the plan.
Running will only make things worse, Parker.
For you and NCIS.
Not running.
Just doing my job.
We'll be in touch.
This isn't over.
Well, last chance.
Sure you want to help a fugitive? Not a fugitive.
Thank you.
So Same goes for you.
You sure you want to do this? This Raven came after me, too.
Whatever bigger plans he has, I'm already a part of it.
For better or for worse.
We could lose our jobs for this.
Or worse.
Just like old times.
Do you have any idea where we're gonna stay on this little sojourn of ours? I'm guessing that they're watching my place, too.
You remember our honeymoon? How could I forget? I was thinking that might be a good place to lay low.
Do you know that I still have that mixtape that you made for us when we eloped? Get out of here.
: I'm not kidding.
- I just saw it the other day.
- Wow.
- Man, I worked hard on that one.
- I remember.
I got it right back here.
Just saw it the other day.
Let's see.
Which one is it? - No, it's not that one.
- Ah! There it is.
Got it? - Original sticker and everything.
- Oh, my All right.
Go ahead.
Oh, she's a little runaway ♪ Wow.
Just like old times, hmm? All those things he couldn't say ♪ ♪ Ooh ♪ She's a little runaway.

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