NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s01e18 Episode Script

T'N'T (2)

I'm texting with Agent Tenant.
A missing witness from an old case of mine might've turned up in Oahu, and she's checking it out for me.
This is about a munitions explosion in Afghanistan.
Actually Director, since this is still my case I would like to - put this one to bed myself.
- We don't know this witness.
And Torres does, wouldn't hurt to have him.
You don't get it, if you guys found me that means they found me too.
As long as - Tennant, you hit? - No.
- You? - I'm good.
Can't say the same for him.
We got to make a move.
Queen of the Castle.
I'm down.
Three, two, go.
Go! Tennant, you.
Well, Your Majesty, they took cover behind that structure.
Clear here, too.
Who the hell were those guys? I haven't been ambushed in a while.
You've been here for three hours.
Well, I'm an acquired taste.
Hey, Jesse.
We just got hit on Kam Highway.
Two gunmen, they fled.
One dead body.
Tennant? Strike that.
Jennings is gone.
Hang on.
Our missing victim is Kyle Jennings.
Former employee of Fortress, a war-zone private contractor.
Any idea who hit you? Best guess, two to three-man team.
Two men came, drew us from the car, someone came and took the body.
You get anything else? Well, yes and no.
I mean, no fingerprints, no blood trail, so A professional crew, highly trained.
Yeah, and highly motivated, going after federal agents in broad daylight.
They must have left something behind.
Well, we're scouring the area.
If it's here, we'll find it.
He okay over there? You good, Nick? Yeah, it's just, uh, this is the most beautiful place I've ever been shot at.
These views never get old.
You know, I wish I had a few more days, just so I can have the full Hawai'i experience.
Snorkeling, sunsets by the beach, one too many Mai Tais at a luau.
Full tourist mode.
Yeah, it doesn't seem likely now.
Well, you never know.
Would help if we had a little more information.
Our suspects got a clean getaway.
Not totally clean.
Tire tracks.
It's time for me to read the rest of the team in on this.
Marine Corporal Daniel Menlo.
Died in a munitions blast five years ago in Afghanistan.
Private war-zone contractor.
Fortress took responsibility.
Claimed it was an accident.
Improper grenade storage.
Big companies don't usually admit fault for stuff like that.
Yeah, not without pointing the finger at someone.
Greg Winslow, a Fortress munitions specialist.
Fortress claims he improperly stored the grenades.
They apologized, paid a fine, - and - Let me guess.
Fired Greg Winslow.
Since Corporal Menlo was based in Quantico, I went to Afghanistan to investigate.
You speak to Winslow? He'd already been sent stateside.
Died in a single-car accident a week later.
Drove his SUV into the Potomac.
And they pinned it all on him.
But there was one piece missing.
Kyle Jennings.
Another Fortress operator.
Stationed in Afghanistan.
And the only survivor of the munitions blast.
He also went missing before I could question him.
Fortress claims he fled from the accident and never reported in.
He's been M.
for five years.
So, how'd you track him to Hawai'i? I've been receiving anonymous tips for years.
A city, a motel name, photos of Jennings in iconic locations.
By the time I ran them, Jennings would be gone.
Until two days ago.
Torres received this selfie of Jennings on the North Shore.
We went and picked him up before he could flee.
Then you got attacked.
Now Jennings is dead and his body is gone.
Could the anonymous source be the one who organized the attack? Used you to smoke him out? Someone inside Fortress? Both possible.
Yeah, but why take the body? Add that the list of things we got to figure out.
Ernie is trying to track down whoever's sending the tips.
Hopefully, we can narrow down that list.
All right, well, we'll keep working on finding the men who attacked you.
Hey, if I may If I can just I'd like to address the elephant in the room.
I know there's all these rumors going around about what happened with Tennant and I back in Orlando, but I just wanted to say, it was just a conference, all right? Like, nothing happened, all right? Everything was purely professional.
This-this T'N'T nickname Come on, man, there's there's no secret meaning behind it, okay? Yeah.
They didn't know.
Ernie's got something.
Where's my backpack? - It's right - Can you Sure.
T'N'T? Okay, what happened in Orlando? I have so many questions.
