NCIS Los Angeles s01e16 Episode Script


Nobody walks in Walking in L.
Ugh! This is disgusting.
SAM: If you're picking me up at 9, CALLEN: Got caught up in something.
- What? You don't have a TV, you don't read the newspaper, you clearly don't spend any time getting ready.
Well, maybe I was working out.
- Heh, you don't work out.
- I run.
Yeah, when people are shooting at us.
All right, you know what? I slept in.
- With who? You barely sleep.
- There's nobody.
It would be great for you to be in a relationship.
How many times will we have this conversation? You are my partner, not my mother.
I just want you to be happy and find a good girl.
HETTY: Finally.
Nice of you gentlemen to join us.
Eric? Calvin Lee.
Age 31, submarine nuclear physicist who just made lieutenant commander and was about to ship out on a six-month deployment as the XO.
Until he hanged himself this morning.
Now the problem is that his sub was test-driving a hydrophonic decoy system, which is a fancy way of saying that we can now trick those underwater microphones that track our subs.
Anyway, with the XO dead, SecNav wants to know if the deployment's been compromised.
Now HETTY: This footage was caught by some bachelorettes.
Initial forensics puts the time of death at around 6 a.
This morning.
Well, the suicide was pretty dramatic and very public.
He obviously wanted people to see him.
Maybe he was making a statement.
Maybe he didn't want back on that sub.
No, he worked awfully hard to become a lieutenant commander at 31.
XO on a sub, it's a pretty big assignment.
I don't buy it.
Suicidal people usually leave a trail, if you know what to look for.
Sam and I will hit the crime scene.
Kensi, check out the house.
And bring Nate.
- You're actually letting me out again? - On a short leash.
- And a muzzle.
- Clean up after him.
- Do you want a piece of this too? - Uh, don't let him hump your leg.
What? All right, so he parked right there, tied the rope off, - jumped from here.
- Or he was tossed.
The knot looks right for a sailor.
Assuming it was suicide, why here? I don't know.
Maybe this place has some sort of significance or it's near something.
Maybe he wanted someone to see him when they drove by.
Hopefully Eric can find some traffic cams or something to shed a little light on this thing.
It's quite a view for your last look at life.
Yeah, quite a view.
This is one squared-away sailor.
CDs are organised by artist and release date.
Tsk, tsk.
Very obsessive-compulsive.
You should see his sock drawer.
This looks like a girlfriend.
Relationship gone sour? Well, it's been known to happen.
Of course, you'd have to be in a relationship first.
Was that aimed at me? No, I'm just busting your chops.
You know, how Like partners do.
- You're not my partner.
- Right.
- Don't make me get the muzzle.
- Cool.
Put your hands up.
VIC: You got this all wrong.
Nice tackle, Urlacher.
- Nate, a little help.
VIC: Let me go.
Yeah, we don't usually cuff the suspect's feet.
- Right.
VIC: Unh, get off me.
- Come on, stop You okay? NATE: Unh.
- Yeah.
VIC: Let me go.
Why did you run? What'd you put in here, huh? Looks like about 2 ounces of meth.
That's why he ran so fast.
But not fast enough.
- What do we have? KENSl: We caught He busted into Calvin Lee's, pinched like 2, 3 ounces of ice, then booked out of there.
We chased him down, slapped some cuffs on him.
Kensi tackled him.
I backed her up, ahem.
- Slow down, Serpico.
- Did you question him? No.
Figured we'd let him stew for a little while.
And, um, I think it might be better if it wasn't me.
- I'll question him.
CALLEN: I'll question him.
You do some deep breathing exercises.
You ever see her run? She took him down like a cheetah on a springbok.
A springbok? I'll see you later.
We, uh, hitting the streets? No, I'm taking you back to Ops.
I'll drive.
I don't think so.
There's a couple ways we can do this.
I'd like access to a JAG lawyer.
- Why do you think you need a lawyer? - I know my rights.
All right, I'll ask around.
I'll find out who has the best track record for murder cases.
I didn't kill anybody.
SAM: So, what? You were Calvin Lee's meth dealer? You took 2 ounces of meth from his house.
