NCIS New Orleans (2014) s06e03 Episode Script

Bad Apple

1 PRIDE: NCIS! Stop! (GUN SHOTS) (HORN HONKING) (SIREN WAILS) (PANTING) Boom, boom, boom, boom Bang, bang, bang, bang Boom, boom, boom, boom How, how, how, how Hey, hey You gotta come on.
TANAKA: I wish I had something more concrete to tell you.
Everything appears normal.
You're sure? We found no irregularities in your brain scans, and comprehensive testing of any residual drugs in your system all came back clean.
It's just the nightmares I've been having are intense.
Well, you were tortured, Dwayne.
Exposed to powerful hallucinogens.
The truth is, there's still a lot we don't understand about these drugs.
Yeah, but there must be some way to get the nightmares to stop.
Fill the prescription I gave you.
Take the sleeping pills.
Can't risk it.
Never know when I might get called out.
You also can't risk going weeks without a good night's sleep.
It's dangerous physically and mentally.
And you threw that prescription away, didn't you? It's always the same people.
A victim from a past case, a guy in a red suit.
Think it means something? Maybe but not necessarily.
Just remember, it is not the dream telling you something, it's you telling yourself.
(PHONE BEEPING) (SIGHS) - - It's Loretta.
I need to go.
- Tell her I said hi.
- Yeah.
You're just gonna toss it again, aren't you? Well, if the sleeping issues persist, come back.
We could try some more innovative options.
It's from 1998.
Uh, case 5-3-6-4.
(MOUTHS) Yes, I need the M.
reports and any evidence in storage as soon as possible, please.
Thank you.
'98 year we met.
You were still a Jefferson Parish sheriff.
And you took over this place, changing everything and getting everyone's feathers ruffled.
I did make a lot of old men mad, didn't I? Progress usually does.
You looking into a case? The first we worked together.
Ashley Griffin.
Teenager who went missing, was found dead a few days later.
Jerrod Wallis was still officially the M.
at that point, so it was his case.
He confirmed that a baseball bat found with the body was the murder weapon.
But he couldn't tie it to our prime suspect.
Elliot Whitman.
You remembering all this from over 20 years ago? I wish.
I got a call from NYPD.
They currently have Elliot Whitman in custody.
- He's in New York? - Evidently, there was a fire in his apartment.
And the firefighters broke through a wall and discovered this hidden in the vent.
Elliot Whitman is still flagged as a person on interest in the Ashley Griffin murder, so they tested for DNA.
Yeah, they're hers, Dwayne.
He kept them all these years.
He claims he had no idea that box was in the vent.
Yeah, he's a good liar.
Always was.
Well, we still have to prove it.
And they don't have enough to hold him for very long.
I told NYPD that I would look through the autopsy and forensic files, see if there was anything I could find to help.
You know I had to cancel a trip to New York a couple weeks ago.
Laurel must have been very disappointed.
Sounds like this might be a perfect time for a visit.
Yeah, when's the, uh, the next training course taking place? Okay, and what's the deadline to apply for the opening? - Got a hit on his credit card.
- Oh.
Oh, sorry.
(STAMMERING) Uh-uh-uh that's-that's great, that's all I needed to know.
Thank you.
What are you applying for? Huh? I am applying for a refi on my house, 'cause these rates, I'm telling you, they're dynamite.
- Did you say you found your brother? - Not yet.
But Cade used one of his credit cards outside of Mobile yesterday, so he didn't go far.
Has Patton got a hit on his cell? Been off-line for a week now.
And he hasn't reached out to the girlfriend at all? Not since he left her and her son at that motel.
Man, it's just, it's weird that they don't know why he hid them away like that.
Well, that's why I brought 'em back with me.
Figured they'd be safer at my place until I find him.
Yeah, well, you know, I got an old PS3 and some games I don't play anymore if the kid gets bored.
Bored? I live right on the water, he can fish for hours.
Yeah, you're right.
I should probably give you my Xbox, too.
HANNAH: Any other witnesses? What is that, a new case? Actually, it's an old one.
Murder Pride was involved with 20 years ago.
16-year-old, Ashley Griffin.
Daughter of the dean at a local school for troubled kids.
Guy they thought killed her was the same age.
HANNAH: Elliot Whitman.
He was a student at the Fresh Start Academy where her dad worked.
