NCIS Los Angeles s11e10 Episode Script


1 (ENGINE REVVING) I'm home.
AUTOMATED VOICE: Voice recognition authenticated.
Welcome home, Mr.
You must be out of your mind, breaking in here.
You know who I am? Huh?! I'm gonna get your whole family.
Every last one of 'em.
I'm gonna gut you.
You? You died.
Aah! (GRUNTING) What? What do you want from me? Everything.
- Twos and threes to 21? - Yeah.
- Okay? - Yeah.
Winning team, Hetty's courtside Clippers seats against the Lakers tonight.
- Let's get it.
- Done.
Easy money, Sniper.
Age before beauty.
- Talking about easy money, huh? - What you got? (GRUNTS) One more.
Sell it.
Ready? CALLEN: Curly Neal's got nothing on you, baby.
Curly Neal's got nothing.
- (SLAP) - (GRUNTS) - Oh! Oh! - No, no, no, clean, clean, - clean, clean, clean.
- You just grabbed my hand! - Take it to the line.
She gets two.
- You totally grabbed my hand.
- You're not gonna call that.
- I heard a smack - all the way to Cincinnati.
- Toss me the ball.
- You grabbed my hand, you cheater.
- (LAUGHING) Why don't you take two.
CALLEN: Whoa, whoa.
Wh - What was that? - What was what? Did you just shoot that underhand? Uh, yeah.
And in case you guys didn't notice, - it went in.
- Unlike your jump shot.
Pretty sure that's where you say touché.
- KENSI: Yeah, yeah.
- (WHISTLE BLOWING) Hey, how come no one called me to suit up? - (WHISTLES) - I got game.
I got mad hops.
I can take it to the rack.
I think you just answered your question.
Well, your loss.
Change out of your muscle tees and tight pants, 'cause we got a possible security breach.
What do we have here? You are looking at it.
This is why you had us cut our workout short? What is she, lost? Not likely.
She's staring directly into the security camera.
Maybe she can't help it.
Same thing I do every time I walk into a Walmart.
You stare into the security camera? - You shop at Walmart? - We should talk more.
NELL: What is she doing? Set up a perimeter.
That box could be a bomb.
Put the box on the ground.
Hands behind your head, interlace your fingers.
Now turn around.
Walk towards me.
Get her.
Walk back.
Get her prints.
Take her to Interrogation.
You're the bomb expert.
You want to open it? I'm over my union quota.
DEEKS: Got to be honest, that is pretty impressive.
You managed to not talk the whole drive over here.
So what do you have to say for yourself? You want to explain why you hand-delivered a super-suspicious box to NCIS? No? You don't want to do that? ROGERS: I've got a flight back to D.
in six hours, and I have an affinity for my appendages, so talk fast and defuse faster.
- What are you doing here? - I was promised sandwiches.
Wait, are there no sandwiches? Why aren't you talking fast? Uh, yes, sir.
The good news is the box is clean.
It's not a bomb.
What's the bad news? You might prefer the bomb.
Little love letter from one of your exes? "Through me you go into a city of weeping; "through me you go into eternal pain; "through me you go amongst the people lost.
" I would have preferred a bomb.
What is that? It's a quote.
A quote from what? Dante's Inferno.
I'm running everything on our box lady.
Prints, facial recognition.
Uh, cross-referencing with NSA, MI6, - Nothing.
- Really? She hasn't appeared in a single database.
She's a ghost.
Yes, a ghost with the classified location of your operations center.
I don't believe in ghosts.
Well, Eric'll find her, because that's what he does.
That and "the basketball.
" I'm not taking the bait.
Speaking of finding things, I found out who our hacked-off hand belongs to.
Yeah? Who's the owner? One Barrett Fimmel.
He was CIA, former director of covert operations.
His division ran mission work in North Africa and the Middle East from 1998 to 2008.
What kind of missions? Oh, you know destabilization for the eradication of influential peoples.
- He was an assassin.
- No.
According to the little information we could pull from the redacted file, he trained - the assassins.
- NELL: Uh, car crashes, overdoses, heart attacks.
What happened in 2008? He became a private contractor, working for the highest bidder.
Less oversight, more money.
I wonder if it was worth a hand.
Look, this guy is either dead or being held captive by a sociopathic poet.
- And we need to find him fast.
