NCIS Los Angeles s01e24 Episode Script

Callen, G

KENSl: Clear.
SAM: Clear.
Is this place what I think it is? Everybody's dirty little secrets.
Including Taylor A, whoever he is.
Document boxes.
Alphabetical by surname and initial.
Must be hundreds of them.
Lots of big names.
We're gonna need the code number one angle grinder.
What? You think someone who makes a fortune buying and selling information is gonna make it easy? We're gonna need Eric.
See if they've got one on you or Hetty.
Nothing on me.
Two boxes on Hetty.
You're gonna wanna see this.
File burn.
It must be automatically erasing the hard drives.
It's not gonna affect the hard copy files.
Unless We gotta get out of here now.
- Move.
- Oh, that kind of burn.
I got it.
G, come on.
G, come on! [COMPUTER BEEPS.]
KENSl: Okay.
We'll send you everything we've got.
- Thanks.
OFFICER: Thank you.
After you powered up, what did you press? Nothing.
I didn't even touch the keyboard.
- Maybe we triggered motion detectors.
SAM: I didn't see that.
And I was looking.
Uh, a timer.
If Keelson's not back by a certain time, boom.
And if he's stuck in traffic? Cell phone.
Dials up, punches in the code, deactivates it.
I didn't do anything.
If he could turn it off with a cell phone, he could turn it on.
Maybe Keelson isn't the Ione wolf we thought he was.
Eric is gonna see what he can dig up on Keelson's warehouse.
Phone records, utilities, all the usuals.
Try to turn up another name.
Are we good? Yeah.
Yeah, sorry.
This is the file he was working on.
SAM: Surveillance.
They're arguing.
Probably married.
I wonder what his dirty little secret is.
Four hundred and fifty-eight Taylors in Los Angeles alone.
We're gonna need a first name to This is where he got the addresses.
What addresses? Every foster home I ever lived in.
Keelson gave me a printout, but this is where he got them.
They're They're all handwritten.
What's it doing in this file box? KENSl: Well, uh Left in a hurry, could've put them there by mistake.
Keelson didn't make mistakes.
There's five more addresses here in the back.
I don't know any of them.
SAM: Maybe this is our connection with Taylor.
Any of those five new addresses located in the 6000 block? - No.
- We find a Bart Smart located on the 6000 block, at least we got a place to start looking.
ERIC: Bart Smart, 67 stores in greater Los Angeles, but only one on a 6000 block.
That's the apartment block from the photo.
List the tenants, Eric.
Looking for Taylor, initial A.
KENSl: Close.
- Data search on Steven John Taylor.
Same address.
ERIC: Steven John Taylor, age 45.
No criminal record, divorced.
Ex-wife's name is Amy.
He's a she.
ERIC: Age 42, no children, no current address listed.
Still using her married name.
That's unusual.
What's her maiden name? Gonna have to go right back to the marriage certificate.
And her maiden name is Callen.
Hanna, Miss Blye.
Taylor's apartment.
- Mr.
Callen, my office.
- Hetty.
I much prefer a good HB to a BIC.
Press firmly enough and people don't have to read between the lines to get the message.
The answer is no, Mr.
Hetty, you don't even know what the question is.
It's no to all of them.
Is there any mention of this in your classified file? No.
Was I aware you had a relative? No.
Am I surprised? No.
Should you stay on this case? Definitely no.
Is there any possibility that this is a coincidence? Keelson didn't think so.
He had my details in her file.
But he could be wrong.
Could be.
I'm sorry, Mr.
You know the rules.
It would seem that while Keelson is dead, there is still the possibility that your true identity may have been compromised along with the integrity of this unit.
This is the second time you've taken me off the Keelson case.
Let's make it the last.
Should I read something between the lines? Oh, bugger.
Hetty is about to tell you I'm off the case.
- She is? - Before she does, what have we got? Well, I'm [PHONE RINGING.]
The warehouse is owned by some corporation registered in Nevada.
I'm still checking names and the paperwork, but they're all paralegals three times removed from Keelson.
You know, she could be on her way up.
She will try calling again first.
What else? Um, okay.
So I checked phone companies.
Phone lines in and out of the warehouse.
And I found a dedicated data line.
Like a fax line, but here's the thing.
