NCIS: Sydney (2023) s01e03 Episode Script

Brothers in Arms

[MAN] You guys will be swimming
like dolphins in no time,
all right?
Oh, and no diving in the shallow end.
And, Dimi, no backflips, please.
- [GIRL] Come on!
You wanna surf the big waves,
you've gotta learn to swim.
[WOMAN] I don't want
to surf the big waves.
I don't even want to get wet.
You'll be fine, Sitty.
[INSTRUCTOR] There you go. Yes. Yes!
Nice. Beautiful.
- Dimi!
It wasn't me!
It's a fish. Look, over there.
It's a shark.
A shark!
- Oh, my God!
No one needs to panic.
He's probably harmless.
What's that thing?
you are!
[LAUGHS] Nice. How does it go
with an oat latte?
New kit, Doc?
Me too.
- Ah.
- Yeah!
You like it?
Honestly, I'd I'd prefer
a shot from mine.
[EVIE] Boys with toys.
Doesn't take much, does it?
No, you start out the morning
with a perfect brew.
When everything goes to hell,
the day is not a complete write-off.
Uh-huh. I hear you, Doc.
- Cheers.
- Morning.
- Morning.
So, uh, this is
the essential lab equipment
that you had fast-tracked from Italy?
I'll have a grande mochaccino.
Do I look like a barista?
- I could see you with a man bun.
Special Agent Mackey.
Think a Navy SEAL would notice
if he was missing an arm.
We're on our way.
[JD] Morning, Captain.
Sorry to drag you
from your costume party.
What'd you go as, a midlife crisis?
Oh, you should've seen Bondi
this morning. Mmm!
Southerly swell, light offshore breeze.
Take you out some time if you like.
Yeah, Iowa is number 2 on
the list of America's
most landlocked states.
Hawkeyes surf couches and the internet.
[JD] Hold that?
So, uh, how exactly does
a shark end up doing laps
in a public swimming pool?
Oh, these pools are tidal.
So if the waves are choppy
or if there's a king tide,
sharks get washed over the edge.
The locals usually pick them up
and throw them back out to sea, though.
- Impressive.
- Yeah, just the way we are.
Come on, let's have a closer look!
[EVIE] Yeah, nah, I'm good.
- $300 kicks.
- Yeah, whatever.
You know, I really wanna go
diving in one of those cages,
you know, see a great white up close.
Top of my itch list.
That's an itch you can scratch
all by yourself.
You know they've been around
for millions of years?
You've gotta respect that.
Pretty much living fossils.
Hey, we were just talking about you.
- Oh, yeah?
- Yeah.
[DOC ROY] Local coppers were right.
It looks like a Navy wet suit.
[EVIE] Yeah, what's left of it.
[DESHAWN] And a cool watch.
The Navy SEALs I know swear by them.
Don't trust anything else.
Chances of surviving
an attack like this, Rosie?
If anyone can, it'd be a SEAL,
but it's a long shot, I reckon.
Let's check ERs
for shark attack victims.
Already did. No walk-ups.
Then let's X-ray the shark. See
what else it had for breakfast.
How do you X-ray a shark?
Very carefully, I reckon.
There's a detachment of
US Navy SEALS training in Sydney
with the Australian Navy
Clearance Divers.
Let's check in,
see if they're down a man.
For now, we still assume our vic
is alive and kicking, okay?
Let's go play pin the arm
on the frogman.
So no accidents reported
during your joint exercises?
No, ma'am.
- No SEALs gone AWOL?
- No, ma'am. Not on my watch.
[JD] See, we have a severed arm
with a US Navy
dive computer attached, but
we can't locate the owner.
These SEALs are beasts.
They lose a limb, fair dinkum,
I reckon they could
grow it back overnight.
Your guy's not one of my visitors.
You seem pretty sure, Commander.
Everyone present and accounted for?
[SEALS] Hooyah!
You Americans have
the all-time best battle cries.
That's what you got out of this?
