NCIS Los Angeles s10e06 Episode Script


1 Deputy Director Ochoa.
I'm afraid there's nothing pleasurable about this visit.
This is John Rogers, special prosecutor from the Department of Justice.
Where's Executive Assistant Director Mosley? OCHOA: He's looking for blood.
He's gonna dig deep into all of you.
CALLEN: It's a cartel hit list.
SABATINO: They haven't identified your team, but they have provided security photos and descriptions.
Turk isn't so lucky, and neither is your Executive Assistant Director Mosley.
They know who she is and they got a million dollars on her head, along with her kid.
My son won't be safe until he's with me.
Now, you launched a private war in a foreign country to get your son back.
See, I'm not gonna allow you to do the same here.
I need to protect my son.
You won't be able to do so from jail.
Now stand down.
- Thank you for this.
- Happy to help.
He'll be safe here.
He's got a bounty on his head.
And if something happens to me, then who Nothing is going to happen to you.
We'll keep him safe, but you have to fix this.
MOSLEY: Hey, sweetie, it's Mom.
I just wanted to leave you a message for when you wake up in the morning.
I hope you are having fun and you're being helpful.
And I promise that I will give you a call as soon as I can.
You're gonna see me real soon.
I love you.
EDDIE: One of those days, huh? (laughs softly) Is it that obvious? It's going around.
At least this one's almost over.
I think it's this town.
Is it me, or does it feel like everyone's out to get you in L.
? If only you knew.
Here's to survival.
Excuse me.
Sorry, folks, that was last call.
I can have someone bring something up to your rooms, though.
- No, thank you.
- Okay.
New York or Miami, we'd just be going out.
I got a fully stocked minibar if you want to share a nightcap and a $50 bag of chips.
(chuckles) Oh.
Very nice.
A suite.
Company's paying for it to impress our clients.
If they could, I'd probably be camped out on Skid Row.
(chuckles) What's your poison? Oh, uh, tequila.
You got it.
Do you mind if I use your restroom? It's right through there.
I hope you don't mind I borrowed your robe.
- Not at all.
- Ah.
Thank you.
You're not a professional, are you? Excuse me? I'm sorry.
(chuckles) I'm not gonna have to pay for this, am I? Well, that depends on whether or not you count breakfast.
(laughs softly) I can expense that.
(laughs softly) To breakfast.
("Les Cactus" by Jacques Dutronc playing) (both grunting) (both scream) (grunting) (Mosley screams) (screams) NCIS: LA 10x06 Asesinos (bird squawking) (water sloshing) Well, if it isn't the Little Mermaid.
- Thanks.
- That was actually for my shower.
What? Nothing.
What's the word on Anna? No idea.
She's not returning my calls.
Maybe Deeks can help with that.
Yeah, he's working on that.
Um, you do realize that you're dripping water everywhere, right? It's a boatshed.
Unless you consider this to be your kitchen now.
No, I just wanted to point out the slip risk.
Over 6,000 people die every year from falling in their own home.
Why do you even know that? It's just something I do.
Never mind.
I don't even want to know.
Because, um, this isn't your home.
I thought you was moving in that spot above Deeks' bar.
I'm making a few changes first.
Ah, let me guess, uh, hidden machine-gun drawer, smoke screen toaster, uh, ejection seat toilet? I didn't know about the toaster.
Uh, speaking of homes, did yours sink? I went by your slip last night.
Your boat's not there.
Tom borrowed it.
What about Derrick? He went with him.
Where? Not a clue.
I bailed after we passed the breakwater.
H-Hold on a second.
Mosley's son is on your boat with your Navy SEAL buddy, and you have no idea where they are? You promised her you'd get her kid back.
You did.
I promised her I'd protect him.
I am.
He's running dark.
I don't even know where Tom's headed.
And you were gonna tell me this when? I wasn't.
For the same reason I don't want to know where they are.
- Mm-hmm.
Do you know where Mosley is? No.
She's still radio silent.
Hetty? Nothing.
For all I know, she's still in Mexico.
Well, if she is, that's not good, G, because we're in some serious trouble here.
We revealed a corrupt Mexican general, we brought down a notorious arms dealer.
Those are not bad things.
An agent was killed.
In Mexico, on her own.
We were there to find her.
Look There's nothing we can do to bring her back at this point.
You're right.
But we have a special prosecutor who wants somebody to answer for her death.
