NCIS Los Angeles s06e22 Episode Script

Field of Fire

Relax, it's just a shot.
Rutnam, Rutnam, take it easy.
Just calm down.
Hey, no one's gonna hurt you.
No one's gonna hurt you.
Okay, okay, okay, I'm cool.
Hey! - Be safe out there, okay? - Thanks.
Hey! What the hell? This is it.
The perfect kid.
I found him.
- He is pretty cute.
- Sam, see that? Your first mug shot, Deeks? He's got styled by pillow hair and is smirking? Actually, that does kind of look like me.
Deeks has signed up for a mentoring program.
- Ah.
That's commendable.
- Please.
- I spend every weekend with him.
- Yeah, you could use the supervision.
Listen to his likes.
Surfing, fish tacos, and wait for the trifecta, the Three Stooges.
And his dislikes are rules and socks.
I'm gonna be a role model and start shaping his life.
- You're gonna shape his life? - Yeah.
So he'll be stuck in perpetual adolescence.
No, I think Deeks has a few things to teach this kid.
- Thank you.
- Really? Such as? Such as expanding his cultural horizons.
Oh, yeah, what kid wouldn't wanna play "Grand Theft Auto V" - and pause reruns of Baywatch? - Ha-ha-ha.
You know what? You make fun all you want, but I'm stoked.
And in all reality, this is like It's like a precursor to being a father.
- What? - Well, it is a start.
Whoa, slow down, guys.
It's nice that you're trying to help.
But it's one thing to talk about parenting, actual parenting is a totally different thing.
Kamran having some cell phone problems again? You will never know how hard it is to raise a child.
What makes you think I've ruled out that possibility? - What? - Seriously? What? I'm still young enough.
Joelle and I have got things back on track.
- You know, you never know.
- Ha, ha.
- Little lowercase Gs running around? - Ha-ha-ha.
Look, if you're gonna do it, take your time, start slow.
- How so? - Get a plant.
If that lives, get a pet.
One without a central nervous system, like a jellyfish.
- A jellyfish? Okay.
- A jellyfish.
We have a case.
Let's go.
With 63 confirmed kills, Gunnery Sergeant Connor Rutnam was one of the most talented and efficient Marine Corps snipers in Afghanistan and Iraq.
He retired after his fourth tour and later began showing signs of psychological deterioration.
- He's holding an M40A5.
Used for long-range precision fire on targets in a concealed position.
Often rooftops, targeting anything from enemy combatants to suicide bombers.
Which could include women and children.
It became clear that Mr.
Rutnam was struggling with adjusting to life at home.
Until yesterday, he was receiving treatment at the VA.
A nurse and an orderly were trying to restrain him when he overpowered them and escaped the facility.
So we have a mentally unstable, highly-skilled sniper on the loose.
With the presence of mind to steal the orderly's uniform and badge.
Which makes him all the more dangerous.
- Anything specific set him off? - Not that we could tell.
Hanna, Mr.
Callen, talk to the people at the VA.
See if they can shine any light on his condition or whereabouts.
- Let's do it.
- Okay.
He also has a wife and 15-year-old daughter living in Beverlywood.
Whom you and Ms.
Blye are going to visit.
- Yes, ma'am.
- On it.
He was responding well to the course of treatment, meds, counseling, both one-on-one and group.
- When did he start going south again? - About two weeks ago.
- Did something trigger it? - Not that we could tell.
That's the paradox.
When a patient's condition starts to worsen, the hardest thing is to get them to talk about it.
Any person or place he wanted to see on the outside? Not that I'm aware of.
He might have said something in his therapy sessions, but those are off-the-record.
Well, I'm sure you realize the situation we're dealing with.
I do.
Connor is a trained sniper with serious emotional problems.
In a city full of easy to access guns.
I don't write the rules, gentlemen.
I'm just trying to make the best of a lot of bad situations here.
We understand.
You might wanna speak with Mike Takahamo.
He was Connor's attending nurse when he escaped.
Sorry, I just wanna get these in the fridge.
Take your time, please.
Have you heard anything from your husband since he left the VA? Hey, Mom! Whose car is outside? I haven't told our daughter yet.
I'm sure it must have been hard on you both when he was deployed.
Then he comes home and It just didn't seem that bad at first.
I mean, he wasn't himself, like he wasn't quite here, but that's to be expected.