Well, yeah, that and the US Navy
isn't missing a SEAL.
So whose arm is it?
[DESHAWN] What you doing, Doc?
Well, when these are dry, I'm going to
inject the fingertip pulps
with glycerin.
And that way, I'll be able to
get a print of our frogman.
- So he is a SEAL, then?
- Oh, dead certainty.
The tattoo.
- Bone frog.
- Mmm.
Cool. Still, mine's better.
[DOC ROY] Well, for SEALs,
the bone frog's a mark of
respect for fallen comrades
in honor of their sacrifice.
[SIGHS] Shark X-ray's in.
Apparently he began his day
with a brekkie of calamari,
whiting and plastic bags.
No scuba diver.
Well, this is good news, right?
Means our man could still be alive.
Yeah, provided he survived
the blood loss and the shock.
What do we know about
the dive computer, Doc?
Next door.
Hello, Bluebird. This is NCIS speaking.
Yep, that [LAUGHS] Sorry, that
That's what's I meant, yeah.
Oh, you're that Mr McNamara,
the forensic scientist.
Yep, um
Yes, I will get JD to give you
a call back.
OK, 'bye.
Who's the crush?
What? No one.
You've probably never heard
of her. Ruby Payne-Scott.
She was an Aussie
radio physicist who pretty much
won World War II in the Pacific
for the Americans.
- [JD] Hmm.
- Uh-huh.
How'd you go with the dive computer?
- Dive computer. Very cool, yeah.
- Yeah.
Um, so you were right.
This make and model
is preferred by the SEALs.
The manufacturers customize them
for the Navy.
So they're specially encrypted
to prevent unauthorized access.
I'll call JOC and
Oh, it's okay.
I authorized myself access.
Figured I'd go out with a bang, yeah?
Gonna pretend I didn't hear that.
- What'd you find?
- Heaps.
All his vitals.
The SEAL's heart rate
and exactly when it stopped.
His nitrogen levels and deco stops
and the maximum depth that he went to.
But no name, sorry.
His GPS was also disabled.
So no one can pinpoint
where he's been diving.
Huh. Well, that's not
dodgy at all, is it?
Huh. What's this?
[BLUE] Huh? Oh!
Um, Kelly was tagged by a
conservation group last year.
It's kind of like a 'Find My Shark' app.
- Kelly?
- Kelly Sharkson.
It was gonna be Errol Fin until
I found out that she was a gal.
Blue, your pet shark
might have killed someone, so
Maybe, but last year,
humans slaughtered
over 100 million sharks
and sharks killed five people.
[MACKEY] And I'm sure
that's really comforting.
If you're not one of the five.
Hey, don't worry about her.
You know what?
I would have gone with 'Sharkira'.
- You're welcome.
Sorry, Ruby.
We had a good run, though.
And by 'good run', I mean three weeks.
You did tell her to ask for
forgiveness, not permission.
I know. I love her initiative,
I love her quirk.
Quirky is good around here.
It's just her people skills are
Bit like somebody else I know.
I'm just saying this is NCIS,
not a refuge for misfits
with personality disorders.
Sure about that?
- Plan B.
- [JD] Oh
I shaved the diver's fingertips off,
adhered them to the model
and get a set of prints.
Genius. And super-creepy.
And do we have a positive ID?
Alright. Petty Officer First
Class Philip 'Filthy' Coleman.
Retired US Navy SEAL.
Served with distinction in
Pakistan, Libya, Somalia.
Operation Ocean Shield
in the Indian Ocean.
Honorable discharge.
Hello, Captain America.
Settled in Australia five years ago.
His retirement benefits go
to an address in Neutral Bay.
Yeah, see, weird no one's
reported him missing.
You want us to talk to the family?
[MACKEY] I got it.
As the SEALs say,
the only easy day was yesterday.
[MAN] Get the hell outta here!
[MAN 2] I'm tellin' you,
you're makin' a big mistake.
[JD] Hey, mate.
Everything all good?
It is now.
