NCIS Los Angeles s13e09 Episode Script

Under the Influence

1 Oh, excuse me.
Would you mind taking one? Oh, make sure the logo's in the shot.
This is ruining my vibe.
Hey, fam.
So, I've got to run a bunch of errands today, and I don't really feel like walking.
So I decided to pick up this cute scooter, and now I'm flying.
Get it? Flying? This windblown look is really working for me, right? My parking spot is lost forever.
He is the boss.
Everyone knows I park here.
Everybody except somebody who's also the boss.
Now I have to park under a woodpecker commune.
Just had my weekly detail from Alex yesterday.
Not one minute after pulling my car in, it's like a bird blitzkrieg on my hood.
Why don't you just ask Kilbride for your spot back? You think a guy that pulls in hood first, three feet off-center, into a prime spot can be reasoned with? I mean, at least show some respect.
Back it in.
Could've swore I had some extra shampoo here.
Yeah, I don't want to be the one to have to tell you this, but I Spare me the bald jokes, G.
- Talking about car shampoo, all right? - Ah.
Specially pH-balanced to protect various surfaces.
Strong enough for a man but pH-balanced for a Hellcat.
- I'll be back.
- Okay.
Hold your horsepower.
Weren't we talking about cars? Joke felt right for the moment.
So, what is so important that you're interrupting Sam and his gentle lather? How about a new case? All right.
Her name is Gia Michele.
Yes, the Gia Michele.
Giagrafy? 15 million followers on Instagram, 40 million on TikTok? Oh, how I long for that type of ignorance.
Not that I'm saying you're ignorant.
I mean, I just Obviously, you just have way more important things in your brain.
More substantive things.
You're-you're just so very Experienced? Yeah, I was going to say "wise.
" Of course you were.
What's the case? Okay, the case.
Gia is a mega influencer.
She started off as a dancer but can pretty much sell anything.
I mean, there isn't a brand that doesn't want to work with her.
I think she also has a development deal for a reality show? Anyway, she posts regularly across her social media accounts, but yesterday it seems she went dormant.
Maybe she's just taking a break.
Well, the concern is that she actually did go missing.
- And we've been asked to investigate.
- Hold on a second.
Why are we being asked to find someone that posts selfies for a living? Because her mother has a much more important job.
Believe me, I will never adopt reverence for the selfie, no matter how hard my niece tries to convince me that it is an empowering art form.
But Gia Michele just happens to be the daughter of Linda Burke, the U.
ambassador to Lebanon.
Well, I guess occasionally the apple does fall far from the tree.
State Department Diplomatic Security is shorthanded in L.
, so the Secretary of State asked SECNAV for our assistance.
We need to rule out any foul play that might be connected to the ambassador's work overseas.
This is the last thing that Gia posted.
And no one has seen or spoken to her since this went up yesterday.
Hey, fam.
So, I've got a bunch of errands to run today, and I didn't really feel like walking, so I decided to pick up this cute scooter, and now I'm flying.
Get it? Flying? This windblown look is really working for me, right? That ended kind of abrupt.
Well, maybe she just dropped her phone.
- Hmm.
- Sounded like a crash.
Well, the weird part is, she left this video up.
She hasn't posted a follow-up.
And from what I can tell, her content is pretty tidy.
Well, she may have injured herself.
Did you check the local hospitals? Yes.
I checked all the hospitals in the area.
There is no record of her being admitted.
And her cell phone is off, so, can't locate a signal.
All right.
We'll head to the crash site, and check things out.
I'll send you the address now.
Kensi and Deeks are on their way to Beverly Hills to Gia's house - to see what they can find.
- Beverly Hills? How much do these social influencers make? North of Sunset kind of money.
Pied-à-terre in Manhattan kind of money.
Well, now, money is all well and good, Special Agents.
But just remember, you can't put a price on pride.
Oh, G, does your pride cover your pied-à-terre north of Deeks' bar? No.
But I'm pretty sure you spent yours on that boat, right? Wait a minute.
How old is this woman? Ugh.
22, 23.
And she dances on her phone for a living? Uh, that's how she started, but Fatima said she's a multi-hyphenate, which means she's an actor, has a beauty brand, a flat tummy tea pusher.
That sounds worse than a flat-earther.
It is.
You get diarrhea.
