NCIS Los Angeles s08e20 Episode Script

From Havana With Love

1 (mambo music playing, lively chatter) Hey, salud! (laughs) Zanya, dos mojitos.
You know, we still got snow on the ground in Toledo.
What do you call that one? La Habana caliente.
La Habana caliente.
Sand, ocean and sun, topped with fire.
Excuse me, can I borrow a match? Yeah, I think I have a lighter.
Even better.
(gunshot) (people gasping, murmuring) NCIS: LA 8x20 From Havana With Love/font Can I please have my phone back? One more minute.
You said that ten minutes ago.
Good morning! Morning.
Bring me a cappuccino? I sent you a text to see if you wanted in.
Really? Yeah, no, I got that text.
I just couldn't answer back, 'cause I was in the middle of this massive download.
SAM: Hootie & the Blowfish? Or Kenny G? No, it's not music.
It's actually science.
It's actually nonsense.
Yeah? What, like a, uh, relationship compatibility test? Mm, yes.
We'd fail that today.
(phone beeps) DEEKS: Oh, done.
Ready to rock and roll.
There you are, princess.
Gentlemen, ponder this question: Who speaks more words in a day? Is it a woman or a man? Well, it depends on the woman.
Depends on the man.
If it's G, less than 500 a day.
If it's Deeks, over a million.
Actually, there was a book in 2006 called The Female Brain, written by a woman, that stated that a man speaks 7,000 words in a day, where a woman speaks over 20,000.
That's almost three times as many.
And we care about this because? You don't.
You absolutely don't.
Because it is a stupid, sexist stereotype that needs to be debunked.
Which is why we're settling it once and for all, with the help of our word-counting app.
Lowest score wins.
Smart money's on Kensi.
What? No.
Do not-- No, no.
Do not confuse me with my undercover personae.
You know, the-the manic homeless guy, the charming yet chatty concierge The annoying special agent.
That is a touché.
All right, let the games begin.
- Hit it.
- Go.
(whistles) What is? Briefcase.
Cut that in half.
Case! KENSI: On.
Case on deck! (whistles) I, too, pride myself on being a man of few words.
That's 11 words, Eric.
Three would've done the trick.
This is last night at The Oriana.
Did we catch the shooter? Crowded nightclub.
They must have escaped in the chaos.
Who's the victim? ERIC: A tourist from Ohio.
We think the real target was bartender Victor Larmont, who escaped unharmed.
And what's his connection to the Navy? NELL: Well, his estranged wife, Rebecca, works in the computer graphics department at NXRD.
Defense contractor.
They design nuclear attack subs.
So why go after the husband? Two days ago, Victor texted a tip to the NCIS crime reporting system.
He claims he has evidence his wife is selling Navy secrets to a foreign government.
So just to clarify, the husband ratted out the wife.
Huh, yeah, looks like somebody didn't want him talking.
CALLEN: Okay, Kensi, Deeks, why don't you start at DEEKS: The nightclub? Rebecca's office.
(groans) She may relate more to a female special agent.
Makes sense.
'Cause women have much more to talk about.
Like their shoes and their favorite nail salons, latest haircuts, eyebrow shaping, spinning class.
You're losing.
What? He's losing.
In more ways than one.
You taking side bets, Deeks? (grunting) MAN: Okay, just like that.
And now try a simple turn.
No, wrong.
Completely wrong.
(music stops) The audition is over.
Next! He takes his mambo seriously.
Good morning.
Morning, Detective.
Your guy's at the side bar.
Shots came from the upper balcony.
Any security footage up there? The shooter was conveniently off camera.
Disappeared into the crowd.
You shutting them down? We're trying not to, for the sake of their business.
They haven't had trouble here before.
Let me know if you need me.
Thank you.
Victor Larmont.
Special Agent Callen, NCIS.
(music resumes) Special Agent Hanna.
Did you get my text? That's why we're here.
You didn't think about taking any time off? Uh, yeah.
But I can't afford to.
You're concerned about your wife.
Ex-wife, almost.
Last week, at 1:00 a.
, I got a text meant for someone else.
“Meet me north stairwell.
” You see what I'm talking about? Not exactly.
Well, come on, working late hours on classified material? That can be a telltale sign of espionage.
That's all you got? No.
