NCIS: Hawai'i (2021) s03e10 Episode Script

Divided We Conquer

Previously on NCIS: Hawai'i
Alexi Volkoff is the
most sensitive asset
- that we have right now.
- So why are we being read in?
TENNANT: Because Alexi was murdered.
- Federal agents!
- Please don't hurt me!
Analisa Cruz. PhD in organic chemistry.
CRUZ: I was Dr. Volkoff's assistant.
- Then you know what this is.
- A small amount of it
can kill thousands in minutes.
TENNANT: Compound X is real and it is
- worse than we thought.
- SWIFT: Belgrade.
That's where we'll find Compound X.
JESSE: You all seem excited
to get out there.
NEW JESSE: We train 12 months a year
for the one day we get to kick ass.
That's what ELITE's all about.
I got it. Safe now.
ROSEMARY: Wait a minute.
I'm only counting
four canisters here.
Mask! Mask!
TENNANT: Sam, listen to me.
Cruz cannot be trusted.
She's been lying to us.
Sam, come in. You there?
Sam, damn it, answer me.
KAI: No, we're not getting a response
from any of ELITE. They're hurt bad.
What about Sam?
KAI: He's still upright.
I think he's trying
to break a steel door
- with sheer will.
- Tell him to stop.
If the Compound X got released
Yeah, boss, he'll be exposed.
- Any sign of Dr. Cruz?
- KAI: No.
No, but she couldn't have gone far.
All right, we're five minutes out
from the plant. We'll find her.
Ernie, what can you tell me?
I'm monitoring Serbian police
military channels. No alerts yet, but
- it's only a matter of time.
- We got another problem.
If ELITE's infected, how do we
get them to treatment?
Sam, answer me. I need a sitrep.
SAM: I'm here!
The leak's in the airlock.
The door's jammed. I'm trying to get in.
SWIFT: That's not a good idea.
We believe Cruz released
the Compound X in there.
Yeah, I know!
That means the entire
room's a biohazard.
I know that too.
Hanna, if that's what I think it is
You know exactly what it is.
Nothing's gonna stop me.
That's my team in there.
SWIFT: Listen to me very clearly.
Going in there is not an option.
You cannot.
- What are you doing?!
- You can't come in here.
Got to get you out!
- Come on, man.
- No.
You need to get away from here.
You know I'm right.

Kai, come on, man, you got
to see something in there.
KAI: We got no contact anymore.
I need you to set us up
to handle any infected.
All right, keep me posted.
I know the odds are low, Carla.
Look, either way, they
become your patient.
- You don't have to go in.
- Yeah, yeah, yeah.
All right.
Stop where you are!
It's locked.
I hear you, Cruz!
You can't run! (COUGHS)
You're gonna answer for
each one of those dead agents.
Stop or I'll shoot.
That's the virus.
It's kind of amazing
to experience, right?
Every weapon in your biology
turning against you.
I just spoke to Chase.
Compound X it-it's bad.
It mimics an infection,
it hyperactivates the body's
immune response
and causes a cytokine storm.
What, exactly, is that?
It's swelling, vomiting
blood, organ failure
and then death, in minutes.
Okay, so what do we do
for anyone exposed?
She said to pray for them.
Give me an update I can use.
Tennant and Jesse are
at the power plant.
They got a visual on Cruz.
- And?
- They lost her. Still searching.
What about Sam?
Not a word.
Doesn't respond to comms or his phone.
Can you do something?
The short answer is no.
There's a deadly bioweapon on the loose.
It's already killed three of our people.
We got to find it before
it hurts anyone else.
- Sam!
- Sam.
- SAM: I'm here!
Stay back.
Stay back! Stay back!
Where's Cruz?
Got away with the virus.
And you? You hit?
I'm infected.
How you feeling, Sam?
I'd feel better if you weren't
staring at me like that.
And if Dr. Chase wasn't here.
No offense.
None taken.
