NCIS Los Angeles s02e10 Episode Script


Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles: I thought I'd surprise my husband.
He's been living in this country under the name Branston Cole.
You shot him, put him into an assisted living facility as your husband under a new name so you could keep working him for information.
That is quite a theory, Mr.
Cole allegedly had a little black book on some of his secret operations of the KGB, the U.
And Israel.
Every spook will be looking for that intel and we need to find it first.
I don't want the book.
I want Cole.
I'm sorry, Herta.
My plan is to prevent an onslaught of foreign operatives from tearing this town apart looking for that book.
Need your license, registration and proof of insurance.
Sure, what's up? Reports of someone dealing marijuana to minors.
Said they drove a red convertible.
Not us, officer.
Your plates don't match your vehicle's VIN.
Have to impound unless you agree to a search.
You're kidding.
Wanna open the trunk? Sure, no problem.
Open it.
I like guns.
Everybody gets excited about the big guns.
Me, I like the.
Goes in the skull, bounces around.
Turns the brain into soup.
No, no, no.
Ah! Oh, he gets one, all right.
Next basket wins.
- Gotta win by two points.
- Sudden death, did that.
Next basket, Champion of the World.
That's it.
Whoa, whoa.
That doesn't count.
That doesn't count.
You're dead.
Champion of the World.
Hetty said you can't bring rescues here.
It's not a rescue.
It's a police dog and we're training.
- Thanks, Susie.
- Dog cost me Champion of the World.
Looks like your dog's got mange.
Monty and I do undercover work together, don't we? He has a way of making the bad guys feel at ease.
- He kind of looks like you.
- You look like me? You do because I'm your daddy, aren't I? Well, they are clearly in love.
Clearly, love is blind.
You know what? - One day, this dog will save your life.
- Right.
Come here, cover his eyes.
And you attack, attack.
Just kidding, don't attack her.
Gentlemen, feast your eyes on this.
Do you know what this is? Plastic explosives.
It goes in there.
Keep them closed, Monty.
Hidden inside the bag.
Now, all right, you can let go.
Monty, find the bomb.
Find the bomb, Monty.
Find the explosive, Monty.
Monty, go find the explosive.
Go that way.
How old is this dog? He can't do this if he's sensing your hostility.
Aren't police dogs supposed to work in hostile environments? I don't get it.
This works at the dog park.
Yeah, terrorists bomb a lot of dog parks.
- You are intimidating him.
- Oh, yeah, he looks terrified.
Sam, one day that dog is gonna save your life.
Guys, weird call from Hetty.
Something about a shooting.
What's your deal? It's just us now.
Is this how it's gonna be? Now, you look.
That's perfect.
Just embarrass me in front of my friends and my colleagues.
Really, you're just gonna Oh, I should have sold you to that animal testing lab.
Who are you? Who are you? Thank you, Rosemary.
I'm Sylvia.
I'm your wife.
Have you forgotten? You remind me of someone else.
Did you pee? What sort of question is that? The sort of question a wife asks her husband when he's having trouble peeing.
Why are you here? To read to you.
I always read to you.
It's still raining.
Yes, Branston.
Looks as if it could rain forever.
Hetty? I knew that nurse.
Rosemary Edmonds.
She was very kind.
She bought me a Christmas present once.
You played Cole's wife that often? When one's life is based on deception, my marriage to Branston might be as close as I've ever gotten to the real thing.
Looks like two different calibers, two shooters.
Soft targets surrounded by civilians.
They didn't need to kill the nurse or the guard in the hallway.
No, but they did.
Without compunction and without compassion.
They've changed the rules.
Branston would be appalled.
Well, this is where it all ends.
It's not that bad.
You can learn from older people.
They have wisdom, kindness.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, did he just? Retirement communities have the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases in comparison to any demographic group.
- Please stop talking.
- Why? It gives you something to look forward to.
Why do you think they call it the "rocking chair"? Enough.
All the security cameras feed into here.
Hard drives have all been removed.
No home movies for us.
Branston Cole was an East German spy who took asylum in the West.
He was a traitor.
Well, sure, 25 years ago.
It's a long time to hold a grudge.
Not just revenge.
These drawers have been searched.
They were looking for something.
The little black bloody book.
First Renner and now Cole.
They won't stop until they get it.
"They" being? Any of a myriad of foreign security agencies that believe the bloody book still has value.
Hetty, if anyone knows about your relationship with Cole, they're gonna assume you know where the book is.
Means we will have to protect you.
I can protect myself.