She just bought a new Porsche.
Something that she could never afford on her own.
Unless she was selling military secrets.
Phones stay outside the workplace, but hold on to your weapons.
Right? Yay.
Ooh Thank you.
This? Um, how long have you worked with Rebecca? Long time.
She started in '09.
Suspicious behavior? From Rebecca? Absolutely none.
Change in her regular working hours? We have flexible scheduling.
She's not a morning person, comes in at noon, usually works till midnight.
Her files? What about them? Any unauthorized use? Security is ironclad.
She can't copy, print, photograph or download anything without leaving a trail.
WOMAN (over P.
): Gail Walker to Human Resources.
Excuse me.
Thank you very much.
(whistles) Rebecca Larmont? Special Agent Kensi Blye, NCIS.
Is this about my polygraph test? Because I just took it last month.
No, it's not.
How are things going between you and your husband? Not great.
We've been separated for about two years, and the divorce proceedings are moving very slowly.
Your husband notified us because he was concerned you were mishandling classified information.
Oh, God.
He's such an idiot.
He doesn't get what he wants, so now he has to take it out on me.
He's very mature.
I make about four times what he does.
At the spousal-support hearing last month, he didn't get the monthly payments that he was hoping for.
This is his revenge, making up crazy accusations just to annoy me.
KENSI: He had one more concern.
Apparently you texted him accidentally at 1:00 in the morning.
Who were you actually meeting? That was meant for a colleague of mine who also works late.
We walk to the garage together for safety.
This is why he called you in? Well, that and the fact that someone tried to kill him last night.
Tried to kill him? Who did? Why? (sighs) What has he gotten himself into now? (alarm buzzer blares) WOMAN (over P.
): Security Breach Protocol.
Close all classified files.
KENSI: What was that? Somebody made it through security without a full screening.
It happens every now and then.
Rebecca Larmont? Rebecca Larmont? - Did you order a pizza? - No.
Stop where you are! Not until I make my delivery.
KENSI: Stop him.
Oh! Rebecca Larmont, you've been served.
REBECCA: Seriously? This is Victor, my soon-to-be ex.
Do you see what I'm dealing with? And who is trying to kill you? Good tackle.
Oh if this word-count thing is gonna be accurate, you have to talk like you normally do.
- Say yes.
- Yes.
And enough of the one-word answers.
I am so winning this.
Guys, this is ridiculous.
What are you thinking? Well, we're thinking you're a pretty lucky guy there, Victor.
Yeah, if we hadn't stepped in, you would have ended up in jail.
I was serving papers.
You know there are professionals who do that, right? Who I cannot afford.
I have to subpoena her car loan, her credit card statements and her bank accounts to get a better alimony settlement.
Dude, you can't serve your own papers.
It's not legally binding.
You sure about that? KENSI: Oh, I would trust him.
Surprisingly, he actually graduated from law school.
You need a better lawyer.
I'm representing myself.
Like I said, you need a better lawyer.
I burned through all of my savings with an attorney.
It got me as far as a court hearing, where I was offered three grand a month.
Three grand a month? That's a lot of money.
2,400 a month after taxes.
She's lying about her income.
She doesn't care.
She's heartless.
Why does she have to treat me like dirt? Um, how long were you guys married? Ten years.
We got engaged when I was captain of the college baseball team.
They say opposites attract.
I was head over heels.
And then we got married when I was picked second round by Major League Baseball.
Second Wow, that's that's impressive.
Seven years later, I was cut from the minors.
Never did sign that $100 million contract she was expecting.
She says she needs a guy with more intellect and drive, but it's all about money.
She's dating investment bankers.
And if that's not working out, I think she'd sell government secrets to pump up her bank account.
I think it's time to take a closer look at the wife.
(computer beeps) Breaking news, guys.
Victor's nightclub is a hangout for Cuban expatriates living in L.
Last time I checked, Cubans aren't spying for Russia.
No, not since 2001 when Moscow closed the Lourdes listening post that was costing them almost $200 million a year.
This is breaking news? Wait for it.
Rebecca's new Porsche was subsidized by a family doctor, Alonzo Raul, from Cuba.
He wrote a rather generous check for the down payment.
How generous? $40,000 generous.
Money for nuclear submarine plans? Yeah, at a bargain price.
