NCIS New Orleans (2014) s03e02 Episode Script

Suspicious Minds

1 You know I'm crazy about you, honey MAN: The game of poker 52 cards in a deck, seven in a hand.
133 million different possible combinations.
The question is: can the game be beaten? You got your probability, your equity calculations, you got statistical analysis but at the end of the day, folks, you got to know people.
So, I ask you fine gentlemen.
Is poker a game of skill or is it a game of chance? (chuckles): Elvis, enough of the game theory.
Are you gonna bet or what? In that case I'm all in.
No one's gonna test my thesis.
Everybody wants you to shut up.
Well, I aim to please, then.
Hey, let's catch a breath.
Come on.
I'll be right out.
(sighs) (clattering, men grunting) (mutters): Oh, God.
(laughs): Hilarious, guys.
Very funny.
I didn't know you guys were such sore losers.
NCIS:New Orleans 3x02 Suspicious Minds Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey @elderman You gotta come on.
Made yourself at home.
You and I have a lot to discuss.
I figured you wouldn't mind if I used your conference room.
I'll make this as painless as possible, Agent Pride.
A DHS mole infiltrated your team.
The DOJ just wants us to make sure that there's nothing to worry about.
It's not personal.
Not for you.
Well I'm not here to play gotcha.
(laughs) (recorder beeps) Special Agent Pride, is it true your team found evidence Homeland Security Agent John Russo was a double agent working for the Ciudad Natal Cartel? That's correct.
And can you tell me why you chose to break procedure and neglect to report Russo immediately to his superiors or your own? ISLER: Four NCIS agents responsible for multiple SONJA: How long they been up there? LASALLE: Not long.
What do you hear? Well, right now, just you.
(sighs) We discover Russo's a double agent, we bring him down, and now we're the ones under review.
Yeah, it's called government work.
SONJA: Still, looks like Pride is SONJA and LASALLE: pretty upset.
(phone ringing) They need their privacy.
Yeah, we got work to do, like answering that phone call.
You don't think that I should be here.
I get it.
In your estimation, you're heroes and we should just thank you and move on.
That'd be nice.
Look at it from my perspective.
A mole in Homeland Security at the highest level.
A major attack on your city, barely stopped.
By my team.
Yes, one of whom was compromised and when the dust settled, resigned.
You're blaming Brody? Stating facts.
Four NCIS agents responsible for most of the Gulf Coast.
Meredith Brody was intimately involved with a cartel spy.
If it wasn't for her, John Russo would have succeeded.
And the DOJ is not comfortable with such a slim margin of error.
In the middle of something! Multiple homicide, including a dead Navy officer on the Creole Queen.
PRIDE: Work calls, Agent Isler.
Sorry about that.
(recorder beeps) You good, King? Dandy.
(camera clicking) Victims are Milton Lewis, car salesman; Travis Cane, contractor.
And Lieutenant Commander Henry Warbeck.
Cyber warfare engineer out of Belle Chasse.
All shot point-blank, close range.
Witnesses? No.
The Creole Queen was docked for renovations.
Travis here, he oversaw the work.
According to NOPD, Cane's known for his floating poker game.
SONJA: And judging from the chips on the table and the empty strong box, I'd say there was a lot of cash here.
Burglary gone wrong? No, it's more like an execution.
All the victims were shot here at the table, and there's no sign of them putting up a struggle.
Well, these victims might not have struggled someone else did.
Overturned blackjack table.
Bullet holes in the ceiling.
That blood? And this Belonged to the killer? Belongs to Elvis Bertrand.
SONJA: That name mean something to you? Oh, yeah.
Elvis was a Navy intelligence analyst.
He consulted on an espionage case a few years back.
Put himself on the line to take out a spy ring.
We became close.
He's been a handful for King ever since.
So, does he live up to the name? Hard drinking, gambling, living, yeah.
Not exactly cut from Navy cloth.
No, but a savant when it came to cyber warfare.
One of the best.
