NCIS New Orleans (2014) s05e14 Episode Script

Conspiracy Theories

1 This is Oliver Crane coming to you live from the Crescent City, where, as promised, I'm meeting an anonymous source who's gonna blow the lid off this sordid case of murder, deception and conspiracy.
Tonight I'm gonna shine a light into the darkness.
I'm going to expose the criminals behind this heinous killing spree, and you're gonna be there while I do it.
I'm gonna meet the one witness who can confirm everything that local law enforcement officials have repeatedly denied.
Tonight, with her help, everything's gonna change.
(gunshot) Oh! Oh, my God.
Oh, my God, they shot her! They're-they're trying to silence us.
(gunshot) Oh, my God! If you get this if you get this, send help! Send help right now.
No! Oh! (gunshot) Aah! NCIS:New Orleans 5x14 Conspiracy Theories Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
- Mom? - Mm-hmm? Don't tell Dad, but you make the lunches - way better than him.
- Aw.
It's all in the presentation.
(laughs softly) And your secret's safe with me.
I like this house better, too.
It's cozy, you know? Mm-hmm.
Just needs more stuff.
We can go shopping this weekend.
Okay, go brush.
Wheels up in five.
Mom? Mm-hmm? I think Dad would like this house better, too.
(sighs) (knocking) Move.
We got to go.
(quietly): Come in.
Uh, relax, Hannah.
It's just a social call.
I'm in New Orleans.
Just wanted to stop by and say hi.
How'd you find me? Uh, I'm a spy, you know? It's kind of my thing.
Not calling kind of your thing, too? Um, you're right.
I'm sorry.
Old habits.
I was just eager to a friendly face.
But clearly, you're not happy to see me.
No, I'm (laughs) I'm happy.
I'm just, I'm surprised, and Liam! Princess! Look at you! Oh! Oh, you're all grown up.
(laughs) I can't believe it.
Can I skip school and hang out with you guys? No.
You have a math test today, and I have to go to work.
I'll tell you what, Princess, you get an "A" on that test, and I'll take you to Carousel Gardens for all the junk food you can eat.
It's just fractions.
Piece of cake.
We'll have some of that, too.
Okay, go get your backpack.
We got to go.
(chuckles): Bye.
I know.
I get it.
I-I should go.
I'll text you.
Liam? Everything okay? Yeah.
Never better.
Talk to you later.
Oh, my God! This was live-vlogged last night at 11:08.
Oh, my God, they shot her! Looks like Crane got too close to a story, broadcast his own murder.
Oliver Crane was a journalist? That's a word for it.
(gunshot over video) He preferred sound bites and sensationalism over facts.
Crane may have been a handful, but his heart was in the right place.
Yeah, well, he did try to ruin your career.
And he did get you arrested.
But then he helped us take down the men responsible.
Which is why we're gonna help find his killer.
Isn't this NOPD's jurisdiction? I spoke to the chief, explained our history with Crane.
NOPD'll run point but welcome any help we can offer.
First we need to find Crane's body.
Divers are searching the river.
CSU is working the crime scene.
No luck, no leads.
Why don't you go pick up Sebastian, head to the crime scene so you can lend a hand? You got it, Hannah.
What we do have is the other victim at the scene: Assistant District Attorney Lydia Davenport.
I met her once.
Smart prosecutor.
Crane did say he was gonna meet someone with information about a murder investigation.
Davenport could have been sharing details on one of her cases.
Let's find out which one.
Contact the D.
's office.
Check on any threats or issues related to Davenport's most recent prosecutions.
Crane claims he was working on a huge story.
We just don't know what that story was.
He teased his vlog audience with it but didn't give any significant details.
Let's go to Crane's house.
Any reporter worth their salt keeps notes on investigations.
(siren wailing in distance) PRIDE: Everything okay? Yeah.
I think so.
I, um, had an unexpected visitor this morning.
Old colleague.
We worked together in Oman on my last long-term assignment, taking down Victor Zelko.
