NCIS Los Angeles s03e17 Episode Script

Blye, K. (2)

Previously on NCIS: Los Angeles Is my partner under arrest? It appears your partner only joined NCIS to track down those she believes responsible for his death.
The last time I felt so powerless was when I was 15.
And the military police had no answers about your father's death.
I know what happened to your father.
What are you talking about? The man that's killing off the team killed your father.
What is his name? Kensi! Anyone see Kensi go down? No.
Kensi! Kensi! Sniper! Stay down! You find the shot? Had to come from the west, probably high ground.
Might still be there, might not.
Well, there's only one way to find out.
Let's move.
Kensi's gone.
Harris chose this place 'cause he thought it was safe.
Well, Harris ran out of safe places a long time ago.
I'd take the shot from up there.
On the ridgeline.
Stay with the body, Nell Go! Guys, I got Kensi.
She's on a park camera on a fire road above you, moving south.
It looks like she spotted someone and ran after them.
Limited camera coverage.
This is not going to be easy.
Who else knew about the rendezvous? Just us and Alex Harris.
Sniper's hide.
The shooter had plenty of time to set up.
He must've known they were going to be here.
Guy's a pro.
Kensi must have gone after him.
So she's armed, pissed off, and hunting down the one guy who knows what happened to her father.
Sucks to be him.
Kensi? You don't have to do this alone.
Remember that favor you owe me, Hetty? Consider us even.
Kensi! Original air date on February 28, 2012 Where is she, Eric? Our last contact with Kensi was at the carousel.
Now she's gone dark, and will most likely stay that way until she wants to be found.
She can dodge surveillance in her sleep, and the chances of her using a credit card or cell phone are pretty much slim to none.
She's off the grid.
We need to focus on what we can control.
Where's Granger? He seems to have gone dark, too.
Okay, does anybody want to talk about the giant elephant in the Ops center? Granger's the only one besides us and Harris who knew about the rendezvous in the park.
Let's look at this from every angle before we jump to conclusions.
Let's start with the common theme: Granger, Harris and Kensi's dad were all part of the same black ops unit in the '90s.
That would be Detachment: Oscar-Sierra.
over three years.
Most of which were made to look like accidents.
And all the guys in the unit are now dead.
Granger's gone dark, Hetty.
He's the only one that could put the pieces together.
But we've got a pretty good idea where he's head Track him down, and bring him to me.
Uh, Mr.
Deeks Yeah.
Kensi is determined and lethal, but she will turn up, and when she does she'll need a friend.
Prepare to turn right.
Turn right.
Turn right.
Continue straight for 2.
3 miles.
LAPD's reporting an incident at the corner of Cahuenga and Hollywood Boulevard.
Witnesses say a young woman with dark brown hair beat a man twice her size, then sped off with his car.
That's my girl.
I don't mean that kind of "my girl," I mean the other kind of "my girl.
" "The other kind of 'my girl.
" And what kind would that be, exactly? Find my partner.
Narrowing down a description of Kensi's car.
Then I'm starting a search.
The place where Harris was killed had limited camera coverage, but the carousel's a different story.
So what do we got? It looked like she was chasing someone, so I pulled some footage from a few seconds before.
Let's see Freeze it.
So that's what the elephant in the room actually looks like.
Your destination is ahead on the left.
Let's say Kensi tracks down the man who killed her father.
Then what? She's a federal agent who swore an oath to uphold the Constitution.
She'll have him taken into custody and tried for his crimes.
Or she kills him.
Revenge is not what we do.
I hope you're right, Sam.
So do I.
Talk to me, Eric.
We've got an image of Assistant Director Granger fleeing the park after Harris was killed.
Somebody had to leak the location of the meeting to the shooter.
It was either Granger or Harris.
Harris seemed pretty intent on walking away from this alive.
All right, well, the good news is, I've located the car Kensi's driving.
It's a rental equipped with GPS, last destination programmed into the vehicle an hour ago.
Residential address in Encino.
Property records show it's owned by one Julia Feldman.
Now, Deeks is on his way.
Unless Kensi dumped the car and walked off, that's where she'll be.
Tell Hetty we're almost to Kensi's apartment.
