Neon Genesis Evangelion (1995) s01e04 Episode Script

Hedgehog's Dilemma

1 Zankoku na tenshi no youni Like an angel without a sense of mercy Shonen yo shinwa ni nare rise young boy to the heavens as a legend.
Neon Genesis Evangelion Aoi kaze ga ima Cold winds, as blue as the sea Mune no door wo tataitemo Tear open the door to your heart Watashidake wo tada mitsumete But unknowing you seem, just staring at me Hohoenderu anata Standing there smiling serenely.
Sotto fureru mono Desperate for something to touch Motomeru koto ni muchu de A moment of kindness like that in a dream.
Unmei sae mada shiranai Your innocent eyes as yet have no idea Itaikena hitomi of the path your destiny will follow.
Dakedo itsuka kizuku deshou But someday you'll become aware of Sono senaka niwa everything that you've got behind you.
Haruka mirai mezasu tameno Your wings are for seeking out Hanega arukoto a new future that only you can search for.
Zankoku na tenshi no thesis The cruel angel's thesis bleeds Madobe kara yagate tobitatsu through a portal like your pulsing blood.
Hotobashiru atsui pathos de If you should betray the chapel of your memories Omoide wo uragiru nara the cruel angel will enter the window of your soul.
Kono sora wo daite kagayaku.
So boy, stand tall and embrace the fire of legend Shonen yo shinwa ni nare.
Embrace the universe like a blazing star! Is he going to skip school again? Shinji, wake up! How long are you going to keep skipping school? It's been five days now.
Unit 01 has already been completely repaired.
You're the pilot.
Are you going to just leave it like that?! Shinji?! He's run away.
That's not too surprising.
Episode 04: Rain, Escape and Afterwards Shinji? Well We're Shinji's classmates, Aida and Suzuhara, Ma'am.
Aida and Suzuhara? Yes, Ma'am! I'm Suzuhara.
I'm Suzuhara.
Aren't you the boys who got in Unit 01's entry plug? Yes, Ma'am! We're sorry for causing so much trouble.
We're sorry for causing so much trouble.
The reason we came here today is that Ikari's been absent ever since then.
So, we came to see if he was okay.
Shinji? He's at the NERV training facility right now.
Oh, I see.
These are the printouts that were building up on Shinji's desk.
Oh, sorry for your trouble.
Thank you.
Well, we'll be leaving now.
Please say "hi" to Shinji for us.
Yeah, I will.
This is an unexpected development.
She was a real babe, wasn't she? Shinji, you idiot! Jerk! The next station is Naga'o Toge, Naga'o Toge.
The exit will switch to the right side.
Thank you for using the Tokyo 3 Loop Line.
This train will be going out of service at this station.
Please, make sure you take all of your belongings as you exit the train.
I've got to go back.
Hey there! We're offering you a great bargain! Hot young babes serving heavenly refreshment! Special services to heal your tired body, services to fill you with energy! You really couldn't detect it, Doctor?! Yes.
An object only ten millimeters in diameter crashed into Antarctica at close to the speed of light.
The technology we had was unable to predict or prevent such a thing.
It's like hell out there! Just what is the purpose of science?! The atmospheric flux caused by the change in the Earth's axis has decreased by 3%.
So, it's getting a little better? No, there's still a tidal wave approaching at 230 meters a second! Doctor! We must evacuate! It's my duty to remain here.
Doctor, choosing death is easy, but you have an obligation to watch this living hell! Idiot.
He's only fourteen years old.
It seems so cruel, making him bear the burden of mankind's destiny.
We have no choice.
We have to use fourteen year olds to pilot the Evas.
I know.
So, has he called or made contact? So, has he called or made contact? Nothing? Nothing.
I don't think he's going to come back again.
What are you going to do? Nothing really.
If he's not going to come back, that's okay too.
Why? Because of what happened after that last battle.
Why did you ignore my order? I'm sorry.
I'm the one who's in charge of your operations, right? Yes.
You're supposed to obey my orders, you know! Do you understand? You're supposed to obey my orders, you know! Do you understand? Yes.
I'm warning you, never do it again.
I'm warning you, never do it again.
Do you really understand what I'm saying?! Do you really understand what I'm saying?! Yes.
You're not going to get out of this by just saying yes to everything I say.
You're not going to get out of this by just saying yes to everything I say.
I know that.
That's enough, isn't it? We won the battle anyway.
Listen, it may seem easy to go along with whatever anyone else wants, but if you get into the Eva with that attitude, it'll kill you! I don't care.
It'd be nice if I could say you've got the right attitude, but if you expect to get any praise out of me, you're wrong, Shinji Ikari.
That's not the point.
In any case, I'm the only one who can pilot it, aren't I? I'll do it.
I see.
If piloting an Eva means nothing but pain to him, he shouldn't get into it again.
Otherwise, I'm sure he'll be killed.
Otherwise, I'm sure he'll be killed.
But we need pilots.
