NCIS Los Angeles s11e05 Episode Script


1 Don't you walk away from me! No, no, get back here! LAPD.
Open up.
Good morning.
Can I help you? Everything okay in there? Uh, yes.
Why do you ask? Because we've had several noise complaints from the neighbors.
Yeah, I see you, Sally.
I know it was you.
Officers, everything's fine.
Sally there just needs to get laid.
Do you mind if we come in? Um, actually, I'm late for work, and the place is a mess.
Our cleaning lady comes tomorrow.
Uh, but be my guest.
How lovely.
Yes, darling, isn't it? You want to tell us what's going on here? Nothing.
It was nothing.
I swear.
Because it sure sounded like it was something.
And it definitely looks like it was something.
Uh, my husband Luis and I just had a-a tiny disagreement, a lover's quarrel.
A kerfuffle, if you will.
Want to elaborate? Uh I bought the wrong kind of orange juice.
- And I got upset about it.
- Again.
We're in couples therapy.
So, all of this over orange juice? I don't like pulp.
She really doesn't like pulp.
Very strong gag reflex.
Yes, that's true, but remember what Dr.
Liu told us? - Not now, darling.
- That it really isn't about the pulp - or about your gag reflex.
- My love, not in front of the guests.
I just think that if we're gonna commit to working - on our marriage - Dr.
Liu also said that I shouldn't have to repeat myself three times, should I? - Uh - What? You didn't want me seeing this? Check it out.
The painting.
Uh, you don't think I mean, that's not Oh, I'd bet my pension it is.
Your pension is not worth $40 million.
Hey! - Kids these days.
- Don't ask me.
I can hear you, you know.
Oh, you do kind of look ridiculous.
Well, I am protecting myself against horns.
Or, rather, horn in the singular.
Now you sound ridiculous.
You guys don't know about this? All these people hunched over their phones so much that now they're growing bone spurs out the back of their neck essentially horns.
- Oh.
- Well, it's definitely a look.
Okay, well, I don't want it, so from now on, I'm holding my tablet like this - instead of like this.
- You do know that that study was based on X-rays from the past? It lacked a control group.
There was no proven cause and effect.
Okay, I guess you have heard of it.
- Well - Well, I don't want tech neck or text neck.
And I most certainly don't want to grow horns.
Oh, my goodness.
Nell, you're neglecting your neck.
Yeah, you're definitely in the horn-growing position there.
Guys, enough about my neck.
It's like you're obsessed.
Look, we have a case.
I'm gonna go get Kensi and Deeks.
I'll meet you upstairs.
You know, I bet you really could grow a horn.
I bet you Beale already has.
Ooh, this is gonna be a good one.
Good what? A good case? Good threat to national security? A good reason somebody's life is in mortal danger? Okay, I love you like a sister, but this is really weird.
You guys, you are stomping all over the moment right now.
I mean, this is gonna be a fun case.
- Still weird.
- Okay.
You know what? You'll see.
Presenting Okay.
It's very nice? What are we looking at? It's a painting.
Oh, you did a painting.
Well, in that case, I love your the color palette and the brushstrokes.
The movement's really strong.
Guys, no.
This is The Cube.
No, I didn't paint The Cube.
The Cube is a very famous work of art.
I don't even see a square.
Come on! You know this painting.
It-it went missing two years ago.
It's worth $40 million.
What, that?! Hetty was obsessed with it.
I am so disappointed in Hetty.
Well, she wasn't obsessed with the painting itself.
It was more about the lore surrounding the painting.
No one knows who actually painted it, and it's rumored to have been owned by Saddam Hussein.
Hetty was convinced that someone stole it so they could fence it on the black market.
Okay, and now you are finally speaking our language.
Okay, I'm just confused about one thing.
If this has been missing for two years, why are we only talking about this now? Because this morning, LAPD found this photo.
That is Lucy and Luis Garcia in their living room, and that there is a newspaper from less than six months ago.
This is the first clue we have about the painting since it's gone missing.
And Hetty never thought the theft was just about the painting.
It was what could be traded for the stolen painting.
- Exactly.
- Well, we're gonna have to steal this case from LAPD's Art Theft Detail.
Oh, are you on good terms with them now? Of course I'm on good terms with them.
That's a lie.
They hate me.
I've got long, floppy hair, and I don't shave.
Big surprise.
Well, in that case, looks like Sam and I will go talk to the Garcias.
Yeah, and Deeks and I will look into the person who owned The Cube before it was stolen.
Yes, that would be Ms.
