NCIS Los Angeles s08e14 Episode Script

Under Siege

1 HETTY: The man Arkady knew as Balinski is actually CIA Officer Randall Sharov.
My voice doesn't sound familiar to you? Hands up! WHITING: Granger's the least of your worries.
We've got new evidence in your cold case.
We're gonna do this dance again? Cuff him.
SANCHEZ: You mind opening your trunk for us? CALLEN: Stay on your toes.
Sam just got picked up by the DEA at Heather's.
Looks like they're coming after me.
(barking) All of us arrested on the same day by different law enforcement agencies? This is an attack on NCIS.
(grunts) DUGGAN: You made the deal with the secretary of defense.
You had 90 days to find the mole, and your 90 days have expired.
SWAT COMMANDER: Hands up! I'm in charge here.
And I can explain what's going on.
(gunshot) NELL: Oh, my God.
Duggan's been shot.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) (grunts) Where are you taking me? Disneyland.
Well, if it isn't Carl Brownnose.
Kiss any federal agent ass lately, Carl? I can't ride with him.
He tried to kill me.
Well, now you two can make up on the drive.
No, no, no, no, no.
There you go.
(grunts) (clicking) They're all yours, guys.
MAN: All right.
Lock it up.
(siren chirps) Relax, Carl, this is your lucky day.
Why do you say that? I got a surprise for you.
What? Wait for it.
(gunfire) What's going on? We're breaking you out, Carl.
Why? Because you're worth $50,000 dead.
But twice that alive.
NCIS: LA 8x14 Under Siege REPORTER: The escaped convicts are armed and considered extremely dangerous.
This is not good.
They are believed to be headed for the Los Angeles area or possibly on their way to Mexico.
If any of the public see or come into contact with any of these men No, this is very, very bad.
Unless Carl Brown was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Or is it the wrong place at the right time? I guess being in the right place at the wrong time is not so good either.
Uh Wait.
DEEKS: So, suddenly, he pulls the stick out of the alligator's mouth and at the last possible second steps back right before the powerful jaws slam down.
He says, "I will give anybody 100 bucks to do this exact same trick.
" And he looks around.
Everybody's shaking their head, like, "Hell no, there's no way I'm doing that.
" Until this one skinny, tattooed arm raises into the sky, right? And it's this old toothless hooker.
And she says, "You know what, I'll give it a go, but I'm not sure that stick's gonna fit in my mouth.
" (chuckles) Oh, come on, man! That's hilarious! Are you kidding me? (clapping slowly) Aw, the not-so-subtle, disingenuous slow clap.
Thank you, thank you.
I will be here all week.
I mean, that is your that is your plan, right? Well, actually, that's up to you.
Actually, it's not up to me.
'Cause I'm not driving this train.
Neither are you.
But the difference being, of course, that I know that and you don't.
Which is exactly what the people who are actually responsible for this want-- your overzealous obsession with yours truly to keep me locked up in here.
So now you're part of a bigger conspiracy? Yes.
10,000 times yes.
And I know it's crazy, but it's God's honest truth when I tell you that my team is in trouble and they need my help.
You're out of here.
What? GUARD: On your feet.
You're not gonna regret this.
Oh, I'm not talking to you.
Tiny, you're out of here.
Thanks for your help, man.
I'm sorry.
He's funny.
(chuckles) Oh, my gosh, wait a minute, you were trying to use him as intimidation? Oh, you amateur! I can't believe you did that.
It's just it's so sad for me to see you go to such great lengths to be such a rookie.
Bring 'em in.
(lock buzzes, latch clicks) Bring who in? All of you, step in.
What, this guy? Oh.
Line up across Um okay, you know what, there's actually strict laws against overcrowding, not to mention the unhygienic aspect of this whole ordeal.
(latch clicks) GUARD (in distance): Up against the wall, hands out of your pockets.
WHITING: Enjoy your new friends.
Gentlemen, LAPD Detective Deeks.
I like your tattoos.
You guys in a band? SAM: Wake up.
Come on, man, this is important.
What's your operating budget? Uh, I'm not sure exactly.
8 billion last year.
What's the ATF's? No? $1.
2 billion.
Oh, don't feel bad.
The FBI gets $9.
You know what my agency gets? Take a guess.
$1, $2 bil.
$780 million.
Yeah, that's with an "M.
" To operate around the globe.
Seriously, man, don't you need to sleep? Come on, Sanchez, stay with me.
This is where it gets interesting.
