NCIS Los Angeles s03e20 Episode Script

Patriot Acts

Oh, come on.
Good morning to you and now that we've had our coffee and traffic and more coffee let's get an answer to this question, Sally.
Okay, okay, in all fairness okay, hold on.
No, no, no, our audience has to know what the question is.
The question is: You have to carpool to work I do carpool to work! Oh, well, that's news to me.
Oh! Oh! No, no, no, no! I guess it could have been worse.
The light was red, lady.
Hi! I am so sorry.
I'm on the way to school 'cause I'm a teacher-- first grade-- and I was doing my makeup in the car 'cause I overslept.
Not that I wear a lot of makeup.
I'm actually more of a teacher-slash-singer.
And What, what's going on with your truck? Is that a bomb? I am so tired.
You were going nuts.
I know.
It was exciting.
It was fun.
It was-- ah! You know what? Who knew? I knew.
Stick with me, kid.
Wait, what? You guys hang out together? Nell and I? Yeah.
You do? They do? - Down, boy.
- I mean, because you guys are like, you're like work friends.
- Here he goes.
- Oh, that must be it.
You're like us, you know what I mean? You go out after work for a casual brewski like, like we do.
Nell and I made plans a few weeks ago.
I think he's starting to drool.
Yeah, I'm starting to see it right on the right corner there.
Oh, no, okay, I get it.
Even bad-ass Blye needs a little "female bonding time," is that it? There's no turning back now.
You guys probably went shopping for jeans, took a Zumba class, stopped afterwards for a little frozen yogurt.
What? You know I don't eat frozen yogurt.
Uh-huh, and those are not new jeans.
He knows every pair of her jeans.
What, you don't know mine? I know you got new rims on your Jag.
That was a lucky guess.
You're questioning my attention to automotive detail? By the way, your front left tire-- looks about two PSI low.
Okay, now you're just showing off.
Guys, guys, we need to get back to what's important here.
Our friend Kensi went to an all-ladies fitness dance party last night.
You know, I support Kensi expressing herself artistically.
Gives her an outlet for the frustrations of the job.
Especially since she has to spend every day with you.
Thank you.
I actually appreciate that you guys noticed this.
McKenzie, you are stronger than Sam and I combined.
What was that? It's my homage to Captain Von Trapp.
Sound of Music.
Aw, come on.
Gazebos, Nazis, yodeling nun? Must have missed that one.
Must be right at the top of my Netflix cue.
You know, there is a sing-a-long coming up at the Bowl.
Guys, that movie is a classic.
Wait, is that one where people sing in the rain? No, that's Singing in the R ah.
Good boy, good boy.
No, no, that's inappropriate touching.
I don't like inappropriate touching-- neither does Hetty.
Hetty told me to keep you in line.
Uh, the FBI just released this to all the major news outlets.
Earlier this morning, the FBI apprehended Gavin Knowles, a man, we suspect, planned to detonate an explosive device in the city of Los Angeles.
With his arrest, I'm proud to announce the FBI thwarted an act of terrorism against our great nation.
The FBI moved in after a bomb detonated in Knowles truck.
And he lived to tell the tale? Apparently, the device started smoking after this car rear-ended him.
And Knowles abandoned the vehicle before the explosion.
Well, if it was smoking, it was probably a chemical bomb.
And if a fender-bender triggered it, means it was highly unstable.
Who is Gavin Knowles, and how does he know how to make third rate chemical bombs? That, I don't know.
But what I do know, is that he was a former Marine.
A medical discharge under honorable conditions after an IED took out most of his squad in Afghanistan.
And no formal training with explosives? Could have taught himself.
Give folks a taste of what life is like across the Afghan border.
What kind of trouble has Knowles been in since he's been state side? Few scrapes with the LAPD, but nothing that would have predicted this.
If you can predict this.
Initial thoughts? How do we not know about a terrorist plot, right here in L.
? Something about this just doesn't feel right.
Because you smell foul play, Mr.
Callen, or because you didn't find Gavin Knowles first? Ooh and that's why they call her Henrietta the Hammer.
Straight up, Mr.
