NCIS Los Angeles s07e24 Episode Script


1 I didn't think you were coming.
I had to wait for the night watch to pass.
What's up? I don't want to be here any more.
Why? Don't leave now; we only have six weeks left.
Think about it, no more drills, uniforms, mess hall food until September.
I'm leaving tomorrow and I'm not coming back.
I don't belong here.
If somebody's out there, you better high-tail it back inside here ASAP, or I'm locking you out.
(kicks paper doorstop away) (choking) (grunts) What is this? I don't know.
Maybe it's some kind of drill? Let's get out of here.
(with accent): You'll wake the others.
Stop! Run, right now, go! (grunts) (muffled grunting) What the hell's going on, Hanna? Shh! NCIS: LA 7x24 Talion @elderman (phone blipping) GRANGER: Your return verified the authenticity of the threat, as we speak.
Now would it be possible to send a couple field agents out there to take a look? Okay, I appreciate that.
I'll get back to you when I have more details.
KENSI: What's going on? Well, it's possible the Keating Military Academy has been taken over by some sort of extremist group.
Wait, Sam's son, Aiden, attends that school.
Which is the only reason we know about it.
Where are we? Haven't heard anything else from Aiden.
KENSI: You try calling him? The Academy has a strict no cell phone policy.
He has a tablet, but he hasn't answered my e-mails or texts.
Is there any chance this is some sort of surprise academy training exercise? He sent a distress code only he knows.
This is no exercise.
Calls to the school are going straight to voicemail.
Check this out.
According to the Academy Web site, they're experiencing electrical and communications problems that they say they'll have sorted out in the next few hours.
Is that legit? I don't think so.
I just checked with California Edison and local phone companies.
Nobody has anyone up there.
Could be someone's way of buying more time, preventing anyone from looking into it.
Why don't we just have local law enforcement swing by, see what's going on? I already called the FBI field office in San Francisco to send a couple agents out.
No, call them back.
Why? Because if this is legit It is! and we have to assume that it is, then whoever is behind it, they don't know that we're on to them.
We need to keep it that way for as long as we can, or at least until we know what we're up against.
I'll tell you what they're up against.
They're up against me.
Call off the feds.
GRANGER: What do you think you're gonna do? I'm going to make sure my son is safe.
And how do you propose to do that? I'm going there.
We're going there.
We're gonna take these guys out.
We could be there in an hour.
GRANGER: The FBI could have people there in minutes.
Not without tipping off those inside.
We're talking about federal agents, not some backwoods deputy sheriff.
And what happens if this goes wrong while you're in the air? At least we have boots on the ground within an hour.
Killing me.
Where'd you come from? Oh, I'm everywhere these days, Mr.
You should know that by now.
My son's in there, Hetty.
Along with the sons and daughters of many other rich and important families, Mr.
All the more reason you need us in there.
This is a job for the REACT team.
No, this is a job for the SEALs, which I am.
I attended Keating Academy, as did my father before me.
I know that place like the back of my hand, and I'm the only one in contact with someone on the inside.
You know what? Call in the REACT team, but in the meantime, the clock is ticking.
We need to go in there now, while it's dark, while whoever is in there is still getting settled.
Okay, this goes south, you two KENSI: Four.
We're a team.
Team or no team, even if you go in unofficially, this goes wrong, we're all done.
I don't care about NCIS.
I don't care about my career.
All I care about is keeping my son and everybody else in that school safe.
I understand that, and you have my sympathy, but you cannot turn this into a personal rescue operation.
(phone blips) It's a text from Aiden.
It's a video clip.
I'm gonna put it up.
Keeping moving.
No talking.
That's Tahir Khaled.
Is that personal enough for you? (beeping) MAN: You! Down there! Sit! Keep moving! Keep quiet! MALE CADET: It's okay, just comply with them.
Over here.
Over here.
Sit down.
It's gonna be okay.
All right, just get down.
Listen We lost our WiFi signal.
Maybe they turned it off.
We need a phone.
I'm gonna try to get to the instructor's lounge.
I'm not staying here alone.
I'm coming with you.
Everyone has been secured in the rec hall.
And Aiden Hanna? We're still searching for him.
What about the girl who got away from you? So, everyone is not secured? We will find them.
Not standing in here.
SAM: If Tahir's smart, he'll round up all the students and staff and secure them in one location, probably the gym or the cafeteria.