All right, look, pal.
We've got 60 open cases on our desks right now.
We've got a dead body, illegal drugs and you.
Easiest thing for us to do is just walk away.
But if you want us to keep digging and find something that might prove you innocent along the way, you gotta give us a reason to keep looking.
Calvin got a promotion to lieutenant commander, then a great billet as an XO.
So let me guess.
You were next in line? It was a career-maker.
Calvin was a jerk.
He was moody, curt, secretive.
That job was mine.
My men worked their asses off for me.
For the past week, I've been spiking his soda with methamphetamines.
Just small amounts.
So, what, he'd fail a drug test? You can't taste it.
It feels like a caffeine high.
With a big tour, they do a drug test of the crew.
Between a urinalysis and a search, I figured he'd get bumped off the boat, the job would go to me.
But you didn't count on him killing himself.
I didn't like Calvin, but I didn't want him dead.
And now there's an investigation? I went there to undo some of the damage.
You went back to cover your ass.
Unfortunately for you, it was too late.
Now Calvin Lee is dead, because of you.
NATE: Okay, trace amounts of blood on his left shoe.
Preliminary tox screen just came in.
Looks like he was positive for methamphetamines.
But Calvin Lee did not blow a drug test.
In fact, he hasn't had urinalysis in some time.
Nobody but his shipmate, Vic, knew he had amphetamines in his system.
And if Vic's telling the truth, Calvin Lee didn't know.
Probably not why he offed himself.
Nothing in his medical file about depression or mental illness.
So we could be looking at a murder.
What are the chances this isn't a suicide? I'd say 0 percent.
What do you know that we don't? Hmm, the words to every TV theme song.
And this.
Caltrans traffic operator saw him on the bridge and zoomed in for a closer look.
NATE: It's definitely Calvin Lee.
SAM: And he's alone.
NATE: The body language says no signs of duress.
ERIC: He came with the noose already tied.
I'd say that's pretty conclusive.
What was that he threw off the bridge? Maybe he was throwing his gum out.
Yeah, because you wouldn't wanna choke on your gum before you strangle yourself to death.
- I don't know.
- Clearly.
CALLEN: Kensi.
- Yeah? Can you pay Calvin Lee's parents a visit? Sam and I are going back to the crime scene.
Do? SAM: Have fun, guys.
Should I get a gun? - Have you ever carried a weapon? - No.
Fired a weapon? Trained with weapon? - Uh, no.
- Then you probably won't need one.
And the parents will be mourning over their dead son.
Which is why you're bringing an operational psychologist with you.
Copy that.
KENSl: We're very sorry for your loss, Mr.
And Mrs.
Did Calvin ever share with you any trouble he was having at work, in relationships? - Was he depressed? - No, no, no.
Calvin was a perfect son.
School, Navy, he He was always trying to do his best.
We gave up everything to come here and have our son.
And now he's gone.
You left China? We had a daughter when Ming was pregnant.
But we were only allowed one child.
Was your daughter close with Calvin? When they were younger.
But she's She's gone.
She died a long time ago.
We're very sorry to hear that.
Can you think of any reason why Calvin would take his own life? - It must be a mistake.
KENSl: Tell me something.
Is this your daughter? No, this is Xue-Li, our son's fiancée.
- You know where we could find her? - Well, she's very upset.
She said she's going back to Hong Kong to be with her family, leaving immediately.
Perhaps we can have this conversation a little later.
My wife and I, we - We need more time.
- Absolutely.
We understand.
CALLEN: Maybe we're overthinking this.
You know, maybe his death doesn't have anything to do with the sub's decoy system.
Maybe he just got in a fight with his girlfriend.
- Selfish.
- What's that? Suicide.
You're basically leaving everybody else to clean up your mess.
You all right, big guy? You know what today is? Wednesday.
It's Tuesday.
CALLEN: You sure? Feels like a Wednesday.
Five weeks to the day since Dom went missing.
And we're here picking through roadside trash, because some distraught meatball offed himself.
Sam, if we had something new to go on, anything new, anything at all, we'd be on it 24/7.
You know that.