T'N'T, huh? Tennant and Torres.
Of course they texted you immediately.
Hey, don't get me wrong.
A solid nickname.
- But matching tattoos? - Where'd you get that? Nowhere.
Just fishing.
Okay, moving on.
Right, right.
Anonymous source sending you leads on Kyle Jennings.
That would be nice.
I got nothing.
Series of encrypted IP addresses bouncing back and forth.
Torres' people in D.
didn't have any luck, either.
You know I don't believe in luck.
Meaning you found something else? Just info on your tire tracks.
Based on the tread depth, size and pattern, we're looking for a rear-engine four-wheel drive vehicle capable of off-roading.
Specifically, a cream-colored VW Vanagon.
You got all that from tire tracks? I got some of that from the tracks.
The vehicle itself I got from traffic cams along your route.
Vanagon followed you to the ambush.
- BOLO out? - Yep.
But I'm not done.
Forensics found trace amounts of pollen inside your tracks, from a Selenicereus pteranthus.
That's the Latin name for Princess of the Night.
It's a night-blooming cactus.
Pretty rare.
Oh, you got mad botany skills.
Only one place on this island where you can camp that has these.
Lulumahu Botanical Garden.
How many campsites? - 31.
- All right.
Looks like Torres might get some sightseeing in after all.
T'N'T is back, baby.
You know, when I vacation with this much sunshine, I'm kind of a sit-by-the-pool kind of guy.
Well, quicker we find our suspects, the sooner we'll make that a reality.
I think there's another campsite just around that monkeypod tree.
I'm impressed, Torres.
Oh, don't be.
I saw a sign back there.
No, I mean, I'm impressed you stuck with this case even after it seemed wrapped up.
Not everyone would.
Well, I flew back with Corporal Menlo's, uh, body.
I met his family on the tarmac.
And I promised them I, I'd find answers.
Technically there was an answer.
Mm, yeah.
"Accident" didn't ring true to me.
Plus, I felt like I left a mess in Afghanistan.
So you needed to clean it up.
- Rule 45.
- Rule 45.
Take the right.
Special Agent Torres.
We meet at last.
I'm sorry.
I have no idea who you are.
Really? But I do need you to lower that weapon.
Please and thank you.
You really don't know who I am? Of course I know who you are.
You're Greg Winslow.
Fortress operator who drove his car into the Potomac.
Not so dead after all.
Relax, Greg.
You're surrounded by federal agents.
Five years anticipating a sniper's bullet.
Hard habit to break.
Well, you're safe.
And we have some questions.
I promise, whatever you believe happened isn't what happened.
So you didn't fake your own death, follow us and kill Jennings? Well, you got that only partly wrong.
Two out of three, 67% or rather 66.
I did fake my own death and I was following you, but I didn't kill Jennings.
That was Fortress.
Well, why did Fortress want Jennings dead? Because you finally caught him.
They needed to close the loop.
Because the explosion in Afghanistan was no accident.
It was intentional.
Yeah, we know.
You do? Question is, why? Oh, no clue.
All I know is, Jennings was the last one near the depot before the big kaboom.
What is Jennings' connection with Corporal Menlo? Look, I worked for Fortress.
But I-I just managed munitions depots.
I wasn't out doing stuff.
But Jennings was.
Doing stuff? Yeah, he was working in concert with the Marines.
Securing villages cleared of bad actors.
Did he ever work directly with Corporal Menlo? Well, the percentage chance would I don't know.
You don't know much.
You sure faking your own death wasn't an overreaction? I know one thing.
I didn't blow up the depot.
But Fortress framed me, fired me and was gonna kill me, so I did it first, and then I made it my mission to find Jennings.
You're the one who's been giving Torres anonymous tips.
Well, thankfully, he acted on them.
Torres is the Batman to my Robin.
- Hmm? - The Sherlock to my Watson.
The, uh All right, I get the metaphor.
Can I just say that this is nice? The banter, you know, sitting on a bench.
Haven't had a real conversation in years.
Look, if Fortress tried to kill you and actually killed Jennings, - there's got to be a reason.
- Yeah.
Kind of hoping you guys can find out why.
What do y'all know about BASE jumping? Enough not to do it.
