NCIS Los Angeles s07e07 Episode Script

An Unlocked Mind

(panting) (crow cawing) (panting) (panting) Go.
Kate, you know you're just running away from yourself.
(gasping) No.
(whimpers) No.
(starter turning) Come on, come on.
(engine starting) Have you done frog's pose? (grunts) I've done the crane, the downward dog, cobra the snake, but no, never done the frog.
Okay, so we're gonna work deep into the body.
Opening our hips.
Opening hips.
By getting into a nice deep straddle.
Wow, deep straddle.
That's a crowd-pleaser.
(chuckles) Deeks, I warned you.
You know my work rule.
If you joke, this is over.
What are you talking about? I'm just saying that it feels good to open the hips.
You know, to get a nice deep straddle at work.
Pelvis towards the ground.
I'm putting my pelvis towards the ground.
Iliac crest as low as it can go.
Not sure what that is.
Clear your mind and focus on one intention.
One intention.
Deeks? What? Focus.
I am, I'm focusing on your iliac crest.
Maybe you need some help.
No, I don't need any help.
Maybe you do.
No, I feel like I'm doing pretty good.
I think you do.
I think you need some help.
Get away from me.
Put your feet together.
My feet are together.
I don't (shouts) (Kensi chuckles) Oh, just breathe through it.
Just push your hips down.
I don't think man is supposed to bend like that.
You can go further.
No, I think I just heard something snap.
Okay, if there's a safe word in yoga, I'd like to know it, 'cause at this point I'd like to say it.
You okay? Ow! Spatula.
Oh, spaghetti! Banana! ERIC: Okay, I hate to interrupt whatever's going on here, but you're needed in Ops stat-- we have a case.
(shouts) Let's go.
(groans) NELL: This is David Ramsey.
Oh, he's rocking a Clash T-shirt.
A man after my own heart.
He's a former DARPA engineer.
He left the DoD after his brother died of leukemia.
He then moved to Los Angeles and joined the Church of the Unlocked Mind.
Those guys.
Those guys.
All aboard the crazy train.
NELL: Now, the church's main headquarters are in Los Angeles, but they have branches all over the world.
The DoD wants David tracked because they feel he may be psychologically vulnerable.
And because he knows the secrets to some of the DoD's most cutting-edge technologies, including the Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordinance, aka EXACTO, aka a .
50 caliber guided bullet.
No line of sight needed to commit an assassination.
NELL: Last night, David's wife, Kate Ramsey, escaped from the church's campus, and went to the police.
So DoD believes this church is getting classified information from David Ramsey.
For what purpose? It's not clear.
Actually, it might be coming into focus.
Miss Jones, I just sent you a folder.
It seems the defense intelligence agency has identified one of the church's executive members, Marlon Ammar, meeting with a Dao Zhi-- he's a Chinese national, suspected of being a spy.
If David Ramsey and the Church of the Unlocked Mind are selling military Intel to China, we've got a huge problem.
That's to say the least.
Kensi and Deeks-- undercover inside the church.
Here we go.
Through the looking glass.
Find Ammar and Dao Zhi, quickly.
On it.
Callen and Mr.
Go talk to Kate Ramsey.
She's waiting for you.
All righty.
I found out the Unlocked Mind has already filed suit against me.
For what? There was this older woman in the church, Barbara.
I thought I could trust her.
She's able to come and go.
She has access to one of the church's cars.
I asked her to help me escape, and she said she would, but then She double-crossed you.
You hit her, and now they're suing you.
They ruin people's lives just to get them not to talk.
How long have you and David been married? Five years.
He's the love of my life.
So why did you leave? Lee Ashman.
The head of the church.
He was trying to break us apart.
I don't know why.
I had to get out.
Did they ever ask David about his work for DoD? I don't know, but they kept couples separate for long periods of time.
Can you protect me? From who? People have disappeared.
Kate, we're gonna get you to a safe place.
They're never gonna let me see David again.
He's all I have.
Now, getting into the church is easy.
We'll drop you at their center in Santa Monica.
Then they'll take you by van to their main campus in Topanga.
The real trick is getting asked to stay.
Now, they're really big on these therapy sessions.
They use a setup like this.
It's a laptop hooked up to a camera.
