NCIS Los Angeles s11e07 Episode Script

Concours D'Elegance

1 Roger, don't you dare tag me in that.
Not what I was expecting for a late-night fast food order.
- It's ironic.
- This is a lot of irony.
Yes, it is.
And it's all thanks to "S3cnd.
" What's Second? No, S3cnd, not Second.
The E's a "3" and there's no "O.
" Subtle difference.
S3cnd is? Bam.
Hot new watch brand.
Just signed a sponsorship.
Hey, find me on the gram for a discount code.
Will do.
Uh, and just No, I tipped on the card.
I tipped on the card.
According to this, you you didn't.
Yeah! Oh, my God.
Um, hold on! - What the hell happened? - Call 911! - Oh, my God.
- What happened? - Did he pass out? - No, I don't think so.
Get back.
Logging some weekend range time, are we? Yeah, I'm practicing some Mozambique Drills.
Not bad, lady.
Could be better.
I'd prefer to fight hand to hand.
And I prefer not to fight at all.
In-in the ring, opponents are so much easier to read and react to.
The counters are intuitive.
But as soon as you add firearms to the mix, that control completely vanishes.
I mean isn't control a bit of an illusion in the first place? You want to spar with me and find out? I'm gonna take a rain check on that, thank you very much.
Um oh, have you heard any more about your transfer to the D.
field office? Actually, I withdrew my request.
You did? After Iran, Hetty and I had a talk, and she thought it might be better if I took an off-the-books trip instead.
- Uh-huh.
- That's kind of why I'm here.
Well, I am very familiar with Hetty's brand of trip.
Oh, yeah? How long do they usually take? Sometimes it could be a few days, sometimes a few weeks; other times, it's a bit back and forth.
And how do you know if you're ready for something like that? Honestly, you don't.
I mean, I didn't.
But I will share with you something an old, somewhat cranky, but always wise friend once told me: Never belittle yourself.
You have to trust the work that got you here today.
And whatever this trip entails, Hetty believes in you.
And if Hetty thinks you're ready, then you're ready.
How does she know, though, hmm? We don't know each other very well, and she's still a mystery to me.
Welcome to the club.
I've known that woman for ten years, and she still continues to surprise me.
But you put a lot of trust in her.
I do, and that's because she's proven worthy time and time again.
Ooh I guess it's a good thing you are here today.
We just caught a case.
- All right.
- Let's go.
Guys, what's going on? It's Saturday; Saturdays are for surfing, and the pier is firing three to four, so this better be good.
Well, I wouldn't say "good" so much as, uh, not good.
Yeah, with a strong potential for downright bad.
There was a shooting last night outside of a party hosted by Zane Von Bohlen.
- I'm sorry, who? - No, no, I got this.
He's a professional golfer.
- Uh, nope.
- He's a celebrity chef.
- He's a circus folk.
Small hands, smell of cabbage.
Internet personality and video game streamer.
Ooh, so close.
Why did I not know that was a career path? Wait, is it too late for a do-over? Yeah, I felt the same, especially when I heard that his income is eight figures.
Sorry, what? Eight figures? Okay, excuse me, I'm gonna go write a strongly worded letter to my guidance counselor in high school.
Okay, all right, hold your horses, Donkey Kong.
Was this Zane guy the actual victim? Uh, no, that would be Andre Vizquel, and that's where we come in.
So Vizquel is an engineer who works on a Navy project for Donington Labs.
It's a DARPA contractor.
Uh, he was shot twice at close range last night, and he's currently in surgery.
We're still waiting on security footage, but records show Vizquel accessing his lab late last night.
It's not out of the ordinary for him, but a check this morning shows key electronics missing from a prototype of a new UUV that Donington is working on.
Right, and when you say "UUV," we all know that you mean the, uh Unmanned underwater vehicle.
It's basically an undersea drone.
Donington's design is a next-gen recon model with advanced sonar.
It's capable of working solo or in swarms, and it would allow our subs to pinpoint adversaries without giving away their own locations.
The stolen circuitry has encrypted memory, but if someone cracked that, then they could reverse engineer the drone, and if that happened Our subs would be at risk themselves.
A preliminary search of Vizquel's apartment turned up nothing, but a lawsuit was recently filed against him for late payment on multiple loans.
Well, that could be the motive for the theft.
Was he invited to this party? Uh, no.