What is the thing, Eric? Um, it's never had a call.
The only charge on the phone bill is for the line rental.
No calls in, no calls out.
Except for one.
This morning.
Someone dialled in to trigger the explosives.
Ten-second call.
So I figured if it were me, I'd wanna be close by to make sure it all works.
Time-stamp video puts him on the scene with a clear view of the warehouse.
That's how I narrowed down the search.
Okay, so he makes the call and we see a change in the light on the left of the frame as the building goes up.
He stayed another 30 seconds and then left.
Not your typical reaction of someone witnessing a building exploding.
Did you get his cell phone? Still trying to get it, but I did get a licence plate.
That's the number, the address, the guy.
Carl Browning.
Rap sheet.
Grand theft auto, burglary, assault, fraud.
- This is Eric.
HETTY: What in the world takes you - so long to answer the phone? - Hetty.
Taylor has got some noisy neighbours.
Well, looks like the neighbours have got a noisy Taylor.
- Is that? - Yeah.
It's Mighty Mouse.
I was thinking Tom and Jerry.
No, no.
It's the mouse.
: Oh, no, you don't! Taylor hasn't got kids.
SAM: So what? Cartoons? Hmm.
Not cartoons.
The mouse.
MIGHTY MOUSE: Now, to save Mousehill from those - Clear.
KENSl: Clear.
Bedroom and bathroom look a lot like this.
The whole place is trashed.
They turned the TV up to mask the sound.
Searching for something.
- I'm guessing they didn't find it.
- Hmm.
ERIC: Sam, Callen's got the information.
- He's on his way to Browning's house.
- What's the address? Put your hands where I can see them.
Federal agent.
- You alone? KORT: No.
As a matter of fact, he's not, Special Agent G.
You know, Callen, you're not missing anything.
No one ever calls me by my first name.
That's because no one likes you.
The CIA do this? We were late to the party like you.
The place was already trashed.
Television blaring.
And like you, we wanted to have a chat with Mr.
Unfortunately for both of us, Mr.
Browning is done chatting.
Browning worked for Keelson.
- Keelson's dead.
- Yeah, I got the memo.
Tell me, did he have a file on you? No.
But he did have one on you.
Ashes in the wind.
Scuttlebutt said you triggered the explosion.
Browning phoned it in.
That's how you found him.
Phone logs.
How did you find him? Your backup just arrived.
A little late to be of much use, I would've thought.
I mean, if we weren't on the same side CALLEN: Sam, Kensi.
Trent Kort.
He's with the Agency.
We used to work together, Callen and I.
Kort was just gonna explain how they knew about Browning.
We've been keeping tabs on an Iranian, Karim Akbari.
He led us here.
Why is the CIA interested in Karim Akbari? Sorry.
The crime scene is yours, Callen.
Let me know if you find anything.
- You too.
KORT: Kort.
- Crime scene? - Browning.
Someone decided to make him the light fixture in the room.
- Akbari.
- Maybe.
So why did Kort give up Akbari? To see how we'd react if we're chasing the same guy.
I guess we are now.
Did you find her? No one home.
The place was turned over.
TV on? - Mighty Mouse.
- Woody.
Same pros.
Call Eric.
See what he knows about Akbari.
Hetty took me off the case.
- Sam.
SAM: Eric, full-court press.
Karim Akbari, Iranian.
ERIC: Got him.
But only for a second.
- The file just got locked down.
- By whom? Our friends at Langley.
Kort just shut us out.
I'd send you home, but I know that would just move you from that chair onto that sofa.
I'm still looking for a place.
I just got a rather officious phone call from a mid-level time-card puncher at the CIA.
He wanted to know why we had requested access to a classified file of an ongoing operation.
Have you ever heard of, um, Karim Akbari? I don't know anything about him.
That's not what I asked, Mr.
That was me, Hetty.
Akbari was given to us by a CIA operative.
I got Eric to run it and we got red flagged.
Sounds like the CIA is stonewalling us.
I know a lot about stonewalling.
After I finished with the, uh, time-card puncher, I called the director of the CIA who offered to brief us on Karim Akbari.
The agent's name is Trent Kort.
Sam and Kensi, boathouse in a half hour.
She knows.
You can't go.
- Where are you going? - Shoot someone.