I'd like to find the men who did this and put their heads on spears.
Is that what you used to do in the old days? They changed the rules, not me.
Surveillance is ripped out.
But Mr.
Smugger in Room 27 was kind enough to lend us his security camera.
It was pointed into the hallway.
- He turns his head.
- Need to enhance that, Eric.
I'll run an image trace, see if we can bring out the details.
It's not your fault, Hetty.
I thought that with Mattias in custody, it was done, finished.
I was wrong.
And if I'm at fault, that's why.
And from that, everything that followed, Mr.
Callen We can't protect everyone.
I said that to you.
My first day on the job, I remember.
It would do you some good to remember as well.
So this little black book? Three decades of Cold War treachery.
Names of spies.
Identities of sleeper agents and traitors from a dozen different countries.
The power to bring down governments.
Yes, Mr.
Callen, still.
So everyone believes.
Leave the book to me and I'll leave you to sharpen the spears.
- Hetty? - Miss Jones, my office.
I'm on my way.
- Any luck? - Not for facial recognition.
I know those guys.
You can't identify them from that.
Just put out an all-points.
A cop was killed this morning.
Dash cam video from the patrol car.
Same guys, right? Ten out of ten facial points match up.
- Can we hear what they're saying? - It's too far away for audio.
Can you read them? Play it back.
Bistra, bis? I don't know that word.
Bistro like café? No.
It's Russian.
It means, "We've got to move.
" - GRU.
- Russian military intelligence.
They're here for Cole's book.
Eric, run through facial recognition, compare them to known GRU agents.
We need to know who we're dealing with.
I'll give Hetty the good news.
Cool table.
It's Victorian, mid to late 18th century.
And I'm guessing not a repro.
Sebastian Renner's boyfriend had taste.
Mm, and deep pockets.
Renner used his friend's business here to hide his arms deals.
There must be a lot of money hidden somewhere.
That's what we're after? I thought we were looking for the hard copy of Cole's book.
We're after whatever we can find, Miss Jones.
Move to Renner's house and take it apart brick by brick if you have to.
I'll do my best.
I believe you will, Miss Jones.
This is getting to be a habit.
I told my director that he might someday regret having passed you on to the CIA.
And one day later? The regret is all mine.
And now you're asking yourself why would the CIA free me, especially after I tried to kill you? Obvious answer, you're working for them.
You get your freedom.
What did they get? The book.
Ah, you said you didn't think it even existed.
Doesn't matter what I think.
The CIA believes it exists.
And by your presence here, so do you.
Although, I do find it odd.
This office has already been thoroughly searched.
Then why are you here, Mattias? Because the easiest way to find the book Is to follow me.
You're aware there are other players? Isn't it in both our interests that the Russians don't get the book? The Russians? Then I can trust you to leave my agent inside alone.
She'll find nothing and you know it.
It's a shell game.
You want us looking here so we're not looking somewhere else.
I could shoot you right now, Mattias, but you're not even worth the paperwork.
We've identified the shooters.
- They are - Russians.
Tell me something I don't know, Mr.
No facial recognition.
They're not regular GRU agents.
And we're thinking they could be sleepers, been here for years.
Has Nell checked in? She found nothing so she moved on to Renner's house.
I, on the other hand, think I might have found the book.
I couldn't find any evidence that Sebastian Renner had a laptop.
But that didn't really make sense.
An arms dealer like Renner must have had offshore accounts.
He'd have to keep track of that money.
So I ran a check.
He used Internet cafés, a different computer every time, which means he needed to store his information in cyber space.
Now there's only one web connection to Renner that I could find.
He put his house up for sale for a brief period two years ago.
This is the listing for the house.
Renner was hiding his information in plain sight, in all the ones and zeros that make up the code to the photographs.
Now, when I extracted anomalies hidden in this photo Now, some are offshore accounts but look at this.
Cole's book was his get-out-of-jail card.
What's the number next to it? It's an account at the Certified National Bank in downtown L.
The account is attached to a safe deposit box, number 999.
We need the key to that box.
That's why I searched Renner's house.
- Where did you get that? - From a little birdie.
Good job, Miss Jones, Mr.
We need to get into that bank, Eric.
I can set you up with an ID as Renner's attorney who is authorized to access the box.
Sharpening the spears is gonna have to wait.
Anybody see anything? Wait a second, I've got one of the guys who killed the cop.
He's at the bus stop across the street.
Three more guys in a Jaguar are pulling up behind you, G.
This is a stakeout.
