NCIS New Orleans (2014) s03e21 Episode Script


1 (sirens wailing) (tires screech) Dispatch! Signal red! Shots fired! Shots fired! (grunts) (grunts) Multiple suspects! Send everybody! (tires screeching) (indistinct police radio chatter) (groaning) (coughing) OFFICER: Hey, you shot? I don't know.
I don't think so.
(groans) What the hell just happened? NCIS:New Orleans 3x21 Krewe Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
(electronics trilling) What about my computer? The the webcam or whatever it's called.
I mean, c-can't they hack into that and record me without my knowing? We've already disabled it, Mr.
Same with your laptop and cell.
You sure about that? 'Cause, uh, I don't need no more leaks.
I got enough problems.
Certain people try to bring me down any way they can, you know? We'll scan your car and home next.
But, for now, this room's secure.
Phones, too? Uh, don't use landlines.
But make sure your assistant lets you know if she hears any echoes or clicks.
Could mean a wiretap.
And, if so, we should be able to trace its source.
What about cell phones-- they good? Cell's good.
All right.
We're good, then.
2,000, right? Uh, that's okay, we'll just bill you.
Uh, no.
No, no.
No bills.
It's between us, you understand? Understood.
(phone beeps, line rings) FRANK (over phone): Hello? Frank, it's Hamilton.
FRANK: Are you sure this line is secure? HAMILTON: Honestly, I'm not sure about anything anymore.
Gotten in pretty deep here.
Nor should you be, Mr.
Mayor, 'cause I'm gonna be up and in your grill, baby.
How can we still hear him if they swept his cell? You can't sweep a Triple P shadow app, which allows me to listen to and record any and everything within earshot.
Problem is, anything and everything isn't covered under the wiretap warrant.
Only what's related to Clearwater or his alleged offshore slush funds.
And Javier Garcia's murder.
HAMILTON: Let Jess know, uh, I won't be seeing her for a while.
Can't risk the media finding out about any more of these affairs.
Stop recording.
Wait, what? IZZO: Personal information is not covered under the scope of the wiretap.
Look, Dwayne, if this isn't done within the strict parameters of the order, it won't stand up in court.
Mayor's dirty, Karen.
Look, Rita's put together a solid circumstantial case, but Jenkins-- he was the only judge willing to risk going up against Hamilton to grant the tap.
I know how bad you want to take him down, but if you don't do this by the book, you're gonna blow the wiretap.
And Hamilton gets away with murder.
And everything else.
Stop recording.
(phone vibrates) (recording stops) Ah, all right, I got a case.
Keep monitoring the mayor.
Are you sure Patton knows what keywords to listen for? Is he read in on Clearwater, every detail? No, not everything.
Then I'd stay put if I were you.
May only get this one shot at Hamilton.
Yeah, is Pride all right? How'd he sound? GREGORIO: Torn.
Had to talk him into staying put, focusing on trying to get Hamilton before Hamilton gets us.
Yeah, King's loyal to the job.
It's not easy for him not taking the lead on a case.
All the more reason for us to kick ass on this one.
Do you want me to go pick up Percy? No, I'm already here at the coffee shop.
We'll meet you at the crime scene.
Lasalle? Lasalle, you still there? Yeah, I'm still here.
We'll see you in a bit.
(chuckles): Hey! Country Mouse.
If I knew you were my ride, I would've picked you up a croissant.
(laughs) Everything all right? Yeah, sure.
Let's roll.
(camera clicking) (indistinct police radio chatter) SONJA: Hey, you sure nothing's bothering you? LASALLE: Me? No, why? I don't know, maybe 'cause you only said, like, two words to me on the way over.
Come on, it's me.
What? Gregorio, what do we got? Hello to you, too, Christopher.
Oh, girl, he is in a mood.
I can see that.
Heist crew were pros, took out cameras, jammed communication, knew exactly what they were after and where to get it.
Sebastian, what's the haul? Couple hundred MP5s headed to Fort Bragg.
The Navy's still doing an inventory to get an exact count, but SONJA: That's a lot of serious firepower.
I mean, this can't just be about selling them on the black market.
We're dealing with some kind of militia? Well, whoever it was, they came prepared.
According to the railway cops, they all had body armor, were using AR-15s, concussive grenades.
How many were injured? That's the thing-- none.
Heist crew using AR-15s, grenades, making off with MP5s, and no cop gets shot? Oh, no, cops were shot all right, just not with bullets.
