NCIS Los Angeles s02e24 Episode Script


- I was just thinking.
- About what? Something Hetty said.
She pulled me aside and wanted to talk.
Me too.
We had a heart-to-heart today about the future.
- Me three.
- She's putting her affairs in order.
- Where is she? - Gone.
- Who are you? - Lauren Hunter, her replacement.
I'm sorry.
Don't! Where can I find Comescu? Yes, you are.
Oh, bugger.
- Try to call her? - Three times.
I got voicemail.
Line was busy.
That's probably me leaving a message.
Six times.
- There's gotta be more to this.
- Yeah, and she knows.
- Did you talk to Hetty? - She's not answering.
- Do you think she was pushed? - It'd take a brave man to push Hetty.
- Or an ambitious woman.
- What do we know about her, Eric? You seriously think I'd misuse the entire resources of the Pentagon, Homeland Security and half a dozen classified databases just to gather information on Senior Agent Hunter? - So she is an agent, then? - I didn't say that.
Okay, I did say that.
But it was a calculated guess.
Is there anything else you'd care to take a guess at? I guess that she's been on a classified assignment.
Maybe to some place like, I don't know, oh, say, Murmansk.
- And then, maybe, like, Warsaw.
- Keep guessing.
I'd also guess that she's been off the grid for two years.
That's also just a guess.
So who told her to take over for Hetty? That would have to come from the top, Director Vance.
But that really is a guess.
Not that everything else I said wasn't a guess.
Where's he going? I guess he's going to ask her.
Yes, I have the authority.
Fine, you do that and get back to me.
You walked off last night when I wanted to talk with you.
So who are you? I'm Miss Lange's replacement.
- She - Did not retire.
Not voluntarily.
You were very close with her.
I can understand your confusion.
Okay, you got me.
Hetty's gone, Agent Callen.
She told me herself she's not coming back.
Well, she hasn't told me, and since she's not answering her phone Then she mustn't wanna talk with you.
You don't know Hetty.
On the contrary.
- Serbian? - Not Serbian.
Agent Callen? Agent Callen.
A word with you, Agent Hanna.
Oh, crap.
You want to tell me where we're going exactly? To see Hetty.
What makes you think I know where she lives? Let's start with 1237 Hillcrest Drive in Encino.
What do you mean, start with? She has three houses that I'm aware of.
Eric? I followed her home a couple of times.
- A couple of times? - All right, closer to a dozen.
Keeps moving.
Sleeps in a different house every night.
Well, that's great.
And I get to be there when you tell her you followed her home.
She's gonna be so pissed when we knock on her door.
Not as pissed as I am.
Keep going, Sam.
She's got company.
Look like feds.
No car out front, though.
You getting a bad feeling about this? Yeah, ever since you told me you followed her home.
How you doing? I live next door.
Just returning the lawn mower.
What's the old girl up to this time? Haven't seen her in a few days.
Hey, you guys aren't with the city, are you? Mind your own business, pal.
- So you are with the city.
- Police business.
- Now get lost.
- Okay.
No problem.
Hey, you guys are cops.
You probably don't mind showing me some ID? Federal agent! Drop the weapon! Well, I guess they're not feds, Sam.
Gun! Hetty? Not good.
Not good at all.
- Oh, that is bad.
- That is very bad.
Did you do that? They did.
You took cover behind Hetty's Jag? - What are you? Insane? - They were shooting.
It was close.
- Think Hetty's fine with that? - What you want us to do? Get shot? Well, personally, I would have risked it.
I know.
Big bad mama bear and her Jaguar.
Just saying.
It's your fault.
You should have plugged that guy.
Know anybody with a body shop? The inner sanctum.
God, it feels weird, huh? Feels wrong.
- It's kind of freaking me out, actually.
- Yikes.
Listen, if we have to go through her stuff, I am not doing the bedroom.
Hey, what do we know about those guys? They weren't carrying IDs.
So freelancers.
Maybe former military.
- Okay.
Did Eric talk to Hetty? - Not yet.
I found something.
Hetty interruptus.
Really wish you hadn't said that.
Me too.
You know what this is all about? Now would be a good time to tell us.
You're asking the wrong person.
- Oh, then who should I be asking? - Me.
Ops, now.
All of you.
Agent Callen, tell me what you know.