What's up, killer? You don't have to shoot me, I didn't mean that literally.
What are you doing here? Just came to beat up some bad guys, save the damsel in distress, and ride off into the sunset.
Oh Oh, don't make me laugh.
Feels like someone's grinding an ice pick into my ribs every time I move.
I parked your car around the corner if you want to take off.
Who said you could drive my car? I just got it washed.
Okay, just for future reference, badass rogue operatives don't care if their car is dirty.
I'm not done here yet.
You took a, uh, high-velocity round to the torso.
The least you can do is let me take a look at the damage.
Kensi You took your time.
Did you hit traffic? Put down the rifle.
Unless you replaced Director Vance without my knowledge, I'd strongly suggest you try it this way: "Put down the weapon, sir.
" Do what he says, Granger.
Or what, you'll shoot me? Point taken.
Hang on.
The place has been searched.
It wasn't me.
So we won't find your fingerprints? You won't find anyone's prints.
What happened at the park? I wasn't the one shooting people, if that's what you mean.
Still think Kensi's a suspect? I did at first.
But someone at NCIS had to consider the possibility.
Now I know there's more to it.
This either hasn't been fired recently or it's just been cleaned.
It's time we had a talk.
We've got the place for it.
Your boatshed, Agent Callen? You gonna put me on the "bad side" of that interrogation table? You're about to find out sir.
You gonna tell me now why we came to this house? Because the man tailing me was headed here.
Did you guys question him yet? You didn't exactly leave us a lot to interrogate, Kens.
The guy's in ICU.
I defended myself with reasonable force, Deeks.
So what happens now? What happens when you catch up with the guy who took a shot at you? You gonna ask him if he killed your father? Pull the trigger if he says yes? What if I do? We don't just smoke whoever stands in our way.
That's the difference between us and them.
Speak for yourself.
I am speaking for my Wow, this is usually how the dream sequence starts.
Deeks? I'm sorry.
You got a little bit of a bruise.
Really? Hold your breath.
Oh, my God.
You got a cracked rib.
It's not broken.
If it was, you'd puncture a lung at that angle.
Yeah, well, I got lucky.
A center-mass hit would have torn through the vest.
Oh, really? Now you turn around? What's this got to do with the woman who lives here? Hetty.
Gentlemen thank you.
I'll take it from here.
Shall we? Got popcorn? So, you're gonna remind me of our history together? I'm going to insist you tell me what the hell is going on.
I didn't kill Alex Harris or any members of Donald Blye's black ops unit.
Nor did I try to kill Kensi or ransack her apartment.
Whoever did is a very busy man.
He's also been dead for six years.
Peter Clairmont.
The commanding officer of the black ops unit in question, formally known as Oscar-Sierra.
I had two suspects in this case: Kensi Blye and Peter Clairmont.
Now that it's clear that she's innocent, I know Clairmont's really alive.
Your team was under the impression Clairmont was killed while working as a private contractor in Afghanistan back in '06.
So was I until I looked at the incident report: car accident in Kandahar.
Details of the crash didn't track.
So, I began to consider the reasons why Clairmont would want to vanish.
So Clairmont faked his own death in 2006.
Why not before? Why not after? Now that I think of it, Kensi Blye joined NCIS.
Granger said the first thing she did was start pulling files of the men who were in her father's old unit.
If Clairmont discovered an agent with questions about her father's death was digging up the past, I can only think of one reason for him to disappear.
He killed Donald Blye.
The question is why? You don't have any proof that Clairmont killed Kensi's father, do you? Callen, Sam, the last phone call Harris made was to Downrange Partners.
It's a military contractor who currently employs a man who's a facial recognition match to Peter Clairmont.
Granger's right.
He's definitely alive and working under the alias "Peter Nelson.
" Thanks, Nell.
Harris must have discovered that Clairmont was picking off the old unit.
He could have tried to cut a deal.
Like exchange his life for Kensi's.
Clairmont betrayed him.
Tried to kill two birds with one stone at the park.
Which means Granger was not the one that leaked the location.
- All right, I got to bring you in.
- I need a favor.
All right, if you think that I'm gonna let you go out and do this on your own, it's not gonna happen, Kens.
