NCIS Los Angeles s04e13 Episode Script

The Chosen One

I know, I know.
I'll be home as soon as I can.
What's Addie worried about? The most I'll miss is the first quarter.
I promise.
All right, I got to go.
I love you.
Pull your vehicle over.
Just play it cool.
Is there a problem? Other than making your commute louder than the Soul Train Awards? License and registration.
We don't want any trouble, Officer.
I'm helping my friend move.
What do you say we take a look at what you're moving? Come on! What is that? That appears to be a fish tank.
Why is it here? That is an excellent question, to which I have an answer.
This should be good.
Had a date this weekend.
Went to the carnival, won that goldfish.
Obviously wasn't a game of strength.
Or wits.
That's very clever.
Moving on.
I didn't even want the goldfish, but my date insisted I give it a proper home, which meant something nicer than the plastic bag that it came in.
So, went to the pet store, bought this aquarium, but then we started looking at it, realized how lonely it looked, which meant, of course More fish.
But there's so many fish to choose from, I didn't know where to start, which is where I had my epiphany.
You ready for this? Doppelganger aquarium.
Doppelganger? Each one of us has a counterpart in there.
Sam, check it.
Right there, armoured catfish that's you.
That's a tough fish; doesn't take crap from any other fish.
Kensilina, angelfish.
Look how it glides all sexy through the water.
I like my fish.
Eh, your fish likes my fish.
Those are the gourami kissing fish.
That's Eric and Nell.
And, Callen, this is you.
Black ghost knifefish.
It's sleek, sharp, mysterious, solitary.
Hides in plain sight.
Where's Hetty? Hetty? Yeah, I'm actually working on Hetty, 'cause there's a problem.
Small fish tend to be eaten by the bigger ones, so And you're the goldfish, I take it? Of course I'm the goldfish it's gold.
It's valuable, desirable, beautiful.
King of the aquarium.
There's something wrong with the king's eyeball.
Wait, what are you talking about? You're right.
It's, like, droopy and puffy.
Yeah, I had a buddy that had one like this.
They had to remove it from the tank before it infected all the other fish.
Died all by himself a little while later.
No, no.
Goldfish Deeks, no.
This footage was taken from Sergeant Rick Gibson's patrol car camera.
He stopped this rental van on a noise violation.
According to the officer's report, he asked the driver to show him what was in the cargo area.
That's when he was shot by the passenger.
Unfortunately, the camera didn't capture an image of the passenger's face.
The officer was able to get off two rounds that shot the driver in the back.
He was dead at the scene.
It was, however, a Kodak moment for Karim Moussa, a Chechen-American with ties to the Haqqani network.
It's a terrorist group with links to al-Qaeda and the Taliban, who use foreign fighters to help with their cause.
After years of oppression by Moscow, Chechnya has become a hotbed of Islamic terrorism.
Haqqani is obviously taking advantage of this, drawing Chechen-Americans to help with the cause.
As much as we say that law enforcement doesn't use racial profiling, if you've got olive skin and a Muslim surname, it does grab more attention.
And most Chechen extremists don't look Middle Eastern.
He shot a cop in broad daylight.
He was protecting something or someone in the back of that van.
Thanks to his vest, Gibson survived the shooting.
He's in the hospital, conscious and stable.
All right, Sam and I will see what he can give us.
Kensi, Deeks, why don't you see what you can get from the rental company.
Hello there.
We need information on whoever rented this van.
No problem.
A Mr.
McGrady Dennis McGrady.
Oh, that's a nice, traditional Chechen name.
The rental agreement.
A copy of his driver's license and credit card.
Oh, the license is obviously a counterfeit.
Probably programmed the magnetic strip off a stolen credit card.
They were very specific about what they wanted: a cargo van with the rear windows tinted dark.
Was he with anyone? Um, an African-American gentleman.
Do you, uh, remember what he looks like? No taller than six-two, no shorter than six feet.
Medium build, fitted crimson T-shirt.
Red T-shirt.
Crimson? Mm-hmm.
He was wearing jeans.
vintage wash, probably Gap.
Could've been Old Navy.
I think we'd like you to speak to a sketch artist.