Think it's possible to BASE jump off Cinderella's Castle? - Tennant and Torres? - Mm-hmm.
Spoke to a friend at the field office in Jacksonville.
And they told you that our boss was BASE jumping in an amusement park? Said it was a series of dares and they never actually jumped.
You hear the words coming out of your mouth? I do.
Just vetting it.
Well, how about we vet Greg Winslow's story first? He says that Jennings was responsible for the explosion.
Why? If it was money, would have been cash.
I pulled Jennings' financials Not a dollar in or out since he ran.
The guy disappeared after the explosion.
On and off the radar for five years.
I mean, he clearly had resources.
And motivation.
Didn't want to be found by Torres or Fortress.
He knew something and got killed for it.
Yeah, but they didn't just kill him.
I mean, they took his body.
If it was just about what he knew, why make his body disappear? Seems like the body itself was important.
Maybe his body was evidence.
Oh, creepy.
But interesting.
So, how do you make a body totally disappear? You dump it in the ocean.
Coast Guard and HPD have been searching waterways.
- Nothing yet.
- You burn it.
Nothing to find if it's ashes.
All right, let's find local incinerators.
Places that our suspects could get access.
Hey, hey, Ernie? That still leaves the question of why our suspects went to all this trouble.
Well, D.
sent us the original case file.
Maybe there's something we missed.
So - You see her, too, right? - Yeah.
Yeah, I do.
Uh, I-I'm sorry.
You are? Special Agent Jessica Knight.
Legend of the REACT team, expert negotiator, general badass.
I read the newsletter.
Parker sent me, along with the Afghanistan case files.
And to make sure Torres comes home without any bullet wounds.
My team has gone through enough personnel changes.
Well, I'm Special Agent Tara.
This is Ernie.
- Hi.
- Uh, he doesn't really like it when people are sitting in his chair.
Uh, Lucy, hush, hush.
It's-it's okay.
Well, I'm not sure you're gonna be enlightened by this case file, it is pretty thin.
But I also bring expertise with Fortress.
They've tried recruiting me over the years, offering big money, big benefits.
- Ugh.
Who'd want that? - That makes sense.
Overpaying for talent is sort of their thing.
Along with disregard for moral and ethical lines.
Can't think of anyone better suited to make a body disappear.
What-what do we have in the case file? Fortress was trying to put this to bed quickly, so, not much.
Um, can I sit? - Yes, yes.
- Okay.
Um So we've got some video footage of the explosion.
Been trying to put it up on your monitor, but I can't seem to figure out your clicker situation.
Oh, sorry.
That's for my jellyfish.
Groovy, huh? - Totally.
- Yeah.
Here you go.
Well, that tells us nothing.
Not enough to prove it was intentional.
Uh, not enough to prove it wasn't.
So, what do we do? We recreate it.
You can do that? I can do many things, milady.
What? Oh, nothing.
You got a type.
Oh, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Slow down there, buddy.
It's just so good.
Tastes of the island.
- Mm.
- It's from a local place.
It was actually meant for the both of you.
Sorry, dude.
You want in on this? Nah, I'm good.
All I've been eating are MREs and day-old taquitos from 7-Eleven.
Well, someone needs to learn about takeout.
We'll get more.
I take it since I'm back in gen pop, you believe my story? Looking into it.
But as a colleague of ours likes to say, "If it seems someone's out to get you" "They usually are.
" We have more questions.
- I've told you everything I know.
- You haven't told us how you managed to get intel on Jennings' movements when no one else could.
- Well, that's easy.
- Darlene? What's that? Is that, like, a computer program? Some kind of, uh, - Fortress whistleblower? - It's Jennings' mom.
She's a lovely woman.
I'm sorry.
You're in contact with Jennings' mother? We became friends on social media.
I used an alias, of course.
Um Rick from Roanoke.
Former school teacher and avid antiquer, just like her.
You know, I, too, don't understand why people buy jeans with holes already in them.
So you got Darlene chatting about her son? Well, he never called or visited, but he did send postcards from whatever exotic locale he was in.
It's the one mistake Jennings made.
When you go off the grid you can't keep in touch with anyone.
