NCIS Los Angeles s12e15 Episode Script

Imposter Syndrome

1 SAM: Rountree, you got a visual on Rashed? Not yet.
And he better hurry up, because this Friday happy hour crowd is getting rowdy.
Well, we wrap this up in the next 20, we can join them.
Yeah, I don't think I have another 20 minutes.
Just follow your training.
Relax? I just got berated for not having reishi lattes at a gyro truck.
And explain to me why I'm always in the truck.
Next time we'll switch.
You know, you always say that, and it never happens.
CALLEN: Children, play nice with your siblings.
- FATIMA: He started it.
- She started it.
Hold on, guys.
I got eyes on Rashed.
He just exited the café.
Sam, Callen, he's headed your way.
He's empty-handed, though.
I thought you guys said he was buying weapons.
FinCEN said he just received a huge Hawala transfer.
FATIMA: You think he made us? There's only one way to find out.
Derek Rashed! [REVS MOTOR.]
FATIMA: Stop! Federal agents! Wrong move.
I'm gonna take that as a yes.
The kid's got this, right? [HORN HONKS.]
FATIMA: Rountree, he's headed right at you.
I'm working on it.
Rountree! - MAN: Did you see that? - [GROANING.]
And that's the weekend.
Well? Oh, come on.
That was great! Everything looks hopeless, and at the last second, slam! - That was sick.
- Yeah, you're right.
You're right.
I mean, the ingenuity alone.
I guess we should keep putting you in the food truck then, huh? Uh I'm off to the gym.
Who works out on a Friday night? I like having the place to myself.
Oh, a burnout ain't cute, you know.
- Bye, bitch.
- Uh Oh, don't you use your catchphrase against me.
Well, the shop's clean.
No weapons, no explosives and no sign of the money.
If this guy's working for Al-Qaeda I don't know what the hell he's doing.
Look at this.
- He was wearing this under his jacket.
- Huh.
Well, I hope it's not encrypted, otherwise Nell's in for a long night.
Sometimes I feel Hello? I've got to MAN [SINGING ALONG.]
: Run away, I've got to Get away from The pain you drive into the heart of me - Hey! - The love Holy! I'm sorry.
I thought I was the only person here.
The music.
Do you mind? You think I can go platinum? And turn, I can't sleep at night Once I ran I'll just keep it down, then.
Now I run from you [TURNS DOWN VOLUME.]
You know, most people bring headphones.
I forgot them at home.
Take my tears and that's You're right, though.
I'll shut it off.
Now I know I've got to Run away I've got to What? It's the singing.
I can't have music and I can't sing.
I'm not working out in silence like a psychopath, so let's hear your groove.
I don't think so.
Oh, everyone is so confident till you put them on aux.
Come on.
Let's see what you got.
All right, come on, then.
Come on.
You win, you get full control of the speaker system.
And if I lose? Then you go home, you get your headphones, and you never sing in here again.
Deal? Deal.
Hoo! Okay.
Nice shootin', Doc.
You feeling okay, or are visions from the O.
Corral haunting you again? Nothing? Doc Holliday? Tombstone? Really? Nothing? Oh, no, I know what it is.
I just think we should change the Netflix password.
So, I've been doing some, uh, some thinking, and I know we had plans for tonight, but I thought we could toss those plans aside, - right, pick out a color, - Okay.
And we can paint the remaining room in the house: The-the nursery.
- Deeks.
- The office.
The office.
It's a home gym.
It's the room of-of requirement.
- [SIGHS.]
- Come on, it'll be fun, right? It's totally fun.
We'll do what what married, boring couples do all the time.
- Look at that.
- Oh, yes, let's have a massive blowout at a Lowe's, fighting over eggshell versus alabaster.
That is the magic of matrimony, baby! Huh? Oh, you know what? That's fine.
You know, maybe just dial it back a second.
Maybe we just pick out a-a theme for the room, right? We could we could do anything.