- Agreed.
Sorry, guys, I have no addresses for Fimmel.
Did our mystery guest give up anything that would help fill in some of these blanks? Sadly, not a word.
- Callen, Sam.
- With pleasure.
Good luck.
So there's three ways this plays out.
The first way, you spend the rest of your time in a cell.
- G.
- Second - Sending these to Eric.
- Sit tight.
What the hell just happened? We were in there for, like, two hours, she gave us nothing.
Callen mumbles, like, two sentences, and she's dishing out her ATM like candy corn.
Don't worry, Deeks, I don't judge a fish by his ability to climb a tree.
Guys, both locations Sam sent us are legit.
The first one is an industrial warehouse downtown owned by a shell corp out of Liberia.
The second location is a palatial estate - in the hills, also owned by - Bette Midler? Nope.
Same shell corp out of Liberia.
Well, that is decisively less compelling.
What is interesting is that both properties are completely off the grid.
Uh, no electric, phone, plumbing, water running to their properties.
They're fully self-sufficient.
Somebody's preparing for the impending zombie apocalypse.
Or they know something we don't.
Sam and I'll take the warehouse.
Why don't you two hit the hills.
Got it.
- Okay.
- Done.
Recognize that? I can't tell.
Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria.
We'd do about three of those a day.
Oh, that's just the ones we know about.
He's got enough tech in here to do a space launch.
Must be where Fimmel ran his operation.
Uh So somebody went all piñata on it and cut his hand off.
(PHONE RINGING) That you? Nope.
What the hell? Deeks, I just found a teacup full of blood.
What? You mean, like, metaphorical blood, right? Like, the like the blood of Christ? Like you find a teacup full of communion wine? No.
And you say you're over your quota.
Looks clean.
NCIS Agent Callen.
Who is this? MAN: My brother, I am you when the pennies drop.
Once the favorite son, now a fallen angel.
Well, I'm sorry to hear that.
Where's Barrett Fimmel? What have you done with him? I've saved humanity from his transgressions.
Kens, you need to see this.
Where is he? Where's Fimmel? Tell Mother that I'm coming home.
Oh, my God.
NELL: Ahkos is Greek.
It's from an ancient dialect, pre-antiquity.
What does it mean? Well, in its most accurate translation: "The grief of the people.
" He referred to himself as the fallen, the favorite son, and me as the brother and, uh, "tell Mother I'm coming home.
" Any ideas who this psycho's mother could be? HETTY: Me.
The message was meant for me.
I am mother.
Beale, I just sent you a file.
ERIC: Okay, it says here that, um, his family sent him away of Serowe, Botswana.
(CHUCKLES) They thought he was "duiwel gebore" Devil Born.
He wasn't.
He was just a young boy with a lot of potential.
The kind of potential that scares most people away? He was just looking for the same things all of us - look for.
- A mother.
A home, an identity, and something to keep the darkness at bay.
So you took him in? Trained him? I did.
In 2006, he was commandeered by the state department to participate in a black site R&D project for the military.
Fimmel took Ahkos away from you? (SIGHS) Yes.
And the knife that was in Fimmel's hand? That was the last thing I gave Ahkos.
A parting gift.
According to this file, he was killed during an operation in Pakistan more than a decade ago? Our mystery woman's given us another set of coordinates.
Where is it? Sam and I will go.
It's the Hollywood West Cemetery, but there's something else.
She wrote a note below the address.
"For Mother Only.
" You're not going in there alone.
We'll set up a perimeter.
We'll use your tracking lapel and overwatch.
CALLEN: Overwatch spray and tracking lapels are active.
She is not happy about it.
What do we got? ERIC: Do you want to high five me now or do you want to wait wait till I tell you why I'm a genius? I always find it's faster just to get the high five out of the way.
All right, start talking, Beale.
(CLEARS THROAT) I traced the location of the cell phone made to the severed hand Callen found.
It was routed off a sat phone four times around the world, but, call me Carmen Sandiego He's about to take back that high five.
I have an address.
I also have this.
This is four days ago.
Now, her fake passport is Canadian, but her flight originated in Pakistan.
Good work, Eric.
All right.
We'll visit the location, you guys send the passport information to Rogers.
Real talk, can I ask you a question? No.
