NCIS Los Angeles s06e14 Episode Script

Black Wind

Two-nine to base.
Exited Mission, heading eastbound on Douglas.
Possible DUI.
Requesting backup.
Copy that.
Driver fled.
Heading west.
Front seat passenger remains in vehicle.
Thirty-seven-one, right behind you.
In pursuit of driver.
What have we got? Failed to stop at a Border Patrol checkpoint.
Driver bailed, passenger may be injured.
Passenger, let me see your hands! Stop! Stop! Open your eyes.
MVC victim.
Requesting corpsmen and transport to base hospital.
- Wake up, amigo, despiértate.
- Careful.
There's a nosebleed.
Sure as hell doesn't look like blood.
- Morning.
- Hiding from Wile E.
Coyote again? This is a horticulture makeover for the office, I'll have you know.
- Yeah? What's wrong with our ficus? - We're in a drought.
The snowpack is at 18 percent.
The reservoirs are almost dry, and this little guy only takes one sip of water a month, in contrast to those water-guzzling fici.
Why drain the fountain? Oh, that leaky sieve was costing us ten gallons a day.
Hey, who didn't flush the toilet? Oh, yeah, don't look at me.
I was supposed to put these up into the bathrooms.
I was gonna hang them up there.
I just hadn't gotten to it yet.
- Here you are.
- "In this land of fun and sun, we don't flush for number one"? - What? - It's a clever reminder that saves two gallons every single time.
That sounds a little unsanitary.
It's not gonna happen.
What are you talking about? That's 5,000 gallons a year.
These are critical times, and critical times call for - Agh! - Oh, what? Cactus karma.
Oh, no, a little help here, please? Get it out, take it out now.
- Pull it out.
- Not so fast.
You just pull it out, it'll leave barbs inside.
Sam's right.
You might wanna Google that first.
Look on the bright side, at least you weren't facing it.
Aztec rain stick to bring forth a storm.
All are summoned.
- Case on deck, sorry.
- Just quick.
Callen, could you? - Gotta go.
- Uh, can you just grab? - I don't want Sam? - Duty calls.
This is a Border Patrol pursuit in Oceanside.
- Camp Pendleton.
- Southern border.
Undocumented immigrant? - Drug runner? - Neither would make it our case.
The driver escaped, but the passenger is currently in ICU at the Naval hospital.
- What type of injuries? - No injuries.
Severe infection with the bacteria anthrax.
That's extremely fatal.
Any other cases? Not a one.
So how did this guy contract it? Well, anthrax occurs naturally in cattle, sheep, goats and horses.
All very interesting, but we need to assume the worst.
A bioterrorism attack.
And against the Marines' home base.
Quite a publicity coup for the terrorists.
Look, a rogue PhD in a modest lab could produce weapons-grade anthrax.
- Mexico's a big country.
- Perfect.
We'll start in Cabo, make our way over to Cancún.
Deeks and Ms.
Blye will cover the hospital.
C and Mr.
H will head south of the border.
Come on, not again.
Hetty, I know Mexico.
I've surfed every corner of that country.
So have I.
All right, Callen and Sam will be undercover as furniture importers.
Mexican customs, tax codes.
You'll be dropped in Tijuana.
Our NCIS country referent will be your guide.
- Agent Fuentes.
- We have agents in Mexico? Yeah, they, uh, do safety briefings for ships in port, and if local sailors get in trouble, they investigate the crimes.
Good for you, Deeks.
Might wanna have them check out your, uh Aah! Morgan Freeman.
- Or not.
- It's huge.
He's in a coma.
Intubated on a ventilator.
Can't talk, can't communicate with pen and paper.
- Did you find a wallet or ID? - Nothing.
Right now, he's a John Doe.
Whoa, don't we need gloves or masks or something? He's been decontaminated.
There's never been a case of human-to-human transmission.
The anthrax can't jump out of the body.
- Good to know.
- Uh-huh.
Any signs of improvement? He's getting three powerful antimicrobials, but even if we kill all the bacteria, the anthrax has already given off a toxin that can destroy every cell in his body.
That's not very encouraging.
With the most aggressive therapy, it's still 50 percent fatal.
Inside of his left arm, did you guys write that? He had that when he arrived.
