NCIS Los Angeles s04e07 Episode Script

Skin Deep

We've got a male, 30s, victim of MVC.
Multiple fractures, rigid abdomen pulmonary contusions.
Got two liters of saline running wide open for a BP of 60 over 40.
ETA ten minutes.
What the hell do you think you're doing?! Holy crap! Oh, my God.
Original air date on November 20, 2012 Whose turn is it to pick the food truck today? Deeks.
He said he found something really different.
Why doesn't he just pick the shrimp curry? Everyone likes the shrimp curry.
I think he was going for a culinary home run.
Why do I get the feeling he's going to have a major league strikeout? You know, you really should think about expanding your palate, Sam.
I just got a thing for the shrimp curry.
Think positive.
Maybe he has something that'll blow you away.
You said Deeks was picking, right? He back yet? Any minute now.
And it should be interesting.
Deeks loves food.
He also love Donny and Marie.
What'd you get? Comin' at ya-- hoo-ha.
Little bit of that.
Heads up.
It'll change your life, right here.
This looks like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich.
That's what I'm talking about.
Did you experience a head injury, Deeks? Uh, not that I'm aware of.
But I do sleepwalk.
Hundreds of food trucks in Los Angeles and the best you can do is a peanut butter and jelly sandwich? Seriously? Okay, hold on a second.
This is not your run-of-the mill PB&J All right, people? This, right here, is organic hazelnut butter with a mango-chutney marmalade.
That's what this is.
What are you look what are you looking at? Yesterday's lunch in the kitchen.
Pepperoni pizza.
There's only two slices.
Wait, no.
Hold on.
Uh, guys.
Hold on a second.
You've got to give this a shot, because thisis a game Wow, that is that's terrible.
The victim was Civilian Naval Technology Scientist Kevin Stone.
He was already in critical condition because of a random auto accident when the ambulance was attacked.
So, somebody wanted him extra dead.
Why the knife? Could suggest something personal.
Yeah, the gun's more efficient but it doesn't have the same psychological effect the killer wants.
So, revenge, crime of passion? Maybe.
This looks like it was shot on a smartphone.
It was uploaded to a private file-sharing Web site this morning.
After the crime report came in from the LAPD, we picked some curious chatter about a "sick" video.
Uh, it seemed a little too similar, so we hacked in.
And what do we know about Stone? He was working on surveillance and security projects for the past six years.
He is single, lives alone, uh, no disciplinary or criminal record.
Anything on the killer? You're looking at it.
This is the only footage we have.
Lot of questions.
In the top three would be why post it? Who shot it? Who's the killer and why did he do it? That's four.
Questions, because yours was a two Doesn't matter.
And all of them very good.
It's just that we're in the answer business.
So, Mr.
Callen, Mr.
Hanna, I've informed Stone's supervisor that you'll be paying him a visit at the Naval Lab.
Deeks, Ms.
Blye, Rose will have a preliminary forensics report by the time you arrive.
On it.
And now, the dynamic duo.
Survey says? Uh, tracing the Web poster's I.
Good answer.
Stone was one of our best and brightest.
Dedicated, good attitude.
Any unusual behavior lately? Anything that would be described as out of the ordinary? Not that I saw.
He had been working hard lately.
I think he was looking forward to London.
London? Yeah, a technical conference he was going to attend this week.
What was Stone working on? Mostly reconnaissance and surveillance projects.
Anything particularly sensitive? No, standard methods of gathering intel.
He was developing tools to streamline the process.
All low-level stuff.
Sounds vague.
Truth is, 99% of our work is actually pretty mundane.
I love liver.
Always have, ever since I was a little kid.
Can't really explain it, but liver and onions, liver and bacon, fried chicken livers Dude, just stop.
You hate liver? I hate liver.
Not unlike the vast majority of Americans, who don't have an appreciation for the smooth and silky texture of a slightly gamey organ meat usually cooked medium rare and served with a side of All right, I'm going to be sick, Deeks.
I'm going to be sick.
Have you heard from Nate? He's in Europe.