Oh, I have no idea what his face looks like.
And I didn't get a good look at the passenger.
All right, start at the beginning.
They were blasting their music pretty loud.
When I pulled in behind, he started driving like a church lady.
Driver was all twitchy.
You okay? Yeah.
Used to think wearing that vest was a pain in the ass.
But my daughter kept nagging me about it every morning.
Now I wouldn't be caught dead without it.
What else do you remember? Russian, maybe Eastern European.
The voice didn't fit the name on the license.
You see anything unusual in the cab? No.
The van was pretty clean.
The only thing I saw was a takeout bag from a restaurant.
The name of the restaurant on it? Yeah, but I don't remember it.
But the logo it was a cartoon.
It was a-a chicken wearing checkered pants.
So, the only Mr.
Fancy Pants Chicken in Los Angeles is in the Valley.
Got it.
Fortunately, there are a number of traffic cams in the area.
So our fish.
What do you think? I mean, you know that they're, uh, kissing fish? Yeah, I, um I actually did some research.
You did? Mm-hmm.
You know when they are locking their lips together and it looks like they're kissing? Yeah.
They're not.
They're actually fighting.
Fighting? Yeah.
It's their way of, uh, showing dominance.
That's cool.
I thought so.
I have the, uh, rental van on traffic cam footage from yesterday an hour after the shooting, turning east on Saticoy, 1400 block.
That's about half a mile from the restaurant.
Checking the first Saticoy cam and one on another street due west.
If the van came out, it would have had to pass by one of them.
Which it did not.
I'm calling Callen.
The van's in a parking lot.
Copy that.
We see it, too.
Clear! What is that? It's ammonium nitrate.
Fertilizer used to make explosives.
Explosives used to kill 170 people in the Oklahoma City bombing.
A Chechen extremist was hauling it around town.
LAPD Crime Lab didn't get a lot on the van beyond confirming what Sam suspected.
Traces of ammonium nitrate.
Right, but there was something left cellulose fiber.
It's basically a pulp made from recycled paper.
Now, there are three recycling mills in Los Angeles, all of which are in the downtown area.
Two are still active, but the third went out of business over a year ago due to the downturn in the economy.
The owner, Akmed Movladiev, is a Chechen national who repatriated back to Chechnya when his business went belly-up.
" That reminds me, Mr.
Hmm? Condolences on your impending loss.
My fish is fine.
I think.
From what we can gather, Mr.
Movladiev retained several close relationships in his motherland, including some with suspected ties to the Haqqani network.
And from the looks of this satellite image, someone's keeping the lights on.
Satellite images from yesterday show the rental van entering the facility and leaving a short time later.
Probably to off-load the ammonium nitrate.
Then they ditched the van, 'cause if the police link it to the cop shooting, the whole operation is blown.
Should we go in and bust it up? Not yet.
Most cells are compartmentalized.
If we illuminate their operation too soon, it could trigger events by other conspirators.
So, what's going down in Los Angeles that might be a target for a terrorist jihad? The Israeli Prime Minister is visiting the Museum of Tolerance this week.
Author Ephraim Nabeel will be at Braddock University to lecture on his book Tales of a Reformed Muslim.
And former Secretary of State George Schultz is speaking at the Reagan Library.
What are you thinking, Hetty? I'm thinking a good old-fashioned stakeout is in order.
See what shakes out.
The old shake-out stakeout? I like it.
Anything from the kissing fish side of the tank? Not getting any Internet or cell signals from inside the building at all.
Even if the phones were turned off, we should be able to get something.
Means they're not using their cell phones, which is highly unlikely, or it means they've removed the batteries.
They're definitely savvy.
Using a minimum of technology so they won't be traced.
I've been doing a lot of thinking about my fish.
Yeah? You thinking, like, burial or cremation, or just plain old flush down the toilet? It's a goldfish, and I just I don't think it's me.
You know what I mean? It's just, it's too common.
I need a fish that truly represents my essence.
What about a canned sardine? Smelly, oily, cheap.
See, you say things like that, and I know you don't mean them.
You're like the girl in elementary school that hits you in the arm because she really likes you.
You know, you're right.
Hang on a second.
We've got some action.
