NCIS Los Angeles s05e14 Episode Script

War Cries

(sighs) Take up the whole bench.
Hey, stop! Stop! (tires screech, horn honks) Hey! LAPD! (handcuffs clicking) What the hell? (shells clatter on floor) Well? It's last minute.
No, it's not.
It's tonight.
That's hours from now.
I got stuff to do.
Like what? Just, you know, stuff.
You're gonna leave here, you're gonna go get some takeout, probably Indian, you're gonna go home, you're gonna open a beer, you're gonna turn on the History Channel, and you're gonna play chess against the computer.
Oh, you are so off base.
Oh, yeah? I'm having Greek food.
No, you're not.
You're coming out to dinner with us.
Why can't I just come to your house? No, we're going out.
It's important to Michelle and me.
All right? We have something we want to talk to you about.
What? I'll tell you tonight.
You can stare at me all you want.
I'm not telling you unless you show up.
You're not gonna ask me to be your kids' guardian again, are you? I told you, that's not a good idea.
(knocking) LAPD just called with a double homicide.
You have to see this.
Why? Who are the victims? Richard Davis and James Miller.
Both former military and both formerly employed by Any guesses? Cirque du Soleil.
No, Applebees.
You been there? Triple Treat Sampler? Place is delicious.
Entertainment industry or service industry? (clears throat) What? At least I'm trying.
How about our friends at D7? The private contracting firm linked to the plane crash in Burbank that killed former Vice Admiral William Gardner and reporter Jason Carter.
That would have been my next guess.
Uh, Carter was ghostwriting the admiral's memoir, which may have included references to war crimes committed by D7 contractors in Afghanistan.
Is this related? Don't know.
There were no witnesses.
And I've been checking traffic cam footage; found nothing of interest so far.
What's D7 saying? Not much.
They shut down six weeks ago, probably due to our ongoing investigation.
Yeah, but that investigation has stalled.
Until now.
Shotgun! (Deeks whistles) I am not riding in the backseat.
I'll put him in the trunk.
(chuckles) Granger? Hey.
"Assistant Director" will suffice.
When did you get here? About 20 minutes ago.
No, I mean, like, when did you get back from Afghanistan? About 20 minutes ago.
Um Wait so does that mean that the the mission is over? No.
And she's not here, if you're asking about your partner.
What, so you just you just left her there? She's a big girl; she can take care of herself.
(chuckles) Um Okay, uh, I have vacation time coming to me, and the guys have this placed dialed in, so I was wondering-- if you wanted me to-- I could I could go over there, I could help out.
Deeks, nothing personal, but you in Afghanistan sounds like a National Lampoon Vacation movie.
But listen she's doing good over there.
Okay? Yeah.
Thanks, Granger.
(wind whistling softly) (exhales) (beeping) (sighs) (computer beeps) (beep) SABATINO: Looking for something? Geez.
You know how to turn up the thermostat? It's freezing in here.
Oh, thermostat's fine.
Uh, one of the camp generators stopped.
Marines are working on it.
Where have you been? Just checking out the generator.
With your weapon? Don't leave home without it.
All right, I'll see you in the morning.
Oh, uh If you do get cold, I got a heating blanket.
I'm okay.
Good night.
Good night.
(phone chimes) (typing) Okay.
Come on.
(computer beeps) Hmm.
(indistinct radio chatter) Definitely wasn't a professional hit.
They left brass everywhere.
It was a pretty bloody back and forth struggle.
CALLEN: Car was found parked down the street, so they must have walked over here.
Another vehicle was here.
Got its windshield smashed.
CALLEN: Maybe they came to meet somebody, things go sideways? Hmm.
Both bodies were found over here.
So one guy gets hit, his buddy comes to help, he gets popped too.
What do you think? I think Cinderella was in the wrong part of town.
(woman laughs) (car engine starts) Aw, no way, forget it.
What the? (scoffs) Thanks a lot, fellas.
(tires screech) Hey, Boys Town is that way.
CALLEN: Take it easy.
You got a minute? Hope you can do better than that.
Just want to talk.
The older ones always do.
Were you working last night? Day shift only; I got a kid in school.
Double homicide about 20 yards from here.
Another reason I prefer the lunch crowd.
MAN (Ukrainian accent): Can I help you, gentlemen? Just talking.
I'm afraid my friend here doesn't have time to talk.
You're her friend? And her agent.
He's an agent.
That's funny, so are we.
See? Special agent.
I give ten percent discount to all law enforcement.
(scoffs) How old are you? She doesn't speak English.
She's just visiting.
You do realize prostitution and solicitation's illegal in this country, right? Of course.