Sooner or later, Hetty and Mosley are gonna have to resurface, and when they do, there are gonna be people waiting for them.
We might not be there to protect them.
NELL: Hold on.
Why do we need a pet? I've always had pets, until recently.
Okay, I am sorry about the ant farm.
Ant colony.
If it's any consolation, I really don't think they died.
They're just free to explore now.
Unlike my sea monkey family.
Okay, one, that should've been labeled.
And two, I mean, are they really a family? I raised them from eggs, Nell.
11 generations.
Beale, they are brine shrimp.
So low on the food chain, they're born to be food.
- And yet, they all had names.
- (sighs) That is just weird.
Okay? Albeit impressive, that you kept the whole, you know, family tree going and everything, but still weird, nonetheless.
All right, fine.
They're a family.
11 glorious generations of sea monkeys.
- No, the crime feed.
- Oh, God.
Person of interest, homicide Executive Assistant Director Mosley? How long before Special Prosecutor Rogers catches wind of this? Well, we should be okay until the, uh, local authorities identify Mosley.
It really is a graveyard.
Sir, a graveyard? Uh, it's this office.
That's what they call it down in Quantico, "the graveyard.
" People consider it cursed.
I thought it was an East Coast, West Coast joke, but no.
Granger, Duggan, Hidoko.
Okay, get our people to the crime scene, and tell them: be discreet.
Someone had a hell of a night.
Mosley is too smart and too cautious for this to have been a mistake.
She had to expect it was a hit man.
Well, she probably came back to his room to find out, figured she'd get the drop on him.
Clearly, that didn't happen.
But he is dead, and she isn't.
There's no way she walked away from this without injuries.
Initial police report said the deceased didn't have any personal effects on him, nothing in the safe.
Mosley must have taken everything.
They think they're hunting her.
I get the feeling she's hunting them.
OCHOA: She killed him? Yeah, it was a hell of a struggle.
Clearly, it was self-defense.
Well, why didn't she call it in? She may be trying to keep us out of it.
We found her.
Or at least we know where she was 16 minutes ago, Central Library on Fifth.
She created a VPN to try to hide her location, then used her NCIS laptop and CAC card reader to log into our system and access files.
Our dead guy from the hotel, he worked for the Molina cartel.
Oh, same as the two ladies who tried to unfriend us a couple weeks back.
SAM: Yeah, they're all trying to cash in on the bounties put on Mosley, Derrick, and the rest of us.
ERIC: Right, but here's where it gets interesting, Mosley was accessing files on a different cartel, Los Asesinos-- they're new players.
Not really.
Carlos Gutierrez ran Los Trece Reyes gang for years, until he was killed.
Now his gang reportedly fell apart without his leadership and split into two new factions: Los Asesinos, The Assassins, and Los Chicos Dorados, The Golden Boys.
What? You can take the kid out the barrio, but anyway So these two seemingly separate gangs, with distinct territories and their own leadership are still rumored to be controlled by Carlos's ex-girlfriend, Ella Juanega.
ERIC: But wait, wait, wait.
Mosley was looking into her, too.
I just didn't understand the connection 'cause, uh, she's, like, a super legit successful businesswoman with no ties to any of this.
Hold on, she's been untouchable, but don't let that fool you.
She's more dangerous than her male counterparts, and she hates the Molina cartel.
They killed her boyfriend, Carlos.
Mosley could be trying to cut a deal with another cartel to get the Molinas off her tail.
That's a risky deal to cut with the devil.
Yeah, well, she's desperate.
Which makes her dangerous.
You can't go to Ella Juanega empty-handed, so the question is: what is she gonna offer her? I could lock her out of the system.
That's the only way we have of tracking her right now.
We need to find her before anybody else does, law enforcement or cartel.
So do you think we can draw her out using her son? No.
That'd put the two of them at risk.
Well, I don't see as we have much of a choice.
Give us a chance to find her without using her son first.
ERIC: We're searching the area around the library to see what she was driving, which direction she was going, what she was wearing.
You know what, I can also get Deeks to come back here.
He's on his way to be questioned by Special Prosecutor Rogers.
I mean, we're all scheduled to give our depositions today, but I could just say that it's an emergency.
No, the last thing you want to do is alert them to something being up.
As a matter of fact, the longer Detective Deeks can keep Rogers occupied, the better.
You think he can stall them? That won't be a problem.
Unleash the beast.