She's not here as a
medical examiner, Sam.
She's here as a bioweapons expert.
You gonna come check me out?
Until we know how
transmissible the virus is,
I'll diagnose from here.
Talk me through your symptoms.
Muscle spasms.
Joints feel like I ran an ultramarathon.
Dizzy. Labored breathing.
He's got a rash on his arm, too.
CHASE: Yeah, it's clear you're infected.
What's less clear
is how you're still upright.
No offense.
None taken.
How much exposure did you have?
Barely any.
Airlock door was open
for a split second.
I had a
tiny crack in my respirator faceplate.
That's it?
Cruz would've taken a faceful
if she opened the canister like that.
Wait, how did she manage
to get out of the airlock
and escape?
I don't know.
She ran through a half
a mile of this place,
up three flights of stairs to do it.
Well, clearly she had
some sort of antidote.
What is it?
Like a vise.
CHASE: I'm gonna ask you to
concentrate on your breathing.
Slower your heart rate,
longer you stave the virus off.
So keep it calm.
When you put it that way,
how can I say no?
Well, it's a cytokine storm,
just a slower moving one.
How much time do we have?
Who knows? This is a brand-new virus.
The only thing I can say
for certain is, he's dead
if we don't get him that antidote.
Then that's what we do. Jesse?
Yeah, I'll search the lab.
If there was one dose, there'll be more.
We need to get Sam to a medical facility
before things turn bad.
Yeah, what kind of medical facility?
infectious disease center?
Closest one I know is at
the University of Tübingen,
but I imagine we can't get to Germany
in the next hour, so
So we build our own.
You can do that?
- I know a guy.
- Okay.
Let's move him to the van.
Any update on Sam?
Yeah, he's alive.
Okay. And?
Well, Tennant and Chase are
trying to keep him that way.
That's it?
Yes, Kate, that's it, and it sucks.
Whatever he's got killed
an entire team of agents,
so we're just trying
not to dwell on it.
Yes, o-of course. Sorry.
Sorry, it's just
Yes, I-I get it.
Meanwhile, Analisa Cruz is out there
with the deadliest bioweapon
known to man,
and we have no idea where.
I may be able to help with that.
That's Analisa Cruz.
Yes, except that's not her actual name.
It's Tala Flores from Mindanao,
in the Philippines.
- She's using an alias?
- No.
She legally changed her name
before going to grad school.
That's a little weird.
Less weird when you realize
she spent her college years
advocating for the violent
overthrow of the government
and the expulsion of the U.S.
from the Philippines.
LUCY: I guess she didn't change her name
'cause she changed her radical ways.
According to Philippine intelligence,
Tala Flores is a member of
the Colonial Liberation Alliance.
KAI: Their mission statement says,
"United States imperialism
is an infection
that must be eradicated"
" through any means necessary".
What means are we talking?
A few years ago, they blew
up a Manila rec center
that catered to U.S.
government employees.
17 dead.
Since then, there's been
various similar attacks
inside and outside the Philippines.
And this is the first we're
hearing about them?
CLA's on government watch lists
all over the Pacific,
including ours.
Why wasn't she flagged
when she was in our custody?
Because Tala Flores is wanted for
suspicion of terrorism.
Analisa Cruz is not.
Well, she is now. Big-time.
FBI's been tracking the movements
of about a half a dozen CLA members.
Four of them disappeared
about a week ago,
but two of them landed
in Belgrade yesterday.
LUCY: All right.
That we can work with.
Okay, just got to find a needle
in a dangerous,
highly contaminated haystack
and not get infected.

Damn it!
Rest in peace, brother.
We'll come back for you. I swear.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!
Okay. Okay.
I need that, please!
Don't spill it!
Hey! At least be careful with it.
Okay. I hear you. I'm cooperating.
I'm cooperating.
Not sure what you think
I'm gonna do here.
Depends. Is that a good thing?
Okay, so that's a no.
Listen. I can explain.