But he says he's well.
Aside from his particular dislike of braised tripe.
Okay, can we dispense with the food talk, Deeks? Does he have any new friends? Um, well he's been undercover so we don't really know much about his personal life.
But I am sure that he is thinking of you fondly.
And we will give him your regards.
Of course.
So, the stab wound was the cause of death? In combination with the injuries he suffered in the accident.
But there was something curious about the stab wound.
There was already scarring in the region.
Like he'd already been stabbed there before? It's too clean for that.
This looks like it was from some kind of minor surge.
There's interior scarring as well, and a gap in the tissue.
Like something was inside of him.
Implanted inside of him? Yeah, very possibly.
And the killer carved it out.
Thanks, Kens.
The killer took something out of Stone's body.
What do you mean, out of his body? Something small that was put in surgically.
How about you tell us what Stone was really working on, huh? It was the latest prototype of a highly advanced intelligence device.
A major breakthrough in surveillance and intelligence gathering.
Go on.
If it gets into the hands of our enemies, it not only could be a serious problem for U.
security interests, but it'll set our program back at least five years.
Well, I guess that's the one percent that not mundane.
The technology is called I-SWEEP.
Intelligent Small World Enemy Encroachment Proxy.
It's about the size of an aspirin.
With some of the motors as small as a grain of sand.
There's a micro-solar cell on top.
It supplies the power.
Several vibrating legs allow for movement, including one that acts as a sensor.
Relays information for surveillance and intelligence gathering.
We're looking at the future.
Today, it's automatic checkout counters replacing cashiers.
robots'll be doing our jobs.
Maybe they'll program the robots to pick a decent food truck.
This may look like science fiction, but make no mistake-- the military's been developing this technology for years.
It's a game-changer.
Well, right now, it could be a game-changer for the highest bidder.
Indeed, Mr.
If one of our enemies was to acquire this device, it's doubtful they'd be able to manufacture it.
They could develop technology to render it ineffective.
The device had been in a secure vault in the tech lab for several weeks, while they developed testing procedures.
And Stone was one of several scientists working on the project, any of whom could have had access to the vault.
And if it went missing, Stone knew all of them would have been searched.
But they probably weren't going to be looking under his skin.
LAPD delivered the contents of Stone's car.
It included a suitcase and a plane ticket.
He was on his way to the airport when he got into the accident.
He was supposed to be going to London for a conference.
Only he was stopping in Istanbul first.
Right next door to Iran.
Have we I.
'd the smartphone shooter? Uh, yeah.
Lance Eddings, high school at 16.
Mostly does odd jobs to get by.
Uh, social services records indicate he was abandoned by his family at age three.
He spent the remainder of his childhood in various foster homes.
He is currently living in a low-income apartment in Hollywood.
We'll check out Stone's apartment.
Kensi, Deeks, see if you can find Lance.
Or his smartphone.
Eric, we need FISA warrants all around.
Got it.
Never ceases to amaze me, G.
A man dedicates himself to developing technology to keep his country safe, only to sell it out.
Why? Day trading, for one.
Stocks, currencies, futures.
Looks like he has accounts with several online brokerage firms.
Was he doing that bad? Well, bad enough he doubled down on some pretty risky securities.
He was probably desperate.
Vicodin and Keflex.
A painkiller and an antibiotic.
Two medications you'd take after a surgery.
Prescribed two weeks ago.
Which is about the time Rose said the incisions were made.
Who's the doctor? Dr.
Adam Keller.
Westside Beautification Center.
I think it's time to remove those frown lines, Sam.
Thank you.
You, uh, look like you got something on your mind.
Listen, Kensi, we're partners-- you can ask me anything.
Donny and Marie? Really? Sam.
Damn it! So he says.
All right, listen, here's the deal.
We were in line, waiting for coffee, and I was bored, so I just absentmindedly started humming, and I was feeling A little bit country.
And a little bit rock and roll.
Is that so wrong? Does that make me a bad person? Not at all.
Just a little bit creepy.