I have a sister in Albuquerque who thinks I'm dead.
You know how many times I've wanted to call and tell her I'm not? Look, you've known Tennant the longest.
What do you think happened in Orlando? I don't do gossip, especially about our boss.
Plus, I already know what happened.
Want to give me a hint? I'll tell you this.
It involved a crashed wedding, a stolen pontoon boat and a, uh, adolescent alligator.
Are you Excuse me.
Closed today.
NCIS Agents Boone and Holman.
Anyone going in or out? No, 'cause we're closed.
Well, maybe you noticed something unusual? I don't usually have cops asking me questions.
We were just wondering if someone maybe got access to the facility.
Been here all day.
No one's come by.
All day? Yeah.
Why? Well, last I checked, Whaler's Sound doesn't deliver.
You got me.
I ran around the corner for some shrimp, but the gate's locked.
See? You said today was an off day? Uh-huh.
Why is there smoke coming from that chimney? Shut it down! Not much left, is there? Lucky we got anything at all.
Yeah, a few more minutes in the incinerator, - it would have been all ash.
- That's actually a myth.
Contrary to popular belief, burning a body does not turn it to ash.
You get more of a coarse sand with bone fragments, sometimes teeth.
That's, uh good to know.
Lye, gentlemen, heated to 300 degrees.
Soak a body for three hours.
All that's left is liquid.
Or so I'm told.
And the identity? Well, based off DNA and the medical records, this is Kyle Jennings.
Assuming you can't tell us much more about him.
As I said, you didn't give me much to work with.
But I can get a lot from very little.
Is there something specific you're looking for? We believe Jennings was incinerated because there may be something on his body connected to a cold case.
Well, I did find high levels of aluminum powder in the bone fragments.
- Oh, from the bullets that killed him? - No.
Bullets are made of copper, lead and steel, not aluminum.
Yeah, quite right.
Aluminum powder is more often found in explosives.
I took the liberty of flipping through our victim's medical records and found this chestnut.
Eric Cutter, trauma Surgeon.
Last name's a bit on the nose and also misleading, since he's pioneering the use of magnets to remove shrapnel from deep tissue.
This report is four years old.
Apparently, Jennings had a fragment lodged in his upper back.
Cutter was prepared to operate.
Jennings disappeared before he could.
So we were right.
Jennings was the evidence.
All that food upstairs made me want to order lunch.
It looks like y'all already did.
What? Oh, yeah.
We're good, Luce.
Get anything for me? Ew.
So what are you all doing? Computer simulation of the munitions explosion.
Lets us see how accidental it was.
If you'll do the honors.
Thank you, my lad.
Well, there you have it.
I told you we'd learn something.
What did we learn? Munitions depot stored mainly small arms ammunition.
If the explosion had been initiated by a faulty grenade, the blast would have had a chain effect.
A series of smaller explosions.
But this was a-a big boom.
Initiated by some kind of primary charge setting off high explosives.
Okay, well, C-4 wasn't on the inventory.
Means someone must have planted it.
We know the explosion of the munitions dump was intentional.
Set off with some kind of IED that led to the death of Corporal Menlo.
And since Jennings was the last man standing before the explosion And had a piece of shrapnel lodged in his back that was likely part of the device Looks like he set the bomb.
Okay, but why? It all comes back to Fortress.
What do we know about them? Five years ago, they were the plucky underdogs of the private contractor set.
Lean, mean, willing to handle security in the hottest zones.
No job too dirty.
And it paid off.
They've grown ten-fold over the last few years, taking on multiple government contracts with operations in a dozen locations, including a training facility here on Oahu.
All because of their CEO, Brent Spooner.
Another plucky underdog.
Started as an operator for Fortress and rose through the ranks to take over.
These are uncertain times.
Security in the 21st century requires complex response.
How do we protect ourselves? Well, the answer is Fortress.
Our personnel are highly-trained and highly-motivated to assess threats and implement harm reduction.
Your security is our priority.
In a post-apocalyptic, paramilitary sort of way.
All right.
What else do we know about him? He ran the Fortress mission in Afghanistan when the explosion happened.
He and his men were providing ground security in the region.
- You think he was involved? - I think he knows more than he said back then.