Filmed his underwater wedding,
but he forgot to pay.
Just dropped by to see
if we still had the footage.
I'm guessing that's a hard no.
Hard as nails.
[MACKEY] We believe he was
attacked by a shark.
Yeah, it took his arm.
But we haven't found a body yet,
so we're hoping he still might turn up.
[MACKEY] So you haven't seen him, then?
[MAN] Not for a few days. We
- We thought he was on a bender.
- He'd go diving on his own?
Sometimes he goes out for lobster.
I thought the golden rule was
"Never dive without a buddy."
Filthy made a career of
paddling behind enemy lines
to plant mines on ship hulls.
Spearfishing's like
taking a bath for him.
You have a home address for him?
What about family?
[MAN] You're looking at it.
If you guys haven't found a body yet,
then how do you even know
that it's Filthy's arm?
[MACKEY] His Navy dive computer.
Obviously didn't realize
it was government property.
He must have forgotten to return
it when he hung up the fins.
When something has saved
your life that often,
you become pretty attached to it.
Didn't pick you for a waxhead.
Oh, I'm just trying to get
into the right headspace.
So, um, I've been trying to pinpoint
exactly where Mr Filthy was attacked.
I thought it might help locate a body.
Wasn't his GPS tampered with?
It was, but the dive watch
tells us the precise moment
that his heart stopped.
So I cross-referenced it
with the shark's tracker
to see where Kelly Sharkson was
at the time.
Good thinking.
- So where was he attacked?
- Yeah. Sorry, um
Right here. Just off Maroubra Beach.
I also pulled this from
a shark spotter app.
Check this out.
This is their footage
from the morning before
Mr Filthy was attacked.
No sharks, but look at that thing.
It's like the world's biggest cigar.
- [JD] What the hell is that?
- Looks like a UUV to me.
In Australian, please?
Unmanned underwater vehicle.
So Filthy was diving
for an underwater drone?
There's more.
Look at this morning's footage.
No cigar!
[JD] Hmm.
Yes, ma'am, that's a UUV. No
question. Most navies have 'em.
All keeping tabs on each other
whilst pretending we're not.
Is it one of ours?
If there was a drone
in the water, I'd know.
It could be one of ours, then?
Oi! Bulldog.
Recognize this bad boy?
It's way too slick for us, sir.
Right, so who's that leave, then?
Take your pick.
Cashed-up geotech companies,
marine biologists, salvage crews.
Big drug cartels have got
better drones than any of us.
You could put your body weight
in white powder
in one of those things, slip
under the Coast Guard's radar.
We could bring it up
and take a look if you like.
We would if we could.
It's not there anymore.
- Yes, sir.
- Back to Manly, you lot.
Watch out for the ferry.
Stops for no one.
What do you think?
Think our rogue narco-SEALs
have some explaining to do.
Hamish 'Hammer' Moore. Petty
Officer Third Class, Navy SEAL.
Multiple operations.
Awarded a Silver Star for a
classified mission in Pakistan.
[EVIE] Leading Seaman
Charlie 'Nails' Naylor.
Aussie Clearance Diver. Served in Libya.
And here's the real kicker.
Specializes in drone
surveillance and recovery.
Hard to believe they're
the guys we spoke to.
[MACKEY] Civilian life
can be tough on vets.
We train them for war. Finding
some peace can be harder.
So what have they been up to
since they left the service?
[DESHAWN] Bit of freelance work
in the Middle East.
Salvage, oil platforms, demolition.
Fair to say they've had
some issues adjusting.
Three ex-wives, two DUIs
and an assault charge.
- And that's just Hammer.
- Hmm.
- And then there's this guy.
You're gonna love Oyster's real name.
Simon Kilpatrick.
- [MACKEY] Course it is.
- That's good.
Aussie mom, American dad.
Hardcore SEAL. Big fins to fill.
Tried to join the Aussie Navy as a diver
but got rejected three times
on medical grounds.
Back-up plan was working
as a dive instructor
in South-East Asia.