I lost count of how many times Pride's had to bail him out of a rough spot.
Like triple murder rough? Elvis is a hacker, troublemaker, half a con man, but no kind of killer.
Well, it doesn't look good, King.
We'll canvass witnesses, check surveillance.
We'll find Elvis.
Judging from expression, you have not had a productive afternoon.
Went to Elvis's apartment, favorite bar, second favorite bar, every place I've ever found him in the past-- no luck.
Well, he can't be that hard to find, not in this day and age.
GPS, digital trail.
Elvis is too smart and too paranoid to leave any kind of trace.
If he wants off the grid, he's gone.
Or he could be another victim.
I'm trying not to let that idea distract me.
You're already distracted, Dwayne.
The FBI review.
Not so much a review as a coordinated attack.
Well, sure you handled it diplomatically.
I did.
Until Isler started pointing fingers at Merri.
Used her as a scapegoat, then? How'd you handle that? Not diplomatically, that's for sure.
I'm so sorry.
I'm sorry.
Uh, I waited as long as I could.
I know you're having a private conversation.
I just I got to get the victim's personal effects.
It's okay, Sebastian.
Okay, great, 'cause, look, I'm dying to know: is the Elvis Bertrand involved in this case? You know him? Well, I-I wish.
He's like the he's like the hacker of the people.
He breaks into corporate computer networks, then he releases all their dirty laundry.
He's a personal hero.
Made a lot of enemies pulling those stunts, Sebastian, including the Justice Department.
Got himself banned from using the Internet instead of jail time a ban he ignored.
(phone ringing) That's coming from the evidence.
Commander Warbeck's phone.
Hey, give me a glove.
(phone continues ringing) Elvis? ELVIS: That's what I love about you, Dwayne; you answer a dead man's phone, and somehow you know it's me calling.
(whispers): Tell him I'm a fan.
What the hell is going on? Well, I'd love to sit and chat over a bowl of gumbo, but I got about 30 seconds before they can track the phone I'm on.
Who's they, Elvis? Uh, the government, private sector, “the Man,” you, for all I know.
Now we got 20 seconds.
You're sounding paranoid.
Well, you're not paranoid if they are actually after you, and I did barely survive a massacre.
I got ten seconds, Dwayne.
I need you to meet me in four hours alone.
Give me an address.
You don't own me I'm not just one of your many toys You don't own me Don't say I can't go with other boys Don't tell me what to do And don't tell me what to say Please, when I go out with you Don't put me on display I was hoping you brought my hat, 'cause I tell you, this thing on my head ain't working.
Hat's evidence in a triple murder.
Yeah, well, I didn't kill nobody.
PRIDE: Sure.
You don't own me Just kind of wondering what you're doing with a gun.
Well, I had a bad day.
Need a little protection.
Well, I'm here now so hand it over.
You know, the news reports are calling what happened in the poker room a robbery.
It's a bunch of crap.
It was an assassination.
And I want to hear all about it.
But first the gun, Elvis.
You think I would ever shoot you?! I think you're gonna give me the gun, and when we go back to NCIS, I'm gonna get you some gumbo, you'll tell me what happened.
The way I want To say and do whatever I please What's it gonna be? (Grace vocalizing) I thought you said you were coming alone.
I did.
Well, who are those guys?! Elvis Bertrand, FBI.
Hands where I can see them.
Special Agent Gregorio.
Isler have you follow me? No.
Here to take in a murder suspect.
Hey, I'm not going anywhere.
In cuffs or a gurney, doesn't matter.
Well, matters to me.
Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.
Out of the way.
Calm down.
Out of the way! Everybody calm down.
Out of the way, Special Agent Pride! Sorry, Dwayne.
You can't trust nobody.
(phone beeps) (crowd screaming, clamoring) (alarm ringing) PRIDE: Elvis! Elvis! Elvis? (alarm stops) Elvis! Dude, he's gone.
I guess Elvis has left the building.
Take a walk.
I'll call you back.
Your drinking buddy somehow managed to elude a dozen federal agents.