I mean, whoever killed Jennings had resources.
Where is he now? Fortress global headquarters in Virginia.
Torres could have his team question him.
We need to learn more about him.
And what Fortress was into in Afghanistan.
Easier said than done.
They have thousands of employees working alongside military across the country, including Pearl Harbor.
What's your point? If they're willing to ambush two federal agents and steal a body, they could impede the investigation in other ways, too.
I mean, it could be could be floating nearby right now.
Okay, a little paranoid, but point taken.
Ernie, check badge swipes.
See if anyone pops up with a connection to Fortress.
- Kai? - Yeah.
Let's visit their training facility.
See what services they have.
We just gonna walk in there and announce ourselves? That's exactly what we're gonna do.
Sort of like crashing a wedding, right? Don't know what you mean, but sure.
You got no game at all, dude.
Fortress Oahu is the premiere military training facility in the Western hemisphere.
We offer conditioning, advanced tactics, and, of course, SERE courses that rival any Tier One training.
Impressive campus.
Well, Brent had a vision.
The Future of The Future of Security.
Sounds better when Brent says it.
The future of the future looks expensive, Ms.
Please, call me Tessa.
You've come at an exciting time.
We're about to go public.
Brent's making the IPO announcement today.
So the question is, how can Fortress enhance your tactical requirements? Well, NCIS is looking to outsource some assets for a sensitive overseas operation.
What kind of operation? Or can you not say? Let's keep it vague.
But it's high risk, high reward.
And we're particularly interested in operators with experience in Afghanistan.
I did a tour with the Marines out of Bagram.
I worked with some some top-notch Fortress guys in the Central Highlands about five years ago, and I would love to connect with them, since we have a shorthand.
Do you have names? Kind of work we were doing, names didn't really come into play.
Can we get a list of personnel who worked the Central Highlands then? I'm sure you understand that discretion is one of the founding principles at Fortress.
Discretion is important to us, too.
Keeping the Navy's secrets and all.
We're not supposed to disclose the names of employees.
I'll be honest.
We're going on a limb bringing in outside specialists for this, but it's for national security.
Mm, big game hunting, Tessa.
How big? The future of the future depends on it.
This is every Fortress operator who worked in Afghanistan five years ago.
- What am I supposed to do with it? - Look through them.
Find anyone you recognize from munitions depot.
Uh We were in-country.
Beards and camo.
These These guys look like Boy Scouts.
Well, then, imagine them with beards.
This is your best shot? You were there, Greg.
We weren't.
You're our best shot at identifying any other suspects.
It was five years ago, and I was a glorified supply specialist.
I can't just pick 'em out of a hat.
You got to try.
I literally gave up my life to give you Jennings.
He's all I had.
This is a waste of time! Wasn't for you, there'd be no case.
Corporal Menlo would be forgotten.
And now, because of you, two teams of NCIS agents are going to bring his killers to justice.
And they're gonna give you your life back.
You got to just keep pushing a little more.
Look through the photos.
And this time, we got you three lunches.
Give me some time.
Boom-Boom's on assignment, so I'm flying solo here.
What's a Boom-Boom? He defies categorization, but I did do research on aluminum compounds used in incendiary devices.
Actually, not necessary.
The history of priming charges is fascinating.
You know, Kasie is sort of a savant when it comes to They're unique from the primers used in firing pins or to initiate a rocket launch.
- Ernie - I get a little confused with time fuses versus command fuses What was that for? Well, just making sure you got your listening ears on, Burt.
It's Ernie, and I was just trying to Demolition-splain.
But there's no need to, 'cause we already got the answer.
Well, why didn't you say so? The metal compound you retrieved from Jennings' remains contains an aluminum base which we know can conduct electrical current to a primary charge.
Common in most detonators.
But what's less common is the gold nanoparticles I found in my analysis.
Well, gold as in gold? It's malleable and ductile, making it extremely practical in all kinds of engineering.
Including bomb-making.
It also reacts favorably to an optical initiation device, which I'm fairly certain you have here.
- Amazing, isn't it? - This-this it's amazing.
Uh, let's-let's pretend I still don't get it.
Every bomb has a signature, and every bomb maker leaves identifying factors in his or her design.