"Four-nine-one-four cc.
" A cc is a cubic centimeter.
Forty-nine hundred cc's, that's almost five liters.
Five liters of what? That could be anthrax.
That would be enough to take out most of Southern California.
You know the part I don't like? Avoiding Montezuma's revenge? Being unarmed.
You know the drill.
Caught trying to cross the border with a weapon, ten years in a Mexican prison.
You'd never survive.
I suppose you would? Down here, they don't feed you in jail.
Your friends and family have to bring you your meals.
Me, I'd have a line a mile long.
You, unless Jo drives down here every day, you'd starve to death.
All this time, I thought we were more than just partners.
No, I'd take up a collection.
Send you a Happy Meal every now and then.
Hey, fellas, let me know if you need a taxi later.
- Gracias.
- Sure thing.
Agent Fuentes.
- Hello? - Hello? - It's the right room.
- Maybe we're early.
- Unh! I got them, run, run! - Stop.
Easy, Mauricio.
They're on my team.
Agent Fuentes? Paola.
- Our country referent? - Sorry.
I forgot to tell him you were coming.
Welcome to Mexico.
So, what's the duty tax on an armoire? Trick question.
There's no tax under NAFTA, but there's a processing fee of 0.
3464 percent.
- I like that.
- Aah! Where's Mauricio? He had to go.
He your bodyguard? Criminal informant.
He's a cartel driver with a taxi service on the side.
Trust him? Ten years ago, his fiancée died.
Random victim of cartel violence.
- That should make him motivated.
He's always been there for me.
We think an Islamic group is working on biological agents.
Last week, Mauricio drove cartel capos to a cash drop from a Middle Eastern man.
Who's the guy? Always in shadows.
There's no big demand for cocaine in terror cells.
He could be using the cartel's expertise to get bio-weapons into the States.
Public Health reported an anthrax hit on a sensor by the airport.
If they have a covert lab there making anthrax, that's a lot of real estate.
Sounds like a good place for a furniture warehouse.
No, no, no, change of plans.
Furniture importers are sedentary.
You two need to be mobile.
"Fast Gringos"? Seriously? After we just memorized all those tax codes? You guys can cook, right? Okay, now, update from the CDC is that it's the Ames strain of anthrax, the most deadly.
In nature, anthrax spores clump up, forming a harmless mass of spores.
Which can neither float nor penetrate into the lungs.
But if you have a million-dollar lab, you coat each individual spore with silicon.
Those spores then fly and penetrate deep inside the lung, causing fatal disease.
Your guy was infected with floating clumps of five spores, coated with an anti-caking agent called bentonite.
- And how would you make that? - All you need's a tabletop lyophilizer.
- We've notified Callen and Sam.
- Great.
What do we have on the pickup that crashed? It was stolen two days ago from a Santiago Perez in East L.
FBI and Homeland Security have interviewed Mr.
Perez, but there's no fingerprints or video from the car heist.
This case is just full of dead ends.
Yeah, maybe not.
Will you zoom in on that address on the license? "5113 Cesar Chavez Avenue.
" - That's two blocks away.
- Two blocks away from what? Number on his arm.
The photo I sent, from the hospital, pull that up.
That could be an address.
Two blocks away from where the truck was stolen.
To the Batmobile.
Two more burgers on the grill, G.
Five vacant warehouses.
We can check them out after the lunch rush.
What the hell's this? I went to Costco, picked up some veggie burgers.
A whole case.
Some people enjoy a healthy alternative.
- Really? - Absolutely.
You do realize you're in Tijuana, not Malibu, right? Good luck with that.
What the hell are you doing? Cooks faster this way.
You're destroying the meat.
Hey, it says fast food on our truck, all right? But you're squeezing all the juice out.
The juice equals the flavor.
Move out.
I'll man the grill, G.
Now it's gonna taste like leather.
- Be my guest, George Foreman.
- Come on.
Keep it up, I'll deep-fry your taquitos.
Can I see your business license? And your ISESALUD? Yep.
Public health permit.
We got that right here.
Oh, amigo, this one says December.
You need to renew it every month.
We can take care of that.
I need to shut you down.
Unless you can pay the fine.
Three hundred dollars.
I work for Public Health.
Your permit doesn't need renewal.