The arms dealer? What'd this guy want? Absolutely nothing.
Just saying hi.
And he's not the "saying hi" type? Liam lives in Delaware.
He shows up in New Orleans at my door without calling.
Doesn't say a word.
Something's up.
(whispers): Door.
Somebody searched this place.
(sighs) I'll have Sebastian head over and dust the place for prints.
Maybe just dust the place in general.
This loft hasn't been cleaned in months.
Crane was eccentric.
Obsessed with his website, BreakingNOLA.
Nothing else mattered.
Final notice.
He's past due on everything.
Last time I was here, this place was filled with computers, servers, people.
Maybe the killer wanted to get rid of the notes, too.
You know, the team made him out to be a hack, but the Nexus is one of the highest honors in journalism.
This guy was the real deal.
Crane was a lot of things, but he never won a journalism honor in his life.
PATTON: It's a digital key.
It's encrypted with the password to access Crane's cloud drive.
- Thousands of files.
- Any of them connect to his murder? Well, I started with the file labeled: "In the event of my untimely demise.
" Well, I would say he's being dramatic, but in light of current circumstances He was prophetic.
Let's see the video.
If you are watching this, it means that I am dead.
There is no time to mourn my loss.
In 2017, a local defense attorney was killed during a carjacking.
Police arrested an ex-con and former client who had threatened the victim.
PATTON: This is spooky.
It's like he's solving his own murder from the grave.
Then, six months ago, that same ex-con was killed in the exact same location and in the exact same way as the attorney.
You might say coincidence.
I say, connect the dots, people.
This is just one example of the conspiracy that I have uncovered.
The cops don't want you to know, but I keep pushing.
Or I did, because now I'm dead.
You know, Crane goes on to talk about two other cases.
The suspects were released by the cops.
Then they were killed in the same manner as their alleged murders.
Crane's suggesting law enforcement was involved in these vigilante murders? - Convinced of it.
- Well, crime scene was a bust.
No trace, no shell casings.
Suspect even went so far as to dig the slugs out of the concrete.
We're looking for someone with advanced training and knowledge of forensic protocols.
Possibly a cop, like Crane was theorizing.
Any sign of Crane's body? No, not yet.
We can't find his phone, either.
Lasalle's sticking around just in case, but, I mean, you know how strong those currents can be.
He'd be 50 miles downriver by now.
That means we got nothing to go on.
But we're not the only one looking.
Someone just accessed Crane's cloud drive.
- Can you identify the user I.
? - No, but their terminal's being used in the Mercer Library.
The library's closed.
Let's go.
PATTON (over comm): The connection to Crane's cloud is still active.
Computers are just ahead.
Stay on comms.
NCIS! MAN: Aah! Wait! Wait! Don't shoot! Okay, okay.
PRIDE: Crane.
Hey, Dwayne.
You're looking pretty good for a dead man.
GREGORIO: So, let me get this straight.
You threw yourself in the Mississippi River to play dead? Lydia Davenport had just been shot right in front of me, and I thought I was next.
And you're actually, you're not out of the woods yet, either, 'cause the Mississippi's pretty toxic.
You could have a flesh-eating bacterial infection and, like, not even know it.
Did you get a look at the suspect? I don't know, dodging bullets sort of took up all my concentration.
Who else knew you were meeting with A.
Davenport? No one.
I always protect my sources.
All evidence to the contrary.
So Davenport was assigned to one of the murder cases that you were investigating? Well, she was involved in one of the cases.
- Her boyfriend was the victim.
- The lawyer killed in the carjacking? Yeah.
When I found out they dated, I requested an interview.
She told me to go to hell the first nine times.
Yeah, I bet you get that a lot.
But ten is my lucky number.
And exposing the truth is my motto.
Focus, Crane.
HANNAH: If you had evidence of a vigilante, - why didn't you go to the police? - I did.
They weren't particularly concerned with the deaths of some scumbag ex-cons who probably got what they deserved.