- A stakeout for what? - Us.
Cole must have told them about Renner's safe deposit box before they killed him.
Without the key, they're stuck.
They're waiting for us to get the book, then they're gonna try to take it.
They gotta ID us first.
- Yeah.
- Do not move, Agent Callen.
Sam, I think they already have.
Get the book, give it to us or you die.
Tell me you understand.
I understand.
The shooter's on top of the steps to the right of the public library.
- Okay, let's take him out.
- No.
The laser was to get attention.
There could be a second shooter.
Sam, we're gonna have to play by their rules.
I can't go into the bank.
You're gonna have to do it.
Eric, I need backstopping now.
- I'm gonna need five minutes.
- You've got two.
Yeah? You have an agent at the Certified National Bank.
One of our CIA friends is about to join him.
When your man gets the book, please give it to him.
You are aware that the Russians are also at the bank.
Give me the book, then the Russians are my problem.
Callen, one of our cousins is about to join you.
Do whatever he tells you to do.
Do you understand me? I understand.
Hanna? Yeah, I got it, Hetty.
Welcome to the party.
You realize we have company.
- Are you wearing a vest? - No.
You should always wear a vest.
Send in one of your people to get the book.
I'm not starting a firefight in the middle of downtown L.
Let me try something a little more elegant.
What did you have in mind? Give the Russians something to chase.
Kensi, cross over to my car.
Eric, how are we doing? Gonna need more time.
Go into the bank, ask to see the safe deposit boxes.
Tell them you're opening an account.
Check out the boxes, exit the bank.
Act nervous, pretend you have the book.
- Bait and switch.
- The Russians will follow you.
- Deeks? - I'll have her back.
- When you exit the bank - Escape and evade? Easy as pie.
One more thing.
Got any gum? Well, I guess Mattias doesn't trust us after all, Sam.
Eric, the clock is running.
You realize this is a bank I'm breaking into.
How's the arm? Yeah.
I suppose you're wearing a vest then.
And no, you can't borrow it.
I totally understand.
Forget I even mentioned it.
She's coming out.
I need to access a safety deposit box.
- Of course, name? - Sebastian Renner.
Unfortunately, Mr.
Renner is deceased.
I have power of attorney.
Go, go.
Sorry about that.
- That hurt? - You bastard.
Sebastian Renner.
You have Mr.
Renner's key? - Yeah.
- And your name? In case anyone's interested, I'm not ready.
- My name? - It needs to be on record.
- My name is - Maurice T.
Maurice T.
- T for? - Thomas.
- Tony, T is for Tony.
- But I prefer Tony.
- Can you authorize this? - Oh.
Running out of time, Eric.
All right.
Okay, that's all in order.
If you'd like to follow me, Mr.
Please, call me Tony.
- Can you see the shooter? - I'm guessing he left with his buddies.
You wanna stick your head up there and take a little peek? Sam, the Russians are gonna figure out they've been had.
They're gonna be back.
We got to make a move.
I got it.
Thought I dropped it.
- Thank you.
- You're welcome.
Can I help you? He's with me.
The box is empty, Hetty.
And Mattias? Gone.
Oh, that looks painful.
You wanna get some ice cream? Deeks, look out.
Give us the book We don't have it.
Told you.
- Get in the car.
- Mm-mm.
She's not going anywhere.
Then four of us die and one of us lives.
He's got a point.
All right, take me.
She's just a cop.
She's not even an agent.
Tell you the truth, no one really even likes her that much.
Too pretty for her own good, kind of a snob.
- Get in the car.
- Kensi, don't move.
- Nice try, Deeks.
- Kensi? It's okay.
You'll get me back.
Tell your superior her life for the book.
Oh, yeah? How do you know I'm not the superior? I could be.
Kensi? Damn it.
Eric, I got a license plate for you.
It's nine, queen, John, Ida, nine, zero, five.
They got Kensi.
Anonymous caller phoned in a website to the Navy Yard in D.
They just forwarded Eric the link.
Tell us you can trace that, Eric.
Milan, Oslo, Barcelona, Frankfurt.
- These are all proxies.
- That's not the question, Eric.
Yeah, and not the answer.
This is my fault.
My plan, my fault.
The Cold War was built on the illusion of power.
Silos with no missiles in them.
Missiles with no warheads.
Little black books that weren't really little black books at all.
They'll never believe you.
They would have believed me in Cole's day.
Well, this isn't Cole's day, Hetty.
And you don't think it's mine either, do you, Mr.