I have him. NCIS.
Uh hello?
have a way of making friends
everywhere you go.
Whistler? How did you ?
Jesse, here's what's happening.
These men will release you
and they'll secure the power plant
until a hazmat team retrieves ELITE.
Any questions?
About a thousand,
the biggest one being how you did this.
I went to law school with
the commandant's sister.
Family owes me one.
And now you owe him, too.
Owe him what?
of small batch bourbon.
And the next Mission: Impossible
movie before it hits theaters.
I mean, you know, they were
a little rough with me.
But yeah. Sure.
I can definitely do one of those things.
Okay. Stay safe, Jess.
JESSE: Okay.
Welcome to Serbia, NCIS.
Okay, Jesse. Get here
as soon as you can.
Chase is already inside
setting up the medical facility
if you can call it that.
You don't like it, Janie?
I thought we agreed on a clinic.
This is number one clinic.
So, you see exam rooms,
proper ventilation,
power, and
Kennels, Milos.
This is a veterinary clinic.
(CHUCKLES) 100% yes, but definitely
not for animal testing.
Oh! You, uh, may want to avoid that.
All right, look, I don't care
what this place used to be
as long as the equipment
that you procured was meant for humans.
Well, some of it's a little
outdated, but it'll have to do.
See? 100% satisfaction.
And if you need anything else,
I get what you want.
And for you, it comes from Romania.
- Where's Sam?
- Ah, yes.
The best part.
How you doing in there, Sam?
I've had worse accommodations.
But not by much.
Good news.
Jesse got what's left of the antidote.
What's left of? What's that mean?
Guess it means Cruz destroyed it.
Or tried to.
That is what that means.
How much is left?
TENNANT: Depends.
It's sort of dripping out
of the container right now.
Then, Jesse better drive fast.
Sam took that pretty well.
Oh, I may have given
him a mild sedative.
And by mild, I mean major.
Thank you.
Perhaps I stay, hmm?
Help the doctor.
And how would you do that?
I have nursing degree from UCLA.
We don't have an update, Ernie.
Is he still breathing?
And the symptoms?
Not great.
How long does he have?
- You don't ask that.
- It's best to have
all the data considering
this virus could be
released somewhere else soon.
It's best to think
positive and be useful
- so that doesn't happen.
- It's best to not hit a friend.
Guys, is there another
reason you called me?
LUCY: Yeah, yeah.
Uh, we-we got a bead
on the two CLA members who arrived
in Belgrade before you.
They drove over the border
from Croatia a few days ago.
Any idea where they are now?
I took the license plate and hacked
- into its GPS.
- They're at a motor court
about an hour from the border.

Not another move.
You're gonna put the case
down and put your hands
You shot me!
Shoulder wound.
Clean entry. Clean exit.
You'll probably survive.
But you might not have the chance to
unless you tell me
where the Compound X is.
You manage to save any of the antidote?
So far, there's more
on your shoe than in this vial.
But I am trying.
I have snack to put in back room.
This is perhaps good time for it?
Not a great one, Milos.
I'm gonna need that room.
Boss, you okay?
I'm fine. She's shot.
- I'll take a look at it.
- TENNANT: No, Carla.
You stay on task.
I stopped the bleeding.
- Ah!
I need medical attention.
It can wait.
What's the problem?
SAM: Wondering if you are.
'Cause you sure look a mess.
You're one to talk.
How you feeling, Sam?
Like an overmedicated canine.
How's that now?
CHASE: I've given him every
drug I can think of
to slow down the symptoms.
Some of them are not
technically meant for humans.
Same ingredients mostly.
Were you able to get
the Compound X back?
It's gone.
Along with the other members
of Flores's terror group.
Hopefully you had better
luck with the antidote.
Maybe we should discuss it
in the other room.
Let Sam get some rest.
No way, Doc.
Speak your piece.
I was able to extract
enough of the antidote for
maybe one dose.