It's a direct quote, by the way.
Any idea what information Davenport was about to share with you? No.
All she said on the phone was that she had a new murder case for me to look into.
I never found out what.
I might have that answer.
I looked into A.
Davenport's recent activities.
She spoke to a detective in Baton Rouge regarding an investigation that matches Crane's pattern.
Ooh, another accused killer who was acquitted and then murdered? Well, this victim wasn't charged with a crime, he was a person of interest in a robbery gone wrong.
Suggests our killer has access to internal police files.
Yeah, and it supports the theory that the vigilante's former law enforcement.
Or still on the job.
CRANE: Or all of the above.
Because I believe this is a conspiracy.
Any evidence? Just history.
It wouldn't be the first time some cops tried to fix a broken system by crossing the line.
That's Magnum Force, that's The Star Chamber.
Those are movies.
Yeah, and no evidence.
Multiple jurisdictions, multiple victims, multiple M.
- Open your eyes, people.
- HANNAH: We need to do a deep dive.
Cross-reference all these cases.
Find the common threads, intersections.
- You mean do actual police work.
- HANNAH: Yeah.
I'll get with Patton and we'll get to it.
Loop Loretta in.
(phone beeps) Have her review the case files.
See what she can find.
(Hannah sighs) What's up? HANNAH: Um, it's your brother.
Just texted.
You know that friend I told you about? He's at the Trutone, he's causing trouble.
Can you, um, hold down the fort? Sure.
This is exciting, right? We got the whole band back together.
What can I do? Roll over and play dead.
What? No.
That's a terrible idea.
She's right.
As long as the suspect thinks that you're dead, he won't try to kill you again.
Okay, when you explain it like that, - I actually sort of love that plan.
- Mm-hmm.
That's good.
So whose house am I sleeping at tonight? LIAM: Trust me, my friend.
You do not want to mess with me.
You got no argument here, my man.
I could break your neck with my thumb.
Okay, color me impressed, but add that to the list of reasons why you're cut off.
You know (scoffs) I can't tell you who I am, - Okay.
- but if you knew HANNAH: Hey, Liam.
- If you knew - No one cares who you are.
Why don't you go sit down? Because I'm trying to get drunk.
Yeah, well, mission accomplished.
I'm sitting.
Can I have two coffees? Please.
(sighs) I am so sorry, Jimmy.
Thanks for reaching out.
We were getting along like gangbusters two drinks ago.
Then Dr.
Jekyll became Mr.
Brown or clear? Whiskey or gin? I just want to know what Hyde I'm dealing with.
That means hostile but just so sloppy.
Guess you've been through this before with him.
More than once.
(exhales sharply) Three years sober.
You worked hard for that.
Sobriety's for quitters, right? Is that what you're doing in New Orleans? Jumping off the wagon, come over here to embarrass me at my boss's bar? Yeah, that's exactly why I'm here.
You got something to say, you can say it, Liam.
The raid on Victor Zelko-- the crown jewel of both our careers-- wasn't quite as surgical as we thought.
No, that was as clean an operation as they come.
Special ops killed Zelko and two bodyguards at his compound.
That's the official story, Hannah.
The truth is far messier.
Victor's family was there, too.
No, they were in Istanbul.
I heard it from Our Intel confir I heard it from the horse's mouth the commander who led the raid.
Zelko, his wife and his 15-year-old son were all there.
And all killed.
And our bosses covered it up.
You're so good, Hannah.
You're so even-keeled.
I can't tell if you're actually surprised or you really didn't know.
Of course I didn't know.
(footsteps approaching) Our Intel confirmed Your Intel.
Your source.
Are you trying to accuse me of something here? I'm saying we should have waited.
We waited over a year to find Zelko.
He tried to kill my family.
Everyone on our team signed off on that raid.
And two innocent people died because of it.
Thousands of people died because of the weapons that Zelko was selling.
It doesn't make what we did right.