Callen? Do you know where these barbarians have taken my agent? I'm sorry, Herta, I don't know.
You've never been sorry for anything, Mattias.
Don't start pretending now.
I need the book.
You'll have to get it off the Russians after I've exchanged it for my agent.
The agency is calling your director.
- He'll tell them to go to hell.
- For a time.
But then, under protest, he will agree.
- You don't know my director.
- But I do know you, Herta.
A hundred agents could die and you still would not hand that book over to the Russians.
I need time to retrieve my agent.
You have one hour.
Deeks, we're going to give the Russians what they want.
And we're going to get back Miss Blye.
I thought we didn't have the book.
That is a problem.
Why isn't she moving? She should be trying to find a way to escape.
- She's just standing there.
- She knows she's being watched.
She's waiting.
For us.
The Russians just posted a time and the place on the website.
Exchange is in 30 minutes.
Miss Jones.
But I'm nowhere near done.
Well, what you've done will have to do.
Well, I've added a single microdot next to each page number.
All taken from Renner's bookmark.
But it's names and places mostly.
Like I said, it's all declassified.
You could find out more by Googling the Cold War.
- How many pages? - Seven.
But only the first three will stand up to scrutiny.
The others are deteriorated because they're so old.
Three it is.
Bring her home, Mr.
- But what about Mattias? - I'll take care of Mattias.
He's working for the CIA.
We're on the same side, remember? Showtime, Deeks.
I hate opening nights.
Jetpacks, pianos, marching bands.
- But no Russians.
- No, no Russians.
The last cold years of the Cold War deprived us of a famous victory over America.
Come on, we would have whipped your ass and you know it.
- The book? - I don't see her.
She's close.
Microdots beside each page number.
You know what, why don't we forget track and field and just jump straight to the closing ceremonies? Hey, Dolph Lundgren? No girl, no secrets.
- Kensi? - Deeks, stop.
Switch off the lights.
Now we know why you didn't move.
It's not like a disco ball kind of thing, is it? They're triggers.
Break the beam, the explosives detonate.
Yeah, bomb squad.
Deeks, I can't stand here any longer, please? No, no, it's okay, it's okay, we'II, uh - Plan B.
- Okay, what's plan B? I'm working on it.
What, plan B is to put me out of my misery? They're laser triggers.
If the collector receives light at the right frequency, it's not gonna register the beam's been broken.
Okay, you've seen this being done before, right? Yeah No, I mean, kind of Yeah, well, in a book.
It was very helpful.
We can call the bomb squad.
- Just - Okay.
This one.
Ready? Hey.
Kensi? Okay.
Oh Are you kidding me? That one.
I can't get it.
I think you're gonna have to do this one yourself.
Kensi? - Are you sure? - No.
On three, you ready? One.
- Three.
- Three.
Deeks, status.
Deeks, what's your status? We're good.
You okay? I gotta pee.
I think I just did.
What's he saying? He's saying, "Help me.
" Sam, he's saying it in Russian.
They're not CIA.
Which means Mattias has been playing Hetty all along.
Herta? Herta? Because it could have been me.
And I couldn't stand to live without knowing that someone out there gave a damn.
Next time, just shoot straight.
I used to feel remorse coming here.
And today, I just feel relief.
Hello, Mattias.
We're getting old, Herta.
Who will be next? Possibly you when the CIA finds out you double-crossed them.
The agency offered me freedom.
The Russians offered me money.
I took both.
And now I've lost contact with my Russian friends.
What should I presume? The worst.
Cole's book haunts us all.
Everyone's secrets, the Russians, the Germans, the CIA, yours, mine.
It should have died with him.
What makes you so sure it didn't? I need to know that you'll never use it, Herta.
Then for both our sakes, shoot straight.
There is no book, is there, Herta? There never was.
Tough night to be working at Langley.
Ugh, it's embarrassing.
Russians running around pretending to be working for the agency.
What's the world coming to? Yeah, you've seen worse.
Mattias is still out there.
So he is.
He was playing you all along.
I was a fool to fall for it.
You know, I've never actually read this book.
A gift from an old friend.
Good night, Mr.
Should we be worried about Mattias? No.
You shouldn't, Mr.
You've been looking for a book.
We thought you might like this one.
Beautiful wife and home, a very nice vacation home.
Oh, does your wife know about her? No? What about the secret bank accounts? Everything you love.
Everything you own.
If anything ever happens to Hetty, anything, we will come for you.
I have no reason to harm her.
The book does not exist.
That's a good boy.
It never did.

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