They'll ask you to reveal your deepest darkest secrets, while monitoring any change in the size of your iris.
Normally, this type of ocular-movement reader uses sophisticated software, but here they simply have a "trained" counselor.
In other words, it's all nonsense.
Well, the good news is that "nonsense" is my middle name.
So go ahead and probe my inner mind, brother.
Why am I scared? (clears throat) (clears throat) All right.
What was your first sexual experience? Oh, wait, hold the probe.
NELL: Okay, as far as we can tell, a person's willingness to reveal themselves is the one determining factor in getting asked to stay at the church's headquarters, so fess up.
All right, fair enough.
Uh, there was this girl, her name was Sarah.
We were 16 years old.
And I held her hand at a party.
It was very romantic, so I went to her house the next day.
Um Keep going.
You sure? Yes.
Uh, she wasn't home.
But the good news was that her mom was home.
And she was sunbathing.
And so she asked me to put some lotion on her.
And so I'm putting the lotion on her body NELL: La, la, la, la.
KENSI: Oh, oh, TMI.
Flag on the play.
Cannot unhear that.
That was not cool.
What are you talking about? You said you wanted to know.
Is that for real? Yeah.
Well, yes for the character.
'Cause I'm method.
So what you're saying is it's a fantasy of yours.
No, I'm good at what I do, and what I do is undercover work.
Undercover work indeed, Mr.
Are you seriously turning into Hetty? 'Cause you're freaking me out.
No, no, don't divert the freak to me.
Yes, it's your freak, Mr.
Did you hear the part about the stone-cold fox and the lotion? Every word.
DEEKS: Huh, awkward.
An attorney from the DoJ is being sent here to monitor our investigation of the Church of the Unlocked Mind.
Why would the Department of Justice be monitoring us? You think somebody high at the DoJ is a member of the church? Whatever the motivation, we need to move quickly.
I want the two of you inside before he gets here.
On it.
Got it.
Welcome to the Church of the Unlocked Mind.
I'm Adam.
Hey, thanks.
Come inside-- we have some snacks, something to drink.
Yeah, I could use a snack, good.
You look a little lost.
Is it that obvious? (both laugh) I'm Gaia.
Hi, nice to meet you.
Welcome to the best part of your life.
That sounds really good.
(chuckles) Come on, let's go inside.
I'll show you around.
Thank you.
I'll be right with you.
She's beautiful.
Yes, she is.
See how open she is.
Of course.
GRANGER: What do we got? Well, we discovered a tell-all book written by a former member of the Church of the Unlocked Mind.
But the book never saw the light of day because The church sued, preventing its publication.
ERIC: Exactly.
The book talks about other members.
Now, surprisingly, many of them were higher-ups in major manufacturing and tech firms.
NELL: It seems the church would target executives who were going through a difficult time-- divorce, addiction, family tragedies-- and then lure them into the church.
So we cross-referenced prominent members against acts of corporate espionage committed against their former companies.
And all the companies had stolen technologies.
They get the info from the therapy sessions.
Then sell it to rival corporations.
Now with David Ramsey, it seems they've moved up to stealing U.
military secrets.
Get me Kensi and Deeks.
(beeps) You're on.
CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks, can you talk? How long do these therapy sessions take? Depends on how open you are.
All right, look, just listen.
The point of these therapy sessions is to get information that they can use or sell.
So make sure you give them something good.
I'm gonna be so open.
Like an all-night diner.
I think you guys may be my last shot.
So, Gaia, how long have you been a member? Oh, I grew up in the church.
My parents joined when I was 12.
I grew up in the Church of Beverly Hills.
Prayed at the altar of fame, pain and cocaine.
Right in here.
Thank you.
ADAM: Okay.
Nothing should cloud your mind.
All fears and secrets are barriers to freedom, joy and peace.
Nothing should cloud your mind.
All fears and secrets are barriers to freedom, joy and peace.
I don't think I know what those are.
I understand.
Don't be afraid.
My, uh, my parents were taking my kid brother to college, and, uh, they were hit head-on by a drunk driver.
Go deeper.
When I started doing meth, my dad stopped sending me money.
And, um, my acting career was going down really fast.
I was sleeping with studio execs and directors for parts.
Who did you sleep with? You need to be specific.