But then he started acting strange.
She actually means, like, straight jacket cray-cray.
- Who are they? - We work with your dad.
Lady Marine.
Must be exciting you can finally get married in California now.
- Lisa! - What? Pretty scruffy for a jarhead.
It's a new look.
We're trying to recruit millennials.
- Hashtag "scruffy.
" - Whatever.
You forgot to get Diet Coke.
- Agh.
I apologize.
- Oh, no need to.
- We've all been 15 once.
- Still am.
She's been through a lot recently, so we totally understand.
She wasn't the easiest to deal with before he went overseas and things just got worse when Connor got sick.
Just attitude, staying out late and You know, I can tell that she's upset, but she doesn't wanna talk about it.
The last time that we went to visit him in the hospital and she could see he was getting better, he hugged her.
I don't think I'd seen her cry since she was 10.
Well, he's only been gone a few hours and we are using all of our resources to find him.
Absolutely, and please, if he contacts you, let us know.
We also need Connor's computer.
- I'll go get it.
- Thank you.
This was his room.
- This is where he attacked you? - That's right.
- You wanna talk us through it? - I wrote it all in my report.
You mind saving us a read? The Cliff Notes will be fine.
Patient showed signs of confusion and hostility.
We attempted to restrain and sedate him.
Patient physically attacked the orderly and myself.
End of story.
Now if you'll excuse me Actually, we have a few more questions.
I told you everything I know.
What more do you want from me? You know, a better attitude, concern for a missing patient, that would be a good start.
Yeah, well, I am concerned.
Just as I am for the other patients that still need attending.
- Okay? - Okay.
Wow, somebody woke up on the wrong side of the gurney.
Stressful job.
I'm sensing something more than stress.
Maybe we ought to put you to work here.
Already am.
- Maybe you should do the same.
- Uh-huh.
I think maybe we keep these under the mattress for now.
So the e-mails we pulled off Connor's computer don't point to anyone in particular he'd run to.
- What about his browsing history? - Yes, there is a website he paid numerous visits to.
He watched this video a dozen times before entering the hospital.
Former Marine Corps sharpshooter.
Barricaded himself on the 28th floor observation deck of the University of Texas Tower with his Remington 700 deer rifle.
Wounded 26 students.
Killed 15.
We just discovered an out-of-service traffic cam on Nordhoff.
Now, the lens is cracked and the view is limited.
Making it unsuitable for the courts, but helpful to us.
This is 15 minutes after Connor Rutnam attacked the nurse and orderly.
Someone knew his plan.
Can you zoom in any closer on that car? We tried, it doesn't help.
We can only make out that it's a Toyota Camry, mid-2000s most likely.
What about that homeless guy? I'd say his cart's an Albertson's, possibly late-model Safeway.
He'll be here all week, folks.
He seems to be a regular on that street.
This is the last four days.
It's a long shot he's gonna be able to give us anything.
His field of vision is wider than that camera.
I don't know how focused his lens is.
That cart looks like a BevMo! Checkout.
The car was waiting there a good ten, Well, it's worth a shot.
I understand there's been a turn of events in the Connor Rutnam case.
Indeed there has.
Callen and Mr.
Hanna found a baggie of unidentified pills under his mattress.
It's being analyzed right now.
Well, I doubt the VA's dispensing meds in plastic bags.
Do you think this could be the cause of Rutnam's latest troubles? It's possible.
The question is, who gave them to him? Visitor? Member of the staff? I don't have to remind you of the tenuous political situation at the VA right now.
Actually, I was thinking that we could use that to our advantage.
It would be unlikely to arouse any suspicion if they received a visit from an oversight compliance officer.
Who would naturally be granted access to all files and staff.
I think Mr.
Deeks cleans up rather well, don't you? Depends on one's standards, I suppose, but I get where you're going.
What about on the visitor side? Ms.
Blye's sniper background should make for a very believable patient.
That's what concerns me.
We're a long way from Afghanistan, Owen.
I hope so.
- Hey.
- Hey.
- You just get here? - Yeah.
- What branch? - Marines.
You? - Rangers.
Don't hold it against me.
- Heh.
So how you doing? Living the dream, obviously.
You looking for someone? Yeah.
A guy I served with, I heard he, uh He was here.
- What's his name? - Rutnam.
