NCIS Los Angeles s05e12 Episode Script

Merry Evasion

These rock.
Better than last week's.
Want to taste one? No? Really? Okay.
Suit yourself.
You know, there's a whole world out there, other than kibble, that you're just never gonna taste.
You have to live with that, not me.
Aw, big, bad Bubba got his feelings hurt? What's the matter, tough guy, you can't find your binkie? Bubba? Bubba? Bubba What are you doing there? How did you open the door? Bubba? Aah! Help! Aah! Aah! Oh! Help! Help me! Please! Please help me! Oh, my God.
Help me! I think Michelle was right.
You shouldn't have done that.
It's just not very Christmassy.
It was one card.
Not all of the cards, just one.
I read it, she read it.
I got an update on my buddy's family and I tossed it.
The card had glitter on it.
So what do you have against glitter? It's the Devil's dust.
Once that stuff infects your house, it's a wrap.
All right, that in itself is a therapy session.
All I'm saying is you ought to display your holiday cards.
Display them? Yeah.
Put them on your fireplace, show them off a little bit.
I don't have a fireplace.
Then put them on a decorative ribbon.
I've seen that done before.
How many holidays cards do you get besides the one from the Hanna household? Me personally? Not many.
But my aliases pull about, I don't know, 50? Mele Kalikimaka, boys.
What do you do with the holiday cards you get? What are you talking about? Display 'em on my fireplace.
Thank you.
Oh, wait, let me guess-- you're making holiday lanyards out of paracord and then hanging the cards on those? See, red and green paracord would be sick.
That's not a bad idea.
That's what I'm talking about.
Okay, if-- and I emphasize if I was to display them-- how long would I have to keep them up? January 3.
January 3?! Minimum.
Come on, guys.
We caught a case.
This morning, downtown, home invasion.
Ooh somebody put a BOLO out on Krampus.
Krampus is a Christmas demon from the Alps, steals children.
Never mind.
I'll stop talking.
What'd he take, Nell? Nothing.
The homeowner, Lily Lockhart, fought him off with the help of her Belgian Malinois.
Bubba was shot.
He's in surgery at the vet.
I'm guessing if the case showed up here, she's related to Senator Lockhart? Daughter.
And the State Department wants to know if it was more than just a random home invasion.
Where's the senator now? Right here in L.
Capitol Police has been with him already, so he's secured at his office.
Why was he travelling with Capitol Police protection? The senator's been spearheading an investigation into China's People's Liberation Army Unit 61398.
- China's cyber warfare unit.
- Tech geniuses with English language skills.
They're suspected of cyber espionage and large-scale hacking of U.
tech and aerospace firms.
There's been chatter that the PLA is not thrilled with the senator's new agenda.
But with Capitol Police protection, the senator's a hard mark to hit.
If the PLA's here and they attack the senator's daughter on our soil, we got to put 'em down.
My feeling exactly, Mr.
Where is Lily now? LAPD's Alvarado station.
I'd like you gentlemen to secure Ms.
Lockhart in protective custody, bring her to the boatshed for an interview.
You got it.
And you two can go interview the senator.
The two of You mean the two of me? I want you and Nell to see the senator, find out if he knows anything about these Chinese PLA threats.
Me and Nellosaurus? Yes, I move fast, Mr.
Gotta keep up.
Let's go, Shaggy.
Well played.
I'm with you, Velma.
Just for the record, this is a terrific idea.
They told me Bubba's in surgery, so we'll have to stop at the animal hospital on Wilshire.
I'm sorry, Ms.
Lockhart, we need to take you directly to a secured location until we can determine the threat level.
Lockhart"? No.
How 'bout we just go with just Lily.
Okay, Lily.
We have agents on the way to speak to your father.
When we get there My dad? What does my dad have to do with this? The police told me it was a home invasion.
We're looking into that angle also.
Wow, that's great.
I don't talk to him for two years, and he still picks the most perfect time to come into my life and screw it all up.
So, the guy that attacked me was looking for my father? We haven't determined that.
"Hey, Lil, why weren't you at my Christmas party?" "Oh, because I was being detained at a magical secured location.
" Awesome.
Thanks, Mac.
How is she? Did you see Lily? No, we didn't see her, sir.