Thanks, guys.
ERIC: You're very welcome.
CALLEN: Is that him? SAM: Yeah.
Alonzo Raul? Yes? Special Agent Callen.
Special Agent Sam Hanna.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
We're investigating Rebecca Larmont.
Is she okay? Oh, yeah, she's fine.
How well do you know her? Extremely well.
That's mi novia.
That's my girlfriend.
You recently purchased her a car.
(chuckles) It's a pretty big gift.
She's more than a girlfriend.
Uh, here.
There it is.
Engaged? Not yet, but very soon.
How long you two been, uh dating? A long time.
Over a year.
I'm waiting for the divorce to be final before I pop the question.
But I knew right away.
Two or three months in, I knew she was the one.
Where'd you guys meet? Um, in the Ballona salt marsh, with the Audubon Society.
We're both lovers of ornithology since we were kids.
You grew up in Cuba? Yes.
Do you get back often? Uh, never.
I can't.
I was trained as a physician and sent to Venezuela.
In exchange for doctors, Venezuela gives Cuba 100,000 barrels of oil daily.
That's a billion dollars of oil, and I was making $50 a month.
So I got tired of, uh, Fidel's empty promises, and five years ago, I fled.
Thanks for your time.
Thank you.
Oh, uh, one more thing.
You ever been to The Oriana? The nightclub? Yeah.
Yeah, they say it's popular among Cuban expats.
Never been in there.
It's not my kind of place.
You know Rebecca's husband works there.
I've never met him, but I I know he's desperate for money.
Think he'll buy it? It's all about misdirection.
He'll never realize he's the suspect if he thinks he's working for us.
Here we go.
Victor? Hey.
What are you guys doing here? Well (clears throat) You were right.
We linked Rebecca to some spy work being coordinated here at the club.
(sighs) I knew it.
It's gonna be an undercover operation, Victor.
Do you think you can pretend you never met us before? Of course.
Kensi's gonna audition as a dancer.
Bad idea.
She'll never get it.
Perez only hires the very best.
Okay, well, in case you're right, does he need bartenders? Nope.
Only job opening is men's bathroom attendant.
(sighs) All right.
You take some classes and come back next year.
Who's next? Uh, me.
I'm Kaitlin.
Any professional experience? Um, my friends and I go dancing every Friday and Saturday night.
They say I'm pretty good.
Do us both a favor and go home.
My feet are tired, and you're not what I'm looking for.
KENSI: Um, I would really love a chance, Señor Perez.
It's Señor Bianco.
Perez is my first name.
Kind of like Pérez Prado.
King of the Mambo.
I was named after him.
It's sad, people have forgotten his music.
Oh, no, I've definitely not forgotten his music.
My mom would play the tapes when I was young.
We'd dance around in the kitchen.
It was really fun.
You can mambo? Mm-hmm.
I'm gonna give you one minute.
(mambo music plays) Cuban salsa.
Follow my lead.
Five, six, seven and eight and Eh, you're not bad.
PEREZ: Show me what you've got.
Inside turn.
(speaks in Spanish) And cross arm embrace.
(Kensi clears her throat) Just have a few questions.
Like when can you start? (laughs) How about right now? All right.
Go down to the dressing room.
Look for an outfit.
Thank you.
(phone ringing) (music stops) Let me call you back later.
Excuse me, Perez? Applicant for the men's room attendant.
We're looking for someone fluent in Spanish.
No problemo, amigo.
Uh, seriously.
Most of our clientele is Spanish-speaking only.
(speaking in Spanish) (radio crackles to life) (camera clicking) (footsteps) SAM: Is that a ham radio? HETTY: Indeed.
SAM: It's not exactly state of the art.
Well, that's a Swan transceiver.
Very popular in the '60s, when every agent was a licensed operator, fluent in Morse code.
The good old days.
Oh, don't underestimate the power of short wave radio, Mr.
Hetty, those frequencies are public.
You put a message out there, anyone can hear it.
But maybe not understand it.
MAN (over laptop): Atención.
(counting in Spanish) Okay.
Is that a numbers station? It's a recording from 1972 of coded messages being transmitted from Havana to spies in Miami.
And each number represents a letter.
If you crack the code, you decipher the message.
