NCIS Los Angeles s01e07 Episode Script


MAN: Very, very nice.
- Oh, thanks.
MAN: You are welcome.
MAN: Let's have some champagne.
- Mm.
MAN: Coming true.
- Coming true.
- It's done.
MAN: Good.
I gotta go.
What are you doing? What's it look like I'm doing? You don't drink tea.
No, I don't.
I'm making it for Hetty.
You're making tea for Hetty? I promised her I'd try some.
Yellow Mountain Tribute Chrysanthemum tea.
That smells mouldy.
Maybe it's supposed to smell mouldy.
You think I should say something to her? They didn't train you for that at SEAL school? Yeah, escape and evade.
- How's our tea? SAM: Right here, Hetty.
Did you warm the pot the way I told you to? - I did.
- And the water? - Fresh off the boil.
- Oh, excellent.
You must never underestimate the cardiovascular benefits of tea.
You'll thank me in the morning.
- Mr.
Callen? - I'm good.
And you, uh, can't taste the paper? Huh.
Well, now, chrysanthemum tea is not chrysanthemum tea without wolfberries.
Wolfberries? Now, I want you to savour that and consider its, um, calming qualities.
Not to mention its health benefits.
That's delicious.
That phone call is for you, Mr.
Director Vance.
Yes, director.
How does she do that? I don't know, but that's the worst tea I've ever had in my entire life.
Ah! Mouldy.
I got a call from the L.
A woman was killed in an apartment overlooking the marina a couple of days ago.
They found a USB micro drive hidden in her baseball cap.
Had a file filled with what looks like surveillance photos.
Different locations, different people.
- Anyone we know? VANCE: Yes.
You, Agent Callen.
Ran the photos through a facial recognition programme.
Yours is the only one that got a hit.
When they identified your classified status, they called me.
Who was the victim? They haven't been able to identify her yet.
Someone's been watching you, Agent Callen.
I need to know who, need to know why.
Anything you might have forgotten to tell me about? Not that would explain this.
Is onboard with us being involved in the investigation? Full access.
I e-mailed Eric their file along with the contents of the flash drive.
If you find anything that links this to you getting shot six months ago, I need to know.
Do I need to write that down for you, Agent Callen? - I think I get it.
- Watch your back.
ERIC: Low-level encryption on a USB drive.
Where do you wanna start? - Uh, paparazzi.
- That's as good a place as any.
SAM: That's near your apartment in Venice.
Just before I got shot.
SAM: Said you felt like you were being watched.
They carried out surveillance, pinpointed your home, made the hit right there on the street.
Mixed angles.
Some high from upper-storey-level windows.
Some low at the street level.
All shot with a telephoto lens.
- Over how many days, G? - Two or three? Eric, L.
KENSl: Crime scene photos of our unidentified victim.
Furniture all seems to be fold and carry.
So she brought it in herself.
Maybe the apartment was vacant? Eric? G? That's her.
The Russian girl.
Who's the Russian girl? Last person I saw before I got shot.
ERIC: A lot of surveillance photos of the same guy.
KENSl: None of them very clear.
Not a great photographer, your Russian girl.
Not a willing subject.
Can we find out when they were taken, Eric? Yeah, data's embedded in the JPEGs.
All right.
Oldest photo was taken eight days ago, and the most recent was yesterday.
The day she died.
Long-term surveillance.
She was working for someone.
Whoever this guy is, he doesn't like having his picture taken.
Did you get enough data to get a match on his face, Eric? No, I doubt it.
He's either too far away, partially obscured, or blurry.
But I will give it a shot.
Some of the photos were taken at a marina.
Including the photos of her.
Her body was found in an apartment in Marina del Rey too.
CALLEN: Sam, Kensi.
ERIC: This mystery guy on the yacht We're gonna have to try to sharpen up these photos before we run them through facial recognition.
What did I miss? Heh.
Unnamed dead Russian girl who saw Callen get shot.
Also known as a lead.
Callen's cold case just got warmed up.
Uh, I need access to a personnel file.
Well, in your position as our head shrink, you should already have complete access.
I think my file is a little out of date.
What name? Callen.
And Callen, G.
Anything in particular you're looking for? The investigation into Callen's shooting.
Still unsolved.
You worry this case may open old wounds? I'm hoping we can help heal them.
November-alpha, forward-slash, 7-9-4.
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
- You sure you wanna do this? - I'm fine.