Yeah, not with lethal rounds.
With rubber bullets.
Specifically designed composite, packs a heck of a punch, especially coming out of an AR-15.
It's more than enough to knock the wind out of you.
But not kill.
GREGORIO: Which begs the question, what kind of heist crew steals hundreds of lethal weapons using nonlethal rounds? Yeah.
Doesn't make sense.
Yeah, well, fortunately the rail cops were using live ammo.
They tagged one of the crew.
Lost a lot of blood.
I should be able to get a DNA I.
All right, let us know what you find, Sebastian.
Who's the fat cat? Owner of the company that makes the guns, Justus Bancroft.
Or the victim.
Spent a lot of years at ATF seeing the pain Bancroft guns cause.
Hardly makes them a victim.
Excuse me.
Mind if I get a word? Sorry, is there a problem? No, no, no, not at all.
It's just that, uh, well, we already told the police everything we know.
And we have to go.
I'm sorry, who are you? Nadine.
Special Agent Lasalle.
We'll talk with NOPD afterwards, but if you don't mind No, no, of course, of course.
Ask me anything.
Well, it's just that, uh, we're hosting our annual charity event tomorrow.
I kind of think a couple hundred missing submachine guns trumps your little party, don't you? Percy.
No disrespect, but, uh, we got to do our jobs, and that's a lot of guns.
Oh, yeah, trust me, I know.
It's not the first time we've been hit, either.
You've been robbed before? Well, not to this extent, but yes.
Uh, the FBI, ATF, they both investigated the other two times, and, uh, come up empty.
I'm just glad none of the police got hurt.
Well, third time, there's got to be a connection.
We'll dig into it and let you know what we find.
All right.
We'll be in touch.
You, uh, call me anytime.
Thank you.
All right.
LASALLE: I don't think King would've much liked the way you talked to her.
Don't much like the way you talked to me.
She acted like this was nothing more than an inconvenience.
That didn't bother you? Oh, I forgot, nothing's bothering you.
Making yourself at home at my desk? Oh, Pride, no, no, no.
I'm sorry.
I just, I didn't want to bother you and Patton.
It's okay, Sebastian.
Just teasing.
Sit down.
Be more than happy to trade places with you, believe me.
Sitting on a wiretap's kind of boring, huh? More like tedious.
Plus, I'm learning more about Hamilton than I ever wanted to know.
A lot more.
But nothing that connects him to the murders or Clearwater? Not yet.
But it's just a matter of time.
Where are you on the case? Well, using the DNA I found at the crime scene, I'm trying to I.
our wounded bad guy, but nothing's coming up so far, which is, you know, a little odd.
But not unusual.
I just got off the phone with FBI, checked on the prior heists, and they got nothing, either.
Well, that's hard to believe.
Three high-profile hits, no evidence.
How's that possible? Even stranger, none of the past stolen guns have showed up on the street or black market.
It's as if they just disappeared.
Yeah, maybe I should get involved.
No, Hamilton knows you're after him.
You can't let up now.
It's too important.
So is a couple hundred missing guns.
Oh, no wonder I didn't get a match.
I programmed the I.
search for bad guys, not bad girls.
That's male bias, by the way.
I apologize for that.
Uh, Josephine Bellacroix.
First Lieutenant, born in New Orleans.
GREGORIO: A Marine? Yeah, flawless record, too.
She did a tour in Somalia and Sudan.
Left the Corps a year ago.
Just before the first heist.
Wonder what made her start stealing guns.
Pick her up, find out.
And before you do that All right, I'll call Lasalle.
He and Sonja are still in the field.
Sebastian, start looking for known associates, see if we can find out who she's working with.
I'm on it.
We got this.
Don't worry about us.
If you're gonna keep giving me the silent treatment and being mean to me I'm not being mean to you.
Okay, so what's your problem? I don't understand.
I was just surprised this morning, seeing you with that guy at the coffee shop.
Wait, Tom? I didn't know you were dating anybody.
I'm not dating anybody.
It was just coffee.
Besides, I barely know that guy.
Well, you knew him well enough to kiss him.
I didn't kiss-- he kissed me.
Are you jealous? (scoffs) Jealous.
You're jealous.
You're trippin', girl.
Come on.
Let's gear up.
(lockbox beeps) Shotguns? Really? Yeah, wounded Marine.
She's probably armed with a MP5 by now.
