NCIS Los Angeles s02e15 Episode Script

Tin Soldiers

Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles: When I was a kid, a man at a beach handed me a toy soldier.
A message from your past? Moe? They killed Moe.
- Where's Callen? - Temporarily unavailable.
I'm sorry I wasn't there to help you with Moe.
Yeah? That makes two of us.
Three, if you count Moe but he's not feeling much of anything because he's dead.
You may like working alone, but I don't.
There's a reason why SEALs operate in teams, it works.
It protects you, it protects your partner, it protects the mission.
I know.
We will get them, Sam, I promise you that.
Oh, yeah? When? And when the hell are you planning on coming back to work? I was expecting to see you.
We were supposed to be riding on this together.
Instead, I'm out here all alone.
I'm juggling a dozen cases.
He broke into my house.
No ID and he's not talking.
Not English, anyway.
Someone left this on my sister's grave three days ago.
I remember a guy giving this to me as a kid.
You think they're connected? That's what I'm trying to figure out.
I even called her to apologize, all right? Twice.
Too little, too late.
You lied to her.
Uh, no.
No, I did not.
Excuse me.
Lies of omission are still lies.
I didn't tell her because I didn't think it was gonna be a big deal.
You went out with one of her girlfriends.
For drinks, all right? And it was her friend's idea.
I was just being polite.
So you wouldn't have slept with her friend? No.
Okay, maybe.
But just to be polite, you know, because I'm a hopeless romantic.
To me, you're just hopeless.
Oh, what? No way, no way.
Are you kidding me? Hey, buddy.
Are you working undercover as Highway Patrol? Supposed to be.
With Callen.
Where is he? He's on his way in.
How are you doing? I'm doing.
Dude, I grew up on CHiPs.
I mean, I wanted to be Ponch.
This right here is half the reason I became a cop.
You became a cop because of a TV show? Not just one TV show, T.
Hooker, hello? Seriously, you guys have to let me ride with you on this.
It's a two-man op.
It's supposed to be.
Besides, you don't look like a cop.
Okay, that's on purpose.
All this is so I can work undercover.
As what, Shaggy from Scooby-Doo? Oh, my God, you do look like Shaggy.
All right.
And this has been put on hold.
Somebody broke into Callen's house last night.
- What? - They steal anything? He's got nothing to steal.
Where are we? No luck with facial or fingerprint identification.
This guy's a ghost.
Where is our phantom at the moment? He's secured in the boat shed.
He say anything? Rewind the interrogation tape, will you, Eric? It sounds like a Romani dialect to me.
Yeah, Hetty's right.
I hear a strong Balkan influence.
I can send this to Washington, try to get it translated.
No need.
There's only one guy I know that employs gypsies.
He's also the only person who might have known to look for me in that house.
- Arkady.
- Who's Arkady? Arkady Kolcheck, former KGB.
A friend of Callen's.
Why would he send someone to come after you if he's your friend? Good question.
Arkady, I didn't see him.
Sorry, boss.
I see you got my message.
You couldn't have left a note? You couldn't have rang the buzzer? Nice work.
Get him cleaned up.
Let's go.
Here's your boy's gun.
I needed to find you.
I sent Niko to see if you were living there.
You look well.
Toy soldier? - Supposed to mean something to me? - Does it? Maybe if I was 8.
You know this man? Rameesh Nayam-Singh.
Yeah, I've heard of him.
He's a, uh, Indian philanthropist.
You should take a closer look at the countries where he does his charity work.
His black market operations overseas are bigger than any of his legitimate businesses.
I don't see how this affects me.
Singh is trying to move his illegal operations here.
In fact, there is rumor he is smuggling a shipment of counterfeit computer chips worth millions of dollars in a few days.
Next time call the FBI.
I hear they got a hotline for that sort of thing.
I also came across this.
One of my men found it on someone who is trying to infiltrate my operations.
Where is this someone now? - Who took this photo? - I'm trying to find out.
It could take a couple of days.
Probably have an answer for you right around the time that Singh's been arrested.
Are you trying to blackmail me? I'm hurt you would even consider such a thing.
Don't send anybody else to my house.
Not unless you wanna get rid of them.
We'll be in touch, old friend.
Rameesh Nayam-Singh is a slumdog billionaire, literally.
He's an orphan who grew up on the streets of Mumbai and within a few short years built an empire in tech support and call centres.
Most recently, he's expanded into IT security with huge overseas contracts.
He's also given millions of dollars to his various refugee charities in Chad, Somalia, Sudan, Afghanistan.
Every single one in a war-torn country.
That's where you tend to find refugees.