KENSl: You sure you're allowed to do this? Victim investigating his own shooting? Not my shooting, it's a Russian girl's.
He'll keep investigating until someone tells him he can't.
- Someone I have to listen to.
- Rules me out.
You never listen to me even when you have to.
- Name one time.
- You're not listening to me now.
- Yeah, I am.
- No, you're not.
How long you two been married? Thanks.
KENSl: Unfurnished.
- It's on the market.
She was sitting here, back to the door.
Shooter came up from behind her.
See that blood spatter? It starts low and then rises, which means she never stood up.
Excuse me.
Laptop power cable and video lead right there.
Killer took the laptop and the video camera with him.
Missed the micro drive that was tucked away in her ball cap.
Oh, hello.
We've got three scuff marks here.
Camera was on a tripod.
Right about here.
Angle's about right.
The guy she was watching was on one of those yachts out there.
You can't just camp out in an apartment without anybody knowing.
What about the apartment manager? Says he didn't know she was here.
So where did she get a key? KENSl: Maybe she didn't have one.
She could have snuck in.
Maybe she's a pro? No, she's not a professional.
A pro wouldn't leave their back to the front door.
No, she had a key.
- How many bedrooms? - Uh, just me.
Ocean view or marina? - What's the difference? - About 300.
- A month? - No, a week, sweetie.
Look, I know some cheap places on Pico, I'll get you the number.
Listen, I just need something short-term.
I don't even have any furniture.
I just I just need a place to crash.
How short-term? Three weeks? It's gonna have to be cash in advance.
Well, I got a vacancy.
New owner is moving in in about a month.
Three hundred a week, or we could work out some other sort of arrangement.
Less than 40 seconds.
What? Less than 40 seconds.
- She's good.
- She's better than good.
We owe 10 bucks.
Five a piece.
You bet her she couldn't get an offer in under a minute.
Yup, and you stood there and let me do it.
I'm not giving you $5.
- Oh, you're not? - No.
CALLEN: Mm-hm.
She's good.
- Who's that? - Ever heard of NCIS? No.
FBI, DEA, CIA? Look, this is just a misunderstanding.
I was trying to help you out.
Just like you tried to help the Russian girl who was found killed in the apartment this week? I guess you forgot to tell the L.
That, uh, you rented her the apartment for cash? Eh, Freddy? - It's Teddy.
- Cute.
ERIC: Security footage from the apartment building.
Funny how the apartment manager suddenly remembered he hadn't deleted the security footage.
What did it cost her for the room? Her life.
Her body was found Sunday evening.
Coroner placed her time of death at 5:30 p.
ERIC: All right, fast forwarding to Sunday.
Looking for our killer leaving with her bag and a camera tripod.
All right, time stamp says 5:47.
That's gotta be our guy.
He's facing away from the camera when he's leaving.
Let's see where he's looking when he arrives.
SAM: Humph.
ERIC: He knew the camera was there.
- He's a pro.
- Yeah, he's good.
But he's not great.
He did leave the USB drive behind.
Well, that's not the only thing that he missed.
She was backing up her files onto a virtual-storage account.
From the apartment? Tapped into the apartment's wireless router.
- Does she have a name? - Username only, Citizen 25.
Whoa, that is a lot of files to scroll through.
Okay, let's start at the beginning.
You wanna share, G? The file named Cossack, Dom.
And what's Cossack? Joint operation in Europe against the Russian mafia.
Oh, boy.
SAM: Three-man team.
Ethan Stanhope.
CALLEN: He worked for the CIA.
Ricky Taylor.
CALLEN: DEA, same as me.
SAM: When? Ten years ago.
You guys, guys.
I got something.
Stanhope and Taylor are both dead.
Stanhope in Vegas, Taylor in Chicago.
And they were both killed on the same day.
Fifth of May.
SAM: G! Stay with me, G.
Don't do this to me.
Come on! The same day I should have died.
Traffic cam captured Stanhope being shot in Las Vegas.
Taylor's shooting in Chicago was also a drive-by.
- Same as, um - Mine.
Anybody charged for either murder? No.
When's the last time you saw those guys? When we were debriefed in Berlin.
I haven't seen them in ten years.
Did you ever catch the bad guys? No.
It was a joint operation with Russia.
There was a syndicate trying to manipulate the flow of oil from the Black Sea into Europe, and someone let them know that we were coming.
How come the DEA was involved? Loan out.