Jean Chu, and she's currently on her way to the boatshed.
- Great.
- All right.
But that thing really worth $40 million? No.
With appreciation and all the added notoriety, I'd say it's worth way more than that.
Like, way more, so Told you it was cool.
- Gentlemen.
- Go ahead.
So you got a plan? Nope.
You? Nope.
Well, maybe she'll find us charming.
Or not.
It's "Detective.
" - Right.
- Ah.
NCIS Special Agent Callen.
This is my partner Sam Hanna.
- How are you? - And this is my case.
And I can understand why you would feel that way.
You do? Absolutely.
Is that because LAPD first identified the lead, or because LAPD has its own department to handle art theft cases like this? Well, those are both valid reasons, but Great.
Then we're on the same page.
Thanks for stopping by.
Yeah, we're not exactly stopping by.
And give my best to Detective Deeks.
You guys are real champs for taking him in.
Little help? Don't worry.
We got this.
Jean Chu? - Yep.
- Hi.
I'm Special Agent Blye, NCIS.
This is my partner Detective Marty Deeks.
'Sup? Hey.
'Sup? So, we have an exciting lead on the painting that you reported missing two years ago.
So I hear.
Actually, I was just wondering how someone like you and by "someone like you," I just mean someone of your maturity level Not that that's By "someone of your maturity level," I just mean Can I just ask her how old she is? - How old are you? - We're just a little surprised that somebody your age would be able to afford this painting.
- She didn't answer the - So I was wondering if you could walk us through what happened when the painting was stolen.
It's all in the police report.
Yes, it is, and we read that, but we want to know if you have anything else to add.
Other than a selfie.
Uh, oh, got questions.
So, do you know, uh, Lucy and Luis Garcia? Nope.
Do you know anyone related to Lucy and Luis Garcia? Nope.
Do you think that Lucy and Luis Garcia sound like a Vegas lounge act? Are we done? Oh.
So, here's the deal.
Um, my partner and I are here as in the purpose of our job is to help you.
- Okay.
- Okay.
- Great.
- Great.
We only got a couple dozen more questions to ask you.
You two are still here.
Why? Do we get points for our moxie? No.
Look, I don't want to bombard you with details No, please.
Bombard away.
Well, NCIS believes that the-the missing painting, - The Square - Rectangle.
It's The Cube.
We believe it's being fenced for illegal goods on the black market.
Which makes it a threat to national security.
- You got to be kidding me.
- I wish I was.
That's the card you're playing? Look, a lot of bad people would pay a lot of dirty money to have something that hung over Saddam Hussein's bed.
I'd hate for that art to end up in terrorist hands, get traded for a truckload of C-4, go on to take innocent American lives.
I'm also guessing that it wouldn't look so good for the Art Theft Detail department.
I mean, all things considered.
I take back what I said before.
You and Deeks deserve each other.
Detective, thank you for understanding.
- And your support! - Mm-hmm.
Text from Kens.
Looks like Jean Chu is freezing 'em out.
She's not giving 'em anything.
That's because I told her not to.
And you are? Katherine Casillas.
With? Hey, Glen.
Do me a favor.
Give these two hell.
Oh, that's the plan.
NCIS Special Agent Callen.
- This is my partner - Sam Hanna.
And this case is now officially - an NCIS investigation.
- Yes.
As of two minutes ago.
You boys sure you know what you've gotten yourselves into? We're sure.
And confident.
Although, I don't know, if my client decides not to cooperate, things could get tricky.
And what are you Jean Chu's lawyer? God, no.
I hope that's not the impression I gave you, Agent Hanna.
Which means I care about what happens to The Cube just as much as you guys do.
Oh, great.
We're stuck with you.
I don't know.
You just might like it.
What, Katherine's not gonna join us? She said she wanted to take a lap, whatever that means.
Then I guess it's just you and me.
So, Lucy and Luis Garcia.
You guys have had a rough day so far.
It's not even 11:00 a.
Liu's gonna have a field day when we see her next.
I said I'm sorry, okay? No pulp, no pulp, no pulp.
Liu? Our couples counselor.
I'm sorry I asked.
So you want to explain to us how a missing, multimillion-dollar piece of art ended up on your wall six months ago? Gosh, uh I don't remember.
- Do you, darling? - You know, sweetheart, I-I I don't.
Was it a gift? Or was it for that photo shoot of the house? Or maybe a charity auction.
So you have no idea how that piece of art ended up on your living room wall? Sorry.
I redecorate a lot.