I'm sorry, you want, like, names? I don't want anything.
Except for your mind to be at peace and for you to reach your full potential as a human being.
Okay, um (chuckles) J.
Um Michael Peters.
The Michael Peters? That is just the beginning.
I slept with and did drugs with the governor of California.
Keep going.
Each memory is a secret that impedes.
So you need to recall it in as much detail as possible.
So which governor did you sleep with? ADAM: You need to recount each memory, each secret, in as much detail as you can recall.
Oh, man, my whole life is secrets.
All of us carry that burden.
No, no, no, I don't think you get it.
You know Brae Computer? Corley Software? Tokisha Gaming? Lockner and Ryan Aeronautics? You know them? Yes.
Yeah, well, I designed all their computer security systems.
(quiet laugh) Well, that is a burden, my friend.
(low conversations) Hey.
You, uh, a fan of The Clash? Love them.
Uh, Marty Riverton.
It was actually my brother's favorite band.
He got me into them.
"Was"? Uh, he just passed.
I'm sorry.
Don't be.
That was a good memory.
Yeah, my, uh, brother actually passed away, too.
Three years ago.
Let's gather around, friends.
Gather around.
Uh, we'll, uh, we'll catch up, we'll hang.
Sure thing.
Nice to meet you.
GAIA: Come on, everyone, let's gather around the fountain.
I'm Lee.
OTHERS: Hi, Lee.
Welcome to the best part of your life.
We have so much to talk about and show you, but we are gonna start with something new.
A ceremony which marks your rebirth into a life of honesty and potential, devoid of secrets and lies and stress.
We have bathrobes for you and bathing suits.
So, meet us at the pool, because today you're gonna be reborn.
(low chatter) You still have your earwig in? No, I stashed it in my locker.
Do you? Yeah, a guy was next to me the whole entire time.
I couldn't take it out.
ERIC: The system's closed circuit.
I've got no cameras to see anything.
Deeks, if you go under for any length of time, we're gonna lose your connection.
Yeah, I realize that.
Hopefully it's just a quick dip.
You don't like the water? Oh, uh, no.
I just, as a kid, I almost drowned.
So, hopefully they don't put my head underwater.
It's a fear.
We should work on that.
Let's head to the shallow end.
ASHMAN: To the freedom of an unlocked mind.
Freedom given to us by our ancestors.
Those great spirits who continue to live inside of us.
You okay staying in? DEEKS: Yeah, we're good.
I made contact with David.
I think I can get him out of here.
(quietly): What's his name? Martin.
Please, Kensi, Martin, join us.
Come, a new life awaits.
All the joy that you ever imagined is within your grasp.
DEEKS: So, I, uh, I really do freak out underwater.
Trust, love, clarity of thought.
Just lean back, Martin.
Lean back.
Face your fears.
We lost him.
(grunting) (grunting) What are you doing? You know him? No, I don't, but he's obviously in trouble! All right.
(grunting) ASHMAN: It's okay, it's all right.
Let him out of the water.
It's all right, it's normal.
Get him out! It's normal, it's Don't worry, it's part of the process.
You faced your fear.
Feel the joy in your heart.
It's one of life's greatest lessons.
Welcome to the Church of the Unlocked Mind.
(applause, whistling) (door closes) Agents Callen and Hanna, as promised, AUSA Oscar Guevara.
So what is, uh, what's DoJ's interest in this case? The Church of the Unlocked Mind is an extremely well-funded and litigious organization.
Any time even a small investigation begins, they have each member individually bring suit.
The way Scientology did with the IRS? Exactly.
Now that's hundreds of simultaneous lawsuits.
Completely overwhelming the federal courts.
So what do you want from us? Do not poke this bear.
If you have something, bring it to us.
If we determine there's a case, you can proceed.
And most importantly, do not put agents undercover inside the Church of the Unlocked Mind.
Well, it's a little late for that.
We have people in there already.
Pull them out now.
We've lost communication with them.
Besides, this is a breach of national security.
Marlon Ammar, he's a long-standing member of the church, was meeting with a suspected Chinese spy.
You think the Unlocked Mind is selling DoD intelligence.
What proof do you have? This seems like a good point to interrupt.
I've picked up communication between Ammar and Dao Zhi.