Kens, Deeks, coming your way.
We're on him.
We're holding our position.
Eric, he just put a battery in his cell.
I see him, but he's bunched up.
He's got to be separated for me to lock in on him.
Lose the signal? Negative.
I still have too many.
He's in a crowd.
It's impossible for me to isolate him.
One of you needs to get next to him.
Stop him for a second.
Copy that.
Kens, do the bump.
On it.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
I wasn't looking where I was going.
I'm sorry.
You should be more careful.
Ah, still too bunched up.
Kensi, you got to stop him longer.
Actually, you know what? I'm lost.
I'm looking for a fish store for my idiot boyfriend because he is obsessed with fish; I don't know why.
Um, but it's on West Third Street, but we're on Los Angeles Street.
Got him.
Point me in the right direction? No.
Jamal Avlurov.
He's 36 years old.
A Chechen National with a degree in chemical engineering from Moscow State University.
He's here on a work visa for a Russian agricultural consortium.
Once we I.
'd his cell number, I sent a virus to the phone, which forwarded cloned copies of the most recent calls, texts and e-mails back to us.
There was e e-mail written in Chechen, sent from a secure site in Grozny.
It had a sequence of alphanumeric codes hidden within it.
And when, uh, Nell and I put our awesome code-breaking lips heads together It was like shooting fish in a barrel.
Really? It mentions a Euroexpress Airways flight arriving at LAX from London tomorrow morning.
As well as a physical description of a man wearing a red baseball cap.
And there are three Chechen passengers on that flight.
The one that best matches the description in the e-mail is this one: Anwar Amurov.
He was born in the U.
, but moved back with his family when he was ten years old.
No record, no Homeland file.
On nobody's radar.
How tall is he? Just under six feet.
That'll work.
Work for what exactly, Mr.
Callen? The red baseball cap.
That's how the driver's supposed to recognize him.
They sent his description in the e-mail 'cause they've never met before.
And if they've never met before They'll be none the wiser when I show up in his place.
This is a dangerous game, Mr.
Isn't it always, Hetty? They've never even met this guy.
Well, that's a supposition It's an informed supposition.
Look, they're expecting a guy in a red hat, five-eleven, short hair, who speaks Russian, and they're gonna get one.
It's called risk assessment.
When the odds are in favor of an agent getting killed before he can procure This unit goes in anyway.
Look, I appreciate your protective instincts, Hetty, but I'm not mothering you, Mr.
Amurov is Chechen.
And I'm familiar with most common Chechen dialects.
You know, we should just move in and take down this cell right now.
What about the unseen contributors you mentioned? Can you guarantee this is the only cell? Of course I can't.
These people are ruthless, Hetty.
You know what they're capable of.
Hundreds of innocent lives could be at stake.
That's Russian, not Chechen.
Watch your tenses, Mr.
All right, earwig and button cam charged and ready to go.
Here we go.
If they're careful enough to take the batteries out of their cell phones You're right we can't guarantee you won't be strip-searched.
You're going to need to figure out a way to get them to me once I'm inside.
Anything else on Amurov? Uh, he's a primary school teacher.
Uh, married with a four-year-old daughter named Anya.
Doesn't seem to possess any discernible skills that would make him a jihad player.
So, why is he here? Guess we'll find out soon enough.
Thank you.
Have a nice day.
Thank you.
Bye, now.
We're a go.
He's in there.
English only from now on.
Remember, you are American.
We are all Americans now, like everybody else.
She handles operations and support.
Food, accommodations.
My go-to girl for whatever it is I need.
Charlie in public.
He takes care of, uh, delicate matters.
Sometimes unpleasant.
Uh, you've met James.
James is a slave name given to me by my oppressors.
James I mean, Masud has been with us only a short time, but he has proved himself dedicated to our cause.
This jihad is our priority, Anwar.
Takes precedence over everything.
We cannot afford to take any risks.
James I mean, uh, Masud allowed himself to become distracted.
Focused on himself rather than our cause.
This error in judgment caused us difficulties, but he delivered you to us, so his job is done.
And soon yours will be as well.
Salaam alaikum.
Wa-alaikum salaam.
We know about the cell.