We did what we had to do, Liam, with the best information that we had available.
(sighs) Well, I'm drinkin'.
And you're rationalizing.
Which is the worse sin? SEBASTIAN: Q-Anon? Q-Anon's like a-a right-wing marketing gimmick.
Now it is.
All I'm saying is that doesn't necessarily mean that he wasn't real.
- Oh, man, Pizzagate, all right? - CRANE: Yeah, Pizzagate.
Seriously? Were you guys up all night talking nerd? Well, I mean, he thinks that Q's posts were legit, and I'm saying they're propaganda, but he wants First of all, shut it up.
Secondly, one of you mentions Area 51 or a grassy knoll before I finish my coffee you're gonna get punched.
(quietly): Is she always this much of a grump in the morning? You wanna see a grump? Hey, hey, hey.
L-Listen, hold on, hold on.
Hold on.
While you were sleeping, Crane and I may have figured out how the suspect's been picking his victims.
Look, all four names appeared on this website.
GREGORIO: What's The Murder Index? It's actually, it's kind of brilliant.
I mean, it's obviously, it's awful, too.
Somebody created a "murder algorithm.
" It predicts the likelihood that a suspected killer actually committed a crime.
Based on what? Stats and figures gleaned from FBI and police databases.
They take the data, they plug it into a program and then the program assigns every suspect a score.
Yeah, the creator of this site is like the Bill James of crime stats.
Yeah, well, random numbers don't prove anything, but false accusations can ruin someone's life.
Yeah, or even get them killed.
All right.
We got to find this murder algorithm idiot.
Well, that's done and done.
Patton already hacked the IP address, got a name.
Steve Betros.
Runs an online marketing firm in town.
That was also while you were sleeping.
Look, Pride and Hannah are on their way to talk to Betros right now.
It also looks like Wade found something in the forensic files, so I'll head over to the morgue, see what's up.
All right.
Well, looks like it's just you and me, kid.
You're gonna take him with you, or somebody in this house is gonna die.
- I'm gonna be in the car.
- Yeah.
Betros Data Solutions is a leader in digital marketing.
We mine social media and other sites to target our clients' online marketing needs.
By using websites with incessant pop-ups and aggressive advertising? Guilty as charged, but it's a living.
We're not here to talk about online marketing.
We want to know about your Murder Index.
That's more of a pastime than anything else.
I wouldn't call laying odds on prospective killers a pastime.
it dangerous.
I'd call it a public service, and there's nothing unlawful about it.
Well, there is if you're using illegally mined records from law enforcement databases.
- Is that an accusation? - PRIDE: More of a theory.
Based on what we've seen on the Index.
My site doesn't state anyone's guilty.
It just interprets the data and predicts an outcome.
That's a job for the justice system.
Well, if that were true, then my nieces would still have their mother.
My sister was, uh, beaten to death three years ago in her own living room.
And the cops they knew who did it.
His name was Ed Lang.
And he walked because of an illegal search conducted by a rookie officer.
The system isn't perfect.
The system is a joke.
Ed Lang.
I know that name.
He was a victim in one of the murder cases that Crane researched.
Murdered in his living room about six months back.
You gonna accuse me of that, too? You have a strong motive, Mr.
An even stronger alibi.
I mean, you guys can check with the NOPD detectives who grilled me for six hours straight.
That doesn't sound like a denial.
(laughs): Okay.
Then let me be clear.
I didn't kill Ed Lang.
But I haven't lost a moment's sleep since he died.
You may not have pulled any triggers, but you have wittingly put a crosshair on every name on your website.
BETROS: Yeah, I don't lose sleep over that, either.
Because out of the three of us in this room, I'm the only one trying to make this city a safer place.
I'll call the D.
, have an injunction filed to shut the Murder Index down.
Let's confirm Betros's alibi for Ed Lang's murder.
He checks every box for a revenge killing.
It's hard to blame him.
I'm-I'm not saying that it's okay, just, he was trying to right a wrong.