I'm here with you, right? LAPD has my boss and one of my coworkers.
Now, think.
Who has more money than all our federal agencies combined? The CIA.
They have a budget of $52.
6 billion.
That we know of.
Who else has the power to manipulate both your Department of Justice and my Department of Defense? You see it? We're being played.
You need some more coffee.
And I need to speak to your special agent in charge.
(click) (door opens) So, you feeling a little more talkative today? (sighs) I guess so.
Now that I've had some time to think about it.
I'll tell you everything, but you have to promise me you're not gonna tell anyone I confessed.
Take all the glory.
Just chalk it up to good detective work.
A deal? Deal.
Hey! Hey.
Hey, gun! Gun! I need help in here! Go, go.
Hey, what are you doing? Give me that! Hand it over.
(groans) Got it.
Lock him down.
I want belly chains, full restraints.
Now! Yes, sir.
You're gonna pay for this.
It's gonna cost you.
I promise you that.
Sir, your weapon.
(phone ringing) Yeah? Kens, it's me.
I'm in custody.
I don't got long.
Give me a sitrep.
All right, so Deeks is still being held by the LAPD.
Same goes for Sam at the DEA.
We have reason to believe Heather has links to the CIA, but we're trying to contact Sabatino at the agency to confirm it, but no luck finding him.
Oh, and, um, Duggan's dead.
What?! Yeah.
A sniper got him outside the boatshed.
I'm almost sorry I asked.
So Hetty and the others are safe.
Do you have a plan? Yeah, I'm working on it.
Look, we all need to be able to stay in touch.
Unfortunately, I'm not gonna have this phone very long.
I can handle that.
Well, what about Granger? Well, last I heard, the doctors said that You're only making this worse for yourself.
I sexted your mom.
(sighs) (monitors beeping steadily) MAN: So far the manhunt for the fugitives has come up empty, as both federal and local law expand their search.
So far the manhunt for the (TV clicks off) So this is how it ends.
Please release all nonessential personnel.
They'll be safer on their own away from here.
Where are you going? The hospital.
ERIC: Whoa, whoa.
We can't split up.
That's, like, the number one rule of horror movies.
The minute you're out the door, it'll be like, "Reeh, reeh, "reeh, reeh, reeh, reeh.
" (clears throat) The wolves are here for all of us.
Someone needs to watch over Granger.
Okay, then I'll go with you.
I need you here.
So do they.
I no longer work for NCIS, remember? You're in charge, dear.
What if they come for you and Granger first? Well I will make them regret it.
This house must not fall.
Does anybody else feel like an abandoned puppy? You got to suck it up, Beagle.
We've got work to do.
Eric, send everybody home.
Tell them to stay vigilant and remain on standby for further instruction.
Nell don't let anybody gain access to the building, and that means sealing the burn room cubby.
Wait, what are you gonna do? It's time to lock and load.
Hey, where do we keep the hand grenades? We don't have hand grenades.
We should order some.
All right, maybe just take it down a notch, Rambeale.
Um, I prefer "Bulletproof.
" (sighs) What is that? Flashbangs.
Uh, I saved your life with one of these once, remember? Clearly, I'll never hear the end of it.
You can have flashbangs.
Kens, really don't think that's the best idea.
What I think is a good idea is that we move.
Let's go.
Whoa, you guys.
This could be my new team name.
What do you like better, "Flashbang" or "Bulletproof"? How about "Soundproof"? What the hell is this? End of the road, Carl.
Oh, I'm not going in there.
Get in the damn cage, Carl.
Any problems? No, went off without a hitch.
Garvey, what about our deal? Word's already on the street.
Every headhunter from L.
to Hoboken will know Brownie Boy's here within a matter of hours.
(Hetty laughs) HETTY: Oh, good.
You can get this one some lunch before you return him safely to his facility.
You said I could see the beach.
Did I say that? Take him to the beach but shoot him if he starts any funny business.
You got it.
Let's go.
See you around, Carl.
CARL: Is this another one of your psych ops designed to break me, Hetty? Oh, you've been broken for some time, sweetheart.
That's why you're here now for bait.
ERIC: Okay.
Pistol, rifle, flashbang, rifle knife, pistol, pistol, flashbang knife.
That ought to do it.
Should probably get a few more flashbangs while I'm at it.
(computer beeps) Hello.
And who are you? Oh, no.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.
We got a problem.
You noticed? No, this is way worse.
(clears throat) What's with the tablet knife, Ghetto Q? Will you forget about the knife and look at the code? KENSI: What's going on? ERIC: I was going through everything we had on Sabatino, figure out how to contact him.