All these countries are in unstable areas where there's big money to be made if you're in right business, big money.
There had been rumors of black market dealings and subsequent investigations, but no one has linked him to anything shady.
Singh also owns the Kress nightclub along with about six others.
Every time he can't get into a club, he buys it.
Yeah, and according to several magazine articles, he is quite the playboy.
He's kind of cute.
It's funny how much sexier a couple of billion dollars makes a guy, huh? Supposedly, Singh's got impenetrable security due to a healthy paranoia.
He's also extremely superstitious, relying on astrology and other esoteric means to pick his staff and make important business decisions.
I can appreciate that.
Big fan of the Magic 8 Ball myself.
Unconventional targets require unconventional methods.
Gonna need some nightclub attire and some petty cash.
And what op would this be? Need to check out a tip.
From Arkady.
And this tip concerns us how? Rameesh Nayam-Singh is supposedly dealing in counterfeit computer chips.
If a substandard chip were to make it into an airliner or in one of our nuclear submarines Aha.
And would it be safe to assume that Nayam-Singh is a business rival of Arkady Kolcheck? Possibly.
And this doesn't present itself as a conflict of interest to you? How one gets one's information is often as important as the information one gets, Mr.
I'm just running down a tip, Hetty.
Run quickly.
I gotta get out more.
I got Singh.
VIP section.
What if he's not interested in me? Well, then we know he's probably gay.
Is that some kind of weird compliment, Deeks? Yes.
I don't know.
- Forget about it, you're like my sister.
- Oh! Now it's just getting creepy.
Well, I do like the Appalachians.
Time to bait the hook, boys.
- Can I get a mojito, please? - Yep.
Listen, I'm so sorry to bother you again.
Wondered if you could read my buddy's fortune quick? I'm just trying to enjoy my drink, okay? Oh come on, please, please, please? Okay, give me your hand.
I'm telling you, she's good.
You spend most of your time alone.
Have friends who love you but you keep them at arm's length.
Your life has many secrets, some that even you don't know.
You love kittens, long walks in the rain - And Barry Manilow.
- It's amazing.
Seriously, even got the Manilow part.
I told you she was the best.
- Let me buy you a drink.
- No, I'm okay, thank you.
- No, we insist.
- No, seriously, I'm fine, please.
I think the lady has made herself quite clear, gentlemen.
Perhaps you would like a table in the VIP area? Mindy, take care of them.
- All right.
- Thanks, man.
I could use a little VIP treatment.
- Party in the VIP section, baby.
- I am Rameesh Nayam-Singh.
Welcome to my club.
And thank you.
My name is Esme.
Hey, we're all set.
- Thank you.
- Thank you so much, Mindy.
I noticed you talking to that gentleman, telling his fortune.
He seemed quite impressed, Esme.
Would I be out of line if I asked? Well, it's gonna be a little hard in here with all the noise and music, but, um, - I suppose I owe you one.
- Great.
Let's see.
- Ready, Eric? - Ready, willing and able.
- Nell? - Let's start with something easy.
He spent some time at the Pardesh Orphanage as a young boy.
Looks like he was close to a nun there named Sister Vimala.
She died just last year.
You lost your parents at a young age.
Your life was hard, but there were saints along the way.
Um I see a sister or a woman? Violet.
Um Villa? She's gone now, but, uh, she watches over you.
Three months ago, Singh suffered a minor injury in Cote d'Ivoire, Africa when a truck he was riding in flipped.
You travel a lot.
Those travels can be dangerous.
You were injured recently? Uh Something to do with ivory? I am more interested in what is yet to happen.
Do you see a woman in my life? Is there love in my future? Maybe.
Only maybe? Now, this over here is Well, well, well, if it ain't two-faced Jimmy the Weasel.
Little Keen.
It's been a while.
Yeah, been a while in jail because of you, Jimmy.
That's funny because I don't remember telling you to rob that bank.
It's good seeing you, Keen.
Deeks has some unwanted company.
I'm on it.
Kensi, be ready to move.
I think you are teasing me now.
Please, tell me more.
You know, 61 percent of all felons are repeat offenders.
You know that, Jimmy? They taught me that in jail.
You learned something, right? It wasn't a total waste.
- Now, I'm probably going back.
- Probably.
But when I do, I'm going back a hero for having turned a cop inside out.
Just a second, I just want to introduce you to somebody.
He's a friend of mine.
- What's up? - What's up? Heh, heh.
Yeah, I should have known, you don't fight your own battles.
Yo, Shorty.
Baby D.
Shorty and Baby D? Am I the only one that's reveling in the irony of these nicknames? Apparently so.
- Time to go, Kensi.