Witness saw him follow Ashley the day she went missing.
Four days later, her body was found in a shed a couple of miles from campus.
HANNAH: She was severely beaten.
Time of death indicates that she was kept alive until the morning the body was discovered.
No sign of sexual assault, though.
So the killer left her alive just to terrorize her? Maybe he was working up the nerve.
Pride was at JPSO then.
I didn't know he was on this case.
Another sheriff was the lead investigator.
Pride was just brought in to assist.
Case fell apart not long after that, though.
Whitman maintained his innocence, and there wasn't any hard evidence.
- Why bring it up now? - Because Pride just got one more shot at this jerk.
PRIDE: Hey, Laurel, it's Dad.
Grabbing something to eat sounds great.
I'll keep you posted on my schedule.
- Can't wait to see you.
- (HORN HONKING) En route to get this.
I-I-I'll try again later.
Special Agent Pride? Mm.
Lieutenant Baker.
Thanks for opening your doors.
We are happy for any assistance you can give.
Whitman still in custody? Uh, for now.
But he claims he didn't know the box was in that vent.
Unfortunately, we were unable to find his prints or DNA on the box or the items inside.
Which means he's being careful.
Well, it's working.
Right now we don't have anything that'll hold up in court.
Mind if I talk to him? He's in interrogation with one of my detectives.
Maybe you can get more out of him than we have.
You understand why I'm finding this hard to believe, right? I don't know how many times I can say it, Detective.
I have never seen any of that stuff before.
So who is this mysterious person you believe - is hiding things in your apartment? - (KNOCKING ON DOOR) Hmm? Sorry for the intrusion, Cabrera.
I got somebody here who'd like a word.
This is Special Agent Dwayne Pride with NCIS.
You remember me, Mr.
Whitman? (CRYING) No.
No, please.
You've got to keep him away.
You can't leave me alone with him, please.
CABRERA: Okay, okay, okay.
He'll hurt me again, just like the last time.
BAKER: Agent Pride.
- Out! - WHITMAN: Keep him away from me! So, you screwed up your case 20 years ago - and now you're about to screw up mine? - BAKER: Cabrera.
First off, I never touched Whitman.
And he knows that.
But somebody did.
I was brought in to the case late.
The lead was Frank McTeague, a good cop.
30 years on the job, but he got obsessed with Whitman.
Let it get personal.
Was there any physical evidence tying Whitman to the murder? No, just one witness who'd seen him following Ashley.
That's pretty thin.
Which Elliot Whitman knew.
He was arrogant.
Taunted McTeague about how he was gonna walk free.
Frank knew he needed a confession.
So he tried to beat it out of him.
Detective, enough.
He's right.
Whitman kept at McTeague until he finally snapped.
I never should have left them alone.
I broke it up, but-but the damage was done.
Whitman's family threatened to sue.
dropped the case.
We had to let him go.
Well, it's not gonna happen here.
We got this, Lou.
Cabrera, you're good but green.
Someone offers to assist with as much experience as Special Agent Pride, you take that help.
We can hold Whitman on suspicion for another 24 hours, tops.
We don't find something more concrete, he is going to walk again.
Show him what we got.
All I want is justice for Ashley Griffin.
It's been a long time coming.
It's not just Ashley.
Truth is, it's a lucky break we got Whitman in custody at all.
The fire.
It started in the neighbor's apartment.
When the firefighters broke through the wall, they found the box.
These were in the box, too? CABRERA: With Ashley's underwear.
Any DNA? Nothing.
These three were wiped clean.
You know what I think they are? Trophies.
Which means that Whitman killed at least three other women over the last 20 years.
HANNAH: Tell us what you need, Pride.
We need to look at Ashley's murder with fresh eyes.
Talk to anyone who was at the school when she was killed.
See what they remember.
I'll start tracking 'em down.
PRIDE: Sebastian.
Loretta has all the evidence from the '98 investigation.
Can you give her a hand? Yeah, sure.
We'll put everything underneath a 2019 microscope.
And we got some new leads.
NYPD forwarded you everything they have on three items found in the same box where Whitman kept Ashley's undergarment.
GREGORIO: All women's things.
What, do you think they're trophies from other kills? PRIDE: I do.
But we need to prove it.
Connect them to specific murders.
And then connect Whitman to these victims.
We should look for similar crimes in places where Whitman lived or worked.