'Cause you scared him off.
Was I supposed to say “pretty please” when I arrested him for murder? Is that the NOLA way? Elvis is many things; murderer is not one.
He's a felon convicted of a dozen federal crimes, including hacking.
Elvis has nothing to do with my team's review.
Why the hell are you even here? Smaller town than I remember.
People run into each other.
Especially when they're investigating the same case.
Didn't realize we were.
Oh, so you don't know everything.
You want another surprise? (siren whooping) GREGORIO: Recognize him? Should I? Figured you knew everyone in this town.
Dead man in Elvis's trunk.
Tell me again he's not a murderer.
Commander Warbeck was a Navy computer engineer.
Elvis is former Navy Intelligence.
That's NCIS's stake here.
Not seeing yours.
Warbeck worked a security project for DoD and Justice.
First time hearing about it.
What do you know about underwater fiber-optic cables? I know squat, too.
Except they carry all kinds of sensitive data.
Warbeck helped secure the data, Natal Cartel wanted to steal it.
You're kidding me.
IDI Investment Bank in Brazil handles hundreds of millions of Ciudad Natal's money.
We've been monitoring the transactions on the cables.
Turns out, we're not the only ones.
You think the Natal Cartel is hacking these cables? You're under review regarding a cartel double agent.
You need to step off and let the cavalry handle it.
I got a dead Navy officer.
Your buddy's the prime suspect.
Again, you're under review.
Not that easy.
I'm gonna go find Elvis before you or your “cavalry” put a bullet in him by mistake.
Fair enough.
Miss Loretta.
Hoping to get autopsy results on our latest victims.
You're not alone.
Isler and the FBI came a few minutes ago with a warrant, and they're taking the victims and my results back to their crime lab.
Even the John Doe from Elvis's car? I barely had time to photograph the body before they told me to cease and desist.
I hate leaving something undone.
(thumping) Psst.
(quietly): Come over here! I have something for you.
But I don't want them to know, so let's be inconspicuous, okay? Everyone just act normal.
Sebastian, you couldn't look more conspicuous than you do right now.
What you got, my brother? I found it in Commander Warbeck's personal effects.
Looks like a key card that you find in a Mm Looks like a common key card that you'd use in any office or hotel, right? Wrong.
Tried to analyze the chip.
Encryption is, like, next-level secure, only available to NSA, CIA Really, any of the “A” acronyms.
LASALLE: Well, that makes sense.
Warbeck was working a cyber security project on underwater fiber optics.
Hey, you figure out where that key card comes from, you can give us the lead on why Warbeck was killed.
Easier said than done, but Patton and I got down and dirty, and we decrypted this bad boy.
Turns out, it belongs to some company called Certel-- contracts with the government.
I don't know-- Pride's on his way there right now.
No, it's my understanding that we aren't on this case.
Or are we taking the FBI order as optional? Well, Pride sure is, and we got his back.
Oh, ixnay on the ack-bay.
Special Agents Lasalle and Percy.
Got some free time on your hands? Why not come back to the FBI, get your interviews over with? HELLER: Thought FBI was handling Commander Warbeck's murder, Agent Pride.
Call it a joint investigation.
My team found the commander's key card, traced it here to Certel.
You do cyber security.
We secure the integrity of underwater fiber-optic cables across the Southern Hemisphere.
And Commander Warbeck's role? Henry was DoD liaison for Threat Assessment.
That's my division.
(keypad beeps) (keypad buzzes) Uh, sorry, let me just try this again.
Ten-number key code.
Changed on a daily basis.
Take your security seriously, huh? HELLER: It's our business.
(keypad buzzes) Uh we've all been a little on edge lately.
(keypad beeping) You and Commander Warbeck work closely together? (keypad beeps, door buzzes) We oversaw the division for two years.
A lot of late nights.
Commander Warbeck's murder may have been related to his work here.
Then he was right.
We monitor millions of terabytes of data on these servers.