- I'm sorry.
I have to leave before the trouble starts.
What trouble? There you go.
Oh, no.
- Break it up.
- That's enough.
I didn't start this, man.
Easy on the leather, man, easy on the leather.
Hey, easy, bro.
Easy, man.
- Let's go home.
- Yeah.
This club sucks.
Singh try to contact you yet? No.
Can't say I blame him after the stunt Deeks pulled.
- That could have happened to anyone.
- Yeah, but it didn't.
You should be thanking me.
I stage dove those bouncers so you, my friend, can make a clean getaway.
The day I need your help, Deeks, is the day I hang up my gun.
Oh, yeah, because there's actually this little hook right here - next to my desk if you want - Guys, come on.
I know you're trying to rile me, but I won't be riled.
- You want a hug? - Deeks.
What? You see what happens when you pull away from your team.
My team? I didn't hire Deeks, or any of them for that matter.
No, if I left the hiring up to you, you'd be the only person working here.
You saying I don't play well with others, Hetty? I'm suggesting that your default is to go it alone when you may be needing them most.
I like to think that I impart a certain wisdom and skill set to those who pass through these doors.
The one wish I have for you, Mr.
Callen, is that by the time you leave here, you've learned the art of trusting others.
In your personal life as well as at work.
Yes, Nell? Oh.
Yeah, um Were you looking for me? - No.
- I was.
Excuse me.
Is she still watching us? Uh, yep.
Did you find anything? Well, no hair or fiber to speak of on the photo which is not unusual.
And the ink and paper can be bought anywhere.
But I was able to pull several partial prints off of it.
I got a hit off of IAFIS for this guy.
Name is Dobrashin Garasovic.
He's a Serbian national and goes by the nickname "Senka," which means "shadow.
" So he moves around a lot, which made it difficult to find his last known place of residence.
And I'm not even sure if the one I got is still valid, but I sent it to your phone.
- Nice work, Nell.
- Hmm.
Deeks, because of you we have to find a new way to Singh.
That's good because the last plan was lame.
How is he gonna fall for Kensi's fortune-telling? - No offense.
- Hello? The former Prime Minister of India used to consult astrologers and gurus and he wore a magical chain around his neck to ward off evil.
Hell, I had to face a Liberian warlord who used to partake in human sacrifices then go into battle naked because he didn't believe American bullets could hurt him.
I had an uncle like that.
No doubt.
- Yeah, sounds great.
- Fantastic.
- I will be there, Gladstone's.
- Great.
- Okay, bye-bye.
- All right, goodbye.
That was Rameesh Nayam-Singh calling my undercover number.
He's invited Esme for lunch.
Looks like he tracked me down from my credit-card receipt.
Hopefully, Eric's backstopping holds up.
- How do you wanna play it? - Your call.
I gotta run something down, but I'll hook back with you when I'm done.
Hello again.
- Please.
- Thank you.
I make out two guys here with Singh.
Table at your 12 o'clock, my 10.
Turns out you were right last night.
How did you know a fight would break out at my club right after you left? Predicting a fight at a club is like predicting crying at a wedding.
It's not that impressive.
So tell me something that is.
You're not here alone.
I sense the presence of others.
I know some things about you too.
You have been using your abilities for some less than admirable intentions.
Several charges of insider trading and, apparently, you're not allowed to set foot in Las Vegas.
- I'm sorry, this is not gonna work.
- Oh, wait, please, I'm sorry.
I'm not judging you.
I find it amusing at best and quite intriguing.
It's part of the reason I've asked you here.
And you're right, I'm not alone.
I travel with some assistants, that's all.
Relationships are hard for me because I know when people are lying to me.
I haven't lied to you yet, have I? In fact, most people think I'm a good guy.
A humanitarian even.
Well, then this is never gonna work out because I've never had luck with nice guys.
I said people think I'm a good guy.
I didn't say I was one.
You, me, everyone has their secrets.
But I guess you know that.
I can only see into a person's future as far as they're willing to trust me.
I have an associate, a gypsy who claims to have the gift as well.
You should meet him.
This is Esme.
Oh, man.
You seeing this, Sam? I got him.
- Thought that guy worked for Arkady.
- So does Callen.
Eric, conference G in on this line.
On it, Sam.
- Callen.
- G, we got a situation here.
The guy Arkady sent to break into your place is having lunch with Singh.
You hearing me, G? Yeah, I hear you.
You know most people think that gypsies come from Egypt.
That's where the name comes from originally, Egyptians.
But the truth is they came from India.
Isn't that right, Niko? So they say.
But we prefer to be called Roma.
She's gadjo.
