Neon (2023) s01e05 Episode Script


Did that really happen last night?
Yes. We had a gun pointed in our faces
and then we agreed to do business
with the wielder of said gun.
Fuck, that was hot.
Where the hell is Santi?
I have no clue. I thought you knew.
No. He disappeared
after he went for a walk to cool down.
She got to him!
- Oh!
- [Ness] Oh, Jesus!
[woman moans in pleasure] Hi!
When did you meet someone?
I don't know.
I just couldn't sleep last night,
so I went for a walk and next thing
you know, we were having sex.
We have been up all night worried.
Me, three. I thought that
we were gonna die last night.
- [woman] Hi.
- Hey, you.
- Call me?
- Absolutely.
I had such a wonderful time. Thank you.
[woman] Okay.
[sarcastically] Yeah, you seem terrified.
I am! I couldn't even focus
last night, guys. I only came once.
[cell phone vibrating]
Holy shit, it's her.
Do not pick up.
[chuckles nervously] Gina! 'Sup?
[whispers] What the fuck?
Look out your window.
Okay, I see a small boy selling mangoes.
I see a pigeon in a tree
and I see a Porsche.
- [Gina] I want you to take it.
- [whispers] Take it? Take it where? Fuck.
[in normal voice] No.
Now we're mules. We're fucking mules.
I can't. I have too tight of a rectum.
The car's a gift
to celebrate our new working relationship.
No, no, we can't, uh
We can't accept that, uh
I have no use for it anymore.
I'll be in touch.
[call ends]
"I have no use for it anymore"?
Yeah, that "anymore" was
It was pretty concerning, Ness.
Ness. Come on. No.
Felix is right.
This could be bloody money or something.
I don't wanna be illicit in this.
Yeah. No. It's a bad idea.
It's a Porsche Macan.
Lowest level Porsche.
This is not bad.
[laughing] This is fine, guys, right?
Hey, Ness. Yeah. I totally agree.
It's totally fine to find a single tooth
in someone's car, right?
[reggaeton song playing]
- [engine revving]
- [tires screech]
- Salud!
- Salud!
[Gina laughing]
A toda esa vaina de la fama yo le huyo ♪
Pero me dan el crédito, dinero ♪
- ♪Tranquila, mami, que lo mío es tuyo ♪
- [cheering]
Los palos tan inéditos
Dinero, oh, oh, oh ♪
Tranquila, mami, que lo mío es tuyo ♪
Nueve los de cien, chilling como LA ♪
Ya comrpé una casa pa' los dos
en Key Biscaine ♪
Y té me tienes embobado
'Toy fuera del ♪
We should all hang out sometime. [laughs]
[Felix sighs]
I just want a fork.
[drawer closes]
[kisses, laughs]
[song ends]
["Sexo Amor Dinero" playing]
I'm just worried
about the ethics, you know?
Oh, thank you so much.
Uh, uh
So Gina owns this place?
I know, it's crazy, right?
Yo, all of this
has just really inspired my art.
I feel like this song
that I just made in Gina's studio
is by far the best thing I've ever done.
Also, I'm not the first reggaetonero to be
backed by like a bichota, you know?
And, also, I think that the danger unlocks
an artist's true potential, you know?
I I'm feeling creatively inspired.
- [laughs]
- We could donate.
We could donate to charity.
We could donate to like a Like a
An anti-coke charity.
Yeah, that could work
like a carbon-offset type situation.
What are you guys talking about?
- Hey!
- Hey!
Uh, nothing. We're just, uh, talking
about who killed JonBenét Ramsey.
I love how fucking funny you are.
I love it!
- Ah. [chuckles]
- [Gina laughing]
Okay, let's talk labels.
We need Santi
meeting with the best ones ASAP.
Oh, well, uh, we already have a label.
What? Why did no one tell me about this?
We're meeting with Mia Morris with BPM.
She says that we're very close to signing.
Who? I've never heard of her.
