NCIS Los Angeles s11e19 Episode Script

Fortune Favors the Brave

1 - Good morning! - Crawling up the wall I need a mission Under remission Twiddlin' my thumbs, come and give me (DETECTOR SQUEALS) Such an addict Come scratch my habit Ladies and dudes say this won't do You lazy caller (DETECTOR SQUEALS) I got a dollar Got no job, but I work so hard Spending my money That is not funny Shouldn't you and Anna be halfway to Laguna Beach by now? Yeah, I just wanted to make sure everything was in order before we took off.
I got you.
Besides, FBI Agent Roundtree will be shadowing us today.
We'll have an extra set of hands.
You already replaced me.
I wish.
You know, I could stay for another day that way I could observe him in the field.
Don't use Agent Roundtree as an excuse because you got cold feet.
What are you talking about? You think a vacation is some sort of punishment.
It's way beyond your comfort zone.
Forces you to think of that thing outside of work.
What thing? Exactly.
It's called life, you know.
It's what other people do when they're not on the job.
I'm vaguely familiar with that.
I'm going to the range.
When I get back, you better be gone.
I miss you already.
Hopefully, Anna will help you not to.
(CHUCKLES) (GROANS): Ah (WHISTLES) (MOTORCYCLE APPROACHING) FATIMA: I wouldn't touch that if I were you.
Are you lost? Yeah, maybe.
Agent Nama Namaste.
Yeah, right.
Good to see you again.
Uh, is NCIS somewhere around here? This is the address I was given.
Who gave it to you? My SAC.
She said I was supposed to report to a Henrietta Lange.
Does she work with you? I'd say it's more like we work for Hetty.
Hetty? Imagine Anna Wintour meets Mata Hari, with a touch of Yoda and Chuck Norris.
(CHUCKLES): All right.
- BOTH: Hai.
- Hai.
- Hai.
Why are you still here? (CHUCKLES) I am just tying up a few loose ends.
Well, consider them tied.
Now, go.
I don't want to see you for at least two weeks.
I'm going.
I just I wanted to say thank you.
I don't know which strings exactly you pulled, but I appreciate your help in getting Anna exonerated.
Well, I'm afraid I had nothing to do with it, Mr.
I just hope it was all for the right reasons.
What does that mean? I'm getting cynical.
Now be gone.
- Are you serious? - I'm leaving.
You're stalling.
Look, I was walking out the door, I ran into Hetty, and she said something a little strange.
Hetty? Said something strange? That's a cause for great concern.
You realize at this point it's just a cry for help, right? You're a grown man who's petrified to be alone for a week with a woman who weighs less than a hundred pounds, soaking wet, with a gun in her hand.
Hetty said she had nothing to do with Anna being exonerated.
Maybe she didn't.
Well, she also said, "I hope it was done for all the right reasons.
" - What does that mean? - I don't know.
But that's a little weird, right? Look, I love you like a brother, in a Rain Man sort of way, all right? But you got exactly ten seconds to get out of here before I drag you out of here by your ears.
I'm going! (SIGHS) Uh, looks like you're heeling, by the way.
(LAUGHS) (SIGHS) This is the Gadget Room, where all the magic happens.
And this is Hetty's office, which you are not allowed into.
And this is the wardrobe area, where we get fitted for all of our undercover assignments and some bespoke bulletproof clothing, if you're lucky.
(CHUCKLES): Yeah, could have used some of that recently.
And this is the Bullpen, where Agent Callen, Hanna and Blye work together alongside our LAPD liaison, Detective Deeks.
You found us.
Although I'd probably still be wandering around if it weren't for Agent Namazi.
- Mm.
- This play is pretty well disguised.
That's how we like it.
Roundtree's gonna be shadowing us today, - see what it is we do here.
- All right, cool.
How's the arm? Eh, it's healing.
Still sore as hell, though.
I'll bet.
Why don't you finish showing him around, while I rally the troops.
- Copy that.
- Great.
And so, we have a gym as well, and a shooting range.
Got your own Starbucks, too? KENSI: Hey, hey.