Yeah, that's a good place to start.
I'm gonna check out his apartment, but I'm reachable if you find anything.
Most serial killers stick to the same hunting grounds, but Whitman's moved around a lot in the last 20 years.
Then we'd better start digging.
Hey, Chris.
We weren't expecting you back till tonight.
Oh, I'm not staying.
I just wanted to drop off some groceries.
Saw the pantry was getting low.
Aw, that's sweet.
But I actually went shopping.
I didn't want you to have to go to any trouble.
Did you find Cade yet? I didn't.
But he did use his credit card yesterday just outside of Mobile.
At least that means he's okay.
My buddy's a cop out there.
He's gonna stop by the store, see if he can find anything useful.
KELLY: Whatever's going on, it must be pretty bad for him to just leave us like that.
I love my brother, but, uh he's had a troubled road.
Struggled with some mental issues.
I know.
He told me about his bipolar disorder.
Wouldn't be the first time he just took off.
Cade wouldn't abandon us.
He wouldn't.
So I'll keep looking.
Thank you again for everything.
No problem.
You okay? Yeah.
You must be worried.
I hear you and Cade get along pretty well.
I mean, he's cool.
And he's been teaching me to shoot three-pointers.
(CHUCKLES SOFTLY) I remember him draining those from the corner.
He still got a shot? Oh, yeah.
Look, if there's anything you think I should know about Cade, it could stay between us.
I don't.
You sure? Look, I said I didn't.
Okay? (BOAT HORN BLOWING) (CAR HORNS HONKING) How'd it start? Grease fire in the neighbor's kitchen.
She tried to put it out with water, - so it spread.
- Was Whitman home at the time? No.
Probably the only reason the box was still in the vent when the firefighters arrived.
DISPATCH (OVER RADIO): Unit 14, clear.
Expensive setup.
CABRERA: Oh, yeah.
Guessing he spends most of his time here.
Far as we can tell, Whitman has no friends or family he stays in touch with.
You get access to his phone, social media accounts? CABRERA: Our Crime Center's combing through all that now.
(INDISTINCT RADIO CHATTER) Appreciate you looping my team in, too.
NYPD's the largest force in the nation.
There's nothing your team can do that we can't.
- You might be surprised.
- NADINE: Ma, don't.
What am I supposed to do, live in a hotel room for the rest of my life? - You a cop? - Detective.
When are you gonna be done? - When we're done.
- The super said he won't fix the wall until you people say it's okay.
Excuse me, ma'am.
- You live next door? - Yeah.
And if you haven't noticed, - I have a giant hole in the wall.
- Ma.
You have much interaction with Elliot Whitman? Yeah.
None of it good.
Five times I called management on him.
Leaving his trash in the hall.
Watching sicko videos so loud - you can hear through the walls.
- He's a creep.
He's always hanging out in the halls, staring at me when I come visit Ma.
Sometimes I won't even come in if he's in town.
How often is he gone? Not often enough.
A few weeks at a time every now and then.
I'll tell you what, we're gonna make some calls.
See if we can't get you cleared to start fixing that wall.
At least somebody gets it.
NADINE: Thank you.
Really know how to work that Southern charm, don't you? Being polite don't cost a thing.
We need to find out where and when Whitman took those trips.
Try and connect him to other murders.
It's still circumstantial.
We don't have his prints or DNA on the box, and he claims it isn't his.
Whitman is careful, but we're smart.
We just need to stay focused, build this case one piece at a time.
(SIGHS) NCIS! On the ground! Stay down! Stay down! - Very exciting.
- Hey.
Don't you have evidence to be testing? Yeah, and I'm totally, uh, almost done with it.
Isn't that the NCIS REACT team? Yeah, it is.
You-you know 'em? They're they're amazing.
They handle our most dangerous situations.
Active shooters.
Violent felon takedowns.
What's this about? I'm actually thinking of applying.
To REACT? Yeah, what do you think? It's a terrible idea.
You're a scientist, not that.
Well man, tell me how you really feel.
Well, I can't even believe you're considering it.
Now What did you find with the evidence? Not much.
Even using today's mass spectrometer, I didn't detect any DNA.
So we've got nothing to help Pride.
Well, now, I didn't say that.
Uh, when you reviewed these autopsy photos, you found some inconsistencies, right? Yes, uh, contusion patterns and the positioning of the radial fractures.