It's still vigilante justice.
It's complicated, that's all.
I'll get cracking on that alibi.
(car alarm chirps) We are currently walking the halls of the JPSO Morgue, sanctum sanctorum of Dr.
Loretta Wade.
I reviewed the forensic and autopsy files on both the original victims and the suspects accused of killing them.
I'm hoping you found a connection to our vigilante.
Wade is a crackerjack medical examiner and one of the best pathologists in the South.
What I found was that the vigilante killed at least one wrongly accused man.
We are gonna blow the lid off this vigilante case.
You are not gonna blow the lid off anything.
Freedom of the press is a cornerstone of democracy, Dr.
My morgue is not a democracy.
CRANE: Right.
But if it wasn't for me, you wouldn't even really have this case, right? So you kind of owe me the exclusive.
I don't owe you anything, Mr.
Now, if you will stay in the hallway, Sebastian and I will continue our consultation alone.
This is blatant censorship.
Call a cop.
Can I? Uh, uh (Crane groans) (Sebastian sighs) This is Dr.
Arthur Wyndham.
He was found in an alley with his throat cut last year.
NOPD suspected a drug addict named Charlie Reese.
But before they were able to build a case, he was found with his own throat cut in the same alley.
It was tragic, considering Reese was completely innocent.
Well, how do you know? Oh, I would've ruled him out by weight and height alone.
Wyndham had four inches on him, and Reese suffered from myasthenia gravis, severely weakens the skeletal muscles.
So there's no way he would have had the strength or the motor skills to inflict such lethal damage.
Charlie Reese was innocent? I was convinced that he killed Dr.
I did a two-part vlog about it.
Police incompetence and the mishandling of justice.
It's what led me to this vigilante story in the first place.
Man, I hate when I'm wrong.
Imagine you'd grown used to it by now.
If I agree with you, can I please stay in here? Yes.
Don't touch anything.
No camera.
(Sebastian sighs) Okay, so, Reese was executed by a vigilante for a crime that he never committed? Yeah, but not necessarily the same vigilante for the other three cases.
Wait, so you agree that there's at least two of them out there, right? We could be looking at as many as four.
This is exactly what I've been saying.
Right? We have a bona fide conspiracy on our hands here.
Oh, my God, I'm gonna win a Pulitzer for this.
God have mercy on us all.
All right.
These are the original murder victims that Crane was investigating.
All of them from different walks of life, all of them from different jurisdictions.
GREGORIO: That's James Ferrington, Jr.
Sophomore at LSU killed in a robbery gone wrong.
That's what A.
Davenport wanted to share with Crane before she was killed.
Now, over here are the four men suspected of killing them.
They themselves were murdered by vigilantes in nearly identical ways.
All four of these dead suspects were listed on the Murder Index created by Steve Betros.
His sister was killed by an Ed Lang, and then Lang was killed in the exact same way.
But Steve Betros has a rock-solid alibi for the Lang murder.
But what if somebody else killed Lang on Betros's behalf, and then in return, Betros killed one of our other suspects.
Well, that's the plot for Strangers on a Train.
Yeah, exactly.
Our vigilantes are exchanging murders to avoid suspicion.
Interesting theory.
It was Crane's idea.
One of his less annoying contributions.
Okay, but who else is involved, and how do all these people know each other? Victims United.
Support group for survivors of violent crimes.
Davenport and Steve Betros were members.
The founder is a man named James Ferrington, Sr.
Father of the murdered LSU student.
Ex-state police detective who quit after his son's death.
HANNAH: Former cop, access to law enforcement databases.
That makes Victims United ground zero.
WOMAN: He was our baby! And you killed him, you monster! You have to purge that anger.
(crying) Embrace it.
Use it.
If you're living with fear, if you're holding on to pain you're just another victim.
And victims get no respect.
Just ask our guests from law enforcement.
They'll tell you.
Sorry to interrupt.
We need to speak with you and, uh, Mr.
Betros, please.