You know what? Maybe I should put myself up on this app, show 'em what they're missing out on, with a little Party Marty.
Just there, like, just whippin' it, gettin' it when gettin' is good.
I'm not sure there's an audience for a white surfer dude who hasn't quite mastered the Floss.
But I do know a few websites in which your, uh, thirst traps would kill.
I got a thirst trap for you right here.
Heads up.
You from the agency? Well, the cars are picture-ready.
I detailed every inch.
Not the agency you're thinking of.
I am NCIS Special Agent Kensi Blye.
This is Investigator Deeks.
Oh, no, no.
I just took the cars around the block.
Or It's such a shame to let it sit here, you know? I figured it could use a little exercise.
We're not here about the, uh, cars.
We're here for Gia Michele.
Is she around? Oh.
No, not at the moment.
Are you the only one here Joey? Yeah, it's just me.
I was just getting the cars ready for a photo shoot tomorrow.
When was the last time you saw Gia? I don't know.
I mean, uh, technically I don't see much of her.
She-she prefers indirect eye contact.
I know, it's not a thing, but that's what she calls it.
Anyway, I, uh, caught a glimpse of her on her way out last week.
Are all of these cars hers? No.
Not a one.
They're all props.
They come in, she takes a picture with them, and then they go out.
I don't even think she has a license.
Who picked her up the other day? Um, I think her driver Alan.
And when was the last time he was here? I-I don't know.
I wasn't here yesterday.
So, do you know how we get a hold of Alan? Look, I signed an NDA, so I probably said too much already.
Well, I am a lawyer and a federal agent, so if anyone says you're in trouble for giving us Alan's information, you can just have them call me.
You're not gonna tell him I drove the car, are you? Quid pro quo, Joey.
Quid pro quo.
Oh, good, Admiral, you're here.
I know we talked about how asking for help is a sign of strength and not weakness, so I'm going to push through this discomfort here and say that with Agent Rountree out on vacation and one of the most prolific social media catalogs to comb through, I could really use Another pair of eyes.
Yes, exactly.
Got here as fast as I could.
Good morning, Agent De León.
- Good morning.
- Hey.
I do hope you can put these eyes to good use.
- Thank you, sir.
- Hmm.
Welcome back, Aliyah.
Man, are you a sight for sore Okay, yeah, I'll stop.
You ready for a Giagrafy lesson? Giagrafy.
- Okay.
I get it.
- You get it.
I'll be in my office.
So, any updates for me? Yeah.
So, Kensi and Deeks found Gia's personal driver.
They're bringing him in.
And basically, we're just looking for anything that can help us pinpoint her current location.
It must take a lot of time to generate that much content.
Oh, yeah.
Full-time job.
Well, that was fast.
Looks like Gia's back online.
I've asked a lot of you guys over the years but this is by far the hardest thing I've ever had to do.
This is not a joke.
I've been kidnapped, and I need your help.
I have to raise $10 million in Bitcoin by the end of the day or else they're gonna kill me.
Please help me.
or else they're gonna kill me.
Please help me.
How long ago did this video post? About five minutes ago.
I don't mean to be insensitive, but how do we verify that it's authentic? You're not the first to wonder that.
And, honestly, I don't have an answer.
I'm guessing you've tried to trace the last feed? Trying like hell.
Is Aliyah with you? I got a text that she was back with the team.
I'm here, Sam.
Agent Callen, I trust my old friend has told you only good things about me.
It's good to have you on board, Agent De León.
Whoever's uploading this video to Gia's account knows how to stay hidden.
They're using TOR and every other trick in the book to hide the location.
Could Gia be tech savvy enough to do this herself? She could have help.
She did say "theyare going to kill me" in the video.
She either has more than one captor Or they instructed her not to give away identifying clues.
Just keep working on it, guys.
We're gonna keep looking around here, see if we can find any surveillance cameras or get lucky and find a witness.
Will do.
Have a seat.
Can I, uh, get coffee or anything? Right after you, uh, answer some questions.
We'll try not to bore you.
So, how long have you worked for Gia Michele? Uh, two, three years.
That's a 365-day difference there, Alan.
Been driving her around about a year.
Started a couple years before that as her bodyguard.
Gia needs a bodyguard? Well, she hired me around the time she had that spat with that other chick.
The one who got caught kissing the other girl's man.
You know, you read about it.
- No.