I just got off the phone with Assistant Director Granger.
The man's apoplectic that the FBI got this collar, and not us.
After all, Gavin Knowles is a former Marine.
Granger's apoplectic? Oh, I heard a vein pop, Mr.
No joke, I've witnessed this two or three times in the field.
I know what to listen for.
So, what does Granger want us to do? FBI already made the arrest.
Granger wants you to find what you missed.
And what the FBI didn't.
Well, that seems like a great use of our national security resources.
No, guys, Granger's right.
We should have been all over this.
Smell that? Chlorine.
Chemical bomb, just like I thought.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Hold it right there.
Special Agent Jonas Ambrose, FBI.
Agent Callen, NCIS.
I need to see your I.
That goes for all of you.
Agent Hinty, get their I.
Don't, uh take anything.
We also need to speak to Knowles.
He's in FBI custody.
You're not going to let us question the prime suspect in a terrorist plot? Well, I don't have a problem, so long as you fill out and file the correct paperwork.
Takes about three weeks to process it before you get an answer, which will still be no.
You know our agencies typically work together, right? Well, I don't make the rules, I just live by them.
When do we get to sit down with Knowles? According to the FBI handbook over there, we don't.
Well, nobody was hurt, Knowles is behind bars, so that's good.
Or very bad if there's more unstable bombs out there.
Why do I always have to be the hopeless optimist on this team? Probably because you're the only one that watches musicals.
Losing out on our own territory to that guy, no wonder Granger's is pissed.
The evidence so far says Knowles is the guy.
Well, that's what the evidence says.
- Nate! - Nate.
The FBI has got this one wrong.
So, after we saw you in Yemen Okay, after Yemen was Venezuela, then Russia and Turkey.
Oh, South Africa then Turkey.
And half a dozen stops in between.
That you're not at liberty to discuss.
Profilers are in demand these days.
You must be flying first class, racking up all those miles.
Warm chocolate chip cookies taste so much better at 30,000 feet.
Pssh! I wouldn't know.
Ow! Really? I'm training Deeks to not make himself the center of every conversation.
- With pain? - With proven scientific methods.
So, what brings you in from Turkey? Joint FBI task force to help identify domestic terrorists.
So, is Ambrose a part of this task force? Yes, he's the one who helped zero in on Gavin Knowles.
And? Ambrose is a decent agent, but this arrest plus the FBI announcement that they prevented some terrorist plot are premature at best.
And I take it Ambrose wasn't interested in your opinion? I thought you guys might be.
Right, as always, Nate.
But, your insight isn't going to do us much good unless we can find a way to question Gavin.
And I take it, breaking into the FBI is off the table? For now.
Gavin's apartment's different story.
All right, Deeks and I will take the diner where he got arrested.
Big Nate.
Nate?! Nell! Hi! Eric! Nate What's up man? I can't believe you're here.
Wow, I want to hear all about your travel adventures.
And, um, I meant to send you that care package but, I'm sorry-- I hope my e-mails have been enough.
Not this guy again.
Ambrose's lackey.
We play the Hetty card? It won't work.
He's so green, he won't know who she is yet.
Then we use that.
Ego, thy name is Agent Fresh Out Of The Academy.
Don't tell me Ambrose has you standing watch out here.
There could be valuable evidence inside Knowles' apartment.
Guarding a scene's an invaluable skill.
Took me two whole days to teach my Doberman the same thing.
How long you been out of the academy? Almost six weeks.
Ambrose obviously doesn't recognize talent.
Unless what did you say when he told you not to let us inside? How did you know he said that? You heard the man; answer him.
I I didn't ask why.
There you have it.
Ambrose is right.
We're dealing with an empty suit here.
A real live yes man.
Uh uh Only thing left on my list is Bigfoot.
I-I'm not a yes man, okay? - It's okay, all right? - He'll go a long way.
As long as Ambrose is his boss.
And some people are better at following orders than giving them, so Good point.
Hey! I'm in charge here.
You got five minutes.
Be right out.
Let's be quick before he changes his mind.
Don't even think about it.
You two just crossed the line.
We were invited to cross.