Oh, good, then that doesn't change anything between us.
Our videographer's apartment.
Open up.
Ready? Federal agents! Clear! Clear.
Lance is a surfer.
Wow, your powers of observation are astounding.
No robot is ever gonna replace you, Kens.
"To my little bro.
" That's Sonny Amador.
Who's Sonny Amador? Are you kidding me? He's, like, a surfing legend.
Well, look at these.
He's a conspiracy theorist.
"The truth the government doesn't want you to know.
" Looks like wiping out wasn't the only thing Lance was worried about.
So where did he go? Where every surfer goes when he wants to escape his problems.
He took his board.
How's your beach body? That's a nice shot, Jerry.
You're up, Bill.
Still waiting on Davis, yeah? The starter confirmed what the doctor's receptionist told us.
He has a standing foursome every Thursday on his day off.
Only, today, he never showed.
Yeah, no one saw him in the clubhouse, either.
Although one of the regulars thought they saw him pull up earlier.
What do you think? Damn it! Fore! He lifted his head.
Maybe the most ridiculous game ever invented.
It's a metaphor for life, Sam.
Nothing to react to but your own actions.
Doesn't look like fun.
It's just you, the ball, the course and your thoughts.
No one to throw the ball to, no one to catch it You just stare down your fears.
Didn't take you for a golfer, G.
Never played a day in my life.
Too scary.
So, what does the good doctor drive? Eric said it was a charcoal gray Prius.
Got to love L.
You got a plate? I do.
Got it.
What do we got? Looks like a hole in one.
So, here's an amazing coincidence not.
Semih Demir-- a high-ranking officer in the Turkish Diplomatic Service.
Homeland flagged him coming in from Istanbul this morning.
Demir is suspected of being more than a little chummy with a certain network of Iranian intelligence agents, feeding them U.
intel which he culls from his diplomatic connections.
And one of those Iranian agents specializes in surveillance technology.
The Turkish government is well aware of the accusations, but Mr.
Demir is highly respected.
There's no hard evidence, so their hands are tied.
And now he's here, the day after a plan to smuggle a classified device out of the country falls apart.
You guys on him? He hasn't checked in to a hotel, hasn't rented a car, at least not in his own name.
We're monitoring facial rec, credit card hits and traffic cams.
And how's our progress with tracking down our videographer, Lance Eddings? According to neighbors at his apartment, he spends most his weekends with Sonny Amador and his boys.
Did you look into Sonny, Eric? Yep.
Who's Sonny Amador? Dude, Sonny Amador, former world-class surfer.
He's a two-time champ of the U.
Open at Huntington Beach.
He was the real deal, man.
We're talking one of the kings of pipeline on the North Shore, dominated Todos Santos in the mid-'90s, and was always in the top ten of the world tour until a knee injury sidelined him in 2002.
And that's when he started collecting records of a different kind.
Yeah, uh, several arrests for low-level weed dealing and petty theft, and one for fraud.
Yeah, he and his crew counterfeit-labeled cheap surfboards and tried to pass them off, um, claiming his brand endorsed them.
Not exactly Point Break, are they? No.
Nonetheless, it would seem Mr.
Eddings should be found in their company.
He's our best chance to find this missing surveillance technology.
Given his paranoid profile, I think he's gonna be more than a little skittish.
Perhaps it's time for you to break out your Sex Wax, Mr.
All right.
Relax, Ms.
It's just surfboard wax.
Maybe you better brush up on your lingo if you're going to back him up.
Hang loose, bro.
Good luck with that.
("Secret Agent Man" intro playing) There's a man who leads a life of danger To everyone he meets, he stays a stranger Well, every move he makes Another chance he takes Odds are he won't live to see tomorrow Secret Agent Man Secret Agent Man They've given you a number And taken away your name Beware of pretty faces that you find A pretty face can hide an evil mind Dude, you cut me off! Sorry, bro! Oh, be careful what you say You'll give yourself away Odds are you won't live to see tomorrow Secret Agent Man Secret Agent Man You dropped in on me! What the hell are you doing here! You're on my beach! Locals only, bro! Just hold on! Just hold on for two seconds! Quit! Sonny, hold on a second, man! I came here to meet you! You're the reason I started surfing in the first place-- just hear me out.