You probably don't know where it is now, either, huh? - Uh - Not a clue.
Did we sell it? Did we donate it? I don't know.
I don't know.
And I'm guessing you have no idea how long it was here.
Um, was it, like, three months? - I thought it was closer to a week.
- Yeah, yeah, that's right.
Be-Between three months and a week.
You are aware that we're federal agents investigating a matter of national security, and that lying to us could be construed as obstruction of justice? Oh, we take this all very seriously.
- Absolutely.
- Seriously.
This is harder than it looks.
Hey, what's up, Sam? I want you to look into Lucy and Luis Garcia's finances.
Something's not right about them.
You mean besides the fact that they had stolen artwork on display in their house? - Exactly.
- All right.
I'll try to expedite a warrant.
Uh, Sam, is there anyone else you'd like me to look into? No, nothing for now.
That's it.
Roger Wilco.
Yep, this is way harder than it looks.
Well, I don't know if the Garcias actually have anything to hide, but they sure are enjoying hiding it.
No kidding.
Who needs couples counseling when you can get questioned by a couple of federal agents? Geez.
Are they always that happy? - No.
- No.
Were they at least helpful? No.
Yeah, not the type.
No matter.
So, should we head to my place or yours? That's a little presumptuous.
We have to search the entire house.
It's okay.
I already did that for you.
No offense, but we're gonna work this case our way.
No offense, but you two are in over your heads.
- Oh? - No offense, but how do you figure? Let's see.
You have a half dozen NCIS agents tearing this house apart, and none of them know what they're looking for.
And I suppose you do? Well, I can tell you there's an Houbigant perfume on Lucy's vanity, a bottle of Château Margaux in the cellar, and a brochure for a Basquiat that sold last year at auction in the master.
So? So, clearly, the Garcias are doing business with Bouchier.
The auction house? - Oh.
- Oh.
And clearly, they're working with Christina Ng, the junior Bouchier auctioneer.
You got all that from a bottle of perfume? Mm-hmm.
Like I said, my place or yours? Oh, it's Bouchier.
How's it going in here? KENSI: Well, let's just say that those are two hours of my life I'm never gonna get back.
I don't know, I feel like I learned a lot.
Turns out it's time to shut down my Myspace and get on the Instagram.
Look at this.
- What? - Sorry? Who 'Sup? Okay, so here's the story behind the story of when my painting disappeared.
Just like that? Who are you? Not her lawyer.
This is Katherine Casillas.
This is Jean's insurance agent.
You already know everything that's in the police report.
Home invasion two years ago, in and out less than five minutes.
The painting is the only thing they took.
- Blah, blah, blah.
- What you don't know is that no one knew Jean had the painting.
I purchased it through an anonymous strawman.
I funded it through a private account in the Cayman's.
The auction house delivered it to an apartment in New York owned by a shell corporation.
Then an armored delivery service that thought that they were transporting a sentimental family heirloom brought The Cube to Los Angeles.
- Wow.
- I mean, that gives a whole new definition to the term "paranoia.
" Dude, it's not paranoia if it's real.
Two weeks after I finally got the painting, someone broke into my home and stole it.
- That's true.
- And you never had any friends over? You didn't have anyone working at the house? Nope.
But you knew Jean had the painting? That's right.
I knew, and my company knew, but we're not the leak.
The boss is not too keen on cutting $40 million checks.
Why wasn't this in the police report? I had to keep some of my cards.
Which auction house sold you the painting? Bouchier.
Same as the Garcias.
Katherine! You are aging backwards.
Vampire facials? Hell no.
Christina, this is NCI Agents Callen and Hanna.
Excuse me.
Gentlemen, this is Christina Ng, talented and lovely.
We were hoping you could tell us about some of your customers.
I'm sorry? Bouchier's doesn't have customers.
We have clients.
Well, Luis and Lucy Garcia.
What can you tell us about them? - They're with me.
It's okay.
- Actually, you're with us.
You keep telling yourself that.
Can you just tell us what kind of clients the Garcias are? Honestly? The worst.
They take and take and take and will never pull the trigger and actually buy anything.
They're looky-loos, and they talk this big game, but How do I say this? The Garcias are not true Bouchier Clients? Exactly.
Why? What makes you ask? The Cube.
Do not tease me, Katherine.
That is not fair.
We think the painting might have been on their living room wall at some point this year.
Christina, are you okay? Oh, I'm fine.
Uh, I just never thought Oh, I'm so happy.
You mean it's not? Well, you mean it's still out there? Well, we're doing everything we can to find it at this point.