Connor Rutnam.
- You know him? - Yeah.
He's not here anymore.
- Got released? - No.
He went AWOL yesterday.
Are you serious? - Where'd he go? - No idea.
- You a sniper like him? - Female Engagement Team, yeah.
Connor used to talk about it.
Killing somebody from a distance didn't feel real.
Until it did.
Is that why you're here? - I don't really wanna talk about it.
- Sorry.
Wonder why Connor left like that, huh? I don't know.
He was doing fine, then he just started losing it over the past few weeks.
- Huh.
Think he told anybody where he was going? I don't know, he had a couple of visitors.
And there was this one guy he spent a lot of time with.
Well, you should tell the staff his name.
I have no idea what it was.
Nice talking to you.
Sorry, sorry.
Connor had several visitors.
He was tight with one.
- Thank you.
- Sorry.
No, it's fine.
We had a compliance meeting here three weeks ago.
- Everything checked out.
- Checked out? So you would consider the escape of a disturbed and dangerous patient as business as usual? Because I would argue, Dr.
Rivers, the only thing "checked out" here is your staff, who I will now be thoroughly "checking out.
" We have nothing to hide here, Mr.
You will have complete and unfettered access to anyone you wish to speak with.
I'm also gonna need files and records on everybody.
I'll have all passwords and authorizations made available to you.
I'm sorry, is there a problem, doctor? You know what, my problem is, Mr.
Rogers? No, but I instinctually feel like you're going to tell me.
One hundred patients with mood disorders, post-traumatic stress disorders, substance abuse disorders, bipolar disorders, to name but a few.
Not enough time, not enough money, not enough beds, not enough staff and now you.
I'm sorry, doctor, I'm just trying to do my job.
Yes, you are.
I'm also gonna need the visitors log.
Lots of people are in love with the idea of having kids, but most have no idea what they're getting into.
- Did you and Michelle? - I mean, we thought we did.
- Read books, we took classes - That help? - Hell, no.
- Ha-ha-ha.
How you doing? Excuse me.
Just wanna ask you some questions.
I'm gonna guess Desert Storm.
Enduring Freedom for me.
We're looking for another vet.
Took off from the hospital this morning.
He bumped your cart.
He might be in danger.
Got into a car right over there.
Gray Camry, '93.
Paint on the hood oxidized.
White scratches on the right front bumper, probably hit a wall.
Replacement tires, Michelin knockoffs.
You a mechanic? Six years.
12th Engineer Battalion.
Didn't happen to get a plate, did you? Three, Delta, Hotel, India You're doing great.
What about the driver? You see the driver? Asian guy, like Pakistani or Indian.
Thirty, maybe.
Look, I gotta go.
Appreciate it.
Hey, hey, hey.
One sec, one sec, one sec.
What the hell are you doing out here? You don't trust them, is that it? What do you think? They screwed up.
It's not all bad.
They helped me when I got back.
You got skills, man.
Any shop around here would be lucky to have you.
You just got to get your act together.
It's your choice.
You all right? We send guys to war, expect them to step up.
Then when they come back all broken, we step away.
Sorry to interrupt, Dr.
Trouble in the neighborhood, Mr.
Rogers? Who has access to the meds, the controlled pharmaceuticals? Myself.
All of the doctors, some of the nurses.
- Nurse Takahamo? - He does.
Nurse Takahamo.
Nurse, no! Hey! N.
The game is up.
And just for the record, next time, never run.
- Why'd you run? - I like to keep in shape.
Every federal prison has a running track.
I'm sure you'll utilize that.
We found unauthorized pills in Connor Rutnam's bed.
We also found inventory discrepancies with the meds in lockup.
Meds that you had access to.
- Lots of people have access.
- Which is why we looked at every single discrepancy to figure out which doctors and nurses were working.
You were working every single time.
You are the common denominator.
- What did you find under his bed? - Is this how you wanna play it? - You gonna search my place? - We're gonna use the honor system.
You know Connor Rutnam was a sniper.
You know he was one of the best in the service.
Anyone he decides to put in his sights, you're gonna be accessory to murder.
I didn't give Rutnam any unauthorized meds.
So those pills from the lockup, they just magically evaporated? No.
I took them.
Wow, now we're just moving around in circles.
I took them to sell, not to patients.
There'd be no point.