Why would anyone still use these? Think about it.
There's thousands of frequencies, they can't all be monitored.
There's no digital record like phone, text and e-mail.
We're normalizing relations with Cuba.
Just because we found a ham radio doesn't mean they're spying.
The KGB trained thousands of Cuban spies before the fall of the USSR.
Now, as free agents, they're able to gather intelligence and sell it to the world's highest bidder.
Nuclear submarine plans.
That's a big ticket item.
We need to monitor every broadcast that comes from that club.
Yeah, and that Cuban doctor.
Let's make sure he didn't get too chatty with that girlfriend of his.
CALLEN: Rebecca.
Special Agent Callen.
Special Agent Sam Hanna, NCIS.
What happened to the other two? Oh, they got reassigned.
Is that a woodpecker? Red-breasted sapsucker.
Sphyrapicus rubus.
It's what I do to clear my brain after staring at a computer screen like a zombie.
So look, we just have a few more questions.
Uh, I understand you passed your polygraph, uh, last month.
Specifically, uh, you answered “no” on the question, “have you had any unauthorized foreign contact?” Uh-huh.
Your boyfriend's from Cuba.
Alonzo became a U.
citizen four years ago, so the correct answer is no right? Is he familiar with your work? He knows what I do.
Has he taken any sort of special interest, asked you any details? Of course not, and I wouldn't tell him if he did.
Nor would I be with him.
How about accessing your computer? Look, if you want to know about suspicious activity, take a look at my crazy ex, Victor.
Even though I've tried to change all of my passwords, there was a time when he knew them all.
Has he logged on to anything? I couldn't get into a movie last week because he closed my AMC account.
Well, if there's any other suspicious activity, just let us know.
Of course.
Thanks for your help.
Thank you.
(sighs) She seems legit.
Spotlight switches back to Victor.
If he can access her classified files, he could make a fortune.
Put the blame back on her.
Yeah, but then, why'd someone try to kill him? Maybe he staged it.
You know? Had someone shoot and miss, so that he looks like a victim and not a suspect.
It's an interesting theory.
Kensi and Deeks can check it out.
(mambo music playing) One, two, three, four, five.
Uh, uh, one, dos.
Five and six, seven, eight, and one.
Two, three, four, five.
Back, five.
And now for the ending.
I go under your leg, and come around your waist.
(Kensi grunts) That's quite the workout.
Needs to be tighter, okay? Yeah.
All right.
Uh, let's try this.
Go back.
Five, six And around There you go.
Oh! Uh What are you doing? I'm so sorry, I was just doing this Costco run.
Did you guys know that they have a ten-gallon jar of pickles? Just a big ol' jar with a bunch of pickles in it.
Hi, I'm Marty from the men's room.
Kaitlin, new dancer.
So I saw you guys doing the wicked moves out here.
Is that the lambada? You guys gonna rehearse? (music starts) Okay, I'm gonna go.
Here, and then Got a wheel that's here that's bad.
(music stops) Wait, what? Your cart's got a bad wheel.
No more interruptions.
- I know, I was just thinking -Thank you.
maybe I could replace it Thank you! 'cause I was at Costco-- I got a membership rewards card and a Hey, callate.
¿Callate? Yeah.
Oh, yeah, no, I can callate.
This is me callate-ing.
You guys continue your little forbidden dance of passion.
All right, Victor.
What do you have in here? Couple of books.
Soul Mate Search After 40.
Begin Again: Surviving Divorce and Duct Tape for the Broken Spirit.
Looks like Victor is the owner of a lonely hard drive.
Hey, I see you.
What are you doing? Yeah, definitely gonna have to take you for a spin, see what you're working with.
What about our sweet friend Perez, huh? Rico Suave? You got yours locked, which means you're definitely hiding something.
(chuckles) Oh, wow.
We're rocking a little, uh, Vanilla Vanquish.
Super classy.
Thought you'd be more of a Drakkar Noir.
Copious amount of condoms.
Not gonna need those.
What size? Petite.
What? Oh, sweet, sweet Perez.
And Anonymous.
But heavily used.
That's an interesting combination.
Pad of paper.
Sometimes you got to ask yourself WWCD? What would Colombo do? Oh.
Winner, winner, TV dinner.
SAM: Alonzo.