- No.
Didn't read about it, so why don't you tell us? Was "that other chick" Was she a threat to Gia? No.
No, no, I wasn't hired to protect her from that chick.
It's the fans.
The Beyhive, the Swifties.
Everybody's got their psychotic devotees.
Anyway, they pounced on Gia.
Has Gia ever had her life threatened? Hundreds of times.
If she wears the wrong color lipstick, they tell her to die and go to hell.
How do you and Gia get along? Like pancakes and syrup.
What do you make of this? Domestic violence, assault.
Restraining order.
I-I know how this looks.
It looks like a history of violence against women.
My ex, she-she's got some mental health issues.
It's in her head.
That's your side of the story.
So why should we believe you? You got to go with your gut.
You seem very tired, Alan.
What were you doing last night? Driving for the apps.
So you had the night off, then? Yeah.
Yeah, well, Gia said she had to ride that scooter thingy around all day.
It was a promo.
I dropped her in Hollywood, last I saw of her.
So what about her current bodyguard? Was he with her yesterday? He was going to take her home at the end of the day.
But she called him off that morning.
And he didn't argue with that? She's the boss.
Yeah, but she pays you to keep her safe one way or the other, right? Have you guys ever seen those pictures of celebs in In-N-Out after the Oscars, wearing ball gowns, tuxes and all that? - No.
- Yeah.
Everybody wants to feel normal every once in a while.
Even people like Gia.
Can you think of anyone who would have wanted to hurt Gia? And would have the means to orchestrate a plan of this scope? No.
Can-can I get that coffee now? You know what? You just don't seem very worried about Gia.
That girl would set her own dog on fire for followers.
So you think she's in on it? I'm not pointing any fingers.
I just sure as hell won't be donating to the cause.
Can I get that Coffee.
Coffee? No.
Fatima says the Bitcoin's rolling in.
They already have over 150,000 donors.
Are these people suckers, or could they really be saving Gia's life? It's hard to say right now.
I don't know if Gia's in trouble or if she's just troubled.
It's a whole new world out there.
I don't know what to make of it.
How are younger people supposed to find their North Star when the damn thing could just be Photoshopped? Aiden and Kam turned out all right.
Yeah, but they didn't care that much about social media and influencers when they were growing up.
Everything they saw wasn't a brand.
Look, uh, this isn't my thing.
But, I mean, are they really doing anything wrong? You could, you could almost argue that some of what they're doing is good.
Well, there wouldn't have been an Arab Spring without social media.
I'd like to know what Ambassador Burke's thinking right now.
I mean, if this thing turns out to be a hoax It'll damage her career.
But if I was her and my daughter was missing, last thing I'd be thinking about is my career.
One thing I know for sure: I don't envy new parents.
Lot of uncharted territory to cover.
So what's the, uh, what's the best piece of advice you ever got on parenting? You have no real control.
The best you can do is speak your truth, and set an example.
That's good.
I bet whoever told you that was a pretty good parent.
She was the best, G.
The best.
Call me old-fashioned.
I just don't think a kid needs a cell phone.
Okay, good luck with that.
Think about it no phone, so no access to social media, which we know is detrimental to kids' health.
Right? - Yes.
- No-no-no chat rooms or Internet trolls.
And no pornography Which I only am aware of anecdotally, as, like, as an Internet phenomenon.
Okay, listen.
Let's say that there is a text chain.
Right? Every 13-year-old in our possible kid's class is on it.
Are we really going to let them be left out? Yes.
What if there is an app designing contest at school? Right? Or they go out one night and they get drunk.
Then they know that they can call us and they don't have to drive home.
All right.
Fair enough.
So phone first, and then potty train 'em? The truth is, even if we pretend the digital world doesn't exist, babe, they're gonna find it anyway.
All of it.
Remember the good old days when we just shoved the nudie magazines under our mattress? No.
Think of all the trees we've saved now that everything's online.
So I've heard.
What is the latest on Gia? Well, I've been combing through the comments on her endless posts, and the most definitive conclusion I can come to is that people are nasty.
Exactly my point.
Any recurring trolls? More than one.
I made a list of the accounts that regularly harass her and the ones she's blocked.
People do not hold back when they're hiding behind anonymity.
Shall we put some names to those icons? We shall.
Who collects the pot at the end of this Bitcoin rainbow? The account is brand-new, it's never been used at an exchange.