That's great. I mean,
problem solved, no?
SAM: No, Jesse.
It's not that simple.
No, if we had the Compound X,
it would be.
But since we don't
And it could be anywhere.
Being used on anyone.
CHASE: We need a sample of the antidote
to synthesize more.
Could mean thousands of lives saved.
How long to make more?
CHASE: Under these conditions?
Could be anywhere from a few hours
to a few days.
Yeah, well, Sam doesn't have a few days.
Are we really asking this question?
SAM: There's no question at all.
We make more.
On one condition.
Work fast.
SWIFT: Tell me everything
you know about these
two missing CLA members in Belgrade.
First thing we know, they may
not be in Belgrade anymore.
Thought the Serbian Border
Patrol was working with us.
They are. But there are a
lot of ways out of Belgrade.
Are you saying they escaped
with a deadly bioagent?
One that doesn't give off
any kind of chemical signature
and is small enough
to hide almost anywhere.
We're kind of hoping Tennant can
get information out of Flores.
She'll try, but she needs our help.
What about the other CLA members
FBI was tracking?
WHISTLER: The trick
with these suspects is
that they all scrubbed
their identities years ago.
Created new aliases.
Sometimes multiples.
LUCY: So they could
be traveling anywhere
at any time without being flagged.
Well, there must be some way
to pick up their trail.
ERNIE: There may be.
Each of them was a radical
with other organizations
before joining the CLA
and going radio silent.
Well, how does that help?
They weren't silent
in their previous lives.
Typically, ideologues shout
their manifesto
from every digital rooftop
they can find.
We trace their old accounts.
Find their family, friends
It's possible one of these six is
still in contact with their loved ones.
Well, why are you wasting
your time telling me?
Go to work.
You gonna send a doctor in here?
She's busy.
I'm still bleeding, you know.
You'll be fine.
Tala Flores.
Nice picture.
Born and raised in
Mindanao, Philippines.
Moved to Manila when you were 12.
Yeah, they bulldozed the home
my family owned for generations.
But, sure, make it sound like a choice.
You lost everything.
Your mother died of cancer.
Your father took his own life.
You were separated from your sister.
Why are you telling me my own sad story?
Because we should start
with a shred of truth.
Whose truth are we talking about?
You survived that hardship.
You put yourself through
college and grad school.
Earned a PhD. You could have
made something of yourself.
I did make something of myself.
What, an extremist?
A freedom fighter.
Freedom fighters
don't kill the innocent.
- And neither have I.
- Well, I have three dead agents
who would disagree if they could.
None of you are innocent.
I lost everything because of you.
They bulldozed my home
to make way for a U.S. Army base.
We're at war, whether
you know it or not.
Oh, I agree.
See, the moment that you
fooled me into trusting you,
hurt my people,
you became my enemy.
It doesn't feel good, huh?
Being played. Get used to it.
That's not gonna happen.
I thought we were being truthful.
Absolutely truthful.
And the truth is, you are gonna
tell me where Compound X is,
who you're working for,
and what your target is.
You are going to do that
or I am going to hurt you.
Worse than any hurt you've
ever felt in your life.
We understand each other.
If you have any updates
on that antidote, I'm all ears.
Milos is getting me a few more items.
Then we'll see if I paid
attention in toxicology class.
- But I certainly
don't want to interrupt a man
when he's journaling.
I'm not the journaling type, Doc.
Consider this a final statement.
Let's not be morbid, Sam.
Just realistic.
I know when it's death I'm looking at.
You've faced death many times, no doubt,
and always succeeded in alluding her.
It's different when you can fight back.
I've been cornered, outgunned,
left for dead.
There was always something I could do.
A chance I could take.
Not now.
Just a different kind of fight.
- And
not one that is gonna
get easier, I'm afraid.
I have something that
could ease the pain.
No, I'll pass.
I need to stay sharp.
The only thing you can do
is rest right now,
reserve strength.