Let's have a chat with them.
[DOC ROY] Hey, I've just
received word a body's washed up
on Malabar Beach this morning.
You think that's our guy?
He's missing an arm.
just wondering if
maybe anyone wants to maybe go for
a farewell drink at the end of the week.
Just If you
Just let me know later if you
[JD] Right.
Who wants the body?
Who wants the divers?
[EVIE] Let me see dead, bloated body,
buff Navy divers.
[JD] Mmm.
- Have fun with the floater.
- [JD] Yeah.
Let's go.
[MACKEY] Let's talk about it
later, Blue.
Give us a look.
Well, that would be our missing SEAL.
Excuse me, sir!
NCIS. Like a word if I could.
- Was that the
- Uh-huh.
- You get the plates?
- I would have.
If there were any.
Yeah, it was crazy, you know?
Fell in love with you the moment we met.
- It was like a thunderbolt.
- Well, you're only human.
Proposed to you on New Year's
Eve and we got matching tattoos.
- Where's yours again?
- Dream on, D.
And we wanna get married under
water. Like a scuba wedding.
I said no diving.
We need to see if they have the
gear required to raise a drone.
No diving.
Besides, I mean, who's gonna
believe we're in a relationship?
I'm way too hot for you.
Wait a Wait a minute.
You don't think I'm hot?
[DESHAWN] Thank you, baby.
[OYSTER] Hey. What's going on?
Hey, I'm Dean
and this is my fiancée, Stevie.
- [OYSTER] Ah, you're a Yank?
- Yes, I am.
[OYSTER] Hammer's from the States, eh?
G'day. See, I'm an Aussie already.
Look, I know this might
sound a bit insane,
but we really wanna
get married underwater.
Scuba wedding! Something different, eh?
- Not something you'll forget!
- Oh, no.
I won't forget!
Hammer usually does the service
'cause he's the boat captain.
Keeps it all official, you know?
Honey, maybe we should
check out the boat.
You know, see if it's big
enough for all my family.
Big family. Like, a lot.
- Why don't we give you a tour?
- [EVIE] Great!
[NAILS] This way. Let's go take a look.
Actually, you guys go ahead.
I might pop to the loo.
- Bladder like a racehorse!
- 'Bye, baby.
- 'Bye, baby.
It's a weird-looking fish. What is that?
- That's Axel, the axolotl.
- Yeah, right.
They're those dudes
that can lose their bits, huh?
Like, they just lose a flipper,
it grows straight back.
An arm.
That's handy. [CHUCKLES]
God, they're funny-looking
things, aren't they?
- Bathroom through there?
- Yeah. Yeah.
Uh, sorry about the mess. And the mags.
And the toilet seat.
[DESHAWN] We're just really
excited to get married here,
you know, in such a beautiful place.
It sure is. We've got these
special masks with mics.
So your guests up on the boat,
they can hear you exchange vows.
Wow! Sounds cool.
We can film it for ya.
- Costs a bit extra.
- Okay.
But these are memories
that'll last a lifetime.
[DESHAWN] It's all about
memories, right?
Can see everybody dancing here,
getting low.
What do you think you're doing?
[HAMMER] You're not
getting married, are you?
[DESHAWN] Come again?
I mean, who brings a SIG
to scout wedding venues?
We told your boss the deal was off.
I don't know any deal.
- And who's my boss?
- Righto, mate.
This ain't our first rodeo. On you get.
No, seriously, I think you guys
are confusing me with somebody else.
- It's not what you
- Get on the damn boat.
Hey, honey. Having fun?
Ooh! Nice!
Sit down, fellas.
Your ride's on the way.
You got a pet Gollum?
That even legal?
These ones have compressed air in them.
These others
have a little something extra.
Few hundred thousand dollars
worth of gear right there.
Looks like someone decided to
split it three ways, not four.
So I'm guessing the drugs
were dropped at sea
and you were paid to recover them?
Sounds right.
- Okay. So who dropped them?
