NCIS Los Angeles s02e04 Episode Script

Special Delivery

Check out Heidi and Spencer over here.
Oh, someone is not pleased with his choice of interior on the new 7 Series.
- Got a runner.
- Pickpocket? You've lost him.
Try in the parking level.
Frank, situation on B-level, two guys.
On it.
- I don't see them.
- Maybe they went up.
Oh, my God.
Frank, status? - Clothes.
- Never a good idea.
Why not? Ever had a friend, family member get you clothes? Definitely not clothes.
Jewelry? Jewelry's special, sends a message of intimacy between two people.
And who doesn't love intimacy? Especially the intimate kind of intimacy.
- Wait, who are we talking about? - Maybe not jewelry.
- Somebody want to help me out here? - Hetty's birthday.
Every year it's the same deal, doesn't want a gift or a party.
So every year you give her a gift and throw her a party.
- Of course.
- What if she doesn't want one? What if she says she doesn't, really does? - Her feelings could be hurt.
- Exactly.
She's gonna be really angry if she actually doesn't and you do.
Come on, G.
, you know Hetty better than anyone.
And birthdays are complicated.
And so is Hetty.
Sorry, guys.
What about clothes? Yeah.
Nell's been here less than a week and already taking over whistle duties? Eric is not a happy camper.
He shouldn't worry.
It won't be long before she's folded her tent like all the others.
- Because? - The many mysteries of Hetty.
For some reason intelligence analysts just seem to rub her the wrong way.
Corporal Thomas Porter, stationed out of Camp Pendleton.
Security guard discovered his body.
It was in the parking garage of the Beverly Hills Rodeo Collection.
Mini-mall of the rich and famous.
Long way from Pendleton.
It's a long way from a Pendleton corporal's pay grade.
The hand was severed at the wrist and it's missing.
What's not is his watch, car keys and wallet which was full of Cash and credit cards.
Beverly Hills P.
Is working up forensics.
- So obviously robbery's not a motive.
- Why us, Hetty? Corporal Porter was an administrative clerk in Camp Pendleton's G-2 office.
Everyone in that office has top secret security clearance, even clerks.
I was just getting to that, Ms.
But thank you.
Director Vance wants us to pay special attention to Corporal Porter's death.
Make sure we haven't been compromised.
And Beverly Hills P.
Has agreed that we'll take the lead in this.
Security cam footage? Security guards saw a man we believe is our killer, and then shortly after he and another man were in a struggle in the garage just a few minutes before they found Porter's body.
But it's too quick to get anything useful.
- Took his hand for a reason.
- Porter worked in intelligence.
Maybe his prints get him access to sensitive material.
Very possible.
What else do we have besides Porter's intel specialty? Single, lives on base housing.
Enlisted four years ago out of Orange County.
He completed a tour in Iraq just a few weeks ago.
His civilian and military records are clean.
Porter's C.
Is doing an intelligence audit to determine if there's any sensitive material missing.
And Beverly Hills P.
Did a phone interview which produced two people worth talking to.
PFC James Winston was in his unit.
Something wonky was going on between them.
And then there's Corporal Andrew Peterson, Porter's best friend.
He works in the motor pool.
Deeks, Kensi, work with Beverly Hills P.
I understand you're a tea drinker.
"There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be diminished by a nice cup of tea.
" - PFC James Winston? - Yes, sir.
- High school quarterback? - La Habra High, 2006 city champs.
Think you'd hit that any harder if Corporal Porter's picture was on it? NCIS? Look, I liked Tommy.
- His C.
Said you had issues.
- We did, he owed me.
- How much? - A couple of grand.
- A lot of money on a PFC's salary.
- Not enough to kill him over.
Look, I was pissed he was slow in paying me back.
I'm not saying I wasn't, but he'd borrowed from me before and he always came through.
He said he had something going on, wouldn't be much longer.
What kind of something? Business deal was supposed to pay off big.
He was real excited about it.
Where were you the day he was killed? In my barracks room.
You got somebody that can vouch for you? Just my rack and the throne, too many Jacks the night before.
- Do you mind? - Be my guest.
Give it your best shot.
I was a receiver, a damn good wide receiver.
But you wanted to be a quarterback.
Everybody wants to be a quarterback.
Quarterbacks are the stars, get all the glory, they get the applause.
- They get the girls.
- Yeah, that too.
Okay, thanks.
Beverly Hills P.
Forensics came in.
Corporal Porter died from massive blood loss after his jugular vein and carotid artery were severed.
