NCIS Los Angeles s06e11 Episode Script


I got a suspicious package on a bench.
Requesting backup for containment while I check it out.
Daddy, I found it.
I got mall security in pursuit of a couple, uh, Santas.
Hey! Stop! L.
D! Stop! - L.
D! - Aah! Whoa, whoa, whoa! Drop your weapon! Release the woman, now! Wow.
What are you mad about? I'm not mad.
You just bombed that bag with a spinning back kick.
That is pure aggression release.
Just trying different techniques.
You hate spinning kicks.
You say they're impractical.
They are impractical.
It's like side control in grappling.
It may work on pay-per-view, try that on the street, I'll bite your ear off.
I'm going to San Francisco for the holidays.
That's great.
That's what you wanted.
Yeah, I wanted to spend Christmas with my wife and daughter.
You know, nice hotel, good food, - see the sights.
Just the three of us.
- What about Aiden? He's cold-weather training in Virginia.
Didn't come home for Thanksgiving.
He's working his ass off to become a cadet sergeant.
I'm proud of him.
- I haven't seen him in three months.
- Well, boy is focused.
Just like his old man.
He's in high school, he's supposed to have fun.
Know what I was doing at that age? Nothing you want your son doing, I can promise you that.
Hey, what hotel you staying at? Oh, Michelle's sister bought a pied-à-terre.
- Sounds nice.
- Yeah, sounds small.
She says pied-à-terre, I say the kitchen's in the bedroom.
Hold on a second.
She wants you to stay there with them? All three of us.
And Michelle's sister.
And Michelle's sister's three cats.
No, you tell them, "I appreciate the offer.
We'd be a little more comfortable at a hotel.
" That's all.
Yeah, sure.
Tell my wife I don't wanna stay with her baby sister.
Exactly, be totally honest with her.
The level to which you don't understand marriage is astounding.
Round's over, we caught a case.
Perfect timing.
Saved by the Beale.
I know you're the kind of guy who likes to improve in all areas at all times.
It is my job to dole out advice.
On all topics.
- Granger's still not back? - No.
His recovery is taking a little longer than expected.
This morning, thieves hit an office in Sherman Oaks and they set a server room on fire.
The office belongs to a cyber-security company, C-Bug Systems.
They were closed for the holidays.
C-Bug's founder, Peter Weber, is an expert in the field of anti-malware or malicious software.
Malware can be designed to breach government computers, secure systems, even power plants.
It's basically the terrorism of the Internet.
Which is exactly why the Department of Defense needs people like Weber.
They recently began vetting him to help fight foreign cyber attacks.
Now DOD wants to ensure that nothing harmful against national security has been taken from the office.
What about the guy L.
Arrested? Hm.
Billy Rex.
He grew up in the system.
Ventura Youth Correctional.
He did postgrad studies at Norco Prison.
This guy has been charged for everything, from assault to armed robbery.
This guy goes from strong-arm robberies to stealing computer viruses? - They find anything on him? - A 9 mm, that's it.
Which means whatever they stole was in the two Santas' bags.
And unfortunately, the Santa beards make facial rec impossible.
Is currently transporting him to the boatshed for questioning.
We'll hit Weber's office.
Kensi, Deeks, why don't you, uh, talk to Rex? Find out what he was looking for.
Not so fast, Mr.
I think it's best if you and Mr.
Hanna stayed away from the crime scene.
Why is that? Mr.
Beale, play the rest of the footage.
Hold on, stop that.
Zoom in.
- Joelle.
- Joelle? What do you mean, like, Callen's Joelle? She sent me a text, but I never got back to her.
The L.
Reports that she's doing fine.
Just steer clear of her until the case is resolved.
Both of you have a cover to maintain.
We'll question Billy Rex in the boatshed.
You know, we should probably, uh, interview Joelle.
About the case, right? - Yeah, no, that too.
- Yeah.
That's her.
Joelle Taylor? Thank you, Tony.
Hi, I'm Detective Marty Deeks, L.
- This is my partner, Kensi Blye, NCIS.
- Hi.
Um, who did you say you worked for? Oh, we're, uh, federal agents.
- Please, have a seat.
- Okay.
Sorry this happened to you.
How are you? I'm fine.