Essentially, you can't connect an account to an identity until someone tries to cash in the Bitcoin at an exchange.
So, at the moment, it is an untraceable avenue.
Nothing should be untraceable for us.
- Agreed, Admiral.
- Yeah.
I won't stop trying.
Fatima and I were able to build a detailed time line of the 48 hours before Gia's disappearance, thanks to documentation of literally everything from her morning collagen smoothie to her nighttime skin regimen.
Plus, I tracked an escalating feud with another influencer over the last few months.
This is Sharon Cunningham, popular fitness influencer who goes by the alter ego Angel Soars.
They called out Gia out for stealing content, which led to Gia getting a lucrative sponsorship that should have - gone to Angel.
- Mm.
Tensions seem to still run high between the two.
Has she ever threatened Gia? They haven't.
Angel's pronouns are they/them.
All right, send the time line to Special Agent Blye and Investigator Deeks.
Hopefully we can work backwards within the time line and find a clue.
Someone or something that can help us find her.
Perhaps all this self-indulgent nonsense will actually serve a purpose in the end.
Oh, my God, they're they're monsters.
And here I was, trying to be diplomatic.
No, Admiral.
Someone started a counter-campaign.
But instead of crowd-funding to save Gia, they're raising money to pay her captor to kill her, live on the Internet.
The campaign in favor of Gia's execution is quickly gaining speed.
The original campaign, the one to save her, is only ahead by a few thousand dollars.
What kind of people would want to see Gia die? And I don't ask that rhetorically.
I know.
Uh, it looks like the link to the campaign is going viral in the incel community.
It's already been upvoted thousands of times on the more popular forums.
"Incel" comes from "involuntary celibate.
" Typically men who feel betrayed by women and then become hostile towards them Especially conventionally beautiful women like Gia.
Yeah, I am familiar with the term, Agent De León.
What you see on my face is not a look of confusion but rather one of disgust.
You and I are in agreement on that, Admiral.
All right.
Smoke these cowards out of their digital cave.
We don't have time to gamble if Gia's captor will put their money where their mouth is.
Fatima just sent a new lead.
This is Jaxon King, but he's known online as Supreme King Daddy J He's one of Gia's more prolific trolls, to put it mildly.
Looks like he can spend all that extra time online thanks to being fired from five jobs in the last year alone.
Maybe all that trolling got him fired.
And we have a current address.
All right.
Send that to Agent Callen and Agent Hanna.
And I will secure a search warrant.
Copy that.
What about this time line? Uh, somehow I feel that someone's gonna be coming down the steps with a directive in three two Bravo, Investigator Deeks, counting backward will be on the exam.
Couldn't have been anybody else.
Investigator Deeks, - Agent Blye - Sir.
I want you to follow the time line in reverse.
Talk to everyone who was with Gia for the last few days Everyone you haven't already talked to.
And I want you to find the photographer who took this picture.
It's the latest paparazzi photograph of Gia.
Well, looks like it was taken yesterday.
She's in the same outfit as the scooter video.
Well, just start searching the gutters - for a paparazzi.
- Huntin'.
We'll get on that time line.
Oh, before you go, I also want you to make it a priority to question this other influencer.
Uh, this is Angel Soars.
They had a beef of some sort with Gia.
Could be a motive.
Should be easy, since they geotag their bathroom breaks.
- Admiral Kilbride.
- Ah.
You remember Investigator Deeks.
This is his better half, Special Agent Kensi Blye.
This is Agent Aliyah De León, who is once again helping out the team.
I'm glad I can finally thank you in person.
Oh, it is an honor to work with this team.
We couldn't have done Jacumba without you.
- Of course.
- Oh, by the way, what brings you down here at the speed of sound? The ambassador called for you.
Couldn't have been anyone else? No answer at the front door.
No sign of movement inside.
No car in the driveway.
So, you think Mr.
Supreme King Daddy J would mind if we let ourselves in? Mm-hmm.
I have found a key.
Back was unlocked.
House is clear.
Come on in.
You think the people this guy trolls can imagine him sitting on a big pile of pizza grease? Mm if they're being generous.
He also gets away with having someone else do his laundry for him.
I see a laptop.
Let's see.
It's locked.
Aliyah, no sign of Jaxon King, but we have a laptop here.