Everything from corporate correspondence to sensitive government communication.
Henry thought he found a sniffer.
A what? It's a virtual bug on the cable.
Used to steal data.
He never reported a hack.
Whoever placed it was good.
Henry needed confirmation, so he went to the one person he thought he could trust, Elvis Bertrand.
They served together.
He was the best hacker Henry knew.
It's possible whoever breached Certel realized what Commander Warbeck was onto.
Killed him for it.
Do you know anything about the hacker? Nothing.
You need to talk to Elvis.
He's the only other person who can figure out this breach.
Patton, please tell me you've tracked down Elvis.
Oh, your buddy Elvis is scary good.
He turns his phone on long enough to make short calls, and then he powers it down.
So, no luck.
Hey, I'm scary good, too.
I had to hit the streets and go mobile.
I can't tell you where his phone is, but I can tell you where it was.
Ever since the murders, Elvis has been making several calls from somewhere in City Park.
Elvis always had a soft spot for the flying horses.
Have Sonja and Lasalle meet me there.
Oh, I thought you knew.
Lasalle and Sonja's tied up.
The FBI is interviewing them as we speak.
(indistinct chatter) Guess I know what a high colonic feels like now.
They ask you about Merri? Yeah, and her relationship with Russo.
How long it was, how intense.
Did I trust her? Yeah, I trust her.
Yeah, more than these “feeb” jokers.
LASALLE: They asked me about King, too.
Did he make it a habit of breaking protocol? (scoffs) Look, Isler's gonna make stopping a terrorist attack into an actionable offense, hanging us all out to dry.
I want to know.
What are you doing? There's something going on over there.
I couldn't catch a lot of it.
A lot of whispered conversation, but I think they got a line on Elvis.
Well, let's find out.
You want to follow her? You know how much trouble that's gonna get us in? We're already in trouble.
No sign of Elvis anywhere.
All I can tell you is your boy was clocking some serious hours around here yesterday.
Far as I know, he can be in Cuba by now.
Patton? (static crackling) Patton, you there? ELVIS: No, no, it's me, Fidel Castro, hacking in.
I disconnected Patton.
Although I am impressed that you boys actually tracked me down.
We got a lot to talk about.
Breach of the Certel fiber-optic cables.
Dead body in your trunk.
Yeah, well, he had it coming.
He killed Henry and the others.
You know, they might have been bad poker players, but they did not deserve to die.
No more jokes.
This is serious.
Well, he tried to kill me, too.
And, dumb luck, I survived and he didn't.
And trust me, brother, I'm not laughing.
Look, I need the truth, Elvis.
Did Commander Warbeck come to you for help on the Certel breach or because you were involved? You think I'd do something like that? You have before, Elvis.
Okay, good point, good point, I have, but I am too smart to get caught twice.
(carousel music playing) Carousel? Really? You got to come in.
So the FBI could scapegoat me, like they're scapegoating you and your team.
Wait a minute, Elvis.
Did you hack the FBI? Hey, turnabout's fair play, man.
And by the way, you're in their crosshairs, too, brother.
FBI thinks that you're a killer.
They will not hesitate in taking you out.
They're gonna have to, because I'm not going to prison.
Elvis Elvis.
See you around, Dwayne.
He's not (phone ringing) Yeah, Christopher? LASALLE: Just got out of the FBI.
Pretty sure Tammy's got a lead on Elvis, so we're kind of following her.
But we will stand down if you want us to.
No, keep on it, whatever happens.
We got to get to Elvis before the FBI does.
He won't let them take him alive.
You need to be cautious, Christopher.
If Tammy realizes what you're doing, all hell will break loose.
Keep me updated.
Sounds like you're up to no good.
Lasalle and Sonja are tailing the FBI agent investigating us, hoping that she will lead them to my fugitive friend.
No good at all.
(chuckles) That's nothing.
Has me trying to confirm that Certel's fiber optics were being hacked.
I'm breaking a dozen federal laws hacking them myself.