It's called cooperation, Ambrose.
Then cooperate by filing the proper paperwork.
You want the form number? No, we're good.
That's nice.
Menus are at the counter.
The soup of the day is, uh, corn chowder.
You can sit wherever you'd like, okay? Sorry, it's been a little nuts here today.
No, it's fine.
We're actually here about the man the FBI arrested this morning.
You guys are a little bit late.
Wackos already cleared the place out.
The only memorabilia I got left is the pepper shaker he used, but I can give that to you for a great price.
How's that? No judgment.
Just, go ahead.
Check and see what it's going for online.
That's not going to happen.
We're federal agents.
- Is that a real? - Was Gavin Knowles a regular here? Yeah.
Yeah, uh, he'd come by all the time.
Always wanted to sit in Mia's section.
Mia? Um Goth chick, doesn't share tips.
Mia? We'd like to ask you some questions about Gavin Knowles.
You guys FBI? NCIS-- FBI's hipper younger brother.
Gavin's innocent, you know.
Did he say anything about what happened to his truck this morning? He was freaked out.
That bomb really brought it back.
The IED that took out his squad in Afghanistan? Gavin came back a little broken, but he's getting help.
And even at his worst, he would never terrorize innocent people with what he went through over there.
Well, how long have you known for? We've been dating about six months.
I'd say you kind of buried the lead there.
I didn't want our relationship to cloud the issue.
Gavin's innocent.
There's no way that was his bomb.
But you're still at work? Who could afford not to be? Has he been upset, or acting strangely lately? No.
Nothing out of the ordinary for a combat veteran who saw all of his friends die in an IED explosion.
- Okay.
- Thank you.
Can I give you my number in case you think of anything else? Yeah.
If you hear anything about Gavin, will you let me know? - Sure.
Give me your number.
- Okay.
You know, he was using Mia's phone.
What? The bomber dude.
Came in here looking kind of rattled; used Mia's phone to make some calls.
If I think of anything, I'll call you.
Thank you.
No problem.
Hey, Eric, I need you to look up a cell phone number and trace every call made between the time the bomb went off and when Gavin was arrested.
The name is.
Mia Jameson.
The number is 555-0127.
Okay, got it.
There were just two calls, both to an auto garage.
What do we got? I'm putting you on speaker.
Gavin used his girlfriend's cell phone to call a garage this morning twice.
Gavin's profile suggests he's not the loner type.
Well, maybe he wasn't working alone.
Deeks, you and Kensi go check it out.
We'll update Hetty.
We're on it.
Let's go.
You know, I'm feeling a little, uh, antsy this morning, so I'm gonna go work it on out at the gym.
In those? Uh, yeah, I always work out in these.
They build arch support.
So So, you're back.
Yeah, I'm back.
For a little while.
That's cool, man.
Why are you looking at me like that? I'm pretty sure you were flirting with me this morning.
- What?! - Yeah.
That's my signature welcome-back-buddy-hug thing.
That's standard issue.
Now why are you looking at me like that? 'Cause you're definitely not flirting with me now.
Now that, uh we're alone.
You think the hug thing had something to do with Eric? Oh, that's that's good.
Oh, yeah.
No, that's hilarious, actually.
Nell, I get paid to read people for a living, but, uh a 12-year-old could figure out what you're doing.
You know what? You've been gone a little too long, my friend.
I'll say that.
I mean, Eric? Really, we're talking about Eric.
Okay, Eric? Going to stop saying Eric now.
You can run, but I'm already in your head, Little Nell.
Still got it.
I keep forgetting the name of the club that you and Nell were at last night.
It was the, um Oh, you almost got me with that one.
Just saying, we're partners, you know? I should know what my partner is up to at all time for for safety's sake.
For safety? That's right.
Okay, where were you last night? Shh.
Do you hear that? Yeah.
It's the sound of you changing the subject.
No, no, no, it's a bike.
Make that plural.
And here we go.
Kensi and I are at the garage.
They got something going down.
My thoughts exactly, Mr.
We've had an anonymous tip.
A terrorist group claimed it was responsible for this morning's car bomb, and not Gavin Knowles.