- Hey.
- What's going on? Oh, you know, just taking inventory and counting bullets for Uncle Sam.
Oh, well, in that case, you can deduct these two.
Actually, Kens, if you have a minute, - um - Yeah.
What's up? Well, um between you and me I don't think I want to be an agent anymore.
Um what suddenly brought this on? It's not really sudden, at least not for me.
I mean, it's a lot of things, really, but mainly I don't think I'm the same person I was when I started working here.
Are you kidding me? - None of us are.
- No, no, I I know that.
This is hard to put into words.
Um I feel like it's not right for me anymore.
Like, I used to be fearless.
You know? I I wasn't afraid of anything except for maybe Hetty but some days now, I just I don't know, I don't even want to get out of bed.
No, none of us do.
Look, this job has a vicious burnout rate, and you have to accept that and give yourself permission to reset.
Just a little little time away from field work, maybe focus on intelligence analysis until you're ready to charge back in.
That's just it.
I don't want to be an intelligence analyst, either.
Kens, I'm gonna resign from NCIS.
(EXHALES) And this is our operations center.
(WHISTLES, CHUCKLES) - Impressive.
- FBI Agent Devin Roundtree, this is our LAPD liaison, Detective Marty Deeks.
What's up? Technical Operator Eric Beale.
- Uh, Senior Tech Op.
- SAM: Roundtree's riding with us today to get a feel for how we operate.
Ah, well, today's your lucky day, 'cause this is the first severed limb of springtime.
Where's Kensi and Nell? I don't know.
They clocked in, and I've sent them multiple alerts.
KENSI: Why don't you take time off? You've had a really hard time with your mom, and with Eric, not to mention all the stuff that this job demands.
I mean, when was the last time you even took a vacation? - Kens, it's really not that, no.
- You have spent so much energy taking care of everything else, including me and the rest of this team, that you haven't taken care of yourself.
Slow down and take a breath.
You don't have to decide everything today.
Okay? (EXHALES) I don't mean to interrupt, but if you two don't come to Ops, I think Eric's head is gonna explode.
And that would be really awkward in front of the new guy.
ERIC: The hand belongs to David Larian of Bel Air.
He's a very successful real estate agent, specializing in commercial buildings throughout the Southland and the OC.
His family reported him missing three days ago.
Does he own a boat? He does, but it hasn't been out of the marina in weeks.
The prelim report says the hand was severed by some sort of power tool.
He's obviously not much of a handyman.
ERIC: Well, not anymore.
- Hit it.
- Ooh! - (CHUCKLES) - Anyway, um, they also say that the hand was in the water for less than 48 hours.
Uh, Larian was known to be a supporter of the MEK.
He's, uh, probably an active member of a stateside affiliate.
- Mujahadeen e-Kalq.
- DJ Mujahadeen e-Kalq? Spinning the ones and twos? Oh, he's good.
The People's Mujahadeen Organization of Iran.
They're working to overthrow the current regime in Tehran.
So, the fear is that Larian may have learned of a potential threat but then disappeared before he alerted the authorities.
All right, well, let's start with family and close friends.
Ladies, uh, nice of you to join us.
Yeah, sorry we're, uh, we're late.
Special Agent Kensi Blye, Intelligence Analyst Nell Jones, this is FBI Agent Devin Rountree.
- Good to see you again.
- Welcome.
- Thanks.
- SAM: He's gonna be joining us today.
NELL: Oh, great.
Excuse me.
(MOUTHS) SAM: All right, Eric, you can prep Kensi and Fatima on their way to the boatshed.
- Deeks.
- Hmm? You're riding with Rountree.
Backtrack on Larian's last known hours and see what you can find out about his disappearance.
Copy that.
I'll hit up his office.
Nell, Eric, dig deep on this guy.
Anything and everything.
If there's a threat there, we need to find it.
- Yep.
- You got it.
Operations Manager Henrietta Lange, this is FBI Agent Devin Rountree.
It's a pleasure, ma'am.
So, uh, word on the street is that Agent Rountree is considering a position at NCIS.