Go right ahead.
This is an open forum.
It's a sensitive matter.
Are you here to arrest us? No, sir.
Just to talk.
Then go ahead and talk.
We're investigating a string of murders.
All connected to this group.
Since you're a former cop, we were hoping for cooperation and understanding.
Well, I'm sorry to disappoint.
But, see, there's a reason why I'm a former cop.
See, the system you serve doesn't serve the victims.
Innocent people die, and the guilty escape the punishment that they deserve.
Charlie Reese get what he deserved? He murdered a doctor while trying to steal money for drugs.
No, he didn't.
He was innocent.
Your website got him killed.
That's crap.
I ran the data.
It's irrefutable.
Steve, stop talking.
We need to continue this conversation, but in private.
There's nothing left to say.
If you have any more questions, you can ask them through our lawyers.
Thought you said this was an open forum.
It's just been closed.
Let's take five.
Grab a coffee.
Some cake.
Let's go, Christopher.
What are we doing? We could take both of them in right now.
Betros, he's dying to talk.
Let's just keep an eye on them.
See what they do next.
CRANE (over video): NOPD should be ashamed for letting a cold-blooded killer back on the streets.
Charlie Reese is a predator, plain and simple.
Is that your report on Charlie Reese? (video stops) Yeah, I was convinced this was some terrible miscarriage of justice.
You know? Cops sleeping on the job.
You made a mistake.
Yeah, a mistake I can live with.
I make them on the regular.
But no, this I tracked this guy down to his halfway house.
I harassed him with questions.
I vilified him, and I got him killed.
All right, all right.
Maybe you're being too hard on yourself.
You being nice just makes it worse.
That's just pity.
No, I'm not nice.
I don't even like you.
I think that you're shifty and actually annoying.
Is that supposed to make me feel better? But I don't pity you.
And as much as it pains me to say this, I kind of respect you for working so hard to try to get the truth.
(chuckles) You respect me? Kind of.
Don't make this weird.
And drop the "poor me" crap and come in the other room and help us solve this case already.
Let's go, partner.
Come on.
I don't think embracing your anger really helps.
Well, I think survivors are looking for anything to guide them through the pain.
LASALLE: In this case, they took it too far.
(car alarm chirps) Got eyes on Betros.
Dude doesn't look too happy.
Let's see where they go.
LASALLE: All right.
Hey, Jimmy.
(exhales) How's he doing tonight? A regular Boy Scout.
Maybe it's 'cause he ordered gin.
Gin makes him sad and sentimental.
I've seen that look in his eyes before.
Mostly in the mirror.
Your friend's lost his way.
I'll see if I can do something about that.
Thanks for meeting me here.
Well, you're the only person I know in Louisiana, so I didn't have much of a choice for a drinking companion.
Yeah, well, I'm not here to drink with you, but I would like to know why the CIA suspended you.
(exhales) Well, I could tell you, but then You'd have to kill me.
Yeah, I know.
That joke was never that funny.
What happened, Liam? Bosses found out I was digging into the Zelko raid.
Asking questions.
They told me to stand down, so I told them to screw off.
Brilliant move.
What's next? The New York Times? You can't.
We have blood on our hands.
All of us.
And someone on our team tried to cover it up.
- Who? - I don't know.
But I'll find out.
It'd go a lot faster if I had some help.
'Cause you're afraid of finding out the truth? No, because the world is a better place without Zelko in it is why.
We made mistakes, yeah.
But we did the best we could.
Somebody drank the Kool-Aid.
Zelko tried to kill my family.
And in exchange, we killed his.
Ah, it's a regular fairy tale ending.
It's just not that simple for me.
Well, there you have it.
I'm on my own.
Liam, wait.
Just wait.
This is a lot to process for me, okay? I know.
I want to hear you out.
I do.
Okay? You come sober.
I'll come with an open mind.
It's a plan.
Little late for a staff meeting.
- BETROS: Don't do this.
- MAN: I have to.