I also do know that she doesn't have to talk to you if she doesn't want to.
I majored in law.
Minored in stupid.
Break's over.
Let's go.
(speaks Ukrainian) Yeah.
Break's over.
(grunts) Piece of garbage.
I'd say you girls need a new agent.
I think I found your Cinderella.
Elise Elena Jaeger, She was arrested twice for prostitution-- got off once claiming entrapment and once for insufficient evidence.
Last known residence is in Mar Vista.
And last legitimate job seems to be a clothing store on Hollywood Boulevard.
All right, have Deeks pick her up and meet us at the boatshed.
We need to make a quick side trip.
Where to? Protective Services.
Did you, uh did you need something? Maybe.
I want to, but I don't think I should.
Should what? Involve you.
Are you in trouble? No.
Then what is it? (groans) Okay.
All right.
Look at me.
Take a deep breath.
(inhales) Close your eyes.
(exhales) Let it out slowly.
Feel your muscles relaxing.
Just think about butterflies fluttering around you.
(chuckles) What? Butterflies.
They're fluttery and they're calming.
Okay, that's nice, but I think Kensi's in serious trouble.
What's going on? She asked me to look into CIA Officer Sabatino-- his bank records, why he was pulled off the Siderov case.
That's not good.
It gets worse.
The guy he went over to Afghanistan with got his head cut off.
That's really not good.
I think Kensi suspects Sabatino.
(indistinct chatter) Nice look.
You like it? Taliban chic.
Well, most guys couldn't pull it off.
I'm not sure you do either, but Where you guys heading? Hunting bad guys.
Want some company? I don't think so.
I'm a good tracker.
Yeah? Yeah.
I appreciate the offer, but like I said, I work alone.
What about this guy? This guy? He's just dropping me off.
Right, Hung? Yes, sir.
All right.
Suit yourself.
Maybe next time.
Make sure he doesn't get lost, Corporal.
Yes, ma'am.
(engine starts) Let's roll.
Seriously, they haven't fixed that generator yet? Not completely.
It's either heat or power for the equipment.
(chuckles) Maybe I should light a bonfire in the sink.
I would not recommend that.
Seriously? You were kidding.
It's called humor.
You should try it sometime.
Too cold to be funny.
See? Now, that was funny.
How did that feel? I can't feel anything.
You know what? I'm gonna ask Harris to pull some strings.
Oh, too late.
She's gone.
Uh, Granger called her back to Washington.
Why? Above my pay grade.
Well, who's in charge of the team now? Looks like it's Sabatino until they send a replacement.
I know.
I know it sucks.
The guy's a tool.
Booker, did you know Sanders, the CIA SOG guy I'm replacing? Um, yeah, the sniper? Yeah.
No, he and Sabatino kept to themselves.
Were they friends? Hard to tell.
You know spooks-- everything's top secret.
(beeping) (clears throat) Elise Jaeger? Yes? Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD.
You got a minute? Um, not really.
What is this about? Uh, it's about two bodies we found in Hollywood last night and a shoe with your fingerprints at the crime scene.
Look, I really need this job.
I am clean and sober three months, but my boss Elise, is there a problem? No problem.
Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD.
Elise here, um has been helping us close in on a counterfeiting ring that has been targeting local businesses.
What? I'm so sorry for the confusion, but she was under strict orders not to mention it to anybody, but I can assure you that she's saved your store over several hundred dollars in the last couple weeks.
Really? We're getting very close to busting these guys, but I do need a huge favor from you.
If we could borrow her for a couple hours-- we got to take her downtown, show her some mug shots, if that's okay.
Yeah, sure.
Thank you so much.
Thank you.
You ready? Yeah.
Thank you.
You're welcome.
ERIC: Sam, you got a name? Yeah.
It's Kiril Melnyk.
Have LAPD pick him up, ask them to sit on him for a couple of days.
Give his girls a chance to relocate.
You got it.
Piece of work.
Think she'll be okay? She's better off than she was an hour ago.
I'll have somebody from the local Ukrainian community reach out to her.
I can check in on her after work.
Or tomorrow.
Since you have our dinner tonight.
Oh, and we a suit and tie; it's a nice place.
What? Yeah.
This is L.
Funeral directors don't even wear ties.
Seriously, do you even know anyone that owns a tie these da Honestly.
Adults? Let's go.
Let's go.
You can barely get a tie around that telephone pole you call a neck.
I happen to know Hetty has those ties custom-made for you.
Probably by some circus folk.
This coming from a guy who thinks black jeans are formal wear.
I can clean up when the occasion calls for .