ROGERS: Are you an LAPD liaison to NCIS? I am the LAPD liaison to NCIS.
You are also the subject of an ongoing LAPD Internal Affairs investigation? That doesn't sound right.
According to a Detective Ellen Whiting, you are.
Oh, yeah, Detective Whiting.
Yeah, no, I've been helping her out with something.
You know, we've actually gotten very close since I saved her life.
Is that written down in your little book report there? No.
Okay, well, I can see why.
She was kind of embarrassed, considering, you know, the scar and everything.
You know, she got shot in the throat.
It was crazy.
I was literally, like, holding her throat together, you know.
I had to put my paw in there, try to stop the bleeding, but it just kept pumping out, so much blood just splurting through my fingers.
And she's looking at me, and I'm looking down at her, and she got tears in her eyes, and I get tears in my eyes and Explain to me why an LAPD liaison would be in Mexico on an unsanctioned NCIS mission? - Is that a trick question? - No.
Are you sure it's not a trick question? 'Cause it sounds like a trick question.
Is he asking me a trick question? You can't answer that, can you? It's a very simple question, Detective Deeks.
- Can I ask you a question? - No.
- Can I ask her a question? - No.
- Can she ask me a question? - No.
Can she ask you a question? Why were you in Mexico with NCIS? Why wouldn't I be in Mexico with NCIS? (door bells jingle) ("Gidalyuh" by Sara Choi playing) Mosley.
MEE: These will help for the pain.
I'll give you antibiotics and a tetanus shot tomorrow when you come back for a wound check.
I won't be coming back tomorrow, Mee.
You've done enough already.
You know you're safe here.
Even Los Asesinos don't mess with Mee.
(chuckles) Thank you.
(knock on door) Behave yourself if you want to leave in one piece.
He and his agency have cost you and your organization a lot of money and a lot of lives.
That's some of his personal information.
I have all of it, including the names of every person he works with.
- How much do you want? That's for me and your boss, your real boss, to negotiate in person.
Never going to happen.
Well, you can remind her of this meeting the next time one of her drug shipments gets confiscated.
CALLEN: There's no way we're getting in this place unannounced.
Eric, you got any eyes on this place? Uh, no.
Our cartel queen has a closed system.
In fact, she's got this place on lockdown.
You know what? Your best bet is a drone.
I put some new ones in your trunk.
- Those bad boys can go anywhere.
- Okay.
All right.
You want me to do this? I got this.
Eric, do these things have microphones? - Of course.
- How close do you got to be? Eh, depends on angle and ambient noise.
I'd say within 20 feet outdoors.
They'll hear the drone.
Well, they're pretty quiet, designed to be landed right near your target.
My advice is fly it really high so they can't hear it, then cut the engine, let it drop as close as possible.
- Copy that.
That's Ella Juanega.
The wind caught it.
I got this one.
- Be my guest.
- Yeah.
(clears throat) It's not as easy as it looks, is it? At least it ended up on land, Captain Nemo.
That's okay.
Give me another crack at this.
- Go ahead.
- All right.
Dive, dive.
Pull up, pull up, pull up, pull up, pull up.
Shut up.
Okay, you know what, this is why we don't play golf anymore.
No, we don't play golf anymore because you're always cheating, Mr.
It's called a mulligan, and it is an accepted part of the game.
If you say so.
I've never seen your man, Tiger, take one.
You know what? Be my guest.
Hmm, that'll do it.
Looks like we got a Sig Alert on Beverly Glen.
Now you're just being unprofessional.
Hmm, really? Mosley just got here.
Put these on after the inspection.
Inspection? Leave everything, including your jewelry, in the change room.
Does it come in any other color? CALLEN: Hey, Eric.
Yeah? Are these, uh, these drones expensive? Yeah, they're extremely expensive.
Hetty has them on loan from DARPA as a beta test.
Be my guest.
No, no, no, it's your turn.
- Little help? - (chuckles) (clears throat) What the? Oh.
Hold on a second.
This one's not even responding.
Sorry, gents, this is a job for a gamer.
Fine by me.
You're welcome, boys.
(door opens) Welcome.
Good afternoon.
- Sit.
- Thank you.
Eric, can you clean up that audio a bit? Yeah, I'm trying.
ELLA: Would you like something to drink? Uh, no.
No, thank you, I'm fine.
How can I help you? I have some information On all your colleagues.
Abel told me.