Taylor and I both spoke fluent Russian.
CIA set it up? Stanhope was their point person.
But we only ever saw him in the bar, drinking expensive vodka and eating caviar.
- Did you ever find who betrayed you? - No.
Okay, so some Russian girl gets killed while running surveillance on an unidentified guy in a yacht, which is somehow connected to an operation in Russia ten years ago.
Who was the Russian contact for Operation Cossack? Arkady Kolcheck.
He was an officer in the KGB.
Last known address would be Moscow.
The dead girl only had files on people who were targeted, not anyone named Kolcheck.
Eric, dead or alive? Alive and well.
And as of 2007, an American citizen living in Studio City.
Makes you wonder where Arkady was on the fifth of May, huh? - Eric, I need that address.
- Already downloaded into your GPS.
I really need to know who that was on the yacht.
ERIC: Working on it.
- Kensi, I need a profile on Arkady.
Everything you can get, okay? His friends, his business associates, allies, enemies.
I wanna know why he left the KGB in Russia and who he paid to get here.
- Work with Nate.
- Okay, okay.
Arkady Kolcheck.
KENSl: Do you know him? We've met, uh, once or twice.
Read about him in Callen's file.
- Was there a lot to read? - Ooh, pages.
And 90 percent of it that was redacted.
Censored by whomever it is that redacts things.
Okay, can we get an uncensored copy? Have you ever tried Egyptian Liquorice Mint tea, Miss Blye? [WHISPERS.]
Where does she get this stuff? [WHISPERS.]
None of it is redacted.
Not a single word.
What if she's the redactor? There's a scary thought.
Hetty is the clearing house for every censored government document released to the public.
That's impossible.
Yeah, ridiculous.
Anyway, Arkady's done well for himself.
He's a security consultant.
Retained by big business and foreign governments alike.
And it pays well.
He's got properties in New York City, Los Angeles and Paris.
So how does a former KGB agent end up so wealthy so fast? Because he knows where the bodies are buried.
Most likely because he's the one who buried them.
SAM: We got a plan? - How about we kick in his door, ask him why he's the only one that didn't get shot? I've used that one before, it's a very effective plan.
It's good as long as you know what's behind the door, it always works.
Yes, Eric.
: Good news and bad news.
The bad news is that Arkady's house is state-of-the-art.
It is seriously impressive.
He spent a small fortune on security.
The grounds are covered with a network of electronic motion sensors and microphones.
He's got infrared and high-definition daylight cameras.
And it's a closed system.
I can't even access it.
That's an impressive door.
- We might have to kick it a few times.
- And the good news? The good news is the car's equipped with a GPS device.
I hacked into it.
So he's on the move.
It is a Maybach.
We're feeding it to your GPS.
It should show up any second on your screen as a red icon.
It's actually coming towards us.
Turning left into Left into what? I need a street name, G.
CALLEN: Where is he going? I don't know, but we're not going with him if you don't tell what street.
ERIC: Shopping.
He's going shopping.
- Let's go shopping.
- Okay.
Let's go shopping.
SAM: Humph.
Bodyguards are tight.
Probably former military.
That's him? CALLEN: That's him.
You got another plan? I guess that's plan B, huh? I got it.
Tanner, on your six.
I thought I recognised you.
- Do I know you? - No, but you know my fiancée.
- I'm sorry? - Oh, now you wanna apologise? - Apologise? - You didn't think I'd find out, did you? Take a look at this home wrecker.
You ought to be ashamed of yourself.
- He's got kids! - Back off, friend.
I'm not your friend and I'm not his friend.
- What is it with this guy? - I'm trying to tell him I don't know him.
- You got the wrong guy, buddy.
- Joelene.
Tuesdays and Fridays in the storeroom behind the florist shop.
Don't even try to deny it, man.
I got witnesses.
I don't know you, and I don't know Joelene.
A light moustache.
- Big leg Joelene, with the Jheri curls.
- I don't know you.
All of a sudden now you're ashamed to know Joelene? She ain't good enough for you? That's my girl.
Nice car, Arkady.
It's all right, Alex.
Callen is a friend from the old days.
I heard that you were dead.
Like Stanhope and Taylor? And I alone unscathed.
You think I was responsible? Were you? No.
Give me a reason to believe you.
I sent someone to warn you.
I tried to warn Stanhope and Taylor as well.
You sent who to warn me? A Russian girl.