But we've got nothing.
It's gonna stay that way as long as we're out here wasting our time - with this sort of thing.
- This isn't a waste of time.
Security of the men and the technology in that submarine remain in question.
And besides that, Calvin Lee has a family.
At the very least, we're gonna give them closure.
That's the same thing we're gonna do for Dom's family someday.
ERIC: Ming and Jun Lee immigrated here in February of 1979 with their daughter, Jane.
She was 2 years old at the time.
Calvin, their son, was born six months later at County.
They've been running the same antique store in Chinatown for over 30 years.
- When did the daughter pass away? - She didn't.
The parents said she died years ago.
No death certificate on record, but I did find this.
Jane Lipsger, formerly Jane Lee, now living in the Arts District, where she owns her own eclectic, hard metal furniture shop.
- She got married? ERIC: Nope, just changed her name.
Why would the parents lie? Why would she change her name to Lipsger? I think it's time somebody asked her.
Whatever it was, it meant something to him.
And he didn't want it found on his body.
What are the circumstances that leads to someone throwing a toilet seat out of a moving vehicle? Kind of stretches the imagination, don't it? All right, Christmas lights, Cats CD.
Oh, this is interesting.
I may actually take this one back and dust for prints, just out of curiosity.
Oh, I do not wanna meet the owner of this shoe.
It's a size 15.
- That's a lot of woman.
- Maybe.
Right place, right size.
That's his parting shot to the world? I'm gonna throw away my keys, so no one can move my car? Like I said, selfish.
Yeah, we're on it.
Eric just found Calvin Lee's sister in the Arts District.
You know what I like about metal furniture? Who are you kidding, G, huh? What do you know about designing furniture? I dabble in things.
You do things.
You break things.
You don't dabble in things.
- You don't.
JANE: Can I help you? Well, that depends.
If you're Jane Lipsger or Lee.
And you are? I'm Callen.
This is Sam.
We're with NCIS.
Which means what exactly? Naval Criminal Investigative Service.
We'd like to ask you some questions about your brother Calvin.
What about him? When was the last time you spoke with him? Why? What's going on? I'm afraid he died early this morning.
I'm sorry we had to be the ones to tell you.
How? It appears he took his own life.
Calvin called me last night.
Left a message on my machine.
He sounded drunk, which wasn't like him.
He was saying goodbye, but I figured it was just because he was shipping out.
You two were close? We talked almost every day.
Even if I hate my parents, I have an irrational need to hear how they are.
I make fun of him, but he's really a great brother.
He was the good son, you were the rebel.
I was a terror.
But they had it coming.
Old-school Chinese parents live for their sons.
Mine were a jihua family.
We left China, because of jihua shengyu zhengce.
The one-child policy.
I think they resented leaving.
And then they only had eyes for him.
You know what they call baby girls in China? [SPEAKS IN MANDARIN.]
Maggots in rice.
Do you have any idea why Calvin would have killed himself? No.
SAM: He seemed to have it all.
A lieutenant commander, XO, beautiful fiancée.
Fiancée? Oh.
That's a joke.
Arranged marriage, parents trying to force him.
He wanted nothing to do with her, trust me.
Why is that? Because Calvin didn't like girls.
He liked men.
He was very discreet.
My parents had no idea.
He was in a relationship.
His name's Jaxson.
It wasn't easy.
Calvin took the don't-ask-don't-tell stuff very seriously.
And Jaxson really didn't.
There were a lot of ups and a lot of downs.
SAM: The gay lieutenant commander.
Think his mom knew? - Don't moms know these things? - You tell me.
- No mom.
- That's why you need me.
- Uh-huh.
- This looks funny.
Jaxson? Mr.
Jaxson? You there? You around? Sam.
Doesn't look like love to me.
- They find the weapon? - Not yet.
CALLEN: None of the neighbours heard anything.
Well, they seldom do.
No signs of forced entry.
CALLEN: Only one set of footprints.
It's probably the blood found on Lieutenant Commander Lee's shoes.
So I'm thinking he slits the guy's throat, tosses a few back, realising what he's done, then hangs himself at first light.