We know about its location.
We know about the ammonium nitrate currently being used to create a weapon of mass destruction.
We also know that you are here to participate in a jihad.
You know so much yet understand so little.
If you help us, it will be taken into consideration during your trial.
So I will get 40 to life instead of 50.
I don't know about that, but if you cooperate, it might make the difference in ever seeing your daughter and wife again.
So, tell me, Anwar, will Anya and Katya understand? I will see them again.
This I have no doubt.
And when is that? In the afterlife.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
Allahu Akbar.
Salaam alaikum I'm glad to have you here, Anwar.
When our jihad is put in play, the world will take notice.
When? Soon.
When you learn how to target, you will be very pleased.
Because the whole world will know? Like the Twin Towers? You ask a lot of questions, Anwar.
I travelled a great distance to be part of this.
Anna will be made very proud of her father.
Of course.
You've had a long trip; you must be hungry.
The kitchen's over there.
Thank you.
Don't screw this up, Fish Boy.
Hey, man.
Got your pie.
I didn't order a pizza.
You didn't? Uh Is this 810 Commercial Avenue? Yes.
Well, then somebody ordered a pizza.
You got the wrong address.
No, no! Listen, listen, man, I know this is a crappy job, but it's the only one I got.
All right? And if I go back there with no money and cold pizza, I'm gonna get fired.
Do you have any idea how hard it is to get a job right now? Not my problem.
Well, it's not my problem, either, so I'll just call my boss, and then he can call the cops, and they can figure it out, 'cause I am not gonna get Okay, okay, okay, okay.
Yeah? Enjoy your pie.
You're going to throw away a pizza? Yes.
Do you know how much I have dreamed about American pizza since I left? It's all yours.
Please join me.
I know I shouldn't, Jamal, but maybe just this once? If you want to put poison inside your body, it's not me you have to answer to.
The Quran says, "Whoever kills a person unjustly, it is as though he has killed all of mankind" Yeah.
The key word is "just.
" When you kill in the name of jihad, you defile Islam.
You quote Quran and talk of immoral acts, when, like cowards, you drop bombs from the sky in drones.
Is it right you bomb us with impunity, and world gives your president a peace prize? Is it right your political cartoonists make us out to be clowns, hmm? And dare to write the name of the Prophet? Is it right your authors, who besmirch the name of the Prophet peace be unto him are allowed to spread their filth in your universities? This is right?! I don't care much about politics.
What I do care about is stopping the senseless killing of people who probably have nothing to do with making decisions about drones or who gets a Nobel Peace Prize.
I have had enough of this.
I have a right to see a lawyer.
Yes, you do.
You know what? If the situation was reversed and I was in the custody of jihadists, the only right I would have is to have my head severed.
I suppose you consider that just.
But it is a good start.
I haven't had a slice in a long time.
You converted because of Jamal? No.
Because of Malcolm.
My father tried to get in my chones when I was 14, so I ran away.
I got so desperate, I went down to the track.
I was ready to turn tricks.
Did you go through with it? No.
It rained that night.
I ended up ducking into my homegirl's house to stay dry.
Malcolm X was playing on cable.
He also ran the streets, used drugs.
But when he submitted to Allah, he was washed clean.
That's all I wanted, to be washed clean.
And even though I'm not denying he was black, it was it was like he was speaking to me.
The movie led you straight to the mosque? It did.
And I never looked back.
I felt acceptance and real love.
Jamal told us that Gloria.
I have to go.
I was just You know better than that.
Huh? Huh? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Okay, camera's up.
I don't think he got the earwig.
It's not right for a woman to be so close to a man she's not betrothed to, hmm? You are right.
I understand.
Come with me, Anwar.
I have something I want to show you.
Freeze that, Mr.
Starting facial rec.
I wish it was me.
But someone has to coordinate.
You are lucky.
I am.
Soon the world will know your face.
You'll be a hero to all those who fight and sacrifice for our cause.
You will be loved.
What's the pen and paper for? His martyr letter.
Of explanation to his family.
Anwar was brought here to be the suicide bomber.
Callen is The Chosen One.
Chovka Zelimov heavy hitter from Grozny.