Hey, I'm late for a meeting.
I That's okay.
We just wanted to ask you about this.
What about it? You met with Perez Bianco outside The Oriana.
You told us this morning you've never been there.
I said I'd never been inside the place, huh? Oh.
Which is true.
I haven't.
- Mm.
- Okay.
- Okay? What were you giving Perez? Hey, I'm his physician.
That would be doctor-patient confidentiality.
Well, that's no problem.
We'll just get a court order to access his medical records.
Yeah, in the meanwhile we'll hang with you all day long.
Everywhere you go.
Okay, listen.
Uh, Perez is a dancer-- he has a bad disc in his back.
He needed some medication to get through the show, so I brought it to him.
You brought it to him? Wow, I wish my doctor made house calls.
Me, too.
Well, some of us still do.
All right? But really, I have to get to the nursing home.
What's with the car? Why the beater? You bought Rebecca a Porsche.
I work in the inner city, eh? So, fancy cars, they get stolen, they get broken into.
Mm, really? Right.
Oh Really? Ay! My bad.
(speaking Spanish) I got a napkin.
I got a napkin.
Come here.
All right, look at It could be worse-- you could be wearing khakis.
You're good as new.
Okay, great.
Have a great day, guys.
All righty.
Take care.
ERIC: Hetty is very excited.
She's pretty sure it's a one-time pad used to translate number stations.
Yeah, we can test it on the next broadcast from the club.
DEEKS: Cool, cool, cool.
Listen, do you guys have access to-to Kensi's phone? I'm sorry, is that a real question? I just need to know how many words she's spoken today.
Yeah, no problem.
What? No, that's totally cheating.
All right, listen, you little meerkats, I've spoken 5,962 three, four Damn it.
Five Just tell me if it's higher of lower than that.
Sorry, buddy, no can do.
Are we done here, Deeks? We're not done here yet.
I got a hard drive I need you to Hey, Marty, how's it going? Good, good.
Everything's good.
You? Feels like a James Bond movie.
Oh, right.
Little advice.
Hmm? If you ever want to see a paycheck, fill out your W-4 ASAP and give it to the guy that Vic Oh, Victor! Aah! (groans) You okay? Yeah.
I'm starting to think that someone doesn't like you.
So the dumpster IED was gunpowder in a water bottle.
Not at all sophisticated.
Or lethal.
NELL: And there's no suspicious activity on the alley security cameras.
What about Victor's hard drive? Well, there are three folders inside.
Recipes-- hundreds.
Sidebar: the wild porcini ragout looks pretty amazing.
Next, canine profiles and invoices.
Yes, he works as a part-time dog walker.
I could almost like this guy.
I know.
And lastly, his journal.
And what's in there? Just pain.
Don't read it unless you need a good cry.
Well, the good news is you might not need any more protection.
They tried to kill me.
The path of the bullet last night was way over your shoulder and the bomb was made for cuts and bruises.
In fact, if I was a cynic, I might argue that you set this while thing up yourself.
That's crazy.
Not if you're trying to paint yourself as the victim to cover up the truth.
I'm not the bad guy.
All right, so who is? It's Perez.
Perez the dancer? He owns the club.
I borrowed $10,000 from him for my legal fees.
Thought I'd have spousal support by now, but it's dragging on.
I'm four months late with payback.
So you're saying this Perez is making death threats over $10,000? Well, now it's $40,000.
There's ten percent a week in interest.
So he's a loan shark.
With some money laundering and extortion on the side.
You want him off your back? And you're willing to wear a wire? I guess.
I mean, it's risky if it's discovered.
I'm better off dead.
Come on, really? I can't make ends meet I owe money to criminals and I don't think I'll ever find love again.
The ladies-- they want a rich guy, not some bartender who works for tips.
Don't do that.
Don't say that.
Listen, you're-you're a hard-working guy.
You know what I mean? I hear that you're an amazing cook, I-I You love dogs, you write.
It's like, you are what they call a catch, my friend.
I'm not cool like you.
Come on.
You're a secret agent.
You're good at everything.
I'm not good at everything, trust me.
Name one thing you're not good at.
Okay, fine.
Uh, I am-I am a remarkably terrible dancer.
What? I can't change my life overnight, but you you can learn to dance in a day.