Okay, well, tonight the occasion is calling.
(sighs): God.
You know what? Forget it.
(line ringing) What are you doing? Calling Michelle.
What, are you gonna tell her I don't want to wear the suit? She would want to know.
Okay, okay.
(ringing stops) I'll wear the suit.
Thank you.
Can't believe you were gonna use Michelle to try and threaten me.
Can't believe you caved.
For the record, I, unlike you, am not afraid of your wife.
Yeah, yeah.
You're not that stupid.
(engine starts) Suit.
What'd you find? Nothing.
Sabatino appears to be clean.
That's good, right? I still think I should tell someone.
Well, you did; you told me.
And no one knows you told me, so if something happens to you and Kensi, I know.
Wait, what's gonna happen to me and Kensi? I don't know.
But just in case, I should probably create a file with a dead man's switch.
That way, if something happens to you and something happens to Kensi and something happens to me, it will automatically go out to the rest of the team.
Wait, what are you talking about? Okay, if someone goes undercover and it's so secret and dangerous that only their boss knows, but then their boss gets killed or their boss is actually one of the bad guys, and now you're in double danger because no one knows the truth.
That wouldn't happen with my plan.
Now you've officially freaked me out, and I'm going to tell Hetty.
(door opens) I'm still gonna create a dead man's switch.
Hey, wait up.
BOTH: Granger.
Those two meerkats you got working in OPS are getting stranger.
It takes a a special type of personality to do what they do.
Yeah, well, they're special, all right.
I think they need a window.
Or at least an exercise wheel.
(chuckles) Owen relax.
I just brewed a fresh pot of Makaibari Silver Tips.
I It's all good.
Never really understood the appeal of hot, dirty water.
It takes an evolved palate.
That's what they say about head cheese.
You seem extraordinarily irritable, even for you.
Thanks for noticing.
You care to share? Yeah, it's about Blye.
What about her? I'm starting to wonder why you insisted on sending her.
You needed someone you could trust.
And that's it? Could anything be more important than that? I need to know about the guy that you were with.
Is he a regular? No, I told you it was a one-off.
I never saw him before.
What was his name? David.
Did you get a last name? What about a car? Oh, it was a silver SUV-- a Lexus, I think.
Okay, so walk me through it.
Silver Lexus-- he picks you up, takes you to the alley.
What happens? (sighs): Um Well, he started touching my face, said how much he liked my eyes.
Then, suddenly, the window smashes, and before I can know what's happening, I'm being dragged out by my hair.
Did they say anything? They told me to get lost and took off.
I didn't even look back.
They say anything to David? To each other? Say each other's names? Not that I heard.
I thought they were gonna kill me.
(voice breaking): I kept waiting for them to shoot me in the back.
They didn't.
You're safe.
You're okay.
I'm gonna grab you some coffee.
She seems legit.
(sighs) I got to be honest.
I think she's telling the truth.
I agree.
Anything you want to ask her? Did you find it? Silver Lexus SUV on Sierra Bonita around the time of the murders, registered to a Robert Brown.
Guess where he used to work.
I mean, my first instinct is SeaWorld, but I'll go with D7.
ERIC: You are correct, sir.
Address is already on your GPS.
We're out of here.
I'll see if she can give a positive I.
CALLEN: Clear.
Bedroom suggests our guy bugged out with some firepower.
Well, either he got out of here in a hurry, or someone else came through looking for him.
Or clues to where he may have gone.
Check it out.
It's Brown acting all buddy-buddy with the two dead guys from the alley.
So why are they trying to kill him? (typing) (computer chimes) It's Sunshine.
GRANGER: Kitty litter.
(gasps) I suggest you shop for your cats on your own time, Jones.
I don't own any cats.
We were just chasing down a lead on a suspect who has a cat Had a cat.
We actually don't know what happened to the cat.
It's a missing cat.
(clears throat) Catnapped, kidnapped.
What do you know about Blye? Blye.
He was mutinied by his crew for being a martinet? But managed to travel over 4,000 miles in a small launch to Timor.
Not Captain Blye, you idiots.
Agent Blye.
She's on a classified assignment.
And we're not classified.
So you're not in touch with her? don't think we're allowed to be, are we? I don't know.
Are are we? (computer chimes) You going to check that? It's probably just my mom.
On a secure work device? Nah.
Ah, Callen and Sam are back.
I (chuckles) I like your facial hair.
Makes you look like a pirate.
(typing) Robert Brown-- former Army Intelligence.
He worked for D7 at the same time as Richard Davis and James Miller, the two men who were found dead in the alley.
They know each other from the Army? Not as far as I can tell.