Is this a Trojan horse? Yes.
It was embedded in an e-mail he sent to Kensi when they were in Afghanistan.
What's the payload? Spyware.
What? How did we miss this? I don't know.
There must have been a flaw in their security setup over there.
You think Sabatino knew about it? I don't know if he did or if he didn't, but if he did You just found our mole.
(sighs) Yeah.
Two years too late.
Look, if there was a virus in Sabatino's e-mail, none of us were looking for it.
Man, I knew something was off about this guy.
I knew it.
I thought he helped save you.
I don't know.
Did he? Or was he just saving himself, and maybe it was part of the setup? Okay, it looks like it only infected our e-mail server, which is how they must have gotten access to our employees' information, which, in turn, allowed them to target someone like Carl Brown.
Well, Heather said the CIA was behind it.
This just confirms it.
Why are the CIA after us? I don't know.
I don't know, but we have to get to the bottom of this.
Alert the team and get them back here.
Whoa, whoa, now you're leaving? This may be the only place we're safe.
We're not safe anywhere.
Your lawyer's here.
Oh, thanks for letting me use your phone.
Thank you, Special Agent Morgan.
(clears throat) I'd like to speak with my client in private, please.
And of course that means no recording of our conversation.
We'll still be watching this one.
Can you read lips? (clears throat) Well, Mr.
Callen, I've reviewed the charges.
Honestly, I don't think they have much of a case.
So I've prepared a statement for you.
Please feel free to look it over while I get you the hell out of here.
Agent Morgan, I'd like to speak with you and your SAC.
You're crazy if you think you're getting him out of here.
He's already proven himself to be a flight risk.
Let's see what your boss has to say about that.
Shall we? (object rattles) That's my girl.
MAN: I'm going to tear you open from the inside out.
Sh she said that? Man, my grandma didn't mess around, homie.
She was a real O.
Straight up, tough, but fair, and she always kept it real.
Damn, man, I miss my grandma, man, for reals.
Every day.
Listen, you got to know that-that she's up there right now, you know? Looking down on you, watching out for you.
Amen to that, brother.
(smooches) Amen to that.
Deeks, you have a visitor.
Are they bigger than a bread box? (lightly chuckles) Hey.
What are you doing here? KENSI: Detective Whiting said I could see you.
That is uncharacteristically kind of her.
Maybe my message of love is wearing off on you.
No, she just promised to tell me everything about the murder of your former partner, Detective Frances Boyle.
My God, you're like a dog with a bone.
That case isn't cold; it's frozen.
There's nothing left to tell especially from her.
She didn't even know me.
She might know now.
I just Hey, hey.
No contact with the prisoners.
Keep your hands behind your back.
What did I tell you? Knock it off.
Get off me.
You know what? Just for that, I'm not talking anymore.
Well, you don't have a choice.
Your subpoena's already in the works.
Why don't you stick your subpoena? Guard.
About time you shut up.
Oh, let's hope that was new in the box.
(clears throat) Beale.
ERIC: Hey, Deeks.
Good to hear your voice again.
Yeah, what's up? What's the plan? What was that? No, it was you know, man, I'm just talking to my grandma.
MAN (over radio): All units be advised, the suspect is in custody.
Deeks? Deeks, I'm here.
Callen is, too.
We just got to get Sam back online so we can communicate.
Special K.
Sullivan? Yeah.
Oh, my gosh, hi.
Good to see you.
I didn't even recognize you with the beard.
You like it? Yeah, um (chuckles) I am in a huge rush, but, uh, I thought you were being deployed.
Yeah, yeah, no, but I-I got in this thing and so you know, but it's-it's not a big deal.
I really don't even need it.
See? Look.
(laughing): Then why are you Yeah, in fact, it's for you.
What? (grunts) (groans) Hey.
There you go.
DEEKS: Kensi.
Kensi, what's happening? Kens?! Eric, you got eyes on Kens? No.
CALLEN: Well, get them.
What's the latest, Eric? Looking.
I'm still looking.
(computer beeps) Oh, geez.
Beale what? Beale, what is it? Kensi was abducted by the guy she was talking to.
DEEKS: Sullivan.
Who the hell's Sullivan? He's a vet from rehab.
Listen, you need to get that footage to LAPD right now, Detective Ellen Whiting.
Do you understand? I'm on it.
What? Those things'll kill you.