And an optical initiation device Is very rare.
Making it easier for us to figure out who made the bomb.
If we confirm this detonator came from a Fortress operator We can tie them to the murder of Corporal Menlo.
We have one of their munitions experts upstairs.
Maybe ask him.
And here I thought Burt was the smart one.
Do you think Greg will be able to ID what kind of detonator Fortress uses? Well, according to his file, he helped design them.
Nice to officially meet you, by the way.
Torres tells me good things.
What kind of things? Work things.
I swear.
Where is he? Restroom? Kitchen? Tennant, do you have the authority to lock down the base? Yeah.
You might want to do it now.
Fortress got to him.
He's gone.
What do we know about Greg? He used a phone in the bullpen and made a call to his sister's house in New Mexico.
90 seconds later, slipped out of the building.
And do we know who delivered that food? We're working on finding out.
Tell me Greg is still on the base.
Best we figure, he joined a tour group that was leaving.
Torres is trying to track the group down.
We need the Albuquerque police to check in on Greg's sister.
Already did.
She's not at her house.
No idea where she went.
It's Fortress, right? They got to his sister.
They compelled him to leave.
Probably gave him instructions on where to meet.
Wherever it is, he's walking into a trap.
Greg left us something before he disappeared.
These are the Fortress operators in Afghanistan five years ago.
He circled three photos.
Honestly, Nick, we're just in the basement.
You couldn't walk a flight of stairs? Relax.
I'm still at the guard gate waiting for info on the tour group that Greg left with.
What do we know about the men he ID'd? Uh, they worked directly with Kyle Jennings five years ago.
All part of a security mission in the Central Highlands.
Marine Recon unit was clearing out local militias from the provinces.
These guys were securing the villages afterwards.
- Corporal Menlo's unit? - Yes.
They cleared and secured a dozen villages, but one stands out.
Took down a militia stronghold.
Found a cache of stolen U.
I can't see.
What are we looking at? A crapload of cash.
If I'm eyeballing it $75 million? - I guessed 72.
- Hey.
Hey to you, too.
But according to the official records, only 30 million was delivered to the Bagram Air Base.
You want to guess whose job it was to deliver the money? Fortress.
Kyle Jennings and his three buddies are in this photo.
Corporal Menlo, too.
Menlo realizes these guys stole the money, but before he can report it, they sabotage the munitions depot.
Jennings set up the bomb, but got caught up in the blast.
He was a loose end.
And that leaves Greg, and he's still nowhere to be found.
Stealing 40 million in cash and getting out of Afghanistan That requires a lot of logistics.
Along with making sure the bomb looked like an accident.
One other person of note is in this photo.
Brent Spooner, Fortress's CEO.
And he was personally responsible for getting the cash back to Bagram.
All right, thanks.
All three of our Fortress operators are here on the island.
They arrived within a couple of hours of Torres.
Oh, they were monitoring me somehow.
And by now, they'll have Greg, and try to figure out how much he told us, then kill him.
Where would they take him? It's got to be somewhere safe from prying eyes where they can interrogate him.
Fortress compound is a perfect spot.
It's remote, secure.
And it's empty.
The entire Fortress organization will be at the viewing of Brent Spooner's IPO announcement.
Lucy and Knight are already on their way.
Let's go meet 'em.
- Listen, Torres? - Mm.
I promised Knight I wouldn't let you get shot at again.
Oh, it's all good.
I'll just hide behind your tall one.
Not all good for me.
Through the entirety of history, civilization has needed stalwart defenders.
The Spartan hoplite, the Roman centurion, the Japanese samurai.
Today, Fortress take its place amongst this noble tradition, offering superior stability at an unprecedented market share.
Because we are going public.
And the world will never be the same.
Kai, Lucy, heading into the training area.
Interrogation chambers are on the far end of the grounds.
Copy that, boss.
Got you covered.
Just saw one of our suspects go in.
Let's go.
What's our move here, boss? Guess I'll just hide behind you for a while, like Torres said.
Kai, shooter's on the far right ridge.
Got him.
Heading in.
You know, you could, uh, tell me what really happened in Orlando to pass the time.