Well, she's a rising star,
a 30-under-30 type situation,
and anyone who knows anything
about music in Miami knows Mia Morris.
Not to imply that you don't know anything.
You probably know everything,
which is why you forgot who she was.
- [Ness chuckles]
- So, sorry.
Well, close isn't good enough.
Santi's a star. He should be
treated as one. Don't you agree?
- Absolutely. [laughs]
- Such a bright light.
I'll set up meetings
with all the top labels.
It won't be a problem. They all owe me.
Owe you how?
I'm sorry. Uh, very grateful.
That's gonna be awesome. Appreciate it.
What do you mean
you're meeting with other labels?
This was Gina's idea, wasn't it?
Yeah, well,
Gina's scary as shit but she's
Okay, she's very persuasive.
She's like the stepmom
I always dreamed up and never got
because my parents worked it out.
Felix, you gotta buy me more time.
Is Isa confirmed for Jota Rosa tomorrow?
[Mia] Uh
Jota Rosa, like the producer Jota Rosa?
Santi loves Jota Rosa.
I actually have some ideas
I'd love to run by Jota Rosa.
Stop saying Jota Rosa.
Yes. Isa and Jota Rosa's recording session
- is confirmed.
- [Oscar] Okay.
I probably won't make it.
Julieta and I got couples therapy,
some session on active listening
or some shit? I don't know.
[Felix] Isa, Isa. Oh!
I used to have posters of her
on my ceiling.
I really discovered my body
to those posters.
Okay, Felix, great talk, got to go.
Oscar, wait.
So I really wanted to talk to you
about a possible new client.
His name is Santi.
I keep hearing about this kid.
What do I know him from?
Me. You've heard him from me.
I've mentioned him
several times before. So [laughs]
- I think we should sign him.
- Okay.
Okay? Just like that?
Yeah, the partners have been on me
about uncovering new talent.
Maybe your guy could be it.
Wouldn't be bad
for your prospects here too.
Wow. [laughs] That That's amazing.
Oh, great. Can I pitch him
for the partner meeting?
You got an album we can play?
He's got a really great song.
It's called "Exagerao."
You've probably heard it,
and he remixed the Eduardo's
[imitates buzzer]
Forget it, he's not ready.
If we bring him to the partners,
we gotta show them multiple hits.
We don't do one-hit-wonders.
But he's not, though.
He just recorded a song with Jota Rosa
and it is fire.
You really think he's ready?
'Cause it's your name
on the line ultimately.
- He is. He really is, Oscar.
- Great.
Bring a song to the meeting.
Be ready to pitch.
Wait, I don't think it's ready
- [imitates gunshots]
- Okay. [laughs]
Hi! It's Mia from Oscar Morales' office.
Yes. Um, unfortunately,
Isa is, um, very ill.
Violently, even. So she will not be
able to make it to tomorrow's session.
Uh, but we do have another BPM client
who will be taking her spot.
His name is Santi.
- So you guys are just
- [Ness] What the fuck?
taking meetings now?
- Oh, hey, welcome!
- [Ness] Okay.
Wait, how do you know
that we're taking label meetings?
I know everything that goes on
in this industry at all times.
Makes sense. No No further questions.
Honestly, Mia.
It's really nothing personal.
It just felt like
you were stringing us along, so.
I really, really went out on a limb
for you guys.
No one, trust me, no one who you sign with
is gonna fight for you the way I just did.
Yeah. But they would
actually be willing to sign us.
Oh, shit!
Shut up, Ness.
Okay. Would they actually
be willing to get him studio time?
Today? With Jota Rosa?
Jota Rosa? Like, the guy who produced
Bad Bunny's "Party"?
[Mia] Mmm-hmm.
- That's like my favorite song of all time.
- I know it is because I care.
- [Santi] Wait.
- [chuckles]
Wait. So you booked me
a session with Jota Rosa for today?
- [Mia] Yes!
- [gasps]
[Mia] After you make this hit,
the label wants to sit down with you
and discuss signing.
But he's in the studio right now.
