NCIS Los Angeles s05e23 Episode Script


Hey, little man, your daddy's got game.
MAN: Yo, Ed! Nice.
You were pounding the ball out there, man.
You set it up so good, the ball was practically hitting itself.
You know it.
All day! All night! MEN: Oorah! What do you think? Aw, where we gonna put this one? On display with the rest of them.
I guess I can make room.
WOMAN: Hey, stop! Stop! My camera! Let's get him, Roy! Stop! Take his flank! (car alarm blaring) (ears ringing) (ears continue ringing) Linda! (groans) Baby.
NELL: Homeland's network.
I want minute-by-minute updates.
Initiate a vector search on chatter, keyword "Venice.
" What's the latest, Nell? Two fatalities, Info's still coming in, but it's looking like a terrorist attack.
Hetty had me bring in some more techs for processing intel.
Have you talked to other agencies? CIA's got nothing.
FBI's casting a wide net.
Anybody claiming responsibility? No, nothing yet.
It's just a matter of time.
KENSI: Sorry I'm late.
Stopped to give blood.
What do we have? NELL: Well, the immediate area around the explosion has been closed off.
Navy sealed off the bay.
What? I surf on Saturdays.
You thinking foreign or domestic? Until we identify them, it doesn't make a difference.
Callen is right.
And right now, time is of the essence.
I suggest you start in ops.
(sighs) ERIC: It was a Marine-sponsored charity event.
The footage was taken by tourists' cell phones and nearby security cameras.
Now, the two men giving chase are Marine Sergeants Edward Jones and Roy Kilpatrick.
Now, they both returned home two weeks ago from a tour in Afghanistan.
The man they're chasing: Brian Colvern.
History of petty theft.
Colvern and Sergeant Kilpatrick were the two reported fatalities.
Survives Afghanistan, dies in a terrorist attack at home.
Car bomb.
KENSI: The ice truck took the brunt of the blast.
Could have been a lot worse.
CALLEN: A Saturday.
Military personnel, lot of tourists, cameras.
It was a perfect target.
Lots of footage for the 6:00 news.
We have any idea how that car got there? This is from seven hours earlier.
Here's what we've got.
The footage is low-res.
I did my best to enhance it.
There's no way to I.
these guys.
You can't take out that license? ERIC: I've tried.
There's just not enough to work with.
No one blinks twice at a meter maid car.
Yeah, except it's not.
It was fitted out to look like one.
I'm running a Kaleidoscope search to see if I can track its route to the beach.
So, we don't have anything? And no one's claimed responsibility yet? Actually, this just aired two minutes ago.
Sources have confirmed the Iran-based Islamic militant group Jihadist Liberation Front, or JLF, is responsible for this morning's horrific Venice Beach attack, killing two and injuring dozens That's, uh, Dana Steele.
She does the "Nerves of Steele" segment where she ventures into dangerous situations.
Her tagline is "Anything for the story.
" She graduated early from Columbia School of Journalism.
Runner-up for the duPont Award for digital journalism, and a host of other accolades.
Smart and ambitious.
Try the other outlets, Eric.
(computer chirping) Hold on, Pamela.
Just getting this update right now.
It is being reported that the Jihadist Liberation Front masterminded this morning's deadly attack WOMAN: Saturday morning's attack on a military charity event was carried out by the JLF MAN 2: one dead and multiple injured was carried out by the Jihadist Liberation Front.
Domino effect.
Other stations are picking up her story.
Homeland's been tracking a JLF cell in L.
for months.
It's time they share their intel.
Eric, plug us in to the FBI checkpoints.
Let's get a team scrubbing through surveillance.
We're looking for three men traveling together.
Kensi, Deeks, Homeland Security.
Let's find out what they know.
Copy that.
How many injured, Eric? Last count, 29.
Seven of them children.
Job's never done.
Will it ever be, Owen? They'll keep popping up, and we'll keep knocking them down.
This was different.
How do you figure? We missed it.
Well it's not the first time.
Do you still flinch when you hear jets flying over the city? Yeah.
Don't you? Mm.
Unfortunately, we can't choose the place where they attack us.