(EXHALES) All right.
Well, do you have any words of wisdom you wanted to, uh, pass along, maybe, for Agent Rountree? Don't get yourself or anyone else killed.
DEEKS: Okay.
That is it.
Those are words of wisdom to not get us killed.
Or yourself.
Good talk.
KENSI: Thank you so much for coming in to talk to us today, - Miss Larian.
- Roxie.
I know this is unbelievably hard.
My mother is just too distraught at the moment to speak with anyone.
Yeah, I'm sure she is.
We understand.
FATIMA: Do you recognize your father's watch? I know he has one like this, but he's a bit of a collector.
His watch safe is the size of my fridge.
Does he have any enemies? No.
Business rivals maybe.
But their chosen form of combat is on the golf course.
What about his involvement with the MEK? I-I don't know what that is.
Uh, it's an Iranian political militant organization.
Doesn't sound like my father.
He ran for treasurer of Beverly Hills once, but that's about the extent of his political activism.
He never mentioned the MEK or talked about the conflict in Iran? Never.
Why? Does this have something to do with what happened to him? Uh, we don't know.
What are the chances he's still alive? (SNIFFLES) NELL: So, Larian's GPS went off-line around 2:00 a.
the night he disappeared.
Deeks and Rountree are now searching the area - where it was last recorded.
- SAM: Good.
Any leads from the family? No.
How about you? Nothing yet.
Larian's assistant seems genuinely clueless.
Does have a safe in his office, but he's the only one who has the combination.
I'll send the make and model.
See if someone can come over here - and try and open it.
- (WHISTLING) Will do.
Got to go.
Did you need something? No.
I'm just, um taking inventory.
Anything else on your mind, Ms.
Jones? Um no.
No, nothing.
Nothing that can't be, uh, just discussed later.
So Mm.
DEEKS: So, this was the last location of Larian's vehicle before his GPS went out.
ROUNTREE: He have any real estate in this area? That, my friend, is a damn good question.
(GRUNTS) - Yo, Beale, you blond bombshell.
- ERIC: Yeah.
Can you find out if Larian had any buildings where his, uh, GPS went out? - Thanks, buddy.
- ERIC: Sure.
If not, this could just be where it was dumped.
So, Devin Rountree.
20 words or less.
You want me to describe myself in less than 20 words? Now you only got eight left.
- (CHUCKLES) Nine, actually.
- Well, I was thinking of 20 as a number, not a word.
Well, in that case, ten.
Wow, look at that.
(CHUCKLES): Doing some math in the morning.
All right, I'll go first.
Uh, cop.
Not in that order.
California native.
In two words, I'm The Dude.
- The dude? - Big Lebowski.
The Dude.
"The Dude abides.
" Jeff Bridges.
The Dude! Oh, yeah.
It was a bowling movie, right? I-I never saw it.
Was it any good? I don't know, you tell me.
Was baby Jesus good? (HEAVENLY CHOIR SINGS) Bingo.
That's Larian's car, all right.
(WHISTLES) Must've been all full up at the valet.
No signs of damage or forced entry.
You want to pop that, uh, trunk? Yeah.
Yeah, but don't sit.
Don't sit mmm down.
What? (BEEPING) Oh, my God.
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
Whatever you do, don't move.
(INDISTINCT CHATTER) (SIREN WAILING) What the hell, Deeks? I know.
It was a stolen vehicle.
I never thought it'd be wired.
What are we looking at? I haven't seen anything like this since Afghanistan.
This is sophisticated military grade.
Can you diffuse it? (SIGHS) He's activated a pressure switch wired into a series from three points.
We could use nitro to slow it, but it won't stop it.
How we doing, Rountree? Uh, just chilling, man.
Waiting on the plan.
Well, the plan is to get your ass back to work.
I like that.
Sit tight.
You kidding me? That's not funny.
Is anything wired into the roof or the pillars? No.
Take it off.
I have an idea.
Come on.
- Have you spoken to Nell lately? - No.
Why? Just wondering if she said anything about working here.