NCIS thinks this attack has something to do with me? We are looking into every possibility, Senator.
Recently, you've been very vocal in the press about Chinese PLA Unit 61398.
That unit's dangerous.
They need to be monitored and dealt with as intensely as any threat to our national security.
Capitol Police are investigating the threats made on your life.
Do you think the PLA's behind those? I don't know.
That's Neidra Industries' theory.
The government contracting firm? Yeah, they're specialists in cyber warfare tactics.
They discovered the chatter and deemed it a threat.
All right, we'll follow up with Neidra and, uh, if you think of anything else.
I'll contact you if I do.
Uh, after the attack on Lily didn't you want to go see her? When I called the police station, they told me she wouldn't see me.
It's the price I pay for spending more time with my Army unit than I did with her when she was growing up.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean to, um It's okay.
Lily's strong.
She's learned to do without.
Thank you, Senator.
Thank you.
I'm sorry if I came off a little It's just that my father and I don't really have a good thing.
It's all good.
You remind me of my dad's friends.
Your dad's got good taste.
You with SF? I was with the Teams.
So you're a SEAL, huh? Got a workout DVD you want to sell me? So, you're the SEAL.
What's your story? - Yeah, what's your story, G? - Wait, no, let me guess.
Um, rich kid turned lawyer turned NCIS agent.
- Rich kid?! - Yeah.
You got this kind of country club vibe about you.
I bet you even tuck in your shirt when no one's looking.
This job does not exactly support the, uh, country club lifestyle.
What do you do to pay the bills, Lily? Private chef.
I do slow food.
I'm all about the slow food thing.
What the hell is slow food? It's eating what's around you.
Watching it grow.
Knowing your food, G.
I know my food.
Oh, yeah? What'd you have last night? A burger.
Okay, do you know the cow's name? Mac.
And he was "big.
" Okay.
Ah, you see what I'm up against? Mm-hmm.
Try making informed food decisions with this guy for a partner.
Do you have any idea how far that "burger" had to travel Funnel.
Lily, get down! Punch it, G.
Go! Go! Aah! Come on! Come on! Come on, come on, come on! Down, down, down, down, down! Loading! Long guns and go bags are in the trunk! Trunk's too exposed! I can't get to it! Cover me! On three! What happens on three? They're coming pretty quick.
How 'bout on two, huh? Can I know the plan?! On two, you're gonna run like a bat out of hell.
One! Two! Down! Stay down! Stay down! Stay down! Oh, my God.
Stay here.
Hetty, we got ambushed.
Civilian is secured.
No injuries; minimum two shooters still mobile.
Copy that, Sam.
We've locked your GPS position.
QRF is en route.
QRF is on its way.
What's a QRF? Quick Reaction Force.
We just got to hunker down.
They'll be here soon.
Okay, heroes on the way.
Where is everybody? Well, I sent Harris to Athens, and Booker and a couple of the others to Istanbul.
What for? Little R & R for the holidays.
Really? Wow.
That was nice of you.
It wasn't for them.
It was for me.
I got tired of hearing them whine.
They're living in this motor home, hot running water, satellite TV, Internet-- when I was in the field, we were lucky if we scored a tent.
Yeah, I bet you walked ten miles to school in the snow, too.
Don't suppose you're sending me to LA? Paris? No.
What do we got? Satellite's spotted several groups of men high-tailing toward Pakistan last night.
Mujahedeen? Well, if they weren't, they will be soon.
My guess is they're inmates the Taliban busted out of Zarghun Shar Prison.
Makes sense.
Jail-break a few criminals, give them weapons-- instant army.
There's also been a big uptick in the amount of money moving through the hawala networks.
It's often a precursor to a major attack.
We gotta find that white ghost.
Blye, you remember Agent Sabatino, CIA.
Special Activities Division.
Yeah, hey.
So how'd you make out? Well, they were over the border before we could engage them.
We put the ANA on high alert and they're, uh, doubling the patrols along that stretch.
Let me know if anything changes.
Go for Granger.
Well, nice to see a familiar face.
Granger didn't tell me you were here.
I'm not.
You're not.
Of course.
Neither am I.
Is that coffee? Some form of it.