So we should hustle.
Okay, this is really great,
but Gina made me that appointment
at Infinity Records.
I can't just bail on that.
- Ness is terrified of Gina.
- Not true.
I mean, that's not the reason
that I can't bail on the meeting.
Listen, just come to the studio,
hang out, and then have your meeting.
Like, Jota Rosa is gonna be
listening to my beats.
- Let's go, Mia!
- [Mia chuckles]
- [Santi] Whoo!
- Okay.
- [Santi] I'm driving.
- No, you're not.
[Mia] Mmm-hmm.
- Great job, Mr. Miyagi.
- Thank you so much.
So is she really serious
about this Gina person?
Yeah, I mean You know, it It'll be fine.
This will fix everything.
[sighs] It has to.
All right, let's go.
Coming in the Porsche with us?
What the fuck are you talking about?
Did y'all get new shit?
["Nebuleo" playing]
[Mia] Jota Rosa, meet Santi.
Parcero, bro, you a legend, bro!
We love all your songs.
I mean tú eres el duro.
Let's get started.
Can we clear the room?
Oh, no, we're actually
We're a package deal.
Is it cool with you if they stay?
[sighs] I wouldn't, but it's your session.
I mean, it's all good
'cause I got that, um
I got that meeting with Gina
so it's cool. Yeah.
- [Felix] Dude. So good to meet you.
- [Ness] Yeah! All right.
- See ya.
- Hey. You got this. Okay?
I'll see y'all later.
Bro, I am so inspired
by, like, all your shit, you know?
And, like, the other night I was actually
in the studio and I made this banger
because I felt like
I was possessed by this spirit,
I got a lot to say
about ass and everything. Um
Anyway, can I play for you?
Yeah, let's go. Take it.
[Santi] Cool.
[quietly] Let's see.
["Es Tuyo" playing]
- [music stops]
- What you think?
"Eh" is a new industry term or something?
No, bro. It's just, "Eh."
[Gina] Don't smile,
don't make eye contact.
You look at them, you're at their level
and you're not.
- You're better, you're with me.
- Are they watching us strut in slo-mo?
No, it's just you. We're here to see Raul.
- Raul is busy in his office
- It's fine. He'll want to see us.
- That was so cool.
- Be less impressed with everything.
Hey, hypothetically,
how many teeth do you think
is acceptable to find in a car?
What the fuck?
[Felix] What?
Oh, no, no, no.
- What?
- Oh, this is so bad.
Today's session was supposed to be
for Isa, not Santi.
- [sighs] God damn it.
- I know.
Oscar's not supposed to be here today.
I'm so totally fucked.
You may be a sociopath
but you're not fucked.
'Cause I'm gonna help you.
- [slurps]
- Really? Why?
What do you mean why?
Because I'm your friend.
Oscar Morales?
Hey. This guy.
Every time I see you,
you look younger and younger.
[laughs] I get that a lot.
I know you. Wait, uh
Don't tell me
So close.
I'm Felix. Santi's creative director.
- Yes. How are you, my friend?
- Ah.
Very good to see you.
Good to see you, too. I love Santi.
Yeah, I, um I basically discovered him.
Right. Well, in the spirit of discovery,
I'd love to run some ideas by you
I have to go and see my client, Isa.
Actually, I think with these ideas,
we can make Santi even bigger.
The hubris, I love it.
Hubris, hubris.
Tell me about these ideas.
Well, is it Is it my vocal chain?
Is it the, uh, the falsetto?
Because I could bring it low.
I could bring it, like, Omega low.
No bro. It's just, I don't buy it.
No te la creo, bro.
Yeah. What don't you buy?
Bro, all the lyrics are real.
I'm backed by a bichota.
I'm driving around a Porsche.
Well, Ness, she's driving the Porsche
but she said I could drive it when I want.
[in English] Yeah, but that's not you.
I need to know who you are. Who's Santi?
I get you.
I get it.
So, I'm I'm Santi Quiñones.
I was born in Fort Myers, Florida in 1998.