We have no idea what he was doing there, but Callen and Sam are currently on their way to the scene.
Meanwhile, Vizquel's boyfriend, Franklin Shapiro, is waiting for Vizquel to get out of surgery.
We'll head there.
Keep us updated.
Good luck, guys.
You're telling me he bought all this with money he made from people watching him play video games? He really made his money from ad sharing, sponsorships and merchandise, but basically, yeah.
I don't even know where to start.
It's not my fault it happened on my property.
Zane Von Bohlen? Not so loud, bro.
I really need this deal.
Listen to me.
You got to lay low.
I didn't even do anything.
- Nice cars.
- Give it some time.
Ugh, I got to call you back.
That Ferrari must move out.
You're kidding, right? These never leave the garage.
- They're investments.
- Wait, so you never drive them? - Ever? - I don't even have a license.
Love cars, though.
Think of this as an automotive art gallery.
Well, we just have a few questions for you.
I have more than a few.
I already talked to the cops.
We're not cops.
- And that means? - It means the man who was shot, Andre Vizquel, was a Naval researcher.
He was working on some classified projects.
Which makes it a matter of national security.
Like my day's not going bad enough? I've been doing damage control with my PR team all morning.
To think, you weren't even the one who got shot.
We know Vizquel wasn't on the guest list, - but what about the shooter? - Never got a good look.
And none of my security cameras caught anything.
Apparently, I've got blind spots! Do you have a list of who was here? I mean, not on hand.
Can you put one together? Like, now? Yeah, like, now.
If Vizquel's desperate for cash, he could be trying to offload the tech.
Well, with this sort of crowd, there's gonna be more than a few that have money to burn and questionable judgment.
What do you want from me? I don't even know when he'll be out of surgery.
We understand this is upsetting, Franklin, but we're just trying to get to the bottom of what happened.
Do you know why Andre would be in Brentwood last night? No idea.
I had plans after work, and we were supposed to meet up later, but he never showed.
This would be easier if I had any idea what was going on in there.
Does he ever talk about his work? He was shot outside a social influencer's party.
What would that have to do with his job? Well, something was taken from his lab last night before the shooting.
And you think he had something to do with it? We're just trying to get the full picture.
Do you know anything about a lawsuit against Andre over late payments on some loans? First I'm hearing of it.
What were you doing before you were supposed to meet with Andre? Excuse me.
I need some help.
I asked what you were doing last night.
I-I met a friend for dinner.
That sounds fun.
Where did you eat? Oh, um Animal.
That's Andre's mom.
Do you mind? - No.
Go ahead.
- Of course.
Striking me as a tad bit defensive.
That's an understatement.
He's obviously hiding something.
Maybe he's covering for Vizquel.
Maybe they hatched this scheme together.
Maybe we should check on his story.
Should be a crime, G.
Keeping those beauties in the garage.
What's wrong with treating a car like a piece of art? - You can't be serious.
- Well, I'm just saying.
It's-it's an investment for him.
Look, if you had a-a Picasso, you're not gonna take it off the wall and play with it.
If it had 600 horsepower, I would.
Well, that's a little excessive.
Who needs 600 horsepower? - I mean, come on.
- I do.
I do.
The Hellcat has 717.
With the right key.
See that? Right.
That's a good time.
But that that's a very good time.
- Let me see that.
- No, no, no, no, no.
No one touches my red key.
I still think it's a little excessive.
It doesn't change the point.
I mean, cars are meant to be driven.
Here you go.
Should be everyone.
You know, this has all been a bit much.
Am I free to go lie down? Yeah, you do that.
Lay on your tummy.
You seeing what I'm seeing? Juda Ayari.
Any relation to Hamed Ayari of Iran's Guardian Council? It's his playboy son.
If Iran gets their hands on that tech, it can revolutionize their submarine force.
And tip the balance of power in the Gulf.
So, Juda Ayari basically lives his life on social media, and that's why I know he's currently at his weekly appointment at a chakra balancing clinic in Silver Lake.
I'm sending the address to your phones now.
All right.
Thanks, Nell.
It's a damn shame.
Well, give it a few years.
Cars as we know 'em will all end up as museum pieces.
Driverless vehicles.
It's the wave of the future.
No way.
Car culture's too strong.
At least in L.
Are you telling me you wouldn't kick back in a lounge on wheels and let it chauffeur you around town? If I have the option to drive myself? - Hell no.