So we call it crime of passion? Murder-suicide? If he killed this guy, it explains why he hanged himself.
Well, it explains the suicide.
Now we gotta figure out the murder.
The coroner's report confirms the presence of methamphetamines in Calvin Lee's system, but no signs of actual meth use.
Needle marks, meth mouth, lung damage.
Which is consistent with his shipmate's story.
Main cause of suicide in the armed services: Clinical depression, relationship problems, deployment or combat stress.
There's not much combat stress on a sub deployment.
And no history of depression.
Which leaves relationship.
And, uh, this guy was hiding his relationship from a lot of people.
KENSl: This is the surveillance footage from Jaxson's building.
Calvin let himself in last night and then left in a hurry eight minutes later.
CALLEN: That's enough time to kill Jaxson.
- Motive? - Any number of reasons.
If Jaxson wasn't discreet, that would put Calvin's career and family ties on the line.
SAM: Hm.
Or maybe Calvin just wanted out, you know? He's about to deploy.
He thinks it's best to just end it.
Jaxson refuses to let him go and threatens to out Calvin.
But still no murder weapon.
- Maybe he took it with him? - He would've had to drop his weapon somewhere between the crime scene and the overpass.
SAM: But look at what he's wearing.
He didn't change.
You saw that blood spatter.
How could he manage to kill this guy and get the knife out of the building without getting blood on himself? Eric, scroll back.
NATE: It's 6:00 at night.
People are coming and going.
KENSl: Dog-walking time.
NATE: Busy apartment building.
Go back to the delivery guy.
SAM: Gotta get past all the nosey neighbours.
No one buzzed him in.
SAM: And he leaves in a hurry.
Can barely see his face.
Purposely exits away from camera.
That's our guy.
Let's check it out.
No one had Chinese food delivery last night.
That's because it never got delivered.
He just needed this to get access to the apartment building.
Jolly Chan's Chinese Food.
Well, it's guaranteed MSG-free.
Jolly Chan's is in Chinatown.
And while they have an excellent Kung Pao chicken, they don't deliver to West Hollywood or anywhere near Jaxson's apartment.
NATE: Okay.
If the person who ordered the food used a credit card, we might be able to get a name by matching the contents of the order to the restaurant's takeout receipts.
We've created a monster.
What? That's not good detective work? You might wanna start by checking the bag and its contents for fingerprints.
Sure, we could do that.
Which we did.
Bobby Tang.
He runs an import-export company out of West Adams.
And he's got a mugshot.
Emphasis on mug.
SAM: He's a member of the Asian gang Hiragana.
They're one of the most dangerous and organised gangs in L.
Suspected homicide.
Torching a business associate's store with the business associate still in it.
I'd say he possesses the necessary skill set.
Let's pay him a visit.
- Hetty, can I ask you a? - No.
You didn't even know what I was gonna ask.
Will it cost me money? Uh, I don't think so.
Does it involve any legal issues? No, no.
I just wanna ask you a hypothetical question.
- You mean like a riddle? - Sure.
Ask away.
Have you ever known an operational psychologist who became an agent? Kerwood Ames.
A brilliant man.
He pioneered several profiling techniques.
Uh Is he still with the agency? No, he was killed in his second week on the job.
Or was it his second day? Oh.
Ames had a gifted mind, but he tended to think logically.
Invaluable for a scientist, not so much for an agent.
Choices they make on the street don't always seem to make sense to the untrained eye, which is probably what keeps them alive.
Why do you ask? Oh, just curious.
HETTY: Admirable quality, curiosity.
Unless, of course, you're a cat.
CALLEN: So this is Bobby Tang's company.
You bring the lock pick? That works.
Looks like our buddy, Bobby Tang, is a video pirate.
- No.
- What? I know what you're gonna say.
Don't say it.
- You don't like my pirate impression? - Ha, ha.
: I guess Xue-Li didn't go back to Hong Kong after all.
What's she doing with Bobby Tang? I don't know, but she looks like she's in trouble.
Look out! SAM: Throw your weapon down! Drop! Down! Drop your weapon! Down on the ground! Get down! [ALL GRUNTING.]