(grunts, coughs) (coughs, gasps) (vehicle approaches) (tires screech) (Morgan continues coughing) Hello.
(engine revs, tires squeal) (phone ringing) Hello.
Kensi's been kidnapped.
What? How? Some guy named Sullivan she met in rehab.
I'm still trying to figure out who the hell he is.
Callen is out of custody for the moment.
Still working on Deeks and Sam.
Are you at the hospital with Granger? No.
I'm-I'm not.
(phone beeps) Hetty? What's wrong, Hetty? Your little scheme not going as planned? Oh, God.
Carl, shut up.
Or I'll kill you myself, honest to God.
DEEKS: Are you seeing this? 'Cause I told you my team was in trouble.
Do you believe me now? How do I know that this wasn't staged just to get you out? It wasn't.
Oh, my God.
This-this is on you, and if anything happens to her, so help me God.
If she had stayed here and talked to me like she promised, she'd still be here.
If you didn't lock me up, she wouldn't be alone.
She'd have her partner.
Whose fault is that? My God, you just don't get it, do you? This is so much bigger than you and your witch hunt for dirty cops.
I help you find Kensi you tell me the truth.
I told you the truth.
Yes or no? Okay, you know what? We find Kensi and I will tell you everything you want to hear.
But first we find Kensi.
Let's get you out of here.
How'd you get out? I explained to the special agent in charge what was happening.
Why, how'd you get out? Doesn't matter.
He escaped.
He escaped? What do you mean you escaped? Why didn't you reason with them? 'Cause they weren't being very reasonable.
So you pulled a Houdini and now you're a fugitive.
Sometimes it's better to beg for forgiveness than ask for permission.
I thought Deeks was a bad influence.
Where are we? Still looking for Sullivan and the vehicle.
Kensi's phone is offline.
CALLEN: And what do we know about this Sullivan? Not much.
Kensi and Deeks are the only ones that have met him.
Hospital rehab records lead nowhere.
Sullivan must have been an alias.
Oh, he's probably CIA, too.
CIA? (sighs) Oh, man, this just keeps getting worse.
Is Hetty still with Granger? No.
Where is she? Don't know.
She hung up on me.
Have you been able to contact Sabatino? Uh, not yet.
But he may have been the first one to breach our security.
Sabatino's the mole? It looks that way.
And now they got Kensi.
Yes, but why? What are they gonna do with her? I mean, what is the CIA's beef with us? That's probably a question for Hetty.
You worked for the Agency.
You know what they're capable of.
SULLIVAN: How we doing, Special K? What the hell is this? Well, what does it look like? (sighs) Well, it looks like you read Fifty Shades of Grey too many times.
I think you're gonna need a little more rehab.
Yeah, let me out of this chair and I'll show you who needs rehab.
Still feisty.
Okay, why are you doing this? Wh-What is this? Well, because you and your team have become a royal pain in the ass.
You're CIA, aren't you? I'm actually the one who's going to be asking the questions.
I'm not telling you anything.
That's what they all say.
You're gonna feel a little prick.
Good night.
If Hetty isn't with Granger, then he's exposed.
LAPD still has him as a suspect.
They'll have a cop on him.
Yeah, but is that gonna be enough? Maybe, maybe not, but we can't afford to send anyone else in.
We don't have the manpower.
Well, why the hell did Kensi send everyone home? Hetty told her to.
Said they were safer spread out on their own.
Well, Anna had help.
ATF called her into Washington.
What about Nate? Hetty sent him to Cuba on assignment last week.
Cuba? And she knows Kensi was grabbed? Yep, Eric told her.
And she didn't say where she is or what she was doing? No, and she never checked back in.
Her phone's off, so is Kensi's.
So turn 'em back on.
I tried.
They must have removed their batteries.
Check her e-mails and phone messages.
I want to know what she's been doing and who she's been talking to.
Yeah, and find out where she was the last time Eric spoke with her.
I'm on it.
Hey! Who are you? LAPD.
How'd you get in here? She's with me.
This is Detective Ellen Whiting, Internal Affairs.
The old ball and chain.
As you remember, this is Special Agent Callen, Special Agent Hanna.
Seriously, Deeks? What? She said she wouldn't let me go unless she came with me, so here she is.
Besides, we could probably use her help.
So, any idea why this guy would want to kidnap Agent Blye? You want my help or not? You want something? (sighs) Oh.
Oh, I get it.
This is supposed to be one of your Yoda tricks.