- Oh, okay.
I guarantee that is one of the things that will blow away your grandchildren.
"Grandpa Sam, were you really alive when you had to drive yourself around in a car?" Well, even if you are right, that's even more of a reason why we should drive these things while we have the chance.
- Speaking of.
- Oh.
What are you doing here? I insure Zane's properties and possessions.
I heard what happened, and I came right over.
- Uh-huh.
- Not before stopping for coffee.
Oh, I can't function without my morning cup of Strinati's.
Making house calls? That's really one of your responsibilities, huh? Like I said, I care.
And I need to check out Zane's car collection.
You know what it is he does with them? Or rather, what he doesn't do with them? Right? It's like pouring a Niepoort 1863 and just looking at it.
If I knew what she was talking about, I might actually get her point.
It's high-end Portuguese wine.
Yeah, okay.
- Are you a connoisseur? - Sommelier.
Yeah, from an undercover op a couple years ago.
And still got certified.
- Oh, okay.
- Yeah, okay.
I'm glad to see nothing's changed.
I'm gonna go in.
You boys, you wrap it up.
Good to see you.
Yeah, uh, good luck getting Zane up from his nap.
So, it turns out that Andre and Franklin are regulars at Animal, but the hostess confirms that Franklin was not there last night.
If I had hackles, they'd be raised.
Andre's out of surgery.
One of the bullets passed through his abdomen without damaging any organs or major blood vessels.
But the other grazed and fractured his skull, causing an epidural hematoma.
He's not out of the woods yet, but he's very lucky, all things considered.
Can we see him now? He's intubated and sedated.
You won't be able to communicate with him.
I'll show you to his room.
We actually just need another word with you.
Really? Now? I'm so sorry, but you were lying about last night.
So you can either start being truthful, or we can go about this a whole nother way.
And by whole nother way, he means handcuffs and waiting a lot longer to see Andre.
I wasn't having dinner.
I was looking at engagement rings.
His mom doesn't know yet.
I went to, like, ten different shops before I found the one.
Which is stupid, because I know he wouldn't care what it looks like.
He's not the type.
But now, seeing all he kept from me, I don't know what to think anymore.
I'm sorry.
Excuse me.
Hey, Nell, what's up? Update.
While Vizquel's badge was used to enter Donington Labs last night, footage shows it actually wasn't him.
I'm sending you a surveillance still now.
Hold on.
That's not Franklin, either.
Yeah, we're not sure who it is.
No matches on facial rec yet, but we'll keep digging.
All right.
Sorry about before.
All this has just really thrown me.
Listen, you're in a really difficult spot.
Sometimes, emotions get the best of us.
Uh, we just have one last question.
Do you recognize this man? Looks like Nick Moore.
He used to work with Andre.
Thought he was a bad influence.
I never got the full story, but he was fired a few months ago.
All right.
Listen, if there are any changes to Andre's condition, please let us know.
I will.
- Good luck.
- Thank you.
Do you know how to spot a blocked chakra? Which one of your chakras is blocked? Anahata? Muladhara? Svadhisthana? Hmm? Oh, you got a blocked svadhisthana? Excuse me.
You Juda Ayari? Namaste.
How may I help you? Agents Hanna and Callen, NCIS.
Were you at a party last night at Zane Von Bohlen's? I was.
At least, until things got real.
I'm glad I scheduled this ol' appointment, 'cause that whole ordeal really threw my shakti out of whack.
How exactly did things get real? Whoa.
Come on, man.
I just cleansed out the negative energy.
Well, I hear two-a-days work wonders, so you can go back in after.
Well, uh, I was having drinks, Mm-hmm.
enjoying myself.
And then we hear these pops, like firecrackers.
But when I ran out, saw some dude that got shot.
But you didn't actually see anything happen? No, but I was recording while it was happening.
Would you guys like to see that? - Yeah.
- Yeah.
God, I think that was a gun.
I'm pretty sure that was a gun.
Oh, my God.
- Rewind that.
- Right there? - Oh, my God.
- Right there.
I'm-a need to send this to my analysts.
Yeah, of course.
So, how close are you with your family? You're really thinking about bringing them into this, too? Let's just say, uh, they don't exactly approve of my life out here.
And, uh, I haven't talked to them in months.
That's, uh, that's pretty much it.