Well, I know that Hetty has disappeared.
We just shot three guys searching her house.
And I'm hoping to hell you know more than that.
I'm as shocked as you are that Hetty resigned.
I flew out here to try to talk her into staying.
I arrived to find that she had already left.
And her replacement? That's Hetty's suggestion.
Take my word for it, Agent Hunter is more than up to the task.
What did she say? That she was tired.
She'd had enough.
- You don't believe that.
- No.
Neither do you, Agent Callen.
What the hell has she gotten herself mixed up in? I don't know.
But whatever it is, I don't think she believes she can get out of it alive.
Latest please, Eric? Running fingerprints and facial recognition, but still no positive ID on any of the shooters.
That's all I got.
Did Hetty ask either of you to do any off-the-book intel gathering? No, not lately.
No, nothing urgent.
Any pending cases? Maybe she was out front on something.
We're not privy to any pending operations.
We don't have access until Hetty gives it to us.
Zulu, November, Tango one-one-seven-nine.
Check the sign-in log.
Open the file Hetty accessed the most in the last two weeks.
Open it.
Crap, we got a virus.
Tell me that it didn't just wipe out our entire database, Eric.
We're good.
It was localized to that file.
It's probably a one-time virus that's activated to erase the next time you open the file.
And the last name to access that file? Uh Hetty.
Eric, what's the code name to the file? "Operation Comescu.
" What's Comescu? Yeah.
I have a message for Comescu.
Obviously, an important message for you to kill two of my men.
I apologize.
It was an overreaction.
Theirs? Or yours? Who are you? Who I am doesn't matter.
My message does.
Well, tell me and I will pass it on.
I'm sorry, my message needs to be delivered in person.
I could shoot you right now.
Go ahead.
But when Comescu finds out what you've done, we'll both be dead together.
Director, I got a hit on our dead guys.
I'll call you back.
Put it up.
All four had military records.
All cashed out.
All different units.
No common vector.
I got it.
Guns for hire.
So if I wanted to hire them, who would I call, Eric? - Working on it.
- Work faster.
Car was in the garage, maybe she got a rental.
No, at least not in her name.
Passport? Nothing.
If Hetty's outside of the country, she's traveling under an alias.
Comescu operates out of Europe.
If that's the case she's tracking, that's where she's gone.
Then to track her, I'll need to find out which alias she's traveling under.
Miss Jones.
For your eyes only.
Access is limited to Hetty's documented aliases.
No downloading, no printing, no copying.
You report only to me.
Understood? Got it.
I back up critical files to my SkyDrive.
ID and password.
You don't have keystroke recognition software installed in this computer, do you, Miss Jones? Hm.
- No, sir.
- I'm pleased to hear it.
Where's Hunter? Uh, I don't know.
Bathroom? Don't get a lot of fieldwork? I'm not really known for my marksmanship.
Well, you're not really known for much at all.
In fact, no one that works here has ever heard of you.
Oh, well, that's all right.
Because I've never really heard of any of them.
Except you.
And Hetty.
You don't like me.
I don't know you.
Whatever happened to first impressions? Usually unreliable, except maybe in your case.
Who's Comescu? - That's a question for the director.
- Yeah, well, I'm asking you.
Hetty trusts me.
She would not have recommended me to take over if she didn't.
Doesn't that count for something? It should count enough for you to tell me the truth.
Who is Comescu? I'm sorry, Callen, but I can't answer that.
Who's Comescu? That's classified, Agent Callen.
You haven't been read-in.
- Then read me in.
- I can't do that.
Hetty trashed the file, remember? You're telling me that was the only copy? As far as I know, yes.
Now, it's possible Hetty may have a backup but you're gonna have to ask her that once we track her down.
Agent Hunter's read-in? - She is.
- Great.
I'll have her brief me.
It's a thin file, Agent Callen.
It's light on facts, it's heavy on speculation.
Okay, then why exactly was Agent Hunter read-in? Because she specializes in linguistics.
The decision was Hetty's, Agent Callen.
She's highly regarded, not just by this agency.
You're gonna have to trust her.
And you're gonna have to learn to work with her, fast.
Because if we don't find Hetty, what is now a temporary position will become permanent.
Director, I've found him.
- It can wait.
- No, it can't, Eric.
You found who? The pro-team's booking agent.
His name is Bernie Fisher.