All right? Huntington, 1999.
You were in the finals, and you were losing, right, and there was only a minute left on the clock, and this set came out of nowhere.
You remember this, huh? And you paddled out to the horizon, you turned, and you dropped into this huge barrel.
You put, like, three fingers in the wall and you were so deep inside that tube that no one thought you were ever coming out.
And when you did, you we going so fast I shot the pier.
you shot the pier.
Straight tens from the judges.
Listen, man, I just came here to interview you.
Interview for what? I do a surfer's blog.
Bro, I just I just wanted to highlight you for this week, that's it.
Beers on this dude! That's fine.
I'll buy beers.
All right, brah.
And that was Oahu? North Shore.
Judges cheated me out of a trophy.
Said my heat was over.
That sucks.
Could I have Hi.
Mind if I, uh, buy you a drink? She likes me; just wait for it.
I'm thinking that you're kind of a Mojito type, yeah? Bartender, what's your most expensive drink? Uh, that would be the Partida Elegante Anejo.
That's 50 bucks a shot.
Actually, I'm the Par Partida Elegante Anejo type? Yeah.
Is that your type? Yeah.
Yeah? Let's make it a double, shall we? Ooh.
Yes, sir.
As I "Daily Double"" Well done, Mr.
But let's not blow the whole case budget in the first hour, shall we? I'd hate to have to move the decimal point on your next paycheck.
Yeah, those mani-pedis don't come cheap.
Forensics report just came in on Dr.
Anything of particular interest? Maybe.
There were traces of aluminum silicate on the car seat-- that's the same substance that was in the ambulance when Stone was killed.
Aluminum silicate, when mixed with water, creates clay.
For sculpting? Or pottery.
I just got a hit on Demir's credit card.
Ali Baba-- it's a Turkish restaurant in Hollywood.
Got it.
The most competitive food truck scene in the country-- that's the best he can come up with? Food trucks are supposed to be about food, G.
Yeah, especially if they all serve shrimp curry.
Never said it had to be shrimp curry.
Chicken's okay, too.
It's so nice to see you all again.
What you like? Please excuse me.
What can I do for you? You seen this man recently? Doesn't look familiar.
He used his credit card here an hour ago.
Name's Semih Demir.
We have many customers.
Their private lives are their own business.
So you're saying he was here.
We'd like to take a look in your back room.
Do you have a warrant? I don't think we have a warrant.
Do we have a warrant? No warrant.
You know what we do have, Sam? We have the phone number for the department that gives out food truck licenses.
Like the stupid Nut Truck.
A kebab truck would make much more sense.
Four or five of them.
Parked outside this restaurant during the dinner hours.
Semih is a friend of my family in Istanbul.
He needed a car, so I loaned him mine.
Where was he going? I have no idea.
Now, please, leave my restaurant.
Do you have any questions about the menu? Nice guy.
The inside of the barrel dropped out, and I was shooting like a rocket toward the reef.
Didn't even have time to get my hands up.
Bam! Head first.
You! I know you from somewhere, bro.
Where do I know you from? Harvard Business School? No, you kook.
I arrested that guy couple years back.
Lance just walked in; keep smiling.
So, uh, I'll handle the drunk guy, and you go chat it up with Lance, preferably outside, got it? I'm gonna need a reason to leave you for him, so I'm gonna start an argument.
No, I got a better idea.
Aah! Ouch.
Yo, man, I remember where I know you from.
You're that dude-- Where do you think you're going, sweet thing? Out! Going going Gone.
Lance got away in an orange VW van, VEGN GRL.
Victor, Echo, Golf, November, Golf, Romeo, Lima.
All right, registered to a Freedom Weinberg.
Think she might've changed her first name? I thought the best way to piss off your parents was to moo every time they said your name.
Not that I have any real experience with that.
I just think Uh, do we have an address, Mr.
