NCIS Los Angeles s01e18 Episode Script

Blood Brothers

Thanks a lot.
Y'all have a good evening.
Go, go, go! [BRAKES SCREECH.]
MAN 1: You all right? MAN 2: Yeah, I'm good.
- Oh, man.
MAN 3: Look, he's been shot.
Oh, man.
Do I have to remind you of the nunchuck incident? If you get hurt, you're driving yourself to the ER.
All I'm saying.
Right there.
- This is yours? - Yes.
It's my dragon head Kwan dao.
You know, one of the That like those Chinese dumplings? I love that stuff.
Wushu is the Chinese martial art with 18 arms or weapons.
I prefer the steel whip or the meteor hammer, but you have to stay in practise with all of them.
No doubt.
I mean, you never know when a horde of murderous Mongols are gonna come galloping over Laurel Canyon.
All hands on deck.
You gave him a whistle? Oh, do I look as if I've gone daft? I'd sooner give a chainsaw to a spider monkey.
At least I took his Segway away.
I'll speak to Mr.
SAM: Sooner than later, okay? Because the next time he toots that thing, he won't be using his lips.
Well, maybe you can use your wushu dragon breath.
Dragon head Kwan dao! [GRUNTS.]
Marine Gunnery Sergeant Wendall Dobbs.
Dobbs was promoted to a job in logistics 18 months ago, after his second tour in Anbar Province, Iraq.
That's a lot of entry wounds.
Some serious lead slinging.
What were they using? AK-47 s.
The most popular gun in every conflict around the world.
Still very rare in the U.
Eric, do we have any video footage on the shooting? ERIC: Got this from the supermarket security camera.
The plates were stolen, but I've got Kaleidoscope looking for the vehicles.
Probably stole the vehicles for the drive-by so they could dump and torch them after.
Rewind it back to the shooting.
Dropped the magazine.
Mags typically aren't expendable.
- So they're either sloppy - Or very well-equipped.
Where the hell are they getting Kalashnikovs with extra mags? Gang violence in the military is an ongoing problem.
And SecNav is pushing hard to route out any and all offenders.
But I don't see any indications of gang ties in Wendall Dobbs' Service Record Book.
Said there's an escalating war between the gangs.
A lot of jockeying for drug turf.
Where edge in firepower makes a big difference.
Dobbs was in uniform, so it's unlikely a case of mistaken identity.
He clearly wasn't a random victim.
He was targeted.
- Question is why.
- How do we wanna play it? I'll go put in a call to Dobbs' CO and his medical officer.
I'll swing by the crime scene, see if I can track down any witnesses who are willing to talk.
Well, looks like we're going to pay our respects to the family.
May we speak with you, sir? - Come in.
SAM: Thank you.
Proudest day of my life, when Wendall graduated from boot camp.
Did your son have any enemies you were aware of, Mr.
Dobbs? Yeah, some terrorists in Fallujah and Abu Ghraib.
Any old relationships that could've come back to haunt him? Meaning what? He was an ideal son and an outstanding Marine.
We're not trying to disrespect your son, sir.
We're just trying to find and prosecute his killers.
Then you better find them before I do.
Pardon me, gentlemen.
Where Lil' Mac D? I need to talk to him.
Get out before I throw you out.
Hey, cool your ass, old man, before l SAM [IN HIGH VOICE.]
: Before you what? You might wanna think about what you're doing.
You best tell Lil' Mac D we're looking for him.
Let's roll.
Move it.
Move it.
Sorry about that.
Who's Lil' Mac D? I assume they mean my younger son, James.
Kids don't go by their given names anymore.
It's always Lil' this, Doggy that.
Mac Daddy Love Handles.
It's ridiculous.
Wendall has a brother? DOBBS: Yeah, James.
Wendall was his rock.
When he went to the war, James got in with the wrong crowd.
Wendall left a job he loved, leading his Marines in battle, to take a non-deployable billet back here just to help James and me.
I was diagnosed with diabetes six months ago.
But I told him I don't need a nursemaid.
A man should never outlive his children.