She's given me some pep talks in the past, - but nothing recently.
- Hmm.
Oh! Hey, Eric, is Nell up in Ops? I haven't seen her, but, um, Deeks and Rountree found Larian's car.
Oh, nice.
Yes and no.
It was wired with explosives.
Are they okay? Theoretically.
Nothing's detonated yet, but there's a bit of a situation.
For the record, this is a terrible idea.
Sometimes, terrible situations call for terrible ideas.
DEEKS: Then let me do it, man.
I'm responsible.
The only one responsible is whoever set that bomb.
And Hetty would be pissed if we get a recruit blown up on his first day.
I'd rather you face her than me.
Thanks for that.
SAM: Easy.
Ready? SAM: Nice and easy, fellas.
Nice and easy.
SAM: Nice and easy.
- All right, bring it down.
- Okay.
We're gonna try to lock down the pressure plate under your seat.
We're gonna flood the wiring with liquid nitrogen to slow down electrical activity.
Then we're gonna pull you out.
Do I want to know how? Probably not.
They're gonna fit you for a harness.
Try not to move when they do so, huh? - (EXHALES) - You'll be all right.
Let's get that nitrogen.
MAN: Let's go.
How we looking down there, Deeks? I'm securing him now.
Rountree, lean forward, buddy.
Get the hell out of there and keep everybody back.
You ready? Do I have a choice? Try to relax.
We do this stuff all the time.
Just another Sunday, baby.
(TIRES SCREECH) Here we go.
On me.
Get back! Go! Go! Go! Everybody back! (EXHALING) One.
(SCREAMS) (MUFFLED CHATTER) - Deeks! Deeks! - DEEKS: Over here! Where's Sam and Rountree? You're gonna be okay.
(CHUCKLES): What the hell? (PANTING) Y'all are freaking crazy! You're welcome.
Uh, the-the bomb went off, but everyone's okay.
The bomb tech suffered some burns and blast damage to his hands, but nothing critical.
Um, h-have you seen Nell? She was doing inventory.
In-Inventory of what? I have no idea.
- Hey.
- Oh, wow.
Oh, wow.
I was just calling you.
Oh, yeah, I think I did see that.
Where have you been? Hetty said you were doing inventory? Oh, yeah.
Someone's got to do it.
Well, not you.
We've-we've got a case.
Oh, no, no.
I'm doing that, too.
Yeah, uh, just Little Miss Multitasker over here.
(LAUGHS) I Uh Are you avoiding me? What? No, of course not.
Why would I be avoiding you? I don't know.
Why would you be avoiding me? Well, that's just it.
I have no reason to, so I wouldn't be.
Then why didn't you take my call? Now, why would I talk to you on the phone when I can see you here right in the flesh? - Are you fasting again? - Fasting? What? No.
What does that have to do with anything? - (TABLET BEEPS) - Oh.
Thank God.
What's this? So I've been sifting through surveillance footage looking for restaurants David Larian dined in before he disappeared, and it turns out, he didn't dine very often.
- Okay.
Is that his wife? - Nope, but you have to figure out who she is.
Where are you going? To alert Hetty and get you a protein bar.
I am not fasting! I could use a snack, though.
How you doing? Well I almost got that kid killed, so that's not great.
Well, first of all, he's not a kid.
Second of all, you almost got both of you killed.
Yeah, that is exactly my point.
Doesn't matter how much training you have, doesn't matter if you do it by the book, 'cause you can always get your ass handed to you.
Yeah, but you didn't.
You both survived that, so Unfortunately, this is not over, so just do me a favor? - Yeah.
- Keep your head in the game.
For you, for him.
For me.
Yeah? Yeah.
No, I'm in it.
Now shake it off, dude.
Shake it off.
You don't want those firemen seeing you cry.
Love ya.
LAPD agreed to canvass the neighborhood, see if anybody saw anything.
We can also have Ops search the area for surveillance cameras.
Whoever dumped that car obviously had another ride.
FATIMA: Might also get lucky when the lab analyzes the bomb components.