(CHUCKLES) - G - Look, every time you start a conversation with "real talk," I know you want me to have some sort of existential crisis, and sometimes I would rather just sit here and not question my life choices.
Do you love what we do? Is this what you wanted to do with your life? What, sit at a cemetery and wait for some psychopaths to murder my coworker? No.
I mean, I had a whole life before I joined the Navy.
I had all these amazing experiences made me fall in love with this country.
That's why I wanted to serve.
I became a SEAL so I could do everything I could to preserve this world for Michelle, for the kids, God willing, for their kids.
You ever ask yourself why you do this? You got pulled in so young, it's like it's the only world you've ever known.
Truth is, you don't have any kids.
You never talk about wanting them.
Why do you do this? Why do you risk your life for it? HETTY: "To get back up "to the shining world from there, "my guide and I went into that hidden tunnel, "and following its path "through a round aperture, "I saw appear "some of the most beautiful things "that heaven bears, "where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.
" SAM: Hetty's got company.
Where is he? - We need that update from Rogers.
- That's not good.
Callen? Sam? Kensi? Deeks? Oh, my God, the whole system is down.
Emergency protocol, Beale.
So why did you leave Pakistan? Says here your name is Norma Baker, citizen of Canada, but that's not your real name or where you were born.
Your given name is Natasha Ali, daughter of Zakir and Ayesha Ali.
Born outside the city of Quetta in Pakistan.
Why did you leave, Natasha? I'd be willing to bet it's got something to do with the scars on your face.
Where did you get them? These scars are the scorched earth of your foreign policy.
I hope you've enjoyed it, because the debt has now come due.
Henrietta's debt has now come due.
- Switch.
- All right.
- Clear.
- Clear.
What is this? What is that? Hold on, let me just get this picture.
(SHUTTER CLICKING) Generators are up, but we don't have operational power? - Comms are down.
Surveillance is down.
- Landline.
I can't even pull up a tracker.
Guys, all the comms are down.
It's not a meet.
Rogers says - get Hetty out of there.
He's gonna kill her.
What could I have said to raise you from the dead Oh, could I be the sky On the Fourth of July? Well, you do enough talk My little hawk, why do you cry? "The path to paradise begins in hell.
" Deeks! That sounds promising.
From the Tillamook burn - What the hell? - Deeks! No! Kensi! Eric, why are the comms down? All I'm getting is static.
ERIC: Maybe we got hit with an EMP.
I'm trying to get it back online.
What do you mean he's trapped inside a room with a bomb? - G, which way do we go? - What direction did they head? Eric, get eyes on that lapel pin now.
SAM: We need a bomb squad at the electric building yesterday.
NELL: Yeah, I need an ETA on the bomb squad.
We have an agent trapped inside.
Nell is on it.
The tracking lapel is still not online.
Eric, we're just sitting here without direction.
What about overwatch? Bomb squad ETA is 15 minutes.
Callen, overwatch still hasn't pulled up yet, a-and tell Sam that they're 15 minutes away.
Bomb squad's 15 out.
You tell Rogers he needs to interrogate faster.
Kensi, the bomb squad is 15 away.
- G, we need a direction.
- Where are we going, Eric? Uh, well, there are about 15 helipads to the west of you and 200 to the east.
- East it is.
- On our way.
Let's go.
Bomb squad is on the way.
How much-how much time on the clock? 11 minutes.
What's the bomb squad's ETA? Baby! Wrong side of 11.
Clearly, this country has hurt you.
Perhaps it was orders, perhaps it was an accident.
But we were responsible.
And you're angry.
I understand.
But Ahkos isn't some idealist trying to take down the evil empire.
He's after Henrietta Lange.
And you're helping him with his personal vendetta, so it begs the question.
What do I owe him? Eight years ago, my family held a celebration for my older brother's wedding in our home.
We were all inside, dancing, laughing.
I can still see the smile on his face when the whole world turned to fire.
In an instant, everything, everyone was gone.
Some American drone operator with no concept of want or lack, sitting behind a computer somewhere, casually pressed a button and wiped every person I have ever loved from the face of this planet.
When I came to Ahkos was carrying me away from the scene.
He saved my life.
And then he trained me.
Showed me how to identify tyranny through the veil of lies.
ERIC: Wait, you said the chopper had no tail ID a-and they're not broadcasting any transponder codes, so I (BEEPING) Oh, my God.