Get down! SAM: Stay down! [TYRES SQUEAL.]
CALLEN: You okay, sir? DOBBS: I'm okay.
I'm okay.
- You good? - Good.
Champagne-coloured Chevy Impala low rider.
Thanks, Eric.
Oh, and call me if you get any IDs on that other picture I sent you.
- Thanks.
- G.
Found this on the fridge.
Suntiago Equipment, Inc.
Looks like a pay stub with James' name on it.
Same weapons and ammo that killed Wendall.
And they're firing cheap reloads.
Maybe the Taliban's having a sale.
DOBBS: Thanks, officer.
What's Suntiago Equipment, Inc? That's where James worked.
It's a heavy equipment outfit.
Backhoes, bulldozers, that sort of thing.
They're out by the airport.
Why would James' gang want Wendall dead? I don't know what any of this is about.
It may be best if you stay elsewhere until we find somewhere safe for you.
Hell, no! This is my house.
Hell, I been living here longer than most of those punks have been alive.
I'm not leaving unless it's in a body bag.
Just find my son before something bad happens to him too.
We're trying, sir.
I ran Callen's covert little happy-snap against our and L.
's databases.
"Rashad Hollander, a.
Dishonourably discharged from the Army in 2007 for" Let me guess.
Gang activity.
Managed to compile a pretty impressive rap sheet since then.
As has Wendall's prodigal brother, James.
James seems like a petty thief, whereas Hollander appears to be well on his way to becoming a full-fledged sociopath.
Both Rashad "Slide" Hollander and James "Lil' Mac D" Dobbs have links to the 82nd Street Black Posse.
They've been expanding to the territories of rival gangs with increasing violence.
So, what does this have to do with our stellar Marine, Wendall Dobbs? That's the part we haven't figured out yet.
Check out the Humvees.
Looks like they've seen some action.
Something tells me we need to play this on the down-Iow.
Think I just became James' cousin.
I'll buy that.
Hey, guys, is your supervisor around? MAN: That guy.
Excuse me.
How you doing? Keith Dobbs.
This is my buddy, Ernie.
Ronnie Miller.
How can I help you, gentlemen? We're looking for my cousin, James.
James Dobbs.
That would make two of us.
Your cousin hasn't been here since Friday.
Be looking for a new job, he doesn't check in soon.
His brother was killed last night.
Wendall? - You know James' brother? - A little.
I gave James the job as a favour to Wendall.
What happened? Looks like it was a drive-by shooting.
But, uh, police are still looking into it.
Oh, man.
That's messed up.
I'm so sorry.
That's cool you gave him the job as a favour.
Yeah, well, it was the least I could do.
Wendall had a big part in helping me secure my military contract.
He wanted to keep the jobs in California.
I was the lowest bid in the state.
You see the Humvees.
I inspect and repair vehicles coming back to U.
Bases from Iraq and Afghanistan.
Take serious abuse in the desert over there.
So we get them back in shape for service here.
It's been a real godsend in this economy.
You have any idea where we can find James? - We're really worried about him.
- Not a clue.
Any co-workers or friends, buddies? I don't know.
He was my night watchman.
So to be honest, I never saw him.
Do you bring back weapons and stuff too? MILLER: No, just vehicles.
Humvees mostly.
- Why do you ask? CALLEN: Just curious.
- Well, thanks.
I appreciate it.
- Again, my condolences.
- Thank you.
- Thanks.
- Take care.
Ernie? Do I look like an Ernie? So a Marine gets his brother a job with a company that refurbishes equipment from the war.
Then that same Marine is gunned down by gangbangers armed with AK-47 s.
Seems to me these Humvees aren't the only things being brought back from Iraq.
It sounds like Wendall's figured out a way to supply L.
Gangs with Kalashnikov rifles.
Think we'd better have Eric check this place out.
And Ronnie Miller.
We gotta get to James before anybody else does.
Well, he can't go home.
Forget about the streets, especially with your own gang after you.
He's gotta be holed up somewhere.
Well, his brother got him the job here.
Maybe he was always looking out for him.
No place safer than big brother's house.