What are the chances we'll be dealing with explosives or guys in suicide vests? I wouldn't put anything by Tahir.
Okay, there's gonna be a helicopter waiting for us on the tarmac.
We will ride in from an insertion point here.
Ride? Mountain bikes.
The chopper's gonna drop us five miles northwest of the school to avoid any suspicion.
What are we looking at for backup? Granger's putting together a REACT team.
SAM: Look I don't want local law enforcement involved until we know what we're up against or we run the risk of Tahir picking up the radio chatter.
We've got one shot at doing this clean.
If we lose the element of surprise, this could very easily turn into a stand-off, and that is the last thing we want.
I don't mean to be a pessimist, but what if it does? Then we make sure it doesn't.
Stay cool.
You want to say something? I haven't heard you mention Michelle.
She and Kamran are helping out her mother following hip surgery.
Her mom doesn't have a phone? I just want to stay focused on the mission.
This mission involves rescuing her son.
If I tell her Aiden's in a hostage situation, what do you think she's gonna do? I think she's gonna be worried sick, but she still needs to know what's happening.
She's gonna jump on a plane and try to help.
No, check that, she's gonna insist on helping, and by helping, I mean she's gonna go in there like a fully strapped mama bear that makes The Punisher look like Mother Theresa.
We could use a secret weapon.
(sighs) Think I should have left my family in protective custody? I think you still need to call your wife.
I will.
When it's over.
After our son is safe.
It's dead, we need to find a cell phone.
The night watch.
They killed him, but he may still have his phone.
Where is Aiden Hanna? I don't know who that is.
(grunts) I know you're his teacher.
Where is Aiden Hanna? He's not here.
(grunts) (coughs, gasps) He was sent home, for disciplinary reasons.
If you don't tell me where he is, I will shoot you.
On second thought I will shoot one of your students every minute until you bring Aiden Hanna to me.
GRANGER: We need a contingency plan.
We need a bloody miracle.
We've activated every agent with REACT training on the West Coast.
Well we have to alert SECNAV.
You know I'm right about this one, Owen.
We're damned if we do and damned if we don't.
I'll make the call once our team is on the ground.
And what are you going to say when they ask us why we took so long? We wanted to make certain it wasn't a hoax.
That's weak.
Well (sighs) let's hope our team isn't.
DEEKS: They got no roving patrols.
They don't need them if they're monitoring the school's security system.
Eric Callen.
Eric, do you have access to the school's security system? No, it's a closed system.
You'd have to patch me in, but I'll be blind if anyone cuts the power.
It might be better setting up our own.
All right, guys, ready when you are.
Deeks, get us online.
On it.
Cover us, Kens.
I got your back.
All right, Nell I'm setting up the sat.
Let me know when you got it.
Will do.
(electronic blip) (electrical hiss) Inside, move! Where is Aiden Hanna? (cocks gun) No, please, don't.
What is it you want? I want Aiden Hanna.
(gunshot) That was gunfire.
Sam, Callen, you guys okay? Yeah, it came from inside.
Maybe it was just a warning shot.
TAHIR: Leave her alone.
She needs a doctor.
(thud) She's not going to live long enough to worry about that.
None of you are.
Any more gunfire? No, just the one shot.
Any communication in or out of the academy? Nothing.
They're maintaining radio silence.
Damn it.
What's wrong, sir? They haven't issued any demands.
Was that bad? Well, yeah, it means we don't know what they want.
If they're not using the hostages as bargaining chips, what the hell are they gonna do with them? Let me know the minute our team's inside, and I need an encrypted line from my office to the SECNAV, Beale.
Aye, aye, sir.
You okay? Yeah, I'm just worried for Sam.
It's gonna be okay.
Yeah, how do you know? Because it has to be.
DEEKS: You getting this signal? (computer beeps) Yup, I see it.
It's a good, strong signal.
(steady beeping) All right, I'm going to earwigs.
Anything? It's just freaky quiet out here.
(electronic blipping, clicking) DEEKS: Sam, Callen, you guys inside? No.
This door's wired.
We need a bomb squad out here.
I doubt they had the time or the ordnance to booby trap all the doors.
It's still gonna slow us down, if we have to check every one.
(muffled sobbing) Provisions.
Oh, wow, I didn't think we were allowed to have food or drink in here.