FBI doesn't care about Commander Warbeck's murder.
Only want to prove that there's some sort of a cartel conspiracy.
Why not let them flounder? I can't.
Odds are, Elvis will get himself killed.
By the actual suspects or the FBI.
You got something, Loretta? Oh.
The FBI took our evidence, uh, but I may have neglected to give them the photos of the body found in Elvis's trunk.
The man he said was responsible for the three murders in the poker room? Brimming with respect for you right now, Loretta.
WADE: Didn't have time for a proper autopsy, let alone fingerprints or DNA.
But I have these.
Improvised inks.
Yeah, something you'd get in prison.
These tattoos highlight the gangs he ran with.
It's like a resume.
Sebastian did some legwork, came up with this I.
Max Connor.
Serving ten years.
Robbery, aggravated assault.
Common crook.
Not the type to get involved in high-level hacking, let alone a cartel soldier.
Blows up the FBI theory.
He had to have had an accomplice.
Someone with computer skills.
Or someone with access to Certel.
Uh, well, I-I did a little digging.
And turns out, Max Connor has a brother James.
He's a technician contracted with Certel to run their underwater cable.
He had inside knowledge of the engineering.
Regular Nancy Drew over there.
(chuckles) I want to know where he is right now.
Way ahead of you.
I'm-a pull up the GPS on his phone, we'll find him.
See? I told you, you're getting too close to her.
What do you mean? I'm two car lengths behind.
I know how to follow a suspect.
Yeah, but she's not a suspect, she's FBI.
If she makes us, we lose our only lead on Elvis.
(sighs) Probably our jobs.
(quietly): Yeah, so be quiet.
Oh, you be quiet.
I got this.
LASALLE: Dad-gummit.
SONJA: Ugh, I told you.
She made us.
She did not.
All right, well, I guess we'll just wait here and find out.
All right, enough.
(chuckles) We got to talk.
No denials, no deflections.
You've been acting weird toward me ever since we hugged after the Russo case.
And we had a moment.
Okay, I'm just gonna stop you right there.
'Cause we agreed we're not talking about this.
'Cause we're cool.
'Cause that's bygones.
We're anything but cool.
We're supposed to be a team and trust each other; I can't even reach for my water without you jumping out of your skin.
I didn't jump.
I was just startled.
We're a man down and we're under attack, all right? We need to close ranks so that we have each other's back.
I've got your back, Lasalle.
And I got yours.
(sirens wailing) LASALLE: And now What the hell? Ooh boy.
Now we are screwed.
All right.
(phone beeps) SONJA: Yeah, Pride, we might have a little problem with the FBI.
Gregorio just made us.
Okay, where is she now? Looks like she's on foot walking down Rampart.
Be right with you.
PRIDE: Okay, well, Patton found the brother of our dead gunman, James Connor.
Yeah, he may have spotted me.
Yeah, he did.
Headed to Rampart.
(siren wailing) Tammy and the suspect going the same way.
AGENT: Out of the car, now! Something's about to go down.
LASALLE: Don't shoot me.
AGENT: Come on, let's go.
All right.
(siren wailing) (tires screeching) Keep walking.
Act natural.
Why'd you have me meet you here? I need your help.
(siren continues wailing) Come on, come on, come on.
FBI are saying bad things about you, Elvis.
That you're responsible for what happened to Henry.
You know me, Anne.
I would never hurt Henry.
I was trying to help him.
So why'd you run? 'Cause I want to figure out who killed him.
But I need your help.
You have to give me access to Certel servers.
No, I can't give you that.
That's the only way I can find the hacker.
Anne, you have to trust me as much as I trust you, okay? Elvis, I'm so sorry.
She didn't give me a choice here.
“She”? Hands where I can see them, Elvis.
(sighs) Anne (siren continues wailing) (tires screeching) (siren approaching) I got a dozen agents a block away.
I told Anne here I'd keep it civilized.
Don't make me a liar! They had a trace on my phone, they knew I was coming to see you.
Don't be too torn apart.