- You okay? - Yeah.
SAM: Where'd they come from? - And where'd she go? CALLEN: That guy got me in the face.
And I'm not even gonna tell you where the guy upstairs got me.
I think the guy in the hospital bit me.
I see the, uh, Ice and Aspirin Club is at it again.
Every time I come here, I feel like I've stepped into a damn Hardy Boys novel.
I gather that, uh, you couldn't talk your way out of this one.
Yeah, we had a little bit of a language barrier.
And an l-want-you-dead barrier.
That, uh, knife we got off Bobby Tang, Forensics says it looks like a match with the one that killed Calvin Lee's boyfriend Jaxson.
- And Xue-Li? SAM: In the wind.
I alerted Border Patrol and local law enforcement.
And what have we learned from the three stooges you took into custody? We're not really sure they speak English.
Well, leave that to me.
- What's that mean? HETTY: It means we have ways of making them talk.
HETTY: You're next, Mr.
CALLEN: Still don't know what we're dealing with.
Could be espionage.
Could be anything.
So, what do we have, Kensi? Okay.
Bobby Tang delivers Chinese food to West Hollywood and kills Jaxson.
Calvin finds Jaxson's body, hangs himself.
Bobby confronts Xue-Li who two-taps him in the chest.
Xue-Li's the only one still alive.
What do we have on her? Supposedly she was brought here as part of an arranged marriage.
From where? She's not exactly a well-behaved mail-order bride.
She handled that Glock like a professional.
KENSl: I can speak to the parents, find out how they met her.
Maybe they know something they don't realise they know.
Would you like to come? - Do you want me to? - You don't want to be out? No.
No, I do.
I do.
L I should stay.
I got a lot of paperwork, logical stuff.
Kerwood Ames-ish.
What are we missing, Sam? I don't know.
What do you think Dom would say? Probably give us some obscure historical fact about God knows what.
"Did you know Leonardo da Vinci was the first person to design the submarine in the 15th century? And he was also the first inventor to think to combine existing machines to create new and improved ones.
" How do we know this is just a key? Mrs.
Lee, I'm very sorry to bother you, but we have a few more questions.
Jun is not here.
That's okay.
I'm sure you can help.
I prefer my husband to be here.
Why? He's the strong one.
You said Calvin's fiancée Xue-Li went back to Hong Kong.
- Yes.
- But she didn't.
Did she? You need to wait for my husband.
I can't talk about it.
Because you don't want to or because he won't let you? Okay, I don't usually get this excited, but this is cool on so many levels.
I take it it's not a car key.
It is and so much more.
It's a high-tech cloner.
It's like an IronClad flash drive, just jacked up on steroids.
It only needs to be in the vicinity of a computer.
And it relays the information to a remote location.
Look at this thing.
You can disguise this as any everyday object.
Just leave it near someone's computer and all her secrets are revealed.
This one, interestingly enough, never been used.
Why would the Navy give Calvin a jacked-up IronClad? I don't think they did.
I mean, I can't be totally sure of how any of this works, because most of the code looks like this.
- Chinese.
- Military grade.
Nothing this sophisticated is even on our radar.
So if this came from the People's Republic and wound up on that sub Every piece of classified information and new technology on that mission would be compromised.
And available to our enemies.
Calvin Lee was a Chinese spy.
Calvin's shipmate, Vic, did say that he was secretive, nervous, a Ioner.
I would be, too, if I were betraying my country.
Imagine living every day wondering if you were about to be caught, constantly looking over your shoulder.
Yeah, imagine that.
Maybe he thought he was about to be made.
Could explain the suicide.
Yeah, but why toss this? Why not hide it first or give it to your handlers? Maybe the lieutenant commander is sending a message from the grave.
Historically, traitors were hung from bridges - as a warning to others.
- Calvin didn't wanna be a traitor.
That's why the cloner had never been used.
Because Calvin refused.
So the Chinese threatened him with the best currency they had.
His one vulnerability, his boyfriend, Jaxson.
Only Bobby Tang went too far.
He killed him.
So with nowhere else to turn, his suicide is a final act of defiance against his tormentors.