Why did they booby-trap the car if they already have him? Maybe they wanted to send a message.
Maybe they just wanted to kill more people.
(PHONE VIBRATING) Give me some good news, Eric.
We found footage of David Larian at a restaurant with a woman we've identified as Dr.
Shahmir Gilani.
FATIMA: I know that name.
Well, she's a super successful cosmetic surgeon with namesake clinics throughout the U.
Larian disappeared just hours after they had dinner.
So, she may have been the last person to see him alive.
Where is she now? Uh, well, according to her publicist DEEKS: She has a publicist? Yeah, this is L.
Everyone has a publicist.
I need a publicist.
You don't need a publicist.
Anyway, she's at her Century City clinic today.
- Good job, Eric.
- KENSI: All right.
Fatima and I will hit the good doctor, - see if she knows anything.
- Be careful.
Whoever's behind this is not playing.
Rountree? I think I'll let him ride with me for the rest of the day.
You sure? It'll give me a chance to observe him.
I promise I won't get him blown up again.
Deeks, check in with Ops.
Maybe they have another lead you can run down.
- Huh? - Okay.
Thanks, man.
You ready to get back to work? Yes, sir.
I'm guessing this isn't a typical day for you guys.
Most days are actually dangerous.
(SIGHS) FATIMA: So, you think our FBI agent will stick around after today? Oof.
I don't know.
Talk about baptism by fire.
(LAUGHS) Then again you came back to us after Egypt.
It's true.
But it wasn't my first day.
No, it wasn't your first day, but it can't have been easy.
I mean, I know.
I've had my fair share of difficult days on this job.
Well, it is a dirty job, but someone's got to do it.
Yeah, but it's not for everyone.
So if you ever feel this job is getting a little rough, and you need to talk to someone, just know that I'm here.
Same goes for me.
Hetty's Angels got to stick together, right? Hetty's Angels? Yeah.
- Hetty's Angels.
- You like that? - I like that.
I like it.
- (LAUGHS): Yeah? - Hashtag Hetty's Angels.
- Cool.
(BOTH LAUGH) Isn't that David Larian's daughter? KENSI: Yeah, that can't be a coincidence.
Stop! (TIRES SCREECH) KENSI: Stop! (GRUNTS) Ooh! Nice use of the headbutt.
- (GRUNTS) - Come on.
Yeah, what happened to us angels sticking together, huh? Yeah, I knew you had it.
What do we have here? Oh, hello.
Sure hope you have a concealed carry permit for this.
Hey, so, uh, Roxie had the combination to her father's safe.
His secretary said she showed up shortly after you left.
Then she picked up some files that she threw into the bushes as she was trying to outrun us.
- Okay.
So what are they? - Well, they are MEK intel files from a few years ago.
Essentially lists of people he thought might sympathize with the current regime.
Doesn't sound like something someone would want to kill you for.
No, it's not, but he did flag these three guys as being potential members of Hezbollah, and this one as a bomb maker.
Yeah, I think I know his work.
You identified them? Eric and Nell are working on it.
All right, so what does this have to do with the woman Larian met when he disappeared? Dr.
Shahmir Gilani.
I was about to ask her.
SAM: Okay.
Let me and Rountree take a crack at her.
You're up.
Uh, wh-what? You're up.
GILANI: David was a good friend.
In fact, we even dated when we were younger.
Why did his daughter Roxie come see you today? I could invoke doctor-patient privilege.
- Is she a patient? - Yes.
But she wasn't there as a patient today, was she? No.
She, um she wanted to show me some of her father's files.
Gilani, are you a member of the MEK? I am a supporter and believer, but I wouldn't consider myself a member.
But David was.
Did he talk about MEK during your dinner? Yes.
He was concerned over the increasing tension between the U.
and Iran.
Do you know or recognize any of these men? I don't recognize them.
But I know David considered them a possible threat.
I suggested he he share his concerns with the authorities, but, uh he never got the chance.
Why did Roxie come to you and not the police or the FBI? I think she wanted my advice.
I told her her father would want her to hand over his files.
Why didn't she? Well, I'm not certain.