TV's on.
If he's hiding, he's not gonna answer.
Not even for one of Wendall's old buddies? Wendall? It's Gordy, baby.
What's up? I got your Xbox.
I gotta tell you, I'm getting pretty good at "Call of Duty.
" Easy, easy.
Don't shoot, don't shoot, don't shoot.
- Who the hell are you? - I'm Gordy.
You're James, right? - What are you doing here? - I'm here to see your brother.
Yeah? Where's the Xbox then? Federal agent! Gordo? And you were complaining about Ernie? CALLEN: Who killed your brother, James? You don't have to be afraid.
We're here to help.
I'm not afraid of anything.
So why were you hiding at your brother's? I wasn't hiding.
I was chilling.
Heh, your brother's dead and your boys put about 30 rounds in your father's house this morning with me and my partner inside.
And you were just chilling? Where are Slide and the gang getting their guns? - I don't know.
- Was your brother Wendall using Suntiago Equipment to smuggle weapons to the gang? No way.
Wendall was clean.
He was a war hero.
You can't say nothing bad about my brother.
No? But you can dishonour him by acting like some punk-ass thug, huh? SAM: What about the owner of Suntiago Equipment, Ronnie Miller? - He bringing in the guns? JAMES: Look, man.
I don't know anything about no guns, okay? So stop sweating me.
Okay, let me ask you a question.
If you're so tough, why didn't you enlist? Your old man did.
Your brother did.
What were you, scared? I tried, okay? I tried.
I got a heart murmur.
I don't feel it.
I didn't even know that it was there.
But they Well, they wouldn't let me in because of it.
Look, James, we both know your gang buddies killed your brother Wendall.
Why? - I don't know.
- Why are you protecting them? I'm not protecting nobody but myself.
Where I come from, you're either a gang member or you're a gang victim.
And my brother, well, he couldn't be looking out for me when he was off fighting in the war.
You hungry? You like Thai food? I'm thinking Thai.
Thai food? Wanna shed a little light here, Sam? - Maybe he doesn't know anything.
- Maybe.
Maybe he does.
He doesn't wanna talk, but he hasn't asked for a lawyer either.
He knows he's safer here than anywhere else.
Because he knows who killed his brother.
He does, Sam.
But this goes way beyond murder.
We have a gunny sergeant who may be supplying automatic weapons to L.
He's gonna tell us.
He just needs a little more time.
Well, the more time it takes, the more likely his gang buddies are to start using those AKs again.
When that gets out Maybe we need to be out looking for them instead of leaning on this kid.
Let him spend some time with Nate.
Look, if you wanna keep questioning him, that's cool.
But I'm heading back to Ops.
You know I don't like people sneaking up on me, Hetty.
I tread lightly.
I don't sneak.
- Are there any new developments? - No.
And what about our unfortunate Gunny Dobbs? Still trying to convince James to tell us about his brother's killers.
And where they're getting their guns from.
Moe and Dom, and now this young man.
This one isn't hitting too close to home, is it? The problem isn't Moe, Dom or James.
It's the other 10 million.
Know what the leading cause of death for young black men in this country is? - Homicide.
- That's right.
Usually at the hands of another young man with a gun.
You can't take it upon yourself to save all of them.
But at least I can save this one.
KENSl: Sam.
- In the last six months, - Hmm.
Suntiago Equipment has repaired and refurbished hundreds of vehicles returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.
All of which came back via military air transport.
Of course, effectively bypassing Customs.
- No Customs check? - No.
And it wouldn't be too hard to fill those vehicles up with black-market weapons before shipping them home.
So, Gunny Dobbs helped Suntiago Equipment get the Humvee contract, then got James a job there as a night watchman.
Eric, tell them what you found on our friend Ronnie Miller.
It's not only what I found, but what I didn't find.
Ronnie Miller used to be Royad Markovic.
Maybe changed his name to sound more American? Royad Markovic died in '89.
SAM: By the time we get a warrant to search Suntiago Equipment and Ronnie Miller's residence, any evidence could be long gone.