Perhaps we could make a little donation to the police charity fund.
Have a nice day.
- Thank you.
- Not all cops are dirty.
Yeah, we'll keep that in mind.
What's up with all the assault rifles? Ah.
Private security.
This isn't San Diego.
You might wanna hire some protection.
- What are you guys doing over there? - Air quality sensors.
So got any veggie burgers? - As a matter of fact, we do.
- Great.
I'll take two.
You're, uh - You're a vegetarian? - Hey.
Those cheeseburgers will kill you, man.
I'll slow-cook them.
It's better for the flavor.
Hey, Kens, we're sending you an expired driver's license for one Alejandro Guzman.
He's a plumber currently renting number 4914.
A pretty decent match for the guy who crashed and ran at Pendleton.
And he was formerly deported.
All right, we're on it.
Check it out.
It's the same guy that's loading his truck across the street.
Wow, fantastic.
Maybe he can get us a discount on low-flow shower heads.
You know showers account for Maybe he can get us a low-flow fixture for your mouth.
Maybe he can get us a water softener for your attitude.
Excuse me, sir.
I am so sorry to bother you, but could you help us? My kitchen sink is clogged and my boyfriend is kind of useless, so Oh, come on, we live next to Mr.
You know that his truck got jacked two nights ago? Yeah, they found it crashed down in Oceanside.
Whoa, whoa, whoa! - Really? - Federal agents.
I gotta be honest, I'm not happy with you, Alejandro.
Pulled a hamstring, stained my jeans, and what, over a few simple questions? Were you driving Perez's truck? Who was in the front seat? You know what? Why don't we start off with an easy one, huh? So my toilet's running.
Even after I exchanged that little flapper thing at the bottom of the tank.
So, what the heck am I supposed to do now? So last night, after midnight, what are you doing? Are you asleep? Huh? You watching TV? You shampooing your poodle? No English.
I was in my bed.
Wow, look at that.
It's like a miracle.
His English is back and it's perfect.
Must've been a concussion.
Yeah, I can see the scrape on his head.
- How'd that happen? - I work under houses.
I hit a pipe.
There was blood on the steering wheel.
We're just waiting for a DNA match.
- Do I need a lawyer? - Uh Do we know any lawyers that represent terrorists? Mm.
- Terrorists? - Yeah, yeah.
Your passenger was infected with anthrax.
What is that? Anthrax is a biological weapon.
Did you two work together? I picked him up hitchhiking.
Oh, so you were driving the truck.
He's probably gonna die.
The man in the hospital, his name is Livio Guzman.
He's my son.
Hey, guys, just curious, is there any precipitation down there? A little.
You can thank the rain stick.
So after searching all Middle Eastern microbiologists working in Mexico, we have a person of interest.
Fuad Naziri, PhD.
He works for Eliminado.
It's a San Diego pesticide firm with a production facility in Tijuana.
Where can we find him? Mm.
Lunch every day at the same café.
That's a San Diego magazine.
You American? How about that? - We're from L.
- Yeah, we got a food truck.
You tired of tacos? You ought to check us out.
Fast Gringos.
Don't look like you're on vacation.
- I work here.
Pesticide research.
- Like a scientist? This is gonna sound strange, but do you know anything about anthrax? Why would you ask that? We work in an industrial park, there's rumors of a case.
- You think we're safe? - I don't know anything about anthrax.
My work is with Mexican fruit fly eradication.
Sorry, but I'm due back at the office.
Hey, maybe we can grab some beers sometime.
Let's start a expat business club.
Don't be foolish.
Down here, you do not congregate with groups of Americans.
It's a dangerous place.
Have a nice day.
Hey, I got his tail.
You got a huge line at the food truck.
I've been talking that thing up.
Ha, ha.
That's really not necessary.
I'm like your VP of marketing, man.
You should think about giving me a raise, you know? Stock options, or, like, a golden parachute.
Something, you know? Naziri's definitely got the know-how to weaponize anthrax.
His pesticide company could support aerial spraying.
He's on a short leash with Mauricio.
Let's move the food truck back.
Work the dinner crowd at Eliminado.
Livio is the night janitor for some warehouses in Tijuana.
- When did he get sick? - A week ago.
He got antibiotics at the farmacia, but it got really bad.