- Above my pay grade.
Filthy teed it up.
So you're blaming your missing mate?
Oh, that's kinda convenient,
isn't it?
- Not for him.
- What about the drone?
What drone?
That's the first I've seen of it.
Really? 'Cause this was
sitting on the sea floor
bang on where you were diving
that night.
Oh, vis that night was crap.
Sure didn't see any drone.
[JD] I know Filthy was like
a dad to you, mate.
So how come you didn't let anyone know
when he failed to surface?
[OYSTER] We figured he'd show up.
He's a big boy.
Besides, who would we call? Triple zero?
"Hey, yeah, we just lost our best mate
"while recovering some drugs at sea."
Oh, it's more than 'some'.
We found 3 kilos of uncut
cocaine inside your dive shop.
You're looking at 20 years behind bars.
No discounts for war heroes, I'm afraid.
I wouldn't expect it.
Tell me about the shark again.
We've been over this.
The vis was terrible.
I felt a rush of water beside me
and then Filthy was gone.
Couldn't see zip.
He was there one second
gone the next.
What about the guy you threw
out of the dive shop
the day we were there?
- What's his deal, huh?
- Just some tight-ass.
We did his wedding and
he stiffed us on the fee.
Ah. Got a name?
[HAMMER] Beats me.
Tossed out his details
when he didn't pay.
Just like you tossed him out of
the store that day, huh?
[HAMMER] Yeah, well
a man should pay his debts.
[DESHAWN] Way to go, man.
[EVIE] Way to go, skip.
I mean, three confessions
in under an hour.
Yeah. Pity it's all rubbish.
We found MDMA.
I said coke,
none of them batted an eyelid.
What kind of dealer doesn't know
the drugs they're dealing?
Someone who's less afraid of prison
than they are of the alternative.
What I do know is you can
waterboard guys like this
and be lucky to get their name.
And here they are copping
to narcotics importation
like it's a parking ticket.
So I don't buy it.
Catch the tattoo on Hammer?
Mmm, same as Filthy. Saw that.
Mm-hm. 10 bucks says Nails
has the same one too.
So find out who died.
So for the record,
I can confirm that this is
retired US Navy SEAL Phillip Coleman.
[JD] So it's official, then?
Only the third person
to die from shark bite
in Sydney since 1963.
You just cool your jets.
Let's not get ahead of ourselves.
Come have a look-see.
You see that?
The occipital bone's
been pierced clean through.
What's that caused by?
Shark bite? Rocks postmortem?
C, none of the above.
This would was made by
a spiked implement
under the wet suit hood.
And this hood, huh
is undamaged.
So someone's clocked him
with a sharp object,
pulled his hood back up,
and then thrown him to the sharks.
Murder. On the high seas.
It's gotta be the other divers, right?
- Yeah.
- I deal with the hows.
The whos, they're all you.
little speckled frogs ♪
Sat on a speckled log ♪
Eating some most delicious bugs ♪
[GASPS] Sorry.
Agent Mackey.
I'm just checking the data
from the dive watch computer.
You never know, right?
This is a sample of the MDMA
we found at the dive shop.
Is there any way of
identifying its origin?
Yes. Well, probably. Possibly.
From the impurities.
Every batch is unique.
So you can do anion tests,
reductive amination.
I could also do the Leuckart reaction
Kind of on the clock here, Blue.
- Leave it with me.
- Okay.
I I just wanted to say sorry
about before.
The farewell party thing.
I realize that you guys are
super flat-out,
so I just went ahead
and booked something.
"Farewell drinks and ax throwing"?
I know, right?
I wasn't sure about the drinks.
Is it too much?
Where did the shark go?
She just disappeared.
[BLUE] Ooh, there she is. Saucy minx.
She was probably off
visiting her boyfriend.
There are breeding caves at Maroubra
where the satellite can't pick her up.
Just as well, hey? Ra-ra-ra.
It was tucked in the cave,
just like you said.
Battery's flat as a flounder.