The one-time pad changes every day.
So you add the numerical value of the letter you want to send to the value of each letter in the code.
For instance, if you want to say “hello”: H is eight-- the eighth letter of the alphabet-- E is five, and so on.
NELL: Then you add the numerical value of each sequential letter on the pad.
Example: H plus J is eight plus ten, 18.
E plus X, 29.
If the letters are random, it's impossible to crack the code.
And we're sure this is today's code? An hour ago we tried this on a broadcast from the club.
According to Deeks' one-time pad, that translates as “TEN P LOC T F.
” “10:00 p.
, location to follow.
” That's two hours from now.
Get thee to the armory.
Thanks, Eric.
What's the plan? Well, the club doesn't open for another hour, so we are just gonna hang out here.
You want a salsa lesson? Uh, no, no.
I'm-I'm quite all right, thank you.
It's free.
And I'm very good.
I imagine you're fantastic, but I'm-I'm good, thank you.
We do have an hour to kill.
We do.
We do have an hour to Yeah, no, fine, let's do it.
Oh, my God.
Okay, I'm the girl, you're the guy.
Put your hands like this.
What, put 'em on your hips? Mm-hmm.
Just put 'em on there? Mm-hmm.
All right.
- Yeah.
- Move your hips with my hips.
- Okay.
- Go right, go left.
Go right, Yup.
go left.
This is ridiculous.
No, loosen up.
Move with me.
I'm I'm trying.
That's it, you got it.
Do I have it? Go right, go left.
This feels Go right, go left.
awkwardly intimate.
Go ri (door opens) (clears throat) Beautiful flowers for a beautiful girl.
Oh, wow.
Thank you.
The dress is lovely.
I, um, thought that this one would be the best, for sure.
Mm-hmm, yeah.
It's perfect on the shoulders, I love the open back.
Mm? The straps are a little uneven, though.
(clears throat) Left foot, together.
Back, right foot back, together.
Left foot forward, together.
Oh, there it is.
Right foot back, together, forward - Ti-Tight.
Loosen the grip.
Just - I'm trying.
How are you feeling? I mean, I'm feeling a bit like David Hasselhoff on Dancing with the Stars.
No, you're killing it.
Am I? Next, you're gonna spin me.
I'm gonna spin you.
Under the arm Under the arm and then and back to you.
Oh! Mm.
There are some new high kicks, but nothing the dress can't handle.
(nervous chuckle) I think I need to get ready.
You know, when we dance Mm-hmm.
I feel chemistry.
Oh, we're definitely in sync.
If we lock the door Oh, well, I think that'd be a terrible idea.
I just did my hair and my makeup, and I want everything to be perfect, you know.
I'll be right here after the performance.
Hasta luego, mi corazon.
(female voice over receiver counting in Spanish) Maple BTW seven, eight.
Maple Street, between Seventh and Eighth.
There is an alley.
That's the flower district.
It's pretty deserted at night.
Good place to pass off Intel.
Or Cuban cigars.
Kensi and Deeks meeting us down there? Uh, no.
Hetty wants eyes on Perez at the club.
(computer beeps) Oh got new security video.
She passes through security every day.
They check her baggage for storage devices.
What about that digital camera we saw her with? No, she leaves it in her car.
She'd never be allowed in with it.
But her sketches just waltz through.
Fast forward it to the next day.
And the day after.
Freeze that.
CALLEN: It's a different bird drawing every day.
Can you zoom in on that woodpecker? Mm-hmm.
I believe that's a sapsucker.
Can you remove the colors? Piece of cake.
Take out the red.
Take out the green the blue.
CALLEN: Connect the dots.
Hidden in the wings of a bird.
She works till midnight.
Let's go.
She said she had a fever.
And what time did she leave? An hour ago, maybe two.
Right here.
What was on the wall? Her bird drawings.
SAM: Thanks for your help.
Thank you.
Every one of those drawings had a different schematic.
She could have transferred her plans for the nuclear submarine.
Within an hour, they could be in enemy hands.
Anteater? Tapir? (chuckles) It's actually something a little more rare with a long nose.
Snuffleupagus? It's a Cuban solenodon.
No such thing.
From 1890 to 1970, they hadn't seen any-- they were declared extinct.
Then, about four years later, they found three in the wild.