Yeah, well, something was definitely off, so I scanned it all into the system, and the computer is now enhancing all the images, creating an HD replica of the wounds.
(BEEP) And you have perfect timing.
Now, that's excellent, Sebastian.
- Can you zoom in? - Yeah.
The brain pattern matches the wood bat they found at the scene.
The other one has a crosshatched pattern.
I think it's fiberglass.
Which would mean that there wasn't just one murder weapon.
There were two.
PRIDE: Uh interesting.
LAUREL: Yeah, I guess.
It's an assistant manager position in Special Events.
Ah, well, that sounds like a promotion.
You gonna take it? No, which is exactly what I told you two minutes ago.
Sorry, my mind wandered.
You can't blame yourself, Dad.
That sheriff was your senior officer.
And if I kept my eye on him Whitman might not have walked and three more women might still be alive today.
You said this guy was some kind of legend in the department, right? Yeah, a lot of what I know about investigating, I learned from Frank McTeague.
So how exactly were you supposed to stop him? By not believing such an obvious lie.
How'd he get you out of the room? He told me to get the kid a soda and something to eat.
That sounds pretty legit to me.
But I knew how much McTeague hated Whitman by then.
I should have figured out what he was planning.
You weren't his babysitter, Dad.
(SCOFFS) Honey CABRERA: Excuse me.
Sorry to interrupt.
You must be Laurel.
PRIDE: Honey Detective Cabrera.
- (BEEPING) - Place was my suggestion.
Hope it's okay.
It's perfect.
You have excellent taste.
Only the best for Special Agent Pride.
We have such respect for your father.
Is there something I can help you with, Cabrera? I have been working with your team in New Orleans.
- Mm-hmm.
- I like that, uh uh, Gregorio? (CHUCKLES) She reminds me of my sister.
She's a real ballbuster.
You might want to keep that comparison to yourself.
She gets me.
Anyway, they identified murders in three other states that they think they can connect to the items in Whitman's box.
All with the same M.
You okay hearing this? I'm a cop's kid; nothing shocks me.
I was a cop's kid, too.
We should compare notes sometime.
Anyway three murders, same M.
Women abducted, kept alive for several days, then beat to death and dumped.
All right, so we need to get Whitman's travel information.
We got it from his e-mails, calendars.
We can place him a couple hours' drive from all three.
Well, that's enough to arrest him, right? - Should be.
- Problem is, we got more than we bargained for.
Your team didn't just find those three.
They found four more.
Four additional murders? Almost identical.
Women kept alive for several days, then killed, all across the U.
Only Whitman he was nowhere near those other four.
He couldn't have done it.
Well, that fits in with our M.
's analysis of Ashley Griffin's murder.
She says that two weapons were used.
Blows were delivered from opposite directions with different levels of force.
Two killers.
And one of 'em's still out there.
(SIRENS WAILING IN DISTANCE) Laurel's new place is-is great.
It's really charming.
WADE: So, smaller than a closet, louder than a rock concert? That's right.
Really has that New York - (HORN HONKING) - feel.
Hey, nothing in the evidence to identify the second killer? No.
Sebastian ran everything collected at the time for DNA but didn't get any hits.
Yeah, well, maybe Hank Griffin can point us to someone.
Ashley's father? Yeah.
He, uh, he just got back into town.
Hannah and Chris are heading there to talk to him, see if he can tell us who Whitman - was close to at the school.
- Well, if they've got a name and it's in the system, we can run it against our forensic files.
That sounds like a plan.
Thanks, Loretta.
That count as cyberstalking, or? Dad, this is vetting.
He's your partner.
Temporary partner.
Just looking out for you, like I always do.
You seem to be blushing just a tad.
GRIFFIN: If those idiot sheriffs hadn't have blown it, he'd be sitting in a cell right now.
Everybody knew that Elliot was guilty.
You think they actually might be able to get him this time? (SIGHS) We don't know.
And I promise you, we'll do our best, Mr.
That snake has been walking free (VOICE BREAKING) for 20 years.
While my little baby's Sorry.
LASALLE: We read all the original interviews, but we're trying to get a fuller picture of Whitman.
When he came to Fresh Start, he wasn't much different than the other students.
Mother was alcoholic.
Father wanted nothing to do with him.