No, we can't.
Are you ready for another round? I will fight from beyond the grave.
One thing's for certain.
Foreign, domestic-- they picked the wrong city to mess with.
SAM: My daughter didn't have a recital in the Valley, I'd have been right here with my family.
(indistinct police radio chatter) This could have been my little girl's.
SAM: Detonation velocity was near top of the scale.
I'm thinking military-grade explosives.
HMX maybe.
Ten, 15 pounds.
It's not exactly the kind of thing you just pick up at Home Depot.
Definitely not.
ERIC: Callen.
Any updates? We're still checking.
Nothing yet.
Run down any leads on missing HMX explosives.
That's military-grade.
You got it.
Hey, they had to slip up at some point.
We just need to find out where.
Tell us about the JLF.
Also known as Jihadist Liberation Front.
More an army than a front.
We estimate they number almost 100,000.
They are known for suicide bombings, kidnappings and targeted assassinations.
(computer chirps) We've been on this L.
cell for the last year.
retaps, hidden cameras, laser mics, you name it.
So you got a full workup going on these guys.
They blink, we log it.
Anything related to the attack today? Other than pizza and porn, these guys have been dormant for the last year.
I'm talking zero activity.
ZNN is reporting otherwise.
We're deep in their network.
I wish I could tell you different, but these guys didn't do it.
Yes, sir.
(indistinct police radio chatter) FBI recovered part of the detonator.
Looks like the bomb was remotely activated.
Probably by cell phone.
They're also gathering any photos and videos they can from tourists.
Maybe we can put together a timeline.
(phone ringing) CALLEN: Yeah, Kens.
Homeland says JLF is not responsible for the attack.
They on point? DEEKS: Intel looks solid.
But there's more.
Reports are starting to roll in.
Every small group trying to make a name for itself is now claiming responsibility for the bombing.
All right, thanks, guys.
It's getting out of control.
Time to talk to the media.
Venice Beach, residential paradise, tourist destination.
And now terrorist target.
This is Dana Steele reporting.
How was that, Bobby? Dana Steele? Uh, that's me.
And you are? NCIS.
Agent Callen, Agent Hanna.
Turn the camera off, rewind and delete.
STEELE: Little busy fellas.
Got a job to do.
So do we.
You reported JLF was responsible for the bombing.
What's your proof? My sources.
Yeah? We're going to need names.
Not possible.
I give up a source, I lose them forever.
My rights are protected under the First Amendment.
You're protected by the Marines who were killed and injured here today.
You'd rather protect a terrorist who took American lives? To get to the truth, you sometimes have to dance with the Devil.
Sounds like a pretty good way to get burned, huh? Only if you're afraid of the heat.
Anything for a story, right? Including selling your soul.
I have a right to protect my sources.
You also have the right to remain silent.
The California Shield Law protects journalists who want to keep their sources confidential.
And the Patriot Act doesn't.
Now you can come with us and willingly answer some questions, or we can go through the proper channels.
While you wait in a holding cell and every one of these other reporters gets ahead on the story.
(sighs) Fine.
Bobby, call the office.
This way.
STEELE: I have credible sources all over the world that have never let me down.
Well, our sources say that it's not the JLF.
Who? Couple of sleep-deprived cops on a wiretap? SAM: Just so you understand, this is a matter of national security.
You willing to go to prison over this? I wouldn't be the first.
SAM: Okay.
I understand your journalistic code of ethics.
But don't let it stop them from getting their justice.
Who's your contact? There's a guy I've used for years.
Used to run relief through Somalia.
He knows someone.
I trust him.
Need a name, Dana.
Merle Jarvis.
But you don't find him.
He finds you.
Let us worry about that.
We'll see who can't find who.
(beep) Eric.
What's up, Callen? Run the name Merle Jarvis for me.
Look for any connections to Dana Steele.
I'll get it.
Hey, guys, I got a lead on the meter maid car from the bombing.
It wasn't easy.
It's a salvage vehicle that shouldn't have even been on the road.
Its chain of ownership leads to a mom-and-pop shop.
Quick Step Car Rental.
All right, thanks, Eric.
Send us the address.