Half of them are already getting oxy for free.
Besides, the patients aren't allowed to have cash.
So, you were dealing the pills you lifted on the street? I'm being honest here.
That's gotta count for something.
You're being honest because your ass is nailed to the wall.
Explain how the pills got underneath the mattress? Anyone could have brought them in.
We don't search visitors.
Well, Connor had several.
One in particular that he spent more time with.
Do you remember? Yeah.
He started coming by the past few weeks.
- Connor started sliding soon after.
- You got a name? Mark.
Mark Simmons.
This is former Army Corporal Mark Simmons.
He visited Connor Rutnam at the VA - four times over the past three weeks.
- Did they cross paths in-country? Briefly, in Afghanistan.
But records don't show any contact with Connor until the VA visits.
But they do show a little something else.
Simmons was discharged six months ago.
And shortly after, he joined the PFA, Protectors of a Free America.
It was founded by Fred Kington, - A right-wing extremist organization.
- Hiding behind the flag.
They wanna round up every Muslim and ship them out of the U.
Someone with Connor's skills, be valuable to those guys in the worst way.
Especially if he's pumped up with drugs that make it easier to control and manipulate him.
That would be scopolamine.
Lab results came back from the pills - you found.
- Interrogation med.
Also known as the "zombie drug.
" Feed enough of it to someone and you own them.
Well, Takahamo wasn't lying.
There's no street market for that.
Now, we tracked the car Connor got into from the description and the partial plate the homeless man gave you.
It's registered to a Vamsi Patel.
He's a driver for the "Let's Cruise" car service.
Oddly enough, Connor's pickup wasn't on the company manifest.
But Mark Simmons' pickup was, just an hour before Connor was picked up.
So the question is: - Where's the next pickup? - Checking.
- Mr.
- Bambi! - What? - And you must be DJ Kimchee.
Got your text.
I've heard your mixes, I'm a huge fan.
All right, check this out.
Your bachelor party is going to crush.
- Wow! - Spider Woman theme.
- I'm not a stripper, man.
- Oh, no, no, no.
Of course not.
It's 2015.
You, beautiful lady, are a burlesque entertainer.
Empowerment, sister.
I am woman, hear me roar, everything Beyoncé talked Okay.
You wanna go with a little sexy-cop kind of thing, I can work with that.
I just have to Okay, I need you to take a chill pill.
Why don't you just take ten chill pills? We're actual federal agents.
- Wait, for reals? - Oh, for "reals" reals.
You want to hire my ride for undercover? Law enforcement discount may be quite a lot What? We realize this is out of your territory but we really need you listen right now.
You made a pickup yesterday at the VA.
An unauthorized pickup.
Unauthorized? No, I was going to put down Buh-buh-buh.
Prior to that, you picked up Mark Simmons.
That was on the books.
Two questions.
First, are those two connected? Now you can speak, briefly.
Simmons paid me 100 bucks to get his friend.
He said this guy did not have an account.
Second question, where'd you take him? The Valley.
Uh, Chandler and Colfax.
That's where the PFA headquarters are located.
I'm gonna call Callen.
- Look.
- Look at this! - You like that? It's a good color.
- How much? Well, for you, 15 percent good-cop discount.
Okay? - What is happening? - You heard the man.
I get a 15-percent-off good-cop discount.
This thing is vintage.
You can't find these online.
You know who's gonna love it? My little brother.
What can I do you for, fellas? - Connor Rutnam.
- Afraid I don't know who that is.
- What about Mark Simmons? - You just missed him.
Just missed him.
Where'd he go? Well, let's see.
I think it was the Latino Caucus.
Hell, what am I thinking? Today's Thursday.
He volunteers at the Gay and Lesbian Center.
He's just getting in a few hate crimes before dinner? Well, you know what they say, one man's hate crime is another man's justice.
Is that what they say? You think that badge puts a white hat on your heads? You're as much the enemy as Al-Qaeda, far as we're concerned.
Your enemy is trying to save a decorated war veteran.
Or do you consider a Marine who tries to save your sorry ass the enemy too? It's been real nice chatting with you.
Where's your fearless leader, Fred Kington? Not here.
Is he helping some hardworking immigrants fill out their green card applications? That would be illegal immigrants, technically speaking.