What I don't understand is why someone with your record, and a lifetime in law enforcement is suddenly willing to turn on your own people.
(exhales) Well, some of my people are hoping to see me put in jail.
And others have a million dollars on your head.
And your son.
It's never easy being a woman in power, is it? We have to do everything they do, in addition to everything we already do, (chuckles): and still deal with the resentment from all sides.
You are between a rock and a hard place.
And by selling me this information, you hope to what? I hope to use the money and disappear.
ELLA: And how will this information benefit me? Well, it will help to protect your business.
You can stay one step ahead of a federal agency.
Or I could just kill them.
How much will this information cost me? Considering what you'll be saving, I think a million dollars is a reasonable investment.
(sighs) We'll be in touch.
Abel will provide you with a phone.
MOSLEY: Thank you, Ella.
ELLA: Have a great day.
She's selling us out to save herself.
Eric, can you stop the car Mosley's in? Uh, stop it how? Can you hack the onboard computer, turn off the engine? Technically, yes.
Mm, ethically, legally, safely CALLEN: You heard her.
She's about to commit treason and put all our lives at risk, including yours and Nell's.
- Do it.
- Show us your game, Eric.
(knuckles crack) Challenge accepted.
Why are we stopping? I don't know.
I think we're out of gas.
Are you kidding me? It's the battery.
Nothing's working.
Federal agents! Son of a bitch.
Hands where we can see them.
Out of the car, Mosley.
I'll handle this.
Don't move.
You need to back off.
I have this.
CALLEN: We know what you've got.
Turn around.
Back up towards me.
What are you gonna do, cuff me? - Do it, Shay.
- Listen to me.
I've got this under control.
Now back away.
We can't do that.
You've got to trust me.
We've made that mistake before.
This is not what it looks like, Callen.
- I just need a minute.
- Sam! (tires screeching) - Where'd Mosley go? - I don't know.
- I can't see squat.
- Turn on your windshield wipers.
- Look out your window.
- Look out your window.
Eric, you got eyes on Mosley? I'm still looking.
Uh, guys? I think your car's on fire.
Yeah, thanks, Eric.
Track that Tahoe, find Mosley.
Hang on! (tires screeching) I'm sure they can buff it out.
(indistinct chatter) So I understand you and Detective Deeks have a relationship.
Is that a problem? No.
Well, the agency frowns upon it, but I try to stay out of my people's personal lives.
Unfortunately, our Special Prosecutor Rogers will not.
He's gonna use it against you.
Well, what's between us has nothing to do with Mexico.
In fact, we broke it off over my decision to go there, so Not sure that'll matter to Rogers, but I appreciate the candor.
You guys all right? Yeah, we're good.
Car may need a little extra Turtle Wax.
- Hmm.
- Mosley? We canvassed the area.
Eric's still searching.
She ghosted.
I can't believe Mosley sold us out, especially when we have her son.
She didn't expect us to find out.
Ella Juanega gave Mosley a phone.
We may be able to track it.
Chances are that she'll leave it on until they reach out to her.
She's also got the phone she took from the guy she killed.
Hotel might be able to get the number from his reservation.
You think she'd risk using it? CALLEN: Probably not, but that doesn't mean we can't get the twins to try and turn it back on, and use it to pinpoint her location.
Get on it.
Yeah, no, our special prosecutor is gonna have a party with all this.
Deeks still with him? Yeah, he's still with him.
It's too bad.
We could use the help.
DEEKS: That's a good question.
I mean, all I remember is getting on a plane in L.
to go to Mexico, and then waking up in the hospital in Los Mochis.
Obviously, someplace between said plane and said hospital, we were hit with a rocket while we were in an SUV, which, turns out, is not great for the resale.
But I don't remember any of that because I got my melon rocked like a maraca at a Ricky Martin concert.
(laughs softly) If you don't get that analogy, there's a lot of shaking at a Ricky Martin concert.
You know, Ricky Martin gets after it.
He's a good dancer-- if you don't believe me, you can look at my medical records.
I got a severe grade 3 concussion, and because of that traumatic brain injury, sadly, I have no recollection of anything leading up to that moment.
Well, that is convenient.
But you do admit that you and your team were in Mexico? No, no, I was, I was definitely in Mexico.
I came back with Montezuma's revenge to prove it.
I lost ten pounds, my friends, the hard way.
And I'm still not 100%.