Better safe than sorry.
(gun clicks) Federal agents! Percy.
SONJA: No way that's just from the heist shooting.
House across the street has a security camera, but it's a bad angle to I.
anyone going in and out of Bellacroix's place.
Ooh, so no one walking out with an MP5? Lady carrying a small bag.
That's about it.
SONJA: It's looking more and more like the crew took her out to cover their tracks.
Takes a pretty vicious crew to take out one of their own.
We need to find out who they are so we can get those guns back, fast.
The problem is, they're so good at covering their tracks, we got squat.
If we could just figure out what made a decorated Marine join a heist crew in the first place.
Are you sure there weren't any red flags in her service record? No PTSD, no psych alarm.
Any of her known associates with criminal backgrounds? No.
Bellacroix's a NOLA native, LSU grad, top of her class.
Like I said, squat.
Look, I know the Hamilton wire is important and everything, but think maybe it's time to loop Pride in? King's expecting us to find leads.
Let's keep digging.
GREGORIO: All right.
(sighs) (video call ringing) SEBASTIAN: Hey, guys.
Oh, man, it's so weird being back here and seeing you guys there.
It's like, “Just when I thought I was out, they pulled” It's Michael Corleone, from, uh, from The Godfather 3.
Guys, I think my my screen froze.
LASALLE: Ballistics on the victim, please.
Right, sure.
Well, the bullet pattern on our dead Marine suggests that all 13 bullets came from an MP5.
Which, if you ask me, that's overkill.
Even more reason to suspect her crew took her out.
Still, something doesn't add up.
They went out of their way to use rubber bullets for the heist, but then use real bullets to kill one of their own? Maybe they knew killing cops guarantees the needle.
Yeah, but if any of those guns end up as the murder weapon, they'll get the needle anyway.
We're missing something.
Hey, did you get anything on those rubber bullets yet? (computer beeps) WADE: You wanted me to call as soon as the autopsy was completed.
Hey, Doc.
This is so crazy, it's like old times.
You, me, plasmas.
I didn't know you were in your lab, Sebastian.
Why didn't you say something? SEBASTIAN: Well, I know better than to bother you when you're elbow deep in liver.
I hate to interrupt.
Autopsy results, right.
Okay, no surprises.
: multiple gunshot wounds.
The bullets hit every major artery and organ, and any one of them would've sufficed.
This was obviously a statement killing.
One way to keep the rest of the crew in line.
However, there is an anomaly.
Before Ms.
Bellacroix was murdered, someone sutured the initial gunshot wound inflicted by the railway officer during the heist.
Even removed the bullet.
Wait, why would they try to save her only to kill her? That doesn't make any sense.
Especially when you factor in that they gave her broad-spectrum prophylaxis to fight infection.
SEBASTIAN: Bullet removal, sutures, antibiotics-- I mean, this has to have been done by a doctor, right? LASALLE: Maybe.
But she didn't go to a hospital.
The lady with the bag.
WADE: Sebastian, did you tell them about the rubber bullets yet? SEBASTIAN: No, not yet.
So, um, police everywhere have been looking to use more and more nonlethal ammo.
It's been a real boon for gun manufacturers.
Fortunately, each company that makes rubber bullets uses its own proprietary design, so, the bullets used by the heist crew are actually Bancroft bullets.
Bancroft bullets used to steal Bancroft guns? I might've found another Bancroft connection.
Sorry, Doc, I need the screen for another doc.
Emma Miller, a Doctors Without Borders physician, also Bellacroix's doctor of record.
They grew up in New Orleans together and graduated LSU at the same time.
Which makes sense Bellacroix would call a doctor friend to stitch her up without ratting her out.
Yeah, we need to find Dr.
Miller and see what she has to say.
What's the Bancroft connection? A big one.
Miller sits on the board of the Bancroft Family Foundation of New Orleans.
Which means that she could be at that charity shindig right now.
SEBASTIAN: Bancroft bullets, guns and friends.
You guys think this is an inside job? Only way to find out is for us to crash their little party.
LASALLE: Hold on.
Bancrofts are a founding family here, go back for generations.
We can't just show up and start asking questions.
Maybe we can't, but Pride can.
You pull up in your Hummer And you park next to my Volt Wearing Armani three-piece I wear Levi's full of holes I might walk along the left side And you walk along the right We're both trying to reach the same place We might not get there on time But you know what's best Some little party.