No time, Doc. Literally.
I need to complete this.
No, I mean it. No last wills
or testaments allowed.
This isn't for me.
It's for my team.
I need to let their people know
how brave they were.
What they sacrificed for
and why.
Let's both get back to it, then.
Thanks, Doc.
Hey, Ernie, I know you're
pulling an all-nighter, so
You brought me a pick-me-up.
Or should I say you picked
me up a pick-me-up?
I think I just did. (LAUGHS)
KAI: Seems like someone else
beat me to the punch.
Everyone beat you, Kai.
Lucy, Swift, some dude in maintenance
whose name I never learned.
Phil? Bill? Will?
- Carl.
- Yep. Carl.
He came bearing so much caffeine.
Okay. So I-I think
I might take this back.
N-No. I need it.
I'm currently monitoring
the social media
of about 200 of the CLA members'
closest loved ones.
Got to stay sharp,
on the edge, ever vigilant.
Look, I don't know, I think
this might be a waste
- of your talents.
- Are you kidding?
I've trained my whole life
for a moment like this.
I've never felt so alert.
So in touch. So alive.
- Okay, I'm definitely taking this back.
- Kai?
I'm so close to a break
in the case, I can feel it.
Thanks. (SLURPS)
Okay, it's not like one of
the missing CLA members
is gonna reach out
to their high school girlfriend
and tell them where the bioweapon is.
Of course not. They're gonna reach out
to their high school girlfriend
or college roommate or
first cousin on their mother's side
and wish them a happy birthday.
That's from one of our
missing CLA members?
Not just any one of them.
One who was in Belgrade 24 hours ago.
Okay, so what does that mean for us?
It means I can track the server
where the message got sent from.
Bingo. It came from the business center
of the Honolulu Queen Airport Hotel.
So you're saying the people
who have Compound X are here?
the CLA members we're trying to find
arrived in Hawai'i over the last week.
LUCY: Two of them from Belgrade.
They likely have at least some
of the Compound X.
Why would they go back to Hawai'i?
We can ask them when we find them.
- Any idea where they are?
- None.
But we got every law enforcement
agency on the lookout.
There's a lot of good
targets on the island.
It's not gonna be so simple.
Yeah, but we got one person
who knows exactly
what they're gonna do.
Yeah, but how do you break
an unbreakable zealot?
You go off book.
What exactly does that mean?
You really don't want to know.
I'm assuming those aren't
meant for my bullet wound.
Well, not in the way that you mean.
You know, it's a fine line between tools
that heal and tools that hurt.
Look, we know that Compound X
is on Oahu,
and you're gonna tell me where.
I had an old friend who
taught me how to pull teeth.
Now, it is not as easy as it looks,
but it is very, very painful.
I watched this guy harder than you
crack after three teeth.
It was hard to talk, though,
'cause your mouth fills up with blood.
think you're scaring me?
And you think you know me.
What I'm willing to do.
You're wrong.
I have no idea what
you're willing to do,
but I'm fully prepared
for you to do it to me.
You have a sad story.
Your family ripped apart.
No one left but you
and your baby sister.
She ended up living with some
cousins in Vancouver, right?
Been there ever since.
Until last night.
It's not you I'm going to hurt.
Why am I here?
What's going on?
What is this?
An opportunity.
Please, I What's happening?
She isn't part of this.
Of course she is.
No, wait, don't! Please, please, no.
Maria is innocent.
No one's innocent in war, right?
Where's the Compound X?
I don't know where it is.
Green light.
Where is it, Tala?
I don't know. I swear.
- Hit her again.
- No!
No, please, I'm telling you the truth.
I-I don't know where they're
keeping the Compound X.
I swear! That's protocol.
But you know where
they're gonna use it next.
- No!
- Wrong answer.
Up the voltage.
Please, no. No, I
No, please, stop! Stop!
Not until you give me the truth.
Where is the attack gonna be?
The Pacific Launch Initiative.