That explains why he tossed this.
- So maybe Mr.
Lee was a true patriot.
- Died for his country.
With the operation blown, the only thing left to do for his handlers was clean up the mess and cover your tracks, starting with Bobby Tang.
SAM: Xue-Li, pretending to be his arranged bride, but really a pro brought in from the home office to get things done.
Well, that's why we have no back-story on her.
She's a shooter.
Now she's tying up her loose ends.
ERIC: Which are? - Anyone who may have known.
Probably starting with the family.
And any one of them could be an asset to us.
So they're all in danger.
How did you meet Xue-Li? Our family was friends of Xue-Li's [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
: Get Calvin's parents out of there.
Callen and Sam think that Xue-Li's gonna try to kill them.
Okay, got it.
- I need to get you out now.
- To go where? We have customers.
You are in danger.
I need to move you and your wife someplace safe.
This is our store, our neighbourhood.
There is no danger.
Xue-Li might come here to kill you.
Let's go out the back door.
- I need to lock up.
- We don't have time for this.
: KENSl: I got it.
I got it.
JUN: Sorry, I have to do this.
Jun, no! No, Jun, stop! [KENSI GRUNTING.]
: Eric, Jun just tried to kill me and his wife.
- I need backup.
- I'm calling L.
And sending your GPS to Callen and Sam.
KENSl: Eric, Xue-Li's after us.
Where's our backup? [CELL PHONE RINGS.]
Kensi's in trouble.
Eric, I'm in a Chinese restaurant called Foo Chow.
I need the exit strategy to get back to my car on Broadway.
I'm loading the Pictometry of the building.
Come on.
Come on.
Okay, I got you.
Uh, don't go out the front.
Take the side door on your left.
That leads into the market.
Eric, I need eyes on Jun and Xue-Li.
I'm looking.
I got him.
Jun's at your 6 o'clock, closing in fast.
CALLEN: Stay down.
ERIC: Callen, Jun is closing in on her and I can't locate Xue-Li.
Kensi, you hear me? We're coming in the north gate.
Okay, but you need to find these guys.
CALLEN: I got eyes on Jun.
Federal agent, Jun.
Don't move.
I got Jun, Sam.
- Eric, where's Xue-Li? - I can't find her.
KENSl: Ming says there are three of them.
Kensi! Go, go, go! [BOTH GRUNTING.]
Don't do it, Xue-Li.
We know about Calvin.
We found the clone.
It's over.
There were several families.
All agents of the MSS.
We were told we'd be given the gift of a second child if we would go to America and raise him to be a spy.
Did you resent the MSS? Our son would be the ultimate socialist hero.
We were proud.
When did you tell Calvin? A very young age.
He always knew.
We raised him to go to Annapolis, join the Navy.
But always loyal to China.
And what about Xue-Li? Sent from the MSS to be his handler.
And make sure we're still committed to the mission.
But in the end, he couldn't do it.
He was such a sweet boy.
We never should have made him do this.
But Jun insisted.
It was why we came here.
Ming, you got a chance to do the right thing, maybe even start over, if you tell us about the others who might still be here.
Think about it.
NATE: Calvin Lee was born to be a sleeper agent.
But deep down inside, he loved this country.
Store was the perfect cover.
Agents could come and go, no questions asked.
How many contacts do we think they had? Well, it's hard to say.
Eric's going through their computers, records, security footage for months.
- Hey.
Ready? - Yeah.
Mom? - Mom.
MING: My baby.
Thought it might help Ming.
You know.
She might tell us more if she actually saw her daughter.
Emotional witnesses tend to open up more.
You may have just blown open an entire cell of sleeper agents You should stick with what you do best.
Carry on, everyone.
- Nice work, buddy.
- Thanks.
You know, you're not that bad a partner after all.
Really? Because I asked Hetty if, uh, operational psychologists had ever become agents.
- Oh, no.
- No, no, no.
KENSl: I'm sorry.
I so take it back.
I know I'm logical, but I'm also intuitive, self-sufficient, hm? ALL: No.
I get it.
Absolutely cool.

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