- I'm feeling very blocked up here again.
- Mm-hmm.
I think I'm gonna go, uh, see if they can get me in again right away.
By all means.
There's no way Zane's friends would be caught dead driving that van.
Yeah, making it a lot less likely that the shooter was actually a guest.
Kens, Deeks, I, uh, I checked with Donington, and it looks like Nick Moore was let go because he has a bit of a drinking problem that became a drinking at work problem.
He hasn't held a steady job since.
Nearing his place now.
Thanks, Nell.
So Franklin got me thinking.
Are there still things that you and I don't know about each other? 'Cause I know we agreed to total honesty, - and I'm an open book, I just - Right.
Ha! I'm sorry, what was that? I happen to know that there's at least one deep, dark secret that you haven't told me yet.
Oh, and what, pray tell, may that be? Um, just the small matter of your, um, - past as an exotic dancer.
- No.
- Sorry, stripper.
- Ah.
And the mysterious name under which you performed.
I immediately regret this line of questioning.
- Uh, objection.
Move to strike.
- Oh.
You're not getting out of this that easily, at least, not as easily as your clothes coming off.
Oh, wow.
Did not even see that coming, your little parlay there.
Kens? Nick Moore? Federal agents.
We'd like to talk to you.
Every damn time.
It is officially happening.
Oh! Here we go! Kens, I've been waiting for this moment.
Freeze! Whoa! What the hell was that? Just a new toy from LAPD.
A heads-up would've been nice.
All right, retroactive heads-up.
- Ha, ha.
- Get me out of this thing.
Yeah, yeah, yeah Did you see that? That was amazing.
I've never felt more like Batman in my life.
By the way, don't think that I've forgotten about our little conversation, Mr.
Bruce Wang.
Bruce Wang.
Oh, my God, that's genius.
How come I didn't think of that? - Turn around.
- And next on the main stage, wearing nothing but a cowl is Bruce Wang for your entertainment.
Look familiar? That's funny, 'cause it was found in your apartment, along with plenty others just like it.
If you're sitting there trying to figure out how cooked you are, let me just save you the brain cells.
It's someplace between fricasseed and deep-fried, 'cause we already have you on credit card fraud.
And it's not the garden variety type, either.
Possession of skimming equipment has graduated you to a felony.
Oh, it's getting extra crispy and we haven't even talked about the stolen classified technology or the attempted murder.
Attempted murder? Of who? Your former coworker Andre Vizquel.
You know, the guy you shot twice? Buddy, he is holding on by a thread, and if he dies, you know what you're looking at? First degree murder charge.
Okay, wait.
I-I think you guys got this all wrong.
Okay, look, first off, I've been in a really, a really rough spot lately.
I can't find a job anywhere.
I swear Donington is blacklisting me.
Yeah, we know why you got fired.
So what happened? You turned to credit card skimming? They're simple devices to make.
All you got to do is plant them, let them collect numbers for a few days and then sell the batch on the dark web.
No shortage of buyers.
It's easy money.
Evidently not enough money.
It kept me afloat, barely.
Then one day, I get a strange message from someone who knows an awful lot about me.
My real identity.
My old job, the skimming, all of it.
And they threatened to reveal me, or I could steal something for them from Donington and make a big payday in the process.
Except you weren't just stealing from Donington.
You were putting potentially thousands of sailors' lives at risk.
I don't know anything about that.
I-I just I just know I just wanted the money, okay? It was good money.
It was real good money.
Enough to start over in Mexico.
Get me back on my feet.
Was supposed to be there already by the time they realized the tech was gone.
But that didn't happen.
No, it didn't.
Donington has security flaws, and I knew them.
But I still needed a way in, so I asked Vizquel to drinks after work, swiped his badge.
Went back to the lab, was in and out with the circuit boards no problem.
And then what happened? I planted them on some car in this dude's garage in Brentwood.
So I swapped them out with his entertainment boards and again, no problem.
But when I got back home, Vizquel was waiting for me.
Because he realized you'd taken his badge.
And he was not happy about it.
He got the truth out of me, said he was gonna go get the tech back.
I tried to talk him out of it, I even tried to cut him in, but he just wouldn't listen.
Damn idealist.
And that was it.
That was the last time I saw him.
I swear.
So just to clarify, you were just gonna let him go undo all the work that you had just done? I don't want to hurt anybody.