- What about a FISA warrant? - You're going to try and claim this under a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act warrant? Well, why not? AK-47 s are a foreign weapon.
They're bought on the black market.
They're smuggled into the country.
Their profits are probably being used for terrorist activities.
No? Okay.
I'll buy that.
I thought you were staying with James.
I figured I'd let Nate have a crack at him, so we could, uh, work on some other angles.
Checked the whole yard.
There's nothing.
I told you people.
I run a legitimate operation here.
I don't import weapons.
If it's legitimate, then why change your name? America's a melting pot, I wanted to melt in.
And what about the real Royad Markovic? The one who died in Zagreb? Royad was a friend of mine.
A business partner.
We had our own heavy equipment business, but he was killed in the war.
I was bankrupt.
So I came here and I started over.
A new country, a new life.
This isn't sounding good for you, Ronnie.
What do you got, Eric? ERIC [OVER PHONE.]
: There's been a gang shootout downtown.
They were using automatic weapons.
: TV 2 is inbound to the crime scene south of downtown.
: TV 2.
Police 3.
Please, maintain 1,500 or above.
PILOT: Wilco on the altitude.
: Shop 324.
Be advised.
We have code 20 overhead.
OFFICER: TV 3, perimeter is secure.
County coroner's on the scene.
Four- 17 victims.
You're good to code four.
PILOT: Roger that.
We'll take a last look and depart the area.
OFFICER: Thanks for your help.
KENSl: AK-47 mag.
REPORTER: Tragically a number of bystanders were caught in the crossfire.
The death toll stands at four It's one of the gangbangers from Dobbs' house.
The one that knocked on the door.
CALLEN: Looks like our gang war's heating up.
I'm guessing a couple of these guys are friends of yours.
- What happened? - Same thing that'll happen to you.
Maybe your father, if we don't take care of this right here, right now.
- How? - By telling us where we can find who's responsible, where they're getting weapons.
I told you, I don't know.
They shot your brother with AK-47 s, pumped about a pound of lead into his body.
And you don't even have the guts to tell me who else was in that car? You wanna know who else was in car the night my brother got killed? You really wanna know? It was me.
Yeah, that's right.
I was there.
I saw it.
I saw everything.
Slide said that, uh, he wanted to show me something.
And he did.
He made me watch as they gunned Wendall down.
Wendall! No! No! No! Don't! Why? Why'd they do that? Wendall wanted me out of the gang and away from Suntiago Equipment.
- Slide didn't like him interfering.
- Interfering with what? Is Miller bringing guns in through his company? Look, I don't know, all right? I just work the gate at night.
When Slide found out, he got real interested and he just told me to let him in sometimes.
To do what? I mean, I guess steal stuff, you know? That's what I thought they were doing.
- You don't know.
- No.
I just work the gate.
I don't ask questions and they don't tell me.
And your boss didn't know what Slide was doing.
No, and neither did my brother.
I didn't think it was anything big, though.
I just thought Wendall was overreacting.
Now he's dead and I'm next.
We'll protect you.
You can't protect me any better than my brother could.
SAM: You're right.
Because sooner or later, we all end up on our own, with no one at our back.
At that point, you have to decide which side you're on.
And whether you're gonna run or fight.
Now, you choose to stick with Slide and his gang, you'll wind up dead just like JJ.
Try running from Slide and his crew, and you'll probably wind up dead too.
Because they're gonna hunt you down like a dog.
But if you stand and fight with us, I promise you we will take these guys down and you won't have to run or hide again.
What makes you think you can take Slide's gang down when cops can't? [SCOFFS.]
We're not cops.
: - straight day in Los Angeles, with a shootout earlier this morning outside an illegal Hollywood after-hours club.
Two men believed to be members of a Colombian drug cartel were riddled with automatic gunfire while sitting in their car.
James is the only way to get to the gang that killed his brother.
Look, Slide, Rashad Hollander, is extremely dangerous.
And after this morning's shootout, he's gonna be even more paranoid and jumpy, which is gonna make him more prone to violence.
Which is why we have to act now.
Get those killers and their automatic weapons off the street.