I'm just glad the police caught the guy.
We're looking into the case right now.
You see anything that might help us track the guys that got away? Well, I told the police, I didn't see much.
I heard the alarm, and then I saw the Santas The men running.
I didn't know what was happening.
Any idea where they might have gone to? Well, they ran into the lower level of the parking garage over there.
And that's when the other guy grabbed me.
All right.
Thank you.
That was very helpful.
So, uh, Preston's is a pretty high-end men's clothing line.
Oh, Deeks.
Yeah, I was here buying a Christmas gift for my boyfriend.
Cool, what did you get him? I bought him a dress shirt and a tie.
He's a securities trader.
I don't really know what that is, but he's got to wear a suit every day.
I think he'll love it.
I'm sure that he will.
I know, right? It's awful.
I mean, who does that? Buys their Buys their boyfriend a safe gift.
What is that? What is? What is a safe gift? Zero risk.
Something that says anything but: "You're the most important person in my world.
" - You've put a lot of thought into this.
- Well, I'm good at the safe gift.
It's the girlfriend thing I could be better at.
Yeah, I think he's gonna love the shirt and tie because it's coming from you.
Not that he wouldn't enjoy, uh, you know, like, a leather gym bag a tad bit more, though.
- That's actually a really good idea.
- It is a good idea.
How did you come? Oh.
Speak of the devil.
It's my boyfriend.
- Wow.
Nice to meet you.
- You too.
I'm so glad you got my message.
You will never believe what happened.
- What happened? - Office.
Yeah, no, I'm definitely coming.
I was shopping today, and this crazy guy grabbed me.
But you're okay? He, uh? - Well, he held a gun to me.
- He didn't hurt you? No, no, I'm fine.
Look, Jo, I'm gonna see what I can do about getting out of this, uh, meeting.
No, Callen, don't.
Really, I'm fine.
Jo, I'd like to be there for you.
You will be.
Look, I know how important those meetings are.
So go.
Go make some deals or trades or whatever it is you do.
- I'll see you later.
- Okay.
I'll see you tonight.
Sounds like she's holding up well.
Yeah, she's, uh Heh.
She's even worried about me making my investment meeting.
I missed a few holidays and birthdays for those meetings.
The guy put a gun to Jo's head, Sam.
I wanna have a little talk with him about that.
Hey, guys.
I just got word, Billy Rex escaped custody.
They were transferring him to you when this occurred.
- He's capable and dangerous.
- A guy like that's not breaking into Weber's office for your standard smash-and-grab.
- Don't touch that.
- Just doing my job.
- Bet that's Weber.
- Yeah.
Yeah, there's a lot of Lot of data, lot of thi Yeah? NCIS.
Is there a problem here? NCIS, okay, thank you.
It took DOD long enough to send somebody.
I'm Detective Deeks, this is my partner, Kensi Blye, NCIS.
I'm sorry, Mr.
Weber, your office was broken into less than an hour ago.
Yeah, and in that period of time, local P.
Managed to arrest and lose the only suspect.
This is Billy Rex, do you recognize him? No, never seen him.
- Uh, any idea where he's gone? - He has no history of cyber-crime, so there's no reason to believe this is anything but a smash-and-grab.
Can you list the items that were stolen? Uh, sure.
I'm missing six tablets, three laptops, and, uh, one Xena: Warrior Princess leather miniskirt and matching armored bustier.
- Wow, not creepy at all.
- Bustier.
- Worth a lot.
- I'm sure it is.
So, uh, for a high-tech company, the security is pretty Uh, well, DOD was set to install their own security system upon completion of my review.
- After the holidays.
- Right.
You have any idea why the thieves would burn your server room? No, I I have no idea.
I'd love to get in there and find out.
I could patch a recovery program, see whether or not they made off with any of our malware.
- I'm sorry, did you say your malware? - Yeah.
I thought that you created systems to fight against the malware.
You've heard of the CDC, right? They have flu viruses, so they can study them and figure out how to fight them.
- You do the same thing with malware.
- Yeah.
And the malware on these servers, it's the worst of the worst.
It's the stuff of nightmares.
Nell, you got eyes on Bill Rex? Nothing yet.
After he escaped custody, it's like he just vanished.
But L.
