Neo Yokio (2017) s01e06 Episode Script

I'm Starting to Think That Neo Yokio's Not...

1 [classical music] [man on TV] The 267th Neo Yokio Grand Prix promises to be the best yet.
The eyes of the world are on this glamorous city-state as the best of the best gather for one of sport's most elegant and dangerous competitions.
[crash] The race is 20 miles through the streets of Neo Yokio.
The course is challenging, running through the narrow pathways of Long Island Walled City, the halls of The Guggenheim and even dipping underwater for the infamous Sea Beneath 14th St.
The current world champ, Mark Radicchio of Giappone, is the favorite.
He'll have his work cut out for him against drivers like: Dave 1 of French Canada and Mila Malevich of the Soviet Union.
We wish the drivers the best of luck, and we pray to the God of Death to spare as many of them as possible.
[trumpets blare over TV] [Remembrancer] I'm here to see Kaz Kaan.
I refuse to believe it.
I blew up the Bachelor Board.
Accept it.
No, it doesn't make any sense.
You're not a terrorist.
The Bachelor Board was a symbol of misery.
Don't you feel better now that it's gone? I guess I do, but it's our culture.
A culture built on hatred, greed and the subjugation of the working class.
You know she's right, Kazzy.
I liked things a lot better when you stayed inside Charles.
No, too stuffy in there.
Kaz, listen to me.
I need to get out of the city as soon as possible.
Will you help? I really don't know if I should help an enemy of the state.
[doorbell chimes] [Sadie] Kaz, someone's at the door.
Can't you get it, Sadie? No, I'm making brekky, you schmuck.
Oh, I can't stand her.
[doorbell chimes] Coming.
[doorbell chimes] [gasps] Damn it.
Sadie, it's the Remembrancer.
Hide Helena.
Khan, I know you're in there.
[inhales, exhales] Oh, hello, Mr.
Sorry to drop in on you so early.
Is now a bad time? Actually, it is.
- Is that an original Arco lamp? - No, that's a [grunts] It's a reproduction.
Well, either way, it's quite a feat of design.
So, how can I help you? Why don't you sit down, Mr.
Kaan? - That's quite all right.
- I insist.
[grunts] You should feel comfortable.
You know, today is such a special day for Neo Yokio, and it makes me sick to my stomach knowing there's a terrorist out there.
Don't you mean suspected terrorist? Oh, no.
I know Helena did it.
And she's gonna hang.
Now, Mr.
Kaan, would you mind if I took a gander in your bedroom? Why would you wanna do that? Mr.
Kaan, the bedroom is the heart of the apartment.
I'm a furniture buff.
I need to see it.
Oh, hello.
Who is this lovely woman? She's not lovely.
She's actually quite crass.
[Sadie] That's right.
See you later, handsome.
Hello, gentlemen.
[Remembrancer] Don't know what it is about a well-decorated apartment, but it makes me wanna smoke.
Do you mind? [Kaz] Uh Yeah, sure.
Actually, the young master's neighbors are quite sensitive to smoke.
- Best not to.
- Good thing I brought my vape.
Hell of a view, Mr.
[Helena gasps] Is there a city more beautiful than Neo Yokio? [coughs] Well, that's enough vaping for me.
I'll be seeing you around.
Nice talking to you, Mr.
Do let me know if you hear from Helena.
[gasps, yells] - Everything all right? - Uh slight malfunction, I'm afraid.
[chuckles] I I keep forgetting to update his operating system.
Better get on that, Mr.
[blows] Okay.
We should stay in the apartment until things calm down.
We'll be safe here.
[keys clacking] [door opens] [man] Hello.
- Who else has a key to your apartment? - Nobody.
Just wait right here.
[kids cheering] Who are you? And how did you get into my apartment? - We are the subletters.
- Subletters? Yeah, from Frankfurt.
We sublet the apartment for watch the Grand Prix.
But I didn't sublet my apartment.
Yeah, we paid €30,000.
See? [Kaz] Aunt Agatha.
[cell phone vibrates] - Speak.
- You sublet my apartment? I sublet the apartment in which you currently reside.
- But why? - It's Grand Prix weekend.
These Germans will pay through the nose for a view of the track.
Where am I supposed to stay? Kaz, you're smart enough, boy.
You'll figure it out.
[beeps] [groans] [kids giggling] Put down my field hockey sticks! Bad news, we can't stay here.
Charles, can you fly us to Connecticut? Air traffic is restricted until after the race.
[Helena] There has to be some way out of the city.
Our options are quite limited, ma'am.
On Grand Prix day, there's only one train out, and it leaves at 1:15.
Great, we can still make it.
But I can't go outside.
The cops are looking for me.
But they're not looking for Mila Malevich.