Photo and his current GPS location have just been uploaded.
Sounds like we're done here, Agent Callen.
Bring him in.
I got a condition.
A medical condition.
Don't worry, it's common.
Lot of people sweat when they lie.
- I'm not lying.
Why would I lie? - Facing 15 to 20, hell, I'd lie, Bernie.
- Would you lie, Sam? - I'd lie like there's no tomorrow.
Actually, 15 years in military prison, there is no tomorrow.
What do you mean, military prison? - Military crime.
- Military investigation.
Military prison.
But I'm not a military guy.
Look at me.
- I hate the military.
- Careful.
I'm a pacifist for God's sake.
Pacifists don't go down very well in military prison.
Well, actually, they do go down.
Listen, this is not a lie, okay? I just book them.
I don't know what they do or how they do it.
They don't tell me, I don't ask.
I'm just a booking agent.
- Mr.
Ten Percent, you know? - Only 10 percent? Okay, 35.
- There he goes lying again.
- Can I have some water? You know, in military prison, they only give water twice a day.
- Did you know that, G? - I didn't know that, Sam.
I guess we're gonna have to hold off on the water there, Bernie? Okay, I want you to take a look at some photos.
- Ever see anything like it? - Nope.
Guy's leaking like a sieve.
Sweating out a confession.
Oh, my God.
- Why do they all look dead? - Because we killed them.
What do you wanna know? I'll tell you.
What were they looking for? A file.
Probably on a computer or them thumb drives.
- What file? - I only got a name, I got no idea what's on it, okay? What was the name of the file, Bernie? Operation Comescu.
Yeah, we saw that coming.
What were the arrangements? Fifty grand up front.
I was supposed to call them when we got the file.
Another 50 on delivery.
- Who called you? - The guy himself.
- What guy? - Grigore Comescu.
Only he didn't call.
We met.
Over coffee.
And did not see that coming.
Comescu is here in Los Angeles? Yeah.
Honest to God, I am not lying.
Hetty must have found out Comescu was looking for his file.
Explains why she planted the virus in it.
Trying to stay one step ahead.
We've got Comescu's number.
He's expecting a call.
- Simple, we offer him what he wants.
- The file.
I'll pose as a member of the pro-team.
We're cutting Bernie out.
He makes the meet, we grab him.
- Any chance Bernie Fisher is lying? - No.
- Nope.
- Nah.
Well, glad to see you all share the same view.
Don't mess it up.
The only intel we have on Grigore Comescu are some blurry surveillance photos from Interpol.
La Police Nationale file from Paris linking him to people-smuggling in Poland.
Hetty must have known more.
- Why would she be tracking this? - I'm acutely aware of that fact, Callen.
So brief me on Operation Comescu.
Agent Hunter, does Agent Callen have the information to proceed? Yes, director.
Then that's all the information you need to know, Agent Callen.
And, Agent Callen I'll be the one interviewing Comescu when you bring him in.
Any chance that Hetty's analysis is wrong? No.
Hetty didn't get it wrong.
In position, Sam.
Deeks, heads up.
He's out there somewhere.
Roger that, Sam.
- Eric, picture up? - Picture's up, Sam.
Hey, um, some guy, he gave me 10 bucks to give you this.
What guy? Something's up.
Hold your positions.
Meeting's changed, Sam.
Rooftop across the street.
G, this is not a good idea.
We don't have rooftop cover.
G, are you reading me? Why is he moving from the street to the rooftop? Secluded.
No one else.
He wants to make sure he's alone.
But that cuts both ways.
Leaves Comescu exposed as well.
He'll have backup.
At least one guy with him.
Plus high cover.
The high-rise behind you overlooks the rooftop.
That's where I'd be.
Kensi, Deeks, check it.
I like rooftops.
You can be alone.
You can enjoy the view.
You can smoke.
You can throw people off.
- You like rooftops? - Not particularly.
- You got my money? - You have my file? Eric, you're gonna have to be my eyes.
First sign of trouble, you understand? You got it, Sam.
They tell us there might be a woman in the house.
She wasn't there.
You were fortunate.
I know others who were not.
The file.
This woman, you say she's causing you problems? Not for much longer.
You wanna tell us where she is, we can take care of her for you.
Not necessary, we have her.
Federal agents! Sam, the second shooter.