They landed Sheryl Crow, really? Well, it is for a good cause.
We all know the rest, yeah Baby, if you dare If you really care Baby, if you dare Won't you meet me halfway there Maybe we should walk a little slower, you know? So we can catch the show.
SONJA: We're not here for autographs.
These people have guns out on the street and they're partying.
Thank you for giving so generously to the Bancroft Foundation Humanitarian Aid 2017.
(crowd cheering) Justus Bancroft? Special Agent Dwayne Pride.
A moment? Will you excuse me, please? I like the sunshine Now, look, if this about those stolen guns, now is not the best time.
Someone was killed with one of your guns, Mr.
And if we don't find out who stole them real soon, more will likely die.
Well, still, there are a lot of very important people here.
Well, good for you.
(chuckles softly) Have you seen Dr.
Emma Miller? Well, sure, of course.
She helped set up.
What's she got to do with this? Yeah, we're not sure.
That's why we want to talk to her.
We'll be discreet.
Split up, search the grounds.
You got it.
NADINE: Daddy, what's going on? BANCROFT: Oh, nothing to worry about, Nadine, honey, they're just looking for Emma.
Have you seen her? Yeah, she's here somewhere, but can't you do this later? PRIDE: Afraid not.
How well do you know Dr.
Miller? She's like a sister to me.
We've been friends for forever.
LASALLE: Pride, we got a problem.
We're behind the fountains.
Come take a look at this.
Baby, I don't like to wait What is it, Chris? LASALLE: Caterer came back here to get more champagne.
Emma Miller.
Executed, just like Bellacroix.
Looks like it happened a couple hours ago.
Maybe even before the party started.
Well, we just got back from Dr.
Miller's house.
Found body armor, a balaclava and night vision goggles.
So, unless she liked performing surgery in the dark and under enemy fire, I'd say she was part of the heist crew.
Two women on the crew? That's unusual.
Yeah, but if it's true, it doesn't make sense that the crew's trying to cover their tracks now.
It's got to be somebody else targeting them.
Like what, a rival crew? Trying to get the guns for themselves, possibly.
Could be a black market buyer double-crossing them.
You find any rubber bullets at Miller's house? Yeah, several boxes, actually.
All of them made by Bancroft.
Bancroft's name just keeps popping up, doesn't it? PATTON: Popping up in more places than you think.
You need to hear this, but hurry.
BANCROFT: You need to get NCIS off my back, you understand? I can't have them investigating those missing guns, not now.
What does that mean? You know where they are? Mayor Hamilton? PATTON: Hamilton was on the phone just starting to talk about Clearwater when Bancroft bulled his way in.
HAMILTON: But I got enough of my own problems with NCIS.
There's nothing I can do.
You can use your connections.
(chuckles) Go over their heads.
Say you'll get the guns back on your own.
Be a hero.
Yeah, and how am I supposed to get those guns back exactly? You leave that to me.
Wasn't anything to do with Clearwater, but I thought I should record it anyway.
Can't believe Bancroft stole his own guns.
Yeah, question is: why? Company's doing great financially, doesn't need the insurance payoff.
Doesn't matter, we can't use what we just heard anyway.
Scope of the wiretap is only for Hamilton and Clearwater.
Well, we can't just ignore it.
Man all but incriminated himself.
Why don't you just bring Bancroft in, scare him? And let the lawyers argue whether it was admissible or not later.
Because then Bancroft would find out about the tap, which means so would Hamilton.
And then it would blow your one chance to bring him down.
Yeah, on the other hand, two people are already dead 'cause of those guns.
How many more are gonna die before we get them back? So what are you gonna do? You're making a mistake.
It's a big risk, Pride.
Just saying.
Hope we don't lose Hamilton over it.
Me, too.
Got to say, I'm a little surprised.
Man of your means-- would've thought you'd have asked for a lawyer by now.
I'm innocent.
I don't need a lawyer.
Well, innocent men don't tend to incriminate themselves, Mr.
How else do you think I would've gotten an arrest warrant? BANCROFT: I don't know, you tell me.
PRIDE: Patton? HAMILTON: (laughs) Yeah.
I'm sorry, Bancroft, but I got enough of my own problems with NCIS.
There's nothing I can do.
BANCROFT: You can use your connections, go over their heads.
Say you'll get the guns back on your own.
Be a hero.
HAMILTON: Yeah, and how am I supposed to get those guns back exactly? BANCROFT: You leave that to me.