Of course it's locked.
Plug me in.
I will unlock it and see what else I can find.
All right.
Take it away.
Also start a Kaleidoscope search on, uh, Jaxon's car, will you? Yeah, hopefully that will lead us to Jaxon, which will lead us - to Gia.
- Looking.
I can't find a vehicle registered to Jaxon King.
Oh, yeah? Maybe the person who's doing his laundry also let him borrow a car.
Well, either that or he's got a large Uber bill.
Of course, he's saving money by not having it detailed every week.
- Oh, it's worth every penny.
- Mm-hmm.
You're crazy, you think I had anything to do with Gia's disappearance.
Might as well shoot myself in the foot.
Well, you were one of the last people to see her.
I rarely get within ten feet of any one of my targets.
I mean, subjects.
That's what the lens is for, baby.
You mind scooting to the left? An A-lister who thinks she's hiding her pregnancy is finishing up her glucose test any minute now.
Well, that's a frightening amount of detail.
I can tell someone's pregnant the moment they ingest their first prenatal vitamin.
You realize that's, like, none of your business? It's literally my business.
You look familiar.
Do I know you? So, was there anything out of the ordinary when you saw Gia yesterday? Anyone hanging around, trying to talk to her? With Gia, it's pretty routine.
Her people text me, I get the shot, cha-ching for both of us.
Does she usually feed you her locations? Yeah, if the fit was lit and the face is beat, she came calling.
Gia knows how to play the game.
You sure I don't know you? I'm sure.
Okay, so nothing out of the ordinary yesterday when you photographed her? Well, come to think of it she didn't offer to buy me a matcha like she usually does.
Can I take a look at the photos from yesterday, everything on your camera roll? Yeah, for the right price.
Is that your, uh, green BMW - over there? - Yeah.
Well, I can get the boot that the city just strapped on there taken off free of charge, before your A-lister "target" sneaks out.
Oh, you got to be kidding me.
I paid half those tickets! Our entire team is on the case, Madam Ambassador.
And I assure you we are putting 100% of our resources into finding your daughter.
I expect to be calling you shortly with an update and, hopefully, some good news.
I'll be in touch.
- Yeah.
- Tell me you found a smoking gun.
Oh, it's smoking, all right.
I need something concrete, Agent Hanna.
My next call to the ambassador better be to tell her that Gia is safe.
Aliyah is combing through Jaxon's laptop.
Hopefully, that'll turn up something.
What do you think? Could this be our guy? Hey! Federal agents! I obviously don't have Gia.
I'm here, aren't I? What, are you taking a day off from telling her to, uh "get raped and die" or "kill herself and all her unborn babies"? Four years of threats like that.
On your handle.
So what? I've trolled lots of people.
That's not exactly a winning defense, Jaxon.
I don't have a defense against trolling Gia Michele.
That's as far as it's ever gone.
Are you gonna talk to all her thousands of haters? So, if you had nothing to do with Gia's disappearance, why'd you run? Uh, what would you do if you came home to two guys in your house? I thought you were there to rob me.
So, we're not going to find anything linking you to Gia Michele's disappearance if we keep looking? No.
Do this anymore We've been into this before Angel Soars? I'll be sure that we Martin Deeks, NCIS Investigator.
I'm Special Agent Kensi Blye.
We just want to talk to Angel.
- Okay? - Eight nine and ten.
Whew! Take a beat, and don't forget to hydrate.
Misunderstood Use code "Angel Sweats" for ten percent off your first order.
I'll drop the link in my bio, beauties.
What does NCIS want with little old me? Well, Angel, we'd like to ask you a few questions about your relationship with Gia Michele.
Not unless she sent you to apologize.
I'm sure you've heard that she's in danger.
Let me start with a question for you two.
If someone who looked like me was kidnapped, would the Feds come running to my rescue? Of course.
Wrong answer.
Fair enough.
That is a terrifyingly valid point.
But right now we need your cooperation.
And I'm gonna need my lawyer present.
You can call he or she, and they can meet us here.
I'll talk to them first and then get back to you.
Look, unfortunately, Angel, we don't have time for that.
It's in your best interest to make this easy because, one way or the other, we're gonna get these answers.
And please do not buzz at me again.
Now, excuse me.
Fitness first.
Okay, listen, Angel.
We just really Oh.