A meeting place has been set between the two.
Ammar and the Chinese spy had met once already.
It means the deal isn't done.
We can still stop the sale.
CALLEN: So what do you think? Ready to poke this bear? Address of the Ammar-Zhi meet, it's on your phones.
Sam, I'll stay here with our DoJ friend.
SAM: I'll take Nell and head to the meet.
Can't be in two places at once.
(door opens) Kensi? Hi.
Why don't you leave your clothes here and come with me? Where are we going? There's a group of women I'd like you to meet.
It'll be fun.
Come on.
What are you up to? Work.
Work clears the mind.
Yeah, they're sending me to the dining hall.
Evidently they need a dishwasher.
What exactly are you doing? Lee wants us to pick up all the rocks in this field.
Those rocks look like gravel.
How do you think they got here? You don't question the work.
If you question, you can't clear the pathways.
And why do you need to clear the pathways? Today? My wife left me.
I see.
Now, did she leave you or did she leave the church? My life is the study of the Unlocked Mind's teachings.
I can't cope outside without it.
She knew that.
Is that what Lee Ashman thinks? That she abandoned you? Yeah.
You know what I think? I think Lee Ashman put these rocks here, just so you'd have to come out here and pick them up.
That thought has crossed my mind.
It's good to question things.
You know that, right? But if you question, if you open that door, it lets all the other thoughts in.
Yeah, thoughts about your brother.
You had a thought about your brother this morning, and that was a good memory.
I miss him.
I miss my wife.
I don't even know if she's okay.
Then you need to be with her.
You want me to help you do that? Hey, David.
Come with me.
Where we going? D.
, now.
You know what the D.
is? It's the discipline arena.
Oh, thank you.
Hey, all.
This is Kensi.
Kensi was just reborn.
Oh, Rebecca, can we get another glass? Sure.
Welcome to the best part of your life.
Say good-bye to anxiety and fear.
Amen to that.
(laughter) Oh, no, I'm sorry.
I have issues with alcohol.
No, thank you.
Not here, you don't.
Addiction is an illness.
You choose your illness.
Simply don't choose it.
So you're saying I-I can drink? It's an enjoyable part of life.
That's why we're here, isn't it? I guess so.
HEATHER: A toast.
To rebirth and the ecstasy that awaits.
I'm ready for you now.
Oh, speaking of ecstasy.
You get massaged by the other women? Every day.
Having somebody put their hands on you is one of the most glorious feelings on Earth.
Would you like one? You can have two women if you want.
What about two men? No.
No men.
No? Lee likes to keep us separate.
As you move up the strata of awareness, there are perks.
To the best part of your life.
MAN (muffled): Simon says touch your toes.
Simon says pat your belly.
Simon says pull your ear.
(knocking) Simon says raise your hands.
What? Uh, Lee Ashman said I needed to come down here.
Come play.
MAN: Let go.
Remember, first five out are exiles.
Join in.
Simon says hands on your hips.
Simon says hands on knees.
Simon says stand on one foot.
Touch your face.
Michael, you moved.
Bill touched his face.
I'm not getting kicked out when he did it.
Worry about yourself.
Yeah? Go to hell.
(grunting) BILL: You're out! MICHAEL: No! Let's go.
You're out! MICHAEL: No! (Michael grunting) Go wait in your room, Michael.
Who's worthy of the joy of the Church of the Unlocked Mind? Simon says cover your eyes.
Simon says cover your ears.
Simon says slap yourself.
Simon says again.
Harder! Gotcha.
We've now identified six members of the Church of the Unlocked Mind who cannot be accounted for.
They left and now there's no public record of them anywhere.
That's not good with Kensi and Deeks out of communication.
We should put another agent inside.
Not unless we get something solid from the Ammar-Dao Zhi meet.
We're talking about protecting our people here.
Right now we have no idea what's going on inside that compound.
You want to go in as a family member, ask to meet them, pull 'em out, fine, but you're not putting any more agents inside.
ERIC: Excuse me, but that won't work.
The Church never allows outsiders to see members.
They won't even acknowledge they're on the property.
Then I'm sending in another agent.
You do that, I'll go see a federal judge, get a court order, shut you down.
You should do your homework, make some calls about me.