Why didn't you just warn me yourself? I knew you did not trust me because of what happened in Moscow ten years ago.
So, what makes you think I would trust some Russian girl? You knew her.
When you were a boy, you used to bounce her on your knee.
- Her name was - Alina.
Her name was Alina.
SAM: Nice crib, Arkady.
CALLEN: How'd you know about her? ARKADY: You told me, ten years ago.
When I asked you where you learned Russian, you said from a little girl named Alina Rostoff.
I filed it away.
Is there anything you don't file away? Heh.
Everything is useful sooner or later.
I heard rumours that someone had targeted us.
I tried to contact everyone, warn them, tell them to be careful.
You seen Joelene? But Stanhope and Taylor, they had retired.
Lost to the dream you Americans so fervently pursue.
You're the only one left in the game, G.
So I called in a favour, got an address where you might be living.
I knew if she found you, you would believe her.
You didn't think I'd believe you? [CHUCKLES.]
- Do you? - [IN NORMAL VOICE.]
Not yet.
But I barely knew her.
I was 14, she was 4 years old.
That's how she said she would greet you and you would remember her.
She tried once.
I I scared her away.
I And the second time, it was too late.
She wept for you.
She thought you were dead.
We all did.
Callen was lucky.
Stanhope and Taylor weren't.
So, what does that make you, Arkady? Prepared.
The day you were shot, they came for me.
Since then, two more times.
- They're beginning to annoy me.
- Who are they? You remember what Operation Cossack was about? Of course.
The, uh, Russian Mafia was being paid off to allow the flow of Russian oil into Europe.
Our job was to try and infiltrate the syndicate and find out who was being paid off.
And before we could even start, we were betrayed.
Why come after you now? Next week, they're signing a billion-dollar deal opening up the flow of oil out of Russia into Europe.
They're legitimising their corruption.
The deal was brokered by an American in the oil business.
His name is John Cole.
He works for the syndicate? Ahh, maybe he is the syndicate.
For whatever reason, someone believed it better the four of us not be around to see the deal signed.
And Alina? [SIGHS.]
I had her find out everything she could about Cole.
She found out he liked to stay on a yacht.
I set up surveillance.
- So you used her.
- I trained her.
- Because she was a pretty girl - She wanted to avenge you.
ARKADY: She waited.
She watched.
And then finally there he was.
And one day later, Alina was dead.
Everything I know about John Cole.
It worries you how little there is in his file.
Every time I come back to it, I hope someone has filled in the blanks.
It's all just a single page.
No family history, no next of kin.
All the things we take for granted.
You don't think I should let him work this case.
I could put in an official psychological assessment to Director Vance recommending he didn't.
And the director would be obliged to accept your recommendation.
And I'd lose the trust of everyone else on the team.
Nate, what others may view as the most inconsequential of things can be a revelation to Callen.
A thread here, a scrap there.
Maybe this time, a tiny piece of the fabric of his life.
And if it goes badly? Well, then you get to tell me I was wrong.
The director gets to rip me a new one.
And Callen? Does what he's always done.
Okay, let's see what Arkady's got for us.
Our mystery man from the yacht has a name: John Cole.
Lives in the shadows.
He's got an oil refinery company which he bought seven years ago.
Who's his friend? His friend is Max Tyrus.
- Could be a bodyguard.
SAM: Could be our killer.
Same height and build as the guy in the apartment video.
So, Eric, what else do we have? Not a lot.
This guy has built some serious firewalls around his personal life and business operations.
He's even got his own server.
Current location? The usual tricks are coming up blank.
Cole is as close to invisible as anyone I've ever seen.
He's not leaving an electronic footprint anywhere.
That hand gesture looked like a sign of surrender, Eric.
I was just stretching my arms.
Forget about Cole for a second, okay? Find Max Tyrus.
You find Max Tyrus, you're gonna find Cole.
Okay, okay.
Luck's changing.
Max Tyrus.
I got a cell-phone number.
GPS is blocked.
Pulling up his call log.
Hmm, last call was made from Cole's refinery to a jet charter company Planning a trip.
When did Arkady say the deal is being signed? - End of the week.
SAM: Where? Moscow.
Eric, call that charter company.
MAN: Rask Jet Charter.
- Hi.
I called about 30 minutes ago.
MAN: Okay, what's your name, please? Yeah, Max Tyrus.
It was for West Oil Consolidated.
The charter to Moscow.
MAN: Tyrus? CALLEN: That's right.