I wanted him up here.
- How did he cross the border? - Where he worked, he knew about a drug tunnel.
They're extremely dangerous, though.
Cartels, they use them for drugs.
Never for immigrants, because someone could give it up.
Where did you meet him? Otay Mesa.
I was trying to get him to the county hospital, near my house.
How did he get so sick? Well, best guess is somebody's prepping anthrax in one of his warehouses.
I have a grandson, a daughter-in-law.
They used to bring him dinner.
And she's not answering her cell.
You think they're sick too? Well, I hate to say it, but anything's possible, Alejandro.
We need you to show us where the tunnel exit is in San Diego.
If you take me to my family.
- In Mexico? - Mm-hm.
There's no way.
It's fair.
I'll give you the drug tunnel, you give me my family.
- I really wanna help this guy, but I - There's Arabic chatter.
Anthrax is on the move today or tomorrow.
Okay, so we cut this guy a deal.
- And we shut down the tunnel.
- That's easier said than done.
By the time we mobilize a task force with Homeland Security and Border Patrol, it might be too late.
We can handle this.
We bring the father, secure the tunnel exit and we wait.
That's it.
We should bring a few flashlights just in case, though, right? All right.
There you go, amigo.
Veggie burger on wheat.
The last one.
We gotta restock.
You gotta move too.
You're staking out the wrong spot.
What, did you get bad intel? The public health report gave us the wrong address for the anthrax.
Wrong address? Why would they? Mexican authorities might not want the U.
Taking credit for the investigation.
- They wanna seem capable.
- Yeah.
New address is on the back.
It's another industrial park, and it's also where Naziri works.
We're on the move.
Make a right at the corner.
Got it.
It's four miles to the - Wait, slow down, caballero.
- Can't.
Accelerator's stuck.
- Stay calm, put it in neutral.
- I'm in neutral.
Well, hit the brake.
Brake's not working.
I'll turn off the ignition.
Hold on.
- Move your legs.
- You don't wanna be down there.
You got better ideas? Turning.
- Get out of there.
- Just a minute.
We don't have a minute, get up.
Sam? Well, think they're onto us? Either that or the taco carts don't like the competition.
One, two, three.
All right.
We got electricity.
And ventilation.
- Tunnel rat.
- And they're on the move.
- Wait for backup? - That'd be prudent.
But we got great odds, three-on-one, let's do this.
- Come on, Granger.
- This was not part of the plan.
- All right, go.
- All right.
And you stay right here.
This place must have cost millions.
Yeah, they probably recouped it in a day.
Federal agents.
- Hug the wall.
- I'm hugging it.
Keep it dark.
Alejandro's down.
Damn it.
Cover me.
I thought you'd leave without me.
My grandson, I have to see him.
GSW upper arm, through and through.
- Control the bleeding.
- Control the shooter.
The belt should stop the bleeding.
- Approaching.
- It's us.
Did you get him? - Uh, yeah, I winged him.
- He got away.
How's he doing? It's arterial.
He'll need a hospital.
I'm okay.
I want to stay with you.
You could lose this arm, sir.
My son is dying.
Without my grandson, I have nothing.
We'll take care of him.
I promise you.
All right, let's get you to the hospital.
All right, where do you want us? Right where you are.
Don't do anything stupid.
All right, how far do you think it is to Mexico? Hundred yards, tops.
If this leads to the anthrax lab, we will shut it down, we will secure it.
That doesn't sound stupid, it sounds smart.
- Shall we? - We shall.
- See that? Mm-hm.
I told you I winged him.
No pulse.
Move forward with caution? And if we see anything weird, we just put it in reverse.
Not stupid at all.
Got a ladder.
Who's going up? We should Rock, Paper, Scissors for it.
- West Coast rules? - Let's do it.
- On three.
- Okay.
- One, two, three.
- One, two, three.
Rock beats scissors, you're going up.
What? No, no, no.
The winner stays, the loser goes.
- Who came up with that? - It's obvious, because the winner lives and the loser faces certain death.
I go up.
- You're such a gentleman.
- No.
All right, I got it, I got it.
Hey, whoa, whoa, whoa.
This is why you should never fall in love.
Don't worry, they probably fled when they heard the gunshots.