And Gloria Segarra? She has a file, but it's all LAPD-gang-crime related.
Nothing from Homeland or any connections to terror networks.
Gloria I know you sometimes may have felt that your jobs were menial and not of great importance, but the time has come where you must perform a very special task for us.
Anything, Jamal.
Come with me.
That's some kind of map.
That's as clear as I can get it.
Why is Callen holding the cam on that? Let me pull a frame-grab.
Daily Bobcat.
Braddock University's student paper.
The map must be the Braddock campus.
The author, Ephraim Nabeel, is their target.
During the interrogation, Amurov railed against authors who insult Islam.
Yeah, killing him and a crowd of hundreds would be a huge coup for al-Qaeda.
It's time.
Chovka will drive, you will be in the back.
The vest is blocking the button-cam.
Hanna, one of our jihadists has just placed an explosive vest on Mr.
When the vest detonates, the ANFO ignites the ammonium nitrate.
We got to get Callen out of there.
Got it.
We're on our way.
Van's on the move.
Headed east.
Copy that.
Coming up on Santa Fe.
Let them pass the intersection.
We'll box them in.
I'll take the front.
Got it.
Federal agents! Sam.
Callen's not in the van.
Neither is the bomb.
Hold on.
I just got a report of a suicide on the 101 freeway.
A woman got out of her car and shot herself in the head.
The police are identifying her as Gloria Segarra.
The 101 is the route LAPD is using to escort Ephraim Nabeel to Braddock University.
Why would she do that? Maybe she had a change of heart; she wants to stop the whole thing from going down.
I don't think so.
The freeway's shut down.
She shot herself just past the Santa Fe exit.
That's where all 101 traffic is now being diverted.
That's the off-ramp.
And that's our warehouse.
Anyone on the freeway will have to drive right in front of it.
Including Mr.
Alert the LAPD immediately.
Callen and the bomb never left the building.
When did you know? You wrote your letter with your right hand.
I don't remember much about Anwar when we were in school, except that all of us left-handers, were all sat together on the last row.
How is blowing up an abandoned warehouse gonna make a statement for you? By killing a heretic as his motorcade passes.
His police escort should announce his arrival very nicely.
The benefits of independent jihad: the ability to adapt very quickly.
Your government sends a federal agent, we improvise.
And should we be denied our prize, well, we improvise again.
A federal agent should make a very nice consolation prize.
Clear! Clear! In here! Sam, the vest! It's just me.
There's no one in here.
It can't be activated.
This is Jamal's cell phone.
If a call would've been completed to the cell on your vest then this would have It's nice to see you, too.
How you doing? You okay? Yeah.
I've been better.
Thank you.
Stop! Don't move.
Looks like you're on some sort of scale.
It's rigged.
What are we talking? Sam? Looks like a pressure switch wired to some high explosives.
So if he steps off the scale He triggers the charge.
Sam? Be still.
Be very still, G.
Good? Got it.
We're good.
Thank you.
You ever see the movie Malcolm X? Yeah.
It's an amazing film.
His story is what inspired her.
But then they twisted his message into something that made her life more hopeless than it ever was.
That's how Islamic terrorists recruit.
They find someone who's vulnerable twist the promise of the Quran, corrupt it to fit their needs.
Yeah, but in the end, Malcolm walked away from extremism.
Jamal pushed her towards it.
Everyone has a choice, G.
Gloria made the wrong one.
It's not always that simple.
Where's-where's my-my fish? Don't look at me.
I didn't touch it.
Guys, there was an aquarium, and it had fish in it.
What's, uh, going on? Uh, Deeks can't find his fish.
I can't find my fishies.
What? So, this aquarium is like a doppelganger tank.
Each fish represents one of our team.
Except for me, that is.
I Fair enough.
I just haven't found the right fish for you yet.
No worries, Mr.
Because I took the liberty of finding one of my own.
A guppy? Wait-wait, Hetty, actually there's a problem with the small fish, 'cause they tend to be eaten by the bigger ones.
You couldn't Ah-ah-ah! You're gonna get eaten by the Why are you staring at me? Uh Get back to work! All of you! Well done.
You guys can swim, but you can't hide.

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