(indistinct chatter) This is the last time.
Or I swear I'll call the cops.
(banging nearby) PRIDE: Gun! BETROS: In here! Oh! Betros, hang in there.
Shooter's in the wind.
Call 911.
He's still alive.
(sighs) Steve Betros is out of surgery, but he's still sedated in ICU.
Well, hopefully he'll I.
the shooter as he wakes up.
Any idea what information he was giving the suspect at his office? Well, Patton's still trying to access the Murder Index server.
Smart money says they're picking their next victim.
- Yeah.
- CRANE: Flag on the play.
We don't think Betros is involved.
We don't? Crane's actually sort of helpful.
Even compliments from you come off as snarky.
It's a gift.
Crane and I established a timeline.
Turns out Steve Betros and A.
Davenport have alibis for all four murders.
Kind of blows our Strangers on a Train theory, though.
Okay, well, if Davenport and Steve Betros aren't involved, that leaves James Ferrington.
Pride and Lasalle have him in Interrogation now.
LASALLE: This may have started as some warped idea of justice, but innocent people are dying now.
I didn't kill any of them.
But you know who did, don't you? Okay.
Why don't you tell us about your son instead? He was gonna major in criminal justice.
He wanted to be like me.
Must have been proud.
When he was a kid, he told all his friends that I was a real-life superhero.
But when it mattered the most, I wasn't there to help him.
(exhales) A father's not supposed to bury his son.
LASALLE: Charlie Reese's father buried him, too.
Now Lydia Davenport's mother will do the same.
Be the superhero your son looked up to.
Help us stop the killing.
About a year ago, Steve told everybody about his idea for the Murder Index.
But he needed raw data from law enforcement agencies.
Which you and Lydia Davenport could provide.
We just wanted to expose the murderers, not kill anybody.
Someone else had different plans? His name is Guy DeWalt.
Instead of finding solace in the group sessions, they just fueled his rage.
They made him angrier, more extreme.
Did he tell you what he was doing? No.
But we figured it out pretty quick, especially when he started asking about police procedure.
He became obsessed with forensic protocol.
How to clean up after himself.
Leave no trace.
With enough knowledge, he could manipulate crime scenes to make it look like there were different killers.
We knew we had to stop him.
Just didn't know how.
You should have gone to the police.
And be let down by the system? Again? But Lydia-- she agreed to speak with that reporter.
He must've figured out what she was planning.
He killed her, too.
All I wanted was justice for my boy.
PATTON: Guy DeWalt is a former Green Beret.
Dishonorable discharge for insubordination.
And he has a long history of anger problems.
Have any specific connections to these vigilante cases? Oh, yeah.
DeWalt and Wyndham served in the-- in the Army together.
They were BFFs.
He even spoke at his funeral.
Sorry, was it not my turn to speak? So we got a clear motive for going after Wyndham's murderer.
Yeah, except he killed Charlie Reese, who was innocent.
Which is why I think DeWalt is looking for Wyndham's real killer now.
You know, the last thing Betros did before he got shot was run his murder algorithms on Wyndham's case again.
PRIDE: DeWalt forced Betros to find him the next most likely suspect.
Wallace Fanning.
PATTON: Pulling his address up right now.
Send the details to my phone.
Christopher, let's go.
Can I help you? Is that the data that Betros used to run Wyndham's murder algorithm? Yeah.
Why? Because the date of the murder's wrong.
It was in June, not July.
Faulty data, faulty results.
Which means Wallace Fanning is probably innocent, too.
Betros's algorithm may not be ethical, but it is effective.
If we were to plug in the correct data We could probably I.
the real killer.
(siren wailing) NCIS.
Looking for Wallace Fanning, the man who lives here.
You're not the only one.
Place is empty.
Got reports of shots fired.
Looks like there was some kind of struggle inside.
All right.
Thank you.
DeWalt must already have Fanning.
Taking him back to that alley, finish what he started? Guy DeWalt went after the wrong man.