Just did.
Okay, Merle Jarvis.
He used to run Global Salvation Solutions, provides international relief in the Middle East.
There's no indication why he left the company.
He's been off the grid since 2008.
His last known address is in Arizona.
So I guess we're gonna have to try a different route.
(people chattering, screaming over video) Hey.
What's up? Are you okay? (video stops) (sighs) When those people woke up, they didn't know this was the last morning they'd see.
Yeah, I know.
It's been getting to me, too.
If you don't tell someone how you feel about them, you may never get the chance.
You're right.
People should just put it out there while they can.
What you doing over there? Putting it out there while I can.
I'm game.
(sighs) We don't talk about this.
Agreed? Agreed.
Ready? Go.
(exhales) (computer beeps) Oh, got a hit.
Whatever you got better be good.
NELL: I got an address for Merle Jarvis.
Um, Dana Steele's source.
So, it looks like Global Salvation Solutions still covers his medical insurance.
There's a bungalow in Mid-Wilshire belonging to one Missy Cambell-- maiden name Jarvis.
All right.
Give it to Kensi and Deeks.
Will do.
(clears throat) Is there something going on that I should know about? No.
Nothing to know about.
That you need to know about.
Nell? No.
That's a bold choice, huh? What's going on with you? You've been sulking since Sunset Boulevard.
I was a Marine brat.
I used to go to events like that all the time.
Just close to home, that's all.
Kensi, we're gonna get these guys.
Damn right.
Can I help you? Uh, yeah, I'm Detective Marty Deeks, LAPD.
This is Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
You're here about the bombing.
Come in.
Come in.
Thank you.
MAN (over TV): Hold on, Pamela.
Just getting this update right now.
It is being reported that the Jihadist Liberation Front masterminded this morning's deadly attack.
The group, also known as JLF This is a tragedy.
I hope you can apprehend the responsible party.
Jarvis, how did you confirm the JLF's involvement? My company moved medical aid through Somalia and Iran.
To do so, we we had to grease a lot of palms just to get a shipment through at times.
Any of those contacts call you? Reach out to you? Someone who can confirm the claim? We had to forge some toxic relationships with more than a few nefarious characters.
That's really interesting.
But do you have any solid confirmation the JLF is responsible for this attack? They see it all.
We are like ants on an ant farm.
"They" who? Them.
"Them" who? KENSI: Are you pointing north? Mm, yes.
DEEKS: What do you mean? Like-like north Valley or north Canada? True north.
How do you know Dana Steele? Shh.
She's one of them.
What do you mean? She's one of the Jihadist Liberation Front? No.
Are we talking about aliens? Mm-hmm.
They're everywhere.
Thank you.
All right.
Wow, so that happened.
Source my ass.
Dana Steele screwed us.
Just wasted an hour of our day.
So what's she hiding? (scoffs) Look at this.
It should be illegal to mistreat cars this way.
Salvaged or not, it's terrible.
It's bad car-ma.
Huh? (chuckles) That was as bad as these cars look.
I mean, look at this piece of WOMAN: Art, right? Well, if the color offends you, there's plenty more to choose from.
Come on in.
How can I help you guys? Federal agents.
You can start by showing us your rental logs.
What's this about? The bombing today in Venice.
But why are you here? We have reason to believe that one of your salvaged vehicles was involved.
Well, it's not against the law to rent a salvaged vehicle.
Well, actually, it is.
But we're not here for you.
We just want to take a look at your logs.
Well, you're gonna need a warrant.
You know, there's a theory that had those cars been properly salvaged, this wouldn't have happened today-- placing the blame squarely on the owner.
Years of probing investigations.
FBI will have a field day proving that theory.
Not to mention Okay, I get it.
What do you need? Rental logs.
Only because you asked so nicely.
Seriously? Handwritten logs? No photocopies? No I.
s? White Civic.
Right there.
Computers are expensive.
Nothing wrong with good old pen and pad.
Let me guess, they paid cash.
Eric, I need you to run a DMV check on a license I just sent you for a Richard James.
Running it.
Sorry, guys, but it's a fake.
It's bogus.