It's probably the weapon that killed your boyfriend.
Everyone down! We got a male suspect on a motorcycle! We got a suspect, James Connor, headed to Esplanade! On a motorcycle! Black leather jacket, black motorcycle.
Everybody all right? Elvis, you okay? I'm good.
I'll call you later.
Elvis, where the hell are you going?! You all right? You're a jackass! You freakin' follow me, too?! And saved your life.
You're welcome.
You had people follow an FBI agent that's actively investigating you? Your M.
smuggled autopsy photos.
And I'm not sure what your computer expert did, but I know that it's not good.
Told you we weren't gonna stand down.
Well, there's a line between not standing down and obstruction; and it's not a fine one.
Wasn't for my team, we would not I.
James Connor in the Certel breach, let alone stop him from shooting Agent Gregorio here.
Not the point at all.
It's a little bit the point.
LASALLE: King? What do you got? We searched the entire area.
Found James Connor's bike a few blocks away.
Yeah, no sign of him, but there was blood, so he's hurt.
PRIDE: Hook up with Patton.
Get Connor's last known address.
Find him.
ISLER: Excuse me.
NCIS is still under review.
No one's going anywhere.
Come on, Isler.
James Connor is our only link to whoever hacked Certel.
He's not our only link; we have Elvis.
Elvis almost got shot looking for the hacker.
Go ahead, chase your tail trying implicate him as a Ciudad Natal stooge.
My team will keep working.
ISLER: Your team stands down.
Sir, Agent Pride is right.
Better if we pool our resources, work together to bring the suspects in.
Plenty of time to escort us to the gallows, once we've solved the case.
Special Agent Gregorio, go with Butch and Sundance.
Find Connor.
You're Butch, I'm Sundance.
That makes us even.
LASALLE: Percy and I's got the front.
You take the back.
Why do I take the back? Someone's got to.
Sure, someone, just not me.
Are you kidding me? Am I smiling? (chuckles) Sometimes it's hard to tell.
Geez Louise, I'll take the back.
Just don't shoot me, all right? (doorknob rattles) On three.
One, two, three.
It's clear.
Connor's gone.
He was here recently.
Cleaned up his wounds, got out of town? Well, he didn't get far without his “go bag”" Cash, passport, clothes.
GREGORIO: Money's not gonna be a problem.
Account balances at several Cayman banks.
(whistles) Millions of dollars transferred in the last two weeks.
That's a lot of dough for a glorified cable guy.
Hey, what if we're wrong? What if the breach had nothing to do with the espionage or the cartels? What if it's just a simple bank robbery? Hackers and the Connors steal the money from the IDI bank thinking there's no way to trace it.
But then things go sideways when Warbeck catches on.
Yeah, but where's Connor now? PRIDE: Elvis, you know I believe you're innocent.
But the evidence looks bad.
Got to explain yourself or I can't help.
(sighs) Okay.
Can I get a bowl of gumbo? Listen, I didn't hack anybody.
Warbeck found a sniffer down at Certel.
Someone had transferred data off the server.
What kind of data? Elvis, what kind of data? I don't know, but it went to an investment bank.
Under Justice Department investigation for working with the Ciudad Natal Cartel.
And about a thousand other clients.
The point is Warbeck couldn't trace it, so I helped him out.
He came to a convicted felon.
He came to a friend.
He wondered if it was an attack from the outside or an inside job.
And how exactly could he do that? You know, I would explain it to you, but you still would not understand it.
Try and, uh Try and dumb it down for me.
Warbeck brought me the corrupted data.
I went through the logs looking for the hacker's signature, because they almost always leave a digital trace.
Skip to the part where three men end up dead at the poker game.
We played poker together all the time.
I was there to tell them what I'd found.
Unfortunately, someone was tracking us.
Max Connor, who was found dead in your car trunk.
Right, he killed those guys, and he tried to kill me, too.
And I got lucky.
Or he was your partner, along with his brother James, who worked at Certel.
You hacked the servers.