Islam is the false religion of the 21st century! Islam causes poverty! Islam pollutes the honor of women! Islam destroys lives! Islam has got to go! Islam has got to go! - Federal agents! - Federal agents! Federal agent.
We got shots fired We need immediate backup! Repeat, immediate backup! Shot came from across the street.
It's a sniper shot.
The roof! Good.
Federal agent! Fred Kington's in custody, on his way to the boatshed.
- Guys in the SUV? - Didn't get a look at their faces.
And from their builds, it's possible one of them could have been Connor.
Driver from the car service give you anything? He said Connor didn't say a word the whole trip.
Seemed zoned out.
- That's the scopolamine.
- Yeah.
The shooter was up here.
See that disturbance in the dust on the ledge? That would have been the shooter's elbow.
Right here, these two marks, that would have been his front foot and the second mark would've been his knee.
Which means the shooter's left-handed.
In the photos, Connor was shooting right-handed.
So who took the shot? And why do they need Connor? Mr.
For the record, my group does not advocate killing Muslims here in America, unless, of course, they are confirmed terrorists.
Well, just for the record, your manifesto proposes the eradication of all Muslim presence on U.
By deporting them back to their homelands where they can practice Sharia law all they want and leave us in peace.
Ninety-nine-point-nine percent of them do leave us in peace.
You keep telling yourself that, you're gonna be responsible for every tragedy that comes down in the name of Allah.
You know, Thomas Jefferson himself preached a policy of isolationism.
We keep sticking our nose in everybody else's business, this is what happens.
Since you can't force the government to adopt your deportation plan, why not pop a few outside their places of worship, huh? Give them the idea that maybe moving here - wasn't such a great idea.
And why would I have someone assassinated - at the very place we're protesting? - It's a hell of an alibi.
You, on the ground with your hands clean, minions doing your dirty work from a rooftop.
I didn't see Mark Simmons on your protest line.
I haven't seen Mark Simmons in days.
But I do know one thing, he's a true patriot.
Your true patriot is messing up Connor Rutnam's head with scopolamine.
Making him susceptible to someone's influence.
Say, the leader of an extremist group that could use his sniper skills to kill innocent Muslims.
I've never heard of Connor Rutnam.
And by the way, there's no such thing as an innocent Muslim.
We confirmed Mark Simmons is left-handed.
Though he doesn't have any sniper training, he did earn a marksman qualification during his time in the Army.
- We got an address? - We do, but I don't think you'll find him there.
From what we gleaned from his records, Simmons drives a PFA van.
The traffic camera shows him pulling into this parking lot on 6th Street, downtown today.
He's still there.
- What time did he enter the lot? - An hour ago.
Plenty of time to take the shot - and get down there.
- I'll call Callen and Sam.
- Good work.
- Thanks.
- We got eyes on the van.
- All right.
Now so do we.
- It's the white one, right there.
- Yep, got it.
- Any sign of Simmons? - Not yet.
If we're gonna be here a while, there's a great taco stand around the corner.
It's a stakeout, not a picnic, Deeks.
- Come on, guys.
- Can we just go by 7-eleven? Look at that cute little family.
- Stop it.
- Lori and Steve gonna be there? - Mom, make him stop.
- "Mom, make him stop.
" Why aren't the parents doing something? They are doing something, ignoring them.
You know, sometimes you just gotta roll with it.
But they're hitting each other.
Seems like pretty lax parenting to me.
- I'm not here to judge.
- I have a theory.
- Oh, yeah? Let's hear it.
- It's called exhaustion.
- You so sure about that? - Yeah, I'm so sure about that.
I'll tell you what, we'll revisit this subject in a few years when all of you have a couple kids each.
That's if you haven't put them up for adoption already.
Head's up, guys.
Simmons is on the move.
- Mark Simmons.
- Federal agents.
Stop! Didn't take cover behind the dumpster very long.
He just came out firing.
Like he wanted us to shoot him.
- Suicide by cop? - Why hide behind the dumpster? Maybe he was hoping it would buy him enough time to pick one of us off.
Then he would have fired from behind the dumpster.
Doesn't make any sense.
Got a wallet, keys, a little cash.
- No cell phone? - No.
Simmons' call history connects him to a Karim Mubar, a known Al-Qaeda sympathizer here in Los Angeles.
What is a card-carrying member of the PFA doing with an operative from Al-Qaeda? We have something that might help.