[MACKEY] We'll ship it to the lab
and get out the giant can opener.
Well, for the record,
it's definitely not one of ours.
But there's no way that drone
was used for transporting drugs.
How do you figure that?
It's a sealed hull.
There's no compartment.
It's a surveillance drone.
So a spy drone?
It's fitted with a high-res camera
that records to a solid-state drive.
Great. Well, let's crack it open
and find out what it's been spying on.
Well, that's the kicker.
The data drive is missing.
Whatever footage was there, it's gone.
I don't get it.
This whole thing's about
surveillance footage?
Who kills a guy over that?
Well, that depends on
the footage, I guess.
I mean, that drone was found
a stone's throw from Sydney Harbour.
There's a lot of tasty stuff
to see in there.
Yeah, and if our guys weren't
diving for narcotics,
then how'd all the MDMA
wind up in their shop?
- They have to be connected.
- [MACKEY] How?
- Maybe the drugs are a plant.
- For what?
I don't know. Leverage.
Might be a good way to convince
someone to hand over
some highly sensitive
surveillance footage.
[MACKEY] Please don't tell me
we lost another one.
[EVIE] No, but he's connected.
Meet Lieutenant Ben Scala.
US Navy SEAL and all-around beast.
[JD] Who is he when he's at home?
[DESHAWN] Pssh! He hardly ever was.
Served in Somalia and Pakistan
along with Filthy and Hammer
and when Nails was part of
a joint op in Libya.
He was clearing mines in
Benghazi, but one cleared him.
He's also Oyster's father.
How did we miss that?
Oyster goes by his mom's surname.
He's the bone frog.
He's their fallen comrade.
And they've taken their dead
mate's son under their wing.
Hey, um, I've been checking all
the data from the dive computer
from the night that
Mr Filthy was killed.
Wow. So much for bone frogs, huh?
Thought the first rule of
interrogation was
"Never put the bad guys together."
Yeah, I'm not sure he thinks
they're all bad guys.
[JD] I'm sorry to have
to tell you but, um,
we recovered Phil's body.
And my condolences. I know
you guys are all like family.
So it's time to cut the crap, yeah?
Just tell me what really
happened that night.
No? All right, fine. I'll start.
You guys just tell me when I'm wrong
So all four of you went down
for a routine salvage mission.
Bit weird to go at night, no?
I'll take that as a yes.
Didn't go as expected, though,
You thought there'd be cargo
but instead, you found yourself
looking at a surveillance drone.
So you took the recorder up top,
looked at the footage and
[LAUGHS] Whatever you saw must
have scared the hell out of you.
So much so that you decided
you couldn't go through with your deal.
You two went back down,
hid the drone in a cave.
Buy you some time,
work out your next move.
That's why it wasn't there
the next day, yeah?
And that left Oyster and Filthy
on the deck.
what happened next, son?
Filthy was worried when
the boys took so long.
Thought they were in trouble, so
he went down to have a look
and I stayed on the boat
just in case they surfaced.
[CHUCKLES] No, he didn't.
The hell you talking about?
This is the data from
the dive computers.
Now, as you can see, Filthy's
heart stopped at sea level.
On the boat.
Where Oyster was.
Yeah. You wanna tell them or should I?
His autopsy found catastrophic
trauma to the back of his head.
Under his diving hood.
What did you do, boy?
Damn! This is better than TV.
[JD] You know, my gut says
they argued about what to do
with the footage.
Filthy knew the risk
to national security
if it fell into the wrong hands
and he was serving his country
right to the very end.
But Oyster here,
he just saw the dollars.
And let me guess.
Oyster's the one still holding
the SSD, right?
I'll leave you boys to chat.
[JD] Mm-hm.
What's next for them?
Let 'em go.
- [EVIE] You sure, Sarge?
- Yeah.
Something tells me they've got
unfinished business
I'd hate to get in the way of.
Filthy was killed for
whatever was on that camera.
My gut says Oyster's
hidden it somewhere.
You sneaky little bugger.