Says that he is a known associate of a bookie named Lincoln Tate.
They have an open investigation on him.
If Rex stole something valuable from Weber's office, Tate would make the perfect fence.
And we got a lead on the other two Santas.
Looks like they escaped in a 1993 Ford Mustang.
I tracked it to a motel in West L.
Send Kensi and Deeks to the motel.
We'll visit this bookie, get a line on Billy Rex.
Got it.
Oh, and I'm sending Tate's L.
File to your phone now.
Talk to me, baby.
Come on.
Tell me something good.
Purr for me.
Daddy's right here.
Show me what you got Hey.
- Was I, um? - No.
I wasn't talking to myself? I heard nothing.
Are you sure? Because sometimes I'm just like, "Buh, buh, buh, buh" Look, I Sorry.
I have to cancel our plans for next weekend.
What? The Christmas Horror Movie Festival? - We've talked about that for weeks.
- Yeah.
Jack Frost, Silent Night, Deadly Night, Gremlins.
"Bright light, bright light!" I know.
Tickets are nonrefundable.
- So is this plane ticket I just bought.
- What? Hetty just let me know I can go home early to see my family, so Hey, that's gre That's great.
Of course.
You know, we'll just, um We'll rent the movies when you get back.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Unless - Yeah? I don't know, maybe you wanna come home with me.
- Aah! - Oh! - I'm sorry.
- No, uh, don't be.
Hey, I'm in.
Okay, so I'm searching the servers that we recovered from C-Bug.
At the time of the break-in, only one file was downloaded onto a thumb drive.
Eight hundred and sixty kilobytes? That's not that much.
But it's enough.
- I gotta talk to Callen and Sam.
- Yeah.
What do you got, Eric? Well, I managed to ID the malware that the thieves took.
It affects something called PLCs, programmable logic controllers.
They're used in industrial computer systems to control automation.
What kind of industrial systems? Well, the specific PLCs that this malware targets are only found in U.
Electric power plants.
Guys, this bug could crash the entire nation's grid for weeks.
- And no power, no communications.
- No heat.
Seventy-five degrees here, but it's cold everywhere else.
This kind of malware could be worth millions to the right buyer.
And millions to the guy that brokers the deal.
- Let's go talk to our bookie.
- Thanks, Eric.
It's pretty crazy how, uh, Joelle can't tell Callen how she feels about him.
Yeah, well, if she can't get him a gift that says: "I care about you," how's she gonna have that conversation? Life's a little short for that kind of hopscotch.
Amen to that.
Is your mom still going on that cruise? Yeah.
Yeah, she is.
We still get a couple days off from, uh? From work? That's what Hetty said, thankfully.
Thinking about going up to Mammoth, doing a little bit of snowboarding.
Oh, that sounds like fun.
There's a great hotel up there that takes dogs, if you wanna come.
Wow, okay.
No, I don't mean that you I mean that I'm bringing Monty to Mammoth and, you know, we talked about it and we think you should come.
I haven't been snowboarding in a while, but - So, yes.
So we got a plan.
- We have a plan.
We're going snowboarding.
Up top.
- Okay.
- Holiday plans.
- Mustang.
- Mustang.
We should, uh, probably start knocking on doors or I got a better idea.
Beachside office, huh? When in Rome Agent Callen.
Agent Hanna.
Gonna ask you a few questions.
Agents, huh? Here I thought you two were selling massages by the minute.
- Take a walk.
- Take a walk.
- Why you coming at me like this? - We're gonna ask you a few questions.
Your answers are gonna determine whether or not you get to lay there, or you wind up in some hole in Guantanamo.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, back that up.
Back that up, okay? Heh.
I'm a bookie, brothers.
A patriot.
If serving my country means serving me, ask and I shall answer.
Guy who works for you, Billy Rex? He robbed someone he shouldn't have.
Rex is dead to me.
He was my top guy for almost ten years, but was getting restless.
He started, like, searching for side jobs.
- Bigger risk, bigger reward.
- And? And last week he takes off.
Same day, my accountant calls me up and he says he's found something wrong with my money.
We set up a meet, he doesn't show up.
- My guys find him dead days later.
- You think Rex did it.
I'm not the kind of guy who believes in coincidences.
Tell us where Rex is.