Torres, Greg's in the chamber with at least one suspect.
I'm all over it.
Federal agents! Shooter down.
We're clear.
Get back! What's so funny? Batman.
You guys good? - That's a good shot.
- Yeah.
Thanks for that.
Where's Torres? Whoa! Sorry.
Gonna need you alive.
- That was awesome.
- You doing all right, Greg? Um, you know, definitely not.
Plus, they gave me a lot of drugs.
Well, we're gonna get you out of here.
Hey, my sister - What about her? - Don't worry.
We have contacts in New Mexico.
We're gonna find her.
Let's go.
Here we are.
What is this? This is your crossroads.
You're about to make the biggest choice of your life.
You choose to talk, tell us everything about Corporal Menlo's murder, the cash you stole, Kyle Jennings, Brent Spooner's role in all this.
- I got nothing to say.
- Mm.
Or you can choose not to talk.
We uncuff you, let you go.
He's wondering what the catch is.
Just give him a beat.
He hasn't worked it out yet.
You'll toss me off the cliff? Mm.
No, sir.
We're gonna let you go.
Because there's absolutely nothing worse that we can do to you than what Spooner will when he finds out you're free.
- He's gonna assume you talked.
- Or he's gonna assume we're following you, and at that point, it will be too risky to let you live.
You'll end up like Jennings and Greg, living in the shadows, - always looking over your shoulder.
- Yeah.
With a big target on your back the rest of your life.
- Which won't be much.
- No, I mean, I'd give him about a month before he gets tracked down.
- I feel less optimistic.
- Less? - Mm-hmm.
- No.
- Yeah.
- All right, well, let's take those cuffs off, and you know, maybe you can prove us wrong.
- I'll talk.
- That's a good choice.
Get me to the airfield now.
Yeah, I need you to clear my schedule for the rest of the week.
Yeah, I know we're booked solid.
Just do it.
Make sure the jet's ready to go.
Yeah, I'll tell the pilot the destination when I get there.
I'm thinking one of the Gulf states.
Uh, Saudi Arabia is nice this time of year, maybe Brunei.
Neither one has, uh, extradition to the U.
Uh, who the hell are you? Honestly, though, that dry heat is gonna be brutal on the pores.
Maybe the Ivory Coast instead.
I don't know.
I'm just spitballing here.
Let me out of the car.
Uh, kind of a moot point now, since, uh, there's been a change in your itinerary.
Where are you taking me? NCIS Headquarters.
What what-what is this? This is what happens when you steal $40 million from the U.
government and kill a Marine.
Oh, no, I know that look.
You feel like the best day in your life just turned into the worst, but I promise you there are worse days to come.
You can get out now.
Just talked to the Albuquerque police.
Your sister got grabbed off the street by a couple of Fortress operators, locked in a roadside motel.
The cops found her safe and sound.
Obviously, a little shaken up when she heard that, uh, you were still alive.
She's waiting for you back home.
So, that-that means No more running.
No more campsites.
You're free to be alive again.
I-I don't know how to thank you.
Um Listen we're the ones that should thank you, Greg.
You kept this case alive.
I have an agent outside who will help set up your travel.
Thank you.
All right, man.
You better go.
Guess you got to go, too.
Yeah, I think so.
But two things.
One sorry about that T'N'T thing out there.
And two uh, that was fun.
Almost getting killed together? Twice? Well, I mean, it's not getting trapped on the top of the Citrus Tower for a night, but, uh, hey, it'll do.
What happened in Orlando It will stay in Orlando.
See ya, Nick.
See you, Jane.
All right, you have my work cell, my personal cell - and my other cell here.
- Got it.
And you still owe me that five-layer dip recipe.
Oh, it's so bad, but it's so good.
All right, wrap it up.
We got a schedule - to keep here.
- Oh.
Flight's not for a few hours.
Yeah, we have a bit of a detour.
Want to make sure you get the most out of your Hawai'i experience.
Well, from what I've seen so far, it is mostly government buildings and shoot-outs.
But totally cool.
Well, that is gonna change.
Yeah, we're gonna give you the nickel tour.
All right, but we better move fast if we want to catch sunset on the beach.
Torres, come on.
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