Or maybe they're waiting right there with a bunch of AKs pointed at my head.
I don't see any feet.
Looks like some sort of storage room.
Hey, Kens, we got another body.
Means "blow.
" He was a whistleblower.
It means he snitched on the cartels.
- Take a picture and send it to Ops? - Yeah.
Well, hello there.
We lost you for half an hour.
That's because we were underground in a drug tunnel.
- We're up now.
- Now I got you on GPS.
In Tijuana.
And you are a stone's throw from Callen and Sam.
Three warehouses to the west.
Thank you.
On our way.
This is the only vacant warehouse near the anthrax hit.
You got an image? Looks good.
And not too vacant.
Kensi and Deeks are in the neighborhood.
Oh, no.
What? What? Oh, Mauricio.
I'm really sorry.
Oh, God.
I pulled him into this.
He wanted to help us.
We'll see this through.
- You need some time? - No.
No, we gotta push through.
- You're sure? - Yeah.
All right.
- What are we looking at here? - Um Well, we got a cell culture incubator, we've got a fermenting flask, - and lyophilizer.
- Everything we need - to make a fresh batch of anthrax.
- Yeah.
- Looks like they cooked and bailed.
- So when can we get in? After the guys in the moon suits wipe everything down - with formaldehyde.
- Callen.
We got your photo.
That was a trusted informant.
Kensi, Deeks, Special Agent Paola Fuentes.
He worked with her.
I'm so sorry.
- Sorry.
- If Mauricio was made It means we're all sitting in the crosshairs.
How'd you find us? The infected man's father.
He showed us the tunnel his son used to cross the border into San Diego.
He has family here? Yeah, he's got a grandson and a daughter-in-law.
Let's hope they're still alive.
If the cartel knows that his son used a drug tunnel, they're gonna kill him.
Send a message not to mess with their business.
- Did you get an address? - Yeah.
All we need is a ride.
Grab the van, take the family to the consulate.
I'll wait here until the coroner arrives for Mauricio.
You'll need one of these.
We'll check out Naziri's warehouse.
- See if we can link it to this lab.
- Okay.
Hello? Dr.
Naziri? G, body.
It's Naziri.
Who wanted him dead? Well, take your pick.
Tijuana cartel, the Sinaloas, the Zetas.
If he's in bed with those guys Or he's just a good guy.
We told him about the anthrax, and he started poking around.
Callen, Sam, we found your guy Naziri.
So did we.
He crossed the San Ysidro border into the U.
15 minutes ago.
What are you talking about? As a vetted U.
Citizen, he went through the SENTRI lane.
Yeah, he gets quick clearance by the Border Patrol with his RFID card that pulls up his photo, license, car registration.
It's a little weird, because we're looking at his dead body.
So who's driving his car? - No.
- No, mijo.
He sees bad things every day.
Mighty Mouse! Yeah? Deeks.
- Get in the van, now.
- Let's go.
We can't outrun these guys, come on.
Hold on.
How far to the consulate? Far enough.
All right, so he's got Naziri's car and his wallet.
Guy would have to be a dead ringer to cross the border.
Here's the photo from the checkpoint.
He could pass as Naziri.
Can you erase his beard and his glasses? Yeah, no problemo.
That guy when we paid off the cop.
Baja Department of Public Health.
Gonzalez something.
- Searching.
- First name started with a D.
Working with a cherry picker, setting up pollution sensors.
All right, bingo.
Without the facial hair, he is Diego Gonzalez, PhD, microbiologist.
Here's his birth certificate.
So Gonzalez was his mother's maiden name.
His father's name was Jamal, an Iraqi chemical engineer.
Who died in 1999.
An industrial accident at an American plant in Tijuana.
So the death of his father causes anti-American feelings.
He takes his mom's name but his dad's faith.
That could explain the veggie burger.
The hamburger meat wasn't halal.
And if he worked for the Health Department, he could've changed the report on the location of the anthrax.
Wants to use the tunnels to move it, pays the cartel.
When that plan fails, he uses Naziri as backup.
He's got the anthrax across the border, what's his next move? Oh, wow, here's the missing piece.
Gonzalez recently trained as a helicopter pilot.
So He could use Naziri's ID to access the corporate helipad outside San Diego.