We could do pirates or-or ponies, you know? - Yeah.
- Maybe that would make the color choice - less daunting.
- Just maybe give me some space, please? - Yeah, no, no, of course.
- Could you just - Thank you.
- Listen, my point is that this is the-the last room in the house.
I think we should just leave it the way it is.
Baby, it is a peeling eyesore.
I think that it's - rustic! - Uh-huh.
Can I interest you in a future free of moving boxes? [CHAMBERS ROUND.]
Evidently not.
Okay, all right.
Well, just for the record, it's eggshell, all right, 'cause it's-it's softening.
It makes people feel happy! - Bye.
- Bye! Considering a new occupation? - Librarian, perhaps? - [CHUCKLES.]
Hetty refused to digitize her old paperwork, so now, as the inherited owner of her office You are given the pleasure of dealing with it.
: Yep.
I guess she felt this was safer, somehow.
Well, easier to destroy in the burn room.
Her methods, mm, pretty much everything she ever did is a never-ending mystery that I'm becoming painfully aware I am incapable of solving.
Then don't.
: Don't.
Don't try and solve it.
Stop trying to fill her simultaneously big yet size four-and-a-half shoes? [CHUCKLES.]
I just wish I knew what she saw in me.
: Or if I was her only option.
Anyhoo, those for me? Yeah.
Found these at the, uh, scene today from our Al-Qaeda associate.
You think you can find out what's on them? Yeah.
I'll take a look.
- I'll see you Monday.
- Yeah.
See you Monday.
You okay? [SIGHS.]
Physically? Yes.
Emotionally? I'm not sure what's worse, my sparring or the growing suspicion that you actually went easy on me.
I just wanted to make sure you could get home.
Kind of hard to drive with a broken leg.
- Or two.
- [SIGHS.]
So, I'd like to say this was fun, but, um it was anything but.
Speak for yourself.
So, have a good weekend.
You, too.
You know maybe next Friday night we could grab a bite to eat instead.
Before or after you beat me up? Your call.
Dinner and a head injury? How could I say no? Great.
I'll see you next Friday, then.
All right.
It's done.
Oh, yeah.
What are you doing? Oh, I, um [CLEARS THROAT.]
Was just stopping by to grab a few things before I went to TSCM training.
I noticed a loose screw, so just wanted to check it out for safety.
You know, you can never be too careful.
But solid.
: Callen's has the best spin, but, uh, you didn't hear that from me.
What are you doing here on a Saturday? So you know those DVDs we found on Rashed? It turns out they're all copies of the same al-Qaeda propaganda video.
So, I'm trying to get a facial ID on the video before I send it over to Homeland Security.
What's on the drive? Now, that, my friend, is the question.
I'm running decryption on it now.
Looks like it's gonna take a while.
- Ooh! And we have a match on facial ID.
Well, that's not good.
What's wrong? Huh.
I think there must be some error in the system.
What? Wh-Why? The ID's coming up as Umar Hamid.
He's a notable al-Qaeda commander based out of the Nineveh Governorate.
Now I knew the video was al-Qaeda.
What I didn't know is ROUNTREE: Deceased? According to his file, he died back in 2017.
I don't understand.
This bombing happened two weeks ago.
I guess they could have digitally altered the newspaper, but still, this video looks brand-new.
It's 'cause it is.
See that? - That's a 2021 X450.
- Okay.
I'm in the market for one.
American trucks like these find their way into war zones from wholesalers who ship overseas.
NELL: So if this video is current, the report must be incorrect.
Umar Hamid is still alive.
We need to find out what's on that hard drive.
I know it's a Saturday, but I'm gonna have to call the team back in.
CALLEN: He's just a regular L.
What's he doing moving propaganda material for a terrorist cell? Well, these kind of kids don't get turned into freedom fighters.
They get radicalized online and become disposable assets.
Yeah, leaving them to take the fall.
All right, I'll take a crack at him.