[Kaz] Okay.
The coast is clear.
If we catch a cab, we can make it to Grand Central in 15 minutes.
[tires screech] - [with Russian accent] Miss Malevich, there you are.
- I'm sorry.
Who are you? This is the Soviet ambassador.
He wants to personally escort her to the press conference.
Press conference? For the Grand Prix.
It's about to start.
Let's go.
[cameras clicking] [chattering] Just keep a low profile and we'll get out of here as soon as possible.
Mila, it's good to see you.
God, I was shit-faced last night, but I woke up at seven a.
and ran five miles.
Crazy, right? The day is finally here, the 267th Neo Yokio Grand Prix.
This race is a symbol of our passion, our heritage and our resilience.
Journalists, start your questions.
[man] The Neo Yokio Grand Prix is already known as one of the world's most dangerous sporting events.
Given the recent violence in the city, do you think the Lord Mayor's decision to let the race go on is misguided? We put our lives on the line every time we race, okay? To cancel the Grand Prix would be pure pussy shit.
What about you, Mr.
Radicchio? Are you happy to defend your title in such an unusual situation? I'm a driver.
I drive.
I assume the authorities will deal with the terrorists.
Miss Malevich, your thoughts? Miss Malevich? [crowd clapping] Mr.
French Canada, are there any scores you wish to settle? I don't like Mrs.
It's no secret.
She stole too many titles from me.
That's a serious accusation.
Your response, Miss Malevich? See that? She even admits it.
This is crazy.
Ah! Miss Malevich has no words for you puppets of the West.
Communism forever! [Helena grunts] [crowd murmurs] I just wanna say, screw all these chumps.
I don't know if I'll win today, but I'll certainly be the most beautiful driver out there.
[man over PA] Boarding has begun for the 1:15 to Greenwich, final train of the day.
Did you get the tickets, sir? - Yup, last three.
- [Remembrancer] Mr.
- Fancy seeing you here.
- Mr.
[chuckles] You're not following me, are you? Following you? Of course, not.
I'm just having lunch at the Oyster Bar.
Now, what are you doing here? Oh, yeah.
We're having lunch here, too.
If you're just here to eat, why do you have those train tickets? - Good question.
Charles? - The young master bought them for our trip to the Greenwich polo store next week.
He likes to plan ahead.
Is there anything special about that particular polo store? - No, not really.
- Interesting.
Well, since we're all here, shall we dine together? We have a fantastic selection of oysters today.
[man over PA] Final boarding call for the 1:15 to Greenwich.
[groans] For the Kumamotos, we recommend just a bit of lemon.
Oh, that's great, thank you very much.
For the Wellfleets, perhaps some mignonette.
- Mm-hm.
Yeah, perfect.
- Ahem.
And, of course, for the Long Island Blue Points, our house-made horseradish.
That's amazing.
Sounds delicious.
- Can I get you anything else? - Just the check, please.
You know, Mr.
Kaan, when I was down at the Saint Tesoro townhouse, I found something very interesting.
Is that so? Yep.
[slurps] Helena's diary.
You know, she wrote about you quite frequently.
She says that although you are a brainwashed tool of the regime, she felt a deep rapport with you, something akin to - Are you all right, Miss Malevich? - Uh, she's fine.
Just pre-race jitters.
[man over PA] The 1:15 to Greenwich is now departing.
Damn it.
[cell phone vibrates] [Kaz sighs] Aunt Agatha, I can't talk right now.
What happened at the press conference? Mila, I'll be right back.
Aunt Agatha, I promise you.
Everything's okay.
But I really don't have time to talk.
Come, come, Miss Malevich, I insist that you try at least one oyster at our city's most famous oyster bar.
- Seriously, I need to go.
- Don't you dare hang up on me.
[Remembrancer] Come on.
I want to see you enjoy it.
[Agatha] Alright, Kaz.
You have one chance to tell the truth or so help me God, I will write you out of my will.
The truth is Mila's so much fun! I gotta go, bye! Sorry, she's gotta go.
That was the Soviets on the phone.
Lovely dining with you.
[ice rattling] I call this right here the Crazy Caprese Pyramid.
Hey, what's up, Kaz? Damn! You know you don't fit in here.
It's too small.
[Gottlieb] Yo, you gotta wait outside, man.
Come on.
[Charles] I'm sorry, but it's imperative that we have ultimate privacy.
Yo, what's will all the secrecy, dude? I'm sorry, guys.
I really didn't wanna rope you into this, but we have nowhere else to turn.
What are you talking about, dawg? What? Helena Saint Terrorist is in our bar? - This is dope.
- You're not mad I brought her here? Hell, no, dawg.
This is a crazy VIP-terrorist scenario.
Gentlemen, I hate to interrupt, but time is of the essence.