It's an amazing story.
Are you familiar with the expression “get a life”? I watch nature shows with Kamran, all right? That's one of the benefits of having kids.
(vehicle approaching) Two Asian males.
SAM: Probably the buyers.
But who's selling? We're tracking Alonzo's car.
NELL: He's about a block away.
CALLEN: So the good doctor is moonlighting.
That whole engagement ring thing was a big show.
Let's not jump to conclusions.
Maybe they are really in love.
Gonna run off, live happily ever after.
Yeah, okay.
We're good.
All clear.
He's got one guy for protection.
With some serious firepower.
It looks like Rebecca's portfolio.
They say art's a good investment.
(Latin dance music playing) Hey.
Zanya told me she saw you in the storeroom.
): Damas y caballeros, Les presentamos la seducción en baile Al estilo de Perez y Catalina! (cheers and applause) (cheers and applause) (male vocalist singing in Spanish) (shouting): Federal agents! SAM: Come out, Alonzo! Put your hands over your head.
(crowd cheering) (speaking Spanish) What a waste.
We got to flank him.
Not enough cover.
(gunfire continues) Look up.
It's worth a try.
Ah! There's got to be $4 million here.
There's got to be hundreds of these bird drawings.
(loud thuds) Cover me.
Guess she wasn't the one.
(cheering) KENSI: Deeks, he's got a knife.
On my way.
I know exactly who you are.
No shot.
No problem.
(crying out) (music ends, crowd exclaiming) (whistles) Nice work, partner.
I guess I should, uh, just get back to my tip jar.
And just for me, you should probably hang out in that red dress.
It's just a flesh wound, Perez.
DEEKS: Painful.
Hmm, looks like we missed a big show.
Well, it was epic.
Now available streaming on your local security hard drive.
Maybe we could pop some popcorn, make it a movie night.
Or we can stop talking about it.
What I want to know is how Alonzo got to Rebecca.
Well, it turns out he went to medical school in Moscow.
And probably received some additional training from a certain three-letter agency.
So he's a doctor and a spy.
That's a good cover.
Yeah, after 2001, he became a free agent.
Used his skills for personal gain.
And she took the bait.
He played her like a cheap fiddle.
You mean like a fiddle.
What? You play someone like a fiddle, you're all over someone like a cheap suit.
No, you're all over somebody like white on rice, like mud on a pig Right.
like mustard on a hot dog.
Yeah, what happened to the, uh that word count thing you were doing, huh? Yeah, the game's over when the case is closed.
(shouts) 14,960.
What? Ha! That is more than double the average male, thank you very much.
And my number is Yeah, what do you got? Wait Something wrong? uhum, it's not a number.
It's, um, seven two-digit numbers.
Maybe you got hacked by the Russians.
(chuckles) I don't know, this is crazy.
Maybe you should try that one-time pad thing.
No, no, no, Sam was a mathlete, he can do it in his head.
All right, go ahead.
Let's see what you got.
W-i-l-l KENSI: Mm-hmm.
“Will you.
” SAM: Will you.
Will you Will you what? Will you dance with me? Oh, honey, no.
I've had enough for today, but thank you.
All right, come on, baby, seriously.
No, I don't want to dance with you.
I really don't feel like (Latin music starts) That's our cue to leave.
Yeah, I think so.
Good night, folks.
See you, guys.
Last time, you broke my metatarsal.
Come on, baby, dance with me.
(laughs) Don't laugh at me, 'cause I need to concentrate.
It's very hard not to laugh at you.
I need to concentrate.
Five, six, seven Huh? Oh, he's got rhythm.
By the way, the word challenge thing, you definitely won that.
Not surprising.
Want to go best of three? If you want to keep losing.
What happened to my app? A little help from the meerkats in Ops.
Oh, yeah, see, they were supposed to remain neutral.
You kidding me? A couple of gift cards from Dave & Busters, they snap like peanut brittle.
- What do you-- - Oh! - Spin.
Where did you learn that? Oh, you know, I took a couple of lessons from our boy Victor.
From Victor? Yeah, I know, it sounds awkward, but it's totally worth it for the big finish.
Okay, but Ooh! (Deeks cries out) Ugh, Charley horse.
Charley horse! (thud) KENSI: Deeks!
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