I think they met after they started working as private contractors.
Okay, well, we know D7 provides logistic, courier and security services worldwide using former military and law enforcement personnel.
We also know they were probably the ones that killed Vice Admiral Gardner.
Possibly to keep him quiet about their employees' war crimes in Afghanistan.
They shut down because of our investigation? Well, officially, it was due to internal restructuring, which led them to the decision to terminate their government contracts.
Contracts worth, what, about a billion dollars? I don't buy it.
Listen, even if these guys weren't working for D7 when they were killed, it could still be tied into something that happened when they were.
Yeah, probably, but here's the real kicker.
Two and a half weeks after D7 shut its doors, both Richard Davis and James Miller were employed by a new company-- Durendell Securities.
CALLEN: Let me guess.
New name, same company.
Winner winner, chicken dinner.
Sam's instincts were right.
Somebody had to have picked up those government contracts.
So I looked into it.
D7 basically shut its doors and reemerged as a new out-of-state entity.
SAM: Did you contact Durendell Securities? No, not yet, because I didn't want to tip them off that we were onto them.
But Eric is currently searching for a way into their system as we speak.
And what about our, uh, missing man here, Robert Brown? Does he work for Durendell Securities, too? No.
Or could be, he saw something over there he didn't like.
Maybe the same thing they didn't want the admiral talking about, which explains why they tried to kill him.
We need to find this guy before they do.
Kaleidoscope just got a hit on Robert Brown's silver Lexus.
Unfortunately, it's in the parking lot of a bus station.
If he bought that ticket with cash, he didn't have to show I.
There's no way to know where he went.
I've been looking through their surveillance video, but nothing so far.
If he left last night, he's got a huge head start on us.
Guy could be on the beach in Mexico by now.
Well, we should hit the bus depot, see if someone recognizes him, remembers what ticket he bought.
See if you can nail down when he parked the car.
It'll help narrow the list of possible buses he could have been on.
If we're lucky, he just arrived.
DEEKS: I'll go back to the house, see if I can find anything that gives us a hint where he went.
Keep in touch.
All right.
Hey, Granger? Assistant Director Granger.
Um, want to get some fresh air? What'd you have in mind? Come on, I need some backup in the field.
Why not? Great.
ERIC: All right, listen up, people.
We need everyone out of here while we perform a security test.
Now! Yeah.
All right.
Let's move! Let's move! Let's move! Your, uh, pet supply store called.
We're going flying.
(dialing) (phone ringing) KENSI: Good morning, Sunshine.
Nice to hear your voice again, Kensi.
(computer trilling) So, you should be getting the drone feed momentarily.
(drone whirring) You getting this yet? Yup.
We're online.
All right.
Switching controls over to you (remote beeps) now.
ERIC: Look, Mom.
I'm flying.
Say hello, Kensi.
(horns honking, angry chatter) CALLEN: There's one thing I am not gonna miss about L.
-- traffic.
What do you mean "miss"? Where are you going? I don't know.
Somewhere they don't have cars.
Catalina? You'd look really cute driving one of those golf carts.
Chug a little margarita.
(laughs) WOMAN: Hey! MAN: Let the cars through! MAN 2: Hey, hey! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! (grunts) It's Brown.
You got these guys? Oh, yeah.
(grunting) Federal agents! (grunts) (panting) Federal agents! Brown! (tires screech) You should have just let me leave.
I'd be safer on my own.
You're safe here.
You don't know these guys.
Why do they want you dead? Come on.
Look, some bad stuff went down in Afghanistan.
These guys are willing to kill to keep it quiet.
They got the Defense Department in their back pocket.
They got half the Pentagon on speed dial.
You guys cannot protect me from them.
Yes, we can.
In fact, we already have.
Want to know what happened? Ask the guys that were chasing me.
We will.
But one of them's in surgery and the other one's unconscious.
You're welcome.
There's no way I'm gonna testify against these guys unless I'm granted full immunity and given a new identity.
I don't want to wind up dead.
Are you in communication with Blye? Not really.
What the hell does "not really" mean? Either you are or you aren't.
Well, her operation is classified, sir.
So she hasn't said anything to you about her mission? No.
Why? What's going on over there? All right.
(clears throat) Kensi and I aren't just partners.
She's my friend, and I look out for her.
And so I'm asking you, man-to-man, is there something I should know about? Not really.
(chuckles softly) (gate rattles outside) Can I help you? Hands on your head.
Turn around slowly.
Down on your knees.
Come on.
And cross your ankles.
Now you lower your gun.
Lower it.
And get on your knees.
Cross your ankles.