'Cause God, I believe ♪
She deserves it ♪
My woman ♪
My woman, my wife ♪
- Knock-knock.
- [SONG] Everything ♪
Has been uphill ♪
- Oh, we climb ♪
[DOC ROY] Is there something
I can do for you, Bluebird?
Oh, you know, just in the neighborhood.
Thought I'd check in.
Also, just wondering if
you've received my invite.
For my welfare my farewell
party. It's it's tomorrow.
You leaving?
Well, that's generally what
farewell parties are for.
- I texted you.
- Well, I don't do texts.
Well, I I emailed you as well.
Yeah, I don't do emails either.
Or parties.
I just I really just wanted
to say thank you
for letting me hang out.
- Yeah?
Bet you're looking forward
to having a proper
forensic scientist around
once Mr McNamara comes back.
Come on. What are you fishing for?
Can I ask you one last thing?
Why are you sad?
- Uh I'm sorry you're leaving.
Woman ♪
My wife ♪
That looks like the underside of one
of our Collins-class subs at Kuttabul.
They're the torp tubes.
Pssh! Some well-placed Semtex
on that hatch
and you could light it up
like New Year's Eve.
[MACKEY] Can see why they were
scared to hand it over. Wow.
Mmm, if a SEAL is scared of someone,
I don't wanna meet that someone.
And they took the gig thinking
it was a simple salvage op.
Suddenly they're party to espionage.
So who's their client, then?
Take your pick.
I mean, rogue state,
adversarial power, terrorists.
I mean, there's no good option.
And what's worse
they're still out there.
[AMERICAN MAN] Parking lot
not good enough for you?
Hard to feed you to the sharks
in a parking lot.
Good to see you finally
came to your senses.
Not like you gave us any choice,
planting the drugs.
Had to get your attention.
Where's the drive?
[NAILS] What are you gonna do with it?
Good people could die if that
gets into the wrong hands.
So you looked at it.
You see our dilemma, then.
Patriotism comes in different guises.
I don't expect you to understand.
What the hell?
You think everyone has a price, yeah?
Is that it?
Hands in the air. NCIS!
Giddy-up! Giddy-up!
Let him go.
Get back. Stay back.
Stand down, sailors.
Don't make us shoot.
This wasn't our deal.
You know we need him alive.
You wanna clear Filthy?
Set the record straight?
You let him go, guys.
- Put the gun down.
Bring that one.
Who do you figure he's working for?
Someone with deep pockets,
that's for sure.
- [MAN] Thank you.
[JD] Whoa, whoa.
Tell me you're not his lawyer.
I'm not sure I'd take his case,
to be honest.
What are you doing here?
I could ask you the same question.
Excuse me?
We arrested him trying to buy
classified intel.
DoD's been seeing intel bleed
for months.
Took us a while, but eventually
we traced it back to
your friend in there.
Wait. He's DoD?
Not for long, I can assure you.
And you knew he was off but
you were just letting him run?
Wouldn't you? We were hoping
he'd lead us to his buyer.
Which, obviously,
is not going to happen now.
Still, we might be able to
put the fear of God in him,
salvage something.
Yeah, well, once we're done,
he's all yours.
He's DoD, Sergeant Dempsey.
He's already all mine.
All right.
Still here? Go home.
I'm just doing the drugs, boss.
I'm not doing drugs! I'm just
I'm not doing them, I'm just
testing the MDMA that you slipped me.
You didn't slip me any drugs.
You wouldn't give me drugs
because you're my boss.
Take a breath, Blue.
[SIGHS] Sorry, it's just
It's my second-last day and
I really don't want it to be
and I've been trying so hard to
And you are You are so
- And I'm I'm
- Blue.
I am impressed.
And everyone here is a bit unusual,
but it works for us.
It keeps the bad guys on their toes.
So, what about the drugs?
Right. Um
So the MDMA comes from the US.
It's very high in eutylone.
The DEA seized it
in a bust six months ago.
As in our DEA?