All right.
Special Agent Callen.
- We've met.
- Hmm.
I'm gonna cut to the chase here, Derek.
We have been following your online activity.
We know you've been in contact with an al-Qaeda terrorist cell here in Los Angeles.
And we also know that you weren't picking up acai bowls yesterday.
But what we don't know is who you were meeting with.
So, if you'd like to help us, maybe we can help you.
I didn't meet anybody.
It was a dead drop.
For what? I don't know.
You tell me.
I was just the courier.
Do you know where we can find the seller? No.
But trust me, they're going to find you.
Why do you say that? Well, the seller got their money, but the buyer never got what they paid for.
So they're gonna think the seller ripped them off? And there's nobody to tell them otherwise.
Oh, it's all the more reason to work with us, unless, of course, you want al-Qaeda - to think that you ripped them off.
They wouldn't think that.
No, not unless we, uh, put the word out there that you did.
Hey, Fatima.
Ooh! Where are you? Cedars.
My mom fell, and they think she might have broken her hip.
Is she okay? Yeah, they've given her something for the pain.
Uh, we're just waiting on the X-rays.
Is it okay if I work remotely until I get her settled? Oh, of course, no problem.
Please tell her to hang in there, okay? Will do.
Thank you.
How's it going with the, uh, drive? Well, I'm still trying to break the encryption on this thing, but it's, like, 18 terabytes, so we'll be lucky if we can crack it before next year.
I got it.
Thanks, man.
Anything? Just got off the phone with Sabatino.
He's gonna get back to us once he gets confirmation - of Umar's death from the CIA.
- Mm.
So now we wait.
Well, not quite.
See, this is not your garden-variety hard drive.
This is a high-capacity NAS drive, specifically for use in servers doing some serious processing.
And because of that, it makes it a wee bit easier to track.
So, I traced this one's model and serial number to an electronics store in the Valley.
And Kensi and Deeks are headed there now to see if they can find out who purchased it.
See any other human life forms in here? MAN: Welcome to Launch Bay Electronics, where we believe our customers are out of this world.
Sorry for the wait.
We're a bit shorthanded today.
So, what can I do you for? Martin Deeks, investigator, NCIS.
This is my partner, Special Agent Kensi Blye.
Danny, Repair Port Genius slash Assistant Manager.
Dig it.
So, Danny, we, uh, traced a hard drive serial number back to this store.
Can you tell us who, uh who bought this? Uh, we're not usually supposed to give out information about clients, but since my manager is too busy hanging out with his new girlfriend to come to work - Can I see that again? - You certainly can, my friend.
Get in there.
Are you sure that's the right serial number? Because the log's saying it's still in the store.
No, that's definitely the right serial number.
Any chance that it was stolen? Shoplifted? - That is a synonym.
- Unlikely.
We keep them in a locked case.
Everything's kept pretty tight around here ever since some teens tried to steal - Cthulhu.
- Cthulhu? Just out of curiosity, the squid is notfor sale or? - Can we see the case, please? - Yeah.
Uh, uh-oh.
- KENSI: Uh-oh? - DEEKS: Uh-oh.
Who else had access to this case? Just myself and my manager Noel.
Noel, the manager that didn't show up to work today? Uh, has Noel done anything else unusual lately? Well, he started a side job doing data recovery for clients' broken computers.
- Risky, if you ask me.
- Risky how? People are paying you to recover everything on their drives.
Passwords, personal info, images, everything.
And then, that person just expects you to delete it.
Okay, so what you're saying is that Noel may have been keeping his clients' data? Noel's girlfriend has pretty expensive tastes.
Data recovery would make you a chunk of change, but not as much as selling it.
Listen, I'm not accusing anyone of anything.
I'm just saying, if Noel was selling data on the dark web and got himself in a little too deep DEEKS: By chance, you're not a big fan of conspiracy theories, are you, Danny? They're not conspiracy theories if they're true.