The throat cut and hand amputation were made by, and I quote here, "A very sharp blade between 7 and 12 inches in length.
" Well, that would describe any number of ka-bar combat knives.
That could describe any number of all kinds of knives.
Including ones used at the sushi restaurant at the mall.
A sushi chef would have murdered Corporal Porter? Omakase can be tricky, Kensi.
- You know, because if you - I got it, okay? - I don't think - Thank you.
- No, I mean just to clarify.
- I get it.
- It means "chef'ss" - We're good.
So how well did you know Porter, Corporal Peterson? Tom and I hit it off the first day we met.
We were the only Marines into football.
Real football.
He was Man U, I'm Arsenal.
Anybody in their right mind hates the Red Devils.
But I loved him for loving the game.
You don't have a clue, of course.
Not many Americans do.
Except every four years when the World Cup comes around.
Then they all pretend to give a crap.
Do you have any idea who would've wanted to kill your buddy? He was a cool dude.
- Diane must be devastated.
- Diane? His girlfriend, Diane Farley, works at Easy Mart.
They were thinking about getting married, except Except what? She thought that he was cheating on her.
Not sure why, he was crazy about that girl.
The parking garage has four surveillance cams.
Let's start with the one near the entrance.
All right, I've cued it back an hour before they found the body.
- Corporal Porter drove a grey - A grey Nissan.
Time of entry, 2:25.
Seven minutes before the guard found his body.
- Let's see if we can find him on one - On one of the other cams.
You and I have a problem? I wouldn't exactly call it a problem, more like a situation.
Maybe a problem.
Because I'm new.
- No, because you - Finish your sentences.
It has to do with being a Type A with borderline ADD and control issues with men I admire.
It's something I'm aware of, working on and hope one day to have a measure of control over.
- You admire me? - Stop.
Stop the tape.
Whoever cut off Corporal Porter's hand Wanted what was inside that case.
Standard issue Smith and Wesson 100 series handcuffs.
Twenty-five bucks online.
It doesn't make sense.
Bolt cutters could have snapped them off no problem.
Nothing unusual about the briefcase either.
So the $64,000 question is What's in the briefcase? It could be anything.
Well, the most obvious is classified material from his G-2 unit.
They're halfway through the audit and nothing's come up compromised.
Drugs, bearer bonds, securities, jewelry.
Or the most basic of all, cash.
Well, Eric said the bank and credit card accounts haven't shown any unusual deposits or charges.
Sure, but cash like that never sees the inside of a bank.
If the money was dirty, they wouldn't want a paper trail.
Maybe he was here to spend it.
Corporal Peterson said he was thinking about getting married.
An engagement ring from Tiffany's? You have no idea what that little blue box means to a girl.
Oh, but I do.
Does Hetty cook? Well, if she does, it's with a pot from Singapore, a spoon given to her by a shaman, and a cookbook written in Swahili.
I'm more of a frozen Pizza Pocket guy myself.
Well, the ladies must love that.
It's all about the wine pairing.
Diane? Hi, can I help you find something? Is there anywhere we could talk? Look, if I leave the floor they're gonna dock my pay.
And since Tom and I weren't married yet, the bereavement leave doesn't apply.
- Have you found out who did this? - Not yet.
We were hoping that you could help us out.
That's my supervisor.
Deeks, I see a Crock-Pot in your future.
- Deeks? - Right, Crock-Pot.
- Over there.
- Hi, do you sell Crock-Pots? Was Tom in any kind of trouble? No.
No, not that I knew about, he was a really great guy.
I'm sure he was.
But someone killed him and They did that for a reason, Diane.
When he came back from Iraq, he was different.
Different how? All he could talk about were sports cars, plasma TVs, expensive watches.
- You were thinking of getting married.
- Yeah.
Yeah, we were looking at rings.
I even found one.
It was just a simple band with a tiny diamond, but I really loved it.
But he said it wasn't big enough.
That could be guilt.
Was he cheating on you? Tom liked to flirt.
He did, that was just him.
But I was jealous.
So stupid.
So stupid.
The contents of Porter's car.
Gas station receipt from the Orange County station the morning of Porter's murder.
Forty bucks of unleaded and a $1.
50 for "Ultra Trank?" Ultra's a line of herbal drinks formulated to boost brain function and enhance moods.
Trank is supposed to calm you down.
- Trank like - Tranquilizer.
You're good.
Sorry, nervous sarcasm.
It's another of my personality flaws.
I have a lot of them but I'm aware of them, that's the good thing.
You realize you finished my sentence? I wouldn't consider it a problem yet.