They're meeting in Hawai'i?
Military and government leaders
of the Philippines and the U.S.
And the CLA is attacking.
Yes, okay, now please stop!
Red light.
Very cooperative.
Wait, no. Tell me Maria's gonna be okay!
Boss just gave us the red light.
(SIGHS) Great.
Maybe you can untie me now?
WHISTLER: Oh, yeah.
Sorry. (LAUGHS)
I just
I can't get over how real that was.
I know, right?
Real-time generative A.I.
We're living in the Matrix.
Software was cool, but I'm the one
- that had to sell the gag.
- Aw.
Your suffering was very authentic.
Your prods were kind of hard.
I think I'm gonna bruise.
- It was worth it.
We got our target.
The Pacific Launch Initiative
is meeting on the island all week.
We got 50 flag officers
from two countries
and their entire staff.
Yeah, not to mention another
200 government officials
and their families.
What else do we know?
We've moved the generals
and the VIPs to a secure location,
doubled their security
until the threat's neutralized.
- And our suspects?
- WHISTLER: That's the good news.
FBI tracked down two of our CLA members
in a parking lot near Pearl,
dressed in uniform with fake CAC cards.
I'm guessing their plan
is to infiltrate the base.
- Any sign of Compound X?
- WHISTLER: Not yet,
but my people are
interrogating them now.
SWIFT: We're close.
(KNOCKS ON TABLE) Let's get the win.
You just gonna stand there,
or are you gonna tell me how it went?
She broke.
No pity.
TENNANT: It's not pity.
Your kids?
Maybe you want to talk to them?
Already said everything I need.
We're good.
I'm gonna just stand here, then.
Something's bothering me.
Chase is working as fast as she can.
No. Flores.
Woman sacrificed her entire life
for her cause.
Put herself in harm's way
over and over again.
Wondering why she
why she broke so easy. (RAGGED BREATH)
Sam, wake up!
- Chase.
- Stay where you are, Jane.
He stopped breathing.
What's that?
Either the antidote that saves his life
or the poison that kills him.
Oh, come on, Sam.
He's breathing.
- Did it work?
- So far.
He still needs time.
- All right, that's a start.
- Is good omen.
I'll go to store.
Get Papa's blood sausage.
Excellent for strength.
JESSE: I'm sure he'll, uh,
appreciate that.
What's the update?
The two suspects won't talk,
but the conference has been moved.
No way the other CLA
members will get to it.
We'll get them, boss.
Sam said something.
He wasn't wrong.
Flores broke too easy.
You call that easy?
Call it whatever you want.
She's used to being
surrounded by enemies.
The Chemist, the Russians, us?
She would have been
prepared for anything.
Even what I did.
You think she lied to you?
With her sister on the line?
I don't know.
But in their seven-year history,
the CLA have never hit a hard target.
No generals. No military installations.
Rec center, restaurant,
construction site.
Maybe they're upping their game.
Her game is to make us suffer, Jesse.
It's not the generals
that she's interested in.
It's their families.
Get Swift and the team on the phone.
Find any event meant for the families,
shut it down now.
Hey, whoa ♪
Mmm ♪
Listen, wasn't looking for love ♪
I had truly given up ♪
I feared that I would journey
through this life alone ♪
And then there you were ♪
I felt like I knew ya ♪
You were so familiar ♪
Could this ♪

I, I was made for you ♪
You were made for me ♪
I feel like I had met you
in another life ♪
Okay, we're inside the venue.
What are we looking for?
Canisters are about the size
of air freshener cans,
easy to hide.
The suspects will want to get it spread
for the most collateral damage.
We're in the middle of a huge crowd.
You're gonna have to be more specific.
ERNIE: Look up. It'll be in the
ventilation system.
Where's the entry point, Ernie?
Maintenance control room. Subbasement.
Two stories below you.
That's in the service area of the hotel.
How would they get there?
SWIFT: They got access cards.