Me neither.
You're not, but it's late and I need you both up to speed.
Thank you, Hetty.
Yeah, I could get used to this.
(clears throat) But, of course, I won't.
SECNAV's been informed of the situation.
And? She insists on access to our live feeds.
Oh, you want me to patch in the SECNAV? I want you to try to patch in the SECNAV, but I expect you to run into technical difficulties.
Oh, it's really not that difficult.
But it could be.
But it could be.
Yes, it could be, it could be, uh, very difficult.
Actually, darn near impossible.
How much time do you think they have? Well, phone calls are being made as we speak.
There are kids of some very influential players in that school.
This is gonna degrade into a jurisdictional nightmare.
DOD is also gonna insist on informing some of those parents.
When that happens, this will be a media circus.
HETTY: You hearing that, everyone? Yeah, loud and clear.
GRANGER: I figure you got 20 minutes, tops, till you get company.
We're in.
Kensi, Deeks, there's a dorm room window open on the first floor, three down from the southwest corner.
We'll put a camera in the hallway, keep an eye on it.
This is Aiden's room.
It's not a coincidence.
I knew I could count on him to leave his window open for us.
(electronic blip) Looks clear.
Eyes are going up.
We got you.
Does he have his phone? No.
They must have taken it.
system feedback whines) TAHIR (over P.
): Attention, Aiden Hanna.
The gunfire you heard was the sound of one of your teachers being shot.
Say something, Lieutenant James.
(screams) (over P.
): Now, the next bullet will be in her head if you do not show yourself.
And after she is dead, I will start shooting your fellow cadets.
Aiden's not gonna let that happen.
We have to get to him before he turns himself in to Tahir.
Eric, we got WiFi yet? Yeah, it shows up as the “Greenhouse Printer”" Keating Academy doesn't have a greenhouse.
Aiden will know that.
Hopefully Tahir and his men won't, and there's no passcode necessary.
Anything from Aiden? SAM: Nothing.
Wait a minute or two until after I'm gone, then try to make it to one of the other buildings.
They may still have a WiFi signal.
What are you gonna do? Turn myself in.
You can't.
I don't have a choice.
I'm gonna try to go the long way around to draw away some of the guards.
When you get a signal, text my dad.
He knows we're in trouble.
(whispering): Two unfriendlies.
No way to sneak up on them.
We may have to lure them back here.
Safer to go around.
Still nothing from Aiden.
If Tahir's talking on the P.
system, he's gotta be in the main office.
That's where Aiden is headed.
Eric, can you find Aiden's tablet? ERIC: If he's got the find function activated.
(electronic blipping) We got him.
CALLEN: Where is he? He's headed in the opposite direction you are.
NELL: It appears he's looking for a way out.
No way, not Aiden.
He's scared.
Of course he's scared but I know my son.
No way he'll run.
He doesn't know we're here.
He could be looking for help.
He knows I'll be coming.
It's your call.
Office or tablet? Office.
Kensi and Deeks, follow the tablet.
KENSI: Copy that.
We've been expecting you.
(whispering): One.
(choking) NELL: Callen, Sam, have you guys found Aiden yet? Aiden's not here.
Nobody is, but there's a pool of blood.
We think it might be the teacher's.
SAM: Eric, you still tracking Aiden's tablet? Yeah, yeah, he's still in the building.
We should have a visual any second, as he passes one of the cameras you placed.
SECNAV's on the encrypted line.
All right, I'll take care of it.
What are you gonna say to her? That you've gone rogue.
Just kidding.
If it all goes bad, I'll fake a stroke.
Guys that's not Aiden.
Someone else must have his tablet.
It's a female cadet.
Aiden must have given it to her.
Why would he do that? So she could go get help while he does something very brave and very stupid.
Like father, like son.
Unfortunately, she's not gonna have it for very long.
One of Tahir's men is closing in on her.
Which way, Eric? ERIC: All right, uh, head north, take your first right.
Maybe I should have gone to the military academy.
Yeah, I don't see that happening.
We had a name for guys like you in military school, Deeks.
What's that, dropouts? Wow.
You boys obviously didn't get the memo from Hetty on bullying.
Who are you? NCIS.
We're here to help.
Nell, tell me when this guy's close, we'll take him out.
Actually, no, hold off on that.
I got a better idea.
That's never good.