Doesn't sound so innocent to me.
That is taken out of context.
Besides, how'd you get that? You put a tap on me? On what grounds? Tap wasn't on you.
It was on the mayor.
You just got help from the wrong person, got caught.
I don't give a damn why you stole your own guns.
I just want to get 'em back before anybody else gets killed.
I didn't steal them.
Then why do you know where the guns are? How come you told Hamilton you can get 'em back? Unless you start talking, U.
attorney's gonna charge you as a coconspirator, felony murder.
You don't want to spend the rest of your life in prison, talk fast.
I can't.
(knock on door) Sorry, Pride, but Izzo's here.
She insists on talking to you.
IZZO: Do you realize how many hoops I had to jump through just to get that wiretap granted in the first place? I know, Karen, but I had No buts, Dwayne.
You based the arrest of Bancroft on Hamilton's wiretap.
A good defense attorney will get that kicked easily.
Well, Bancroft incriminated himself.
What was I supposed to do? You were supposed to ignore what you heard, that's what.
Too many guns are missing.
I had to make a choice.
A choice that's probably gonna cost you any chance of bringing down Hamilton.
He's gonna find out, if he hasn't already.
I'll worry about that later.
No, you need to worry about that now.
Dwayne, if Mayor Hamilton is as dirty as you say he is, he's going to retaliate.
You know he will.
I wasn't gonna let more people get killed.
You should've called me! I didn't have time, I had to act.
I warned you.
I warned you about the risk of going after a powerful man like Hamilton, about blowing the wire.
You have no idea what you've done.
Well, she doesn't seem happy.
She's not.
But let's stay on point.
Bancroft's not talking, and I think I know why.
I don't know how he's involved with the stolen guns, but there's no question in my mind that he knows where they are.
But he still wouldn't tell you? Nope.
And I think it's because he's protecting somebody, somebody he's willing to go to jail for.
His daughter.
SONJA: How can Nadine possibly be involved in this? SEBASTIAN: Well, she may be more involved than you think.
I just ran case and victim profiles through advanced link and social network analysis; guess whose name lit up the scoreboard.
(Sonja scoffs) Nadine Bancroft.
She connects to the case on several levels, too: geographic, socioeconomic, age, schools, social media.
I mean, all were bridesmaids at three other friends' weddings.
Doctors Without Borders, Marines, Nadine joined the Peace Corps.
I mean, these are hardly just a bunch of rich debutantes.
Could explain why nobody's been able to catch the crew.
Nobody would ever suspect them, plus Nadine would know exactly how to steal the guns without getting caught.
Are you seriously suggesting that Nadine Bancroft is part of the heist crew? That she stole the guns from her own family? Why? Don't know, but if her father found out what she was doing, makes sense he's trying to protect her.
And that's why he told Hamilton he'd get him back the guns.
So, what, Silver Spoon here is vying for attention? Rebelling against how rich they are or something? Nah, there's got to be another reason why they're doing this.
Yeah, it's a lot of guns, whatever the reason.
Problem is, we're never gonna figure out who's killing off the heist crew unless we figure out why.
Which means, they could be after Nadine next.
Alert NOPD.
Get 'em out to the Bancrofts'.
Let's go.
PRIDE: We're on scene, Christopher.
Stand by.
LASALLE: Copy that.
Any sign of Nadine? GREGORIO: No, not yet.
PRIDE: Shots fired! GREGORIO: I think they've got Nadine! PRIDE: We're in pursuit! (siren wailing) They're coming your way! Box 'em in! LASALLE: We're almost there.
(siren wailing) SONJA: Here they come! We got 'em, Pride! (grunts) (grunts) Drop, Nadine! (grunts) (panting) You're okay.
You're okay.
You're okay.
PRIDE: Hate to rush you, Loretta, but please tell me you can help us identify They're Boko Haram.
At least, that's the particular terrorist group these two gunmen belonged to.
Boko Haram in New Orleans? Are you sure? Unfortunately, I am.
Notice the scarring from forehead to nose, the two rectilinear lines down the cheeks.
Tribal scars.
Many African ethnic groups use distinctive facial markings-- Yoruba, Igbo, Hausa-- but these men are Kanuri.
Heavily recruited by Boko Haram.
I couldn't believe it myself until I saw the keloid tattoo on their ankles.
” You know how much time I've spent volunteering in Africa, Dwayne.