We'll take care of him for you.
Yeah, you know, uh, I would if I could.
But Billy Rex is a worm in the truest sense of the word.
That boy, he goes underground.
And trust me, he's gone.
I wanna meet the owner Oh! - Of the worst Mustang ever made.
You picked the wrong car to mess with.
How you think this is gonna go? Oh, I don't know, you tell me.
- Put it down.
- You heard her.
Drop it.
Get on your knees.
Going in.
Kensi, I think I got a body.
Well, merry Christmas to me.
Leroy Moss.
That's quite a rap sheet, albeit unimpressive.
Indecent exposure's kind of impressive.
- Hm.
- I could show you, if you like.
Well, you could pull out whatever you want.
Can't guarantee you'll leave with it, though.
Oh, come on, I just thought, you know, you got a little handsy when you searched me.
A little personal, a little intimate.
I liked it.
Well, I was looking for something from the break-in this morning.
A thumb drive.
Didn't take no thumb drive.
I would think carefully about your next answer, Leroy.
Because if your friend talks before you do, guess who serves more time.
I'm sorry, what? No, definitely Definitely not your mom.
According to this, your mom is still serving time in Victorville Pen for Wow, look at that - operating a meth lab.
So I guess you're not entirely to blame for your current situation then, are you? Why don't you tell me where the malware is, Stuart? - Where's the malware? - Where's the mal? Where's the mal? Wait, who's Mal, man? Not mal-man, it's malware.
It's Oh, wow, this is You're firing on all cylinders.
It's a thumb drive.
Thumb drive.
Oh, Rex has it.
Wrong answer, Leroy.
Okay, no.
Come back.
Rex is the one that went into the room with all of the, uh, computer stuff.
- Servers.
- Yeah, sure, whatever.
Rex went to the servers, okay? Then he plugged something in, then he poured gasoline all over the servers.
When he pulled out his lighter, Stu and me just ran.
All right, so Rex has the thumb drive.
Where's he taking it? He's not going anywhere, because you arrested him.
Are you a cop? I am a cop, just like I was the first two times you asked that question.
- Still a cop.
- Oh, man.
This doesn't look like a police station.
How did Rex know about the malware? Did he ever tell you who got him this job? All I know is Rex thought he could make money off this thing.
A lot of money.
And Rex, I don't know if you've noticed, but he's kind of a scary guy, so I didn't ask a lot of questions.
Good talk.
Anything else you wanted to bring up at this point? Hm? Mm.
All right, fair enough.
- Unh.
- What? No.
All right.
Thanks, Kens.
Other two Santas didn't have the thumb drive.
- It wasn't in the motel room? - They said Rex had it.
But L.
Didn't find it on him.
You're Rex.
I'm L.
I got you pinned down, but you're holding millions of dollars' worth of malware.
- What do you do? - I drop it.
Leave it somewhere safe till I can escape and come back for it.
But where? Or with who? Zoom in there.
Slow it down.
Stop it.
What is it? Rex had to have placed that thumb drive somewhere on Jo.
He doesn't know who she is, G.
By the time he escaped, - she was gone from the crime scene.
- He'll be searching for her.
We've got to find Rex before he finds Jo.
And I may know how to do that.
Our malware expert, Peter Weber.
It didn't make any sense.
I mean, how did a Neanderthal like Rex know to go after high-tech property that belonged to Weber? So I went looking for a common denominator.
The bookie? Weber was gambling? No.
And yes.
Over the past six months, Tate's legit bank accounts were hit by a targeted malware attack.
Money was being skimmed and sent to a separate corporate account that I managed to link back to Weber.
That's what the accountant wanted to tell Tate.
- Except he told Billy Rex first.
- Tate's top man.
So Rex sees the opportunity for an easy score.
Kills his boss's accountant.
He goes after Weber and the stolen money.
Somewhere along the line, the money grew to include some big malware payday.
If Rex wants that payday, he's gonna have to get Jo.
Find the thumb drive.
I'll bring in Weber.
Hello? Oh, my God! Callen.
I wasn't expecting you for another few hours.
Pushed my last meeting and I snuck out early.
Oh, macaroons, thank you.
Figured after the day you had, you deserved it.
- These are for you.
- Ooh.