- Can you just confirm the details? MAN: Departs 6:30.
- And the return? MAN: Uh, no return booked.
Ha, ha.
What am I thinking? Of course.
MAN: Jet will be waiting for you.
- Thank you so much.
Leaves in less than four hours.
- Returning? - One way.
Guys, we don't have evidence to stop him from leaving the country.
We're gonna get one shot at this.
SAM: You got a plan? Well, he already thinks I'm dead.
Let's see how he reacts when he finds out I'm not.
We've got to get in the oil refinery.
Attract his attention.
If I'm the owner of an oil refinery, who do I fear the most? EPA inspectors.
I do.
EPA guidelines and credentials to get you guys through the gate.
And for us, a button cam.
You don't know what Cole looks like.
Well, based on the photos, he's blurry looking.
But he knows what you look like, which means your cover is blown the moment he sees you.
Yeah, but he also thinks I'm dead, which gives me the advantage.
So you're going in as bait? Just trying to get him to react, to attack you? Yeah, and if he does, we've got him.
Do you have a problem, Nate? Look, the first few seconds will be critical.
Just don't give him time to think, or else he'll see what you're trying to do, and he won't react the way you want him to.
I'm good? Kensi.
I'm in.
Callen, good to go.
How you doing? EPA.
It's time for your unscheduled health and safety inspection.
I'm gonna have to check you for regulation compliance.
Thank you, friend.
Hey, EPA coming in.
We on the air, Eric? Picture's up.
Excuse me, ma'am.
Yes, can I help you? Is your boss here? Through the breezeway, first door on your right.
Thank you.
Yeah, I got them.
Excuse me.
This is the, uh, third EPA inspection we've had this year.
Ha! Tell me about it.
It's new paperwork every time.
Personally, I think it's overkill.
I mean, one report with supplementals, that's all it needs.
Unless there's an issue.
Oh, God.
Yeah, seriously, you don't want an issue.
I mean, filling out those E37 s.
I wanna call your boss.
Won't stand in your way.
And I don't think you wanna stand in ours either.
I'm gonna need to see the usuals, okay? The outflow reports, the, uh, monitoring logs, the test results.
- What's in here? - It's off-limits to visitors.
You think we're visitors? - This is a working refinery.
- And that's why we're here.
G, behind you.
Could be Cole.
COLE: What seems to be the problem? They said you were dead.
They said the same thing about you.
Kensi, meet an old friend from Moscow.
Ethan Stanhope.
Now known as John Cole.
I think we just lost the advantage.
You pay people good money, you expect them to finish the job.
Maybe you can get a refund? Must have cost you a lot to falsify a death certificate in Vegas.
- Who'd they shoot anyways? COLE: Someone no one would miss.
World's full of them.
Couldn't afford people asking why I had survived and the rest of you hadn't.
That's why I thought Arkady was behind this.
Said you tried to kill him, you missed.
Two times.
Third time's the charm.
Set for next week.
Well, I misjudged him.
COLE: Lots of people do.
Still fighting the old enemy, you know? Even though the curtain's down and the wall is rubble.
I need to remember to apologise.
So this was all about the oil.
COLE: Deal's about to be signed.
Gonna have to show myself, go public.
And if any of those three men saw you, then It would have been embarrassing, not to mention costly.
What is the going rate these days to sell out to a Russian crime syndicate, Ethan? More than I'll ever spend.
How many hits did you take? Five.
Thanks for asking.
I'll just need one.
Sam, you got a shot? Yeah, but if it goes through him, I'm gonna hit a gas storage tank.
You don't really think we came here alone, do you? My car is at the back service gate.
SAM: Don't move.
Don't you move.
- We good? - We're good.
Turn over, tough guy.
Turn over.
Turn over.
Put your hands behind your back.
Not such a bad day after all.
Hard call.
But the right call.
Have you ever counted up the homes before? Thirty-seven.
From the time he was 5 to the age of 18, he changed foster homes every few weeks, and sometimes every few days.
And the longest he ever stayed in one place was with Alina Rostoff's family.
Three months.
I checked.
The, uh, parents died years ago.
Alina stayed on with the house, so Three months? Must have been something special.
Don't you think? As I live and breathe, a convert.
- I was tasting the paper.
- Ah.
- Anything exotic? - Just tea.
Well, every journey starts with a small step.
From, uh, Arkady.
Through back channels.
HETTY: Enjoy.

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