What's to say Slide doesn't kill James the moment he sees him? He's your only witness in any of this.
Slide's already lost three guys, including JJ, his right-hand man.
He's in a turf war with the Mexicans and the Colombians.
He'll take all the help he can get.
Look, I know you guys are gonna do it anyway, but I just want it on the record that I think this op has an unacceptable risk level.
There are too many dangerous variables, especially with this short of a setup.
That said, I hope you kick some ass.
I'll prep James.
I'll get Eric working on the tech spread.
NATE: I'll download some more profiles on Slide.
- May be something there you can use.
- Thanks, Nate.
You wanna be briefed on this? I don't know, do I? I could run it by Vance, if you prefer.
Oh, Lord, no.
One of the reasons I'm here is to protect him as a designated fall guy.
"I had no previous knowledge of the operation, Mr.
That mad woman went off her rocker and acted autonomously.
" You're the first line of defence? Yeah, you gotta get by me first.
- And Mr.
Hanna? - Will be as safe as we can manage, as will James.
Bring them both back, hmm? Go with God, Mr.
Callen, or whoever it is who watches over you.
I have a guardian angel.
She's tiny, but very tough.
ERIC: All right, Sam's button cam is up.
CALLEN: Where are we with the schematics on this building? Building is old.
I'm not sure they're even available, but I'm trying.
Long time no see, Lil' Mac D.
Well, lookie here, Mr.
Night Watchman.
We all been wondering where Lil' Mac D been hiding.
Turns out the little bitch was on his honeymoon.
JAMES: Uh Yo, this is my cousin, Sam.
He just got out here from New York.
I don't care if he's your imaginary friend.
You shouldn't have brought him here.
Your cousin, huh? Where's your little white girlfriend at, coz? He's my parole officer.
Parole officer.
We got us a genuine bad ass here.
Sam did four years up in New York.
Sing Sing.
- Supposed to impress me? - Looking for work.
- Try Burger King.
- James said you was look Just shut the hell up.
I ain't talking to you.
I been calling you, Lil' Mac D.
Yeah, you know, I've been, uh I've just been dealing with my brother's funeral and, uh, stuff.
I heard about JJ.
You heard how many Mexicans we smoked? - Yeah.
Ha, ha.
- And the Colombians.
Tore them up.
They was all like: [IMITATING SHRIEKING.]
Think you can run with the big dogs, coz? What you think, Tiny? - He don't want nothing.
- Yeah.
Let's see what you got.
It's okay.
They're just jumping him in.
- Eric, we lost our feed.
: Yeah.
I'm working on it.
These aren't indestructible.
Neither is Sam.
MAN 1: Did I tell you to do that? MAN 2: Yo, fuck you, man.
Fight! What's up, big man? What's up? What's up? [TINY GRUNTS.]
That's enough! I said that's enough! [SAM PANTING.]
You just got owned, fat boy.
Welcome to the clique.
CALLEN: Eric, talk to me.
: Camera has been damaged.
I'm trying to get the picture back.
I need to know what's happening.
At least get me audio.
I'm trying.
Yo, you need to go to work, man.
What about my cousin? Got a job for him too.
Let's go, man.
Get the hell out of here.
Let's go.
Let's go.
James is leaving.
CALLEN: James is on the move, Eric.
KENSl: Where are they taking him? CALLEN: It's okay.
If they wanted to kill him, he'd already be dead.
HOLLANDER: Look at that.
- Tiny.
- Some serious firepower.
- You got some more? - You know how hard it is to get these? I thought maybe you guys were selling them.
- You thought wrong.
- Where you get these? - Craigslist.
SAM: Hope you got a good price.
- Nice and cheap.
- And why is that? They look like the real deal, but they're knockoffs.
That's why Butterfingers is having a problem locking in his clip.
- What makes you such an expert? - I used to move guns.
- Yeah? - What you think I was in jail for? And I bet that ammo you're using is crapping reloads too.
Seriously, I think you got ripped off.
I wouldn't fire one of those.
It's more likely to blow up and kill you.
Fool, we've been busting these like freaking Rambo.