Forget favors.
I'm taking you back.
I need you to keep the woman who lives here in protective custody.
Why? Just please do this for me.
Why is she so important? Because she's my mother.
I thought your mother was dead.
I never said that.
Yeah, but you never mentioned her, so I just assumed that she you know, had passed away or that you We just haven't spoken for 15 years.
She lives 20 minutes away from you.
Deeks, I need help.
Okay, then I'll bring you both in.
Somebody tried to kill me today.
I'm the target.
That makes my mother leverage.
So the closer she is to me, the more she's at risk.
I understand that.
Hold on a second.
It's Deeks.
Deeks, it's Granger.
Put your partner on.
It's for you.
Who's this? It's Granger.
And what do you want? I want the same thing you do: closure.
Granger's on our side, Kensi.
There's a man from your father's unit who's still alive.
Peter Clairmont.
You knew? He's in old photos with my dad.
I thought I saw him a few minutes ago, but I wasn't sure, so I let him live.
Now I'm sure.
She let him live? Clairmont killed your father, Kensi.
Looks like he went after their unit because you've got too close to the truth.
What truth? Officially, your father's unit has 18 kills, but in fact, it was 19.
That last one was an American, Brad Stevens.
It was made to look like a heart attack.
Who is he? He's a journalist.
The last story Stevens filed was about international aid in Haiti.
A week after Stevens was killed, your father allegedly died in a car accident at Camp Lejeune.
You could say it was a coincidence, but this group of men didn't do coincidence.
The rest of Oscar Sierra's targets were either war criminals or terrorists.
They were all foreign nationals.
Marines don't take going after their own countrymen lightly, Kensi.
Stevens left behind a daughter.
She works for the Los AngelesTimes.
Her name's Megan.
I tried to reach her over the years, but she's always reluctant to discuss her father's death.
Mm, she'll talk to me.
Figure out the best way to approach her together.
But right now, Deeks is bringing you in.
No, he's not.
We could get over there fast.
Maybe we ought to let Deeks play this one out.
I agree.
Did you just hang up on them? Yeah.
I've got to go talk to this woman named Megan Stevens.
Kensi No, no, no, Deeks.
I-I know they want you to bring me in.
I'm not talking about what they want, all right? Forget what they want.
I'm talking about us, all right? I'm your partner.
What makes you think that I'm gonna let you do this by yourself? Because you're my partner.
And this is my mother and you're the only person I trust.
Okay, I'll keep her safe.
Thank you.
I will come back in as soon as I talk to Megan Stevens.
That's a promise.
What do you, what do you want me to say to your mother? Like, what am I, what am I supposed, what am I supposed to say to her? That you're gonna see her soon? That you care about her? That you love her? Like, what am I supposed to say? I don't know.
Can I help you? Yeah, uh, Mrs Mrs.
I was, once.
It's Feldman now.
- Right.
I, uh - I'm Detective Deeks, LAPD.
Have I broken the law? No.
Actually, I have no idea.
Have you? Not that I'm aware of.
That's good, 'cause that would actually make this more awkward than it already is.
And it's pretty awkward.
I need you to come with me.
You're in danger.
There's a man named Peter Clairmont He was just here.
He's an old friend of my ex-husband's.
Peter's a threat? Yeah.
You okay? I know Kensi.
I actually work with her.
My daughter's a cop? Kind of.
Did she send you? Yeah, she did.
I tell you what.
If, um you come with me, I promise you'll see her soon.
You clearly don't know the first thing about my daughter and I.
If you did, you wouldn't make promises you can't keep.
But I'm willing to take my chances.
Hello?! Megan Stevens? Yeah.
Can I help you? My name's Kensi Blye.
I'm a federal agent looking into your father's death.
Look, my father died a long time ago.
I'd prefer not to talk about it, okay? I know.
My dad died a week after yours.
I think there's a connection.
This is, uh, Agent Callen, Agent Hanna.
Julia Feldman.
Kensi's mother.
You do know you're staring at me.
I'm sorry.
We've known Kensi a long time and, uh What he's trying to say is, it's a pleasure to meet you, and we're glad you're safe, ma'am.