Here's what is.
Most people would want the opposite of trank, if you're leaving for a road trip in the morning.
Unless you're about to do something that makes you nervous.
Very good, said sincerely.
Got an ATM receipt from the same gas station.
He took out 60 bucks.
You don't take out cash if you have enough to fill a briefcase.
Parking receipts.
One from the Rodeo Collection.
The other from United Parking, downtown.
- Hm.
When? - Two days ago.
That's two trips to Los Angeles in 48 hours.
Where's the garage downtown? Inside the California jewelry Mart.
Two hundred stores of wholesale heaven, G.
A lot of the merchandise gets sold to retailers, a lot of stores sell direct.
Porter was either here to find a middle man to help him unload the goodies in that case.
Or buy some goodies at bargain prices with the cash in the case.
Jewelry Mart 101.
The thing is his girlfriend said that he was impulsive when it came to spending.
That's not the kind of guy that's gonna drive 100 miles to the Jewelry Mart to get a bargain.
The question is what was he selling and who was he selling it to? - You think she'd use it? - Hetty likes letters.
It is exotic.
Beautiful, isn't it? From the Bengal region of East India, circa 1940.
- How much? - Fourteen thousand.
Not rupees.
Not rupees.
You ever seen this guy? Take a different approach.
If somebody wanted to sell something they shouldn't be selling, who would they go to around here? Jacob Rosen, third floor.
Ten fifteen, early lunch.
Security panel's not lit.
You don't leave a store full of jewels without turning on the alarm.
Rosen? Thank you.
So the guy with the letter opener was right.
Jacob Rosen is the man you went to if you had things of questionable origin to sell.
He'd find you a buyer for a price.
- The hand, Sam.
- I know.
Whoever cut off Rosen's didn't take it like they did Porter's.
- Why? - Didn't need to.
- It wasn't attached to a briefcase.
- Why do you cut it off? To send a message? Maybe.
Is actually being reasonable.
Because this homicide is part of our ongoing criminal investigation, they're down for us taking whatever we need.
I don't think it's a matter of being reasonable, Sam.
- Because of their caseload? - Because Jacob Rosen was old school.
No computer? No computer.
In this day and age, why would you write anything but your signature by hand? - Doesn't make sense.
- It's ridiculous.
What have I done to put together a group with no appreciation of the handwritten word? Even banal ledger entries have intrinsically more meaning to the writer and by extension to the reader as well.
- I'm at a loss.
- Unfortunately, Hetty, so are we.
Maybe not.
Looks like he did business with at least four jewelry stores near Rodeo Drive on a regular basis.
We ran backgrounds on the employees and owners of the four jewelry stores.
None seem to have any relevance.
Except for one.
Aziz Anshiri is a devout Muslim and owner of the Anshiri jewelry on Brighton Way.
He was a prominent jeweler during Saddam Hussein's regime, serving the president's family himself on occasion.
Now, during Corporal Porter's tour in Iraq, his squad leader was accused of stealing valuables from a house that they raided in Baghdad.
Not just any valuables.
Ancient jewelry looted from the National Museum when we invaded in '03.
Porter was questioned, but not implicated.
The National Museum was home to some of the greatest treasures from Ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia.
Didn't bomb it, but we also didn't secure it afterwards.
So when the museum employees split for their safety, Iraqis went on a looting spree.
Not our finest hour.
Over half of the artifacts are still missing today.
Oh, and Jacob Rosen's phone records indicate that he called Aziz Anshiri just a few days ago.
So maybe Porter did the same thing his squad leader did.
Stole something in Iraq he had already stolen - from the museum and took it home.
- Only he didn't get caught.
And then Jacob Rosen hooked him up with Anshiri, Porter tried to sell it to him.
And then Anshiri, being a devout Muslim and a friend of Saddam, took offence to the theft and killed him.
Why cut off his hand? Porter must have had the key to the handcuffs on him, right? It takes time to sever a limb, besides being incredibly, you know, messy.
It's a strict interpretation of Sharia law.
It calls for the cutting off of the thief'ss hands as punishment.
In Anshiri's mind, Jacob Rosen was as bad as Porter.
He killed him and cut off his hand as well.
He might be trying to make a point.
It's a good theory, but it's just a theory.
We've got to get close to Anshiri.
Feel out his interest in old school jewelry.
This is the Rolex M-Series.
Milgauss green, Faraday cage construction, Rumored to become the most collected Rolex ever.
Does it shoot poisonous gas or anything cool? You scratch it, you buy it.