That mean I'm not gonna get my cars back? What do you mean, "cars"? Those guys.
They rented three cars.
A white Civic, a copper Hyundai and a gray Subaru.
Three cars.
Two more attacks.
Three cars.
One at Venice, two unaccounted for.
We're running a Kaleidoscope search now.
Cross-referencing FBI, CIA and Homeland databases to make sure we haven't missed anything.
All right.
CALLEN: These guys hit a military charity event.
The car was in place hours before it started.
If they planned multiple attacks at similar events, those cars could already be in place.
Make sure all public military events are canceled.
On it immediately.
Granger, Kensi and Deeks? Checking out a military contractor who reported missing HMX two weeks ago.
ATF started an investigation, but they had nothing to go on until this morning happened.
What about Dana Steele? ZNN is standing behind her.
They're just saving face.
Doesn't change the fact that she sent us to talk to a whack job.
But why? 'Cause you can't put the genie back in the bottle.
Everyone thinks JLF is responsible.
And she takes the credit.
Let's get her back in here.
Ping her phone if you have to.
We already tagged her at the boatshed.
Nell's been tracking her.
So far, she's only been interviewing families of the blast victims.
Even better.
Have at it.
They disabled the alarm before they forced their way in.
And took off with the HMX before anyone could respond.
So they knew what they were doing.
And exactly what they were looking for.
Anything like this ever happen before? Never.
And I've been working here since 2007.
Who had access to the delivery invoices and who else knew that you were storing HMX? Nobody but me.
Never know who you can trust-- especially with something as dangerous as HMX.
So they disabled the alarms; what about security cameras? Thought you might want to see this.
Looks like the three guys from the Venice bombing.
It's crazy.
We got millions of dollars worth of inventory in here.
And all they took is five tubes of HMX.
How much is in each tube? About 20 pounds.
Bomb squad thinks the Venice blast only took 15 pounds.
Which means they have about four tubes left.
Enough to take down a building.
A building? Hell, that's enough to take out a city block.
I'll call Hetty.
Where's Dana Steele, Eric? ERIC: You're close.
According to the tracker, she's right inside the Grand Central Market.
SAM: Yeah? Well, we're looking right inside the Grand Central Market-- it's like trying to find Waldo.
Who's Waldo? Where's Waldo.
The kids book.
He's like a goofy kid with a red and white striped shirt.
You don't know Waldo? Sounds very patriotic.
Look, this story is a big break for Dana.
She may be able to parlay this into an anchor desk.
Yeah, thanks to a terrorist attack on American soil.
Every journalist owes tribute to the evil one.
What's that, one of Hetty's quotes? Jean de La Fontaine.
French poet.
(chuckles) You know 17th century French poets, but you don't know Waldo? Back to my point-- this is the biggest story of her life.
So why is she here without her crew? Meeting in a crowded public place.
Maybe he's her real source.
No, no, you must.
You have to.
STEELE: Let it go.
It's too late, I'm not doing it.
(grunts loudly) Federal agents! He's got a knife! (grunts) She gonna make it? She's gone.
Why'd you kill Dana Steele? My name is Bakri Deng.
I'm from South Sudan.
I detonated the bomb.
Where are the other two cars? My name is Bakri Deng.
I'm from South Sudan.
I detonated the bomb.
Where are the rest of the explosives? You were asked you a question.
My name is Bakri Deng.
I'm from South Sudan.
I detonated the bomb.
Let's go from the top.
Why'd you kill Dana Steele? My name is Bakri Deng.
I'm from South Sudan.
I detonated the bomb.
(beep) As he is apt to say, the man's name is Bakri Deng.
He came here from South Sudan four years ago.
Legally? He's paid taxes ever since.
Do we know what he's doing here? He was a chemistry professor at the University of Khartoum.
And now? He's washing dishes, apparently.
At the W Hotel.
Martini glasses, collins glasses, rocks glasses.
Everyone's drinking old-fashioneds again.
Like bleating sheep.
The more things change.
The more work we have ahead of us.
So I guess the man came prepared.
Well, we're not giving up.
We just need another angle.
Anything from Kensi and Deeks? They're on their way to his apartment, warrant in hand.