Speaking of which, glad you brought that up.
so if the baño in this place requires a clave, we should probably put that bad boy on la mesa.
You know? Save us both some (quietly): apestosa vergüenza.
What? Would you, uh, excuse us for a moment? Where is she going? You going to Quiznos? Can you grab me a six-inch? Can you grab me a sparkling water? I'm feeling a little parched.
Maybe the lime-flavored.
Oh, we're turning that off and she's leaving, huh? Wow.
(clears throat) Is this the part where you beat me with a phone book? Real talk, do they make phone books anymore? Seems kind of unnecessary, 'cause we got the Google machine.
I bet it's, like, one of those specialty fetish items, you know, where it just comes blank, and that way, you can fill in your little S&M sessions.
I'm not here to judge you.
You just seem like that kind of guy.
Actually, that's a really good idea.
We could sell those on the Home Shopping Network, although that's my idea.
But now you're not recording, so it's just my word versus yours.
Damn it.
I could've been rich.
I get it.
I get it.
I'm the Washington idiot who doesn't get what you do.
I never said that.
And you can mock me and this process, for your own pleasure, or to, uh, buy your colleagues more time.
- What? - But at the end of the day, Detective, this was a serious international incident that left a young woman dead.
So you can go ahead and make all the diarrhea jokes that you want, but is that the best way for you to honor a fallen team member? Well, if this is your attempt at hitting below the belt well played.
NELL: So, if someone were to take a slightly unauthorized look into Mosley's financial records, that someone would discover that she's totally liquid.
Completely cashed out.
She's getting ready to run.
And we're her last move before she disappears.
Eric, where are we on the phones? I'm still trying to find the one she was given, but I've got Dead Eddie's.
It's off-line at the moment, but it's been on here and there.
Here's where I've pinged it.
Well, it's hard to guess where she's going or what she's doing from this.
- I've also pulled the last conversation from Dead Eddie's phone, without a warrant, so it's inadmissible as evidence but, uh Let's hear it.
You're not gonna like this.
It's Mosley's last conversation with the Molina cartel.
MAN: Hello? MOSLEY: Your latest sicario is dead.
MAN: Who is this? MOSLEY: Shay Mosley, NCIS.
You have a million dollar bounty on my head and that of my son.
I want both gone.
MAN: You tell me where you are, and we'll come meet to talk.
MOSLEY: Don't be stupid.
I'll give the names and addresses of the others you're looking for in exchange for immunity for my son and I.
MAN: How do I know this isn't a trick? MOSLEY: I'm bringing one of them with me.
MAN: Where and when? MOSLEY: I'll be in touch.
She's double-crossing the cartel and selling us out to both of them.
Yeah, but who's she bringing with her? Who knows? She's probably lying.
It's clearly not us, and the only other person on the cartel hit list - Turk.
Is he still in California? Well, he accompanied you to the medical center in San Diego, but then we lost contact with him.
He's got to be lying low after Mexico.
Someone within the agency knows where he is.
Maybe the deputy director does.
We need an address, fast.
Don't worry, we're on it.
You hungry? (phone ringing) TURK (recorded): Surf's up, leave a message.
Callen, Sam, he's still not picking up.
Keep trying.
(dial tone) (phone ringing) (ringing stops) Want a beer? Hey, Turk! It's Sam and Callen.
That's a good guard dog.
He's not here.
Well, somebody was very recently.
KENSI: What do we have? So we just found the phone Ella Juaniga gave Mosley.
It's heading south on PCH, just passed Leo Carillo Beach.
And it's getting an incoming call.
MAN: You have a deal.
We will make the exchange at the old mission camp off Latigo Canyon in one hour.
MOSLEY: I want Ella there.
MAN: That will not be possible.
MOSLEY: Somebody tried to kill me today.
I'm not trusting anyone but her.
No Ella, no deal.
ELLA: I will be there.
We lost them.
Mosley probably dumped her burn phone.
That's okay, we know where they're going.
Alert Callen and Sam.
I'm gonna head over there as a forward observer.
- Mm-hmm.
- Uh-huh.
- Dead Eddie's phone just came online.
- Ugh.
Do we have to call him that? Well, he is dead and his name was Eddie.
Ah, true.
(phone rings) - Yeah? NELL: Hey, Callen.
So Mosley just used Dead Eddie's phone to put in a call to the Molina cartel.
And get this: she set up an exchange to meet them at the same time and location Ella Juaniga gave her.