Well, I think you killed him.
And his entire extended family.
You wanted to see me? No.
You said you wanted to see me.
You're our operational psychologist, Nate.
I've got some personal stuff going on in my life, so you have to see me.
That's your job.
I'm missing something, aren't I? What to tell Hetty when she asks.
Okay, what's Hetty going to ask me? CALLEN: Why you came to see me.
- And the real reason is? Shouldn't this be in the evidence locker? Aren't we breaking, like, the chain of evidence or? [CHUCKLES.]
You're off the case, but you need to know the Could I go to jail? - Have you done something wrong? - I think I'm about to.
I could do some handwriting analysis.
Do you recognise any of these addresses? It's every orphanage and foster home I ever stayed at.
And these five addresses at the back? No.
I could run a search and see if they have anything in common.
In fact, I could do it right here.
And you could just happen to look over my shoulder if you wanted to.
Because how would I even know you were doing that? [NATE CLEARS THROAT.]
Okay, snap up here.
Most of these are government buildings.
That's the old Allingham Street Orphanage.
Except that one is run by the county.
So is the one in Torrance.
Let's just take a peek at that list again.
Four of the five addresses are either state, city or county-run orphanages.
And the last address is a private residence.
It's also the last entry.
If I were looking for answers, I'd start with the last address first.
- Hi.
Can I help you? - Hi.
I'm sorry to disturb you.
I was just hoping you might help me find someone who possibly stayed here a long time ago.
Her name is Amy.
Oh, of course.
I remember Amy.
Such a beautiful woman now.
And you are? I work for a law firm.
She may have inherited some property and I just need to confirm her identity.
Well, then you'd better come in.
Such a long time ago.
Twenty-five years at least.
She's here somewhere.
My children.
Some of them not for long.
A few days.
Others a few weeks, months.
Amy was one who stayed a long time.
Hard to believe, huh? So many.
Most of them from broken families.
Some orphaned.
Is, um? Is your photo up here? Not here.
But someplace.
Many places? Thirty-seven.
Oh, here she is.
This is Amy.
She must have been about 15 at the time.
She stayed almost two years.
She She was a troubled girl.
Something in her past, I think, that she kept to herself.
She still sends me a birthday card every year.
Not all of them do anymore.
I used to worry when I would just suddenly stop hearing from someone.
And then one day I realised they probably just found their way.
At least that's what I hope.
That's the latest one.
Powerful emotion, hope.
Yes, it is.
Amy ever talk about her family? [JESSICA SIGHS.]
That's a long time ago to remember something like that.
That's okay.
- Thanks for everything.
- Yeah.
You know, Amy, uh Amy was an orphan.
But I do remember.
She said she had a brother.
KORT: Karim Akbari.
Formerly a senior member of SAVAK, the shah of Iran's secret police back in the 1970s.
Was the SAVAK trained by the CIA? In 1979, the shah was overthrown and went into exile.
There were rumours that his supporters moved half a billion dollars out of Iran into various bank accounts in Europe to be used to restore the shah to power.
But 18 months later, the shah was dead.
And the money was never recovered.
After the shah's death, Akbari started looking for it.
While he didn't find the money, he did find this man.
Michael Lawson, an American banker who lived in Iran.
Akbari believed it was Lawson who transferred the money and had access to the account numbers and passwords.
Lawson was found murdered six weeks after the shah's death.
Let me guess.
Strung up by his feet to a light fitting and tortured? Keelson uncovered information that suggested the money was still out there.
Akbari found out, came looking for Keelson and found his associate, Mr.
Browning, instead.
And there endeth the briefing.
So which one does CIA want the most? Akbari or the money? Akbari is a zealot.
If he gets his hands on that money, his plan is to try and buy nuclear weapons and invade Iran.
Not a good outcome for any of us.
We're all on the same side here, Agent Hanna.
I'm glad to hear it.
Then you won't have a problem telling me how you got on to Browning.
We intercepted a call between he and Akbari.
Used it to trace Browning's address.
Got there too late.
Akbari was demanding information about someone named Amy Taylor.
Happen to know who that is? Your guess is as good as mine.
MAN: Hey! What are you doing? Help me.
Federal agent.
No one move.
Eric, south on Lincoln, blue van.
I'm in pursuit.