They usually destroy seized drugs, no?
That's what their paperwork
says, but here it is.
You been home yet?
Here's your jacket.
None of us think Hammer and
Nails are drug dealers, right?
No chance.
[MACKEY] And we think Maas
planted the drugs as leverage
to deliver the data drive.
[JD] Yeah, that's the theory.
Only trouble is
the MDMA was repurposed from a DEA bust.
American government.
Who has the reach to do that?
Not to mention the resources
for a high-tech drone.
What the hell would they be doing
spying on Australian ships?
God only knows.
God and maybe one other person.
[RANKIN] Look out, it's
NCIS Sydney. All two of you.
This what you've been looking for?
I honestly don't know
what you're talking about.
Sure you do.
It's footage from your drone.
Makes for terrifying viewing.
I don't know who you think I am,
but let me tell you
what I do here, Agent Mackey.
Please. Please.
No? All right.
Well, I'll tell you
I certainly do not run drones.
Mainly, I read newspapers.
Not the online garbage.
The real, physical,
ink-on-your-fingertips kind of papers.
See? I get my hands dirty.
Every day, I read the big ones,
looking for that little story
that could blow up into
a major diplomatic incident.
What's this got to do with us?
Well, see, that's what I do.
I put out spot fires. [CHUCKLES]
I'm the DoD fire chief.
Then what were you doing
protecting Maas from our interrogation?
That gentleman you arrested
is a spot fire
selling intel to a foreign power.
No points for guessing which one.
Your divers got caught up
in the middle with
regrettable consequences.
It's not a DoD drone.
It belongs to the Agency.
[LAUGHS] Well, you see,
now, that's just not possible.
By law, the CIA cannot operate
in Australia
without declaring themselves,
as you well know.
To do so would be
diplomatically problematic.
- Front-page problematic.
- Indeed.
Besides, why would the CIA
spy on Australian ships?
Who said anything about
Australian ships?
Well, whoever owns that drone
did us you a huge favor.
Oh? How's that?
NCIS is responsible for protecting
US Navy assets in this country.
This incident has exposed some
serious holes in your security.
Just so we're clear.
Those divers are now
friends of the family.
They served their country with honor,
yours and ours,
and they paid the price for it.
They stay safe.
And you make sure Coleman's benefits
go to his dive shop family.
Then you won't have to
read about a CIA drone
in Sydney Harbour on page one.
Mmm. Thanks for stopping by.
Where have you two been?
[MACKEY] Visiting
an alternative reality.
I would not recommend it.
Oh, you need a hand with that?
Nah. No, it's okay, it's light as.
Um, actually, I just, uh, wanted to say,
while you're all here,
I haven't received any RSVPs
for tonight yet.
- Tonight?
- Yeah, the the party.
Oh, yeah!
Oh. Sorry. I've got a thing.
[MACKEY] Wait. Was that tonight?
You didn't tell her, did you?
[BLUE] It's okay, it's fine,
it's I just
I didn't expect anyone to wanna
[DESHAWN] See, uh Uh-uh.
See, I can't do this anymore.
See, you Aussies, you're cruel.
W-what's this?
[OTHERS] Surprise!
As supervisory special agent
of NCIS Sydney,
having discussed it with the
Indo-Pacific chain of command
Come on, just give it to her already.
We want you on our team.
Uh I don't know what to say!
I took I took the call
from McNamara and everything.
I left a message to say that
we'd filled the position
with you.
He was just calling back to confirm.
I don't know what to say!
- Just say yes, idiot.
Yes, idiot!
Now, remember.
With a great cap
comes great responsibility.
Looks good.
[WHISPERS] Thanks!
All right, bring it in. Come on.
- Selfie.
- All right. Come on, come on.
- [DESHAWN] Ooh, all right.
- [EVIE] Mackey.
Blue, get in the middle there.
- Ooh, sorry! [LAUGHS NERVOUSLY]
- [DESHAWN] Everybody in?
Say 'NCIS'!
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