Manners of a military man.
Please, have a seat.
Thank you.
So, my daughter's a federal agent.
One of the best we've got.
You find that hard to believe.
Last time I saw Kensi, she was dressed as a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, and her favorite New Kid on the Block was Joey.
Where is she? We're taking another look at your ex-husband's death.
Is there anything you can tell us about him? Kensi thinks I betrayed her father for another man.
She never forgave me for it.
Every day, I wake up wondering if I should've just told her the truth.
I've caught myself wishing I never learned the truth about my father.
Lies made for nicer memories, you know? Mm-hmm.
That's the reason I never really wanted to talk about my father with anyone.
I know the feeling.
Don told me that he had joined a new unit.
But the things he said they were doing, well let's just say they were a long way from the Marines.
I found my dad's medical records.
Heart attack didn't make any sense.
Well, did you look into it? Of course I did; I'm a journalist.
Never found a shred of evidence.
What about you? Did you find something about him or? Well, I don't have any proof.
But I can confirm that your dad didn't die of natural causes.
Who killed him? I don't know.
Sure you never found any evidence? Damn.
That's is my office.
I'm late for a meeting.
Someone stopped by.
Family friend.
I waited for Don to leave the house, and then I took Kensi with me.
I lied.
Said I fell in love with a guy in Boston, and we were moving there.
We got as far as Nevada when she ran away.
A few days later, Don called to tell me that she showed up at his doorstep.
I knew I'd lost, but I had him put Kensi on the phone anyway.
She said she never wanted to talk to me again.
Daddy's girl till the end.
You know more about your dad than you're telling me, don't you? Kensi said she was gonna come back after she talked to Megan Stevens.
But instead, they traded shots and Kensi killed her in self-defense? Maybe Kensi fled because this isn't the real Megan Stevens.
This whole setup was a trap.
So Clairmont must have assumed that Kensi found out about Brad Stevens and his connection to her father.
She could've killed Kensi the moment she opened that door.
Instead, she invited her in.
Sam? Meet the real Megan Stevens.
Hands bound, shot in the head.
She was questioned and executed.
LAPD said someone searched the place.
Clairmont's looking for something.
Megan didn't help him find it.
Searched Kensi's apartment, too.
So is this guy in town to kill people or win a scavenger hunt? Go ahead, Nell.
I've identified the woman who was posing as Megan Stevens.
Her name is Anya Fournier.
She's a Corsican-trained operative who's on payroll at Downrange Partners.
That's the same military contractor that employed Clairmont after he allegedly died in 2006.
He brought a whole team.
Nell, any way of telling what we're up against here? Oh, I'm on it.
Anybody else wondering what the world's deadliest New Kid on the Block fan is doing right about now? This is Deeks.
Kensi? Kensi, is that you? Are you okay? Kensi, talk to me.
Kensi? Cross-referencing facial data points of our known Clairmont associates against worldwide law enforcement databases.
The database shows a set of surveillance photos dated back six months ago.
Looks like Clairmont and his team were hired to protect an American CEO in Croatia.
Local police kept tabs on them.
Can we identify Clairmont's team? Multiple pictures.
I'll run it through Photofuse, try to create a better image.
Isolating the clearest angles from each one.
Let's see what we get.
Okay, guys, smile for the camera.
Mm, nice work.
Okay, running facial rec, pulling up the files on Clairmont's team.
We got 'em.
All ex-military, all shooters.
I guess you really are Donny's little girl.
He wouldn't give up either until I beat him to death with my bare hands.
You really think you're better than he is? There's only one way for you to find out.
You don't know me, Clairmont.
Staying alone is the only way to guarantee you'll be the one that kills me in the end.
This ends today.
I'll be waiting.
Brad Stevens was targeted in 1997.
We still don't know why.
A week later, Clairmont kills Kensi's father.
But nine years pass by, Kensi joins NCIS, starts asking questions.
Clairmont realizes his past is catching up with him, fakes his own death.
And it worked until he heard that Kensi was questioning guys in his old unit.
Starts killing them off.
Where does Assistant Director Granger fit into all this? Certain point, it became personal for him, too.
So I just got off the phone with a retired newspaper editor.
none other than Brad Stevens.