And Ms.
Blye, it's your wrist that hopefully makes the biggest impression on Mr.
From Ancient Babylonia.
Displayed in Baghdad's National Museum until the U.
- How did you? - Did you? There's the happy couple now.
What do you think? Lady and the Tramp? More like Beauty and the Beast.
Uh-oh, trouble in paradise.
- Do you buy them as a couple? - It's L.
Even a troll can score a supermodel if he's rolling large.
- So where does that leave us? - Don't sweat it, G.
- I have a charming personality.
- Uh-huh.
And you? You're kind of screwed.
I attract more of an intellectual type.
- Oh, yeah? - Uh-huh.
Good luck with that.
Good afternoon.
How can I help you? We are looking for an engagement ring.
- Of course.
- A big one.
She told me that size doesn't matter.
- There you go.
- Oh, my God.
Look at that one.
Oh, it's so beautiful, my sweet.
Excellent choice.
A beautiful diamond for a beautiful woman.
That's an interesting bracelet.
Do you mind if I ask you where you got it? - Oh, it was a gift.
- From who? A friend.
I can't help you.
You must leave.
- What were you doing in there? - Trying to make it look convincing.
You suck at being convincing, Deeks.
Who the hell says "my sweet"? - It's a term of endearment.
- In like 1945.
Callen, we need to watch this guy.
He's definitely sketchy.
We're talking about Anshiri, right? Princess? Princess.
- What? - Don't worry about it.
Thank you.
Just be careful with the car, okay? Of course, sir.
Anshiri seems nervous.
The only way to find out why he's nervous is to be inside with him.
Here's the bonus, Sam.
I'm hungry and it's gonna be on Hetty's dime.
You got to get more current, G.
This place is flavor of the month.
Four weeks to get a res.
It's L.
Then we do what everybody else in L.
Buy our way in? Lie.
You got to take a photo and send it to Eric.
Those losers in marketing won't believe we got reservations at this place.
- Got it.
- No photo.
- Relax, hey, relax.
- Hey, my man.
Federal agents, stand down, stand down.
- Yeah.
- Got the pic.
Facial rec took all of two seconds to get a hit.
His name is Salim Al-Jamal.
He's a major player in terrorist funding for Al-Qaeda.
Salim Al-Jamal.
A businessman that funnels money to the Middle East to finance Islamic terrorist training camps.
I did not know this.
I only know him as a potential client, that's all.
It's the truth.
How about this guy? You recognize him? His name was Corporal Thomas Porter.
I've never seen this man before.
You were meeting with him to buy ancient artifacts.
A meeting that was arranged by Jacob Rosen.
No, that's not true.
You consider yourself to be a true believer, Mr.
Anshiri? Sam, what does the Qur'an say about lying? It's considered an abomination.
You are trying to use my religion against me.
It won't work.
Anshiri's a mean decorator, he's got some cool stuff.
Yeah, if you like living in a museum.
We're looking for a knife, right? It's decorative.
You'd have a tough time slicing bread.
What are you doing in my house? - Mrs.
Anshiri? - Who are you? We're federal agents.
You have no right to be here.
Actually, we do, ma'am.
It's called a FISA warrant.
We have to search your house.
I promise we'll be respectful.
Where is my husband? - You met Porter.
- No.
He tried to sell you artifacts stolen from Iraq.
I did not meet this man.
You did meet this man and you killed this man.
And following strict Sharia law, you cut off the thief'ss hand as punishment.
I did not do that.
Then you took the artifacts and you sold them to raise money for Al-Jamal terrorist activities.
You invade my country under false pretences.
You allow our National Museum and our palaces to be plundered.
You bomb our villages to kill our women and children.
And you call me a terrorist? Deeks.
Hey This one was used for more than slicing bread.
Well, I pushed him, and he broke.
Yeah, only he broke left when we expected him to break right.
That kind of moral outrage is hard to fake.
I think we found the knife.
Deeks is sending Callen a picture right now.
Incoming to your cell.
We can definitely confirm Anshiri's devoutness, in his house.
A Qur'an, scriptures, prayer rugs, and his wife wears a hijab.
Got it.
We have the photo.
Is the knife resting on a paper bag? Yeah, it was inside it hidden in a tool box.
We'll get back to you.
What is it? The Sharia amputation ritual for theft is very specific.
The knife doesn't matter, but what does is what it's wrapped in.
It would be a sacred ceremonial cloth, not a paper bag.
So whoever hid the knife got the ritual wrong.
Anshiri is devout, he wouldn't have got it wrong.