(laughs) Wait, so what? You'll just sit there staring at me like a gargoyle, hoping I'll get so freaked out that I'll say something useful? Or suddenly I'll have the urge to, to spill my guts and reveal the most important Oh, for God's sake, shut up, Carl.
You know, I don't need you to talk.
I don't want you to talk.
I just want you to sit back there.
Just quietly, like a good little monkey.
(imitating monkey) Oh, my Lord.
I only met him twice.
He was supposedly a Marine, clean-cut, 30s, fit, amputee-- left leg.
I mean, it could have been right leg, I don't remember.
That's a good place to start: prosthetic labs and services.
See if there's more footage at the hospital.
DEEKS: Tell me that you got something.
Yeah, but you're not gonna like it.
Lange, it's Agent Sanchez from the DEA.
We kept your man as long as we could, but he was getting adamant about being released and we were no longer comfortable holding him.
I'm sorry.
Hope it helped.
What the hell? She knew they had me in custody and asked them to hold me there.
That's why they were treating us the way they did.
Wait, but nobody asked me to hold him.
SAM: Yeah, but I'll bet someone tipped you off with new info so you would.
NELL: On the same day Carl Brown escaped from prison transport.
Something reeks of munchkin.
Eric? She set us up.
Can someone please explain to me what the hell is going on? Our operations manager had us arrested.
Why? Well, either logic says that she's the mole or she wanted us off the streets.
She wanted us safe.
While she does God knows what.
WHITING: She put a body in your trunk.
Along with several kilos of cocaine.
She put one in his house, too.
A body? My guess is, she borrowed 'em from Rose.
Coroner's Office.
It was probably a John Doe.
You say this like you've all done this before.
Who are you people? That's why she sent everyone home and told Nell and I to hunker down here with Kensi.
Yeah, we buggered up that plan, huh? Yeah and now Kensi's in trouble.
We'll find her.
Even if we have to tear this city apart.
We don't even know where to begin.
Call SECNAV, we need her to put a full court press on the CIA, find out everything we can about Sullivan.
Where are we with Sabatino? Nowhere.
We still can't find him.
What about Balinski? What's his real name? CIA Officer Randall Sharov? We pulled his sorry ass out of a Russian prison.
Yeah, is he still working for the agency? It doesn't matter if he is or he isn't.
He still owes us.
CALLEN: Well, maybe Arkady still has contact.
Yeah, lucky us.
What was Hetty's last known location? I pinged my last call to her to a cell tower in South L.
that's two miles south of the Sports Center.
Yeah, well, let's search for any of Hetty's vehicles in that area.
Wait a minute, just because Hetty's there doesn't mean Kensi's gonna be there.
CALLEN: No, but at his point, she knows more than we do.
(vehicle approaching) (vehicle stops) (vehicle door opens) (vehicle door closes) Shh.
She's small.
(grunts) (sighs) Carl this a friend of yours? No.
MAN: But he was a friend of mine.
Me, too.
HETTY: Oh, bugger.
Officers Sharov and Sabatino.
Has the CIA gone completely rogue? No, just the cool kids.
Your turn.
You want to have the honors, Carl? Oh, yes.
Did you get anything more, Eric? ERIC: Not yet.
You hear back from Arkady? No, he's probably at a spa somewhere.
(camera shutter sound) It's a longshot, Beale, but I'm sending you some tire tracks.
Got it.
SAM: See if they match any of Hetty's vehicles.
LAPD turn up anything on the abduction yet? They would've called me if they had anything.
That happened right in front of your precinct.
Should try getting some detectives that can detect.
So why did Hetty come out here? It's isolated, it's empty.
It's a good place to set up a meeting with somebody you want to get rid of.
Yeah, let's see if she left anything behind.
CARL: Now, you've heard of shooting fish in a barrel, right? Well, this is shooting Hetty in a cage.
Don't gloat, Carl.
It's unprofessional.
No, no.
Look at me.
See, my face is going to be the last thing you're ever gonna see.
The hell it is.
I expected more from you.
You sound like my father.
Was he a traitor, too? And you, I should've left in that Russian prison.
I'm glad you didn't.
This is how you thank us? Your job is to chase after drunk sailors and wayward Marines.
You were warned to stay out of the Middle East.
I was protecting my people.
SHAROV: And in doing so, you undid months of our work and jeopardized the security of the entire region.
You have no idea what we're doing over there.
All right, enough talking.
Time to face the music.
At least tell me where Agent Blye is before you kill me.
You owe me that.
No, we don't.
I don't know where she is.
She's with Ferris, which is unfortunate for her.