ROUNTREE: CIA just verified that Umar was killed in a raid near Tal Afar four years ago.
Yup, I was afraid of that.
Isn't it usually good news when a terrorist doesn't come back from the dead? Generally speaking, but in this case, it leaves us with no other explanation.
The video is - Clearly a fake.
- [SIGHS.]
Well, it's not that simple.
Take a look at the video.
So, none of the usual markers of digital manipulation are present.
The hands, the teeth, the way the image interacts with its background It's all perfect.
Facial rec even got a positive match on him.
If Umar is dead, this is the best forgery I have ever seen.
It's got to be a deepfake.
Well, fake, deepfake.
What's the difference? It's an adversarial type of deep learning AI.
It's capable of replacing a person's face or likeness with someone else entirely.
So, one neural network will generate the deepfake, while another authenticates it against the real thing.
Then, once it's unable to distinguish between the two, boom, you have your deepfake.
It can make people believe that someone is doing or saying whatever it is you want them to.
Just imagine the ramifications if you were to, say, use the image of a president to spread false information.
Or used a terrorist leader to reignite a war.
What's up, Nell? Hey, has Rashed said anything yet? Not much, but he knows more than he's letting on.
Any word from the CIA? Unfortunately, we're still waiting for them to get back to us.
Listen, since Fatima is still at the hospital with her mom What happened to her mom? Oh, she fell.
She might have broken a hip.
I-I think she's doing okay, though.
- That's rough.
- NELL: Yeah, seriously.
Unfortunately, it's left me a little shorthanded.
So, I'm gonna send you to check out an apartment with Kensi and Deeks, and maybe we can find some evidence that'll link Noel to the hard drive.
On our way.
Actually, Callen, you stay with Rashed.
Let's see what else he can tell us about the videos.
- Will do.
- Thanks, Nell.
- We're looking for apartment 237.
- Yikes.
This is some major '70s carpeting here.
Yeah, I'm getting serious The Shiningvibes.
Ooh, there's a theme for your nursery.
It'd be perfect for twins.
Doesn't the dad die - in the end of that movie? - Yeah, he does.
Cold and alone.
Is there something you want to talk about? Oh.
Looks like somebody beat us to it.
Hey! Federal agents! [GROANS.]
Kensi, Deeks, you good? KENSI: Sam? I'm outside Noel's apartment.
Where are you? We need backup, second floor hallway.
Stop! [GRUNTS.]
Move! We're pursuing the suspect up the stairwell.
- I'll take the back stairs.
- Maybe I can cut him off.
Kens, Deeks, are you okay? Nell, we're pursuing a shooter up the stairwell at Noel's apartment.
Sam is heading around the back to cut him off.
I'm sorry.
Did you say "Sam"? Yes! Sam is heading up the back to cut off the suspect! Hold on, Callen and Sam are with you? KENSI'S VOICE: Sam, are you on the fourth floor? Exiting onto the fourth floor now.
Three, two, one [EXCLAIMS.]
We got our gunman! NELL: Guys, where's Sam? I I don't know.
He hasn't responded.
Sam? Sam, can you hear me? That's not good.
I'm not seeing anything.
KENSI'S VOICE: Just keep going.
He must've returned to his apartment.
Unit 427.
I'm right outside the door.
Where are you? We're coming back to join you.
We'll meet you inside.
Sam! Sam, can you hear me? - SAM: Nell? - Oh, thank God! Okay, something's wrong with the comms.
Kensi and Deeks are on the roof, but I-I I don't know where I am.
What? Sam, who told you to go to Noel's? I followed Kensi to the fourth floor, I Okay, Sam, you need to leave now.
Do you hear me? Leave now! Where is Callen? I'm going to CALLEN'S VOICE: Right here, Nell.
We're going to enter the apartment together.
Something is wrong, stand down.
You need to get out of that building now.