Thank God.
So, how long have you been here? Uh, almost three months, but feels like three years.
Thought you got called back to Washington to head the search for Siderov's nukes.
I was, but they pulled me back for this.
This was more important than three stolen nukes? Well, you know Washington, right? Nice work, by the way.
I would've liked to have gotten a shot at the guy who killed Snyder myself, but glad you got him.
Yeah I heard two of your guys got pretty messed up.
Yeah, but, thankfully, they're okay.
You hungry? Yeah.
I've been humping through the Kush for three freaking weeks.
If I have to eat another rodent, I think I'm gonna die.
So what's your part in all this? I was brought in as a shooter for the Spin Pairay-- White Ghost guy.
What? Nothing.
You don't think I have the sniper skills? Do you? Would I be here if I didn't? Granger didn't tell you what happened to our last shooter? No.
The guy you're replacing, Sanders-- he was SOG, too-- he came over with me.
He got caught by the Muj.
I found his body.
I never found his head.
So what do these QRF guys look like, anyway? What do you mean? I mean, are they, like, total longhaired WOD-crushing Hemsworths, or, like, wiry, cerebral Goslings? I'm not sure I even know what those words mean.
Are those people? Really? G, window.
Get in there.
Take 'em alive! He's gone.
What happened to taking them alive? Your guy's alive, but he escaped.
Is that some kind of big win? He's clean.
Check out the Lowa Boots.
Chinese PLA hiring Mercs out of Europe now? - Maybe.
- Um the, um the guy that attacked me-- he he had a scar on his neck like that.
We need to move.
I'll send it over to Ops.
Let's go.
The shooter's car didn't have plates, but Callen sent this in.
Doesn't look like Chinese PLA to me.
I'll run him through Facial Rec.
What a good idea.
Move it.
That SUV-- it's the second time I've seen it.
He can't see us.
They're tracking us.
You have a phone? No.
It's at home.
Do you remember the whole crazy assassin thing? Oh.
Oh, okay, that is happening.
What? You said you fought the guy at your house.
He could have put a tracking device on you.
O kay.
It was just getting fun.
It's got to be our phones.
They're using Stingrays.
They could have pinged our phones during the ambush.
Let's send them on their way.
Sam? What? G, give me your phone.
Phones and a plastic bag? What? What are what is phones and a plastic bag? That makes a bomb? Stay back.
Phone bomb.
Oh, nice.
On its way to San Pedro.
That worked.
That-that actually worked.
He's leaving.
Don't sound so surprised.
Okay, so, what do we do now? Do we flag down the police, or steal a car? No, no.
We do that, we show up on the police scanner, and they'll be listening.
We'd be leading them right to us.
Look, we're dark now, okay? We can't call our team, but we also can't be traced.
On foot and anonymous is the safest way.
We're gonna get you out of this, Lily.
That-that seems very vague.
"Get-get me out of this.
" That could mean a lot of different things.
I need you to trust us.
G? Let's move.
Any luck, Mr.
Beale? Callen and Sam ditched their phones in the city drainage system, but after that, it's like they just disappeared.
That's good.
That's what they do.
Got a hit from Interpol on the picture Callen sent.
All right, Malik Terzik.
He's a Bosnian national with suspected ties to an Eastern European paramilitary group called Roda.
Bosnian Merc.
How's a guy like this connected to Senator Lockhart and his daughter? That's what you need to find out.
Where's Nell when you need her? Not that I need Nell.
You know, it'd just be nice to have her No.
Never mind.
Nell's out in the field 'cause Kensi's on a super-important mission.
I get it.
Kensi is on an important mission, right? When were you going to tell me? Tell you what? About the shooter I'm replacing.
I wasn't.
Why? It's not relevant to your mission.
It's not relevant to my mission? I'm here because the guy before me was decapitated.
Sabatino told me what happened.
So now you know.
But why weren't you going to tell me? You think I couldn't handle it? Or you think I'd get spooked? What? I figured you knew this is a war zone, Blye, and I assumed as such, you realized our enemies weren't going to treat us to afternoon tea if we got captured.
So, yeah, your predecessor got his head chopped off.
But I would hope you wouldn't need to be told that in order to avoid having the same thing happen to you.