Sounds like he was dealt a pretty rough hand.
A lot of people are.
That's no excuse for bad behavior.
Elliot was sneaky and manipulative.
Thought he was so much smarter than everybody else.
Your school used some rather controversial disciplinary methods.
Solitary confinement.
Shaved heads.
Corporal punishment.
When it was called for.
Our job was to turn those kids around.
He have any issues with Ashley prior to her disappearance? Not that I knew of.
Ashley didn't go to Fresh Start, but she was on campus visiting me a lot.
And there would have been plenty of opportunities for them to have interacted.
Is there anyone you can think of that Whitman - was close to? - No.
His arrogance didn't make him any friends with the faculty or students.
Spent most of his time alone.
Though I think he talked to Parker Lacey sometimes.
Who's Parker Lacey? He was Elliot's peer mentor when he first arrived and one of our success stories.
The program really worked for Parker.
Was he at the school when Ashley disappeared? No, he graduated a couple years earlier.
But Parker always kept in touch with Elliot.
I was impressed by that, because the two of 'em couldn't have been more different.
What do you mean? Elliot was antisocial.
Always had his head in a computer.
And Parker, he was popular with everybody.
He was a hell of an athlete, too.
He happen to play baseball? Actually, he was captain of the school team.
GREGORIO: So, this Parker Lacey went to Fresh Start for anger management issues.
Got into a lot of fights at his old school.
Lives in Cincinnati with his wife and two kids.
He's never been arrested.
What's your problem? I'm thinking of applying to be a part of the REACT team.
Really? - Yeah.
- Huh.
Well, I'm thinking of applying to the Royal Ballet.
Maybe we'll both get lucky.
Wait, you're serious? Yeah.
I'm sorry.
Never thought Well, never mind.
REACT? Really? What? Why? Why does everyone respond like that? You got to admit, it's a little unexpected.
Yeah, well, I've been growing as a field agent the last two years.
- I mean - And you're great, but REACT is on a whole other level.
Like, why the sudden interest? I don't know.
I guess, uh, sometimes, I just feel like I'm the little brother.
You know? Like I'm this geek that's surrounded by all these people with all this experience.
I just I want to be able to stand on my own two feet.
You know how much we love and respect you, right? You don't have to prove anything to any of us.
(PHONE RINGS) It's Pride.
Looking good, Brooklyn.
Bite me, Jersey.
What's up? Cincinnati cops bringing Lacey or what? Went by his home and office, but he's gone.
Wife said he took off for a fishing trip.
PRIDE: Supposedly unreachable.
- That's convenient.
Well, we have something that might help.
Parker Lacey works as an energy consultant for a lot of municipal government agencies.
GREGORIO: Means a lot of his travel is a matter of public record.
SEBASTIAN: Right, so, here are the four murders we found that match the M.
but for which Whitman has alibis.
And here are the cities where Parker Lacey was working at the time those murders were committed.
All close enough to drive.
That's good work.
There's more.
No wonder you love these guys.
Thank you.
So, the woman who was killed in Mississippi was married to a systems manager that worked at the same company as Elliot Whitman.
Yeah, turns out that the husband fired Whitman four months before his wife was killed.
One of 'em feels wronged, the other one gets even? Yeah, and whichever one has a connection to the victim, that's the one who has a solid alibi for the murder.
But they didn't kill the husband they killed his wife.
GREGORIO: No, but you had to see this poor guy on the news when she went missing.
He was a mess.
Which is exactly what Whitman and Lacey intended.
They enjoy making their real targets suffer.
That's why they keep the victims alive for several days.
Means Ashley wasn't the original target.
Her father was.
All right.
Keep digging into Lacey.
See if we can track him down.
- All right.
- All right.
These two are sick.
They probably get off on the planning and the anticipation as much as the killing.
Why hasn't Whitman asked for a lawyer? CABRERA: He said he didn't need one because he's innocent.
Maybe because he wants to be in custody.
Perfect alibi when another murder happens with the same M.
Worked for 'em every time before.
It's why we can't find Lacey.
That bastard's taking another victim.
Where is she, Whitman? Hmm? - Who? - You know damn well who.
Nadine Schiff.
Your neighbor's daughter.
Same neighbor that complained about you to building management.
That piss you off? Huh? That why you went after her? I'm confused.
Did something happen to Nadine? We just got word she never made it home last night.