How long are you gonna let History Channel go on here? Relax, Deeks.
Niko never saw or heard Kensi.
We let it play out.
Sam's right.
If she felt threatened, Kensi'd get up and leave.
- Eric, you on the line? - Yeah, I'm here.
Send a forensics team to this address.
Dig up everything you can on Dobrashin Garasovic.
I want his phone, Internet, travel, the works.
Oh, and tell Nell, I'm sending her a tattoo I want her to identify.
You got it.
- Sam? - Yeah.
I think it's time we turn up the heat.
Tell Kensi to burn Niko.
Force him to show his hand.
She heard you.
She's tougher than she looks.
Maybe even ex-military.
Oh, my God.
The closest thing to the military I've ever been was the Old Navy store.
- She is lying.
- No, I'm not.
But you are.
You're not the only man he works for.
I can see someone else.
Ukrainian, no.
I see initials, A K.
Like the gun.
- You see, you see? - Ha-ha-ha.
Damn, she's good.
You're absolutely right.
He works for a man with those initials.
Or at least he pretends to.
Sounds like Arkady's getting played.
Which means we're getting played.
I think we can help each other out, Esme.
Come to my club this afternoon and we can discuss a business arrangement.
I might just do that.
Excuse me.
You're making a mistake.
A man can make many mistakes with a woman like that.
I don't trust her.
You don't get paid to trust people, Niko.
Singh's on the move.
Got him.
Don't move.
Don't move.
Turn over.
- You okay? - Yeah, yeah, I'm fine.
- Who's this guy? - Niko's friend.
I've got a cell phone here.
Hello? I'm sending you a SIM card that belong to a friend of Niko's.
- Have Eric see what he can get off it.
- Will do.
Oh, and I got some information on that thing you sent me.
- The tattoo? - Yeah, that's the one.
It's the 16-spoke wheel of the Hindu Chakra which is the same symbol used by the Romani.
It represents the vardo or the wagon wheels of their traditional caravans.
Garasovic was Romani? Just like Niko.
Nell, you don't have to whisper.
Right, well, maybe I don't have to, but I would prefer to, if that's okay with you.
Not that I don't respect your authority, Agent Callen, it's just that, I think it's in my best interest not to get on Hetty's bad side.
Too late, dear.
Forensics confirms Niko's prints at Dobrashin Garasovic's house.
So why would Niko kill Garasovic if they're both working for Singh? More importantly, why would he have that guy try to kill me? He obviously thought you were a threat.
- To his job? - Or his plans.
If Niko is trying to sell out Arkady, he might be trying to sell out Singh as well.
Garasovic might have figured it out, so Niko had to kill him.
Do you really think Niko has the connections to fence computer chips? - Hello? - Hey, Eric.
So I accessed this guy's SIM card.
Most of the numbers he called were burn phones so that's a dead end.
He also sent a bunch of text messages but they're too brief and too cryptic to be of much use.
However, he sent the same text to several different phones today.
There's an address and a time.
It's 3900 West Manchester Boulevard, Inglewood.
That's gotta be near the L.
That is the Forum.
Boom, didn't even need MapQuest.
At 1600 hours.
We have got less than an hour.
Did you trace those phones, Eric? This is where they were at the time that they received the text.
Which they, in turn, sent to several other cell phones.
Like they're concentrating in three areas.
That's Hollywood, Beverly Hills and the Valley.
Or three different groups.
Singh, Arkady and Niko, all of whom have the same information.
Can you show me where the phones are? Yup.
Two of the three groups are headed to the Forum.
Which is where Singh is getting his delivery.
Three heavily armed groups converging, two of which are planning to kill everyone and steal those chips.
Why we need to divide and conquer.
If you can convince Singh to cancel his shipment or to change location, we'll eliminate one of the players.
Okay, well, that still leaves Arkady and Niko's paramilitary group.
I'll deal with Arkady.
If I warn him what's happening, Niko's boys will show up to an empty Forum.
We'll avoid a bloodbath.
Nell, what are you doing here? You have to call first.
- This is how you get yourself killed.
- Well, you'd be doing me a favor.
Well, aren't you a cozy bunch in your secret little hideout? Hetty, what are you doing here? You know damn well what I'm doing here, Mr.
I'm shutting you down.
We call it intelligence for a reason, Mr.
Which is why you're going to provide full disclosure before we go one step further.
There's no time for that.
If we don't act on this now, we're gonna have a minor war.
Never mistake recklessness for bravery.
I'm not.
Hetty, you're asking me to trust, okay? I am.
I'm trusting Kensi to convince Singh to either cancel or move the shipment and I'm trusting Sam and Deeks to watch her back.