Stop! Or I'll shoot! Give me the tablet! Move! God, I hope you know what you're doing.
So, you know how to use that thing? Theoretically, sir.
Okay, well then, theoretically, let's go ahead and switch it off of fully automatic to semi.
You know, 'cause, you know just for safety first and all.
Guys, what's going on? Well, evidently, brave and stupid is spreading because Kensi has swapped places with cadet, uh Porter.
Amy Porter.
DEEKS: Amy Porter, and Tahir's taken her into custody.
Of course he has.
Call your father.
Why? Because he can no longer run away from me.
My father doesn't run.
Your father is a coward.
He fled from me in Sudan so I had to come to America.
Call him now or I will send you back to him in pieces.
(keypad beeps) My father's not afraid of you and neither am I.
Then you are both foolish.
CALLEN: Guys, we got a blood trail.
If we follow it, we should find them.
You go.
What are you gonna do? Tahir isn't here for Aiden or anybody else.
He's here for me.
I'm-a give him what he wants.
Deeks is right.
Brave and stupid is spreading.
While Tahir's focused on me, you can help everyone else get out of here.
And what about Aiden? I'll take care of Aiden.
You just get everyone to safety, then come looking for us.
I don't like it.
Neither do I, but you know I'm right.
The REACT team could be here any minute.
We don't have a minute.
Eric, talk Deeks to me.
” No matter what happens Tahir does not get out of here alive.
He won't.
Sit! Sit down.
You're gonna be okay.
Stop talking.
Call your father.
I will not tell you again.
SAM (over P.
): Tahir Khaled.
This is Sam Hanna.
MAN: He's here.
In the school.
Shut up! You and I have some unfinished business.
I told you he wasn't afraid.
You stay here.
If anyone comes through that door other than me, kill them! Then kill him! Looks like everybody's in the rec hall on the floor.
I got no sign of Aiden.
Got one GSW in need of extraction.
Five targets.
Two at the northeast entrance.
One on the stage.
Two more each at the south doors.
East and west entrances are wired with IEDs.
Hey, when I stand up, hit the deck.
Pass it on.
(whispering): Hey, hey, when I stand up, hit the deck, pass it on.
YOUNG WOMAN (whispers): When she stands up, hit the deck.
Pass it on.
(overlapping whispering as cadets pass message) (sniffs) Callen, let me know when you and Deeks are at the rec hall.
I'm gonna distract the guards and when I do, everyone in here will be on the floor.
Copy that.
Where's the girl? Holed up in a bathroom with Kensi's HK.
Any sign of Tahir? Yeah, we got him.
NELL: He's coming for you, Sam, with two other gunmen.
This is about to get real, real fast, folks.
Good, I'm tired of waiting.
“G”? We're good.
Kens? Let's do it.
I'll take the guy on the stage.
(moans, sniffles) (coughs) (groans) (muffled cough) Sit! I'm s oh, s I'm sorry, I just seriously, I Get down! Please, I just need the bathroom.
Oh, my God.
Stop! (Kensi coughing) Sit! (coughing) (cadets screaming) You brought company, Hanna! Yeah! That's the sound of them killing your friends.
Kens! Kensi, down! (Kensi grunting) You good? Oh, yeah, I'm great.
That's my girl.
Get them out of here.
I'm going back for Sam.
You guys, move.
Double doors.
Guys, let's go, you heard him.
Let's go, guys.
Come on, up, up, up! (distant gunfire) Sounds like your guys are getting their asses kicked.
Shut up! You find Aiden? Not yet.
SAM: All right, all right, all right! I'm coming out! I'm coming out! I'm coming out! Tahir this is between me and you.
Let my son and the others go.
I make the rules now.
Drop it, Tahir! It's over, Tahir.
Where's my son? I imagine he is dead by now but I'm sure he'll be waiting for you in Hell.
(both grunting) CALLEN: Kensi, Deeks, any sign of Aiden? No, but the REACT team is here.
They're sweeping in now to take care of Tahir's men.
None of the guys we took out was the one who grabbed me.
Oh, hold on a second, he took Aiden's tablet.
I bet he still has it.
It's in a classroom.
Room 138, west of the gym's main entrance.
(footsteps approaching) Tahir? (gunfire, man grunts) You alone? Yeah.
Is my dad okay? Will be after he sees you.
If you're done hanging around.
Hetty, we got everyone out safely.