- CALLEN: What? - Hetty's lapel pin just came online in the middle of Echo Park Lake.
- Which means what? - They just crashed, found the device or they just threw Hetty out of the helicopter into the lake.
You need to pull up overwatch now.
Tell him not to touch any of the wires.
- Hey! - (POUNDING ON DOOR) Sam says don't touch any of the wires! DEEKS: Don't touch any of the wires? I cant can't even get to the wires, let alone frickin' touch them.
Can he see what type of explosives? - Hey.
- What? Can you see what type of explosive? Is it-is it C Is it C-4?! I can't Get back! Clear! - Hey.
- We're about nine minutes away from talking about me in the past tense.
Why hasn't overwatch come online? Hetty, you did this.
CALLEN: Has the tracking pin moved? Uh uh, no.
The tracking lapel is still in the middle of Echo Park Lake.
We got to hit that lake.
G, there is no way that Ahkos went through all that work to pick her up in a helicopter just to throw her out.
His guys probably found the tracking lapel and tossed it.
You want to take that chance? You want to take the chance that she's not? We make that detour, we lose precious minutes.
Fine, we go straight downtown.
Can't believe I'm gonna say this, but you need to drive faster.
I am sorry for your loss.
Our intel about your father was Inaccurate.
Zakir Ali was a good man.
A kind man who did nothing but help others and love his family, and you killed him.
Yes, the information was incorrect.
But what you don't know is where we got that information.
ERIC: Guys, LAPD just got a call.
There's a body floating in the middle of Echo Park Lake.
Son of a bitch.
They threw her out.
Come on, baby.
Come on, baby.
You son of a bitch.
(SHOUTS) (PANTING) (GRUNTS) - All right.
Bad decision! Get an ambulance to Echo Park now! - ERIC: We got her.
- What? Her overwatch marker flashed for a second just west of downtown.
It's not her.
- Damn it, Sam, are you there? - Yeah, sorry.
Can he identify any of the components? Wh Uh, can you identify any of the components? Yeah, I mean, w-we g-we got C-4, we got three mercury switches.
I got two looks like batteries for cordless drills.
We got C-4, we got, uh, three mercury switches and, uh, uh, two batteries that look like they're from cordless drills.
- What else? - KENSI: What else? I mean, I don't know.
It looks like an episode of Hoarders in here.
Baby, I can't disarm this bomb.
Okay Oh, my God.
What? Kensi, what? Baby? We need that bomb squad in here now! This is what happens when you try to play God in the lives of those you say you love.
Guys, her overwatch marker hasn't flashed again, so I'm looking at buildings downtown with a helipad.
Look, we're nine minutes out.
You got to narrow it down.
NELL: Guys, bomb squad is still six minutes out.
That is not good enough.
(GRUNTS) Tell Rogers if we don't get a final destination, Hetty is going to be dead.
Kensi, we got four minutes.
Please stop.
I need to tell you something.
Baby, sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night - and I can't breathe.
- What? I wake up and I and the world is narrow and claustrophobic, and I feel like my-my chest is caving in and I feel like I'm gonna die.
What? What? But then, I look at you Granted, you're usually drooling on yourself and snoring like a chubby dachshund But just knowing that you're there, and that somehow, in all of this madness, that you chose me, it makes my whole body relax and I have this thing that I can only describe as peace.
Baby, I look at you and I see us.
And I can fall back asleep.
This can't be the end.
Not like this.
It's okay.
Look at me.
You're the best thing that ever happened to me, and I love you.
I love you.
You got to go, baby.
What? Don't go anywhere.
Don't go anywhere? Where am I gonna Where am I gonna go? These are lies.
They're not.
This is a redacted file directly from the State Department.
What Ahkos failed to tell you is that he was the intel on the ground.
He painted Zakir Ali as our next high-level target.
He knew your family was in there - and he gave the green light anyway.
- Lies! Natasha, The wrong person is about to die because Ahkos used you.
- No.
- It's the truth.
It's who he is.
He's a monster.
You are all monsters! Maybe we are.
But you deserve the justice you seek.
I'll handle Hetty Lange, but the real blood you want is Ahkos'.
Let me spill that blood for you.
Let me avenge the death of your family.
Callen, Rogers cracked her.
They're taking Hetty to the Century History Museum.
Century History Museum.
We're three minutes out.