When Warbeck got wind of it, you had him killed.
Don't be an idiot! I had nothing to do with it.
I was helping out my buddy, okay? And I'll bring you your hacker, all right? Whether he's on the inside or the outside.
But you got to let me on Certel's servers.
So you can clear any damning evidence? Don't hold your breath, Elvis.
(quietly): So stupid.
Dwayne, I swear to God, I'm telling the truth.
And I can back up every word of it.
Those files that Henry gave me are hidden in my laptop.
Check it out.
Now, I know I'm a screwup, but you know damn well I want to find the killer of Henry just as much as you do.
PRIDE: So? What do the files tell you? Hundreds of terabytes of the Certel breach.
IDI Bank mainly.
Just like Elvis said.
All this proves is that he had the stolen data.
That and the murder weapon? He's on the next plane back to D.
You're not thinking this through.
You still trying to protect your friend? Is this some kind of New Orleans thing? Because I don't understand it at all.
Open your eyes.
If I believed Elvis was guilty, I'd be leading the charge.
I say he's working for Ciudad Natal.
Helping them to undermine our investigation into their funds.
Nothing to prove that except your desire for it to be true.
I'll prove it when I get him back to D.
You don't understand New Orleans, but I understand D.
, and in D.
you're only as good as your last accomplishment.
There a point? If you're wrong here-- and you are-- it's career ending.
You'll come off like a fool.
You know it's true.
But? Wait 12 hours.
Let our people track down James Connor.
Let Elvis into Certel, check their servers, find the real hacker.
And if he runs? He won't.
I'll stake my career on it.
And if he can't prove the hacker's still out there, I'll escort him to D.
with you.
We got wires hooked into your cell phone.
You'll be able to hear us through this earwig.
Plus, I have a feed into the building's security cameras.
We have eyes all over.
I'll be watching your every move.
Well, I figure you Feds have been doing that for years, anyways.
The minute you go off book, I pull the plug and you're back in custody.
He's not going off book.
(quietly): Hey, don't go off book, okay? You got a dangerous amount of trust in people.
I don't know how to do it any other way.
Yeah, this goes wrong, we're both screwed.
You'll have much bigger problems than my review.
ELVIS: Don't worry about anything.
Just get me into the servers.
I'll do the rest.
Didn't expect to see you here after hours.
Who's this? Maintenance.
Problem with the air conditioning.
Got to keep the hard drives cool.
PATTON: And they're in.
So far, so good.
What just happened? That's not on our end.
Someone cut the feed.
SONJA: Got something off Connor's computer.
Talk to me.
James Connor's on his way, if he's not here already.
Someone gave him the security access code to Certel.
Where's Elvis? He's up in Certel's offices.
Security feed got cut, probably by Elvis.
He played us, Pride.
He's working with Connor.
We don't know anything right now.
You find Connor.
I'll secure Elvis.
LASALLE: You got it.
I'm calling for backup.
Good idea.
I could get in serious trouble.
The FBI sent me here.
You'll be okay.
Remember, we're doing this for Henry.
LASALLE: James Connor! Stop where you are! Connor! Clear.
Nice shooting, ladies.
(phone beeps) “You're taking too long.
I'm handling this myself.
” What does that mean? It means whoever's working for Connor is already in Certel.
Any luck? Whoever breached the servers did a good job of covering their tracks.
So, you can't I.
the hacker? No, no, no, I can, but the hacker scrubbed the servers from the inside, so it was a Certel employee with complete security clearance from this computer.
You're very good, Anne.
Clearly not good enough.
But you're gonna help.
Erase any signs that I hacked the server.
You killed my friend.
I don't make them too easy.
I'm not gonna help you get away with it.
You don't have a choice.
Hell if I don't.
(Elvis and Anne grunting) Elvis! Don't try to stop me, Dwayne.
You need to think this through.
She killed Henry and the other two men.
Tried to cover her ass.
Thinks she's some kind of spy or something.
She's not a spy.