Sir, please remove your hand from my shoulder.
Do you want me to - No, I'm okay, baby.
- Okay.
Girl, go off.
Can I post this? Not unless you talk to my lawyer first.
Ready to talk now? I suspect there are a few things Jaxon would have scrubbed had he known I was going to examine his hard drive.
Anything illegal going on in there? In addition to a lot of pornography that, while questionable in taste, isn't actually illegal, there are multiple recent narcotics purchases on the dark web.
Maybe that's why he ran.
What about a link to Gia, you find anything there? Unfortunately not.
But there is an unsettling amount of activity in some ugly corners of the Internet.
Extremist chatrooms, anarchy groups, but most notably these incel communities.
In my search I found one user in particular who makes the rounds at several incel groups suggesting the abduction of Gia Michele and a bunch of other female celebrities.
Well, if Jaxon's telling the truth, that could be our guy.
He uses the handle "The Last Gentleman," but so far I haven't been able to ID him.
I bet there's someone in the boatshed who can.
The Last Gentleman.
Who is he? Look, Jaxon, you have two options here.
I can call up my DEA friends, alert them about your digital footprint Which is messy as hell, by the way.
Or you can tell us everything you know.
I don't know the guy.
Wish I did.
He's a badass.
Who threatens violence against women he doesn't know? He's been burned a bunch of times, okay? All of us have.
These women deserve what's coming for them.
You know what a real man does when he's rejected by a woman? Absolutely nothing.
You move on.
I wouldn't expect either of you to get it.
Not with those jawlines.
You can't understand us, and that's why we have each other.
The Last Gentleman is not your friend.
You don't owe him anything.
You don't need to protect him.
I told you I don't know him.
Well, we have dozens of conversations between the two of you on record, Jaxon, so you might want to give us a name.
I don't know his real name.
I swear.
You know what? Forget the bruised ego, Jaxon.
You think your hands are clean because you didn't physically harm Gia? You see where we are now? Her life is on the line, and you encouraged it.
All right.
You made your choice.
It's Curtis.
Curtis Jenkins.
I never thought it mattered.
What you say online? That.
What I say, period.
The hundreds of women you've trolled would disagree.
Curtis Jenkins.
Wish I could say he didn't fit the profile of an incel, but he checks a lot of boxes.
Also, you guys need to see this.
Thanks to the photos Fatima got from the paparazzi, I was able to place him at Gia's last known location.
He was following her that day.
Well, maybe that's how he knew her bodyguard and driver weren't there.
Wh-Where is he now? Got an address at his parents' place in Burbank.
Send it to Kensi and Deeks.
Will do.
Jenkins? NCIS.
We're looking for Curtis Jenkins.
- That's my son.
- Is he home? His van's not here, so he must be out.
Can I help you with something? Yeah.
We just need to take a quick look inside.
Curtis's room, in particular.
He lives in the guesthouse.
Can you let us in? What is this all about? Listen, Ms.
- Anna's fine.
- Anna.
A young lady's life is at stake.
We just need a quick look.
Curtis? He doesn't love it when I come in without permission.
He's very particular about his stuff, as you can probably see.
I'll have to vacuum your footprints out of the rug.
All right.
Do you have any idea where he is right now? I mean, is he usually out during the day? He's pretty busy.
Lots of job interviews, some freelance I.
work here and there.
Your average semi-launched 20-something kid.
He does need a little nudge from time to time, but that's the trend, right? Have you seen him today? I guess not, now that I think about it.
But I try and give him his space.
It keeps the peace.
And how has he been lately? Any unusual behavior? A lot of things haven't been easy for Curtis.
It gets prickly sometimes.
This is addressed to you.
That's definitely his handwriting.
Oh, my God.
Jenkins? Oh, my God.
He has Gia.
And he's saying goodbye.
Got it.
What do you got? So, Aliyah's looking for the van.
No such luck.
But, in case you had any hope for humanity, the counter-campaign to kill Gia has now raised more money than the one to save her.
By a lot.
- Geez.
- Yeah.
Anna, we need to know where Curtis is before he hurts anyone or himself.
How did this ha-happen? Listen.
Is there anybody who might know where he is? A friend? Somebody he might confide in? He didn't have a lot of friends.
I don't think he had any, to be honest.
After my husband died, he just retreated more and more into his computer.