KENSI'S VOICE: Nell, can you hear me? DEEKS' VOICE: Can you hear me? Yes, yes! Get Callen and Sam out now.
Callen and Sam, if you can still hear me, do not enter that apartment.
I repeat, do not ent NELL'S VOICE: Your agent's in danger.
Who is this? Who am I talking to? NELL'S VOICE: He's about to be killed.
But he doesn't have to.
Who is this? Does the voice not sound familiar? Let's try another one.
SAM'S VOICE: So now that CALLEN'S VOICE: you know what I can do, are KENSI'S VOICE: you ready to do exactly DEEKS' VOICE: what I tell you to do? I just got off a really frantic call with Kensi.
Fatima, do not drop this video chat.
I need you to stay on.
Yeah, yeah.
Is everything okay? No.
Our comms have been compromised.
Compromised? How is that even possible? I don't know, but they want the contents of this hard drive sent directly to them in exchange for Sam's safety.
And I have to do it now.
We don't even know what's on the drive yet.
Nell, what do you mean, "Sam's safety"? Where is Sam? - I'll alert the rest of the team.
- No.
We can't tell them.
It's part of the deal.
If we tell the team about the comms, the deal is off and they'll trigger the bomb.
ROUNTREE: Bomb? What bomb? What is going on? And starting transfer now.
Something's not right.
All of this for one deepfake video? [EXHALES.]
I don't get it.
Why take such a risk? ROUNTREE: Well, whatever's on that drive is way more important than one video.
Nell? Nell, what are you doing? [EXHALES.]
I can't give them the drive.
Guys, our comms have been compromised.
We must cease all communications immediately.
We can't trust anyone we cannot see.
Not even each other.
What about Sam? Sam can handle himself.
- Sam's calling.
Patch him in, but be careful what you say.
Sam, you okay? I just cut the wire on an IED.
Someone set me up with a voice that sounded exactly like Kensi.
Our comms have been compromised by someone using vocal modulation.
And it's not just Kensi.
It's everyone.
So we need to go silent.
Copy that.
Can we even trust that was him? We need to warn Callen as well.
I can do that.
Be right back.
Oh, wait! [EXHALES.]
Damn it.
I don't know if we'll be able to get her back.
Just got an alert from LAPD.
They got a call for a Bomb Squad technician downtown near San Pedro Street.
That's got to be Sam.
They had everyone's voices.
How can they even do that? Are we bugged? Unfortunately, I think I can answer that.
It's called MurmurWave.
So, about five years ago at this technology trade show, they featured a prototype audio-generating software.
Basically, all you need is about 20 minutes of someone's speech and you can get them to say whatever you want in real time.
I mean, if they had that five years ago, I mean, imagine what they can do now.
All you need is a single phone call.
Whoever this is who's targeting us quite simply used our comms against us.
The question is, how did they gain access to do so in the first place? [BEEPING, TRILLING.]
The implications of it on vocal biometric safety alone.
And it just got so much worse.
This is a perfect AI recreation of Umar, as well as a Murmur-generated clone of his voice.
It's the same software the caller was using.
Those DVDs were just a sample of what this thing can do.
With these assets, someone wouldn't be restricted to just making prerecorded video.
They could use Umar's voice and face in real time to assume his identity.
This is digital immortality.
DEEKS: Nothing in the bedroom.
Got to be honest, for a techie, this place is surprisingly free of, - well tech.
- Mm.
Looks like Noel's girlfriend had a little thing for Russian cigarettes.
Where does one even procure such a thing in L.
? I don't know.
Maybe she's Russian.
Don't like that option.
What do we have behind door number Whoa! Yahtzee! That's what I'm talking about.
Look at this practical use of space.
It's the perfect place to keep your sketchy side hustle.
It does look like he took whatever operations he was working on here with him when he left.
Well, call me crazy, but this hipster chic aesthetic doesn't exactly feel like it belongs with an extremist sympathizer.
It's a minimalist aesthetic, and I think it's great.