Security cam footage of the mosque shooting.
Keep an eye on the young man just before he's shot.
He said something.
Play that back slowly.
Now zoom in.
Kens? Allahu Akbar.
Means "God is great.
" It's a beautiful phrase.
Most suicide bombers say it before they blow themselves up.
He knew Simmons was gonna kill him.
- Why? - My guess is to make it look like PFA is killing innocent Muslims, stir up anti-American sentiment.
Simmons was working with Al-Qaeda.
They used him to get to Connor, feed him the meds.
So the PFA membership was a ruse.
Anybody got onto him, the trail leads back to the PFA.
So both Simmons and the young Muslim sacrificed themselves for the cause.
Unfortunately, that still leaves Mr.
Rutnam in Al-Qaeda's sway.
Must be saving him for something big.
Maybe a high-ranking member of the Muslim community? Do we have anything that puts Simmons and Mubar in a common location recently? Yes, credit-card records put them at a cafe downtown half a dozen times in the past couple weeks.
Any mosques near that cafe? No, but the Cantara Cultural Center is just two blocks west.
And Amare Hassan is scheduled to speak at a religious unity conference later today.
Hassan is a very well-respected and popular mullah.
He speaks out against extremists.
His assassination would light a huge fire in the Islamic community.
It's a perfect target.
Event like that is gonna have some serious security.
Which makes Connor Rutnam the perfect assassin.
Eagle One on site, beginning rooftop search.
Copy, Eagle One.
Kensi, Deeks, you in position? Just got set up.
I got the podium in my sights.
Which means if Connor's out there, he does too.
Have you been in touch with the event coordinators? Yes, and unfortunately, Mr.
Hassan refuses to cancel his address.
He feels it would signal an act of cowardice.
And that means it's on us.
Deeks! Anything on the surrounding rooftops? I got nothing yet.
Connor's field of fire has a number of distant buildings he can make the shot from.
How you doing behind that scope, Kensi? I'm good.
Copy that, she's good.
- Eagle One, anything? - Negative contact.
We've got our eyes on every distant building out there.
Maybe that's the problem.
Whoever set this up wanted the insurance that his long-distance sniper didn't get spotted.
- Put him in a closer building.
- Yep.
Eagle One, let's change it up.
Begin checking the immediate area.
Copy that.
I got movement.
Sitrep, Agent Blye.
I got Connor plus two, under the tarp at one o'clock.
- I got them.
- What's the location? Distance and bearing from Kensi's scope data puts us at northeast corner.
We're one block out.
Agent Blye, if Connor lines up a shot, you take him out.
Copy that.
Kensi, we're here.
- Connor in position yet? - Almost.
Kensi, we can't take any chances.
- Kens.
- Hold off! We're almost there! - Kens, you good? - I'm fine.
Agent Blye, you're not gonna get another opportunity.
This isn't his fault! Just give us a chance! We have to stop him.
Wait, Sam and Callen are on the roof.
Take the shot, Agent Blye.
- Kensi, take the shot now.
- Sam, I'm sorry.
- Federal agents! - Get back! Stay down, gunny.
That's a hell of a shot, partner.
Hands on your head.
Okay, don't move, gunny.
Get up.
Get up.
All right.
Stay still, gunny.
Okay, give me your hand.
It's gonna be okay, all right? It's gonna be okay.
I just got word that Mr.
Hanna has safely returned Mr.
Rutnam to the VA hospital.
His wife and daughter are gonna join him shortly.
Well, that is great.
He's out there.
He's waiting for you.
Thank you so much.
I got a message from the mentoring site.
I cannot wait to have my first meeting with Byron? "Dear Mr.
Due to a scheduling conflict, we've reassigned your case.
- Your new Little Brother is" - "Byron Chester.
" "Byron's interests include three-dimensional chess, advanced calculus and, oh, heh, German opera.
" No, German What happened to fish tacos and surfing and the Three Stooges and the floppy hair that? - Mr.
- Yeah.
This is gonna be good practice.
You can have all the expectations you want when you have children, but you can never predict who you're going to end up with.
I think Byron's gonna be great.
Plus, you never know when a working knowledge of The Magic Flute is gonna come in handy.
That's a German opera reference.
I don't get that because I don't know a German opera.
Bravo, Mr.

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