What are you talking about? I'm not the guy you cross like that.
(Eric clears throat) I've got, uh, Sam and Nell on speaker.
SAM: We're at the meet site.
Ammar just arrived.
There's no sign of Dao Zhi.
You guys get in contact with Kensi or Deeks? CALLEN: No.
But we're headed over there now.
GRANGER: He shows up, they make the exchange, you bust 'em.
Copy that.
I'm going with you.
You have no choice.
Could get dangerous.
You're hiding something.
Your involuntary movements are all over the place.
I don't have a secret I haven't told you.
Really? What about Kate running away last night? What about it? Did you help her? DAVID: No.
She wanted to leave and I told her I wasn't ready.
Meaning you were getting ready to leave the church? No.
You're lying, David.
TREVOR: He's lying.
You can tell.
You were making such good progress.
Now you're regressing.
I'm not lying.
Come here.
(crying) Just trying to shock it out of you.
You're okay.
He's shut down.
You're gonna have to start opening the channels a little.
Let's take a break.
There's some soda and crackers on the table.
(low conversations) You okay? Well, he's right about one thing: you were lying.
You do want to leave here.
I know where Kate is and I can take you to her.
Who are you? It doesn't matter who I am.
The only thing that matters is this isn't healthy and you know that.
David, look at me.
This is manipulative and destructive.
These people are using you.
You know that.
Now you say the word and I'll get us out of here.
(quietly): They'll stop you.
Who, those three guys? Aw, David, don't worry about those three guys.
I got that.
You don't understand.
If you fight back, the others are told to attack.
You try and leave, every man in here will turn against you.
Everybody gather around.
David what do you say we get real for a little bit? Come on.
Come on.
You can really get us out of here? Absolutely.
David come on.
You're being rude to everybody here.
Come on.
CALLEN: Let me guess.
My people.
Eric, we in the right place? Uh, that's as close as you're gonna get.
About three-quarters of a mile through the woods, you'll be at the west side of the campus.
(phone ringing) Yeah.
SAM: Okay, put me on speaker so Guevara can hear this.
Dao Zhi just arrived.
He's carrying a duffle bag that could be large enough for a cash payment.
NELL: Yeah, and I bet Ammar's carrying a thumb drive.
Just make sure you wait for the exchange.
They're moving into the parking structure.
Stay with them.
Let us know as soon as you take 'em.
There's a closeness here.
Like sisters.
And, uh, who-who pays for all of this? The Church of the Unlocked Mind has income sources.
(distantly): Lee takes care of all of that.
We don't have to worry about it.
He's really wonderful.
Um I'm sorry, I I-I need to use the restroom.
Um (clears throat) Um, if you It'll be fine.
Don't fight it.
It's okay.
You are loved.
NELL: Eric we have any idea where they went? Only three cameras are working.
They-they walked into the north staircase, but I don't know what floor the went to.
Sam, you still don't have them? SAM: Ah, they're here somewhere.
All right.
I'll head up, you cover the entrance in case I miss 'em.
She's opening her eyes.
Should we give her more? No, no, no, no.
She should experience her awakening.
Welcome to the family, my beautiful girl.
Last night she didn't mention anything, you just woke up and she was gone.
I hate doing that, David.
But we're not buying it.
You said she wanted out.
Now tell the damn truth.
I want out.
I want my wife.
You're giving up.
You're gonna be an exile.
And it's gonna be the best thing that ever happened to you.
Get up, David, and walk out that door.
I'm a federal agent, and we're leaving.
Anyone that tries to stop us is gonna be interfering with a federal investigation.
He's not going anywhere.
David, you're going to sit back down and get honest.
DEEKS: David, look at me.
David, let's go.
Come on, David, this is your chance.
Let's go.
David! Listen, I don't want to hurt anybody.
Get him.
Go for his neck! (grunting) David.
Nice with the soda can.
Let's go.
We got runners.
When this is over, you'll be part of us.
Then all the passages to happiness will be open.
(groaning) (Gaia groaning) Where's my robe? I haven't found them.
And you're sure they haven't left the garage? No, they're here.
Probably saw us and got scared and got in a car somewhere.
Just give me a little more time.
Guys guys, I've been drugged.
Eric, Nell, I need help.
Callen, did you hear that? On it, we're going in.