And I'm even going to cook you a little dinner.
- Really? - Mm-hm.
You can't even fry an egg.
That's a good point.
But you know what I can do? I can open a bottle of wine.
You have no idea how scary it is, having someone hold a gun on you.
I can only imagine.
I love you for coming to be with me.
Better get some water for these flowers.
Callen's gonna have to get clear of Joelle if he's gonna find that thumb drive.
It's gotta be weird running an op on your girlfriend.
She might not be his girlfriend after this op.
Really? Any more depressing thoughts you wanna have this afternoon? I'm just saying that this job tends to ruin any chance at a personal life.
That's not true.
Look at us.
Going on a trip together, that's personal.
- We're going skiing to Mammoth.
- That's practical, actually.
We have the same days off and it's only a few hours from Los Angeles.
Okay, so it's a personal trip that just happens to be incredibly practical.
What's wrong with that? Nothing.
Nothing wrong with it.
You're You're right.
More, please.
- Ooh.
- Oops.
Looks like we need more.
There's a nice Pinot Noir in the hallway rack.
- I will find it.
- Okay.
- I'll be right back.
- Heh-heh-heh.
Kensi, Deeks, I got the drive.
- In here? Okay.
- Yeah.
It's musty.
- Whoa.
- Sit down.
Uh, okay, if I just, you know I just gotta tell you, you can chill on the, uh, aggressive front, okay? Because I'm here to help you recover my property.
I'm here to help you.
Um You're, uh You're freaking me out sitting so close.
If you don't prove helpful, Mr.
Weber, I may just drop you in general population at Twin Towers prison.
Oh, you You can't do that.
You're correct.
But I think it would take about a week for the mistake to be sorted out.
Do you think you could last a week? I can't be around prisoners.
We know you were skimming off of Lincoln Tate's accounts.
And Billy Rex found out about it.
Oh Okay, look, Rex said he'd kill me if I didn't give him every single dollar I stole, plus interest.
And I didn't I didn't have it.
I'm not gonna let that psycho shoot me.
So you told him about the power grid malware.
It's worth millions.
The only problem was, you were under DOD oversight.
Couldn't just give it to him.
You had to make it look like a robbery.
Where is Mr.
Rex right now? Before he was arrested, Rex dropped the malware into a lady's shopping bag.
And then he contacted me just before you guys picked me up.
What did you do? I accessed the records of that store.
What's it called? Preston's.
And I gave Rex that lady's ID and address.
He's headed there now.
Callen, we're a go.
I got Rex and two guys just stepped out of an SUV.
They're heading towards Joelle's house.
Heads up.
We'll move to intercept.
What are we doing? Mm, I think we're dancing, but I could be wrong.
I haven't done this very often.
We've never done this.
- Never? Hm.
- Mm-mm.
First time for everything.
- What was that? - Nothing.
I didn't hear a thing.
I'm a little jumpy today.
Nothing, I didn't see anything.
Callen, we don't have the other two.
- Was that in my bedroom? - This way.
We need to call the police.
Aah! You have a gun? Aah! Oh, my God, you shot him? Callen.
Callen, that was the guy from this morning.
- What the hell is going on? - You gotta trust me.
I'll get us out of this.
Do you trust me, Jo? Who are you? We have to get out of the open.
Callen, just stop.
What are we doing? I've never seen you like this.
Jo, I promise you, I'll explain everything.
Right now, we have got to move.
Got them in the back alley.
Headed your way.
- Federal agents.
Drop it.
- Put it down.
On the floor, right now, on your knees.
All the way down.
- Hands behind your back.
- Callen.
Callen, do you copy? Where are you? I got nothing.
What? What is that? What are you doing? Stay inside, lock the door.
I'll get you when it's safe.
- No, Callen - Jo, this will be over fast.
Now, what are you gonna do? - Lock the door and wait for you.
- That's right.
Thought you said you were gonna stay in the garage.
I thought you said you were a securities trader.
See you later.
Get this to Eric and Nell, keep it secure.
Oh, the computer virus that can plunge America into darkness? Shouldn't I just throw this into the burn room? That would be a bad idea because of the chain of evidence and all that.
Yeah, I got it.
Is she gonna be okay? - I'm about to find out.
- Good luck.