As much as I don't like him, G.
, he's being set up.
So the necklace you found was a small part of what Queen Puabi was adorned with when she was buried in the Royal Tomb of Ur now modern day Iraq.
The tomb was discovered in 1922.
What made the find remarkable was that it had avoided looters for centuries.
After the jewelry was put on display in Iraq's National Museum, it took a mere 60 years for it to be looted by locals after we invaded.
So the necklace was left with the knife to set up Anshiri.
Which means A lot more of Queen Puabi's jewelry is still in the case Corporal Porter was carrying.
She does that.
Its return would mean a lot for Iraq-U.
That's if we can find it before it's sold.
So whoever killed Porter and set up Anshiri either knew Porter or he knew Rosen.
Or both.
Kensi, Deeks, get back to Rosen's boxes.
- See if you can find a vector.
- Done.
Eric, this guy probably drove to Anshiri's.
Check for nearby traffic cams.
The closest traffic cam is on the corner of Bedford and Elvado.
- Just two blocks down.
- Eric, there.
That's it all right.
Windows are too dark to make the driver.
No, Sam, it's the car that we recognize.
That same SUV entered the parking garage just an hour before Porter was killed.
If I can adjust the angle, we might be able to - To see the license plate.
- To see the license plate.
On it.
The car belongs to PFC Winston.
The one Porter owed money to.
Would you mind being quiet? I am trying to concentrate.
- Are you mad at me? - Dogs go mad.
People, people get angry.
Is this about the jewelry store? I was just trying to sell the fact that we were a couple.
Yeah, whatever, like anybody would believe that we're a couple.
Right, you are so not my type.
- Would you care to explain - Found something.
You got this wrong, I can prove I was on base all day.
Your car wasn't.
I have no idea how that could have happened.
Maybe because you gave it to whoever you hired to do the job.
No, that's not true, I didn't hire anyone.
- Kensi.
- We found a vector.
A name on one of Jacob Rosen's payment ledgers.
He worked for Rosen as a courier.
- Who had access to your keys? - No one.
Somebody could have made a copy.
A car wash, a mechanic? I wash it myself, the repairs It was a personal vehicle, he's not supposed to.
- Who's he, Winston? - A guy I know in the motor pool.
That would be Corporal Peterson.
He didn't show up for work this morning, left us a man short.
Any idea where he may be? Not in his barracks room, we checked.
Maybe with his girlfriend in San Isidro.
He spends a lot of time there.
- The girlfriend's name? - Ellen.
- Ellen what? - No idea, sir.
Eric, give me a name for Corporal Andrew Peterson's girlfriend in San Isidro, I need it fast.
- Name? - Ellen.
No last.
Do they always expect miracles? - Pretty much.
- Awesomer.
Into Peterson's cell records.
I got a number he calls in San Isidro a lot.
- Reverse directory for an Ellen - Rodriguez.
- 6241 - Garvey Court Road.
- Nice work.
- You too.
Stop, federal agents.
He's making a run for the border, Sam.
The border fence ends in five miles.
He crosses over, he's in Mexico.
It's not gonna happen.
Hands out the window where we can see them, now.
That's an order, Marine.
Director Vance.
Peterson was the missing link.
Porter tells his best friend about what he'd stolen in Iraq.
Peterson hooks him up with his old boss, who hooks him up with Anshiri.
Best friend kills Porter and Rosen, sets up Anshiri, and uses Winston's car while he's in L.
So he can't be ID'd.
Yeah, it would've been a good plan if it wasn't for a certain wide receiver that knew about Sharia.
Someone has to put points on the board.
Here comes the birthday girl.
Beverly Hills P.
Discovered this among Corporal Porter's belongings.
I assured them we'd know what to do with it.
Director Vance wants you all to know how pleased he is that you were able to recover the artifacts.
Well done.
She seems down.
Birthdays can be depressing.
Especially when no one buys you a gift or throws you a party.
Hey, it's what she wanted, and for once, we didn't cave.
Happy birthday, Hetty, from all of us.
I thought it would go perfect with your Saffron jacket.
But this is from you alone.
It's beautiful, my dear.
So, what's wrong with all of you? This is a party, not a wake.
The single malt's in my desk.
Well, that went well.
Hey, you got a banjo and a chewing tobacco please? Happy birthday.
- Hetty, happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Happy birthday.
- Thanks.
Hello? Diane, hey.
Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
I was wondering if I could drop by.
I, um I have something that Tom left for you.
Really? He left something for me? Sure.

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