She's pitting Los Asesinos and the Molina cartel against each other.
With Turk in the middle.
Guess she's hoping when the smoke clears, she'll be the last one standing.
This is making Mexico look like a vacation.
All right, boys.
In position.
I got Mosley and Turk-- he's on the ground.
Looks like he's cuffed, maybe unconscious.
Any sign of the cartels? Not yet.
Where are you guys? We're coming in from the north on an old fire road.
It's the only way to get in without being spotted.
Watch out for those snakes.
Why does she do that? (vehicle approaching) Car approaching.
Who the hell is that? Not your concern.
Where's Ella? She got tied up.
I told you: no Ella, no deal.
A million dollars says otherwise.
Where are the files? (vehicle approaching) Guys, I got a second car approaching.
Who the hell is that? Relax, they're here for him.
Hurry up, guys.
This is about to go off any minute now.
They're Molinas! Check 'em.
MOSLEY: Callen! I told you to trust me.
You sold us out to the cartels.
I did not.
Those were fake aliases, you can ask Turk.
I told you I would fix this, and I will.
But you got to let me go.
I got to get my son.
TURK: Clear.
SAM: Kensi? KENSI: Yeah? Yeah, I'm good.
You? Where's G? G? G? All clear.
Where's Mosley? She's gone.
Gone where? Well, I would guess that she went back to get her son.
SAM: How? I don't even know where he is and he's on my boat.
Do you really think that she left Derrick alone with no way for them to contact each other? I guarantee you he has a cell phone on him.
Okay, well, then Eric and Nell are gonna find it and then we're gonna find her.
This is over.
TURK: Well, I wasn't expecting you guys to show up, but I'm damn glad you did.
Wait, you were in on this? In on it? This was my plan.
SAM: We should have known this was too crazy for even Mosley to come up with.
Thanks for sharing.
Well, I figured you had enough on your plate.
It's good to see you.
You know what, maybe next time we meet at a restaurant or something.
- Where's the fun in that? CALLEN: So what, now Los Asesinos and the Molinas are at war with each other? Well, better them killing each other than killing us.
SAM: You were hoping they'd be doing it long enough for Mosley and her son to disappear.
I didn't say it was a great plan.
Mosley did ask me to give you this.
She said it's for your recital.
Where's my boy Deeks? DEEKS: Executive Assistant Director Mosley's son was illegally taken across an international border by his father, Spencer Williams-- a well-known international arms dealer and fugitive from justice.
During the process of gathering credible information regarding the whereabouts of EAD Mosley's son, Special Agent Harley Hidoko took it upon herself to unilaterally cross into Mexico to develop information.
Unfortunately, contact was lost with Special Agent Hidoko and we took immediate measures to try and locate her, over the course of which, the location of Mosley's kidnapped son was discovered.
An assessment was made that his current situation was in extremis and getting worse by the moment.
OSP personnel, believing that an American citizen-- a child-- was in extreme danger, took it upon themselves to rescue and repatriate him in an exigent manner and in so doing, regrettably, a loss of life and damage to personal property occurred.
(beeps) Mr.
Rogers has finished his investigation.
You will be pleased to know that your strikingly corroborative statements and EAD Mosley's insistence that she ordered you into Mexico without informing anyone of the mission ahead of time, essentially exonerates the rest of you.
What about Hetty? Hetty, as well for the time being.
Does anyone know where EAD Mosley is now? Her son? You have no idea? None of you.
Of course not.
Bye, neighbor.
So, listen, I got a bar.
It's not officially open to the public yet, but it's got a fridge full of frosty beverages and it would be our honor if you'd come down and have a drink with us, Deputy Director.
Thanks, but I've got to head back to Washington to make sure Rogers makes good on his promise.
Fair enough.
But next time for sure.
Oh, and, uh, keep your heads down out there.
KENSI: Thanks.
When is Christmas vacation? Seriously.
You know what we should do? We should call in sick for a week, go someplace nice and quiet.
Ooh, Bali.
We could totally go to Bali.
DEEKS: Yeah, no.
Like Bali but cheaper.
There's always Hawaii.
That's closer and cheaper.
Mmm, I'm liking this.
DEEKS: You know what? I'm actually loving this.
That look means we're not, we're not going to Hawaii, are we? KENSI: Ugh.
DEEKS: (laughs) Can we just at least go to San Diego?
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