And they warned that there are more bombs on the way.
We're tracking the source of the tip right now.
Can we keep it quiet? Unfortunately, no.
It seems the news outlets got wind of it.
Beale? A radical terrorist group has threatened to attack the city of Los Angeles by day's end Does that mean Gavin's innocent? I don't know, but get ready for a lot of really nervous people.
Which is exactly the point.
First the FBI, now the media.
Playing right into the terrorists' hands.
You guys just don't quit.
Nate, I expected more from you.
I personally recruited you to the joint task force, but it appears you've gone over to the dark side.
There really aren't supposed to be sides.
Our directors asked us to work together.
Well, unfortunately, the FBI has already closed the book on this one.
Even though there could still be more bombs out there? Look, if the case is closed, what is the fear in letting us speak to Knowles? Fine.
But Nate is the one to interview Knowles as part of the joint task force.
Now, was that so hard? That mirror works two ways, you know.
So any information you get from him helps me, too.
Understand what I'm saying? All right, Nate.
Signal's strong.
I'll make sure to let them know.
Hello, Gavin.
I'm Nate Getz.
I'm a psychologist.
Was wondering when they'd make me talk to one of you.
Talked to psychologists before? Afghanistan, maybe? After the explosion? Is that why you were medically discharged? Remind him it was an honorable discharge.
No shame there.
You were honorably discharged.
If it makes I had nothing to do with that bomb.
Then how did it get in the back of your truck? I don't know.
Someone must have planted it.
Who would do that to you? - How am I supposed to know?! - You don't know who'd put a bomb in the back of your truck? I told you, I don't know.
Gavin, I'm here to help you but you have to want me to help you.
And that starts by you telling the truth.
Don't start with the psychobabble.
They had a mark on my head, and now they've got me right where they want me.
Who might that be? Isn't it obvious? The FBI.
What does the FBI have to do with this? Where can I start? Okay, we're done here.
Well, no-- I just started interviewing him.
The suspect is clearly paranoid.
This won't be a productive conversation for anyone.
Come on.
- You can't just - You can try again later.
Gavin Gavin Wait! What do you think? His anger's a coping mechanism.
So Gavin is some shell-shocked vet who's turned against his own country? It's not totally out of the question, but I think there's something else going on here.
He left the Marines to escape the nightmare of IEDs.
Doesn't make sense for him to start building them on his own.
Well, unless it's his way of confronting his fears, like some sort of a aversion therapy.
Only one thing's for sure.
Ambrose got spooked.
What have we got, guys? Nell and I finished analyzing the photos you took at the auto garage.
Most of these guys have been in and out of prison, but have gone radio silent lately.
Maybe they've gone into planning mode for something big.
Domestic terrorism? LAPD deals with these guys all the time-- assault, demolition, B & E.
I wouldn't put it past them.
In that case, what's your stance on chaps? Never on a first date.
Well, almost never.
You know how wolves can smell the tiniest drop of fear? Yeah.
And when they do, they attack without mercy? Wolves' den? Wolves' den.
We're gonna be fine.
Just saying.
We could be walking into the middle of a terrorist cell.
Kensi, we are highly-trained operatives, all right? Equipped with the skill and experience to blend in to even the most dangerous of situations.
They're not gonna give us a second look.
Fellas Cop! He's a cop! Was it the chaps? Get him! Federal agents! Don't move! Who's a wolf now? I got this.
Go! Sorry about the table.
My main man Harold.
Maude, no! Maude? Harold, you named your bike Maude? Get up.
I always knew you had a sensitive side.
Let's go.
So how is it that you two know each other? What, Harold here? I arrested him a few years back for B-and-E.
Ain't that right, Harold? I'm a free man, Deeks.
You can't keep me here.
Yeah, you're a free man on parole.
And I know that you know that hanging out with known felons is a big parole no-no.
Come on, man.
They're my friends.
Friends don't let friends go back to jail.
What do you know about Gavin Knowles? Who? You really prepared to abandon Maude in her time of need? Yeah, that's right.
Spartacus over here named his bike Maude.