And guess what? The story he was working on when he died wasn't really about international aid in Haiti.
It was about Peter Clairmont.
In 1997, Clairmont got drunk at a bar in Port-au-Prince, he killed a civilian.
Stevens puts that story out, Clairmont's cover's blown.
He would have lost his command and got put in prison.
Stevens died, story was never published.
We got to tell Granger.
He's with Hetty.
Megan Stevens kept a safety deposit box; they're arranging for a warrant.
Uh, guys, there's a call coming in on the secured line.
It's originating from Julia Feldman's house.
Hello? It's an open line.
That's weird.
Her mother's still back in the boatshed.
She'd know Clairmont would have that place under surveillance.
If Clairmont lured her to the house, he's gonna have her trapped.
No, it's Kensi luring Clairmont there.
He's the one who's gonna be trapped.
She's going to kill him.
I was beginning to think you wouldn't turn up.
I told my team to stay outside.
You really want to know the truth about your father? Donny lost sight of his mission.
Forgot he was a Marine.
My father devoted his life to serving this country.
Wrong! Brad Stevens was a threat to this country.
A threat to our unit.
Donny didn't agree; dumb son of a bitch never saw it coming.
As he laid there bleeding out, he tried to convince me he had evidence, one day it'd all come out.
Is that what you've spent the last 15 years searching for? Evidence? What are you gawking at? It's just been a long time since you've been operational.
I lost Clairmont once.
I'm not letting it happen again.
What are we up against? Clairmont's team, as many as four shooters.
Good thing I showed up, then.
Stick with me, cowboy.
Federal agents.
Drop your weapons! Your father and I were friends once.
Brad Stevens was just a difference of opinion.
Otherwise, we were the same.
My father was a United States Marine.
You're a killer who just happened to pass through.
Kensi! There's plenty of time to save him.
But I won't do it.
Property of Megan Stevens.
Our records show this box previously belonged to a Brad Stevens.
Uh, this is the search warrant you asked for.
Thank you.
Thank you.
So how does it feel? Feels like any other day.
Why did you come to Los Angeles? Because it's my job.
No, that's not what I meant.
Why did you care? This is Brad Stevens.
Your life is in danger because of a story you're working on.
It's about Peter Clairmont.
Who is this? You don't need to know.
Believe me when I say you need to drop everything and disappear now.
My dad tried to save him.
This is the evidence that Clairmont was searching for.
Let's say I believe you.
How would I disappear? Look up a man in DC.
His name is Owen Granger.
He won't know why you're calling, but tell him what I've said.
Granger's a friend.
The only person I trust anymore.
Stevens didn't get to me in time.
Clairmont killed him the day after your dad made that call.
I didn't know your father tried to warn Stevens until Hetty played this tape for me.
And this is your father's sniper journal.
He wanted you to have it.
I don't really know what to say.
Well, there's no hurry.
I just heard from Director Vance.
He likes the work I've been doing out here, so looks like you'll be seeing more of me.
Thank you.
So we'll be seeing more of you, eh? Welcome back.
How does it feel? People keep asking me that.
That tends to happen when they care about you.
Well, I guess I know that things will never be the same for me, and it's strange.
It's also a good thing.
See you tomorrow, Kens.
I owe you an apology.
There's a lot I never told you.
I'll settle for a beer every day for the rest of my life.
I just dropped your mom off at home.
You nervous? I cut her out of my life, and I never gave her a chance to explain herself.
I don't know how I will apologize for that.
I don't think she wants an apology.
I just think she wants her daughter back.
Night, partner.
June 6, 1996.
Dear Kensi, my darling daughter: Standard operating procedure forbids me from telling you where I am right now.
I wish I knew where you were.
I wish we could be there together.
Who knows? Maybe one day, we will.
September 2, 1996.
I find myself wondering what kind of a woman you'll become one day.
What will you look like? Who will you be? September 21, 1996.
Promise me you'll always remember this: No matter how far away I am, my home is wherever you are, baby girl.
Wherever you are.
Federal agent, huh? It's been a really long day, Mom.
But I made it.
Oh sorry.
You want to come inside? Yeah.

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