Need L.
I'm on it.
Hetty, you need to come up to Ops now.
- Someone get an ambulance! WOMAN: Okay, I'll call.
: Steve, where are you? Is this Amy Taylor? WOMAN: Who is this? I'm a federal agent.
Amy, you need to listen to me.
Your ex-husband has been injured.
If he knows where you are, he told someone and they are coming for you.
- Is this your car? - Whoa.
I'm a federal agent.
Give me your keys.
- Yeah, yeah.
- Give me your keys.
CALLEN: Eric, check this number.
I need the location of the cell phone last dialled.
The call was to a cell phone in South Central near the river.
Callen, I can only narrow it down to a four-block radius bordering Allingham Street.
- Line must've dropped out.
- Then get it back.
NATE: Allingham Street.
That's one of the addresses in the notebook.
Does Callen know that? Yes.
Eric, the cell phone number Callen had you trace, who owns it? He's found her.
- Amy? - Who are you? I called.
I'm the federal agent.
My name is Callen.
Who are you? I'm your sister.
I don't have a sister.
Now, who the hell are you? Sam and Kensi are 15 minutes from the orphanage.
Try Callen again.
My name is, uh, Hannah Lawson.
And until the age of about 11, I I lived in Iran with, uh, my father.
His name was Michael Lawson.
My mom, she died when I was 3, so my father was He was just everything to me.
A while after we got back here, um, my father showed me this hiding place in the house that we were staying in.
Inside it was this leather satchel.
I don't know why he showed it to me, but he said it was our secret.
And a couple of days later, some men, they forced their way into the house.
They were, uh, Iranian.
And they turned the television on really loudly and they tore the lighting fitting Eventually, the, uh All the lights blew out and they couldn't see me in the dark.
And I ran away.
I just lived on the streets.
Finally, welfare picked me up and this is where they brought me.
I barely spoke for months because I was so terrified that those men would come and get me.
I just wanted a different name.
Why my name? You You had a sister.
Her name was Amy.
And she She slept over there and she was my friend.
I don't have a sister.
- She told me about you.
- No.
She said she used to push you in a little cart.
Like a little red cart.
And you used to scream to go faster and faster.
Faster! And one day it crashed and you hurt your arm.
AMY: I'm so sorry.
And Amy cried and you didn't And then she swore that she would always Always protect you.
Come on.
Federal agent! Come on.
- G.
CALLEN: I'm good.
It's Kensi.
: Eric, we're secure.
Callen and whoever she is, are both fine.
What happened to her? We used to sneak out at night.
Just down to the river.
This one time she slipped.
I tried to save her and it just Just swept her away.
So I hid in her bed.
And they thought Hannah Lawson had gone missing.
Both blonds, both the same age.
They didn't really know us and they didn't really care.
It was easy to pretend.
And about a month later they found her body.
And she was buried with my name, Hannah Lawson.
And I lived with hers.
Amy Callen.
You sure you've got the authority to sign jurisdiction in this case over to us, Kort? I wouldn't be here if I didn't.
If she gives us the address, we're done.
We have no more interest in Miss Lawson.
It's in a wall cavity between the laundry and the bathroom.
It's in a leather satchel.
Rather fond of Los Angeles.
Maybe I'll put in for a transfer.
I hope not.
So, what's gonna happen when he finds out the place was demolished 15 years ago? I'm not gonna hang around and find out.
Me neither.
She loved you so much.
You know, she cried herself to sleep every night because she couldn't be with you.
What did she call me? Baby brother.
No, I I mean Just baby brother.
You disobeyed my directive.
I can't let that stand.
And you wouldn't have done the same thing? Oh, I know my family, Mr.
Believe me when I say sometimes I envy you not knowing yours.
I'm standing you down.
Hetty, come on.
For one day.
Use it wisely.
Something to share, Nate? This first address.
That was the first orphanage Callen was sent to.
He was 5 years old.
I really can't understand why they would separate him from his sister.
Each address was entered chronologically all by the same person.
And why is that surprising? It's in ageing hand, Hetty.
Different pens, different pencils.
These addresses weren't all added at the same time, but as they happened.
Every time Callen moved, the same person wrote down his new address.
You're saying someone Someone was watching Callen all those years? The same person.

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