All right, what were you guys up to in the bar? Nothing.
We were playing pool.
You know, my kid sister's actually, uh, in the market for a motorcycle.
But she's a first-time rider, so I'm sure she's gonna lay it down a half dozen times or so Man Harold Word is there's a terrorist group.
Right here in L.
Really? That's the generic crap you're feeding us? And it's the truth! Did I mention my sister's farsighted? Okay! Okay! Someone's been asking for demolition advice.
You mean a chemical bomb.
Chemical bomb? Nuh-uh.
Someone's been asking around about how to make a compact bomb.
Size of a pack of cigarettes.
Who's asking? I don't know.
I swear.
Who was asking about a compact bomb? Think he's telling the truth.
I agree.
Gavin had a chemical bomb in his truck.
What's he going to do with a compact bomb? Pick a target, hide it, trigger it.
Bomb like that is used to take out someone specific.
Something you should see.
This is coming to you live.
The FBI believes this anonymous tip to be nothing more than a hoax.
We've confirmed that Gavin Knowles acted alone and are not pursuing any additional suspects.
That's a dangerous bluff to call, especially if there's a terrorist group still out there.
Maybe they're trying to smoke them out.
That's the problem.
Makes them act with more urgency.
I think it's time Kensi and Deeks had another chat with Mia.
Find out what she knows about Gavin's friends.
And enemies.
Mia? Mia? No sign of distress.
Who leaves without locking their door in L.
? No sign she left in a hurry.
Hah! Guess what instrument she plays.
Uh, drums.
No, electric guitar.
No, no, no-- electric keyboard guitar.
Final answer.
Jumbo violin was going to be my next guess.
Got a goth chick on the outside and a sexy nerd on the inside.
Make that a sexy nerd with skills.
That's some serious string work keeping our waitress up at night.
You can tell that from a sheet of music? I grew up playing the violin.
What? Yeah.
I'm only part Neanderthal.
What now? That Jag felt a little more balanced.
It's in your head.
Put more air in that front tire, didn't you? Give it a rest.
What is it about this one? We don't know who or what's out there.
It doesn't help that Ambrose is keeping us in the dark.
Can't shake the feeling that he's hiding something from us.
Hey I was able to trace the anonymous tip to an address in Hollywood.
Where is it? It's a big abandoned building surrounded by empty parking lots.
Address on your phones.
What are you thinking? Great place for an ambush.
You okay? Yeah.
You? Must have been remote detonated.
No, I set it off when I checked the lock.
Guess Gavin isn't working alone.
Nate was right.
The FBI got it wrong.
Only way to get ahead of this terrorist plot is to figure out the endgame.
The first chemical bomb went off after a car accident.
It almost killed Gavin and the woman who rear-ended him.
But the bomb was meant to detonate somewhere else.
Second chemical bomb triggered by a pressure sensor on the gate.
No one was hurt by that one either.
Maybe it's by design.
Maybe they're trying to get our attention.
Could be an extortion scheme.
You know, "This is what we can do.
"Now you pay us or the next time, it's gonna be at the Staples Center during a Clippers game.
" If there is a third, it may not be a car bomb like the first two.
Someone's been asking our biker friends how to make small compact bombs, which are much easier to hide.
And take out a specific target.
So the car used in the second bombing was stolen after Gavin's arrest.
Ooh, okay, that means Gavin wasn't acting alone.
We assumed that he used Mia's phone to call the garage, but she could have made those calls herself.
Which, in retrospect, actually makes much more sense.
We need to find this girl.
You don't know the half of it.
It's gonna be hard.
Her phone's turned off, and there's no record of Mia Jameson until six years ago.
She created a new identity.
Okay, so what happened six years ago? I don't know, but I do know where to start.
'Cause this is not the kind of cello you abandon just because you're going off the grid.
And my guess is she's still having it serviced at the same place.
All right.
Stay in touch.
Hey, so, um, how is it, um, how is it being back? Oh, actually it's-it's kind of hard.
- Like, I haven't seen anyone - That's great.
Um, so what did you mean before when you said I was flirting with you only in front of Eric? Oh.