She just hacked into the IDI Bank to steal money.
I didn't do any of it.
Elvis you know me.
I loved Henry.
Stop with your tears and your lies, 'cause nobody believes them, okay?! Oh, I swear.
I didn't want him to get hurt.
It was their idea to kill him.
Hard to sell to a jury.
I am the jury.
Elvis, you need to think this through.
Pull that trigger, you're throwing your life away.
Henry deserves justice! This isn't justice.
It's revenge.
Those are just words.
More than that.
Make her face what she's done.
Pay the price.
Cold cell for the rest of her days.
Better her than you.
Nobody's gonna spend any time in a cold cell! There's a lot of bullets in this gun! No.
Henry was my only friend! Only friend? (clears throat) You're right.
She's not worth it.
PRIDE: Assistant Director Isler.
Well, well.
Let me see.
Anne Foreman's in federal custody.
Elvis is gonna be cleared of all wrongdoing.
I'm guessing you're here on some other matter.
Mm I can't fathom your methods down here, but I'm impressed.
You and your team got the job done.
Just like we did in the John Russo case.
Well, I advise you to follow protocol next time you come across someone like John Russo, but I see no reason to penalize anyone on your team.
The FBI review of NCIS is closed.
SONJA: Great.
So, you're on a plane back to D.
, too.
ISLER: Actually, no.
There's no reason to pursue NCIS, but there's still evidence Ciudad Natal is active in New Orleans.
You just don't have the money and the hardware to-to handle them.
We stay until they're gone.
(Isler laughs) Well, I can just, I can tell that you're all thrilled.
Let's just say we look forward to you clearing them out fast.
Pride, let's, um let's talk privately.
What do you think that's about? Don't know.
Don't care.
I'm out of here.
Hey, Percy.
Are we good? Yes, Lasalle, we're good.
Okay, but no more weird stuff.
No more weird stuff.
(imitates explosion) Yeah Ooh, ooh, ooh Whoa Ain't really my type, but we locked eye One time for a cool guy Blowing up my phone so I made time Those are on me, okay? Mm-hmm.
Hey, Dwayne, I really like your bar.
You know, it's got a style that appeals to my seedier nature.
Thank you, I think.
Music is great.
How the hell did you pull that off? You got to know Quincy.
How's your arm? I don't even need it.
This is my lovemaking hand.
(laughs) What?! Whoa! Huh? I never thought I'd see her again.
Thank you.
What's this? Get out of jail free card? Job offer.
You impressed them, Elvis.
FBI's got an opening in their cyber crime division.
Could use someone like you.
Means getting back on the computer again-- legally.
Wow, what an opportunity to be back on a computer with Big Brother watching my every move 24/7.
No, thank you.
You don't seem flattered.
Listen, I worked for “the Man” my whole adult life.
I am going off the grid, brother, and I ain't coming back.
Listen, playing the good guy ain't for me, okay? 'Cause it costs too much.
Sorry to break it to you, but you're always gonna be one of the good guys, no matter how far off the reservation you go.
Oh, boy.
That's my signal to scram.
Stay out of trouble.
All right.
You, too, buddy.
Take care, my brother.
You know where to find me.
God, I hope don't have to.
Why is it I never seem to know? I didn't mean to lead you on Don't pull the Southern hospitality on me.
I'm not thirsty.
Talked to Isler.
Said I'm gonna be attached to your team.
You help our cases, we help you with Ciudad Natal until they're neutralized.
Otherwise, we're just gonna keep running into each other.
Like you said, small town.
And this was your idea? You're stuck here.
I'm a man down.
Why would you even want me? I was investigating you.
When the chips were down, you stepped up, backed my calls.
Come on, we both want this to be over with.
I just want to go home.
Work with us.
We'll help you ferret out the cartel.
You'll be back in D.
in no time.
I'll get my city back.
Everybody wins.
I got to, got to go to church on Sunday I'll drink to that.
Go to church on Sunday So why you fallin' for me? I got to go to church on Sunday.