Beale? Yeah.
She lives in our own little Haight-Ashbury-by-the-Sea-- Topanga Canyon.
We should probably skedaddle before they realize the guy they're fighting over has already skedaddled.
Let's go.
Hey! What about the interview? Ah, I'm gonna have to catch you later, bro, 'cause right now I'm gonna go ride a little wild surf.
I hope you choke on your liver.
I see the sunrise in her eyes Like the diamond in my sky Look for the orange van.
Was it really necessary? I mean, was it really necessary? Are you talking about my clever but crude excuse for getting us out of there together, or my clever but, uh, very successful placement of my hand on your? Both.
See, I was undercover, so, actually, it was part of my character.
Really? My character was about to start an argument, which I happen to be very good at.
Yeah, that's-that's very true.
Hey, man.
Do I know you? Okay, how many people have you actually arrested around here? Now I know.
You look just like that guy from Scooby-Doo, man! Evidently, not enough.
No, don't do it.
You enjoyed it, though, a little, right? What, my hand on your Yeah.
No, what? No, I didn't enjoy it.
Why? What was wrong with it? Nothing.
It was fine.
It was, uh, firm.
It was good.
All right, I enjoyed it.
A little.
That is so disappointing.
Pass it over here.
It's open.
It's crazy good.
Hey, it's from Mendocino.
Who are you? Federal agents.
Don't hurt me! Don't hurt me! Relax.
Come on, bro.
Whoa dude! Bad karma, Shaggy.
Yeah? You're next, Patchouli.
You're next.
Let's go.
You can't get in my head.
I'm blocking you out.
We're not trying to get inside your head, Lance.
Oh, you guys have ways; I've read about it.
Listen, man, we just need your help.
What kind of help? We know you recorded something terrible.
And we also know that you posted that video on a file-sharing site before you deleted it off your phone.
Now, that guy in the video, he's still out there.
And he's gonna hurt somebody else.
Is that what you want? No.
All right.
Then help us.
Kid's a mess.
You might be, too, with what he's been through.
I don't want anyone else to get hurt.
We know you don't.
And we're not here to hurt you, either.
You're not in trouble, Lance.
Is there anything you can tell us about the man in the ambulance? What he looked like, what kind of car he was driving Yes.
Yes, what? I know what he looks like.
I followed him home.
I know where he lives.
I don't see him, but this is the place.
- Nothing yet.
- How long we gonna wait? If they're here, he'll be here.
That's him.
The guy with the bandana.
Run! On your knees.
Hands behind your head.
Juan Martinez.
He has a record.
Mostly dealing-- small amounts of meth is the worst of it.
So the Iranians reach out to a cartel and give the job to some low-level street hustler? That doesn't make any sense.
Well, cartels use guys like this on some jobs, sure.
Not for something on this level.
I'm going to have to join the doubt parade here.
I just checked Martinez's Facebook page.
He was at a quinceanera when the murder took place.
He was tagged in a dozen photos.
He's playing us.
The supposed killer you led us to is a street dealer with an alibi.
Who are you protecting? Okay, the man with the knife has classified military technology, technology he's going to sell to enemies of this country.
You're making that up.
Why would we do that? Because you're part of it.
What, the great government conspiracy? Authority has always attracted the lowest element in the human race.
They will submit to any indignity, perform any vile act, do anything to achieve power.
Every government is Is "a parliament of whores.
" P.
I love him.
But it's fiction.
And fiction reveals truths that reality obscures.
Ralph Waldo Emerson-- and he also said that "truth is beautiful, without a doubt, but so are lies.
" You saw a helpless man get stabbed to death.
Don't you think that's wrong? Don't you? You have 20 minutes.
After that, you're gonna go to prison for obstruction of justice.
You know, maybe he'll get lucky.
Maybe they'll put him in Lompoc.
You know what's great about Lompoc? You get a little glimpse of the surf when you're sitting in the prison yard.
I want to talk to Sonny.
Why? Because I do.
He's in over his head, and he knows it.