That doesn't sound good.
But I've been right here with you.
You son of a bitch.
If Lacey hurts her, I Hey, hey.
Hey, hey, hey.
Don't give him the satisfaction.
(EXHALES) Lacey? I knew a-a Parker Lacey back in high school.
Haven't spoken in almost 20 years, though.
But I'm happy to hear that you've identified the real killer.
Does that mean that you're gonna be letting me go now? Pride.
I got Parker Lacey's photo to every cop in the state.
I just heard Nadine Schiff's car was found abandoned outside the city.
CSU's on the way.
See if they can recover anything useful.
She could already be dead.
I don't think so.
To get Whitman in the clear, they need to stick to the established M.
Right? Keep her alive for a while.
But he could be hiding her anywhere.
Not easy to hide victims the way they've managed to over the years.
Especially not with everyone on high alert looking for 'em.
But they did it at least eight times that we know about.
Lacey works as an energy consultant.
Perfect cover for travel.
Bet it also allows him access to restricted information.
Maps of utility buildings, pipe and tunnel networks.
New York has hundreds of miles of utility tunnels.
If he's got Nadine down there, we'll never find her.
Get in touch with Con Ed and any other utility companies.
Have 'em check for security breaches.
I'll have my team look into Lacey's work history, see if they can find anything.
I'm beginning to understand why your Sheriff McTeague beat the hell out of this guy.
Any luck narrowing down where Lacey might be hiding Nadine? Not yet.
I got his credentials, but he hasn't accessed anything compromising.
Keep looking.
Nadine's running out of time.
Brianna's sister has a picture of her wearing the bracelet.
Get us a copy of it.
Can you e-mail me that photo? It'd be really helpful.
Thank you.
That the bracelet they found in Whitman's apartment? Yep.
Just got confirmation it belongs to Brianna Robbins.
She have any connection to Lacey? Yeah.
Brianna's boyfriend at the time went to college with him.
Evidently, he replaced Lacey as starting pitcher on the school team.
So they killed the dude's girlfriend? (SCOFFS) Man, we got to nail these punks.
I got it, Roy, thanks.
Will, what's going on? Where's your mom? She's not here.
I just came to talk to you.
Well, we can talk.
Let's go back here.
Come on.
What's up? Hey, whatever you got to say, you can trust me.
Cade disappearing I think it was my fault.
I'm listening.
I was just trying to make some money.
You know? So I started delivering packages.
I didn't take any or anything.
I was just picking 'em up and dropping 'em off.
You get into some kind of trouble? My backpack got stolen.
It had one of the packages in it.
Said I owed them $10,000.
You tell Cade about this? He said he'd help, you know, that he'd make things right.
Then he put us in the motel.
He never came back.
Con Ed doesn't have security cameras in most of the tunnels.
But we got uniforms checking as many access points as we can.
(PHONE RINGS) You find something, Hannah? Well, Sebastian did.
Lacey's way too smart to use his company ID for anything related to the murder, right? So I checked for IDs that did access that information, the cities where the murders took place during those time frames, and one popped.
But that ID doesn't seem to belong to a real person.
Lacey created it.
SEBASTIAN: The last time the ID was used was yesterday morning.
It it accessed a New York tunnel system in Midtown.
All right, send me the exact location, Sebastian.
He's in Midtown.
We need to roll.
Everybody, let's go! (SIREN WAILING) Con Ed said there are seven other secured entrances in the schematics Lacey pulled.
- Gonna need the rest of 'em opened.
- Already happening.
We have teams searching the tunnels from every entrance.
Make sure everyone's advised that we need to take Lacey alive.
If we don't get 'em to turn on each other, Whitman could still walk free.
Thank you.
NADINE: Please, please.
- Please don't.
- It's okay if you want to scream.
Be as loud as you want.
- No! - NCIS! Drop it, Lacey! Back away! (GUN SHOTS) (CRYING) Stay with her! Hey.
Okay, I'm gonna get you - out of here.
Okay? - (CRYING) Yeh.
NCIS! Stop! (GUN SHOTS) (HORNS HONKING) (SIREN WAILING) Out of the way! Federal agent! Get out of the way! (CAR HORN HONKS) Get out of the way! - PRIDE: Hey.
He's not out yet.
He'll insist it was all Lacey.
And with Lacey dead, there's no one to contradict him.