Clean lines.
I think it's very calming to have stuff not just strewn around everywhere.
Why do I feel like that was targeted at me? I'm just saying it's a nice design and something we can use as inspiration.
You want to take inspiration from a potential criminal's apartment for a nursery? So, what, this guy's got a monopoly on minimalism? - We're not even pregnant.
- Not yet.
What if we're never pregnant, Deeks? What if we paint that room and, every day that we're not pregnant, we have to look at it? What if we have to walk past it every day while we're just waiting for this baby that may never come? I was just trying to be optimistic.
Well, maybe it's time to be realistic.
Hey, Nell.
What's up? Kens, Deeks, I still haven't figured out how our comms were compromised, so I'm gonna have to verify your identities.
How do you want to do that? What is Hetty's beverage of choice? - Scotch.
- Scotch.
Not wrong.
But this is something she drinks in the morning.
- Scotch.
- Scotch.
It's tea.
Okay, then.
What is her favorite type of tea? That's easy.
It's English breakfast.
Don't pay attention to her, Nell.
It's obviously gunpowder green tea.
It is not gunpowder green tea.
It's English breakfast.
She doesn't drink a peasant tea.
She wouldn't drink - It's Oolong, Earl Grey, Darjeeling.
- What is a peasant tea? DEEKS: She's a woman of many flavors, Nell.
That's what makes it a difficult question.
Okay, just stop.
- 'Cause I got it right.
- KENSI: 'Cause you know that Nope.
I just know it has to be you.
You can't fake that level of annoying.
- DEEKS: Totally hear you.
- Okay, so, I identified your gunman on the roof as Owais Mirza, who, after looking into, seems to have some pretty deep ties to al-Qaeda.
DEEKS: So if al-Qaeda's going after Noel Then it's safe to assume that he's not a sympathizer but instead manufacturing the deepfake to sell to them.
Well, that makes sense.
According to Rashed, the seller got paid, but al-Qaeda never got the drive.
Now, did you guys find anything at his apartment? DEEKS: No, his place has been cleared out.
He obviously moved operations elsewhere.
Hey, do you think that Noel is the one targeting the team? I mean, even with the tech the caller used, they still would have had to get in contact with us to capture our voices.
So I think we have to assume that Noel is working with someone else.
And it's someone who knows us.
You know any Russians who'd want us dead? We cracked the hard drive in your backpack.
Anything interesting? Don't you want to tell me what you were doing with that kind of tech? Try using your imagination.
Well, I'm imagining an extra long prison sentence with no chance of parole.
What exactly were they planning to do with the deepfake? [EXHALES.]
The man who owned the hard drive you had in your possession tried to murder a federal agent.
Do you understand the reality of your situation? Do you? Do you think what you do here matters? That this is still frontline? All the money and all the firepower the U.
has spent will soon be meaningless.
The battle for ideologies, that's infinite.
And, soon, our leaders will be, too.
Umar's digital immortality is more than a propaganda call, it is a weapon that can never be turned off.
Umar is just the beginning.
Now every commander killed in a drone strike will continue on.
A ghost in the machine.
- The next bin Laden will never be silenced.
Hold that lovely thought, would you? What's the emergency? Sorry to interrupt, it's safer to relay the information face-to-face right now.
Did we get a lead on who Noel's working with? Not yet.
Did we find anything in the guy's apartment? Apartment was empty.
Callen, we're gonna need you to move Rashed to a secure location.
Nell's been trying to find the source of the breach, but hasn't found anything yet.
Until then, we have to assume everything has been exposed, including the boatshed.
Is Sam heading here now? NOEL/FATIMA: No, he's going to meet you there.
Meet me where? Write this down.
I'll need to dictate it to you in case our texts are being intercepted.
Are you ready? No That wasn't part of the agreement.
Fine, fine, but about the hard drive, If we don't clear our names, there's Then I need more time.
It's not enough.