- I'm a Cancer sun, but I'm a Leo
- [babbling] Ah.
Tás miqueando, papi.
[in English] I need you
to know who you are.
So the world can know it.
Hey! [laughing] How's it going, you two?
It's gonna take a while.
[Mia] That is so great. Great.
Um, well, definitely don't come out
into the lobby because it, um smells.
Yeah. It smells very bad.
So, how do you two know each other?
- Oh, we go way back.
- [Raul] Mmm.
Look, Ness. Let's just cut to it, okay?
I wanna take Santi global.
And I believe my resume speaks for itself.
You know, got Tego, Ivy Queen,
Wisin y Yandel.
They all started right here
and I helped make them into stars.
That's what I wanna do for Santi, too.
The greats. Can't beat that.
I mean, Raul is clearly the best at this.
Before Raul they were Calle doce.
[all laughing]
[Gina] So, what do you say?
[Ness] I mean
Raul, you have built
an incredible roster here. [chuckles]
- Um, but
- [Gina] But?
I mean, that's kind of the problem.
It's built.
There's no one on this label
under 40, let alone 23, and, uh
What Santi needs
is somebody who truly understands
the landscape for a young artist today.
I mean
I mean, we need someone hungry
with [chuckles]everything to lose.
Somebody who's starting from the bottom.
I mean, I'm sorry, Raul,
but what we need is a younger you.
Felix is right. We need a Mia.
Who the fuck is Mia?
And so we end the video with the torso
and the legs deciding to stay apart.
We think the whole time
the video's about them reuniting,
but we realize that sawing them in half
was just like this act of mercy.
Oh, um
[crying] No, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry, I didn't
No, I've just been
going through a lot. [sniffling]
New marriage, new baby.
For whatever reason,
your stupid fucking idea
No. [sniffles] Your wonderful idea
just made me think of all the
All the shit I'm trying to ignore.
Go on.
I'm like I'm always working.
[hesitating] And my legs,
they want me to go home,
you know, like, "Go home."
But I'm too afraid to see my own family.
I know they're just disappointed in me,
so my torso keeps my legs at work,
keeps them moving,
so I can ignore the fact
that I'm just being a bad father. Goddamn.
I see a therapist twice a week
and this was way better.
Thanks for nothing, Dr. Goldfarb.
Well, you know, I don't take insurance,
but, um, if you want to pay me,
I do take cash.
I've got a better idea.
I wanna introduce you
to some of our artists.
Oh. Well, that's nice.
But, um, me and Santi are exclusive.
Uh, but
[hesitating] But, you know, I
Actually, I would love that.
Great. We'll set it up. Thanks, man.
- Of course.
- I gotta go see Isa.
Oh, wait, um, wait, um
Sorry, it just seemed like
there was a lot more you wanted to share.
Something you were maybe hiding from me?
I don't know
if you wanted to unpack that.
You're right.
Yo, Santi, do you have any old music?
[in Spanish] A bit
of your old music to listen.
[in English] Claro, but, I mean, you
didn't even like this stuff, so I mean
And this stuff
is better than the older stuff.
[in Spanish] No, play it,
I don't have time.
[in English] Got you, bro.
[reggaeton song playing]
All right, so this one is about
this girl that I met on spring break,
but Ness was trying to wingman me
but she winded up taking my girl,
and then
That actually happened again recently too.
Damn, do we have the same type?
- [cell phone clicks]
- [heels clacking]
What the fuck was that in there?
I gave you a golden opportunity.
You make me look
like an idiot to my friend.
[Ness] Look, I was, um
I did what I thought
was best for my client
and maybe you thought I chose wrong,
but I am not going to make decisions
that I don't believe in
just because you're scary.
[in Spanish] Are you scared of me, Ness?
[in English] Nobody says no to me.
I can't remember the last time
someone turned me down.
You know what? Mmm.
I like it.
[Ness] Mmm.
If you ever pull that shit with me again,
I will tie you up and I will throw you
in the back of a car.