Guys, Eliminado security cam shows Naziri's car at the parking lot.
This is going down now.
We gotta get up there.
- On scene, Hetty.
- Stairway to the helipad is on the left.
The engines have just started up.
That helicopter must not get off the ground.
Five-minute warm-up before takeoff.
- Got any local help on the way? - Can't risk it.
First sign of police, he'll dump that tank and release the anthrax into the atmosphere.
Know where they're headed? The federales found aerial photographs at the Gonzalez apartment in Tijuana.
Naval Amphibious Base Coronado.
Home of the SEALs.
Payback for the guys who took out bin Laden.
Coronado should scramble their F-18s.
Already airborne, Mr.
That'll have to be plan B.
Why are we always plan A? See that? Anthrax tanks in the chopper and the truck.
If we puncture them - How long can you hold your breath? - Not as long as you.
Federal agents! He's getting it up to speed.
Can't hit the internal tanks.
Aim for the tail rotor.
He's pressurizing the tank.
We wait too long, he's gonna hose us down.
Not if we hose him first.
Check it out.
- We got two bullets.
- We got two bad guys.
Shooter down! Nice job, Dr.
We came, we saw, kicked ass.
Alejandro, this is Dr.
Thank you.
Thank you so much.
Doctor, what are the chances? Well, with a deep coma, it's hard to tell.
His brain needs time to recover, and nobody knows if or when that will happen.
- There were circumstances.
- Excuse me.
Which only they can authorize.
- It's the policy.
- And you agree with that? I didn't say that.
What's going on? Homeland Security's here.
- ICE.
- Taking Alejandro into custody.
- What? - Wait a minute, they can't do that.
Re-entry of a returned alien with aggravated felonies.
Guy's a fugitive.
He's a cooperating defendant.
The guy helped shut down a drug tunnel, Granger.
Which is under the jurisdiction of the DEA and the tunnel task force.
There was a limited window to prevent a bioterrorism attack that could have wiped out Coronado.
They're gonna put a good guy in jail - to teach us a lesson? - No, they're doing their job.
It was their place, not NCIS, to cut him a deal.
You got to be kidding.
They What's going on? Alejandro, we are so sorry.
- You said I would be able to - This is temporary.
We're gonna take care of it.
Don't make another promise you can't keep.
Where's the mother? Getting a medical exam.
She'll go to detention with the boy, and then they'll get returned.
They'll They'll get killed.
- This is not what you said.
- I'm gonna take care of it.
This is not what you promised.
I'm gonna take care of it.
You gotta wait with us.
We did the best we could.
Did we? Yeah, I think we did.
Oh, my God.
What? We got a flower on our cactus.
They have been known to do that.
Yeah, but not this one.
Saguaro only blooms one day a year, for, like, 24 hours.
You guys, this is weird.
I mean, this is a sign.
Actually I'm sorry to burst your bubble, Mr.
Deeks, but this is a cardon cactus, not a saguaro.
This blooms every night for three months.
Three months is a long time.
So is four hours on the phone to Washington.
Please tell me you gave ICE an earful.
Homeland Security had every right to take Alejandro away.
They had a right, but it doesn't make it right.
I managed to smooth things over with every agency we offended, so Alejandro's getting released.
- Serious? - His grandson and daughter-in-law too.
- You got them released? - Good man.
- My God, I'm gonna hug you.
- No, you're not.
Yes, I am.
You're giving me a hug.
This was an exceptional mission and deserves a celebration.
Tell me that's tequila.
- Aha.
- Eh? - You know it had to be.
- Oh, ho, ho! It's an extra añejo.
Come to papa.
- And we have a cactus to go with it.
- Yes.
This cactus is from Argentina, not Mexico.
That's where I went wrong.
And there's a tale.
Two young lovers who were forbidden to marry, so they ran away, up into the mountains.
- Avoiding all drug tunnels, of course.
- Heh.
- Now, the goddess of the land - Thank you.
Took pity on them.
She changed the young man into a giant cactus, and she took the spirit of the young woman and put it into the plant.
Occasionally, the young woman emerges to enjoy the view, in the form of a cactus flower.
- Protected and together for eternity.
- Ah.
Ladies and gentlemen, arriba.
Arriba! Ah, la vida es buena.

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