And I'm asking you to trust me to deal with Arkady.
Alone? Your team is not here because of computer chips, Mr.
They're here because of you.
Last time you went off the reservation, G, without me, I lost someone I cared about.
That's not gonna happen this time.
Trust me.
Esme, I was getting worried.
Well, that's a good sign.
It means you sensed it too.
- Niko's betrayed you to the police.
- You're teasing me.
Find Niko now.
I saw him trying to cut a deal.
Trade something valuable of yours for his freedom.
L Look, if you trust me and I'm wrong, then this is inconvenient for you and it is embarrassing for me.
However, if I'm right It seems no one knows where he is.
- Hello? - Change of plans.
Move the delivery to the backup location.
- Got it.
- Let's go.
Wait, where are we going? You're the psychic, you tell me.
Eric, Kensi's on the move with Singh.
We got them.
Okay, these buildings and properties are all owned or leased by Singh.
Send the list to Callen and Sam and keep L.
Apprised as we narrow it down.
We're gonna need containment and backup.
Don't get too close.
- I know how to run a tail, Deeks.
- Okay, well, just fall back a little bit.
We'll fall back to the curb and kick you out if you don't shut up.
What is your problem? - Seriously.
- You're my problem.
And the fact that I have a partner there on his own while I'm stuck with you.
I'm stuck here with you too while my partner is trapped in the car ahead of us with three armed guys.
- Maybe we have the same problem.
- Yeah, well maybe we do.
Okay, then we can agree to agree on the shared problem thing.
And maybe we should act like partners so we can save our partners so you and I don't have to be partners.
- What? - Just drive.
Not too close.
Arkady? Singh's stopping.
It looks like an industrial park.
Open the door.
Buy yourself something sexy, Esme.
Federal agents.
Away from the truck.
Down on the ground, move.
Is that sexy enough for you? Huh? All the way down.
- How are you doing, partner? - Much better, thank you.
What do we got? Hetty, it wasn't computer chips, it was cash, bags of it.
Do you think Arkady knew it was cash and not computer chips? If he did, Callen could be walking into a firestorm.
Eric, connect me to Callen.
Callen, do you copy? I've lost contact.
Arkady? Arkady? Shipment's not coming.
Why is that? By now, Singh's probably been arrested.
The whole thing was a setup.
Niko was playing you and he was playing Singh.
You're getting sloppy, my old friend.
I'm not the one getting photographed at cemetery.
There is no way you could tell where I was in that photograph.
There were other pictures of you at your sister's grave.
I was curious.
I'm sorry.
I know how much family means to you.
Who was Garasovic working for? Singh hired him to spy on me.
Perhaps he hired him to spy on you as well.
I didn't even know Singh until two days ago.
Then maybe he knew you.
And Garasovic, who knows? Hey, look.
We have a common enemy once again.
- Call them off.
- Those aren't my guys, durok.
You know this saying? "I ran from the wolf but ran into a bear.
" I think we're surrounded by bears.
Agent Callen, can you hear me? Still nothing.
Hanna, what's your status? Driving fast.
Some green lights would help, Mr.
- Did you bring anybody else with you? - No, did you? Who is the durok now? - You know what this reminds me of? - Kosovo.
Yes, and we got out of there alive.
- We surrendered.
- Maybe I'm thinking of Chechnya.
I'm out of bullets and I know you've got three left.
- You wouldn't consider giving me one.
- Sure.
How much is it worth to you? Federal agents, drop your weapon.
Cut that one close, don't you think? You're like a wolf till your butt's on the line.
You expect me to come to your rescue.
Isn't that what partners do? You're pushing it, you know that? Nice shooting, Deeks.
You too.
What do you want me to do with this one? Let him go.
You're gonna explain this one to Hetty.
He's more valuable to us on the street.
Especially now that he owes me one.
I suppose I owe you one too, huh? Ha.
One? More like 20.
That's just today.
You're lucky I don't keep count.
I'm just lucky you can't count.
Oh, yeah.
Ever think we're gonna be that happy? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
Just not together.
I like what you've done with the place.
Okay, now if this is about Arkady, I can I would have done the same thing myself.
No, this is about you, Mr.
I know that you are looking for answers.
But the thing about the past is just that.
It's the past.
Today is what's important.
And I for one am glad you're here.
I brought this for you.
- Did you buy me a plant? - Ha, ha.
It's an epiphyte.
It's perfect for you.
It doesn't require soil.
You don't need to water it.
It absorbs moisture from the air.
It doesn't even need roots, but they make it more stable.
Good night, Mr.
Good night, Hetty.

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