Let me guess.
Not the first time you've had to put your life on the line to save a lady.
And Sam? I'm guessing he's not in the medical equipment field, is he? No.
But, Michelle, she's still Their kids are just kids.
Yeah, I guess I did kind of ruin Christmas.
No, that's not what At school this week, I was reading the kids A Christmas Carol.
They, um, wanted to know what "humbug" meant.
So we looked it up.
It means deception.
A fraud.
An imposter.
Anyway, thanks for saving my life, Callen.
- Jo - I think you should leave now.
Beale! Move it or lose it! Wheels up in 90! Yeah, yeah, sorry.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
Is that a camera? Is that what we came all the way back here for? Yeah.
I realized if I'm gonna meet your family, what's my cover, right? You're a news editor, so I figured photojournalist by day, superhero by night.
Okay, Clark, I think we're gonna have to come up with something more believable than that.
Like what? Well, it has to make sense that you'd be coming home with me.
- Right.
- Like a boyfriend.
Aah! Mr.
No-Pants, you do realize that it's gonna be freezing back East, right? What? I'm wearing a scarf.
My first day back and you give the entire team the day off? Owen.
I wasn't expecting you.
And I make it a point to always expect the unexpected.
It'll take more than a little poison to get rid of me.
Besides, I'd rather catch up on work.
Holidays are for the sentimental.
Owen, you're not such a Grinch.
I know there's still a heart in there somewhere.
You're right.
I'm just not telling you where it is.
- For my own personal safety.
- Oh.
Smart man.
Merry Christmas, Owen.
Merry Christmas, Henrietta.
Any idea why Michelle wanted us all to come down here today? Nope.
She wants to skate, we skate.
You didn't think to ask why? Marriage, G.
- Marriage.
- Uh-huh.
Hey, Kam.
Hey, Uncle Callen.
- How are you? - Good.
- Hey.
- Hi.
You heard anything from Jo? No, I don't think I will.
- Sam-Dog.
- Yo.
- I got them.
I got your skates, size 14.
- No.
- Come on.
Come on.
- Don't mind him.
- He's just mad because he can't do it.
- What? I could if I wanted to.
I don't.
When am I gonna be in a situation where I need to put blades on my feet and move across ice? I live in L.
It's ridiculous.
All right, how about this? I will use my personal Christmas bonus - to buy you lessons.
- Wait.
- We get a Christmas bonus this year? - We always get a Christmas bonus.
Wait, seriously? Seriously? I didn't get a Christmas bonus.
- I got a Christmas bonus.
- I didn't get a Christmas bonus! - Oh, my gosh.
- Aah! Triple salchows.
Aah! Look at this one.
- All right, Kensilina.
There you go.
- Uh I just I wanna talk to you for a second.
- No, no.
- Oh.
- I gotta go skate.
- Come here.
Deeks! - Come here.
I All right.
- Aah! - Go for Santa.
- Ha.
What's going on? You're freaking me out.
Oh, my gosh.
You plan these things to say, and when the time comes, you can't say them.
Um Just you and me.
Kensi and Deeks, Deeks and Kensi.
Alone, we're bold, we're brash, we can move mountains.
And together, we're - Um - We're safe.
Yeah, together we're safe.
Yeah, I know.
I wanna be bold, Deeks.
But I wanna be bold with you.
So no more games, then? No more games.
- Chips on the table? - All-in.
- Heh.
- Tonight? - Tomorrow.
- And the day af Dad, can I get a hot chocolate? Sure, Kam.
Get your mom one too, okay? Okay.
I have a surprise for you.
- Really? Mm-hm.
So you're an impossible man to shop for, so I didn't even try.
- Good to see you, Dad.
- Ah.
I thought you were training in Virginia.
I, uh, missed the California sun.
- Aiden, are you AWOL? - No, sir.
And I appreciate you addressing me as cadet sergeant.
You were promoted.
- I'm proud of you, son.
- Thanks, Dad.
So you can skate.
I know that about you now.
You got my message.
That's them? Your family? Yeah.
I'd like you to meet them.
If you want.
I can't, Callen.
I can't meet them.
Not until I meet you.
What do you wanna know about me? Hm.
Well, how about we start with your first name? That is a little bit complicated.

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