No, you're not.
(whistles) (cell phone rings) Do not let these men move.
Tell me something good.
We got 'em.
Say that again, hold on, you're on speaker.
We have Ammar and Zhi in custody.
Execute the extraction.
We can use your help.
And you stay the hell out of our way.
You didn't find 'em, did you? No.
(sighs) Hey.
You guys stay right here.
Here, let's go.
Okay, who needs one? Come with me.
You're following me.
Don't just run off.
All right, stay close.
(yells) Where's Kensi? Leave me alone! I'm a federal agent, you want to spend the rest of your life in prison? Where is she? Upstairs.
Kensi! Kens! Oh, what happened? I was drugged.
Can you walk? I need help.
Is there another way out of here? Yeah.
Grab her.
One, two, three, up.
Here we go, here we go.
DEEKS: All right, we got you.
Go, go, go, go, go, go, go.
All right, all right, we got you.
Ooh, ooh.
Wait, wait, wait.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Hold on.
Okay, go.
I need to take one of them out and get his gun.
Shh, stay here.
Stay here.
Okay? Yeah.
(grunting) (bone cracking) (groans) Get up.
How's that for your spiritual awakening? You're not getting out of here.
You shut your mouth.
Kensi, David, let's go.
Keep it shut.
DEEKS: Move.
Oh, oh, oh.
You're not getting out of here.
All you guys do is repeat each other.
Oh, that's right, you're in a cult.
Put down the gun.
Her life for his.
Put it down.
Now! Deeks.
Okay, all right, all right, relax.
It's going down.
Trevor, get the truck.
Bring the barrels and the lye.
I guess this is the peace, love and joy part.
What are you doing? You're about to leave our reality plane, David.
Welcome to my reality plane.
CALLEN: Everyone on their knees! Down! Go.
CALLEN: Eric, I need an ambulance for Kensi.
Welcome to the worst part of your life.
Keep checking.
Where are Ammar and Zhi? We're still searching for 'em.
Yeah, that's right, I lied to you.
NCIS is conducting a car-to-car search.
Arrest him.
You're being charged with falsifying evidence, impeding an investigation CALLEN: Wait.
I asked Agent Hanna to lie to you.
It was just my anxiety kicking in, but I freaked out over Agents Blye and Deeks being in that much danger.
No, this fish stinks from the head.
It was my plan, my orders.
I'm a megalomaniac, just can't be stopped.
Be gentle with the cuffs.
I have delicate wrists.
NELL: All right, truth be told, I threatened Agent Hanna with physical bodily harm if he didn't lie to you.
You threatened him? Told him I'd jack him up if he didn't do it.
Scared the hell out of me.
Arrest them all.
Really? Yeah, really.
Arrest 'em, I'll make the case.
THOMPSON: We got 'em! We found 'em both in a trunk.
We found $400,000 in cash and a thumb drive.
Lucky you.
Let's get out of here.
Lucky you, Mr.
(no audio) (door closes) Hey.
How you feeling? Uh, it's out of my system.
Doctor said it was a neuromuscular block, so they basically paralyzed me.
I got to be honest.
That was tough seeing you like that.
It was a pretty crazy feeling.
Through the looking glass.
So how are they doing? Oh, um, okay.
DoD's gonna have to give him some help.
You know, a lot of deprogramming to do.
A lot to recover from.
Huh, not so much.
Wow, look at that.
Yeah, I guess love conquers all.
Speaking of which, my whole kind of iliac crest was really tight from, uh, today, so I was thinking I might be doing some stretching later on.
It's not really your iliac crest, but Where is it? Here? Little, little there.
Little lower? Did you learn nothing today? I learned something this morning.
I learned that, um Here? that I love your iliac crest.
Okay, and? And I learned that the unlocked mind is nothing without the unlocked body.
And? And what else is there? (monitor blips) Did you just hear that? Uh-huh.
Yep, yep.
This is why I have the rule.
Uh, as long as it's not Hetty, I think we're gonna be fine.
Should I move? Uh Do you think she sees us? I don't know.
It's not her.
I'm sure, we're fine.
Okay, we're gonna be good, we're gonna be good.
HETTY: You better hope love conquers all, Mr.
That was definitely Hetty.

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