I've witnessed firsthand the horrors these animals perpetrate on innocent women and children.
I know, Loretta.
We're gonna do everything we can to stop them.
SONJA: Yeah, the question is: what are they doing here? And why are they killing the heist crew? They must want the guns.
But still, how'd they know Nadine and her crew were gonna steal the guns in the first place? I don't know.
Maybe Nadine could tell us.
Let the rest of the team know we're heading back.
Have Gregorio alert DHS and FBI.
Doubt these are the only two members of the hit squad, which means we could use a lot of help finding the others.
On it.
Must've taken Nadine instead of killing her in hopes that she would tell 'em where the guns were hidden.
No doubt by torturing her.
What do you mean? From the Marine.
Torn ligaments, antemortem bruising.
I didn't see it in the prelim, but the poor woman was clearly tortured before she was executed.
They would've gotten everything they wanted from her.
Dwayne, you've got to get these bastards.
But be careful.
You saved my life, and I'm grateful.
But I can't tell you where the guns are.
SONJA: Okay, I don't understand.
You stole your father's guns.
Two of your friends were killed, you were nearly killed, and you won't cooperate with us? (scoffs) Who do you think you are? Doesn't matter, you won't believe me.
Try me.
Emma and I visited Jo in Sudan a couple of years ago.
We were shocked.
It couldn't have been more different than here-- war-torn, famine.
Place is a humanitarian disaster.
We volunteered to help villagers set up a girls' school in Khartoum, but then Boko Haram attacked.
We were whisked into the embassy for safety, but we watched the attack keep happening through the gates.
And nobody tried to stop it.
Women being raped, children being shot.
And there was nothing we could do.
You don't ever unsee something like that.
Guns are for the villagers.
To protect themselves.
'Cause nobody else will.
But Boko Haram must've found out what we've been doing, so they came here to try and stop us.
PRIDE: It's a noble cause, but it's-it's completely illegal.
Stealing guns, smuggling them out of the country breaks 15 federal laws, you know that.
You're really willing to risk your life for this, aren't you? Yes, I am.
If you don't let me go, get the villagers those guns Boko Haram will keep attacking them until they're all dead.
Can you really live with that? We have to find a way to help her.
Well, there's no way to help her, Sonja.
We can't let her go.
But what if Nadine's right? We can't just let those people die.
It's halfway around the world.
There's people like that everywhere, we can't help 'em all.
Yeah, but we know about these people and can do something about it.
Helping Nadine means breaking the law.
So? We've risked breaking the law before to do the right thing.
Not like this.
This is different.
How? How is this different? If you have to ask, you're not thinking straight.
Now take a breath.
(scoffs) LASALLE: Seems like we're danged if we do and danged if we don't.
I mean, if we don't do something, the terrorists are gonna get their hands on them guns anyway.
Yeah, and probably use them against the very people Nadine's trying to save.
Nadine knows we know that, too, probably hoping we'll let her go because of it.
It's a catch-22.
PRIDE: All right, we'll let her go.
But only to follow her so she leads us to the guns.
Wait, you mean we're gonna trick her? No, not trying to trick her, trying to save her life and keep Boko Haram from getting those guns.
And that's gonna have to be enough for you.
Clear? SEBASTIAN: Nadine's still heading east towards Stars and Stripes Boulevard, going about 15 miles over the speed limit, in case you want to add that to the charges.
Think she's heading to the airport? PATTON: I hope not, 'cause all the RF and cell signals might screw up the geotracker you put in her coat.
Counting on you, Patton.
We got to stay close enough to protect her in case the terrorists attack, but not so close that she spots us.
I wonder why they haven't attacked her yet.
LASALLE: Maybe they already found the guns, and if so, they don't need to follow her.
Except they didn't come for the guns first, they came for Nadine.
Don't worry, we're not gonna let anything happen to her.
PRIDE: Just remember, as soon as she leads us to the guns, we got to get Nadine, get the guns, and then get out of there.
Especially if they already found them.
They could be lying in wait for her.
PATTON: She's getting off on Crofton.
She might be headed to the charter hangars.
Damn it, her signal's breaking up.
We got to close the gap.
I don't know about this, Christopher.
I still can't believe we're gonna arrest her.
King made the call.
Let's just do our jobs.
The storage pods were supposed to be unloaded and on the plane by now.
I can't wait that long.
MAN: I'm sorry, Nadine, but we got delayed getting to the airport.