Hotel security found
four unconscious staff.
Suspects are blending in.
ETA on the biohazard team?
30 minutes. And emergency
services are standing by.
LUCY: Standing by for what?
We need to evacuate now.
Not so simple.
Aside from possibly causing a panic,
it might alert the suspects we're here.
Okay. We track them down,
we take them out.
Whistler and I will cover
the service stairs.
Kai, take the elevator.
What about me?
SWIFT: Need you at the
front of the venue.
To coordinate the evacuation
with hotel security
and emergency services.
Okay. Be careful.
I feel like I had met you ♪
In another life ♪
Federal agent. Stop what you're doing.
Put the canister down.
Kai, we heard shots. You okay?
No! Could use some help!
(WINDED): You guys are slow.
Where's the fourth canister?
Lucy. We've got three canisters.
Still missing the fourth and a suspect.
SWIFT: We need to evacuate now
before the fourth suspect
realizes he's on his own.
Hotel security is on its way
to help facilitate.
Okay. Copy.
Excuse me. We need to start
the evacuation.
Do you have access to the P.A. system?
Yes. Just let me speak to my supervisor.
Got no time. We need to move fast.
Me say love, me say love. ♪
Fourth canister secure.
He's still breathing, right?
He is. Just building his strength.
Think we can move him soon?
Think he could use
actual medical attention.
Team was able to stop the attack.
All four canisters of
Compound X retrieved.
- (SIGHS) That's a relief.
- Yeah.
Let's let Sam rest.
We'll leave for Germany in the a.m.
Hey, in the meantime,
do you think we could get
something to eat?
I'm starving all of a sudden.
MILOS: Milos is in the house
with your grade-A dinner!
Ask and you shall receive.
Coming, Milos.
Any chance he just grabbed
a pizza or something?
Maybe we should eat outside.
- TENNANT: Milos!
- JESSE: What happened?
There's no point, Tala.
It's over.
Just put the scalpel down.
No. You're gonna get out of my way.
And maybe she lives.
No one's going anywhere.
JESSE: Hold on!
Let's talk.
We can work this out. Right, boss?
I don't think we can.
This is war, after all.
Don't think we have a choice here.
You're gonna let your doctor suffer?
Like you let your sister?
Okay. You're clear.
And you're a fool.
I wasn't talking to you.
Oh, good. You're awake.
Oh, God. Carla.

I've been steady ♪
Stuck on all the mistakes
I wish I had changed ♪
You know, the doctors felt that
you could use another day or two.
You know I spent the last three weeks
staring at hospital walls
in three time zones?
I do.
'Cause I was right there with you.
You didn't have to do that.
Sure I did.
ALL: Surprise!
And you definitely
didn't need to do this.
It's what happens when
you're part of this family.
Surprise parties?
For any excuse whatsoever.
LUCY: Uh, Swift couldn't make it,
but he did send his regards.
"Warmest regards for saving the world".
ERNIE: Also, a package arrived
from a butcher shop in Belgrade
with 19 different types of sausages?
Maybe we should start
with the champagne.
CHASE: You know you
shouldn't be drinking.
- I won't tell if you won't.
- (MUTTERS): All right.
Thank you.
You know what? How about a toast, Sam?
Oh. Okay.
Uh, when I first arrived on the island,
I think some of you
might've been a little wary.
Could you blame us?
But thanks to your boss Jane Tennant,
that didn't last long.
And I'm truly honored
to be thought of as part of your 'ohana.
And I thank you all from
the bottom of my heart.
And to those who didn't make it,
we will never forget your sacrifice.
And we'll always be in your debt.
Okole maluna.
- Okole maluna!
- Cheers.
Only thing that matters
is what I have right ♪
Here ♪
I'm living life now. ♪
Look, don't have any high
expectations for dinner.
I am beat.
MAGGIE: No, Janie.
Julie isn't here.
you're probably gonna need a drink
for what's coming next.
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