We have to formulate a new plan to get Helena out of the city.
All right.
Where are you trying to go? At this point, New Jersey is our best option.
Uh So, why don't y'all take the Lincoln Tunnel? Unfortunately, the Lincoln Tunnel is on the Grand Prix track.
Only a race car driver could get near it.
Race car driver? Bong! Problem solved.
I grew up in the city.
I have no idea how to drive.
But Kaz does.
What does that have to do with anything? Dawg, you two have the same feminine frame.
If you dress up in that outfit, you can pretend to be the Russian, Helena can hide in the nose cone of the car.
[both] That's brilliant.
No, it's not.
Don't they inspect the car before the race? They'll find you in there.
You are allowed one pit stop, sir.
We can hide her then.
[sighs] I'm gonna die, right? Nah, dawg, not necessarily.
You can do this, Kaz.
We'll make it out together.
Lexy one last Caprese Martini, please.
I brought you a big Toblerone for the road.
That's really thoughtful.
I know you still don't understand why I did it.
But there's a darkness in Neo Yokio, and it's not the demons.
[man over speaker] Drivers, report to your cars for check-in.
We'll talk about it more in New Jersey, right? Yeah, Kaz.
We'll talk in New Jersey.
[crowd cheering and whistling] Charles, are you there? [Charles over comm] Yes.
I'm on top of the Pan Am Building.
I can see the whole track.
- Pray for me.
- Of course, sir.
[announcer on PA] Ladies and gentlemen, start your engines.
[Charles] Don't drive too slowly, sir.
It'll make you more vulnerable.
Brace yourself, sir.
You're heading into the Walled City.
The Walled City? But don't people live there? Sir, Neo Yokio doesn't concern itself with the safety of its slum denizens.
I'm starting to think Neo Yokio's not the greatest city in the world.
[engines roaring] [all yelling] [yells] [tires screech] [man] Bougie pig, don't you know we're dying down here? [Kaz] I'm so sorry, everybody.
[tires screech] - Yo, B, you're killing it out there.
- Thanks, Lexy.
- How's the car look? - I don't know.
I'm not a mechanic.
Hey, Gottlieb, hurry up with that precious cargo.
Yo, I'm trying.
She's heavier than she looks.
So, Helena's in there? - That's right.
- [Kaz] And who makes that bag? Louis Vuitton.
Very nice.
[Charles] Sir, you're approaching The Guggenheim.
What do I need to know? There's a ramp on the roof.
You need to hit it at 125 miles per hour.
Or else? Or else you won't make the landing, sir.
Miss Malevich, prepare to die.
[Kaz] Helena's extra weight is slowing the car down.
[Charles] Sir, you need to go faster.
Hell, yeah, I did it.
Don't celebrate just yet, sir.
You're about to enter the Sea Beneath 14th Street.
It's dark and tortuous.
You'll have to keep your wits about you.
[engines roaring] [grunts] I can't see.
Kaz? What are you doing here? Long story, but I can't have anyone hit my car.
Will you help me? I'd do it for a homey.
- Are we homeys? - Yes.
Say it.
Say I'm your homey.
You're my homey.
That's what I thought.
See you on the other side, homey.
What? What are you doing racing? You herb! He's not a herb.
He's my homey.
[yells] [Mark] Oh, no, no! [Mark] Mamma mia! I love being in public when my hair's wet.
I feel like a Gucci model.
Charles, you know I could beat this prick.
[Charles] I know, sir.
[tires screech] [Mark] What? [announcer on PA] Bingo! [crowd cheering] We made it, Helena! [siren wailing] [groaning] [Remembrancer] Noble effort, Mr.
Kaan, but your race is over.
Louis Vuitton.
Very nice.
I'm sorry, Helena.
We were so close.
Remembrancer, this is Agatha Kaan.
Step away from my nephew.
Your nephew has aided and abetted an enemy of the state.
Your magistocratic rights are meaningless.
It's okay.
I accept my fate.
Hello there, handsome! What? Impossible.
- Sadie? - No, no, no, no, no! No, no.
This is cuckoo bananas.
Where is she? Where is she, damn it?! Damn it, where is she? Where did you hide her? Where is she? [music] Where is she? Where is she?! [bird chirps] [Kaz] It's been three weeks, and I still can't believe she's really gone.
Helena Saint Tesoro has vanished without a trace.
Life in the metropolis continues as though nothing has happened.
I have a new mecha, Charles the Second.
The West Side Gentlemen have begun practicing for the upcoming field hockey season.
The new Bachelor Board is up, and Arcangelo is once again my nemesis.
Everything has fallen back into place.
And yet, I can't help but feel that Neo Yokio is about to explode.
[grunts] season's sync.
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