Best guess? (EXHALES) Revenge.
Fatima, you get that? I grew up in Tehrangeles just like you.
My parents also long for the Iran they once knew.
They share the same beliefs as your father.
We're on the same side.
If you're not gonna charge me with a crime, you have to let me go.
You were carrying a concealed weapon without a permit.
That's a misdemeanor.
It's a thousand dollar fine.
It's a year in jail.
- Not for a first offense.
- Mm, throw in assaulting an officer, and then oh, look at that it's a federal rap.
You want to avenge your father? Good.
We want to get the people behind this just as much as you do.
KENSI: Your father believed in protecting his community from internal and external forces.
You can carry on his legacy, but only if you cooperate.
FATIMA: We need a list of every MEK member your father worked with.
I don't have that.
And even if I did, why would I give it to you? So we can help find the people responsible for his disappearance.
Or you could use it to spy on American citizens who were once considered a terrorist group.
Free to go.
What about my father's files? Uh, those are now evidence, but we can get you some copies.
- And my gun? - (LAUGHS) Oh, wait.
You're serious? Yeah, not happening.
My father was just kidnapped and probably killed.
I need to be able to protect myself.
We can provide you with a security detail.
Forget it.
I'll take my chances.
SAM: Thanks again for your cooperation.
We greatly appreciate it.
I only wish I could have been more help.
- Are you ready? - Yes.
Um, if you ladies don't mind giving us a call if you think of anything? Okay.
Well, good luck.
Thank you.
- Let's go.
- Bye, you two.
- Bye.
- Thank you.
So you're cutting her loose even through she resisted arrest and she lied to you? Sort of.
I don't follow.
Well, it all comes down to what happens next.
Gilani is gonna take her to the clinic where her car is.
Eric and Nell have identified her vehicle and Deeks has tagged it with a tracker.
SAM: Deeks is also tailing her.
Soon as we get warrant approval, we'll start tracking her phone calls.
In the meantime, we have to find these three, hmm? Talk to me, Eric.
I got nothing.
Facial rec has come up empty.
These guys are not in the system.
When will we have the forensics on the bomb material? Uh, I put a rush on it, but several hours, at least.
All right, check in with LAPD, CHP, Sheriff's, everybody.
Tell them to look for recently stolen vehicles that could be used as a good delivery platform for another bomb.
- Copy that.
- And get those photos to the other agencies, alert them for the need to heighten security on the usual hard and soft targets.
- Yeah.
- (CHIMING) Deeks, tell us something good.
We're running on empty here.
Roxie doesn't know how to use her turn signal.
And neither does the car behind her.
She has a tail besides you? That's right, they picked her up, uh, right after I did.
Tinted-out windows, can't see inside, but I can give you a license plate.
Wait for it two, Queen, Robert, Ira, four, four, five.
Uh-oh guys, I think they're making a move.
(GRUNTS) No, no.
(SCREAMS) LAPD, nice and easy, put your hands up! Freeze! You move, you die.
Exited the vehicle, left side, shots fired.
- Got it.
- He talking? Not a word.
None of these guys had I.
s or credit cards.
Just cash, phones and guns.
Which phone is his? This little guy right here.
All right.
Uh, here? Hey.
- (PHONE TRILLS) - Oh, yeah, thanks.
DEEKS: Nice.
Eric, sending you numbers to trace.
Hey, good timing.
An electronic warrant for Roxie Larian was just approved.
Wait, this is for Roxie Larian's phone, right? Hang it up.
Eh Sam? Hello? (GRUMBLES) What do we got? They recorded the torture and murder of David Larian.
Man, I don't want to watch this.
If Nell and Eric can pull any exif data off those images, they may be able to tell us where it was taken.
ERIC: We've located clusters of phone calls from the numbers you've sent, around a one-mile radius in Westchester near the airport.
SAM: Eric, we need something more accurate.
Can you locate where the videos were taken with the exif data? Yeah, yeah, it's possible.
It depends on the camera settings.
Look, I can't do it and-and keep talking.
Thank you.