I just wanted the money.
I figured he'd recover the tech and, you know, that'd be it.
Game over.
I'd go back to skimming.
After he left, I went to the Boot Scoot for the rest of the night.
You can call them and check.
Yeah, we're gonna do that.
We just have one last question.
What kind of car did you put the tech on? Some kind of Ferrari.
You, uh, catch all that? Tech smuggling's outpacing Cold War levels.
Government's cracking down.
Smugglers have to get creative.
Well, it explains why Nick was told to put the circuit boards on the car.
- Mm.
- Problem is, how was the buyer gonna get the car out of the country? Well, I can shed some light.
So, as soon as the crime scene was cleared, Zane's Ferrari was taken to the Long Beach Highline Market.
It's an exclusive private auction.
It's already underway.
Oh, if the tech is on the car, whoever's behind this is gonna be there for the purchase.
Looks like the car's already on display.
- Should I pull it? - No, no.
It might tip off the buyer.
It's too risky to move on it before purchase.
We'll go under, we'll take them as soon as they reveal themselves.
I just got a hit on the van from Zane's party driving in Downey.
All right.
Kens, Deeks, why don't you head over there? Fatima, meet us at the auction.
We're gonna need someone to authenticate the tech - once it's secured.
- Wait, Downey? No.
I don't want to go to Downey.
I want to go to the auction.
Daddy needs a brand-new Batmobile.
Yeah, Daddy and I will stick with the van.
Don't mind him.
Plus, it'll give us more time to finish our conversation on secret identities.
- What is she talking about? - What is she talking about? - Kids today with the Instagram.
- You should be honest with them.
- Enjoy the auction.
- I just want to tell them - why you are so good at dancing.
- Secret identities, huh? Fatima, will you swing by wardrobe and get us something a little more suitable? Will do.
See you in Long Beach.
Nell, how hard is it gonna be to backstop us? Unfortunately, not as easy as I'd hoped.
So it looks like their entire registration system has been air gapped on-site.
I have no access to the guest list.
- Hmm.
- Well, I know someone who might be able to help with that.
Make the call.
Twice in one day.
You must be thinking to yourself: how'd you get so lucky? Wow, and you brought backup this time.
Fatima, I presume? - I love your shoes.
- Ooh.
Are they Jimmy Choo? Oh, I like this one.
You boys could learn something from her.
So, when does Zane's car hit the block? Just a minute, but I want to make something clear.
Nothing is to happen to this vehicle.
Uh, we can't make you any promises.
Our priority is recovering the tech from that car at all costs.
Does your office carry liability insurance? 'Cause that Ferrari's worth about $250,000.
- Probably more.
- Don't worry.
The goal is to be as low profile as possible.
I know I might owe you guys a favor, but if you think for one second I'm gonna take the cost of a quarter of a million dollar claim, I will hold each one of you personally responsible for negligence.
- And it's not gonna be pretty.
- Hmm.
We got this.
Trust me.
I trust you.
My checkbook doesn't.
One more thing.
Registering as buyers requires bank account vetting, so I had to make you sellers.
Sellers of what? Oh, no, no, no, no.
Come on.
Ha, ha.
Once you retrieve the technology, I'll take it off the docket.
You have nothing to worry about.
Trust me.
You know, she's starting to grow on me.
- That's very funny.
- No, she is.
Turning to lot number 16.
All eyes on lot number 16, a 2018 Porsche GT3.
All bidders, paddles ready.
Opening at $100,000.
I have $100,000.
Anyone for 125? I have 125.
Thank you, sir.
Do have $150,000? We're in position, Nell.
Katherine got us a copy of the guest list.
Just sent it to you.
Got it.
I'll see if I can narrow the field.
You don't have a lot of time, Nell.
Zane's car is up next.
Thank you.
Now do we have 175? - Ooh.
- Katherine, baby.
Added a new toy to my collection.
- Need to add it to my policy.
- Mm.
Fitting addition.
I'll be in touch.
All right.
Kurt Hovorka.
Proof that money doesn't buy taste.
What's your style, then? If you could buy any car in the world, what would it be? Easy.
I already have it.
The 911? It's classic in its own right, but no.
1965 Pontiac Catalina 2+2.
Really? 421, right? That's right.
Just like my dad's.
Some of my earliest memories are my father working on that "nimble brute.