Does uh Curtis, was he close to his dad? Yeah, Jim was always better at getting through to him than I was.
Is that Ventura Pier? We used to go there all the time.
Jim's parents had a beach house in Ventura.
Well, we still have it, but we haven't been there in years.
It's hard to go there without Jim, but also I couldn't bring myself to sell it.
We're going to need the address to that beach house.
How long before our team is on the ground? Agent Callen and Agent Hanna are en route now.
Agent Namazi is a few minutes ahead of them.
Ventura PD did a drive-by at the beach house but found no sign of Curtis's van.
I am still working on tracing the uploaded video to that specific location to confirm that Curtis is actually there.
Curtis's plan is to livestream Gia's execution, correct? So he says.
Then let's deny him his most powerful weapon.
What the hell? Damn it.
I lost the wireless.
Cell service here is crap.
Look who's not going to be able to stream his grand finale.
People are paying me to watch you die and I'm gonna give 'em their money's worth.
Put the phone down and your hands in the air, Curtis.
Where's Gia? It's over, Curtis.
Put the gun down.
You're ruining my plan.
You're ruining everything! Your only concern right now is being surrounded by federal agents.
Your best bet is to put the gun down before you make a wrong move.
If I can't get the money then people are going to know my name.
That's not how you want to be remembered, Curtis.
Come on.
I want Gia to live every day of her stupid life with my blood on her hands.
I hate her.
I hate all of them! I know that's not what your dad would want.
You don't know my dad.
I know he died hoping he'd done his job.
He'd want you to make good choices.
What choice do you think your dad would want you to make right now, Curtis? Huh? Put the gun down, son.
Come on.
Put it down, Curtis.
Hands behind your back.
Fatima, we got him.
Is Gia okay? Probably not okay, but she's safe.
Oh, my gosh, I really hated leaving her like that.
Who, Anna? Yeah.
I mean, can you imagine being the mother of somebody who would do something like this? Whew.
I think a lot of parents had the worst day of their life today.
Including the ambassador.
But personally, I can't stop thinking about what I would do to protect our daughter.
Right? I mean, I was barely holding it together when you were in Mexico.
Well, if we have a kid Lucky enough to have one They may not end up in a dangerous line of work.
Okay, but what if she does? Then we would do the same thing we would do with a kid regardless of their gender.
All right, so, support her unconditionally.
Teach her jujitsu, tactical training, maybe some sayoc.
Oh, geez.
What? I mean, look at Gia.
Even if we raise a strong, confident, independent woman with an amazing skill set, she could still end up in danger.
I get it now.
Why people pledge to do right by their daughters.
I just wonder why we don't put that much thought into how we raise our sons.
You came all the way back here? I know, it's insane.
That is a lot of driving on L.
Freeways? What do you guys call them? You know, driving helps me decompress.
Think about how the day went.
How it could have gone.
You know, and it's kind of my thing, to just come up here and make sure everything is all good before I call it a day.
Well, your meticulousness is admirable.
Oh, right back at you.
It's a pretty amazing team you're a part of.
You should be very proud.
Thank you.
You know, Aliyah, you fit in great here.
Hopefully it's not too long before we see you again.
How about a drink right now? Can we make it a coffee? Uh, I will make mine an Irish and you got a deal.
- Let's do it.
- Uh, it's 5:00 - somewhere, right? - Yeah, right? Okay, you have to tell me where you got your jacket from.
But I want to know about that scarf.
You got to wonder if it's worth it.
For these social influencers.
I mean, does the good outweigh the bad? Harder to tell these days.
I wonder how long it'll be before Gia's back online? Not as long as you think.
They all seem to find a way back, don't they? Pull up a chair.
No, I can't stay.
I just dropped by to pass on the ambassador's sincere thanks to you two.
I think her official statement was, "I owe them one.
" Mm.
Well, it's all in a day's work, Admiral.
Indeed, gentlemen.
And tomorrow is another day.
Oh, um, Agent Hanna My car guy will be by your place bright and early to detail the Hellcat.
Consider it a thank-you for allowing me to borrow your parking spot.
Oh, well, you know I appreciate the offer, sir, but it's not necessary.
Technically, it's not my spot, so Oh.
Well, in that case, I think I'll claim it as my own.
It's a good spot.
Have a good evening, gentlemen.
- Shut up.
- I didn't say anything.

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