Now, we've got intel to gather.
Let's go.
You okay? Yeah, I'm peachy.
You coming with us? No.
I just got back.
Besides, I work alone.
Nothing personal.
Maybe we could do something together when you get back.
Like what? I don't know, but I'm sure we can think of something.
Maybe we can rent a camel and go clubbing.
Yeah, okay.
I used to drive by those and think, "Big trash can.
" Now I think, "warm cocoon of safety.
" Two rounds.
I'm dry.
Wait-- we only have two bullets left? I got two bullets.
You got your fists.
Oh, my God, two bullets, two bullets, two bullets.
Hey, look, saying it over and over again's not gonna make it three bullets, okay? Why are you smiling? Don't smile.
There's nothing to smile about.
We are not having fun.
We are barely surviving.
You can't barely survive-- either you do or you don't.
And we're still here, all right? We only have two bullets left.
I might be able to fix that.
So this is the last place Eric pinged their phones.
There's got to be something here.
Sam and Callen are being hunted down like wild boar, and we can't even find 'em.
I kind of feel bad for the guys hunting them.
Oh, I got it.
What's that? They went that way.
And how do you know? 'Cause they got to match the baseline behind us.
There's a bunch of bankers in suits.
They might as well be wearing neon signs.
But his way, jeans and Henleys all day long, baby.
The "baseline," huh? Last spring, Kensi used her vacation days to go to this urban tracking class.
Couldn't stop talking about baseline.
Evidently, it's a big part of urban tracking.
Go, Kens.
Honestly, who does that for fun, you know what I mean? If you give me a week's vacation, I'm going to the beach.
I don't care if it's the left coast or the right coast or Hawaii, but there's gotta be sand, there's gotta be surf, and there's definitely gotta be ladies in bikinis.
I know where they're going.
Yeah, but the beach is too far.
Okay, maybe I don't know exactly where they're going, but I know what they need.
Are you playing Password? Between the attack on the Mercedes and the fight in the warehouse, Callen and Sam are probably out of ammo.
So, you think they're at Walmart? I heard a rumor that the Agency sets up caches in major cities for food, supplies, ammo You heard a rumor about a super-secret CIA cache? Okay, so I didn't hear a rumor; maybe I read something I wasn't supposed to.
Either way, if they're out of ammo, Callen would know where these caches are.
Okay, so where are they? That's the part that was redacted.
Does Hetty know? Mm, not likely.
The system I read about is strictly need- to-know for field agents.
So what do you think? Uh, follow the baseline? Baseline.
Lange, I've been making some calls, but I don't know what to do.
Senator, I don't have a daughter and I can't imagine what you're going through.
I will not disrespect you by pretending that I do.
But I do want to say that Lily could not be under the watch of two more qualified or driven men than Agents Callen and Hanna.
They will bring Lily home.
Thank you, Henrietta.
Of course.
This is Malik Terzik.
He's a Bosnian mercenary.
This is one of the men after Lily? Yes, he was.
He's dead now.
I don't know him.
Well, we're investigating his finances to see if the Chinese could have hired him.
I did a lot of work in Bosnia.
Yes, I-I know you did.
We're-We're looking into that as well.
The way you speak of Agents Callen and Hanna, the respect-- people used to speak about my unit that way.
Yes, they did.
And now, when it matters most, with Lily out there and scared, I gotta sit here on the sidelines.
You know what they say about aging, Senator.
It ain't for bitches.
There's the cache.
That electrical thing? Yep.
Hidden in plain sight.
Okay, how do we get those guys out of there, so we can get to the bullets? You're up, Sam.
I can't do everything around here.
Everything? What planet do you live on? Planet Reality, brother.
Come on in, the water's warm.
Okay, guys I can't even tell you how many the times I've covered your Covered for me?! Oh, now you're covering for me? Guys what is the plan? Boss ride-along.
What? Wait here.
This how you run your territory? Definitely not, sir.
Can I help you guys? I hope so.
Who are you? I'm District Manager Stevens District what? Newly appointed district manager.
Just let me talk to my guy, please.
Okay? Look, I'm gonna be buying you a beer and probably a pitcher.
Strike that.
I'm gonna be buying all you guys pitchers.