Where have you been? We have to talk.
Yeah, no kidding.
But it-it's gonna have to wait.
We need to locate where this footage was shot.
Is that David Larian? Yep, before they tortured him to death.
SAM: We need an address, Eric.
ERIC: Well, we're off by, like, a thousand feet here.
That's not good enough! We need to find him before he knows we're looking.
Okay, the house number is 7746.
You sure? Yes, it matches the GPS data from the car the others were traveling in.
(TIRES SCREECH) Okay, this guy may be our bomb maker.
So I need you to discreetly evacuate the neighbors out their back doors while I check - the perimeter for IEDs and trip wires.
- Got it.
(FLOORBOARDS CREAKING) (GUNFIRE) Sam? Sam?! (GUN CLICKS EMPTY) Secure the perimeter, but don't come in.
- This whole place is wired.
- Copy that! Sam, you good? SAM: Yeah, I'm good.
This guy, not so much.
You got a good hold on that thing? Why, you wanna take it? I mean, no, not really.
Uh, was that window wired? We should probably get the hell out of here just in case.
You got it? Oh, no, no.
So now is it a typical day? No, but it's getting there.
So, we have an update.
The team killed the bomb maker and several bomb squads are now securing the house and its contents.
- Yes, so I've heard.
- Hmm.
(GRUNTS) My arm is only so long.
I, uh, I don't usually drink this early.
No, neither did I when I first started in this business.
Here's to happy endings and new beginnings.
That was your cue for you to tell me that you're resigning.
How did you Of course.
Um I am resigning.
(SIGHS) You probably already know this, too, but I just I've been through so much lately, and I feel like I (SIGHS) I just can't give this job the proper focus that it requires and, frankly, deserves.
But, Hetty (CRYING) You've taught me so much over the years, and for that, I I can really never thank you enough.
You can.
That was enough.
Hetty, I feel like I failed you.
You are an important part of this team, Miss Jones.
With, um, several weeks of unused vacation days.
Oh, Hetty, I-I can't take the vacation days.
That's just not right.
You must.
They're paid for.
If I don't hear from you, uh, once they've elapsed, you can consider yourself resigned.
That's very generous of you.
Are you sure you're not gonna try to talk me out of this? I can't.
This is up to you.
Right again.
I have to talk to Eric.
Thanks, Hetty.
You, uh, heading out? Yeah, I was gonna meet the team at the Squid & Dagger.
Actually, could we go some place where we could talk? Yeah.
I thought you, um, had plans for, like, the next six months.
Um, that's one of the things I'd like to talk about.
- I - (PHONE RINGS) You need to get that? Uh It's okay.
I'll get it later.
So, can we go to Boba Fetish? We can go wherever you want.
NELL: Hey, this is Nell.
Leave a message, and I'll get back I was in the pouring rain So, what would have happened if that window wire went off? Only drinking would have been at our funerals.
Way to, uh, set the mood.
SAM: I try, you know? - You asked.
- DEEKS: But instead, we are celebrating life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness in arguably the coolest bar in Los Angeles.
Hmm? Wonder Twins showing up? Uh, I hope so.
Deeks, you really own this place? - Yes.
- Um, actually, he owns half of this place.
- Technicality.
- I'm the brains of the operation.
He is more like, you know, the spleen.
I'd say I'm the pancreas.
Much more functional.
Maybe a lymph node.
- Or a large intestine.
- (GASPS) I don't like where this conversation is going.
- I do.
- I do like my man Rountree.
Officially, how was your first day? Uh, had its ups and downs.
DEEKS: Oh! Wordplay.
I respect that.
Uh, I was gonna say I thought it was lit.
Oh, my God.
Really? Bombastic.
Oh, pyro-fantastic.
Super C-4 plastic.
I thought you were gonna blow a gasket.
Oh, good thing I avoided the casket.
Please, make them stop.
- Make them stop.
Make them stop.
- (ALL LAUGH) - Cheers.
- DEEKS: I'll drink to that.
- Mmm.
- Drink it! SAM: That is a bad beer.
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