And why is that? Because they have a personal history together.
From rehab? Prior to that.
She just doesn't know it.
So Sullivan is really CIA Officer Ferris.
Thank you.
(yawns) (groans) (laughs) What's so funny? Men (chuckles) are so damn predictable.
Oh, you think so, do you? Well, if we're so damn predictable, why are you the one in the cage? (chuckles) Oh, Carl.
(sighs) I'm in the only safe place left here now.
(beeping, Hetty laughs) What the hell was that? I think we just found her.
We'd better hope not.
Hetty? SAM: This looks like a professional detonation.
Keep your eyes open for secondary devices.
I got a body.
He's got a bullet hole in his head.
Yeah, I got another body.
It's Sharov.
Hetty! Yeah! Did I get 'em all? How many were there? Uh, three, plus the one I shot.
The man holding Kensi is a CIA officer.
Ferris is his real name.
All right, find their phones.
They got to have his number.
CALLEN: I got Sabatino! He's still alive.
Gun! (gasps) (groans, coughs) DEEKS: Whiting? (groans) Whiting! Uh-oh.
(both grunt) Okay, I got you, I got, I got you.
Hey, Sam! SAM: All right, keep pressure on her until I can get her bandaged.
I got you.
You're bad luck, Deeks.
Yeah, I know.
I know, but I need you to stay with me, okay? You got to look at me.
Stay with me.
Otherwise, you're not gonna hear my confession.
I killed my ex-partner.
I killed Boyle.
You were right, okay? You were right all along, he was a dirty cop.
And I shot him with his own gun 'cause he was gonna try to kill that girl.
You understand me? You were right.
You're telling me 'cause you think I'm gonna die.
You're not gonna die.
Look at me, you're not gonna die.
I'm telling you this because we made a deal.
And I'm a man of my word, okay? I'm not a bad guy.
I just did a very bad thing for a very good reason.
But you're gonna be fine.
(siren wailing in distance) You understand? You're gonna be fine.
(labored breath) I got you.
Ambulance is coming.
You're gonna be fine.
You got to trust me.
Eric, yeah, I got a cell phone.
I need you to get everything you can off it.
See if you can locate Ferris' phone.
I'm on it.
Hey, is Hetty okay? She's fine.
Carl Brown and Sharov not so much.
They're dead.
Detective Whiting was shot in the neck.
She's in bad shape.
(ambulance horn honks) (men shouting indistinctly) (sighs) SULLIVAN: Hey, Sleeping Beauty.
How was your nap? You've got one chance of surviving this.
Let me go and run for your life.
Mm I don't think so.
If you hurt me and my team, I'll hunt you like the dog you are.
Your team are a bunch of self-righteous, arrogant idiots.
And what's up with that little lady and the glasses? It's like she's right out of The Wizard of Oz or something.
I mean, you got to admit, she's kind of creepy.
You know, she brought this on all of you.
What does that even mean? What are you talking about? Are you all completely clueless? I mean, you want to run around Los Angeles like Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, be my guest.
But you cannot interfere with global security.
That's a job for the big boys.
You're so delusional.
(soft chuckle) No, honey.
It's actually you who doesn't know what she's talking about.
Have you ever heard of Lex talionis? Eye for an eye.
Not just a pretty face.
I did not lose my leg from an IED.
(sighs) It was the day after Christmas-- the Brits and Canadians call it Boxing Day.
We'd been in the tribal regions for months brokering deals with the Hazaras, the Hezb-e-Islami, the Tajiks, you name it.
And we were this close to getting Mullah Akhtar Mohammad Mansour on board when we ran into some local heroes.
Nothing we couldn't handle.
Except they had some Americans helping them.
One minute I'm riding my horse, the next thing you know we're taking sniper fire.
And some bitch blows my leg off.
You and your team shouldn't have been there and you sure as hell shouldn't have been interfering with our operations.
So, you see, for the other guys, it's just business, but for me, it's it's kind of personal.
We thought you were Taliban.
Well, you thought wrong.
We didn't know you were American.
It was a mistake.
A mistake! That should've never happened if you hadn't have been meddling in things that don't concern you.
We tried to warn you a bunch of times.
But you just won't listen.
And you won't go away.
So here we are.
I am sorry.
I am sorry that I shot you in the leg.
I am so sorry.
Don't worry, Special K.
I'm not gonna kill you.
But I am going to pay you back for what Come on, man.
you did Come on, man, no! to me.
(saw running) No! No! No, stop! Stop, no!
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