Like in a In a sex way?
- [footsteps receding]
- [door opens]
[door closes]
[breathes deeply]
[Oscar] I haven't chatted
like this in a minute.
I wish my torso was braver.
Yeah, I mean, I get that.
Sometimes I feel like my legs
are dragging me to certain death
and my torso just looks around,
and is like,
"How the hell did we get here, Ness?"
Next moment, my legs
are just gonna be wearing cement boots
and I'm gonna be
at the bottom of the ocean, toothless.
My teeth in the glove compartment
of a Porsche Macan.
I totally get that. [sniffles]
So you wanna record now?
Yeah. But you gonna tell me
who you are, finally?
I'm lost, bro. I mean, what do you mean?
Your old music sounds different. Why?
Because Gina's studio is legit now.
Before I used to be recording
out of my bedroom.
There was a faulty AC unit, where
we got into this class action lawsuit.
[laughs] But we're not talking about ACs.
- [Santi] Um
- [sighs]
[in Spanish] What have we been
talking about since we got here?
[in English] I don't know, I just
I open my mouth
and shit kind of comes out.
You know, Ness says my biggest problem,
Felix says my greatest strength.
There it is. Your friends.
They're part of it.
Those are my day ones.
I don't know what I'd do without them.
Let's make a song about them.
- But that's not reggaeton.
- [in Spanish] What do you know?
[in English] Reggaeton is
what you want it to be.
Do you wanna make this song or what?
Felix, what the fuck?
You're supposed to be stalling Oscar.
What the fuck with you?
How about, "Thanks, Felix, for helping me
with one of my psychopathic ruses"?
Okay. You're right. I'm sorry. Can you
I'm lying to this man.
I'm toying with his emotions
and I'm making him cry.
So? It's Oscar. He's a douche.
No. He's a good man
who cares about his family.
I mean, do you even give a shit
about any one of us?
Me, Santi, Ness, are we just like pawns
in one of your many untruths?
Of course I give a shit
about you guys. We're friends.
Really? Or is that
just, like, another fucking lie?
Felix, I've been hustling on my own
for a really long time.
Meeting you guys,
it changed everything for me.
This is the first time
in a really long time
where I felt like
I needed to be a part of something.
And now you guys
are talking to this Gina woman
and talking to other labels,
and I just feel like I'm
I just feel like I'm losing you guys.
I believe in all of you.
And this is just
my fucked-up way of expressing it.
Okay, well, we like you, too.
I really need Santi to get this track.
Relax. Oscar's gonna be in there
for a while.
I convinced him to have
a heart-to-heart with his mom. [sighs]
Oh. [sighs]
Judy must not have picked up.
[whispering] Felix. Shit!
[singing] Yo! ♪
Quien va a estar pa mi
Cuando ya no haya na ♪
Cuando me caiga
Quien me va a levantar ♪
[Oscar] What the fuck is this?
Bro, can you please close that door?
Supposedly there's a really bad smell
out there.
[Oscar] The fuck is going on, Mia?
How did this kid take Isa's session?
Okay, I can explain.
I was trying to get Santi a new song
for your meeting tomorrow.
So I canceled Isa's session
and had Santi come in.
So you hijacked one of our biggest clients
for your personal gain?
This is what I get
for mentoring my assistant.
[in Spanish] I'm not part of this,
but the song is good.
- [in English] You should listen to it.
- [clicks]
["Corillo" playing]
Me volvi co-dependiente ♪
De lo que opine la gente
Por mis inseguridades ♪
No se ven pero se siente ♪
Y si mañana, sienten que estoy ausente ♪
No se preocupen
Que me fui pal calentón ♪
Con el corillo siempre la paso cabrón ♪
- [music stops]
- We're calling it "Corillo."
- [laughs]
- [Oscar] Okay, finish up.
- Bring it to me tomorrow.
- [chuckles]
[laughing, cheering quietly]
And, Mia, you're fired.
["Corillo" playing]
[breathing heavily]
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