It ain't no problem.
Not yet.
How many rounds went through there? I bet it's less than three clips.
Just wait.
You don't have to worry about that, because you ain't getting one.
I swear to God, Tiny, if your uncle jacked us on these, I'm driving to Miami myself to kill him.
- You got these from Miami? - That's right.
My Uncle Boney got six of them from South America.
HOLLANDER: Will you shut up, Tiny? [SIGHS.]
You can drive.
Let's go.
If these guys mount a.
50 cal on that thing, I'm gonna retire.
- Eric, in a Humvee.
- I'll stay on them with traffic cams.
CALLEN: Alert L.
And Highway Patrol.
I don't want anyone pulling that Humvee over.
HOLLANDER: Yo, Lil' Mac D.
Open the gate.
Eric, we're at Suntiago Equipment.
Look over there.
Check out those Humvees.
CALLEN: You see anything? KENSl: No, lost them behind the Humvee.
Eric, Kensi and I are going in.
We need additional backups at Suntiago.
- Nobody leaves this lot.
- I got it.
Hey, yo, I got something.
HOLLANDER: That's just bloodstains.
Keep looking.
There's some right here, 622.
- Come on, man, hurry up.
- I think it's dead.
You're gonna flood it, man.
Look out, man.
HOLLANDER: Come on, man.
You know anything about Humvees? - Enough to steal them.
- Think you can get this started? - Why don't we try another one? - Because I want this one.
Why? What's so special about this one? What's it got? - Satellite radio or something? - Can you get it started or not? Probably be easier to call AAA.
Probably be easier if I just shot you in your head.
I doubt that would get this started.
- It's the battery.
- Open the hood.
- It's under the passenger seat.
HOLLANDER: How you know that? You an expert on Humvees too? Like I said, I know enough to steal them.
I spent 20 minutes one night trying to find the battery on one of these.
Now you want me to get this started or not? I need some heavy-duty jumper cables.
Well, go find some cables, man.
You two, both of you, go! Now, man! Eric, did our backups just drive right by us? - Impossible.
They're nowhere near yet.
- Then we got company.
What the hell is this? How am I supposed to know? It's your party.
You! Get out of the car, now! Tiny, check him for jumper cables.
Who are you? What are you doing here? - Shut up and get on the ground! - You're on my property! [GRUNTS.]
- I got jumper cables.
- Hook him up.
Take it.
Now's your chance to get some street cred.
Kill him.
We start shooting out here, the cops will be all over us.
We'll never get out of here.
What make you think you getting out of here? Puppet, swap out the Humvees.
Time to man up, boy.
You killed my brother.
Don't do it, James.
Put the gun down.
Do it.
Do it.
Pull the trigger.
That's what I thought.
You can't do it.
Yo, Puppet.
Come here and smoke this sorry piece of - Drop the guns! - Federal agents.
Drop your weapons.
Get down! [GRUNTS.]
Go! Go! [GROANS.]
- You good? - Right as rain.
Good job.
You showed the same courage your father and brother did as Marines.
- They would both be proud of you.
- Thanks, man.
SAM: Not much more of this Humvee we can pull apart.
Looks like heroin.
- It's about a kilo.
HETTY: May I? Sure.
Fresh from the poppy fields.
We thought Slide was using overseas connections to smuggle in guns.
Turns out it was drugs.
Packed away nicely in the Humvees coming back from Afghanistan.
James let them into the compound.
They'd swap the Humvee with the drugs for one of their own.
Foolproof plan Gunny Dobbs stumbled upon.
We send our young men to slay the terrorist dragon, and what do we get back but the dragon we were sent to slay.
It's hard to believe, but it was a beautiful country once upon a time.
You've been to Afghanistan? I spent a wonderful Christmas there in Bamiyan Valley with a local Pashtun family.
When was that? Well, it must have been, uh, 1979.
Didn't the Russians invade Afghanistan, Christmas 1979? [CHUCKLES.]
So they did, Mr.
My mistake.
I meant 1978.
Of course you did.
How silly of me.
Oh, dear.

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