Here we go.
Home sweet home.
AHKOS: The king, feeding off the ruined corpses of peasants.
And the peasants just watching.
They know their place in the world.
But what if the king himself has become a ruined thing? What, then, is his place? It's been a long time, Mother.
- (GRUNTS) - Kens! - What are we doing? - I want to have kids with you.
What? We're making babies? Uh Here you go.
We can sell the house, ae can all live in a Sprinter van and above all, we can teach the kids how to surf.
And we can teach them French, and we can collect berries.
Okay, yeah, but baby-baby, I don't-I-I don't speak French and some of those wild berries a-are poisonous.
And we got to-we got to kids got to be in school.
That's okay, because we can homeschool them in the van.
It's totally fine.
Okay, this is a-this is a terrible plan.
What homeschooling them in the van - or the rope? - I mean, both.
KENSI: (GRUNTS) It's okay, though.
You know why? 'Cause the great news is even the worst plan in the world is better than scraping your remains off the ceiling.
And there it is, there's the touché.
I have only a handful of memories that I look back upon with fondness.
And most of them are right there.
With you.
Have you nothing to say to me? Oh, I do.
I'm the one who led you down this path.
And I just want to say I'm sorry.
You're sorry.
That's all you have to say? A mother doesn't abandon her child.
They took you from me.
A mother's job is to protect.
And you fed me to the jackals.
Do you have any idea what they made me do? Do you know how many lives I've taken? How many women? How many children? - I'm sorry.
- Stop saying that! My heart is black.
Got 90 seconds! I love you.
I love you too! Hey! We're gonna live in a van! Oh, God, this is a terrible plan! Then why'd you do it? Why'd you enslave me in this life, huh? Because this life gives us purpose.
And ideals to live by.
And in return, that's what we give the world.
That others sleep peacefully in their beds at night, because creatures such as you and I stand ready to commit violence on their behalf? (LAUGHS) Those are just lies you tell to pacify the demons you've created.
If they are, then they are also the lies I tell myself.
We betrayed humanity.
We owe it a debt.
A debt that can only be paid with our blood.
(GRUNTS) Oh! Whoa! Oh, go faster! My God! (GRUNTS, GROANS) - Oh, my Go Oh! - (PANTING) - Oh, my God.
- Are you okay? - Yeah.
- Did you burned? - I'm okay.
- Baby.
Oh, my God.
I need to pee.
I think I just did.
(GLASS SHATTERS) (GUNSHOTS) (GRUNTS) You were warned, brother.
(PANTING) Do you see your creation, Mother? (MACHETE CLATTERS) Are you proud of what you've brought into the world? Oh, no, no, no, no.
Oh, God.
Do you remember? "To get back up "to the shining world "from there "My guide and I "went into that "hidden tunnel.
"And Following its path "through a round aperture "I saw appear Some of the most beautiful things that Heaven can bear.
" "Where we came forth and saw stars.
" Yes.
"Where we came forth, and once more saw the stars.
" We're all gonna die We're all gonna die.
Everything Ahkos ordered me to commit to memory.
Contracting ops.
Ghost hits.
Illegal trade enforcement.
As well as the names of those responsible.
You have my word that the full extent of your cooperation will be taken into consideration.
Ahkos is gone.
I hope the rest die in chains.
I should have protected him.
From whom? The military? From Fimmel? Myself.
You did the best that you could with what you had for someone you love.
How do you instill morality when you're not even sure if you still have your own? He was right about one thing.
I failed him.
This was not the life for him.
I'm worried that this isn't the life for you, either.
Or maybe any of us.
Sam asked me today why I do this.
I didn't give him an answer.
(CLEARS THROAT) Sometimes when we finish a big case, two or three days later, I go back to where it all happened.
And I just sit there and I watch.
Now it's a guy walking his dog, or a couple holding hands, kids playing around.
And I think about all the violence and chaos that was there just a few days before.
And now it's just life.
And I know that we gave them that life.
In that moment, this world seems like it's worth fighting for.
And my role in that fight in all this it makes sense to me.
You have never failed me, Hetty.
Or anyone on this team.
And you never will.
I worry I already have, Mr.
And we're just waiting for the pennies to drop.
We will cross that bridge if and when we get there.
As a family.
(SIGHS) Hetty? How many of us are there? Huh.