He can't just be stalling us.
What's this guy's play? To that point, Mr.
Hanna, why has this man done any of the things he's done tod? Doesn't exactly scream "terrorist den.
" Maybe I should get an apartment here.
You'll never move.
You'd have to pack up all your hoarding things.
Ooh, that would take an entire week.
Weeks, plural.
Plus moving takes lots of boxes.
Ooh, poor trees.
We both know that you kill every tree, plant and flower that you touch.
Okay, I meant in theory.
Plus, I've stopped buying them, okay? After I kill the next orchid, I'll stop buying them.
I'm gonna die alone in my apartment.
You're such a lady.
KENSI: Federal agents! Clear.
Look at you, making your bed before going out and killing innocent people.
Hey, Kens.
Yeah? I think Bakri left a family back in South Sudan.
Hey, take a look at this.
What do you got? Letter writing campaign.
With Bakri's signature and two others.
Probably his two roommates.
Those three guys in the video.
Who were they writing to? State Department, congressmen, celebrities Red Cross, guys who started Google.
Anybody who could help.
Help with what? Sending aid to South Sudan.
Water, food, blankets for the displaced families.
Look at this.
Looks like they've been at this for years.
On a peaceful mission.
So what changed? And where are his roommates? (phone vibrating) (sighs) Go ahead, Nell.
The photo you sent is of Bakri's wife, a graduate student at the University of Khartoum, and their two small children.
KENSI: Are they also in the States? No.
They were denied their visas.
DEEKS: So why did Bakri come without them? Because in 2010, Sudan's president, Hassan al-Bashir, declared the war in Darfur over.
But over it was not.
NELL: Bashir signed a cease-fire agreement with one South Sudanese rebel group, only to attack another one.
The violence never stopped.
After that, Bakri took action.
He wrote a letter of resignation to the university.
Saying he was cong to America in search of aid.
Yeah, how did you know that? KENSI: Because Bakri kept his word.
He's been writing letters to raise awareness for the conflict and help his displaced countrymen ever since.
But we don't know why he stopped.
Actually, I think we do.
A month ago, another surge of violence displaced 50,000 more South Sudanese from their homes.
Students in Khartoum staged a peaceful protest that turned extremely non-peaceful when police opened fire on them.
Bakri's wife and children were killed.
And that's when he put down the pen and picked up a sword.
So if this is about Darfur, why attack Los Angeles? And why kill a news reporter? That's a damn good question.
How you holding up, Bakri? Need some water? My name is Bakri Deng Bakri Deng, you're from South Sudan, you detonated the bomb.
And we know why.
Bakri, I also have a family.
Beautiful wife.
Beautiful daughter.
I'd do anything to protect them.
My name is Bakri Deng We read your letters.
You tried to get our attention a different way.
But after they killed your family, you had to yell louder.
I needed to make you listen.
We're listening now.
My people need water, food, protection.
But you Americans-- do you ever think about how blessed you are to be born here, and not a place where the fear of death is a part of everyday life? Is that why you did this? To show us what that feels like? I did what is done.
Bakri, what happened with the reporter? I never intended to kill her.
But when I went to her with the truth, she was so stubborn, so concerned about how it would make her look.
You went to her with proof that you were responsible for the bombing, and she wouldn't change her story? Definitive proof.
She wanted me to say I supported some other cause.
The JLF? Yes.
She didn't want to admit she got it wrong.
And America needs to know that you, Bakri Deng from South Sudan, set off that bomb this morning.
Now you see.
Now America has to intervene.
SAM: You got a point.
It's worked before.
Al Qaeda bombed our Twin Towers, we couldn't send troops to Afghanistan fast enough.
You believe that U.
troops on the ground in South Sudan will end the conflict? But the plan doesn't work if a reporter is saying someone else set off the bomb.
Which is why I had to make her change her story.
And it definitely doesn't work if she's dead, and the news cycle is still focused on the JLF.
So you stage another attack.
Bigger, bolder.
We have no choice.
You always have a choice, Bakri.
Where are the other two cars? You don't want any more blood on your hands.
Stay the man your wife and kids loved.