- Well, if ever you do find it, and if it's still in good condition, and if Jean is ever interested in parting with it, call me.
I want a piece of that action.
Hey, guys? Bad news.
So, Sam asked me to look into the Garcias.
- And? - And they don't just run an import-export business.
Does anybody just run an import-export business? Goop.
Well, the Garcias use their import-export business to distribute fake prescription drugs on the black market.
Oh, no.
Oh, yes.
So when Luis and Lucy got rid of the painting, they exchanged it for something else.
And, more importantly, it means to someone else.
Someone with bigger designs than black-market Oxy.
And you know what that means.
That means Hetty was right.
See? I told you this was bad news.
Hey, Deeks, you want to play a cool game of "What If?" God, I'd love nothing more.
This might be a little easier if you sit down.
Sit downsie.
Go on.
Get down.
Okay, I'll start.
I'm so excited for this.
- What if - Hmm.
I owned an import/export business in Los Angeles but also sold black-market opioids on the side? Oh, my God, that's a good one.
- Is it not? - Huh? Well, first off, I wouldn't want to leave a-a money trail.
- Well, no duh, 'cause - Right.
it'd too easy for the Feds to figure out.
Right, so I'd want to exchange my large shipment of illegal drugs for something valuable.
- But also untraceable.
- Untraceable.
Also, something that's moveable, portable.
Something, for instance, just off the top of my head, maybe like a two-by-two painting worth 40 million big ones.
- Oh, honey, no, no.
- Honey - Hmm? What? - "Big ones" refers to thousands, not singles.
"Big ones" means hundreds, babe.
It Think about what you just said.
- Do the math in your head.
- Oh, that's four billion.
- Four billion.
- That's an expensive painting.
- I digress.
- Yeah, you know what, you tell us, aside from the math, how are we doing? Wow, crocodile tears from Tammy Faye; this is awkward.
Yeah, Lucy, that's not gonna work in here.
You just had to hang that damn picture on the wall, - didn't you? - It was a masterpiece.
Oh, please, you wouldn't know great art if it bit you on the ass.
I appreciate things of beauty.
Oh, we know.
We all know.
For the last time, Lucy, I'm not sleeping with my new assistant.
I only slept with my old assistant.
Well, this line of questioning has officially gone off the rails.
Can we at least just clarify for a second that you did have The Cube, in fact, hanging on your wall? I'm guessing, based on that brooding silence and your super tight shirt is that an extra medium? that, uh, that's a yes.
Where's the painting? We have no idea.
I'm not sleeping with her, okay?! No, ah-ah-ah Eyes on me.
Stop talking about your Answer the question.
Who did you sell it to? We honestly don't know, okay? They made us use burn phones, and there was always a middleman.
That's how we received the painting, and when we were ready to make a trade, that's how we passed it on.
But we never knew who it was.
- Okay, those two are exhausting.
- Yeah.
- But I bet they have great makeup sex.
- What?! What? I am not wrong.
Look, if we are to believe anything the Garcias are saying, The Cube is somewhere in the wind.
We have no idea where it is or who has it.
Well, it's been six months since anyone's seen it.
We don't even know if it's still out there.
And it's gonna be too difficult to try and track down the art itself, for the same reasons that makes it perfect for fencing it's valuable, it's untraceable, and it's easy to move.
Look, our best bet at this point is to be able to find the person that's brokering these exchanges.
Any idea how we do that? No.
I feel like there's a "but" coming.
But we know someone who does.
Excuse me.
Can you, um, send that back and have 'em do it again? It's not hot enough.
Thank you.
Hello again.
Thank you for meeting us.
Agent Callen, of course.
I know how difficult it must have been for you to make the call.
You're funny.
Aren't I? So, uh we think a middleman has been brokering exchanges for The Cube.
The Garcias used one when they received the painting, and again when they traded it away.
Do you think it's the same person? Well, that would certainly make things easier, but we have no idea.
So, what do you need from me? Don't make us beg.
Where's the fun in that? Well I can't go.
They'll never talk to me.
Thank you.
But your team, you do undercover operations, correct? Yeah, I do my homework.
You two are nonstarters, clearly.
And, uh, what's the guy's name with the - Deeks? - Yeah, Deeks.
Let's not talk about Deeks.
But Kensi, mm, Kensi could work.
She's got a good look.
- She could work for what? - I'm gonna have some clothes sent over to your building, someone to do her makeup, her hair, ooh, and her nails.
Katherine, hold on.