How do you know? Because Patton and I just found the right one.
Come on.
Where are you going? To catch a killer and save an innocent man's life.
(sighs) I guess we should go? Yeah.
(tires screeching) I'll circle round back.
(phone vibrating) FANNING: Please.
I don't know what you're talking about.
I-I didn't-- I didn't kill anyone.
You think lying's going to save you? I got no idea what you're talking about! I swear! Federal agent! Drop the weapon! (grunting) Or what? Drop it! You want to shoot me, yeah, that's fine.
You can do anything you want to me.
Just as soon as this man pays for what he did! This isn't justice, DeWalt.
Wyndham's memory deserves better than this.
Wyndham's throat was slit in this alley.
No one gave a crap about his memory then.
I can't answer for that.
But I can tell you that this man did not kill your friend.
Don't you try and play me here.
I'm not playing you.
I'm just giving you the facts.
You're about to kill another innocent man.
Not another step! This man killed Arthur! (grunting) (grunting) (panting) Hold still! (grunting) (panting) Wallace Fanning didn't kill Dr.
CRANE: NOPD officers have just arrested Johnny Nolan, the man responsible for the brutal murder of Dr.
Arthur Wyndham.
Nolan had been previously convicted for selling drugs in the same alley where Dr.
Wyndham's body was found.
Personal items belonging to the doctor were also recovered, including a commemorative knife honoring his service in the Special Forces.
So there's finally an end to this tragic story of twisted justice.
As always, we here at the BreakingNOLA team will continue looking into the darkest corners of this city to bring you the truth.
(chuckles): Oh.
Check it out.
I went viral.
PRIDE: Glad to see you back on track, Crane.
Means I don't have to play dead anymore.
Unless that's why I went viral.
Is that your way of thanking us for keeping you alive and giving you the story of the year? We really do work very well together, don't you think? Oh? Maybe we could make this a regular thing.
Oliver Crane, NCIS special investigative consultant.
It's got a nice ring to it.
PRIDE: Well, you know what they say about too much of a good thing Yeah.
It's even better.
- Yeah.
- (laughs): Yeah.
Just take care of yourself, Crane.
All right.
Try not to get shot at again.
(exhales) You want to go finish that game of Risk we started? Oh, my God, yes.
I thought you were never gonna ask.
My troubles are behind me And my glass is full of wine My troubles are behind me HANNAH: Jimmy! I'm guessing you're here for business, not pleasure.
You seen Liam? He hasn't been by tonight.
I was supposed to meet him at his hotel, but he checked out.
He's not answering his phone either.
That doesn't sound promising, does it? No, it really doesn't.
Damn it.
You two have a falling out? Yeah.
Sort of.
I came here to fix it.
Explain myself.
But I guess he doesn't want to hear it.
Well, one thing I'm sure of: you're trying to be a friend to a man who's clearly suffering.
It's not on you.
That's really nice of you to say, Jimmy, but it's not necessarily true.
Oh, now, come on, baby Come on, baby Come on, baby Come on, baby Come on, baby Come on, baby Come on, baby Ooh, forget about it I hear the music LIAM (recorded): Hey, Hannah.
It's Liam.
Uh, got your messages.
Sorry I missed you at the hotel, but some, uh, interesting business turned up overseas and I had to catch a plane.
Um, I can't get into details over the phone, but, uh, yeah, I'll-I'll fill you in the next time I'm in town.
(sighs) Listen, I-I put too much on you, Hannah.
I just don't have anyone else I can talk to about this thing.
Um Hey, give the princess a hug for me.
Tell her, uh, I'll have to take a rain check on all that junk food.
- (chuckles) All right, well, - (door opens) talk soon.
Hey, Mom! Hey, baby.
Like I said, piece of cake.
Oh, my God, you got an A-plus on your math test! Mm-hmm.
Come here.
Come here.
(chuckles) Everything okay, Mom? Yeah.
It will be, baby.
(sniffles) It will be.