Thank God.
(blows thudding, men grunting over monitor speakers) And the team? Yeah, they're good.
What's that I'm hearing? (men grunting, blows thudding) I think that's personal.
(both grunting) Okay.
(yells) Dad? (Tahir yells, groans in pain) REACT TEAM SOLDIER: You okay here? It's good, I got this.
We're okay.
(both grunting) (gasps) Get this one out of here, guys.
(sighs) You okay? Yeah.
You? Of course.
Thanks for helping me.
I wanted it to be fair.
I knew you would take him.
You guys okay? CALLEN: We're good.
Looking good rocking the HK, Porter.
Oh, yeah, I'm gonna go ahead and just real gently take that back from you.
Good work on not killing anyone.
AIDEN: Porter, this is my dad.
She helped me out a lot.
Not really.
Nice job, Porter.
Thank you, sir.
I'd like to get back to my fellow cadets, if that's possible, sir.
Yeah, no, absolutely, we'll go find them.
Glad you're both okay.
Well, I mean, now this this would make a great family portrait.
Hanna boys kicking ass and taking names.
Don't encourage him.
(chuckles) You know Yeah? you can never, ever, ever tell your mother about this part.
Speaking of which, you need to call Michelle.
He's right.
Here, call your mom.
She's gonna want to hear from him way more than she wants to hear from me.
AIDEN: Yeah.
SAM: Trust me.
Let's get you patched up.
I don't like driving around with my partner looking all banged up.
Makes people think I don't take care of you.
(laughs) You guys are funny.
It's not funny.
It's sarcasm.
You know, sarcasm is the lowest form of wit according to Oscar Wilde.
That's right.
I don't think Oscar Wilde would have saved your life.
(groans) Come on.
DEEKS: How's the lieutenant? Just fine, other than the fact that she's about to get a bullet removed from her thigh.
It's nothing an anchor tattoo can't hide.
I'm sorry, what? On the account that she's in the Navy.
You know, get a big ol' anchor tattoo, just like Popeye has on his forearm.
Can you imagine seeing that when the pants come off? (in gruff voice): Ahoy, Matey! You mind if I drop me anchor? Oh, my gosh, let me know when you're finished, please.
I'm done.
I'm so exhausted; I haven't slept.
Uh What's wrong with you? You all right? I don't know, I just think I have something in my eye.
I think it's just that pretty little birthmark of yours.
Thank you, but why don't you just see if you can see something? Is there something there? I don't see anything.
No I don't see anything.
Oh, wow.
I appreciate your stealthy operational skills, Special Agent Blye, but you should know you've got a (clears throat) you got a little bat in the cave.
What? You've got what? Oh, my gosh, Deeks, what? That's that's the that's the honesty of love.
That's how much I love you, is that I tell you that, listen, we're having a special moment, but you should know you've got a sweet, little boogie in your nose hole.
What, you think your friends are gonna say something? No, they're just gonna stare at you, not say a word, so you walk around the mall with a big What? Oh! Ew! Aah! No! DEEKS: Ah, backfire.
Oh! KENSI: I think I got it.
Ah! Tahir is on his way to the district courthouse in San Francisco.
They're gonna keep him in Atwater for the time being.
This could have gone bad.
But it didn't.
I'll see you at the hospital.
G Thank you.
This is what we do, brother.
Do you need us for anything else? No.
You're welcome to join us.
It's 6:30 in the morning.
Well, you can pour it on your Fruit Loops.
The hell he can.
Hmm, I think we'll take a pass.
Well, I'd congratulate you on a job well done, except it looks like you've already been celebrating.
Hmm? Oh, for God sakes, you've got lipstick on your cheek.
Oh, um th-oh, t-this is, um, this is jam.
I was eating a jam sandwich.
He loves jam.
Organic cherry preserves NELL: Right.
with a toasted, um like a whole wheat, was really delicious.
Very jammy.
Very-very All right, mm-hmm, well upstairs-- I mean, there's no food in Ops, but there (Nell clears throat) there was just a moment we were eating, just a quick NELL: Well (clears throat) Yeah, all right, good-good-good-bye.
Good day.
NELL: Good-bye.
(chuckles) Good-bye.
'Cause okay.
(phone ringing) You want to answer that? Uh not really.
What about you? (phone continues ringing) GRANGER: Hell, no.
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