Captain! Aida, go on ahead! But I can't go and leave you behind! You fool! You fool! No! There! The new kid? Ikari! Toji was sorry about that.
He said that his kid sister scolded him and said that, "it was the robot who saved our lives!" That's pretty embarrassing, being chewed out by a second grader.
Right? I like it at night because those noisy cicadas don't chirp.
Although I remember that it was pretty quiet when I was a kid, there've been more of them each year.
The ecosystem is returning to its former state.
That's what Misato said.
I see, Misato said so.
I really envy you.
Living with such a beautiful woman and piloting the Evangelion.
Oh God, I wish I could get behind the controls just once! You shouldn't.
I think your mother would be worried.
Oh, don't worry about that.
I don't have one.
I'm the same as you.
You'll have something to eat, won't you? Yeah.
Do you usually do this sort of thing? Well, sure.
Is this some kind of training for guerilla warfare or something? How could I fight with toys like those? It's just for fun.
You're Shinji Ikari, aren't you? Yes.
We're from NERV Security Intelligence.
We're from NERV Security Intelligence.
Under Article 8 of the Security Act, we're taking you to NERV HQ.
All right? All right? Yes.
And all you did was stand there? That's easy for you to say! But it's like I said, they were NERV Security Intelligence, professionals.
So what?! Don't you have any balls at all?! Sissy! Sissy! Pervert! Only an idiot fights when he knows he can't win.
Only an idiot fights when he knows he can't win.
Balls have nothing to do with it.
Long time, no see.
Do you feel any better after wandering around for two days? Do you feel any better after wandering around for two days? I don't know.
The Eva is on standby.
Will you pilot it? Or won't you? You're not going to scold me for running away? Of course not.
I'm not related to you, am I? If I say that I won't pilot Unit 01, what will you do with it? I suppose that Rei will do it.
Won't you pilot it? It seems unrealistic for you to force everything on her.
Don't worry.
I'll pilot it.
But you don't want to do it? Of course not.
To begin with, it's not something that comes to me naturally.
But Ayanami, Miss Misato and Miss Ritsuko Cut that out! This has nothing to do with any of us! If you don't like it, get out of here! Just forget all about Eva and us and go back to where you came from! We don't need someone with that attitude piloting.
The Third Child is leaving Tokyo 3 tomorrow.
Then, we'll reconfigure Unit 01's system for Rei.
But Regardless of the results of Unit 00's re-activation experiments, Regardless of the results of Unit 00's re-activation experiments, we'll move on to experimenting with Unit 01.
According to the Marduk Organization's report, the Fourth Child hasn't been found yet.
That means we can't get any pilot recruits? Excuse me, where is Miss Misato? I'd like to say good-bye.
You're no longer NERV personnel.
Therefore, we can't give you any information.
Ikari! You left this stuff behind! You left this stuff behind! Could you excuse me for a moment? Thank you.
Hey, Toji.
Come on, say something! Ikari, I'm sorry I hit you twice.
Please, hit me back! I can't do that.
Please! Otherwise, I won't be satisfied.
See? He's a pretty embarrassing guy, isn't he? But if it'll put an end to this dispute, why don't you go ahead and hit him? But Hurry up! You don't have much time, do you? Hurry up! You don't have much time, do you? Okay, but only once.
Okay! Come on! Hold it! Stop.
Don't hold back.
Ouch How did you know I'd come here? It was just a hunch.
We've seen dozens of classmates off before.
If you're leaving, we'll have to leave this city sometime soon, but we can't blame you for that.
We saw how you suffered in the Eva.
And if anyone tries to blame you, I'm gonna give them a head butt! Hey, don't look so gloomy.
Take care.
Take care.
Good luck! Good luck! Well Your time is up.
I'm the one who deserves to be hit! I'm mean, cowardly, dishonest, weak, sneaky and a sissy.
Don't give us any more trouble.
He's gone.
Do you really think this is for the best? The Hedgehog's Dilemma.
The closer we become, the more deeply we hurt each other.
Now I understand.
That boy He can't let others know how he feels in any other way.
The Express Linear Train, bound for Atsugi is arriving on Track 2.
For your safety, please step back to the area inside the yellow lines.
The train arriving on Track 2 is for special government use only and departs at 4:20 for Atsugi.
No civilians are allowed inside the fence.
Please be aware that the boarding of this train by unauthorized persons is strictly prohibited.
Hang in there.
Hey, look! Hey, it's that babe! The local train bound for Gora is now arriving on Track 4.
For your own safety, please stay inside the yellow lines.
If you're accompanying small children, please ensure that they are properly supervised.
The train arriving on Track 4 is the local shuttle to Gora departing at 4:32.
If this is your train, please step inside and wait until departure.
The train is now approaching.
Please stay behind the yellow line.
I I'm home.
Welcome home.
TO BE CONTINUED Ayanami Rei lives with minimal contact with others.
Shinji is at a loss to see this girl who's closer to his father than he.
Before the wound in his heart heals up the light from an Angel burns the chest of Eva Unit 01.
The next episode: Rei, Beyond Her Heart