Kensi could work for what? Gentlemen, do you want my help getting this painting back or not? What was that? Oh, gosh, no.
- No.
No, no, no, no.
- Kens? No.
Ow! Okay, this isn't happening.
- Nope.
- Come on, it can't be that bad.
Oh, it's bad, trust me.
I look like I look like a big a I don't even know what I look like.
All I see is a bunch of holes, which I don't know where I'm putting my head through, if it's the head hole or the bottom hole or the arm hole, or the whole thing just looks ridiculous! All right, well, this I now have to see.
Come on.
Come out.
Come on, I want to see it.
Let's see it.
It's gonna be great.
It's gonna be great.
Come on in! Okay, literally, the worst thing you could have said.
I-I literally didn't say anything.
- Exactly.
- Kens.
- Baby.
- No.
- Baby.
- Mm.
- I don't want to hear it.
- Hey, look at me.
You're stunning.
All right? You're beautiful.
It doesn't matter if you're dressed in a potato sack or like a like an opulent Russian swan who mated with a jellyfish.
- You're so hot.
- Really? - So hot.
Smoke show.
- You think I look hot? Yeah, I think you look hot, and I think I love you.
- You like jellyfish? - What? - Blub.
- No.
- Okay, that's a little weird.
- Blub.
- What about hot cross buns? - You can stop that.
- Hot cross buns.
- I'm not sure that's a turn-on.
- You're so sw Thank you.
- You're the best husband.
Give me a kiss.
Please, we're working.
No, 'cause you got red lipstick, and I don't want that all over my face.
Mm Mm gah! - You got a little something.
- Yeah.
Yeah, don't wipe it off.
No, no, not wiping it off; just just rubbing it in.
I'm Kim.
I'm Keith.
Do you like like what you see? I don't know.
Tell me what I'm looking at.
This is a series of Blank canvases.
According to the artist, the pieces are about what you don't see, what isn't there.
What's left unsaid.
The pieces pick up where Rauschenberg, Ryman and Martin left off.
- I get it.
- You get it.
The artist said he was inspired by real-life events between 1998 and 1999.
Mm, like the war in Kosovo.
Like the Lewinsky scandal.
His parents' separation.
His mom and dad later reconciled and are apparently really happy now and have won all these ballroom dancing competitions.
But the trauma of the moment still left a huge impact on his childhood.
They're selling for 50.
- 50? - K.
- 50,000.
- Apiece? All but two are spoken for.
Tell Kim you're interested in something a bit more off-market.
Yeah, I, um love them all.
I just don't want something that everybody else has.
- You know? - Totally.
Do you have anything that's a little more off-market? I mean, I could make some calls.
Did you guys hear that? So, that's how people in the art world talk to each other, seriously? That's just pageantry.
And how does anyone get anything done? You'd be surprised.
Katherine, the world you live in, it's ridiculous.
It's full of people who have too much time on their hands.
I wouldn't dismiss it so quickly.
Give me one reason why not.
Because whether or not you like it, art teaches us.
It changes our opinions.
- It translates our experiences.
- Mm.
It does.
Give me something tangible.
Teaches them motor skills.
- Mm-hmm.
- Creativity.
Cultural awareness.
Art therapy is the most proven technique with returning vets with PTSD.
I'll give you that.
You and your team, you want to find The Cube because, what, you think it's being traded on the black market.
I respect that.
I want to find this piece of painted canvas because it speaks to me and to a lot of other people out there.
And because your boss hated writing that $40 million check.
That's why you want that canvas.
Now what? Now we wait.
Guys, something's afoot.
Uh, I think you mean "the game is afoot.
" Uh, trust me, this is no game.
What's going on? So, new chatter about The Cube.
Supposedly, the painting is still in L.
, but it's on the move.
- When? - Today.
All I have is this address in Hollywood.
- Shall we? - Yeah, let's roll.
Before thou let'st slip.
I got you.
That's Shakespeare, and Eric would've got it.
Well, this is it.
Someone's inside.
Back door open! Son of a - Clear.
- Clear.
Anything? Uh, whoever was outside was gone by the time I got out there.
Well, that's unfortunate.
If that painting was here, it's not anymore.
This one's my favorite.
That one freaks me out.
That one does nothing for me.
This one freaks me out, which is why I like staring at it.
- Mm.
- I made some calls.
There's a lot of really cool stuff floating around out there, but it doesn't come cheap.
Is there anything in L.
, or is everything in New York? Bitch.
Screw New York.
The world revolves around L.
Here's the number.