Oh, all right.
So what's going on? I was supposed to move you to a water main situation on Figueroa, and I didn't.
It's my bad, but here's the deal.
Today's my first day, and the boss decided to ride along.
I'm hurting here.
We got your back.
All right, let's move! Gotta be down on Figueroa ten minutes ago.
Thank you.
I ever tell you I love spies? Let's roll.
No, thanks.
You gotta hydrate.
A one-time-use plastic? Are you crazy? Haven't you ever heard of the North Pacific Gyre? Nope.
You're gonna now.
It's a bunch of plastic twice the size of Texas floating in the middle of the ocean-- it's gross.
All right, no plastic.
How about food? Unidentifiable man-made sludge? No, thanks.
So you'd rather starve? I eat correctly.
I can go days without food.
You buying this? Macronutrients, G.
Look it up.
Deeks, it's Sam.
We're back online.
We're gonna need your help.
I'm sorry.
Why are we going back towards the bad guys? Look, they lost us.
They'll be doing a spiral search away from the warehouse.
If we're gonna end this, we got to find out who these guys are.
Deeks, tell Eric to lock on this sat phone.
Lily, they've been hunting us long enough.
Now it's our turn.
You good? Let's get these guys.
Federal agents! Drop it! Drop it! Turn around.
Put your hands on your head.
Thanks for the help, guys.
Good to see you.
Christmas tree.
Huh, the elves have been busy.
You see that Christmas tree? Yeah, we did.
Nice work, Sabatino.
Now everybody's reminded of how homesick they are.
Oh, my God! That smells delicious! And just in time for dinner.
Wait-- did you make this? Not just a pretty face.
Oh, and we got mail, too.
I left it on your racks.
I'm gonna go wash up.
It's not turkey, is it? Bearded Vulture.
But it tastes just like turkey.
I'm gonna take your word for it.
Thank you.
What do you have, Sam? This guy's not talking.
He's probably afraid of Ludomir Susic, the head of Roda.
Susic's run Roda for years, but he's never surfaced in America till now.
Facial rec caught him going through LAX.
Well, whatever he's here for is worth the risk to him.
Uh, the guy you picked up may not be talking, but his phone is.
He's only called or received calls from one number.
It's a prepaid.
Susic's phone.
You got a location on that prepaid? Triangulating now.
Capitol Police just called.
The Senator ditched his security detail.
He's in the wind.
He didn't run until after he knew Lily was safe.
Uh, guys, I just got an alert from the IRS.
Senator Lockhart received a wire transfer to a bank in Singapore yesterday: $200,000.
We could be looking at this wrong.
What if the senator and Susic are working together? If they are, why go after Lily? If the senator and Susic had deal and the senator got cold feet after he was already paid, Susic's not gonna be happy.
He'd want to motivate the Senator to complete the deal.
Going after Lily does that.
Guys I think I know where the senator's going.
Susic's phone's at Pershing Square.
Deeks, you got eyes on Susic? Negative.
I got the senator, but no Susic.
Wait a minute.
I got someone approaching.
Deeks, is that Susic, headed over to the senator? Can't confirm.
Moving closer for a visual confirmation.
Susic's not coming here without a spotter.
Keep your eyes open.
That's Susic.
Sound coming in.
your daughter survived.
She might be safe today, but she won't be given I can touch her in two weeks, two months, two years, whenever I want.
That's why I'm going to kill you.
I expected nothing less from you when I called.
But you won't kill me in a crowded plaza.
You don't know me.
But it will look like we did know each other.
After you pull your gun and my men kill you, the U.
will find an account with your name on it.
An account that I funded.
You will be branded a traitor and I will still kill your daughter.
Susic's got men here.
We gotta get eyes on them before we move in.
Why are you doing this? What do you want from me? Do you remember Grbavica? In 1994, the unit you commanded murdered a man they called VUK a great man.
A great man? He was a warlord.
He killed innocent people in his own He was my father.
Got eyes on the spotter.
Gray jean jacket.
He's been watching the senator.
I think he's got a gun.
There's at least one more.
This is about revenge.
Take Susic, I'll find the other spotter.
Deeks, you've got the Senator.
Nell, take out the spotter.