What does it matter? They are gone.
But you're here.
And it's up to you to decide if you're any different from the men who killed your family.
The cars are going downtown.
My roommates are taking them there.
Where? The high-rise on the corner of Wilshire and Whitland.
That's where the State Department's Los Angeles field office is located.
You've been sending letters there.
When is this happening? Now.
You'll help me in exchange for my cooperation? You're Bakri Deng.
You detonated the bomb.
CALLEN: You'll get the credit you want, just like you deserve.
Eric, cars and explosives are headed to a high-rise at Wilshire and Whitland.
And call building security and tell them to evacuate.
It's a good thing it's Saturday.
Will do.
I'm also sending I.
photos of Bakri's two roommates to your phones.
Get those to the FBI, LAPD and Homeland Security while you're at it.
NELL: I'll tell Kensi and Deeks to meet you at the high-rise.
HETTY: Gentlemen? Come back in one piece.
(tires screech) CALLEN: Talk to me, Eric.
What do we got? ERIC: The building has a closed-circuit security system.
So we're going in blind? Unfortunately, yes.
This building would meet earthquake codes, which means it rests on shock absorbers filled with oil.
Flammable oil.
Really? 85 pounds of HMX wasn't enough? It's totally overkill.
Eric, have you cleared the building? I tried.
Security's shut down for the weekend, but the building should be empty.
Yeah, or not.
CALLEN: You guys head to the roof just to be safe.
Make sure it's clear.
We'll head to the basement.
If they know this is sitting on oil Maybe they moved the bombs there.
Just come back in one piece, all right? Sounded better when Hetty said it.
G, over there.
Copper Hyundai, gray Subaru.
Bomb squad? No time.
Guess we got to risk it.
This car looks clean.
I don't see any bomb.
Door's unlocked.
Pop the trunk.
Easy, easy.
(trunk clicks) (quietly): Okay.
No wires.
No switches.
No device.
HMX is gone.
They already moved the bomb into the basement.
(people chattering) Oh, damn it.
Why did Rodger have to be so popular? Callen, Sam, we have a situation.
Party full of people that didn't get the memo.
Any sign of the roommates? No, I don't see them.
Let's get these people out of here.
Excuse me, you have to leave the building.
That's got to be it.
Federal agents! Put your hands in the air! Back away from the device! Bakri told us where to find you.
I don't believe you.
He sent us here to talk to you, to convince you not to go through with this.
It was Bakri who persuaded us that this is the only way.
But it's not.
Your people in your country need help, but bloodshed and terror aren't the answer.
Don't stoop to their level, man.
Back away from the device.
It's time to walk away.
If I don't go through with this, it will all have been for nothing.
If you don't go through with this, it means you haven't turned into one of them.
It's okay.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Put it down.
Come on.
Come on.
Come on, buddy.
Right here.
It's all good.
Turn around.
Put your hands behind your back.
Where's your roommate? Other side of the building.
Get down.
Sam? I got this.
Federal agent! Don't do it.
Guys, we're all secure.
KENSI: Okay, copy that.
Hell of a day.
Hell of a day.
What is it? Someone just left me a love note.
Let me see that.
No, no, no, no, no.
Let me see it.
This is between me and my Juliet.
(laughs) Not so fast, fair Romeo.
Turns out, somebody, uh somebody loves themself some Deeks, too.
Yeah? And has a thing for intelligent brunettes.
And really loves tall, dark, handsome men with razor-sharp wit.
Oh, you must have gotten mine.
It says, tall, dark and handsome.
(chuckles): Oh.
Well, uh, good night, guys.
Night's not over yet, you two.
It's not? Uh-huh.
When everything's on the line, like it was today, there's nobody I'd rather have by my side.
CALLEN: Let's get a drink, huh? Let's do it.
I could go for a beer.
I could go for several.
Me, too.
Several? Such a lady.
Lady is thirsty.
I was thinking you're more of like a (chatter continues) GRANGER: They're quite a team, Henrietta.
They're my '27 Yankees.
Doesn't get any easier, does it? Sending them out each time, never knowing if they'll come back.
They always come back, Owen.
Until one day they don't.

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