It doesn't work like that.
Fine, I'll make it work.
You talk to Callen? Yeah, he's cool.
He's still working on Rashed.
You still at the hospital? Unfortunately.
They're saying she might need a new hip, so now we're just waiting on an orthopedic surgeon.
Oh, I'm sorry.
Yeah, and the Wi-Fi here sucks.
Do you think you could do something for me? Not if it involves the food truck.
The CIA's digital forensics team wants to see if our video matches any other material AQI has published in the last six months.
I need you to dump what's on the drive into a secure cloud storage location so they can start cross-referencing the material.
Well, Nell will be back soon.
They need it ASAP.
Yeah, I mean, she'll be right back.
I'm just not super confident, you know, doing those things, so The transfer could take a while.
We need to do it now.
I'll walk you through it.
Uh, sure.
Just Um Show me what to do.
I take it the Four Seasons was booked? FATIMA: It's the best we could do under the circumstances.
There'll be someone inside the safe house to meet you.
I just got off a call with the CIA.
How's it going with the transfer? Nearly there.
Who? Excuse me? Who are you contacting at the CIA? [DEVICE BEEPS.]
What's going on? What did you do? Hello? Easy there.
Keys to the cuffs.
And your gun.
ROUNTREE: I don't know.
She she said I [SIGHS.]
NOEL/FATIMA: I guess I should say thank you.
You just made my day so much easier.
No, thank you.
You were just so eager to get the drive, you didn't even check to see what you were downloading.
What-what are you The moment you started that file transfer, a tracer program launched, pinging your location.
No, that's not Bye, bitch.
Federal agents.
Don't move.
You know what, better let you take care of this.
Actually, I think I'm gonna be busy next Friday night.
DEEKS: Drop it! What is this? Kensi, send it.
Nice try.
Stay down.
Give it.
You got this? Nope.
- You okay? - [COUGHS.]
FATIMA: So, as it turns out, while he was playing us, someone was playing him.
Good news is once he saw what his partner was willing to do to him, I think he'll be more than willing to cooperate with further investigation.
Sooner we can track down any other deepfakes that might be out there, the better.
You gonna be okay? When I was in college, uh, my apartment got broken into.
They didn't get away with much, but The weird part is it wasn't the theft that bothered me.
It was the feeling it gave me.
Someone had moved my stuff, touched my clothes, laid in my bed.
It felt violating.
You lose something you didn't think you were capable of losing.
And you never feel fully in control of it again.
And you're sure it was a deepfake? I know what I saw.
The question is, is it still out there? Mm.
It could have been destroyed in the blast, or Noel could have sent it to whoever he was working with before that.
There's really no way of knowing.
Until it shows up again.
Well, we have evidence to believe that Noel was being used to bankroll someone's operations.
Someone who knows the team.
Possibly a Russian female? Katya.
It's my only guess as to why someone would go so far as to create a Callen deepfake.
Plus, Katya may be the only person crazy enough to blow up their associate just to dispose of some evidence.
It's the ultimate trap for Anna.
Are you gonna tell him? Would you want to know? I would.
NELL: Hmm.
See you Monday.
- Yeah.
- Hi.
Very clean in here.
I started digitizing.
I figured if I'm gonna keep doing this, I better do it my way.
Yet you're still drinking Scotch, which you clearly don't like.
Oh, that.
Well, sure, it, um, smells like an old man at a campfire, and it is bitter as hell, but tradition.
Maybe it's time for a new tradition.
Hmm? She knows us better than we know ourselves.
Have a good weekend.
Um, Callen? Um There is just one other thing.
Been traveling these wide roads For so long My heart's been far from you 10,000 miles gone Oh, I wanna come near and give you Every part of me But there's blood on my hands I've always loved that color.
And my lips are unclean In my darkness, I remember Mama's words reoccur to me Surrender to the good Lord And he'll wipe your slate clean Take me to your river I wanna go.

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