Something's happened.
Where are the guns? What do you mean, where are the guns? Nadine, what's wrong? Is everything okay? Nadine? Nadine! (phone beeps) MAN: Hey! What are you doing (grunts) (sirens wailing) Nadine, stop! You followed me.
Yeah, and saved your life again.
Run to the terminal.
I'm gonna run farther than that.
Boko Haram's gonna retaliate against the villagers for this.
If I can't get them guns, at least let me warn them, move them.
(grunts) I have the means.
I can easily leave the country if you let me.
No, I'm sorry, Nadine, I can't.
Percy, you good? How's Nadine? Where is she? Sh-She got away.
Stay with him.
I want to know what happened out there today.
I told you what I know, Pride.
You told me what you want me to know.
No way Nadine got away from you.
Damn it, Sonja, I worked too hard to rebuild this team after Brody left.
Stronger than ever.
How could you be so willing to risk throwing it all away? This team means as much, if not more, to you than to anybody.
I know that.
Then why the hell won't you tell me what happened? What difference does it make? We got the terrorists, didn't we? And the guns.
Nadine is not the bad guy.
Then how come half of law enforcement's still out there looking for her? (scoffs) If I told you, Pride, and anybody outside of this office found out, you would get in trouble, too.
I can't let that happen.
I'm already in trouble.
I sacrificed Hamilton for this.
God only knows how he's gonna retaliate.
This is serious, Sonja.
Not just legally.
You cannot cherry-pick which orders to follow-- not on my watch.
That is not what a team is.
And I won't stand for it.
And we've had this conversation before.
What happened to Nadine? I'm sorry.
I can't.
That'll be all.
You waited for me? Well, I was a little worried.
Everything all right? I don't know.
Pride is pretty pissed.
Can't say I blame him.
And I I don't know what he's gonna do yet.
What does that mean? Do what? I don't know if he's gonna report me to HQ.
(scoffs) King's not gonna do that.
He knows you'll be done for.
Yeah, like I said, he's pretty pissed.
Well, did you tell him what really happened? What, you're trying to find out, too? (chuckles) Don't you trust me? Were you jealous? Guy in the coffee shop.
Now, what does that got to do with Ah, you can't expect me to trust you if you don't trust me, right? (sighs) Well, honestly, I don't know what I felt.
I Maybe I could have been a little jealous.
And maybe I could have let Nadine go.
Hey, look, I don't need a lecture from you, Christopher, and I don't want this to bite you in the ass later, so please, don't ask me any more questions, okay? Okay.
Come on, let's get out of here.
Just got off the phone with Assistant U.
Attorney Izzo.
Judge wants us both downtown now.
(sighs) IZZO: The evidence clearly contradicts Agent Percy's statement to the court.
You lied.
See the team was in the middle of a firefight.
I You said in your sworn statement, and I quote, “Nadine Bancroft got away.
” Clearly, you could have arrested her right then and there.
Cuffed her before you went back in.
I was worried about my team.
I made a judgment call.
You let a felon escape.
Okay, hold on.
Just out of curiosity what made you think to look for surveillance? That's not the point.
It is if this is more about retribution than justice.
Are you condoning your agent's behavior, Agent Pride? I'm not condoning a witch hunt, if that's what you're asking.
What the hell are you two talking about? Your Honor, Agent Pride and Mayor Hamilton don't exactly get along.
And what does that have to do with this? Because when the mayor heard about what happened, he asked the inspector general to open an investigation.
Retribution for my investigating him.
Like hell it is! JUDGE DORSEY: Enough.
You two can argue about this later.
But it doesn't change the facts.
You're in serious trouble, young lady.
Because as far as I'm concerned, you're not telling me the truth.
You have one last chance.
I want to know why you didn't arrest Nadine Bancroft, and I want to know where she is, or I'm gonna charge you with perjury and hold you in contempt.
Do you understand? Karen, Karen, come on, come on.
Why are you doing this? Don't blame me, Dwayne.
Your agent brought this on herself.
I'm just doing my job.
Yeah, more like doing Hamilton's bidding.
Didn't realize that you were in the mayor's pocket, too.
You know that's not true.
Do I? Bottom line: your agent screwed up, and Hamilton pounced.
I warned you what would happen if he found out about the wire.
There's nothing I could do.
That's not true.
You gave him the opening, now you have to live with it.
What just happened, King? Where's Percy? They're taking her to jail.