Oh, I just Because, trust me, there is nothing going on there between me and Eric.
I mean, I think of him like my brother.
- Yeah - And I do not have feelings for my brother.
You think I have feelings for my brother.
Do I have feelings for my brother? Or do I only consciously think of Eric like my brother and I subconsciously think of him as something else? Is-is that what you're trying to say? This was a good talk.
I'm gonna go.
And yeah.
So do you recognize this instrument? Oh! I string and re-string this bambina for 15 years.
Do you know its owner, Mia Jameson? You mean Jessica, eh? Um, blonde hair, dark clothes, nose piercing? Yeah.
Nose, the nose thing she puts in.
And I say, why? Why do you put this-this thing in your punim, eh? Does Jessica still own the cello? Of course! I service just last month.
Come this way.
All right.
I-I don't trust computers, at all.
Too many bugs, eh? I have all my receipts right here.
Thank you.
Do you, do you have any older receipts that we can look at, by chance? What is this about, huh? We think Jessica needs our help.
We could use your help to find her.
Mia or Jessica.
Still a good kid.
That address is in Bel Air.
Could be that's where she grew up.
Thank you.
Callen, we got an address for you.
Let's try the back.
Uh, excuse me.
A little to the left.
NCIS! Do you live here? Uh, no.
I'm just house-sitting for Mr.
and Mrs.
Evans until they return on Sunday.
They're not coming home early, are they? We need to speak to them.
Well, good luck with that.
It's their phone-free anniversary.
They didn't even tell me where they were going.
Do you know their daughter Jessica? No.
Do you? All the maid's told me is that she ran away in high school.
I'm not supposed to ask about it.
And they haven't touched her bedroom since.
- It's totally creepy, right? - Mm.
We're gonna need to see that bedroom.
Whatever Check it out.
Law books.
For a high school student? There's Jessica playing soccer.
Jessica striking her Charlie's Angels pose.
She was in the youth orchestra.
Here's Jessica and her boyfriend, looks like.
He could've been the reason she ran away.
Maybe why mom and dad don't want any questions asked.
This is Rafi Janatpour.
He and Mia were both part of the Mulholland Youth Orchestra.
Mia played cello, Rafi first violin.
And The FBI arrested him as a suspected terrorist six years ago.
Where's Rafi now? Deceased.
While he was awaiting trial his fellow inmates murdered him in the name of patriotism.
He was Muslim.
And we haven't even got to the juicy part yet.
The FBI agent who cut his teeth on Rafi's case Ambrose.
The plot thickens.
Eric, zoom in on this picture? FBI identified this guy as Zachary Cole.
That's the busboy from the diner where Mia works, only he said his name was Adam Malnick.
Searching for him now.
Okay, it looks like Zachary Cole became Adam Malnick six years ago.
He changed his identity the same time Mia did.
So they were working together all this time and Rafi was the common denominator.
Mia and Adam think that the FBI arrested an innocent man when they put Rafi behind bars.
An innocent man who's now dead.
This was never about terrorism.
These two are out for revenge.
I doubt Adam's gonna try to sell us any memorabilia this time.
I know.
We should've taken it when we had the chance.
You mean before we realized he was a revenge-seeking psychopath? Yeah, that was our window.
Sounds like you dropped something.
Hope you don't have to pay for what you break.
Well done, Agents, very well done.
I'd give you a slow clap, but my hands are tied.
You find this amusing? Yeah, a little bit.
Step up.
You enjoy terrorizing people? Making them scared to step outside in the morning? You're giving me too much credit, man.
I just built the bombs, all right? It was the FBI and the media that went through all the trouble of telling everybody about him.
Where's Mia? She's exactly where she's supposed to be.
Where is Mia?! I don't know.
But Agent Ambrose might.
Why would Ambrose know? 'Cause he's Mia's target.
This is FBI Agent Jonas Ambrose.
I can't come to the phone right now, but leave a message, I'll call you back.
Straight to voicemail.
Mia must have baited Ambrose into meeting her.
He's not answering his phone.
I'm using Ambrose's cell phone to track him now.
He's got an encrypted FBI phone.