Now touch your left ear with your right hand and your right ear with your left hand.
What? I thought we were playing Gun Twister.
Are we not playing Gun Twister? You couldn't come out before he made me get down on my bad knee? Not really.
What's up, Eric? Deeks and Granger just caught a Durendell Securities employee breaking into Robert Brown's house.
All right, tell them to sit tight, we'll be right there.
And send Nell over to babysit till we get back, all right? Got it.
One of these guys better be a lawyer, or you're all screwed.
Told him I used to be a public defender, but for some reason, he declined my services.
That's funny.
He's pretty feisty for a guy who could be looking at jail time for war crimes.
You're gonna have to do a whole lot better than that.
Actually, we don't.
We have Robert Brown in protective custody.
Protective custody? Mm-hmm.
You better have his ass in a cage.
What's that supposed to mean? Like I said, I want a lawyer.
Call your lawyer.
(dialing) (gunshot) (ears ringing) (groans) Why are you trying to kill Brown? The next one's going in your head.
He killed three women in Afghanistan.
We got him out of there as soon as we found out.
Tried to stop him before he did the same here.
Guy's a psycho.
So can I get you anything? What happened to the other guys? Oh, they just had to go check on something.
So you're the only one here to protect me? Yup.
Are you an agent? Well, technically, I'm an analyst.
Lucky me.
(phone chimes) (chuckles softly) Everything okay? Just my mom.
I'm gonna call her back.
(both grunting) No! (groans) (screams) (groaning) (choking) Nell? (Brown groans) You all right? Nell? (panting) Nell? Did I get him? Yeah.
You got him.
I'll call an ambulance.
(groans) Not bad for an analyst.
Are you all right? Yup.
Good girl.
(chuckles) Up you go.
Big stones, Jones.
(clears throat) Robert Brown's stable.
My guess is he'll make a plea bargain against D7 to save him from the death penalty.
It's too bad.
Your people did well.
They always do.
(door opens) I told you, I'm gonna stop letting you leave OPS.
Thank you.
(chuckles) Hey, hey, hey.
I know.
(phone ringing) Oh.
It's Kensi calling on her sat phone.
Yeah, this is Nell.
Did you find him? Uh, yeah.
He traveled another eight and a half kilometers northeast on foot where he met up with three other men.
Hard to say.
Ours? They were all in local attire.
Could you identify them? No.
I had to keep the drone pretty high to avoid detection.
Its optics aren't good enough for facial recognition at that distance.
I sent you the coordinates and the footage.
Maybe you can make something out.
NELL: I also sent you what I found on Sabatino, but it's not much so far.
Uh, there's no reason given for pulling him off the Siderov case, and the incident report he filed on the death of CIA Officer Sanders is pretty thin.
There was nobody else out there with them that day, so Sabatino's account is the only one on record.
All right, keep digging.
Maybe something will turn up.
You got it.
Everything okay back there? Yeah.
Just another day at the office.
Callen? What's this? A suit and shirt.
Uh, shoes and socks should be outside your locker.
Uh, I'm leaving undergarments to you.
Please use them.
And, uh, you can return it all tomorrow morning.
Hetty, what is this all about? I think it's about trying to make you presentable.
No, no, no, I mean, what (sighs): Never mind.
Thank you.
Yes, yes.
Go on.
He's not gonna like this.
Well, it's for his own good.
I'm sorry, this isn't who Callen? Hi, I'm Joelle.
My friends call me Joe.
I just got a text from Sam and Michelle.
They said they're having car trouble and they're running late, so I, um, ordered a drink.
I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be rude.
I just didn't know until now that they had invited anyone else.
(chuckles) That makes two of us.
I guess this is me.
Can I get you a drink? What are you having? A vodka martini, just a little bit dirty.
Girl after my own taste.
I will have the same.
So So (laughs) Um, should I call Sam and Michelle, in case they need a ride or something? (phone vibrating) Oh, actually, wait.
This is probably them.
(chuckles) Oh.
Don't tell me.
They're not coming.
How'd you know that? (chuckles) That was a, uh, lucky guess.
(sighs) I-I guess we can leave.
Uh although I just ordered a drink, and I'm actually starving.
But you're more than welcome to go if you'd like.
No, no, I'm fine to stay.
I haven't eaten either, so So (chuckles) Uh Thank you.
So how do you know Sam and Michelle? Oh, I, uh, taught their daughter in kindergarten.
(chuckles) Um, do you work in the medical equipment field with Sam? No.
I'm in securities.
That's interesting.
(chuckles) Well, cheers.
To, uh Sam and Michelle.
And Michelle.
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