If only I caught up to him sooner.
You do this a lot, don't you? Beat yourself up over things you have no control of? Give it 20 years, kid.
Imagine by then, a good cop like you will have plenty to beat yourself up over.
We know the bracelet belonged to Brianna Robbins of Nashville.
My team connected the ring from the box to Janet Sutton, killed in Detroit.
But even placing him close to these murders, it's still circumstantial.
Without a confession, we don't have a case.
Whitman doesn't know that Lacey's dead yet, does he? No.
Soon as he does, figure he'll finally ask for that lawyer.
Get Whitman back up in interrogation.
I need to talk to him again alone.
(DOOR OPENS) (SIGHS) Have you found poor Nadine yet? In fact, we did.
She's with her mother now.
She's okay? - Mm-hmm.
- Well, that's - It's good news.
- Yeah, even better news is that we got Parker Lacey in custody now.
He says that you believe that the two of you are good friends? We are.
Uh, were back when I knew him.
Well, I-I'm afraid he doesn't have much nice to say about you now.
Word he used was "pathetic".
Parker would never call me that.
According to Lacey, this friendship was all in your head.
You were just a lonely kid, maybe a little bit obsessed with him? Lacey says that you committed all the murders, but he admits that he helped.
He said that you threatened to kill his wife and kids if he didn't.
He wouldn't talk to you.
Well, he's not like you, Whitman.
He has a life, family that-that loves him.
(LAUGHING) He's throwing you under the bus in exchange for a deal that means that he'll get out in time to have some more good years with them.
(LAUGHS) You're lying.
He gave us names, locations.
Told us all about Brianna Robbins.
Evidently, her boyfriend took Lacey's spot as pitcher on his college baseball team.
When he told you about it, you killed Brianna in some twisted effort to get Parker to like you, or? He he said it was my idea? Yeah.
He-he told us you did it with a a woman in Detroit in 2010.
Another desperate attempt for his attention.
Look, I never needed his attention.
We were friends, we shared the same interests.
Killing innocent people is not much to build a friendship on.
But I guess you're learning that now.
- What you got? - Sorry to interrupt.
Just want to let you know the D.
's with Lacey now.
Should be wrapping up soon.
You were one sick kid.
Forcing him to watch you beat Ashley like that.
That's not how it happened! It was all his idea.
He hated Dean Griffin for what he did to us.
And the only person that the dean ever cared about was Saint Ashley.
And so we took her from him.
Hmm, I just heard from Pride.
Elliot Whitman has been arrested for the murder of Ashley Griffin.
Oh, it's great news.
You need a hand? - No, I got it.
- Ah.
Is everything all right? You know what? No, it's not.
I'm gonna apply to this REACT team, okay? And I don't really care if you think that that's a-a terrible idea.
You know, my whole life, I've been the science nerd, the geek.
Which is fine.
That's cool.
I love being a geek.
But-but NCIS has made me realize that I can I can be something more, too, you know, and I want to know if I can do this.
I don't have anything to prove to anybody other than myself.
And I've been training really hard, and I'm ready to do this, so there.
Good, because that's the confidence you're gonna need to get through the application tests.
You're a very sneaky person, you know that? Can't wait to see how it goes.
Miss Loretta? Chris, what's wrong? (SIGHS) It's Cade.
Got some new information, and I think he's in trouble.
- I'm so sorry.
- Yeah, I'm headed to Alabama to look into it.
(SIGHS) Nobody's heard from him in days.
If it's not too much trouble, could you look for any John Does? Uh, of course.
I'll, uh, contact the coroners and M.
s around Mobile, see if there's anyone that matches Cade's description.
- I'm gonna fill him in.
- Yeah.
I'll say a prayer for your brother.
Thank you.
I got a feeling he could use it.
PRIDE: Of course.
Take as long as you need.
Finding your brother's the priority.
Oh, and, Chris, take Sebastian with you.
No, no, no, we'll be fine.
If there's trouble, I want you to have backup.
Yeah, keep me updated.
- Hey, honey.
Great idea.
- Hey.
I thought we could take a walk down to the West Village.
As long as I'm with you, - I don't care where we go.
- (LAUGHS) You need relish? Uh, no, just mustard's fine.
- Hey, Pride.
- Hey.
- You want a dog? - Uh No, no, I'm okay.
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