It's gonna take me a minute.
If we find Ambrose, we find Mia.
If we find Mia we find the third bomb.
Okay here's Jessica and Rafi, but I don't see Adam in the orchestra picture.
Maybe he wasn't in the orchestra.
Maybe they all went to high school together.
But his phone has the orchestra sticker on it.
Well, maybe it wasn't his phone.
So the FBI arrested Rafi because they linked his cell phone to conversations about chemical bombs.
Somebody else could've made the call using Rafi's phone.
Like this punk.
Could've framed Rafi to take the blame.
He could be doing the same thing to Mia now.
This time she's the innocent victim.
You're the one that used Mia's phone to call the garage this morning, aren't you? Guys, Jessica Evans, aka Mia, filed petition after petition with the courts until Rafi was killed.
Mia's law books.
She tried to prove Rafi's innocence.
And this guy? He pretended he was crushed by Rafi's unjust murder.
Then he recruits Mia to help him prove a point to the FBI.
They go underground, trick the FBI into arresting an easy mark like Gavin then detonate another bomb to prove the FBI wrong.
Tell us when we're getting warm.
Guys, Mia would want the FBI to admit its mistake, if it didn't hurt anyone.
Except for the fact you took too much pleasure in tricking the FBI the first time.
You want to do it again, huh? Even if it meant sacrificing Mia.
Where'd you plant the other bomb?! Well, that would take all the fun out of it.
Found him.
At least his phone.
Ambrose is headed to Verdugo Park.
We're on our way.
Get in the car.
Ambrose is headed to the baseball field.
Does he have anyone with him? That'd be a negative.
Because he thinks Mia's just there to talk.
Mia probably is there to talk.
She doesn't know Adam's planted a bomb on her.
So where would he have put it? Mia would want the FBI to admit its mistake.
That Rafi was innocent.
And she'd want that on record.
Tape recorder.
We're at the park.
Which way, Eric? Baseball field.
Straight ahead.
Guys, look for a tape recorder.
I think that's where the bomb could be.
She's got something behind her back.
Callen, what the hell? Ambrose, she's got a bomb.
Mia, do not turn on that recorder.
Listen to us, Mia.
I already have.
Mia, do not move.
Do not take your finger off that button.
It's gonna be okay, Mia.
I'm gonna take it off you.
Do not let it go until I've got it.
Run, Mia! Run! Go.
You got a plan? - Nope.
- You gonna throw it? Nope.
- Do we all need to be here? - Nope.
I'll, uh, take care of Mia.
I need something to hold the button.
A bobby pin-- I got it, I got it.
You guys know what you're doing? Got no idea.
Back away.
Back away.
Go, go, go, go.
Back away.
Come on, Sam.
Sam, come on.
Sam, let's go! I swear, I swear I didn't know it was a bomb.
Adam just gave it to me.
I just wanted the FBI to admit that Rafi was innocent.
Mia, Mia.
We know.
Ambrose, here, is gonna admit it on record.
And then he's gonna release Gavin.
We're gonna put that guy in jail for as long as we can.
All this time I believed him.
And he was the one responsible for Rafi's death.
I don't care if I go to jail, I'll do whatever it takes to make sure Adam pays for what he did.
We good? Uh not so fast.
He apologize to you? To me? No.
On behalf of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I apologize for getting you into this mess.
I didn't hear any heart.
He's the tin man in a suit.
What's gonna happen to Mia? We're questioning her, but given her history, it's unlikely that we'll press any charges.
One more thing Thanks, I don't need a shrink, man.
Well, maybe a friend.
Kudos, Mr.
Assistant Director Granger sends you a gold star.
Ah, well, send it to Mia.
She devoted her life to clearing Rafi's name.
She devoted her whole life to the truth.
She's a kindred spirit.
Headed home? Yep.
No plans tonight.
Or any other night.
For the foreseeable future.
Unless of course the monster truck rally comes back into town.
Uh, Kensi and I went last night.
It was pretty awesome.
Good night.
I'll see you tomorrow.
Monster truck rally? Hmm.
I'm surprised I didn't bump into them.

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