" Summer nights, oldies on the radio.
He'd give me these Fudgsicles and they would just I'd be so focused on what we were doing, they'd just melt on my hand.
And my mom would call us in and I'd have to wash my hands off with the hose.
Sold! To bidder number 20 for $225,000.
Thank you.
Any hits, Nell? Pick your poison.
Drugs, financial crimes.
It only gets worse from there.
All with deep pockets.
Could be any one of them.
Next up, lot number 17, a 2018 Ferrari 488 S.
Opening bid: $150,000.
Do I have $150,000? And I have $150,000.
Anyone for 175? All right.
Keep your eyes peeled.
Be ready to move on the winner.
Thank you.
How about $250,000? 250, anyone? 2 And I have $250,000.
Do I hear 275? 275.
Thank you.
Now at $275,000.
We're down to two bidders.
Who are they? That's Hamilton McClintock, owner of a hotel conglomerate.
And that's Mr.
Ju Yeung.
He's a Singaporean millionaire.
Well, it looks like they're both suspicious in their own right.
Uh, McClintock's funding sources are questionable at best, while Yeung is suspected of international black market dealings.
Yeung may be our man.
Fair warning at 325.
Going once New bidder.
For $400,000.
Who's that? I don't know who that is.
I've never seen her before.
going twice And sold, to bidder number 52 Winner was bidder 52.
Looks like that's Tarpena Joyce.
Gonna run a background on her now.
Though I will say, at first glance, surprisingly clean.
Keep eyes on Yeung and McClintock.
We'll get Tarpena, secure the car.
present this 2015 Porsche 918 Spyder.
It is a plug-in hybrid Tarpena Joyce? Yes? What is this about? NCIS.
We have some questions.
Kens, Deeks, the van pulled into the warehouse you're approaching 15 minutes ago and it hasn't left.
Copy that.
I got a gun.
Well, that doesn't look good.
Yeah, he's gone.
It's probably the triggerman for Vizquel's shooting.
Well, whoever wanted him dead really wanted him dead.
Not a lot of subtlety happening here.
What do you got? This is where the shooter was, and this is a lot of brass.
Probably a submachine gun.
They ambushed him.
No way he would've seen them hiding back there when he pulled in.
Well, this is a 9x18 Makarov.
Russian? Great.
They already got a serious submarine fleet.
Now you add this drone tech to the mix Then our entire Navy would be at risk.
Tech's still here.
Got to check the other boards, but the encryption is still intact.
What's going on? That's my car she's tearing apart.
Actually, it's not yet.
It's very curious that you bid so far over the top.
Why? I wanted to make a statement, and I did.
Kensi and Deeks found Vizquel's shooter dead.
He was I.
'd as a local hired gun, but he may have been taken out by Russian agents.
Hey, guys, Tarpena Joyce is a fake identity, albeit a very well put together one.
Looks like the suspect's real name is Tarpena Damevski.
She was recently exposed as "TaDa.
" She is a prolific hacker, and she's wanted for stealing and selling state secrets on the dark web.
Only problem is she's from Macedonia, so, uh, I'm not sure how this fits in with the whole Russian angle.
Russians hire out a lot of hackers.
Well, it may just be that TaDa got tired of freelancing.
How we doing so far? Whatever they promised you, I can guarantee you're not getting it now.
The only way for you to help your cause is to start talking.
I couldn't stay in Macedonia after I was exposed, so I reached out to an FSB contact, and they said if I delivered the drone tech, Russia would give me amnesty.
Only I couldn't access the tech remotely.
So you hired Nick Moore to steal it and plant it on the car.
And you hired another guy to protect it till it got here, which he did until he shot Vizquel.
- Making a real mess of things.
- Yeah.
Is that why you had the Russians take him out? What? No.
I did no such thing.
I thought I was here by myself.
You know, if Russia really wanted the tech, they probably sent an FSB team to make sure they got it.
Well, if that is the case and they're trying to tie up loose ends, there's only one left.
Uh, guys? Don't do anything rash.
We just want the girl.
Move now.
Go, go.
All of you.
I'd say we're already in rash territory.
Oh, yeah.
Come with me.
They still need her to crack the encryption.
You don't have to do this.
As soon as you give them what they want, they're gonna kill you.
I'm sorry.
Hey, no need to do that.
Give the lady some space.
Don't worry about me.