Kensi, Deeks, what's your status? We're good.
One down.
Eric, tell Director Vance Comescu's dead.
He, um, knows.
I found Hetty.
Well, not exactly, but we're on her trail.
She bought a ticket to Prague under one of her aliases, Gloria Edwards.
She then used a credit card under the same name and booked into a hotel yesterday.
And last night, she used the card to pay for a cab to an address in the west of the city.
She's not wasting any time.
She's not bothering to cover her tracks.
It's like she doesn't think it matters anymore.
Was it a one-way or round trip ticket? One-way.
- Comescu's people have Hetty.
- Yeah, I heard.
We'll find her.
I'm putting a team on it.
- You have a team.
- Not in Prague I don't.
How long have you known she's in Prague? Miss Jones just told me.
- I need a ticket on the next flight.
- Not necessary.
I'll send a team from the office in Paris.
They can pick me up when I land in Prague.
You're not going to Prague.
I speak Czech.
I speak Romanian.
I have contacts, they can help us.
You are no longer on this case, Agent Callen.
Then give me a reason.
Tell me why? What is Operation Comescu about? It's about you, Agent Callen.
Operation Comescu is all about you.
Operation Comescu is an ongoing investigation into a Romanian crime family.
Dream up the worst pain and suffering a man can inflict on another man, Comescu family has done worse.
They've done much worse.
I don't have to ask if you remember Dobrashin Garasovic, do I? Garasovic was Romany.
Just like the Comescus.
He was trying to contact you.
He was trying to warn you.
- Warn me about what? - That's what Hetty's trying to find out.
That's what she was working on.
Operation Comescu is hers and hers alone.
She found out The Comescu family wants you dead, Agent Callen.
Why? Some sort of long-running family feud as far as we can tell.
I don't have any family.
They think I do? They probably mistake you for somebody else.
Hetty was trying to protect me.
That's why you can't go to Prague.
That is why I have to go to Prague.
Hetty has resigned her position.
She's operating outside of the authority of this agency.
We will send a team from Paris.
We'll find her.
We'll try to bring her back.
We'll get her out of there.
And you will not You will not be a part of that team.
I would if I could.
Yes, you would, detective.
Prague's a big city.
They won't even know where to start looking.
I, uh, automatically uploaded all of the Prague addresses and information into the system.
It's already on their cell phones.
I'm sorry.
Find her, Agent Hunter.
Before they all get killed.
You gonna keep doing that? I hate buying guns on the black market.
Don't know where they've been.
Don't know when they were last cleaned or by whom.
- You cleaned it this morning.
- Twice.
This cheap ammo's gonna jam.
You didn't have to come, you know? Yet here we are.
Okay, let's do this.
This time, leave at least one of them alive, will you? Then don't make me have to save your sorry ass again.
Clear! Clear! Here.
CALLEN: Hetty's alive.
- Where? - Romania.
My apologies for intruding.
I have a message for the head of the Comescu family.
I am the head of the Comescu family.
My name is Alexa Comescu.
- And I'm - Gloria Edwards, according to your passport.
You real name is Henrietta Lange.
You prefer Hetty.
But I doubt even that is your real name.
Now, tell me, Henrietta, what message could be of such importance that you are willing to die to deliver it? Two stories.
High fence.
Well, the gate will be guarded, even if you can't see them.
Approach from the beach will probably be covered as well.
They'd see us coming miles away.
Well, then it has to be from the road.
Main entrance, we drive up, talk our way in.
Maybe a diversion from the beach.
Something to get them looking out.
Then we can come in tactical from the road.
Hit them hard and fast.
For many years now, you have been looking for a man.
The last of his family.
- His name - I know his name.
And what is this? Proof.
Working late, Miss Jones? Oh, uh, yeah, I was just "Lange, Henrietta.
" Well, I found something odd.
Two things, actually.
A week before Hetty left, she put in a document request and after it arrived, she erased the paper trail.
Well, obviously, she didn't erase all of it.
What was the document? Callen's death certificate.
He died three weeks ago.
They are all dead, Alexa.
What was the second thing? Well, I saw this.
Uh, I know I wasn't supposed to, but it's Hetty's personnel file.
"Additional distinguishing features.
" I know.
It says she has a You tell no one.
Do you understand, Miss Jones? Understood.
G? And why should I trust you?
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