You move, I shoot.
Senator! Move! Move! Go, go, go, go, go! Everybody down! Down! Aah! Sit-rep? I'm good! Senator's secure.
Shooter down and detained.
We're good, thanks.
I love you.
I love you, too.
Someone else wanted to see you.
Bubba! Oh, hi, baby.
What a love.
Thank you, gentlemen, for watching over Lily today.
You went above and beyond.
You're welcome.
Well, from the stories I've heard, you'd have done the same.
I owe you gentlemen a debt.
It will be repaid.
I think we've earned ourselves a cold beer, partner.
Or six.
What about me? You've earned yourself a job cooking us a slow food dinner.
That I can do.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
You're welcome.
That's the boy.
That's the boy.
Good boy.
That doesn't smell right.
Move it.
Mmm, it smells like a hobo.
Get out of there.
Mmm, wow.
That is a lot of brandy.
I don't think you can even technically call it eggnog, at this point.
Pull up your skirt and drink.
Now, look, I know it's gonna take me a while and I'll probably never get to Kensi's level, but Not without a booster seat.
No, I'm kidding.
You you did great today.
Yeah? Yeah.
You did.
Thank you.
Cheers to that.
Callen Keeping Nell out in the field? Nell has a job up in Ops.
You remember? Mm-hmm.
You wouldn't be grooming her for any specific job, would you? Whose job would that be? How is that? Ooh.
It's gonna change your life.
- Here you go.
- It's that good.
All right, a little eggnog I gotta tell you, the proportion of eggnog to brandy in this-- perfect.
Most people, they water it down too much.
Yeah? Yeah.
It's perfect, it's delicious.
I was just saying the same thing to her about how good it was.
A strong batch, Nell.
Guys to Kensi.
To Kensi.
- Kensi.
Christmas cake.
Hetty, you are a terrible re-gifter.
Of course.
I see you got my present.
I certainly did.
Thank you.
This is a secure line.
No one else has this number or the one you're calling.
Do not let this phone out of your sight.
It's your only true lifeline.
I won' How are you doing? Fine.
Bone china is fine.
You are not bone china.
I'm doing very well.
What's your assessment of the task force? They're okay.
I think the mountain air must have limited your vocabulary.
They seem competent but withdrawn.
They're not the friendliest bunch.
Anyone in particular stand out to you? How so? An outlier? Someone who doesn't seem to get along with the others? Um, someone who could, perchance, be a traitor.
You think there's a leak? Well, I think the insurgents are doing an uncanny job of avoiding our best efforts at tracking them.
What do you want me to do? Smoke them out.
Give them each a variation of some disinformation, in confidence.
See who bites first.
And if they do? Make it stop.
And be careful.
Oh there's another number stored on your phone.
It, too, is a secure line.
Merry Christmas.
Oh, thanks, Hetty.
Who And a real famous cat all dressed up in red And he spends the whole year Working out on his sled It's the little Saint Nick Little Saint Nick Mr.
Huh? Ooh Sorry, was that too awesome? 'Cause I can I can turn it down a notch.
Check your desk drawer.
I left you a little present.
Thank you, Hetty.
And, uh Merry Christmas.
Merry Christmas, Mr.
It's the little Saint Nick Little Saint Nick Happy birthday, Merry Christmas.
Or it's a bomb.
That's ringing a lot like a phone-- a sat phone.
Hah! Go for Santa.
Deeks? Ken-Kensi? Hey, hi um, how did you how did you get It doesn't matter.
How my God, how are you? Um Y I'm Yeah.
I'm good.
How are you? Um I'm, I'm good, you know.
I'm-I'm-I'm strong to moderately I'm moderately strong.
I'm good.
I miss you guys.
Yeah, no, me and, um and the guys, we miss you, too.
And Monty misses you.
It's kind of awkward, he just mopes around the house listening to Tori Amos all day.
You got any plans? Yeah, no, we got big plans.
Big plans for the holidays, uh Monty made a-a pot roast in the Crock-Pot, so we're gonna we're gonna eat that and hang out.
What about you? Do you have any plans? Oh, you know me and the guys, we're going clubbing tonight.
That's good, 'cause I hear good things about the discotheque in Hindu Kush.

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