If he doesn't come clean soon, that microbotic device is gonna be on its way to Iran.
Guys LAPD reported finding Sonny Amador's body off a fire road in Malibu Canyon, just a few hours ago.
Shot to death.
That's a hell of a coincidence.
Sonny must have a connection to this.
Well, he's certainly got a connection to Lance.
Eric send this photo to my phone.
Think this'll break him? Sonny was Lance's emotional safety net.
He was like an older brother to him.
Now with Sonny gone, Lance has no one.
It might just shut him down completely.
The man in the ambulance, the one you're protecting, we think he did this to Sonny.
How many foster placements did you have, Lance? Nine.
I had 37.
For me, the good ones were the hardest.
You start to feel a little bit at home make a friend Sleep through the night.
Yeah, that was great, wasn't it? And then something would happen.
And they'd ship you off.
Usually not to someone so nice.
Only, this time, you don't let anyone in 'cause it's too risky.
But here's the thing, Lance we're not in foster homes anymore.
Sometimes we have to remind oures we're not that helpless little kid anymore, either.
We need to find the son of a bitch that did this to Sonny.
I called Sonny, told him what I saw in the ambulance, that I got video of it.
He told me to send it to him, so I did.
Sonny thought we could get some money.
He told me to follow the guy.
I left a note on his car telling him to check out the Web site.
We posted just enough video to show him we could screw him if we wanted.
Sonny went to Malibu.
to trade the footage for a payoff.
I led you to the wrong guy so we could pull it off.
Sonny said we could get, like, 50 grand.
He said that he'd take me to Hawaii.
We'd live it up.
Surf pipeline every day.
I downloaded Lance's video from Sonny's cell phone.
The killer is Clint Sears, 45.
Convictions for fraud, and a Homeland file connecting him to Al Qaeda-friendly players.
And I've got credit card records here that show Sears and our Naval scientist, Stone, frequenting the same restaurant half a dozen times over the past month.
Sears must be the middleman between Stone and the buyer Demir.
And he was probably following him to the airport to make sure he got on the plane when Stone got into the car accident.
So, to save the deal, he ambushes the ambulance and cuts the device out of him.
Is this his current address? It is.
And his computer is on.
Remote-accessing it now.
Doesn't seem to be any current activity.
He could just be away from his computer.
He could, but I don't think so.
Uh, the last Web site that he visited was a traffic check, two hours ago.
Where to? Calabasas.
I also got a hit on Demir's car.
He was headed north on PCH 30 minutes ago.
That's the quickest way from this side of the hill.
That's lot of ground to cover and not a lot of time, if Sears is already there.
There's not a lot of traffic cams in the hills, so chances are slim that we'll get another hit.
Got something else.
Looks like Sears has entered several amateur ceramic competitions.
The aluminum silicate.
Says here he's a member of Agave Ceramic Studio in Calabasas.
Got it-- Agave Studio, Palmwood Drive.
That would be familiar territory for Mr.
He'd know the layout should things go wrong.
Demir's halfway to Malibu.
LAPD can't detain him 'cause of his diplomatic status.
Well, that's not the only way to slow him down.
Eric, we're approaching Agave Studios.
Copy that.
What about Demir? Oh, he's not going anywhere for a long time.
Federal agents! Sears, put your hands in the air! Got it.
I don't see your wet suit.
No surfing for you? No.
I just want some curry shrimp.
Callen, I thought you'd like to know that the microbotic device is safely back at the Naval Tech Lab, and Mr.
Demir is on a plane back to Turkey.
The CIA will be keeping a close eye on him.
That's good to know.
How about Lance? Ah, young Mr.
Eddings? He was picked up by that woman with the-the curious name.
Right after he was released.
They seemed very happy to be reunited.
It's funny, isn't it, how people find their way in life.
Anyway, I think, uh, Mr.
Eddings will be fine.
Me, too.
How's the surfing lesson going? Yow! Swimmingly.
Where's the shrimp curry? He said he sold the last one to the bad surfer who looked like the dude from Scooby-Doo.

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