Good luck, if you, like, believe in it.
I don't.
Me, either.
Holy guacamole.
What's up, Nell? We have breaking news, and none of it good.
So, I traced the number Kensi got from the art gallery to none other than Christina Ng.
That little minx.
You mean our fancy auctioneer's running a little something on the side? Not only that, I traced her cell, and earlier today, she was at the house where The Cube was supposed to be.
Maybe that's why it moved again.
We tipped her off when we spoke to her.
Where's Christina now? It looks like she's heading back to the park where you met her earlier.
- Maybe that's her spot.
- Uh-huh.
Tell Callen, Kensi and Deeks to meet us there.
Will do.
There's Christina.
But not the painting.
Guys, something's about to happen.
Knife! Hey! Hey! Christina, you okay? Nell, we're gonna need an ambulance.
You okay? Son of a I was really hoping you were gonna run, 'cause I haven't tackled anybody in, like, a week.
Get up, get Get up.
Next time, I get the old guy.
Take this off, take this off.
Christina, - where is the art? - Well, that's the problem.
What-what is the problem? Christina, where's the art? That's what I'm trying to tell you.
I don't know anymore.
It's gone.
Do you want to go first, or should we? I never meant for this to happen.
Which part? The selling multimillion-dollar pieces of art on the black market or letting the operation spiral out of control? And start from the beginning.
Everything was fine.
I had the next buyer for The Cube all lined up.
Who was it? Oliver Yang.
The guy whose bodyguard tried to kill you and cut your arm.
He's a Chinese real estate tycoon.
But something tells me he wasn't exactly interested in The Cube for some new mixed-use investment, now, was he? No, he's not.
Why was he so upset? Because the art is gone.
It was supposed to be in a house in Hollywood.
We know.
I was there, but the painting wasn't.
Who has it? I don't know.
Who had it last? A family from Saudi Arabia.
The Ajams.
What did they want to do with it? Ticktock, Christina.
Come on.
Come on! They wanted it to fund a cache of explosives.
And you were okay with that? Nell, did you get all that? Yep.
Checked Christina's phone, looking for cell phones belonging to members of the Ajam family here in Los Angeles.
That's weird.
I'm getting a bunch of hits at the Hotel Palermo - in Hollywood.
- That must be the place.
Okay, I'm sending photos to your phones so you know who you're looking for, and I'll tell Kensi and Deeks to meet you there.
All right, got it.
Okay, guys, it looks like those cell phones are all converging in the ballroom.
Well, looks like we're going dancing.
Everything looks okay.
- Federal agents! - Federal agents! Hands up.
Put your hands up.
Hands up.
Stop moving.
Stop moving.
On the ground.
On your knees now.
- Get down.
- Nice and easy.
I got 'em.
I got you.
Don't do Here we go.
Thank you.
Don't mind me.
If I could possibly If you could just That's okay, I had I had her right where I wanted her.
I was fine.
I was fine.
Really? Deeks, watch him.
I'm gonna need that.
Uh, careful with The Rectangle.
I know, I know.
It's The Cube.
And it's $40 million.
Yeah, it's probably worth it.
Can I hold it? Can you afford it? So, did the Colombians fold? Faster than a pair of lawn chairs.
Yep, they revealed the location of their stockpile of explosives, which are now in NCIS custody, - as are Christina Ng and the Garcias.
- Wow.
Did you guys get to see The Cube? How was it? We did, yeah.
Ugh, I'm so jealous.
- Was it incredible? - It was incredible.
Of course it was incredible.
Uh, Kensi, how would you put it? Um, I-I would put it that it didn't really do anything for me, per se.
- I didn't get it.
- Really? Yeah, I mean, we respect your opinion.
- Totally respect.
- I just don't want it to be awkward or anything.
- Not awkward or anything.
- Mm-hmm, um, but I don't really see what all the fuss is about.
I mean, a three-year-old could've done it.
You could've done it with your left hand.
I could've done it with my left foot.
Well, to each, guys.
Thank you both so much.
No, we're just happy that thing can go back to being a piece of art.
And I owe you.
It's true.
This investigation would've taken a lot longer without your help, so thank you.
Not what I meant.
I owe Katherine a big fat check.
Well, you-you mean you owe her company for the insurance money.
You guys, Katherine is the insurance company.
The whole thing is her show.
You said you were an insurance agent.
You drew your own conclusions.
- Then why were you - Working the case? Because I care.
And because I still like to get my hands dirty.
I was not expecting that.
I was not expecting that at all.