We can't just let you leave like this.
Ah! We lose that car, we may never see the tech again.
On them.
- What're you doing? - I'm not taking my eyes off that car.
- Get out.
- I'm not getting out.
You can come over here and pull me out, - or you can keep driving.
- Buckle up.
A little outnumbered here, Fatima.
I'm working on it.
He's running.
Nell, I'm headed south.
Give me some backup.
Ugh, not so close.
So I'm guessing a PIT maneuver's out of the question? Are you kidding? How about a spike strip? That car has no ground clearance.
You're gonna pull out the whole undercarriage.
You want to catch them or don't you? Thanks for the assist.
Well, you've got a funny definition of assist.
Hold on.
Don't even think about it.
- You all right? - Not so fast.
- Don't do it.
- You okay? Tech's safe.
Not bad.
Not bad? That was next level.
Russians are already denying any ties to the gunmen, but Tarpena is cooperating, so it should be a wealth of information on dark web trafficking.
Fatima's on her way with the tech back to the lab.
Unfortunately, we're gonna have the trouble of listing it again, but I have to give you credit, the car was untouched, just like you promised.
I am a man of my word.
Hey, so this Hellcat, it has some serious power.
You mind if I take her for a spin with you? Yeah.
Good luck with that.
Getting Sam to let anyone else behind the wheel is kind of like pulling teeth - She'll appreciate it.
- I wouldn't? You? Mr.
"I wouldn't drive unless I have to"? I don't think so.
Uh, what about the, uh, what about the GSA? What about GSA? Misuse of federal property does come with a mandatory 30-day suspension without pay.
She'll be supervised.
Oh, yeah? Sure about that? Hey.
So is, uh, Donington glad to have their tech back? Very much so, and they're adamant they're going to take a good hard look at their security measures.
Oh, good.
Well, they should.
Oh, my God, I almost forgot.
A little something for your trip.
It's only my favorite book of all time.
I find it's nice to have a little escape, you know, even if it's just for a few minutes.
You know, I've actually never read it.
What? Okay, well, then trust me when I say that, outside of Hetty, nothing provides perspective like Atticus Finch.
Well, I'll bring it back in one piece.
No, no, keep it.
I mean, I practically know it by heart, so All right, so when do you shove off? Tomorrow.
- Wow.
That came up quick.
- Yeah.
Well, I would say good luck, but you don't need it.
Thanks, Nell.
Seriously, you're gonna be great.
How's he doing? They're cutting back the sedation.
He's opening his eyes.
He even squeezed my hand.
Listen, we, uh, we need you to know that we were wrong before about Andre.
He was just trying to recover the stolen technology.
He might get a slap on the wrist for not reporting the theft, but his heart's in the right place.
I appreciate it, but I still have so many questions.
I mean, why did he keep his debt from me? I don't know, man, maybe he was just embarrassed.
Only thing to do now is just to talk to him.
The point is you guys got a second chance.
And we know a lot about those.
Don't let it slip away, okay? I won't.
- Good luck.
- Thanks.
Hmm? My, uh my stage name was Jack.
Jack as in my ex Jack? Babe, is that why you didn't want to tell me? What? No, not like your ex Jack.
No, like Jack from Titanic.
You know, "I'm gonna draw you naked" Jack.
What's that? What's that look? - Jack Dawson? - Yeah.
I mean, it was 1997.
I was riding the zeitgeist wave, and I just didn't want to tell you 'cause I didn't want to tarnish your favorite movie.
- Tarnish? - What? Tarnish?! No.
You could never tarn Sorry.
No, I just really love that movie.
- Yeah, what is happening? - I'm very excited.
- Did you have the hair? - Do the hair? Yeah, I straightened it and I parted it.
And if you want to know the truth, I killed it.
I mean, it was just like the ladies just - slinging presidents.
- Do you still have the outfit? Of course I still have the outfit.
Do you want to talk about what's happening right now? 'Cause you're, like, - flushed, and you're red.
- I am gonna talk about it, but I'm gonna do it Kat, Mindy, Mandy, Tiffany and Tiffany.
Oh, no.
No, no.
Let's not Let's not do that, - 'cause this listen.
- They have known about this fantasy - for a long time.
- This is my secret that I have now given to you, and it's our secret.
What I need you to do i-is lock it up and then take that key and throw it away like it's the Heart of the Ocean.
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